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 Here Is Photo Trivia Contest #8


Rockaway Trivia Contest # 7

Check Out The Winners Of Trivia Contest # 6


 Another Wonderful Contribution from
Marty Nislick, Class of 1962.  Please Read This!


P.S. 114 Photos Taken in the Late 50's

William Platt, Are You Still Out There? 

1965 Alumni Meet in Boca Raton, Florida

Yet Another Wonderful Story About Sirius

JHS 198 8th Grade Photo From 1965 
Thanks To Sharon Duffy, Class of 1969

FRHS Alumni Birthday Page

FRHS Chat Message Board


Peter Rapport's Rockaway Memorabilia

Rockaway's Back Alleys - More Photos

Southern California Reunion Photos - Jan. 2003

Faber's Fascination Photo from Coney Island

Recent Photo Of Some 1969'ers

1949/1950 FRHS Basketball Team

Did You Attend JHS 180 in 1961?
Your Photo May Be A Click Away!

Rhonda Donat's P.S. 104 Graduation Program
June 27, 1949

Rockaway Wave Seeks Rockaway Reminiscences

Stan Pohl, Class of 1953 - Old Dolphin Photos

Jed Ziegler's Recent Rockaway Photos

Class of 1987 Launches a
Yahoo Discussion Group!
Click Here For Details

  Bumper Cars on the Boardwalk at 35th Street

Gordon Freed, Class of 1969 Honored
As The First Person To Be Inducted Into
The Mets Fan's Hall Of Fame!


Did You Attend P.S. 114 in 1968?
Your Photo May Be A Click Away!


 Recent Reunion Photo From Sandy Blaukopf
Classes of 1972 - 73


Do You Remember Tuckee Cup on the
Boardwalk at 34th Street?

P.S. 39 Taken In 1953 - Mrs. Luskin's
 Second Grade Class - Thanks to Phil Kalfin

Old Rockaway Photos From Gary Jansen

Great Photo Of Edgemere Avenue in the Snow

The Oedipal Dynamics of Baseball
 By Herb Stein, Class of 1962

Rockaway Wave Article on 1954's 50th Reunion

Do You Remember 'Sid and Sam's' ?

Class of 1963's 41st Year Reunion Photos

Disturbing News About the Future of FRHS

Thanks to Bill Schwartz for These Great Photos of Mr. Boyle, Former FRHS Teacher

Wonderful Photos from Rob Schnitzer, '65

Do You Remember Teacher Mr. Duffy?

Photos From Class of '56 Mini Florida Reunion

Fast Track to Oblivion For FRHS?

New Movie About Growing Up in Rockaway

Does Weep, Peep, and Jeep Mean Anything to You?  Click Here for a Trivia Question!

Recent Photos of Rockaway from
Mark Coopersmith, Class of 1973

Fate of Far Rockaway High School Decided

Did You Know FRHS Teacher Edwin Barnes?
He Taught at FRHS from 1906 - 1946

Wonderful 40's/50's Photos from Helena Epstein

More Rockaway Memories

1976 Grad Hosts Leukemia Fund Raiser

It Is With Much Sadness That We Report The
Passing of Sue-Carol Ludacer Nussbaum, '50

Great Photo of the 1937 Swim Team

Life Guards Still Providing Services To The Rockaway Beaches

JHS 198 7th Grade Photo from 1967

Thanks to Steve Spiegel, Class of 1972 for this Great Photo From PS 42 Taken in 1965

Jerry Fuchs, Class of 1954 and Friends
Rescued from Raft by Plane in 1948

Newest Additions Posted Here - Then Moved Down the Column To Make Room for More!

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Classic Photos From Louis Marcus
Class of 1966 of the Anti Viet Nam Protest in 1970 after the Kent State Shootings
Additional Photos from Louis of Nobel Prize Receiptant Richard Feynman in 1965
Sad to Report the Passing of
Ray Neinstein, 1963 FRHS Graduate

Upcoming Florida Reunion for All Years
Saturday, April 29th.

