New Book by Bob Cohen, Class of 1976

Fifteen members of the Secret Scurvy Dog Society relate their own accounts, many humorous and some pointedly not, of life at sea on U.S. Navy destroyers during the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Cold War. Beginning with the question - Why the Navy? - and ending with reflections on how their experiences during hard lives at sea came to be considered cherished memories, these men, both officers and enlisted, tell the quintessential Sea Stories of the latter half of the 20th century.

"Deck apes, snipes, and power monkeys alike will just eat up these evocative and entertaining tales of life in the United States destroyer fleet.  Smartly told, irreverent and fun, Scurvy Dogs, Green Water and Gunsmoke upholds the honor of the surface navy and captures the big-hearted spirit of the tin can sailor of every generation.  This book belongs on every Navy man's shelf."

James D. Hornfischer, author of Ship of Ghosts and The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors

"This is how I remember my time in the Fleet - stories, people, incidents. A navy has ships, but men bring those ships to life. Service in the Navy is exciting, hard, funny, boring, and many other things best told by the men who were there. Give this book to someone who may join the Navy, and they'll get a better picture of shipboard life than from any recruiter. Give this to someone who's been in the Navy, his eyes will get misty, and then he'll start telling his own stories. And of course, these stories are all absolutely true."

Larry Bond, author of Red Phoenix, Dangerous Ground and The Mighty Fallen

Thanks to Bob for sharing this with us.  He has also sent along a 'group' photo of the Secret Scurvy Dog Society.  Can you identify the Far Rockaway High School Grad?  Send your guesses to Skip Weinstock at

#2, 4, 11, 16 & 17 are New Yorkers (#2 and #11 are from Queens)



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