Are You Looking For A Lost Classmate?

I am getting lots of requests for assistance in locating "lost classmates."   Rather than creating a separate page for each one, I will be happy to assist by listing them here.  The most recent listings will appear first as the "older requests" move down the list.  I hope that this will help you find who you are looking for.  Please e-mail your requests to me, Skip Weinstock, Class of 1963 at

Should you decide at a later date to remove any information you are sending, please email me at and I will be happy to remove it for you usually within one day.  However, information on the Internet is always being copied by search engines such as Google and Yahoo.   I have no control over these search engines and it usually takes a lot longer to get information removed from them.  So, always be cautious about what you post!

If you spot a name and can assist, please email the person looking and let them know.  This is the only way people are finding each other...... with your help!

Your Name Must Accompany Your Request
Or I Will Not Be Able To Post It!!!!!

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November 25, 2014

Please help! I have been searching for ANNA SANTIAGO for over thirty years. She was a 1969 graduate of FRHS. Anna lived at 1468 Beach Channel Drive, apartment 5D. The last time that I heard from her was in 1975. She had gotten married to a serviceman who was stationed in Ga.  If anyone has any information, please notify me!!! I would be so grateful. ( Don't remember her married name.  Thanks!!!

Roz Cohn

November 25, 2014

Hi Skip,
I am trying to locate a classmate who should have graduated same year as I did - 1962. Her name (at the time) was Shelley Homnick. She does not seem to be included in any of the alumni or class lists.  Thanks,

Michael Kalm

November 25, 2014

I'm looking for Edward Cox class of 1962.  Thanks and have a BLESSED THANKSGIVING


October 13, 2014

I need the name of the butcher shop that was located on Beach 129th St. between Newport Ave. and Cronston Ave.   Thanks for your help.

Sandy Resnitzky Helmsorig

May 7, 2014


Joel Norman   Email Address:  MEC-BML@SBCGLOBAL.NET

May 9, 2013


I am trying to locate anyone from the class of 1943 that might of known my father Joseph Kolton. He lived in the Far Rockaway community growing up and also died in that community in October 1965.

I never knew my father as at the age of five, I was shipped to Texas to live with my mother's sister. I have no memory of either my mother or father. I am looking for anyone who might of known my father and any information about him.   I would appreciate any information on him.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.


Steve Kolton   Austin, Texas

October 7, 2012

Can you please post this message: My name is Ingrid Peters class of 1980....looking for an old friend also class of 1980 Sandra Ali....i can be contracted at ....thank you.

Ingrid Peters   Email Address:

October 7, 2012


I used to live in Wavecrest Gardens as a young teen. I'm not sure if you are still accepting queries on your Rockaway web-site, but I'm trying to locate and thank a wonderful, inspirational Cardozo JHS teacher I had in the early 1950's, named Mr. Steinberg (don't remember his first name)...or was it, possibly, Mr. Bernstein. He was a bald-headed, good looking man and was my English & Music Appreciation (do they still have that great class, since Music Appreciation, like many arts classes has mostly been dropped from most schools) teacher, as well as being Director of the school plays, in which I had featured roles.

He encouraged me to audition for the Manhattan-based High School of Performing Arts and, surprisingly (since only 30 applications in each of the 3 classes of drama, dance and music, are accepted yearly from the over 10,000 students applying), I was chosen to attend. I did so, which paved the way for me to be in a very unique, hard-working school and go on to become a professional musical theatre featured performer for 6 years, when I "retired from show biz" to go into the business world of advertising and public relations and, hence, opening the first executive search firm in the corporate communications field, Marshall Consultants.

Is Cardozo still around, since I can't find their contact info and/or can any of your website followers give me some direction in locating the school and/or him?

Carpe Diem!

Larry Marshall (prior name, Larry Minsky, before changing it as an actor)
541-488-7728 (now living in beautiful Ashland, OR)

June 26, 2012

Dear Skip,

Please help me find ANYONE from the Anthony and Nana Stilo family on Redfern Ave. The 3 daughters were Carmella, Anne and Emily Stilo. A beautiful Italian family with home made pasta and sauce.They took care of me from 1946-1952. The daughters all worked in Far Rockaway and attended St. Mary Star of the Sea church. All married with new last names I cant find. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Grazie      Email Address:

May 14, 2012

Hi there,

I met Robin Klosky in Athens in about 1972 I think.  I always remember her name and often wondered how her life panned out.  Be interested to hear.


Roger Hunter   Email address:

May 13, 2012

I am trying to locate information on my father, and I think he might had gone to school in Far Rockaway and was wanting to see if anyone knew him. I never knew my father. He would of been in class 43 or 44.  His name was Joseph Kolton, any information would be helpful. He died in 1965.  If anyone has information, my email address is.

Thank you,

Steve Kolton

May 3, 2012

I am looking for Enrique (ricky lee) Duarte, I believe he graduated in 1975....any information wuld be greatly appreciated....Thank you,

Jill Weiss   Email Address:

March 7, 2012

Hi Skip,

I'm looking for my friend Hilda Kraminitz, who graduated with me in 1960. Her parents owned a boarding house in Arverne and she had two older sisters. We lost touch about two years after we graduated.

Susan Shapiro Klein   Email Address:

February 17, 2012

Hey Skip

I lost a few friends that I used to hang out with back in 1994 at Beach Channel HS. There was usually a group of four of us, Marsha, Stephan, Oscar & me Jonathan. I've always wondered what might of happened to them since I lost touch with them many years ago. I figured it couldn't hurt to post a little something here and see where it takes me.

Jonathan      Email Address:

February 6, 2012

 I'm looking for a lost classmate by the name Arlene Lisansky, class of 1973 from Lawrence High School, in Cedarhurst, Long Island, New York.  Thanks.

Charles Eberlen      Email Address:

January 31, 2012

Betty Ochs (nee Lipson) I graduated in June 1951, and I'm looking for a dear friend from the same class.  Her name is Joan Miller. She had 2 or 3 brothers. The only name I remember is Donald. Hope someone can help me find her.

Betty Ochs    Email Address:

January 31, 2012

Hudiksvall, Sweden

Hi! I lived in the US back in 1990 and now for several years I have been trying to find my big love Mr. Donald Ray Davis, born on Jan. 7, 1958(?). He was raised in Far Rockaway, and back in -90 he lived on Rockaway Beach. Donald worked downtown NY as a math/(physics?) teacher in a school for only boys. He used to work out a lot at the gym back then. Donald also had a son named Donald Jr. I would just like to know how he is nowadays, hopefully to find out that hes doing good and that life has treated him good. Please if you would help me in finding him and letting him and/or his relatives know my mail address so that we could get in touch.   Donald taught me a lot about life, and the best one is the reason to why Im writing this mail; he used to say "Dont let anyone steal your dream".

Thank you and Best regards, Charlotta "Lotta" Forslin         Email Address: 

January 31, 2012

This is for any alums from the early to mid 1950s who might remember a teacher by the name of Mildred Deanstag.   If anyone remembers her or has a photo of her, I would be most grateful to hear from you.  Thanks!

Carol (Solomon) Marston, Class of 1956      Email Address:

November 26, 2011


Trying to find the e-mail address of Edward Glintz.  Thanks very much.

Michael G Sherman 67    Email Address:

August 22, 2011

Anyone with an extra year book from FRHS graduating class of 1972. Please contact me. I moved away in 1969 just after JHS 198 and would have graduated in 1972. Looking for some lost friends. Thank you...

Karen Levy Azrolan from Nordeck Bldg #6   Email Address:

August 12, 2011

My name is Joanne Riddell , I went to P.S. 215 . I Have been looking for years to find Maria Thomas and Miriam or Greta Pruitt. Class of 1978. Thank you so much for posting , so we can find our first friends. Sincerely,

Joanne Riddell – Holmes.       Email Address:

August 8, 2011

Dear Skip,

I'm looking for Paul Herzog, who graduated P.S. 104 and FRHS with me. He's registered on another alum site which you have to pay to join. If anyone knows him, please ask him to contact me, Carol (Solomon) Marston, at  -- thanks!!

Carol Marston   Email address:

August 8, 2011

Dear Skip,

Please help me find Anita Bennett-Shapiro Class of '58 or '59.  She was my maid-of -honor and I have not been in touch since her wedding.  Thank you.

Amy Fields Puro, Class of 1960   Email Address:   

July 29, 2011

Hey Carol / Skip:

You guys made this site a huge success so I'm back for another LOST CLASSMATE request.  A friend of mine is looking for Paula Katz from Edgemere.   If anyone knows her whereabouts please contact me at ROCKHERWAY@AOL.COM.   Thanks so much. 

Arleen Kaplan Matier      Email Address:

July 25, 2011

Hi Skip,

I'm looking for Susan Schrager, Class of 1964. She also use the professional name of Susan Summers on some songs she recorded. She lived on Greenport Road when I knew her. Thanks.

Also, please note my email address, it may be different than what you have on file. 

Larry Hirschhorn   -  Email Address:

June 19, 2011

I am NOT a grad of FRHS. I left FR at a very young age. I lived at 1333 Eggert Place just off Mott Ave. and attended the local PS was it PS81? I write to request a little information: Does anyone recall Lou & Lou's Candy Store on, I think Mott Ave.? Anyone have the precise address? It was near the elevated LIRR line. Also, does anyone recall Norman the butcher who had a shop not far from Lou & Lou's? We lived upstairs from Lou & Lou's before moving to Eggert Place. I appreciate any info. I lived there in 1947-53.

Jerry FitzGerald    Email Address:

May 20, 2011

Hey Skip,

I am looking for Ira Rappaport. He would have been in the class of '73 but moved away before senior year?

Ken Oguss      Email Address:

May 11, 2011  

Hello Skip,

I was "surfing" the internet for an old friend and came across her name on your website. Elliott Davis was looking for her. Her name is Antoinette (CHIP) Agliata. His email came back as undeliverable which is perfectly understandable after 10 years. I was wondering if he ever found her? I was in a rock band that played in the Rockaways in the late 60's and she came to see us a lot. Any help you could give would be appreciated.


May 11, 2011

Dear Mr. Weinstock,

I'm trying to track down an old classmate of my Mom's. Her name is Dolores Lightcap ( Russo ). She graduated Class of '50. Can you help, PLEASE ?? My E-mail add. is :  My Mom's E-mail add. is :  Thanks.