Click for Details


In Memory of Marcia Chance

FRHS 100th Anniversary Sept. 1997
Celebration Video



Presentation of Scholarship Awards to the Last Graduating Class of Far Rockaway High School

Alumni Fundraising Efforts in 2000 Provided Much Needed Computer Lab

Sad to Report the Passing of
Len Tillem, FRHS Graduate
Sad to Report the Passing of
Harry Colomby, FRHS Teacher
A Rockaway Novel About the '60's'

Ron Gelman, Class of 1965 Profile Update

Seeking Information on Meri Freiman, Class of 1971 and Irma Oilgisser, 1945
Enjoy a 36 Minute Relaxing Walk
on Rockaway Beach


NY Times Article July 31, 2020
A Rockaway Life

Sorry to Report That The Class of 1970 - 50th Year Reunion Planned for 2020 in Florida Has Been Cancelled
Class of 1954 Club Photos
Thanks Again to Ed Berlin 
Great Addition by Ed Berlin Class of 1954 Entire Class Yearbook Photos
Sad to Report the Passing of
Michael Steinberg, Class of 1958

Great Memory by Ed Berlin of New York Giants Baseball Player Sid Gordon
Sad to Report the Passing of
      Lee Chait, Class of 1963

Sad to Report the Passing of
Arthur Traiger, 50-60's English Teacher


Sad to Report the Passing of Legendary  Coach Jake Miller - Video Tributes Added
Sad to Report the Passing of
Laura Deckelman

Richard Feynman Nobel Prize Winner and Graduate of FRHS Honored
Class of 1967 50th Reunion Photo
The First Earth Day at FRHS in 1970
Essay by Bruce Stiftel, Class of '71
FRHS 100th Anniversary
Celebration Video - Part 2 Recently Added

Remembering Central Avenue in Winter

Please Trying to locate g lost love from 1970 cek7

Sad to Report the Passing of
Michael Steinberg, Class of 1958

Sad to Report the Passing of
Lynda Fox Klapow, Class of 1965

Recent Trip to Rockaway
by Stuart Sucherman

State Diner, 1957 - An Essay by
Michael Steinberg

Sad to Report the Passing of
Barbara Fox Zacharia-Goldberg, Class of 1962

Class of 1970 - 50th Year Reunion Planned for 2020 in Florida

A Great Piece of Memorabilia From Bruce Scherker

LDonna Gains' New Ramones Book

Sad to Report the Passing of Steve Brejensky
50th Year Reunion - Classes of 1967 - 68 Pics
Skip Weinstock Honored by His School
District for a Lifetime of Acheivement
Class of 1967 - 50th Reunion - June 24, 2017
Now Including Classes of 66 & 68

Excellent Boardwalk Documentary


??ofThe Rockaways in Pictures and Postcards
by Michael D. Morgenstern

Great Photo of Easter Party - March 1937
Given by the Beach 90th Street Association
New Photo Added From 1947

What Happened to the Rockaway Boardwalk?

Class of 1966 Mini Reunion Photos
from Alan and Cheryl Binder

Bob Nesoff, Class of 56 Looking for Information About Bernie Madoff - Can You Assist?

Vivian Mintz Karow - Looking for Missing Names

A Wonderful New Book About Far Rockaway
by Michael D. Morgenstern

Honoring Three Nobel Prize Laureates
Who Graduated from Far Rockaway H.S.

Sad to Report the Passing of Ben Budick, 1967

New WTC Memorial Pin in Honor of
David Lim's K-9 Partner "Sirius"

Sad to Report the Passing of Bob Mednick

Great Photo of the FRHS Pool - Thanks to
Ivy Greenblum, Class of 1983 for Posting It

Arthur Traiger Would Love to Hear From You

Former FRHS Teacher Harry Colomby Update

Classes of 1955-1956 Reunion on 3/6/16 Pics

Far Rockaway Girls Gather for a
Hanukkah Reunion in South Florida

Just for Fun - One of my Favorite Movies
From 1949

Great Photo of Graduating Class of PS114
Taken in 1944 - Thanks to Ruth Kornbluth

