Hurricane Sandy was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record. Early on October 29, 2012, Sandy slammed ashore near
Atlantic City, NJ and New York's Rockaway Peninsula, leaving death and billions of dollars of destruction in its wake.


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Satellite View of Hurricane Sandy

  Mandatory Evacuation Areas in Red  

Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach - 122nd Street



Belle Harbor Damage


  Rockaway Beach Flooded Pier  


Rockaway Beach Blvd. Fire During Storm


  Belle Harbor Danger Warning  

Rockaway Beach Fire During Storm

Rockaway Beach Boardwalk

Rockaway Beach Boardwalk


Rockaway Park - Newport Ave.


Standing atop Rockaway Beach Boardwalk


  Rockaway Shoreline  


Rockaway Beach Homes Devastated

Arverne - Beach Channel Drive



Breezy Point Showing Path of Fire



Breezy Point Fire


Breezy Point Firefighters



Breezy Point Home

  Rockaway Beach Before (top photo) and After (bottom photo) Hurricane Sandy  


Breezy Point Devastation


Breezy Point Couple View Remnants of Their Home

  Breezy Point Flooded Pier  
  Breezy Point Damage  
  Far Rockaway Residents Await Help from FEMA  
  Rockaway Beach - "There Used to be a Boardwalk Here"



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