Sincerely ,

Jeffrey Allen      Email Address:    

May 2, 2011

Looking for Jimmy and Billy Cleary from Beach 54th Street back in the 70's.

Steve Lowry        Email Address:


April 26, 2011

To All,

This is a shot in the DARK!!!

I spend Winters in Palm Beach, FL.. I have known your former classmate, Sam Davis, for several years. He had lived in south Florida for 20 + years. Bluntly, Sam was the most unique guy I've ever come across, and his mold is destroyed. He often spoke of his days in Far Rockaway and Bernie Madoff! I'm now thinking, was Sam or Bernie the most unique?

Sadly, Sam passed away on 4/18/11 in the hospital of many complications. He went down with a smile as the same ole Sam!   Sam's second wife, Linda, and his daughter, Jill, predeceased him within the past year.

Sam told his friends that he had been married pre Linda, and had a son with his first wife. Their names are unknown to us. He said he had recently talked to his son after a 45 + years hiatus. I think his son is a doctor in Norfolk, VA.  His son the doctor had Sam's biological grandson whom Sam never met.

Sam wanted me to notify his "family" of his death. I want to do this. I got your email address from the Far Rockaway High School Class of '55 Message Board through Google.

Can you help me?  Thank you,

Louis Bay - Email Address:

March 17, 2011

I found your website while trying to find an old army buddy who grew up in Far Rockaway in the 50's and 60's .  His name is Dennis J. Walsh and we were in the army together from 63 to 66.  I visited his home shortly after being discharged at Ft. Hamilton, but I don't remember his address or much about the area. I am trying to locate some of my old military friends while there are some of us left. Any help you could give me would be appreciated. I really enjoyed your website and think you are doing a great job.

James " Reb" Reece      Email Address:

January 17, 2011

Hi Skip,

I am trying to locate a good friend of mine, Bobby Greenberg, whom i spoke to about two years ago and misplaced her number. Last i had heard she moved to Long beach in the summers. Any help you can provide in my locating her once again would be greatly appreciated.

Sylvia(Honey)Bernstein Price Email Address:

January 17, 2011

Hi Skip,

I'm looking for information on a David Mier. He lived in Far Rockaway in the early 60's. I don't see his name listed as a graduate so he may have moved on before finishing school. If anyone remembers that name please email me. Thanks.

Paul Mier - Email Address:

December 29, 2010

Hi Skip,

My name is Sylvia (Honey) Bernstein Price. I have been trying for several years to locate an old friend of mine who's name is Janet Friedman. She graduated FRHS in 1948 and lived on Beach 66th St. above the candy store. Any help in locating her would be greatly appreciated.

Sylvia Honey Bernstein Price     Email Address:

November 17, 2010

I was very good friends with Amy Rubin (from Belle Harbor). We went to Florida together during high school, both went onto Brooklyn College and hung out there. Does anyone know of her where-abouts? Thanks for your help in locating an old friend!

Melanie (Simon) Wilner     Class of 1975     Email Address:  

October 5, 2010

Hi. I am looking for an old childhood friend of mine who lived on beach 109th st off of Rockaway Beach Blvd. He lived on a dead end street. He had family who owned a parking lot behind their house somewhere between 109th st and 116 thst. His name was Jimmy Breen. He knew me as Bobby Treacy {Pronounced Tracy}. He was year round. We hung out with another kid named Richard Wagner and my cousin Joseph Sanges. This was from 196?-1972. I hope you can find him. I remember that he had a big family. Behind his house were some rental bungalows that I think either his family owned or managed. Thanks for any help. Long live the Rockaways. Peace.

Robert Treacy      Email Address:

October 5, 2010

Back in the 50s I lived in Stanley Poles apartment building when he did at Sprayview ave between 32nd and 34th. I remember his mother and he was friends with my brother Howard. I would love to exchange email with him.

Elliot  Goldstein    Email Address:  deleted at the request of Elliot

August 9, 2010

Hi Skip, Am looking for Marilyn Sokolow, graduated BC 1960, married Herb Sokolow and I think they are still living in Oceanside NY. But they must have an unlisted phone .
Thanks .

Joyce (Klau) Schwartz    Email Address:

August 4, 2010

Hello Skip,

Many thanks for a great job. I am a '51 graduate of FRHS and am looking for an old friend. Her name was Heather Altner. She married Alvin Hahn and later divorced. Do not know if she reverted to her maiden name. My name was Leila Goldberg and I lived in the Loyard Apts. on Beach 122nd St. at the ocean. Her father was Dr. Harry Altner. She had an older sister Helen and two much younger sisters, Holly and Harrell.
Any help in locating her will be greatly appreciated.

Leila Goldberg   Email Address:

July 28, 2010


Looking for any information that might help me locate Stuart Green, Far Rockaway class of 1963?

Herb Waldman      Email Address:

July 28, 2010

Hey Skip,

My name is Jacqueline (Thompson) Baptiste and I am looking for Katherine (Kathy) Gulledge or anyone from her family. We both graduated in 1985.  Thanks for your help.

Jacqueline (Thompson) Baptiste    Email Address:

June 15, 2010


My name is Addie Clabo and my mom, Anna Leah Braudes, graduated FRHS in 1959.  I have been trying to help her locate her best friend from HS,
Barabra Hope Garland, Class of 1960.  We only know that she went to college in Florida, but are lost outside of that information.

If anyone knows her whereabouts, please contact me.  Thanks in advance. 

Addie Clabo   Email Address:

June 9, 2010

Dear Alan,

Here is a list of the people I'm looking for.  I really appreciate all the help I can get.  If anyone out there knows how to reach any of the people on my list, please email me and let me know.   Thanks so much.

Dave Rossman, Dennis Spinelli, Steve Baron, Larry Sereka (not sure of the spelling), Mike Wendroff (Windrof - not sure of the spelling), Michael Leventhal
Sharon Hays, Joann Bender, Steven Bender, Bonnie Bender.

Isabel Gross Feinberg    Email Address:

June 9, 2010

Trying to locate Johnny, Roger or Jimmy Pullis that grew up on beach 135th St. Belle Harbor for an old friend Richard "Tony" Davis at e-mail

I also consider them old friends of mine but have been disconnected for over 55 years.

Any help would be appreciated.

Frank Cisneros   Beach 136th St. 

May 31, 2010

My name is Debra (Chocky) Zwilling. I graduated in 1964. I am trying to locate Karen Roth. She moved to Bch 32nd st while in 5th grade and Karen, Audrey Simon and I all remained best friends until we got married. Audrey and I are still best friends and we both would like to find Karen. She had an older brother Harvey who also graduated FR and a younger brother an sister who are twins. Their names were Leslie and Isidore. I think Leslie went to FR and graduated in the early 70s.

Hope someone can help.

Debra Chocky Zwilling     Email Address:

May 2, 2010

Hi Skip: Ann Grossman lived in Laurelton and graduated from ADHS in 1967. She attended UConn and then I lost track of her. Thanks,

Marilyn Povodator      Email Address:

April 20, 2010

Hi Skip:

We are looking for the following classmates:

Francine Sheeber - Class of 65
Sandy Cohen - Class of 65
Sheila Hirsch - Class of 65
Joan Beldock - Class of 65
Ronnie Flaxman - Class of 65
Carmen Meilak - Class of 63


Helene (Savitt) '65

April 14, 2010

Dear Skip,

Perhaps someone reading the lost classmates page can assist me in finding Francine Sheeber & or Sandra Cohen, who both graduated 1965. Francine & I went to elementary school together (P.S. 273 in Brooklyn), then we both moved to Far Rockaway & attended JHS 198 (Cardoza) and on to FRHS.

Sandra Cohen and I met in JHS 166 in Brooklyn, then we both moved to Far Rockaway & finished JHS (198) & then FRHS .

I've looked for these gals from time to time but have not been successful. Anyone knowing a married name for either one or a location of residence would be most helpful. I don't mind doing the research.

Thanks so much.

Sandy Resnitzky Helmsorig '65   Email Address:

March 25, 2010

Hi Skip, I did not go to Rockaway High but went to school with Ann Schulman at Hofstra University. I do believe that she graduated Rockaway and we began college together in 67. I lost contact with her and would love to find her again. I did not know if perhaps she may have responded to any of your postings. Thanks, Janie Tice-Shepard. PS She married a man named Harry Davis in the late 60s.

Janie Tice-Shepard     Email Address:

March 25, 2010

Help ! I am trying to locate one Eugene Krate Class of June 53. Any chance you might be able to help? Thanks.

Jerry Phelan       Email Address:

March 18, 2010

Hiya Skip- Hope all is well with you. If you’re still doing the lost classmates section, would you please put in a request for Vicki Chait’s contact information. Many thanks!!

Doris Klein Hiatt   Email Address:

February 27, 2010

Dear Skip.

My name is Jim Heiner, and I'm looking for Larry Bondy, who was a shipmate at the Pacific Reserve Fleet in San Diego, 1957-1958. I believe he was a Far Rockaway Alum 1954. If you have any information as to his address, e-mail address, etc., I would appreciate it, or you can give him my e-mail address and street address.  Thanks for your help.

Jim Heiner        Email Address:

February 27, 2010

Dear Skip,

My name is Michael Kaplan and I went to Far Rockaway high school and graduated in 1984.  I have lost contact with Shari Kornfeld since graduating.  I heard she is living somewhere on Long Island but do not know where.  I would love it someone could possibly have her contact me at or if someone possibly has her email.  I would love to catch up on old times with her.

Michael Kaplan       Email Address:

February 13, 2010

I am looking for Marjorie Abrams Edelman. She was at UCLA and in DPHIE. We had an e-mail at which no longer works. We are planning a reunion and would like to get her information.

Phyllis Smiley Brown
DHPIE UCLA     Email Address:

Hello Skip,

I'm Joel Norman class of 1962 and I retired after 46 yrs of railroading (in NY and Nevada and Missouri) and I'm looking for some old classmates.

Judi F.Factor(1964)
Peter Godeanu(1964)
Gary Melzer(62)
Nat Rothenberg(63)
Max Gabriel(63)

I hope you can help and if you could just pass along my e mail and message and see who wishes to renew friendships,know you ''cant go home again'' but like to see what happen to these folk.  Thanks and Shalom

Joel Norman--Missouri     Email Address:

Hi Skip,

I have a long lost friend from Far rockaway that myself and Michele Simon Blashka, Another Far Rock 73 Grad. is searching for. Can you help us. Can you add Arlene Lisansky to the people that are being searched for. Michele says shes been trying for years. Your our only hope. Please let me know.