Class of 1963 Brunch Reunion Update

Rockaway's Own 911 First Responder Retires

HBO's Boardwalk Empire Filming in Rockaway

Sad to Report the Passing of Leon Eckstein
Long Time Teacher at FRHS

Vivian Mintz Karow and Friends - June, 2014

Rockaway Beachgoers Face Sand Walls
Sad To Report the Passing of Bob Arnesen
What Happened to PS 106?
Class of 1963 50th Reunion Slideshow
Boardwalk Rebuild Stalls
Rockaway Boardwalk Fix is Off for Now
The Algebra of Curves by Richard Herbst
Only on 'Rockawood'
Class of 1963 50th Reunion - Sept. 28th
Vivian Gertzkis Maskin 75th Birthday Celebration
Still Pitching - A Book About Growing Up
In Rockaway, by Michael Steinberg '58 - Now Available As An E-book
Mets Legend Dwight Gooden Helps Renovate O'Donohue Park on 17th St. After Sandy
Images of America: Rockaway Beach
Meet the Author, Vivian Carter on 4/20/13

Long Time Teacher Robert Arnesen
Would Love To Hear From You
Mayor Bloomberg Gets the Bronx Cheer in Rockaway During a Parade
Boca Raton Reunion Photos - Classes of 58 - 68

Class of 1962 Mini Reunion Photo
A Tribute to Earl Jagust at The 1962 Reunion
A Wonderful Photo of the Graduating Class of
PS 114 in 1938.  Thanks to Jacques Evans
A Very Personal Account of the Aftermath
of Hurricane Sandy, by Andy Ostroy
Rockaway Suffers Yet Another Devastating Event.  See the Destruction from Hurricane Sandy
Great Photos from Janet Saunders, Class of 62 Of PS 39 Taken in 1955 and 1957.  Thanks
Wonderful Memories of Edgemere from
Ed Vlahov
Far Rockaway High School on Wikipedia

A Letter of Appreciation from Rocco Nasso


A Link to Some Great Old New York Photos
Worth The Wait as it Downloads!


Thanks to Sam Storch for The Link to These
Wonderful Old Photos of Far Rockaway
High School Taken in 1929

Class of 1954 Luncheon Held on May 31, 2012
In New York City - Check out the Photos

PS 44 - Graduation Photo - June, 1951
Thanks to Richard Ellis for This One

PS 44 - Graduation Photo - June, 1946
Thanks to Mel Winders for This One

PS 39 - Mrs. Oratz's Class in 1962
Thanks to Gerry McDonald for Sending It

Rockaway Down to 1 Hospital - Peninsula Closes

Thanks to Allen Marcus for sharing his Mother's Far Rockaway Pin from 1935

Thanks to Sandy Hyman-Mehaffey for This
Great Photo of PS 39 Class 3-1 in 1963

PAL's Mal Bodenlos Rededication Ceremony Scheduled for May 22, 2012 at 17th Street Park

Wonderful Photos of Mr. and Mrs. Tuck Lee Owners of Tuckee Cup on the Boardwalk

Boardwalk Memories Reunion - Classes of
1958 - 1968  Boca Raton, FL February, 2013

Did You Attend JHS 198 in the Mid 60's?  If So Can You Identify the Teacher in This Photo?  If You Can, please email Me Her Name

Classes of 1950 - 60 Reunion Photos Taken in Boca Raton in 2012.  After checking the photos, if you see someone marked as "Unknown" and can identify him/her, please notify Carol at

Photos From the Classes of 1960 - 1965 Boca Raton Reunion in 2012

Great Old Photo - PS 114 in 1933
Thanks to Pam Bachwick for Sending It

Great Old Photos from Kenneth Schwartz

Where Do FRHS Grads Live Today?
How Many of Them Have Registered Here?

