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In order to keep the homepage less cluttered, I have created this Old "New Stuff" and Announcements page. After I have featured new photos and information on the home page, I will be moving them to this page. Please check in here after you log on to find any new announcements and other new "stuff" of interest which was originally posted on the home page.

Photo Links

Click Here For A Trip Down Memory Lane
Thanks Again To Marty Nislick, Class of '62

Thanks to the Class of 1978 for Their Donation
View Their Mini Reunion Dinner Photos Too!

Thanks to Sandy Blaukopf-Kogut for this Recent
Photo of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Mitchell

Do You Remember The China Palace?
Thanks to Matt Carlson for these Class
Photos from P.S. 215 Taken in the 60's and 70's

Thanks To Roberta Liebling, Class of 1973
 For These Family Photos

Thanks Also to Matt For This Rockaway Link
Send Me Your 'Stuff'
Extraordinary Rockaway Photos From
Sandy Cohen, Class of 1974
Equally Extraordinary Rockaway Photos
From Gary Jansen
Thanks To Brian Amelkin, Class of 1969 For These Great Photos.  Additional Photos Added November 11, 2002
Thanks To Sue Goddin Lutkoff, Class of 1945
For This Wonderful Yearbook Photo
Fundraising Effort Bears Fruit 
Thanks to Richard Ellis, Class of 1953 For 
Sending His Original GO Card
A Wonderful Article That Appeared In The 
N.Y. Times Sent In By Bob Natt 
Wonderful Photos From Myrna Lande Lewis, 
Class of 1953
Another Wonderful Article That Appeared In The N.Y. Times Sent In By Bob Natt
Great Photos From Anita Rosenberg Kaminer, 
Class of 1967
David Walter's 1933 Graduation Program
"I Am A New Yorker"
Rockaway Lifeguard's Photo From 1920's
Thanks To Carol Marston, Class of 1956
Rona Ronnie' Tarnofsky (Mauro) Class of 1968
Hosting A Sunday Night Chat 
Plans for a South Florida 2003
Holiday Party - December 13, 2003
Last Stand for a Bungalow Backwater
From The N.Y. Times and Bob Natt, Class of 65
Do You Have A 1961 Yearbook?
Letters From Our Alumni Living in Israel
Do You Know Cheryl Crawford, Class of 1975? Read About This Happy Reunion After 28 Years
Updated on May 12, 2003
Far Rockaway High School Homecoming
October 25, 2003 - Game and Parade
HILI Alumni Group
Rockaway-Five Towns Symphony Orchestra
1924 Graduation Program
A Request From The Rockaway Wave
About Bobby Frankel
Graduates From PS 106, Class of 1951
Someone Is Looking For You!
Thanks to Alan David For These 
Wonderful Rockaway Memories
Great Photo From Barry Kaplan, Class of 1965
JHS 180 9th Class 9-332 Taken In 1962
Using This Website For Sending 
Unsolicited Email To Grads
Do You Remember The Rockaway Subway Stations?
Karen Kaufman Polansky, Class of 1963 Wins World Championship Power Lifting Title
P.S. 104 8th Grade Graduation Taken In 1949 Thanks To Myrna Lande Lewis, Class of 1953
Another Rockaway Landmark Gone
Same 1949 Photo With Names
Thanks to Billy and Sheli Schwartz
For These Classic Rockaway Photos
Do You Remember Weiss's Famous Drive-In Eatery Located in Broad Channel?
Send Me Your 'Stuff'
Thanks to David Walter For This Wonderful Photo of P.S. 42's Class of 1928
Network Showcases "Women of Rockaway"
Thanks To Toby Kronick, Class of 1968
Great Photo Of Some 62ers From Bob Hoffman.
Pictured are:Ronny Kletter, Roy Kaplan, Judy (Klein) Kletter, Arthur Schwartz, Bobby Hoffman
Great Photo From Rick Gold Of The 1961 Library Squad Thanks Rick!
Rockaway's Playland
More Great Photos From Jack Kivolowitz
Thanks to Alan Levy For This Photo of
David Lim and His New Partner, Sprig
Birds Ride Subway to Wavecrest
Earl Jagust Update. Photo Too!
Thanks To Jody Horn-Leshinsky, Class of 75
For This Wonderful Collection of Photos
Who Are These 1959 Musicians?
Thanks To Marc Speiser, Class of 1955 
For This Great HiLi Photo From 1951
Take The "A" Train
 Send Me Your Photos
Thanks to Ethel Glass Wagner '62 
For These Great Photos
Relationships Span Seven Decades 
by Gert Anderson Tutundjian, Class of 1943
Thanks To Steve Tepfer, Class of 1959 For This 
1959 Cheerleaders Photo
Transport Yourself Back In Time To
Central Avenue in Winter
Thanks to Robin Sanger Baumgarten For These
Haunting Rockaway Photos
Roger Koerner, Class of 1963 Does It Again
More Great Rockaway Photos
Another Group Reunited After 30 Years
Thanks to Michael Robbins For The Photo
Thanks To Stelli (Wiesner) Markow.
Do You Recognize Anyone From The 50's?
Send Me Your Stuff
Send Me Your Stuff
Did You Attend P.S. 105 In 1966 And Were You In
Class 6-1?  Check Out This Great Photo From
Harvey Altman, Class of 72' - Names To Follow
Old Playland Photos From Hal Lutsky, 71'
Remembering Central Avenue In Winter
Great Photo From Walter Rutherford, Class of 1973
Taken At The Florida Reunion in July, 2000
Reunion Photos - Elaine Soloway Zimbler - Class of 1970
P.S. 105 - 5th Grade Photo from 1970-71
Central Avenue Circa 1900 -  From Carol Marston
Florida Reunion 2000 - 
Lots of New Photos Posted 8/21/00
Great Photo of the 1945 Football Team
From Danny Lobel, Class of 1946
Want To Restore Your Old Photos 
To Look Like New?
Oceanside, California Reunion Photos
Oceanside, California Reunion Report
Great Photos From Carol Schleifer
Class of 1968
Send Me Your Stuff
Great Photo From Steve Eisenberg, Class of 1970
Reunited After 27 Years
Do You Remember The Roller Rink?
Thanks to Reva Yacovone (Pearlman),
Class of 1974 For These Wonderful Memories
Reconstructing Rockaway
Great Photos From Joanne Levy, Class of 68
Great Photo From Larry Weiss Taken in 1955
Class of 1963 Can You Name These Mystery Faces?
More Great Photos From
Walt Rutherford, Class of 1973
Great Photo From Charlie Mahl
Family Photos From Sharon Kaplan Evron
And Mitchell Kaplan - Posted On July 3, 1999
Great photos Thanks To Joseph Nuzzolo
Reunited After 27 Years
Great Hurricane Donna Photos From
Ivan Mosesman, Class of 1963
More New "Stuff" From
Barbara Tashoff, Class of 1963
Great Photos From Joel Kuperberg
Great Photo From Bonnie Kivolowitz, Class of 1972
More New "Stuff" From 
Janice Rothenberg, Class of 1965
New "Stuff" From 
Bob Weinstock, Class of 1961
Some Great Old Photos
From Ron Krouse
These Are A Must See!!! Thanks To Janice Again
A Great Photo From Andy Hertz, '62
More Great Photos From Arleen
Must See Photo From Arleen Kaplan Matier
Great Photos From Harvey Altman, Class of 1972
Can You Identify This School?
Were We Ever This Young?
Great Photos From Bob Weinstock
Thanks To Carol Marston For This Great Skeeball Memory
Another Great Memory Thanks To Peter Rapport
More Great Photos From Jack Kivolowitz