So many people are searching for people from Far rockaway, I am still very close and in constant touch w/my cousin Francis thanks to you and Skip.


Roberta Liebling     Email Address:

January 17, 2010


My name is Louise and my friend Sharon and I are looking for a lost classmate.. His name is Michael Paul and we went to Beach Channel High School together, he would have graduated out of BCHS in 1987. I think he lived in the Arverne, Edgemere area. I could be wrong though on where he was from. If anyone knows him or where he is today we would appreciate it, I have tried to find him so many times over the years but I guess the name Michael Paul is pretty common because I haven't had any luck at all. We really would love to reconnect with him again. Thank you so much please E-mail any info to me.

Louise      Email Address:

January 17, 2010

Hi Skip,

I'm looking for Brett Joseph. I believe he started at far rockaway high school and finished at Lawrence high school.  He would have graduated around 1980

Lori {Lent} Greiner    Email Address:

December 28, 2009

Hi Skip,

On your great web page (right side) you list - "Thanks to Mary Testa Dalton for the great JHS >180 pictures" My name is Andy Bennett.  I went to school with her then.   Does anyone out there have her current email address?  Thanks.

Andy Bennett    Email Address:  

December 28, 2009

Hi Skip, I'm looking for Mark Goldberg. We both graduated in 1957 and were good friends from Belle Harbor. Thank you,

Penny Greene (Paskowitz)    Email Address:

December 16, 2009

Hello, I grew up in Merrick in the 60's and a friend of mine's Dad was a cop in Rockaway at that time. He had the mid night shift and Rockaway was "His" beat. Any chance you knew a Herb Beatty? He was a tough cop there in the 60's.  If anyone remembers him please email me.  Thanks

Steve     Email Address:

December 16, 2009

Hi Skip,

Looking for Dan Feldman, class of 1966.

David Novak, Class of 1966       Email address:

December 16, 2009

Hi Skip:

This is a long shot, but I hope that if you'll post this, it will get some results. I am looking for Robert (Bob) Hanley who was a lifeguard at Rockaway Beach in the late 1950's. Bob may have been a graduate of FRHS (I'm not sure); I went to John Adams H.S. however, we both spent a lot of time in the summers there since we were little kids. Bob was a lifeguard at different beaches; but mainly around B 98 and B116. For the last years he worked there he was a lieutenant. Bob went to St. John's University in Queens and I went off to college in upstate NY. If this rings a bell with anyone reading this, please drop me a line and thanks for the help.

Maureen Sinclair      Email Address:

December 6, 2009

I was recently reminded of a funny and nostalgic moment occurring in or about 1967, while we were in college. It involved Sandy Roth, class of 1965, and a cheerleader. I would appreciate contact from Sandy, or anyone who has her contact information.  Best regards,

Jeffrey L. Rosenberg     Email Address:

December 6, 2009

Hi Skip,

I'm looking for Ronald Gross, graduated in 1949, and Edith Gross who graduated probably 5 or 6 years earlier.  Thanks.

Larry Ross '48     Email Address: 

November 24, 2009

i have a few friends out there who are counting on me to find some "OLD" friends of theirs..... If anyone knows anything on these few, please contact me at " ROCKHERWAY@AOL.COM" for the slightest hint could help find: Joandrea Davis ( edgemere) , Edwin Barrios ( Hammels) , Maria and Margarita (Tita) Bosquez (far rockaway) , Charlie Timinida {?spelling?} (either the 40's or 60's), ( Richie Schreiber ( edgemere) . Thanks in advance.

Arleen Kaplan Matier    Email Address:

November 4, 2009

Hello, my name is Leilani Martinez. I resided at 51-45 Almeda Ave.( Edgemere, B. 54th St.) and attended P.S.105 in 1976-1979, I didn't graduate from this school because my mom (Kathy Martinez) moved out of Far Rockaway. I'm looking for the Glover family and Maldonado family. I recently signed up with Classmates hoping to find them, but no luck. I stumbled upon this website and decided to post something and hope that maybe someone will know and help me reunite with these families. People knew me by my first name, Leilani, or Mama or Loni. If anyone knows these families, please help me. Contact me at    Thank you!

Leilani Martinez   Email Adderss: 

October 29, 2009

Hi skip - this is so great of you to do. My name is Jacqueline aka Jackie and i have been trying to find Eddie Williams, he did not graduate from far rock, but he did attend. thanks for the post.

Jackie Kelley   Email Address:

October 26, 2009

There is Always Hope so Don't Give Up!

The Kindness of Strangers

Many times over the years since I've worked with our database of FRHS alums, I've received messages from alums and non-alums who are searching for a relative or friend who attended FRHS. It saddens me when I have to write back that if they aren't in our database, I don't know where they are located, and I list the web pages for several search engines. A couple of times I was able to find people and put them together, which was such a good feeling for me. Then one day the tables turned.

I had searched for my cousin, Leonard Solomon, for years. I thought he lived in Florida, but there are many people named Leonard Solomon listed in Florida, New York and New Jersey (the last address I had for him was in NJ). I called them all, but never got anywhere...very discouraging. Since we've not seen each other in well over 50 years, I was concerned that perhaps he wasn't with us any longer, and out of desperation, googled the high school he went to, Sewanhaka, the high school he attended when he lived in Floral Park. I found the name and e-mail of a lady heavily involved in her own class of 1954 55th reunion, took a chance and mailed her. She mailed me back that her husband graduated with my cousin in 1952 (they did not know each other) and she even scanned the page in their yearbook with Lenny's photo. I thanked her profusely for responding so quickly and said not to worry about getting back to me until after her reunion was over, but a day later, I got an e-mail from her with two words: LENNY FOUND! Under that was his address and phone number. I still haven't figured out how she did it, but five minutes later I was talking to my cousin...she had called him and he knew it was me. I also was able to get a phone number for Lenny's brother Irwin, a Sewanhaka grad from 1947, and we had a wonderful family reunion.

Bless the internet and the kindness of strangers.

Carol (Solomon) Marston, FRHS 1956   Email Address:

August 31, 2009

Hi Skip,

I'm trying to locate the following old friends I grew up with in the 1950's in Rockaway and Belle Harbor: Leon Cholakis, Johnny Pullis, Jimmy Pullis, Jimmy Houser, Kiki Rizzo and Eddie Goodside. If any of those guys respond to you, I can be reached at this email address:

Thanks for your help! It's a great website you've set up for us.

Richard Davis       Email Address:

August 30, 2009


How are you, I hope you can help me. Im looking for a friend, we graduated june,2000  His name is Michael Rodriguez.  If you can help me that will be awesome.

Edward Santos    Email Address:

August 30, 2009


I'm trying to find out if anyone knows the whereabouts of 1975 graduate Carmelo Vega.  Last I heard he may of been in the military.

Mark Schechter   Email Address: 

August 30, 2009

Looking for Sheryl Sokolow, graduated 63,64 or 65, not sure

Bob Cooper   Email Address:

June 19, 2009

Looking for some old friends some classmates, some Far Rockaway people - would love to be able to contact the following people, anyone knowing any information please contact me. Thanks! Florence Cohen, Wendy Hanley, Mark Berman, Darlene McDermott, Ray Ehrlich, Jerry Rosenblum, Debbie Godnick, Milton Schaefer, Adrienne Lorber (would also be glad to hear from anyone who would like to get back in touch). Thanks Skip for the fun and nostalgia you provide on the website.

Ronnie (Cohen) Leander -  -  Class of 1968

June 19, 2009

Please help me connect with a friend from the past. Her name was Eloise Moskowitz and the time was the middle, late forties through our graduation ..June 1954. 

Gilbert "Gil' Brier   Email Address:

June 19, 2009


I'm looking for Ivan Gerdwagen who graduated in 1978.

Mark Schechter   Email Address:

June 2, 2009

 Grads from P. S. 42 , June 1954, contact me.

Howard Tabb   Email Address:

May 26, 2009

I'm actually looking for a former teacher at JHS 198 by the name of Linda Brontein (not sure about her last name spelling). I was a student there around 1985-86, she was my 9th grade teacher there. If this would help, other teachers/staff that were there around this time were: Mr. Farrell, Mr. B (his name sounds like bee-an-koo-li) or something like that, Mr. Terrinova (music teacher), I think Ms. Baxter was the principal. Hope someone can help! -

Richard Benjamin Email Address:

May 26, 2009

I graduated from P.S.39 in 1945. I played the "Dumb Wife" that was done every year by the graduating class. I am looking for any classmates that graduated that year... Ida Mae Catherwood was the president at the time and Miss Hahnle (sp) was the graduating teacher. Mrs. Cizik (sp) taught music appreciation and also led the school chorus, which I was a part of. And anyone that went to school in those years surely remembers Mrs. Orchard, who always dressed in orchard and wore orchard jewelry...and a Ms Messner (sp) who was a bitch on wheels. Some of my classmates were...Marcia Rubinstien, Caroline Hirschman, Francis Diodati, Gina Greenhill, Alan (Kip) Gerstein, Gloria Klarfield, Albert Rosen, Alan Bernstein, Gerard (cubby) Cassino (sp) Sondra Bond... I am now living in S.E. Florida and would love to hear from any of you. (I lost my picture of our graduating class and would love to have a copy of it...I was in the front row.)

Lois (Baraban) Giorgetti   Email Address:

May 21, 2009

My father, Mark Riegel, graduated from FRHS approximately 1939-1941. He passed away in 2007. I am interested in hearing from anyone who remembers him. Thank you for your time.

Alice Riegel     Email Address: 

May 15, 2009


Vinny Aiello   Email Address: 

May 15, 2009

Hi Skip.......

I'm an oldie.....looking for Gloria (Klarfield) Hoffman who I went to school with in the 40's. PS 30 to FRHS

Lois (Baraban) Giorgetti 

May 15, 2009

My name is Art Kirsch and I’m trying to locate a best childhood friend who visited me every day for two years when I was homebound and confined to a wheelchair. I lived on Gipson Street and before my illness, Lloyd (I called him Lloydee) went to PS 104 together. A couple of years I recovered my family moved to Brooklyn so I didn’t attend Far Rock (my older sister did). Lloydee and I lost touch. I’ve thought of him often, checked the Vietnam Memorial board, searched the Internet, all to no avail.   Assuming he went to Far Rock for 4 years, it is likely he graduated sometime between 1962 and 1964. I now live in California but would love to reconnect with him if possible.