An Incredible Personal History of the New York City Fire Department in the Rockaways
by John R. Kelly


Nike Riding the Rockaway Wave - Thanks to Mark Minsky, Class of 1967

Presentation of Scholarship Awards to the Last Graduating Class of Far Rockaway High School

Rockaway Gateway - News About Rockaway from the New York Post - 7/23/11

Rockaway Beach Making Waves!  Washington Post Article - Thanks to Joel Itskowitz

Final Curtain Comes Down on Far Rockaway High School - Alumni Show Their Generosity

LI Herald Story About the Closure of FRHS

Is Rockaway Making a Comeback?

Please Help Honor the "Last Graduate" of FRHS

Bob Nesoff, Class of 1956 - New Book Published

Graduation Program from P.S. 104 in 1943

Blast  from the Past from Jerry Sadin

Scott Lask, Glenn and Jerry Sadin - 1971

Skip Weinstock and Stan Cohen
Class of 1963 at Gino's - October, 2010

The Bungalows of Rockaway
Showing on May 26th at 6:30
Tenement Museum - 103 Orchard St.

Earl Jagust Tribute

Great Old Photos from the 1960's from
Barry Halpern, Class of 1964

The Perfect Passover Cookbook
By Judy Bart Kancigor, Class of 1960

The Annual 1956 South Florida Mini Reunion
Fantastic Photos

To FRHS With Love - A Poem by
Vivian Gertzkis Maskin, Class of 1956

Class of 1965 Grads Help the FRHS Football Team and Re-Introduce Varsity Football Team Letters

Our Hawaii - A Rockaway Surfing Documentary

2 New Poems on the Rockawood Page

New Video on Bruce Baumwoll's Edgemere Page

Edgemere Landfill - A Photo Essay - Thanks to Bari Randall, '74 for the Link

Miss The Sound of The Surf
and The Wind?
First 2008 Sunrise Over
Rockaway Beach
January 1, 2008 - 7:19 am

'Hail to Far Rockaway, Hail Red and Blue'

Far Rockaway High School in 1963    

Legendary Coach Jack Kerchman Addressing The Alumni At The FRHS 100th Anniversary Celebration On September 27, 1997



Rockaway Memories

New Rockaway Message Board Location

Welcome To 'Rockawood' - A New Literary Feature On The Rockaway Website
Tales of the Hooded Man - Posted on July 12, 2009

Request for Information About Boy Scout Participation From the 1940's and 50's

Congratulations to Dr. Ali Botein, Class of 1966 For Receiving The Best Book Award for 2010

The Sky is Falling! Fact or Just a Hoax - Things You Should Know and Pay Attention To

 Check Out The New Video Bruce Baumwoll Added to His Edgemere Blog

PS 114 in Belle Harbor Holds Reunion
 For Those Who Attended in the 60's
PS 42 Grade 6 - Taken in 1968
Thanks to Audrey Pashko For Sending It
 Please Check Out The New Edgemere Blog Posted by Bruce Baumwoll
Please Send Photos and Stories for the Blog
Posted on May 17, 2010
Exceptional Photos of Jamaica Bay
Taken by Orlando Gonzales
Do You Remember the Columbia Theater?
Thanks to Richard Young for These Great Photos of Tuck's Chinese Restaurant on the Boardwalk Taken in the 1950's
New Photos Added on 4/26/10
Requesting Your Favorite Earl Jagust Stories - Share Your Special Experiences With One of FRHS's Most Popular and Enjoyable Teachers and I Will Post Them Here!
Posted on April 7, 2010
Great Photos from Ron Gelman, Class of 65
Posted on February 27, 2010

Sad To Report the Passing of Norman Forer Class of 1943

Sad To Report the Passing of David Cohen Class of 1961

Bari Randal, Class of 1974 Proud to
Announce Her Daughter's Appointment

Posted on February 6, 2010

Thanks to Howard Siegel for These
Great Old Brooklyn Memories

Posted on February 6, 2010

Sad to Report the Passing of
Martin Silverberg, Class of 1973

Wonderful Playland Photos from Tom Tanner

Wonderful Memories of Rockaway from
Ed Vlahov Class of Jan. 1946 - A Must Read

Do You Remember Dotmars On Edgemere Ave?