Links To Other Web Sites and Rockaway Stuff

A Wonderful Look at Long Beach, New York
Beach Channel Drive Fire - Recent
Do You Know or Are You Related to
Carol Marcuse?  Please Click Here

If You Use AOL To Connect To the Internet
Please Read This Important Message

If You Performed in the FRHS Production
of Our Town, Mr. Schrier is Looking For You!

Do You Remember Edward Zewert Jr.?
"Still Pitching"- A New Book About Rockaway
By Michael Steinberg, Class of 1958 - Update

'Between Ocean and City'
 What Really Happened to the Rockaways

It Is With Much Sadness That We Report
 The Passing of Neil Goloweksy, Class of 1963

Coastal Cancer Center Appeal For
 Robert Skolnik, Class of 1957

Thanks To All Of You Who Sent
This Article, Resurgence in Rockaway

Aruba Reunion Being Planned For All Years
Efforts Underway To Assist Current Students
at FRHS - Edward Bleier, Class of 1947
Test Your Knowledge of New York On This
Quiz Sent In By Gary Jansen, Class of 1970
An Interesting History of the Rockaways
Old Rockaway In Photos - The Book
Thanks To Bob Natt For These
New York Times Rockaway Articles
Florida Alumni Party Planned For Dec. 7th
What's Happening To Rockaway's Beaches Today?
Any Interest In A Reunion For 1950 - 1955 Graduates?
A Rockaway Tribute From Melanie Wilner (Simon)
Rancho Bernardo, California
Rockaway Children's Fund Established
Forgotten N.Y. Street Scenes Link
Thanks To Jo-Ann (Mailman) Satin, 62'
Great Old Long Island Railroad Link
Check Out The 'Wave', Rockaway's Local Newspaper
A Great Little Rascals Link From Joseph Nuzzolo
Rockaway Business Connection Is Finally On-Line!
Elliot Roth's Brooklyn Day Camp Web Site
St. Mary's Star by the Sea
Project For Rockaway Youth - From Joseph Nuzzolo
 Short History of the Rockaways
Joseph Nuzzolo's Rockaway Friends Page