If you know of his whereabouts, please feel free to forward this email to him. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Art Kirsch   Email Address:

March 8, 2009

Hey Skip,

It could be you could help. I have tried for about a year to find my old friend Mark Goldman from the class of 63. We grew up together at 1087 Gipson St and went to PS104. I got shipped out to Military School after 1 year of Cardoza, but would have been in the class of ’63 also. I have been trying to find Mark for a while…I see his face in the reunion shots, but no email or other references to him anywhere.

Any info you may have would be appreciated.  FYI, my dad owned the Manor Hotel at 2400 Seagirt Blvd before it became the Phoenix house. My sister Adrianne (Jodie) is married to cousin Brucie. She was in the class of ’54 or 55.

Best wishes,

Peter Berlin     Email Address:

March 8, 2009

My name is Robin Ostrowsky.  I lived on Beach 61st Street and I moved before HS.  I graduated from PS 42 in 1970 and would have graduated 198 in 1973.  I am looking for anyone that went to either 42 or 198 and remembers me.

Robin Ostrowsky    Email Address:

March 8, 2009

Hi Skip-my mom, Honey Bernstein Price has been trying to locate a good friend of hers who she lost touch with years ago. Her name is Janet Friedman and she lived on 66th st above the candy store and graduated from FRHS in 1948.   My mom would love to know what happened to her and where she can be located. thanks for your help.

Mindy Price Lieberman      Email Address:

March 8, 2009

Hi Skip-I lived in Nordeck in Arverne and have been wondering what ever happened to my good friend Donna Levine who lived in bldg five.  We lost touch shortly after her sister passed away in a tragic accident as i moved out to the island.  She would be in her early 50's now.  Any help in locating her would be great.

Mindy Price Lieberman     Email Address:

March 1, 2009

Hey Skip,

Hope you're well!  I have a friend of mine who's been looking for her friend for a very long time and cannot seem to find anyway besides this site to do so.  So I'm hoping you can help. She is longing to hear from LINDA APPEL. Linda used to life in Arverne on 54th Street I believe and my friend ( as well as I) lived on 54th Street as well but in Edgemere on the bayside near the park facing the airport.   She was told Linda lived in Red Hook Brooklyn but not sure.  Please if anyone out there knows where LINDA APPEL is, let her know to please contact Meryl Schwartz Cohen or myself Arleen Kaplan Matier.  This means so much to her and I thank you in advance and thanks to you too Skip.

Arleen Kaplan Matier    Email Address:

February 27, 2009

Hi Skip:

I'm trying to locate Ray Ortega who lived in Far Rockaway and graduated 1973. He lived around the corner from the El, off of Bch 25th St? His brother was Ricky Ortega. If anyone knows how to reach him, please let me know.

Thanks again,

Mitch Fredricks, Class of 1973      Email Address:

February 15, 2009


I am looking for Anna Simmons who attended 1981-1985. Any help you can give me is most appreciated.

Tom Hoffman    Email Address:

February 14, 2009

Hi Skip. I am looking for Eugennie Stahl or her sister Margot Stahl.  We have lost contact and would like to reconnect, Thanks

Paula Tapper?   Email Address:

February 9, 2009

Hello , I went to Far Rockaway high school . I would have graduated in 1978, but dropped out before graduation. I knew of a girl I got close to her name was Jill Weiss , but we never connected , her parents moved to Florida.  I have no e mail address or even a town where she may have moved to .. So if any one out there knows an email or address I would like to connect with her.   She lived on Norton drive in Far Rockaway.  Thank you.

Tom Arnao   Email Address:

January 17, 2009

I am looking for Steven Deneroff.   We lived on Beach 29th street...he played basketball.  We were childhood friends... he had a brother named Marvin...Thanks

Ronnie Ostrow Levin   Email Address:

January 17, 2009

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Elaine Taboh and Marcia Eiven, class of 1975? They lived on Shore Front Parkway in Rockaway Beach. Please send any information to

Melanie (Simon) Wilner, Class of 1975    Email Address:

January 17, 2009

I worked with Connie Elkinson (Field) in the 1990s. I have lost touch with her and would appreciate it if someone can connect me. Thank you.

Barbara E. Kauffman     Email Address:

January 3, 2009

Skip.. I found this E-mail address on the internet.. I'm trying to reach my old friend Kenny Rappaport.. When my grandmother lived on 126th street he was in the building with us.. and helped me study for my Bar Mitzvah.. He also went to the Concord with me one summer..

If You have any contact information for Kenny.. please forward it... Happy and Healthy New Year..

Mike Greenblatt    New Orleans, LA     Email Adderss:

January 3, 2009

Hi Skip...Happy New Year to you and your Family.

I am Looking for an old friend.......Linda Duval.......she lived in Far Rockaway on Greenport Rd. in a building named GEORGETOWN......The last I knew she was living in Flushing NY.....that was over 25 years ago...If anyone has any info I can be contacted at

Kathy Schwan    Email Address:

December 24, 2008


My grandfather and great grandfather both lived in Far Rockaway. I have located 2 of my great grandfathers residence , but one area has eluded me. Kensington Gardens, was it a hamlet or an apartment complex? Any info you might have would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Joe Tomasone    Email Address:

December 24, 2008

Dear Skip,

I was hoping that you might be able to help me locate Sharon Tepp ('63/'64?). Sharon was friends with my mother, Robin Rolnick-Sawransky ('58). My mother passed away this past June and I realized that no one from the family spoke to Sharon. Perhaps you know how to contact her or someone that might know? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Best regards,

Howard Sawransky ('83)   Email Address:

November 24, 2008

Hi Skip - I came across the amazing Hall of Honor listed on your alumni website. What a great way to remember those who have served our country.
I came across the name Henry J. Dehnert listed with the WWII veterans and wondered if he still has family in the area. I believe he may have gone to Columbia University with my dad. In fact, dad actually spoke about "Dutch Dehnert" at an awards dinner at Columbia this week, which happened to fall on Veterans' Day. Dad told how Dutch went overseas to serve with the army in Europe, while dad went with the navy to Japanese territory. When dad came home on leave, the first thing he did was go to Columbia to find his friend Dutch, only to find out that he had been killed in action.  I think it would be amazing if Dad could touch base with Dutch's family. If you have any information that would be helpful in contacting them, I would greatly appreciate it if you would send it to me.  Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.  Have a great day!

Jane Heron    Email Address:

November 24, 2008


Thanks, Skip, for all that you do with this website. I’d really like to find Jeff Miller (class of 1959). He lived in Wavecrest and later in Bayswater. I know that he married around 1968, and I once bumped into at the theatre in about 1970. I’d really like to know how he is. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,

Vicki Stadlen Class of 1960    Email Address:

November 24, 2008


My name was Ronnie Confino in HS.  I graduated in 1968.  I am looking for an old friend who graduated in I think '66 or '67 ... His name is Steven Green.  Can u help me locate him??   My email address is    Thanks

November 24, 2008

I am searching for is Francine Fishman who used to be Fred Ruff's assistant.  Anyone with information about her whereabouts or contact information, please email me and let me know.

Martin Wolterding       Email Address:

November 24, 2008


I am looking for a woman her name is Robin Seagull.   Anyone who can help pleases do.

Marshall Schnipper     Email Address:

November 10, 2008

I am looking for Ann Horowitz. She lived on Bessemund Ave and was friends with Tina Kassover. If anyone knows how to contact her please let me know. Tina is looking to re-connect. She graduated in 76.

Thanks for the help.

Shari Carter (Mass- class of 76)     Email Address:  

November 10, 2008

Dear Skip,

This is Martin Wolterding class of 63. I am trying to reconnect with Francine Fishman who graduated from Far Rockaway in 1964. Alternatively I would like to connect with her sister Jill Fishman who would have graduated around 1964. If anyone in your network knows of their whereabouts please contact me. 

Email Address:

November 5, 2008

Hi Skip,

My name is Wil Fikel (class of 57). I am trying to find out what ever happened to Stan Ross. We grew up together in Arverne. Stan played on the Far Rockaway HS basketball team. He went to Wisconsin (I think) for his undergraduate degree, and then went to France to study international law. Please contact me if you have any info on how I can contact him.  Thanks,

Wil Finkel   Email Address:

November 1, 2008


I'm a graduate of FRHS 1959, but I'm trying to locate a classmate of my mother's who graduated in 1935. Her name was Rose Kampler, and she's looking for Howard Morse, who graduated the same year.  Please post.  Thank you,

Joyce (Kagan) Marcel   Email Adderss:

November 1, 2008


My name is Ileen Brandt (Speiser) and I graduated Far Rockaway HS in '64 - This in a great site! I've found a few classmates I would love to contact , and have nostalgically checked out pictures of some of the old haunts.

I'm looking for an old friend, Marty Mandel, who lived in Baywater, but in the early 70's moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL (I think), and would appreciate your help . If anyone has any input please Email me.


Ileen Brandt (Speiser)  Email Address:

October 6, 2008


My name is Susan Schwarz Leigh. My mother and uncle were both alumni of FRHS. My uncle was killed in action in 1943 and my mother died in 1960. I am not sure what years they graduated. My mother was Edith Mendelsohn and my uncle, Marvin Mendelsohn. I would guess that my mother graduated around 1947 as she was born in 1929. I am looking for a "Bobbi" Novak, who graduated with my mother. I wondered if you had any information about her on any list you might have.

Thank you,

Susan Leigh     Email Address: 

September 22, 2008

Probably from 1968-1978 or so I lived at the "park"-  the p.s.104 playground in Bayswater.  Funny thing, for some reason we ended up there today-haven't been there since the 100 year reunion. For those of us who were fortunate to call it our 2nd home ( because we did virtually live there), they are amazing memories. Without a doubt, we had the best football, basketball, & softball games in the area. Saturday mornings, we started playing football @ 9, and didn't stop till 4- can u imagine that we used to do that? And if you lost, you'd just play basketball until you had "next".  