Thanks to Jeff Kaplan for This Photo from PS 105

Sad to Report the Passing of
Carole Waxman Cohen, Class of 1959

Check Out the Live Web Cam - Boardwalk at 90th

After 66 Years, Stella Maris H. S. Will Be Closing

Group of 1954 Alumni Meet in Florida

Message from the Kerchman Family on the Passing of Coach Jack Kerchman

Great Memorabilia - Playland Zippo Lighter
Posted on July 12, 2009

Around the Campus - Photos from the 1960 Dolphin from Phil Hartenstein
Posted on July 9, 2009


Arverne by the Sea - A Wonderful Essay by Lucille Rella, Class of 1957

Rick Berger, Class of 1963
From The FBI To The Stage
Popular Places of Resort Around NY - 1881
Did You Know That President Barack Obama Has a Rockaway Connection?
Posted on April 7, 2009
Sandy Blaukopf Kogut Reunited With
Her Former Teacher Thanks to This Site
Posted on March 1, 2009
Have You Been Contacted by Other
Rockaway Alumni Sites? - Please Read This
Posted on February 16, 2009
Graduation Program from PS 42 - 1946
Posted on Feburary 15, 2009
The Holidays - Acapella Vocal Group
Posted on February 15, 2009
1944 Far Rockaway H.S. Class Ring Found
Posted on February 9, 2009

Can You Assist With This Special Request?
Posted on January 17, 2009
Sad to Report the Passing of Sidney Leinwand The Sid of Sid and Sams
Posted on January 2, 2009
Class of 1958 Reunion Photos From Their 50th
Posted on December 23, 2008
Bernie Madoff - 'Say It Ain't So'
Posted on December 23, 2008
Great Class Photo - PS 42 from 1956 - Class 1-4
Posted on December 3, 2008
Great Photo from Dave Abelson of Some Very Familiar FRHS Faculty Faces
Posted on November 30, 2008
Far Rockaway High School Football Team Falls Short In Their Bid for a  City Championship
Posted November 30,2008
Some Great Photos of the Old Rockaway Carousel from Jim Daimus
Posted on October 23, 2008
Cars We Saw and Drove - Part 1
1945-1955 From Richard Herbst

Posted on October 11, 2008
Additional Old Photos of Rockaway Subway and Long Island Railroad Thanks to
Michael Eisenstein
Additional Photos Posted on September 19, 2008
Long Family Rockaway History of the
Scarlett Family

Posted on September 19, 2008
Are There Still Fish in the Waters Off Rockaway?  Jeffrey Thaler Knows the Answer!
Posted on September 18, 2008

You 'Gotta' Love This Technology!
Here is the Subway Ride I Never Thought I Would Ever Have the Opportunity to Take Again Additional Footage Added August, 2008

When School Days Were On The Record
by Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe
Take Me Back to the 1960's
Seeking Information About A Very Old Rockaway Property - Can You Help?
Sad To Report the Passing of Long Time Teacher/Administrator Ronald Posner
Thanks to Helene Philippson McCarty for This Trip Down 'Woolworth' Memory Lane
Great Old P.S. 39 Class Photos from
Mark Minsky, Class of 1967
Recent Article about FRHS Grad and Basketball Great, Nancy Lieberman from
Alan Levy, Class of 1965
Photo of Recent Get-Together Class of 1954
An Extremely Comprehensive History of the Rockaways from 1685 - 1917
Sad to Report the Passing of Leo Meyer Former Principal of PS 104
An Aerial View Of The Arverne Houses and Construction of Benjamin Cardozo JHS
Another Great Photo from Arthur Ganzer of Morton's Army and Navy Store on Central Ave. Taken in The Early 1970's
Where Are All of the Rosedale People?
Excellent Current Rockaway Photos
Henry Blaukopf, Class of 1967 - Update
Exceptional Photo of the FRHS 1937
Swim Team From Ed Friedman
Thanks To Paul Rothenberg, Class of 1978 For These Excellent Photos of Playland
Class of 1957 Awards Scholarship to Deserving FRHS 2008 Graduate
PS 39 Graduation Photo From 1944
Thanks to Rich Klein for Sending It
Plans Underway For a Final FRHS Farewell
Vivian Mintz Karow & Friends
Recent Florida Luncheon
Excellent PS 39 Class Photos From
Larry Edelstein, Class of 1958
Ever Wonder Why Carol's Screen Name
is LeBaroness???
Lifeguard Photos from 1928
Thanks To Dave Abelson

