Sorry to Report the Passing of Steve Brejensky

From Louie Folber & Alan Silverstein

It is with a heavy heart that I have to post this. Steve Brejensky passed away on April 25 2018. I know that many of you had your differences with Steve but that is moot at this time. Many of you don't know that he had blood cancer and recently had his lung removed. He had been hospitalized the last month of his life. I spoke to him the day before and he sounded terrible. Along with Alan Silverstein I was planning to go to visit with him after Alan's trip to Israel. I came home that day and told my wife that I wanted to go sooner but the flights didn't work out for me.. Alan tried calling him and it rang to no avail. I tried and got a recording that customer was not accepting any calls. We both contacted the hospital but they had no info on him except that he wasn't a patient at this time. I told Alan that we need to get his address and call local P.D. to do a well check. Alan took care of it and they called him and gave him the bad news. We are waiting for more info so we can put closure on his passing. At this time we demand that you put aside your differences and in addition take time to reflect about what life is about. It is too short to hold grudges, Please take a moment of silence and say a prayer for Steve. We thank you.

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