And, we had our very own game, "foot hockey", in the handball courts. How great were those games?? You had to be tough to play in the box! All you guys ( and Nancy Lieberman) that lived there-  does anyone know what happened to Jay Smith???? I've often wondered what has become of him. You could always count on jay to paint the lines @ night on the fields, and always ready to play day or night, rain or shine.  He was an amazing athelete....yeah, a little nuts, but didn't we have the best games?????  Any of you fellow Bayswater boys know what happened, or how he can be reached, please e-mail or post back.

Ira Rubin     Class of 1973     Email Address:

September 22, 2008

Hey Skip,

Really cool idea to help people find lost friends. I joined Classmates recently and received over 100 hits these last few months. Although I don't remember most of them, I now have several new / old friends and am having lots of fun talking to them. I graduated F.R.H.S. in 1967 and had a few friends I still cant find. Among them are Audrey Schulman ( grad. 1968 ) and Elise Cooper 67 or 68. If you can contact them kindly let them know that Al Vernieri would love to hear from them. You have my e mail address and are welcome to provide same to the girls if found. Thanks again for your concern, kindness and for starting this Quest.

Al Vernieri   Email Address:

September 19, 2008


Many thanks for the response.

My wife's family is from Far Rockaway, very early born 60's and 1 cousin in Breezy Point.  There was a family abuse incident that caused all 6 children to go into foster care then adoption.  We have found 2 of them.

Then one day looking at the Far Rock site, there was a couple of pics that the girl next to Jamie Lepenna almost is an identical twin to my wife. The era of pic 1978-1982 would have been correct.

I thought Jamie would have known her last name, so sent her an Email 2x with no response, this including to Rocco to whom also was looking for Jamie.  There also was no response.

Jamie, literally has disappeared off the earth, we lived at one time 20 miles from her in St. Charles Il.

Yes, please post and use  for any responses to Post.

Many many thanks.

Mike and Joy Ramos    Email Address:

September 14, 2008

Hi ......I never went to school in rockaway but i hung out there in 56 and 57. i was in the army at Ft. Tilden. I had a friend who lived and went to school there an d was wondering if any one knows where she is now. Her name is Mary Gorman and would be 70 or 71 now. She was not my girl just a friend to a G.I.   I hope someone can help. Thanks loads.

Marty    Email Address:

September 7, 2008


I'm looking for an old friend of mine, Herbie Klein Class of 1966 who I've lost contact with a number of years ago. I would like very much to find him. A very long time ago we were very good friends and very close. We stayed friends for a very long time and I have been thinking about him lately. I lost contact before I had children and if I'm lucky enough to find him we will have a lot of things to talk about.

If anyone knows of where he is or how I can be put into contact with him, can you please pass this onto him. I would love to have contact with my old friend.

Thank you for all your help,

Stanley Reiter Class of 1965 Email Address:

September 4, 2008

Aloha Skip,

I went to school PS 105 with a few young guys and gals that I am wondering about : Lucy Bosa, Lori Kurland, Cindy Cantor, Alan Davis, Ira Salzman, Steven Sealine, Mitchell Levine. Just to name a few.

Dennis Gonzalez, Class of 1973   Email Address:

August 31, 2008

Hi Skip,

I am interested in finding my prom date, Peter Zaphiris. He was class of '56 . I am class of '57. While looking thru some of the reunion photos I saw a photo of Peter at his 50th reunion. What a blast from the past. I started looking for my 50th info this year. I had the wrong year in my mind. My 50th was last June. Bummer. I have had so much fun reading messages from familiar names and have laugh and cried at some of them. They have brought back a flood of memories. Good memories. From what I was able to find on Google Peter may live in Huntington, Long Island. I emailed and called. No answer and no answering machine. Do you have any contact info or how I can I get my contact info to him? We stayed in touch while he was at Tulane and I was at Hunter College here in NY but drifted apart after awhile. My name was Mary Nafplotis back then. I live in Jamaica Estates, NY not far from Huntington. It would be a hoot to make contact.

I wish I had found these sites sooner. I sent quite a few emails. So far I have gotten several undeliverable messages. I heard from Carol today about registration details.

Keep me posted if there are any get togethers for class of 56 0r 57.

You guys do such a wonderful service for us and take us back to a much earlier time in our lives.

I was saddened at the memorials for names I recognized. It's too soon.

Regards and thank you,

Mary Nafplotis   Email Address:

August 28, 2008

Please help me find ELSA MILNER.  I have been looking for her for 5 or 6 years and need help.  She lived in Mentone St. and was a old girl friend who I lost touch with...My name is Donald Birnbaum and I graduated in 1957..from Andrew Jackson High School.  I now live in the Greens in Melville N.Y. and snowbird to Fla. for the winter months.  Thanks for your help.

Donald Birnbaum      Email Address:

August 16, 2008

Aloha to all and Aloha to all my old friends and classmates. I’m living in Hawaii and have been since 2004. I am an electrician working on military government locations throughout Hawaii on the island of Oahu. I have recently been working in Pearl Harbor, Ford Island and Hickam Air Force Base.

Here is a link to my business website, Boot Up! Computers Inc. and my MySpace page. Anthony “Tony” Harold I’m glad that you visited this page as I have been wondering what happened to you for many years, Michael Bradford as well. You guys were my closest friends back in Edgemere but as we all moved on with our lives we lost contact.

Mahalo Tony…for asking on the website. Thanks Jimmy Cleary for letting me know.

Dennis Gonzalez: as well as 

August 15, 2008

Dear Skip,

Your site brings back wonderful memories. I am looking for Nat Levine and Irma Levine (Spector) class of 1941.

Herb Bellings Email Address:

August 13, 2008

Hi Skip,

Its been a few months now since I emailed u. I am looking for a few friends still. If anyone one has any info about Michael Basilin, Dianne Kellerman.  Also looking for anyone who knows how I can get in touch with the Rosado family. My best friend was Evelyn who was killed in a car crash. She had three brothers two sisters. And her son was CJ and daughter Tina Pitt. Please help me find these people.

Thanks for all and everyone's help.

Rhonda Washington - Class of 1980    Email Address:

July 26, 2008

Hi Skip:

I'm looking for any information on Joan Schwartz, married name Shine who lived on Beach 12th street or Rose Street (one and the same) off Cornaga Avenue and who graduated Far Rock High in 1955.  If anyone has any information re: Joannie, please contact me. Thanks

Rita Deutsch Herring    Email Address:

July 26, 2008

Hi, My name is Ann Marie and I am looking for a lost classmate.  His name is JOHN PORCELLA and  he graduated with me in 1977. Thanks. 

Ann Marie    Email Address:

July 2, 2008

I am looking for a guy named Ricky (enrique) Duarte....I believe he graduated any time from 1975 - 78....please help.  Thanks

Jill Weiss (Radcliffe)   Email Address:

June 30, 2008


I lived in Edgemere Houses (Almeda Ave. at Beach 54th Street). I attended PS 105 & JHS 198 before going to (and schlepping the one hour plus commute on the A-Train each way) Brooklyn Tech.  However, I have such fond memories of my years in Far Rockaway and the rivalry with Tech (our football team lost each year to "The Rock").

I've completely lost touch with great friends such as Michael Bradford and Dennis Gonzalez, '73. I hope they read this.

This is an incredible site and, as a fellow educator, I congratulate you on what you have done here.   Take Care...

Anthony "Tony" Harold    Email Address:

June 3, 2008


It's been quite awhile since I last contacted the FRHS Alumni. I received a call from a graduate of FRHS. His name is James Houser, and he lived in the Loyard Apartment House. He was also one of the stars on the Seahorses Football Team in the early 50s during the Neil Highlander days. He was trying to locate a couple of his neighbors and students of the school, Barbara Sansone and Barbra Macklas, who lived in the Loyard and Ellen Friedman who lived on the boardwalk between 123rd St. and 124th St.

And now the sad news. Two of our classmates past away a while back. Paul Satsman and Rodger Rothstein.

I haven't seen nor spoken with Jimmy since the late 1950s. How he found my phone number I do not know. He called me late last night and we spoke for almost two hours.

Please let me know what you can find out. Jimmy has no computer. When you reply, I wll contact him.

Warren Wiener, Class of 1955
Email Address:

May 31, 2008


I'm very interested in finding out what happened to everybody. Please email  me at  I was friends with Stu Nussbaum and Jeff Schein & lived in Nordeck.


Andrew Kaplan

May 15, 2008


 I am Steven Schussler Class of 73.  I am trying to find Winston Cornwall. Any help would be appreciated.

Steven Schussler    Email Address:

May 15, 2008

Hi Skip

We are looking for 2 graduates from 1960-- Fran Berkowitz and Ronye Glantz--

Janet Gold Creel -1960
Diane Klevins McCarthy - 1960    Email Address:

May 15, 2008

Hi Skip


If Peter is still looking for Robin Katz class of 1970, I just spent time with her on Saturday & he can e-mail me @ pnm @ & I'll get him to Robin. We live in Florida & do keep in touch. Thanks for a great job.

Pam Ness (Morrison)     Email Address: 

May 15, 2008

Hi Skip

I graduated FRHS in 1963 and have been searching for years to find one of my closest friends, Karl Katz, ‘66. He was friends with Alan Boockvar and Paul Ungerleider

If anyone has knowledge of his present whereabouts, I’d really appreciate it.

Ken Bender   Email Address:

April 20, 2008

I am hoping to be able to locate Helene Goldman class of 62. She lived in Belle Harbor. I just found some postcards she sent to me when she was on a summer trip to Europe. May have been a school sponsored trip...If anyone knows where she is, please let me know

Ethel Glass Wagner    Email Address:

April 10, 2008

Can you help me find Cynthia? In 1960 I met a FRHS student named Cynthia who was 16 at the time. I cannot recall her last name. She and her family were staying at the Peri Hotel on Seagirt because of a house fire. I don't recall what year she was in. She was a Bayswater kid, and I believe she had a younger brother. Please e-mail if you can help.

Carol Marston     Email Address: 

April 10, 2008

Hi Skip,

I am wondering if any one knows what or where Mary Gorman is doing these days.   I would love to know......I believe she was in the Class of 55 or 54.   Thanks,

Marty    Email Address:

April 4, 2008

Hey Skip,

Hope that everything is going ok with you. I finally found a friend from Hammels that I have been looking for years. Claudia has been in contact with me. We are catching up with each others life. I also have been keeping in touch with others from Hammels. But I am still looking for a girl named Sherry. Her maiden name was Wagner. She is or was married to a green line bus driver. If anyone knows how to get in touch with \her please let me know. Thanks

Rhonda Washington    Email Address:

April 4, 2008


I am trying to locate Donna  Buch who attended or lived in Far Rockaway in 1960 sister Ellen

Thank you.