Scurvy Dogs, Green Water, and Gunsmoke - Fifty Years in US Navy Destroyers
by Bob Cohen, Class of 1976

Class Photos From PS 215 - Rocco Nasso
Do You Remember Fitzgerald's Hotel? Thanks to Curt Nelson for Sending This Photo
Class Counts - A Book by Allan Ornstein, Class of 1958
April 1st Edition of the 1954 Chat Announcing That Arthur Traiger Was Found Murdered - Hint, Hint - April 1st?
You'll Love This Latest Creation From Marty Nislick - Guess Who's In The Puzzle!  This May Take a Minute to Download but Worth The Wait
Looking for Information About Temple of Israel Located on Beach 84th Street
Can You Recognize These Rockaway Icons From 50 Years Ago?
Photo of 1960 Football Team
From Jeff Thaler
From Herb Kandel, 48' - Photo Collage from 1948 Yearbook
Also, A Signed Photo by Mr. Tietze Stopping Herb in the Hallway to Give Him a Fake 'Salmon'
New From Ben Budick - Jerry's Knishes
Tony Castro's Newest Video Tribute To The
70's - Rock Rock Rockaway Beach - The Movie
A Tribute to Mr. Robert Herrmann, former Dean and Art Teacher at FRHS
Thanks to Tony Castro, Class of 1974 For His Latest Video, Those Were The Days

Thanks to Tom Tanner for These Exceptional Photos of the Vietnam Protest Held In Rockaway On May 7, 1970

Seeking Information About Arlene Sobel,
Class of 1963

Thanks to Sandy Lubel For These Great Photos from JHS 180, PS 215, and PS 39

Wonderful Photos From The Class of 1956 Mini Reunion Held in Florida


My Home Town, Book Two
Far Rockaway, New York
A Visual and Narrative Journey Chronicling The Changes That Have Occurred in Far Rockaway Beginning in The Late 70's

My Home Town, Far Rockaway, New York
A Visual and Narrative Journey Chronicling The Changes That Have Occurred in Far Rockaway Beginning in The Late 70's


Rayna Cohen, Class of 1975 is Looking For Photos From The Last Reunion.  If You Have Any, Please Write Her at

Thanks to Ben Budick For These Historical Documents About the Strand Theatre

Thanks to Vivian Gertzkis Maskin For This
Recent Photo of Far Rockaway High School

Thanks to Lew Holzman For These
Great Rockaway Photos

It Is With Much Sadness That We Report The Passing of Jimmy Scaccia, Class of 1968

Thanks to Tony Castro, Class of 1974 For His Excellent Video, Welcome Back To Rockaway Beach, Part 1 - Filmed in 1971
There Used To Be A Boardwalk Here
An Original Song About Rockaway
by Ben Budick, Class of 1967
If You've Never Viewed Anything Else, You 'Gotta' See This One - Please Pass It On
Thanks To George Berger For His Personal Recollections and Tribute to the Far Rockaway Carnegie Library
Thanks To Joe Varrone For This Great Photo
PS 104 Class 6-3 in 1960
Did You Find A Dolphin from 1949
Belonging to Elsa Milner?