 Send Me Your Stuff

Broad Channel History - From Joseph Nuzzolo
 Send Me Your Stuff
Rockaway Riviera - From Joseph Nuzzolo
 Bayswater Jewish Center's Web Site
 Lawrence High School, Class of 1959
 Aviva ('76) and Shaul ('72) Ceder's
Rockaway Memories Page
 Send Me Your Stuff
 Check Out These Great Rockaway Links
Sent In By Joseph Nuzzolo
 Great Photos From Beth Wolff  (Wolfer) 
Class of 1962

Additional Items of 'Rockaway' Interest

Reunion of Classes 57 - 60
Help!  Looking for a 1971 Yearbook
Far Rockaway / Rosedale Reunion
1950's Grads Gather In North Palm Beach County
Regional Public Relations Volunteers Needed
Beach Channel High School Reunion
How Many Graduates From Your Year 
Have Registered?
Map Showing Where Rockaway Graduates 
Are Currently Living
Saddened By The Passing Of
Ronny Kletter, Class of 1962
Send Me Your Stuff
Henry A. Miller Scholarship Fund Established
Johnson & Wales University Fund Established
Skin Cancer Alert From Vivian Kessler Geller, Class of 63
Julie Rapport Scholarship Fund Established
A Big "Thank You" to 
StelliEstelle (Wiesner) Markow, Class of 1959
Update on Sirius, The Dog Lost In The WTC
Class of 1989 Upcoming Reunion
Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe, Class of 1955
Read Her Most Recent Article
Saddened By The Passing OfFred C. Nelson Jr, Class of 82
 Thanks to Mark Beckerman For This Link To 
Howard Beach History
A Very Special Request - Please Click Here
Class Of 1974 - Reunion Cruise
Reunion Planning For Classes 79 - 81
Wings of Hope Benefit A Huge Success
Class of 1975 - 25th Reunion!
September 10th Rockaway Reunion Report
Well,  I'm Looking for a 1970 Yearbook!
A Final Tribute To Mr. Teitze
History of the Rockaways Book Available

Send Me Your Stuff

Looking For A Lost Classmate?
Class of 1975 - 25th Year Reunion
Class Of 1940, Are You Planning A 60th?
Looking For Zoa Ann O'Brien, Class of 1946?
50's Reunion In Aruba
Looking for that "Special Someone?"
Marilyn Sachs , Robin Rapport, and Dennis Pine;
Ralph Stein Is Looking For You!
Seymour Kudwitt Graduated From P.S.42 In 1939 
If You Remember Him, Contact Him At
The Alumni Respond!
Do You Remember PS 215?
A Very Important Message
From The Old Alumni Association
Class Of 1950, Are We Having A Reunion?
Leslie Karen, Jeff Is Looking For You
New York Times Article About Rockaway
Bayswater Jewish Center Anniversary Update
Reunion Cruise Planned For Classes of 60 - 62
The Rockaway Museum Needs You!
Reunion 2000 Planned Classes of 1960 - 1975
Is Your Name On This List?
Alan Love, Class of 1965
Can You Answer This Question?
Rockaway Beach Bulletin Board
Roseanne Lisi Kahn Class of 1971, 
Where Are You?
No Looking Back, Now On Video
Click Here For An Important Message
Fran Fishman, Where Are You?
Rockaway Beach Party
Check Out The New Message Board
Was Rockaway Ever Part of The Five Towns?
David Lim, Where Are You?
Bayswater Players Present Barefoot in the Park
Bayswater Jewish Center
Answer To Trivia Contest # 1
Answer To Trivia Contest # 2
Answer To Trivia Contest # 3
Answer To Trivia Contest # 4
Answer To Trivia Contest # 5
Answer To Trivia Contest # 6
Mal Bodenlos Memorial Fund
Searching for The Family Of 
Steve Goldstein, Class of 1963
If You Have A 1969 Yearbook Please Contact
Donna Weinman at
Do You Know Cindy Sperber?
Do You Know Anything About
The Old Rockaway Airport?
Send Me Your 'Stuff'
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