M. Perron    Email Address:

April 2, 2008

Hi Skip, I am still looking for Mitch Cohn '74 AND Gayle Gottfried '77 (Robert OR Neil) can e-mail me. Thank You,

John Chara    Email Address:

March 10, 2008

Hi Skip,

John Wiest lived on Farragut Road Brooklyn.  I can't remember the name of the school all I remember is walking him to the school and meeting him after school.  I was already out of school he lived in the second or third block of Farragut Rd and weekends we would be in Huntington Station with the horses we always got the train from Huntington Long Island to Rockaway station we got of the train and walked to Farragut rd second or third block of Farragut road was his house from the house to the school was 5-min walk to get there i think the school was on a main st John,s best friend at that time was a very tall black guy that went by the name of Mac Mcfarland he was much older than John . John was 16 or 17 years old in 1964 he also worked part time with a Const Co in Brooklyn also 5-min from Farragut Rd i remember a small movie house there and next to was a drug store we would go there and eat and drink soda pop.i wish i had more infomation i know if i could go there i think we could find the places my problem is the way i work i am self employed and that takes up most of my time we did try to get old phone books for 1962,63,64,65,66,67,68,69,1970 we cant remember his mom and dads first name his sister is Helen or Ellen Wiest she worked ai IBM in NY his mom worked in a clothing factory his father was a welder if only i had the school name i might be able find some friends from that school i did have his S.S.# but was lost in a flood John was born 1948 he is about 59 or 60 years old the thing is i need to find him we dont know if he went in the service i just do not know what else to do. THANK YOU

Mary Herbert

March 2, 2008

HI Skip,

Great site having a lot of fun reconnecting with old friends.  Still looking for CC Fraiser And Theresa (TERI) Conaghan.  Haven't been in touch for years, would love to add them to my list of found friends.  Anyone with info can email me at Thanks!!! 

Paula Kantor Arnao - Class of 1970    Email Address:

February 28, 2008

Skip, your website has brought me in touch with many old friends, I was wondering if anybody knows the location of Amy Glickfeld or Sherry Messler. Thanks.

Ron Goldstein'64   Email Address:

February 11, 2008

Hi Skip,

My mother is looking for Amethyst Coker who would have graduated from FRHS in 1946 or 1947.   She is an old friend of hers from Arverne.  Anyone who has been in contact with her or anyone who knows where how to contact her, please let me know.  Thanks for your help.

Ricki Rozzen     Email Address:

February 11, 2008

Hi Skip,

I'm looking for an old friend Lita Schultz (maiden name) who graduated in 1964. I graduated in 1963. I'd also be interested in finding anyone who lived in Belle Harbor at that time.

Sandy Cohen Baron   Email Address:

January 25, 2008

Hi Skip,

I must tell you how much I loved looking at the photos of Far Rockaway, they're such great memories. I wonder if you could help me to possibly find 2 girls I knew from Far Rockaway.   One is Barbara Randall (she has a brother George) and she would have graduated in 1959 or 1960. Also a girl named Rosie O'Donnell nicknamed Cookie. She would have graduated in 1957 or 1958 I believe. If anyone knows where they might be please contact me.

Diane (Pepe) Cellini       Email Addres:

January 20, 2008

Trying to located Paula Hashmall...if you're out there please contact me or if anyone knows her whereabouts, please write to me.

Sam Storch       Email address:

January 15, 2008

Dear Sir,

I was a graduate of 1945, married a younger alum, Sali Ann Ribakove, in 1957, we both have had remarkable careers in the performing arts, and principally dance and music; I was a critic for The Washington Post 1966-96, earned Pulitzer (in Criticism) in 1976; I am seeking classmate Pearl Ett, a knockout, cheerleader; fellow graduate Sue Goddin Lutkoff, now living in Florida, tells me she knows her and lives not far. As an FRHS undergrad, I had terrific crushes on both Sue and Pearl; have miraculously gotten back in contact with Sue, who was a gifted pianist in her FRHS days, and is now comparing piano notes with my brother-in-law Juilliard grad Sy Ribakove, who lives in Congers, NY. Anyone out there besides Sue who knows Pearl and her whereabouts (PS, when I started college, at MIT, I had a roommate, Bob Lurie, who saw the picture of Pearl in my Dolphin, and ALSO ON THAT BASIS HAD A HUGE CRUSH ON PEARL AND WAS DYING TO MEET HER!!!--never did, of course!).

Alan M. Kriegsman        Email Address:

January 5, 2008

Hi Skip!

I would love to find my lost friends, Donna Diamond and Sharon Lippman from JHS 59 during the years 1963 to 1965.  Thanks for anyone who can help.

Marcia Rose Kirshner    Email Address:

January 1, 2008

My name is Rayna Cohen Kerber and I graduated in 1975. I am looking for an old friend Lori Sheridan. I am not sure what year she graduated.  Thanks,

Rayna Cohen Kerber       Email Address:

December 27, 2007

Hi---looking for Wendy Lieberman class of 1967. Help.

Wayne Slavens      Email Address:

December 26, 2007

Hi Skip,

I am looking for Lori Sheridan, I am not sure what year she graduated. Thanks.

Rayna Kerber    Email Address:

December 21, 2007

My lost cousin - Susie Bovit. She lived in Belle Harbor and moved I believe to Florida. I still remember being stranded at her house for several days during the storm of 1948. I lived in Far Rockaway attended PS 39 & graduation FRHS class of '55. Can't believe that Far Rockaway High School is closing!

Joyce (Eisenberg) Douglas    Email Address:

December 24, 2007

Trying to locate Beverly Shostack.  Any info appreciated.....Thanks,

Joel Engelsberg   Email Address:

December 7, 2007


I'm trying to surprise my husband, James V. Cunningham, (Class of 1959). He had two great friends Michael Boosen (not sure of the spelling) and Dave Proval. I would love to know if anyone has any info about them or their whereabouts. Jimmy speaks of them often and I thought it would be nice if I located them and told them of his interest and his great memories.

Mike Boosen was in my sister-in-law's class (Nancy Cunningham) and she graduated in 1958. Mike lived on 142nd street in Belle Harbor and I believe he also graduated with Nancy.

Also, Dave Proval he also would have graduated with my sister in 1958 (I think). Dave went on to become an actor, playwright. He recently appeared in the "Sopranos" and had a recurring role in "Everybody Loves Raymond".

Any information would be helpful and I think it would be a wonderful surprise for my husband.


Judith S. Cunningham    Email Address:

December 3, 2007


Thanks for getting back with me so fast Skip. I appreciate it.  I am trying to locate Patty or Patricia Liable.  She has a brother that still lives in Rockaway Beach on 131 st.  She graduated from Beach Channel High School in 1980.    If anyone out there can help me, please write.  Any help would be great.  I've tried everything!  I even found someone with that name 20 miles from me, but no luck, it was the wrong person.  Thanks.

 Rocco Nasso, Class of 1979          Email Address:

November 11, 2007


I am trying to locate someone from the FRHS Class of 1966. Her name was Cathy Selwyn and she lived in Belle Harbor/Neponsit. I haven't had any luck asking around the neighborhood. I did locate her old friend & classmate, Marla Rosengarten, but she doesn't know where Cathy currently is.

My name is Kelly DeMatteis, long time Belle Harbor resident, but Stella Maris grad. I am the patient of a doctor who dated Cathy back in those days and it's one of those "whatever happened to Cathy" inquiries. He lived in Rockville Centre and used to take the bus to Rockaway to see Cathy. When he heard that I was from Rockaway, he wanted to know if I knew the Selwyns. He thought they owned a hotel in Manhattan.

If you could post a request in the missing classmates section, I'd appreciate it.


Kelly from Belle Harbor, NY     Email Address:

November 11, 2007


Is there anyone out there who attended Far Rockaway High School Class of 1960-1962 +/-, that recalls a Puerto Rican male named Louis Ramon Ortiz. He had three brothers Carl, Ray and Russell. If so, what can you please contact me? Thanks.

Michael J. Cohen, MSgt
Homestead AFB, FL   Email Address:

November 9, 2007

Hi Skip,

Thanks for the effort you put into the sight. Living in Montreal, I feel a little closer to home. I am trying to locate a former English teacher, Barbara Gittler. She was around in the 1970s and was also instrumental in organizing all the Sing performances. I missed her address in Petach Tikva, Israel. She now goes by the name, Bracha Gilon. I travel to Israel often and would love to look her up. Thanks.

Sandy Blaukopf Kogut, Class of 1973 Email Address:

October 14, 2007

Hi Skip,

I am trying to locate 2 people. Roy Lakretz 1955....his email seems to be listed- it is
& Robert Bobby Cooperman not work. I appreciate your help. Thanks

Eve Klecak Everett, 1955   Email Address:

October 14, 2007

Hi Skip,

Thanks for all of the time and energy you put into the website. What a wonderful tribute you and Carol have made.  I am looking for Hal Rose, Class of 1953. Does anyone know his whereabouts? I can be reached at  Thanks for any help. Best regards,

Phyllis Bank '54 Email Address:

October 14, 2007


Can you get me in touch with Mary Testa Dalton?  She submitted the JHS 180 pictures on the web site. She was an old friend of mine.   Thanks.

Andy Bennett      Email Address:

October 1, 2007


I am still looking for Alan Gerstein who graduated in 1948 or 1949. My last attempt was in 2001, and I have a new e-mail address:   Of course I would also like to hear from anyone who knew me when I was a clueless student at FRHS.

Marty Wertheim Class of '49   Email address:

October 1, 2007

I grew up in Far rockaway and went to PS 39 and FRHS for 2 years and moved away 1956. I am looking for anyone who went to FRHS in 1958. My name is Harriet Schneider. I spoke to Judy Binder, and she told me to email anyone who graduated at that time. Thanks Skip for this website. Hope to hear from my old classmates.  Thank  you.