Far Rockaway, Queens
Beaten Down and Not Only by Nature
I'll Bet You Didn't Know That Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama Attend FRHS

FRHS Is Not Alone - Other NYC High Schools Are Experiencing Problems Due To Mismanagement and Lack of Support

Another Great Photo from Ben Budick of
HILI Class 5-3 Taken in 1960

Thanks to Debbie Schwartz For These Great Photos of My Cousin, David Weinstock

Thanks to Marty Nislick, Class of 1962
for this Great Photo Of the 1954
Graduating Class from PS 39

Thanks to Ben Budick, Class of 1967 for this
Recent Photo of Beach 35th Street on the Boardwalk Taken in 2007
Additional Photo Added February 29, 2008

This Just In!  PS 39 Sixth Grade Photo
Taken in 1957.  Thanks to Rhoda Feinberg
For Sharing it With Us

If The State Diner Photo Was The
'Mother Of All Photos'
You'll Really Enjoy This One Too!

Marty Nislick Sends This Memorabilia Which Includes a Photo From The 1965 Prom, 1945 Rifle Team, 1936 Cheerleaders, and More

Lots of Mail Received About the Upcoming Closure of Far Rockaway High School
Updated on December 12, 2007

Have You Been Solicited By Yet Another Rockaway Website Lately? 
If So Please Read This

A Stroll Down Central Avenue
Thanks to Marty Nislick

  Don't Be Misled By Other
Rockaway Websites.  We're Still The 'Real Deal'

Still Pitching - A Book About Growing Up
In Rockaway, by Michael Steinberg '58
The Book Will Be Available At The
Class of 1958's 50th Reunion on 11/8/2008

PS 39 Photo Taken in 1960
Thanks To Henry Blaukopf

Class of 1956 Reunion Photo Links

Some Great Old Photo Links Rediscovered

Arthur Traiger, Former
FRHS English Teacher
Still Going Strong On The
Slopes in Sandy, Utah.
Click Here for Some Great Photos

It Is With Much Sadness That We Report The Passing of David Shnayer, Class of 1976

Remembering Central Avenue in Winter

The Mother of All Photos - The One Most of
You Have Been Asking For.  Thanks to
Arthur Ganzer For Sharing It

Louis Colbert Sent These Additional Photos

Thanks to Jeff Kaplan Class of 1970 For This
PS 105 Class 4-2 Photo Taken in 1961-62

Class of 1972 Reunion Photos Available Online

Class of 1956 - Annual Florida Mini Reunion

Thanks to Louis Colbert for This Great Photo
From PS 215 of Class 3-5 Taken in 1971 Additional Photos Added on 10/21/07

Update from Gordon Freed, Mets #1 Fan

Class of 1958 Planning Its 50th Year Reunion

Great Photo From Alan Levenson
Of PS215 6th Grade Class in 1966

It Is With Much Sadness That We Report The Passing of Leslie Cohen, Class of 1973

It Is With Much Sadness That We Report The Passing of Larry Sarica, Class of 1964

Check Out These Photos and Assist If You Can

Class of 1954 Luncheon on June 28, 2007

Class of 1957 Recent Reunion Photos

These are Great!  Comments Made in 1955

Do You Remember Jazz Concerts at FRHS During 1955 and 1956?

Documentary In Progress On History of Rockaway Bungalows

Great Photos of Rockaway Beaches/Boardwalk

Brooklyn Memories

Looking for Yearbooks from 1980 - 1983

Thanks to Larry Lustig, Class of 1960
For These Great Aerial Photos of Rockaway

It Is With Much Sadness That We Report The Passing of Anne Herbst, Class of 1939

Check Out The JHS 198 Commencement Program from 1967 - Thanks to Jeff Kaplan, '70

Thanks to Jamie LaPenna McAleer, '80
For These Great FRHS Photos - New photos added on June 18, 2007

It Is With Much Sadness That We Report The Passing of Jesse Anthony, Class of 1974

Great History of The Rockaways

Excellent Photo of the 1955-57 Cheerleaders

Great Photo / Story About the 1957 Rifle Team

Great Class Photos Taken at PS 197 in 1966 & 67
From Chris Homan, Class of 1973

Thanks to Bob Haberman for this Great Photo
Of Class 8-2 From PS 44 Taken in 1953

Great Photo of Saint Joseph's Hospital, 1955

Great Photos from Mindy Wetzler Bell, '72

Great Photo from Andy Hertz, Class of 1962

Photos From The Recent Florida Mini Reunion

Class of 1967 -  Any Plans for a  40th Reunion?

