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For This Wonderful Rockaway Memory

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Those of us who grew up in Rockaway during the 50's, 60's and 70's certainly remember Tuckee Cup on the boardwalk around 34th street.  They sold a delicious chow mein and rice delicacy in a cup that was made from the same ingredients that those delicious crispy noodles were made from.  So if you were inclined you could eat the inners with a fork or spoon, and then devour the cup......yummmmmmy.

This first photo is not the Tuckee Cup that was on the corner of Beach 34th street but the original Tuck’s on the boardwalk. I will try to find out what street it was on. Tuck’s was the precursor to Tuckee Cup.  Tuck’s and Tuckee Cup were run by the Lee family and the sons.   The second photo is of the Tuckee Cup location which was later renamed Takee Cup.  The speculation for the name change was that each winter when nobody was around, someone would change the T in Tuckee Cup, to an F making it read Fuckee Cup.  We all assumed that the owners got tired of having to repaint the sign every spring!

The sons are all alive with the oldest in his late 80’s but Mr and Mrs Lee died decades ago.

My guess is that this shot is from the early 50’s. Let’s hope someone from FR will recognize this restaurant!

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Mr Tuck Yee Lee and his wife in front of Tuck’s Restaurant on the boardwalk
The lady in the center is owner Tuck Yee Lee’s wife in front of the Tuckee Cup location renamed Takee Cup
Standing in front: Mrs. and Mr. Tuck Yee Lee
Standing from left:
Bobby (2nd son), “TK” (oldest son), Min (Tuck Yee Lee’s younger brother), King (3rd son).


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