Harriet Schneider Yonkolowitz      Email address:  hyonk@verizon

September 27, 2007

Hello, my name is Rocco Nasso, I graduated in 1979, I would like to try to get in touch with Jamie LePenna the person who sent these pictures in, we were friends back in the day and would love to say hello to her, can you please give her my e mail address and name , and tell her I would love to get in contact with her.  Thank you

Rocco Nasso     Email Address:

September 27, 2007

Hi Skip,

My sister just gave me this web site. I graduated in 1950 and am looking for a good friend of mine who I have lost touch with. Her name is Harriet Schildkraut, Married name Helft. Anyone know where she is.

Thanks Phyllis Scheiner (Mentle)

August 25, 2007

Hi Skip

I'm hoping you can help me. My name is Janette Kustler and I'm looking for Jessica Ferri. She started out at Far Rock High but I think her family moved (possibly Long Island) and I don't think she graduated from there. She would have graduated in 1979. Unfortunately I didn't graduate myself but would love to hear from her or anyone who remembers me. I lost touch with her a long time ago and I know she will remember me by name as we were once good friends. I did go to Far Rock High School for 3 1/2 years before quitting. I went to PS 197 and IS 53 and would have graduated in 1979. Thanks for all your help and keeping everyone up to date on each other.

Janette Kustler   Email Address:

August 21, 2007

Hi Skip:

I am looking for Joan Schwartz Shine from the class of 1955. We lived on Beach 12th Street
or Rose Street. I lost track of her about 10 years ago. Last I heard she was living on Long
Island. She has two daughters, one named Rhonda. If anyone knows anything about Joannie
I would appreciate hearing from them.  Thank you so much.

Rita Deutsch Herring   Email Address:

August 17, 2007

I did not Go to FRHS, went to ENY Vocational, but lived in Far Rock and then Edgemere during that time.  I'm looking for a guy by the name of Larry Kagan.  It would be nice to hear from him again.  Thanks.

John Willis    Email Address:

August 10, 2007

Hi Skip,  My name is Arnelle (Wetzler) Brown-Booker, or better known, way back when, as Arny (Allan's girlfriend), the girl who plays paddle-ball at 17th street. I was looking at your lost classmates and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about Richie Weir, Marty Wish, Steven Lepow, Susan Smilove, and Michael Mintz. I graduated from FarRock in '69. I loved growing up in Far Rockaway, particularly Wavecrest.   Well, if anyone would like to get in touch, feel free. Thank you.

Arny Wetzler    Email Address:

August 2, 2007

Hi Skip,

You have a great website. I am hoping that someone has heard about or can give me info about some of my classmates.  I quit school in the 7th grade due to an unfortunate circumstance (even though I was getting grades in the 90s). The people I knew were from p.s. 215 and from I s 53.

From 215:  Linda Ramos, Lila Bradley, my best friend Marcia and I don’t remember her last name. I remember she lived near a teacher’s house on I think beach 20th St. She moved to Oceanside I think for the 6th grade and I was devastated. Never got hr phone number or anything.  Also, Sari Wilner (blood sister J), Keith who lived in Wavecrest used to be in my class. He was so sweet when this bully girl was threatening me, telling me to stand up to her.  Tina Mays, Michelle who was friends with Tina, Gwen, Howie Silver from Far Rockaway.

Please write me at:

Sincerely and with thanks,

Mary Gertler

August 2, 2007

I am looking for my half-sister Jill Rosenberg. I think she may have graduated in 86 or 87.  Her mother's name was Sandy.

Cathy Rosenberg     Eail Address:

July 24, 2007

I am a grad of 1957 and looking for an old classmate by the name of Rhoda Ellenzweig (Klein).  Lived in Wavecrest and in Far Rockaway in 1957, 1958, 1959, maybe even 1960.   If you know her whereabouts, please contact me.

Irene Cohen (Wiesenfeld) Mitchell   Email Address:

July 9, 2007


I am looking for Larry Olin. He lived in Belle Harbor. He graduated in 1951 or 52. He went to UConn after graduation. He was friends with Marty Zankel and Zach (?). Thank you for your help.

Sue Aldoroty    Email Address:

July 2, 2007

Hi Skip,

I am trying to find Suzanne Descary.  My name is Lori Lent now Lori Greiner, Class of 1979.

Lori Lent Greiner    Email Address:

June 11, 2007

Hi Skip,

I am interested in locating some lost classmates: My name is Francine Hochheiser, now Fran Pierce Jackson, Class of 1959

Vivian Gluck
Harriet Sloven
Jackie Krakower
Jackie Fleischer
Fran Atlas


Fran Hochheiser   Email Address:

May 30, 2007

Hi Skip,

Can't access you through outlook express, so hope you get this from my hotmail. By the way, have been having fun receiving emails and calls from frhs alums. Steve Pearlman was in touch thru my last email and I received some nice emails as well from people who knew where Richie was to be found. So Steve was happy about that.

Now, Steve would like to find Barry Jaffee and Jeffrey Gaines. If anyone has information on either or both, they can contact me at


Harriet Skolnik ('61)   Email Address:

May 30, 2007

Hi Skip,

Rumor has it you're the one to make things happen. I would love to connect with some people who attended my Sweet Sixteen and beyond. Their names are: Steve Grossman, Richie Weiner and Stan, can't remember his last name.

Thanks so much for anything you can do to make this connection

Merrie Davis   Email Address:

April 13, 2007

Hi Skip,

I am looking for several old dear friends. Please post the following names: Stewart Fox, Jerry Sadin, Steven Lang, Michelle Grasso (beautiful Miki). Thanks for providing such a great service.

Michael Stein    Email Address:

April 12, 2007

Hi Skip,

I'm not sure if you can help me with this. I grew up in Far Rockaway and graduated FRHS in 1986. I went to PS 215 back in the 70's. I had a best friend named Collette back in those days. Unfortunately, I cannot remember her last name. I think she may have even lived near 32nd. Street off of Seagirt Blvd., but I'm not completely sure. The reason why I am looking for her is that I was just watching some old films that we put on DVD and at one of my birthday parties she was there and it brought back so many memories of us being best friends. From the best of my knowledge, I went to PS 215 from the years of 74-82, ( I think) from kindergarten through 5th grade.  Hopefully you can help me or lead me in some direction. Thank you.

Alice Improte (Napolitano) FRHS Class of 1986    Email Address:

March 27, 2007

Hi, this is in response to Rayna Kerber's posting looking for Stephanie Cooper -- she is alive and well and still living in Belle Harbor. She is a practicing plastic surgeon, married, with 3 children. I don't have an email address but I do run into her quite frequently. If I see her, I'll tell her to check out the website!

Teri Farris (Class of 1975)    Email Address:

March 27, 2007

This is Susan Rice AKA Debbie Conn looking for Bettiann Fischman. Saw her name a few years back on the credits of Sex and the City. Good going girlfriend. Would love to know if you are out here in LA and what you are doing now!!

Susan Rice Class of '72 '73    Email Address:

February 17, 2007

My father attended Far Rockaway HS.  Marty Meyerowitz was his name. He had twin sisters Claudia and Janet. I am not sure what year he graduated.  I know his family moved around a bit in Far Rockaway.  He was born in 1939 and died 1999.  He was the BQ Mgr at MBJC in Manhattan Beach and also at the Deauville for many years.

I am looking to see if anyone knew my dad and if anyone has any pictures of him.  If so please let me know.  I am trying to piece together his life in pictures and stories to pass along to my daughter

If you knew Marty Meyerowitz (he change his name to Marty Myles in 1965) please reply to me.
Thank you!

Lauren Myles Harmon    Email Address:

February 6, 2007

My name is Elaine Meshover, married name Elaine Bunia.  I'm looking for Marilyn Heller whose married name is Marilyn Zoilo.  I believe she lived in New Jersey for a while. I've been looking for her for a long time.   Hope you can help me. Thanks Again.

Elaine Meshover Bunia Email Address:

February 4, 2007

Hello Ellyn Weinstock,

I was looking through the FRHS web site as I do often and it is a great way to stay in touch with old friends. While looking through the site I saw your picture and the note that you posted (not sure how long ago) and I saw you mention two good friends that you were attempting to find, Sharon & Johnny Hays. Well they are my cousins and have two brothers, Dennis & Peter. I don’t know if you are aware, but John was killed years ago in some altercation that I never got all the details on how it happened, but I was a bit younger at the time and so maybe my family wanted to spare me the gory details. Anyway, I have not seen Sharon, Peter or Dennis in years and back in the 70’s and 80’s we were all very close and as a matter of fact I have two brothers, Tom & John Hays (twins) that graduated from FRHS in 1965 and I was wondering if you were ever able to establish contact with Sharon. If by some chance you ever get any information on where Sharon is, most of my contact information is below and I graduated FRHS in 1979 along with my twin sister, Rita. Thank you very much for indulging me by reading this email and take care.  (Ellyn, send me your new email address)


Bill Hays Email Address: bhays@YELLOWPAGES.COM

February 4, 2007

I'm looking for Michaele Foerster who graduated in '68. She lived in Edgemere.  Thanks.

Ernest Hagerman   Email Address:

February 2, 2007

Hi Skip,  I am trying for years to find Audery Russell last know address Spanish Town Jamaica.  We both attend Guys Secondary School in St Mary.  I would love to get in touch with her. I left school 1979.

Norris Palmer   Email Address:

February 1, 2007

I can't locate Amy Zucker.  She lived in Bayswater and graduated in 1979.  Can you help me?

Felice R. Bundy   Email Address: 

January 27, 2007

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Kathy McNulty of the class of '68, please email me at Thanks for your help.

Marguerite Degnan   Email Address:

January 25, 2007

Dear Skip,  I am looking for Marilyn Beck, who graduated in 1963. After graduation she moved to Brooklyn & later married Mark Marachick. They had one son (last time we were in touch). They maybe divorced by now & she possibly had gone back to her maiden name.  Anyone having any information on her, please contact me. Thank you.

Sandy Resnitzky Helmsorig 1965    Email Address:

January 25, 2007

Hi Skip,  I gradated in 1975 and when in High School I was good friends with Stephanie Cooper. At the time she was living in Belle Harbor. I know she had attended Harvard and I believe was studying to be a Doctor. I was wondering where she is now.  Thanks,
Rayna Kerber     Email Address:

January 11, 2007

Hey Skip...i am looking for an old friend. His name is Andre Hopkins. He was known by all as Hop. He ruled the paddleball courts at 17th street. If anyone has info can you please email me. 