A Wonderful Tribute to the State Diner
From Sue Marcus Rauch, Class of 1969

Check Out This Great FRHS Memorabilia From Barbara Craft Dawo, Class of 1961 

Thanks to Laurie Heifetz Gross, Class of 1970 For These Wonderful Recent Reunion Photos 

Thanks to Jack Kivolowitz, Class of 1970
For These Great Rockaway Photos

Excellent Rockaway Photos from Radio Days

Great Link to 'Forgotten New York' Website

Did You Know That the Frank Sinatra Film
The Detective Contained Scenes Filmed in Rockaway?  Can You Identify the Location?

At Long Last, Several Photos of the State Diner

      Beach 35th Street On The Boardwalk - Additional Photos Added on 1/15/03 Sent In By Mark Beckerman, Class of 1963 - A Must See!

A Donation To The Victims Of The September 11th             Tragedy Has Been Made In The Name Of The
  Far Rockaway High School Online Alumni Association

September 11, 2001
Remembering The Victims

I Am A New Yorker, by Vincent Pasquale

Rockaway Endures Yet Another Tragedy
November 12, 2001

Remember To Check This Area Of The Page
Regularly For Any New "Stuff"

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Alan 'Skip' Weinstock, Class of 1963 - Yearbook Photo Skip Weinstock taken in 2004  
 Alan 'Skip' Weinstock - Class of 1963

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Steve Sobel, Class of 1966
Great Photos of Edgemere Past Its Prime

 Central Avenue in 1957 From Ed Weisman

Rockaway: A Reminiscence of October By Alan Frost, Class of 1963


 Another Great Central Avenue Winter Memory


 Remembering Central Avenue In Winter


The All New Laurelton Page

Where Do Rockaway Grads Live Today?
How Many From Your Year Are Registered?
Updated On
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Some Very Old Photos Sent In By Peter Merles
Class of 1963

Incredible Photos From the 1950's
Thanks To William Platt

Rockaway's Playland Exhibition

Wings Over Wall Street - Viewed Best in Internet Explorer

A Tribute to Dee Dee Ramone
"Rock, Rock, Rockaway Beach"
From Donna Gaines, Class of 1968

Recent Class of 1969 Birthday Celebration

Some Recent Photos from Gary Kronick

Great Photos from Mark Horowitz

Marjorie Wolfe's Latest Contribution

Old Photos Of Arverne

Old Photos Of Far Rockaway

Do You Remember Sherry's Dress Shop On Central Avenue?

Help Reconstruct Central Avenue

Great Recent Rockaway Photos Taken In March, 2003 by Richie McCarey, Class of 1972

Donna Gaines, Class of 1968 - Latest Book

Thanks to Mary Testa Dalton For These 
Additional JHS 180 Photos

Carol's Wonderful 'Old' Rockaway Photos

Between Ocean and City: The Transformation
of Rockaway, New York - A New Book About
What Happened to Rockaway

Walter Rutherford, Class of 1973 - New Baby


 Guys and Gals from the 50's - This Is A Must See! A Photo Of You May Be A Click Away


 Great 1972 - 73 Reunion Photos From
Larry Cohen - Posted on September 24, 2003


P.S. 39 Photo Taken in 1952
Thanks to Bob Belloff, Class of 1956

Stan Pohl, Class of 1953 - More Recent
Photos of Rockaway Taken in 2003

Recent Photo of Four Members
 Of The Class of 1969

Artie Schechter, Class of 1956
Great Arverne Photos From the 50's
Additional Photo Posted on 8/4/03

Did You Attend PS 114 in 1962?
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Class of 1954's Wonderful Reunion Photos

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Thanks for these wonderful Photos Sent in
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