Glenn Rudolfsky, Class of 1978    Email Address:

December 20, 2006

Hi There!

Does anyone know Lois Gallowesky's email address?  It was Loisgolo@yahoo but that came back to me.  I think she graduated maybe in 57 or 58??????  Trying to get in touch with her to give her my new email, she had it as MSN. Thanks,

Lucy Werner Flatow   Email Address:

December 14, 2006

Hi Skip...........I am looking for a Cookie Jones.  My name is Patricia Caracciolo.  My sister, Janet Caracciolo and Cookie used to hang around together.  We used to live in Far Rockaway.  If anyone knows how I could get in touch with her, please let me know.  Thank you.

 Patricia Caracciolo      Email Address:

November 27, 2006

Dear Skip, I am looking for Viveca Ingram. We both graduated in 1967. Last known attending Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York. Thank-you and anyone who might know her whereabouts.

 Michele Ambrico Thompson   Email Address:

November 14, 2006

Does anyone know where Leslie Perlman is, Class of 1968? His nickname was"Pig" and his last known whereabouts was Westchester, NY.  If you know please call Sid Glintz at 954-439-0658 or Email Frank Conn at

November 14, 2006

Hello Skip,

Towards the end of last year I sent an email looking for an old friend and although I still have had no information sent from anyone I remain hopeful. There is another old girlfriend from FRHS that I am trying to find although she did not graduate from there. In 1978, one of my first true loves was a girl named Dawn Raifman. At the time she was a freshman and after that year her family moved to Melville and we lost touch just from the whole distance issue. The last I heard she was heading to California, but that was back in the early 80's. One day in the mid 80's she found my number and called and sounded like she was in some trouble and told me that she was at a mutual friends house just a block or two away and at that time I lived in Bayswater. I have not heard from her since and wanted to get in touch with her. Doing some searches showed me that she was living in Huntington and I think some of her family lives in Jericho. If anyone has an idea of where she might be please pass on my email. I would love to hear from her. Thank you. Regards,

Bill Hays, Class of 1980    Email Address:

October 26, 2006

Hi Skip,

Great Site!!!!

I'm Mike Nelson and even though I went to Brooklyn Tech, I'm an honorary FRHS alumni. I've been to many reunions in FL and the 100th in NY. I'm living in South Florida. I'm wondering what ever happened to Christine Dow. I also keep in touch with Stuart Goldberg, Stuart Goldstein, Arthur Sanchez, Jeff Kahane, Lenny Spier, Jeff Bernstein.

Mike Nelson, Coral Springs, Florida Email Address:

October 10, 2006

Hi Skip,

I graduated in 1950. I'm looking for a girl, Laurie Ziverter, who would have gotten out in 52 or 53.  Thanks,

Sandy Reisenbach     Email Address:

October 10, 2006


Hi. My name is Robbi-Ann. I graduated from Far Rock in 1975. I am trying to help my best friend Lynn Simon find an old friend. His name is Ralph DePalma. They dated for about a year. He worked in Doc's drug store on Central Ave. with the pharmacist. If anyone knows where to locate Ralph, please email Robbi at or Lynn Simon at .  Thanks for your help.

Robbi-Ann Cappiello    Email Address:

October 7, 2006


My name is Joe Karp.   I'm looking for Steve Karpf. I think he was in the Class of 63.  Also, Bob Lessie.  Thanks.

Joe Karp    Email Address:

October 2, 2006


Am looking for a woman that would have graduated in 1967 I believe, GAil Abrams. I have something that belongs to her late grandfather I think and know she would very much like to have it. I have lost track of her through all these years and would appreciate any help I could get in locating her!

Dave Grubler, Class of 65     Email Address:

September 5, 2006

Hi Skip,

My name is Roz O'Brien (Linz) and I graduated in 1968. I lived in Arverne - 65th Street and Thursday Ave.  I was best friends with Barbara Brandeis. The last I heard she moved to Florida, and was married to a chiropractor.  I was also friends with Lorraine Engel and Mary Jane Georgiades. I hope you can help me to find them.  Thanks for the great Far Rockaway web site. It makes me feel good to go there every now and again.

Roz O'Brien Email Address:

August 31, 2006

Hi Skip,

I'm trying to locate Victor Falkenheim and his sister, Carla (both class of '57). If any know how to contact them, please email me.  Thank you.

Best Regards,

Jana Chapland   Email Address:

August 22, 2006

Hi Skip,

Steve Rosenfeld class of '67 here. I've always wondered what ever became of Lester Margolies. We were friends and somehow lost contact with each other around 1970.  I'd love to get back in touch with him.  Hope you can assist. Thanks.

Steve Rosenfeld Email Address:

August 15, 2006

Looking for Larry Winkler.  Lived around the corner from him. David Cohn and I, are wondering where he is, and if he is ok.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

Michele Guttenberg    Email Address:  

August 11, 2006

Hi Skip,

This is a wonderful sight to find friends thank you. I am looking for Diane Lynch Thompson I saw her name under lost classmates for 1972 but she did not have her email so I hope she will see this and email me. If you are the Diane that went out with fang I would love to hear from you. I have a picture of you. or anyone else who remembers me it would be great to hear from you. Thanks again Skip

Mona Shepard (Umdenstock)     Email Address:

August 5, 2006

I'm wondering if anyone remembers: Stuart (Stuey) & his older sister, Ruth Novick. They lived near Michael & Laura Skalka...Oceancrest Ave. behind P.S. 215...How about Kenny Unger? (He had an older sister, too.) If so, please let me know or give them my email address. Thanks, again!   Hope you're staying cool this summer, Skip! Thanks a million for your continued GREAT (tireless!) work.

Janis Simon-Graff - Class of 1974


August 5, 2006



August 1, 2006

Just a shout out to Rick & Ilene Lenkowsky. Class of 1974 & 1975. Happy Birthday, Ilene on August 1st! If anyone can help me locate them I'd be grateful....Thanks.

Janis Simon-Graff    Email Address:

July 31, 2006

This will seem like a strange request, but my mother had a friend by the name KC or Casey, I don't know her last name. I remember spending a week with this family on Rockaway Beach the summer of 1948 or 49. They had a boy and girl about my age at the time... I do not remember their names or the last name of this family.... does any of your alum know of a someone's Mom being called KC or Casey. I do remember we were in an apartment and not a house.  Thank you,

Mary Anne Berrigan Anderson   Email Address:
Colonial Heights, VA

July 27, 2006

I am looking for a classmate named Mickey Goshen, Class of 1969. From time to time I hear from him but never in a context in which I can respond back to him. Any information would be appreciated.

Beth Kinstler, Class of 1969   Email Address:     
Savannah, Georgia

July 24, 2006

Please if anyone could help I am trying to locate one of my best friends. Eileen Mohr or Wolken she had a brother Named Keith and a sister named Gina. I am as she called me Southern Fried Dumb Dumb. Everyone called her Lee. The people I came in contact with that I remember there names are as follows. Jesse Murphy, Michael Floyd, Adam Gellerstein, Brett Mavorach (sounds like it might not be the spelling), John Hoffer, Sharky, Eddie Boljonis, Jennifer Fisher, Jennifer Green, Rachel Greenberg. The assistant principal was Mr. Prader, Principal Mr. Sparta. Teachers I had were Mr. Arbuthnot, Abromowitz, Alvarez, sorry memory only goes so far. Also Julie Halstead brother Charlie Halstead. Please if anyone out there knows these people let me know. I would enjoy being reunited with Lee Mohr.   Always and Forever Kim For Alabama.

Kim     Email Address:

July 24, 2006


I am Fred Doery, class of '51 from Brooklyn Tech. I went there instead of FarRockaway.I am trying to locate Gerry Schnitzer who would have graduated about the same time. Anything you could do to help would be appreciated. THANKS.

Fred Doery   Email Address:

July 21, 2006

Does anybody know the whereabouts of Rebecca and Stuey Solomon?  They lived next door to us on B39th St.  My little house is still there! Amazing! I took my kids to see where I grew up in was very strange!

Steven and Michelle Handwerker   Email Address:

July 19, 2006

Hi Skip,  This is an unusual request because I did not graudate from Far Rock- I graduated from BCHS. However, my 2 older siblings graduated from FRHS.  I am looking for a friend named Eric Howell who graduated in 1976-

Cassandra Houston (Henry)    Email Address:

July 19, 2006

Hi Skip,

I'm curious if anyone has any information on the whereabouts of MAXINE DAVIDOFF who graduated FRHS in 1958. Her Dolphin yearbook of that year entry states her future plan to attend Grace Down's Air Career School. Would appreciate any info e-mailed to me at
Thanks to all for their interest and attention to this great website. Thanks so much to you, Skip, and Carol for your dedication to the huge task of keeping us all in touch with our roots in the sand and sea of the old Rockaways.

Helena Epstein '58      Email Address:

July 15, 2006

Thanks for this website's great. I've been looking for a couple of friends from the class of '64.  Nardine Silver and Patricia Carraciola (spelling).   I've been looking for a long time. If anyone knows their whereabouts please pass along my email address.  Thanx

Lenore Lichtblau (Schrager)1964    Email Address:

July 9, 2006

Does anyone know what happened to Vinny and Frankie Provenzano? They should have graduated in 1970 or 71.  All the girls had a crush on these two all thru our JHS 180 years and on to FRHS.

Cristina DiMurro  Email Address:

July 9, 2006

Hi there,

I am looking for my old friend Ray Wertheim. We grew up tpgether and now he is a psychiatrist and classical pianist. We both graduated in 1960. I live fairly close to him now. I think he is in Virginia and Maryland. Can you help?

Thank you,

Libby Kraemer  Email Address:

July 9, 2006

Hi, I am trying to locate Kenny Rappaport.  He graduated in 1970.  I am looking for him for my husband Alan Herzog who also graduated in 1970.  If any one can help that would be great.

Adele Herzog    Email Address:

July 8, 2006

I am trying to find Myron Kaplan who lived in Rockaway with me.  We both went into the navy at the same time. I had the nickname of Moose and Myron used the name of Mickey Kaplan.

We graduated from Far Rockaway High School in 1954. Here is a picture of me and Myron Kaplan in Boot camp taken in 1954.

I have been trying to locate him for the longest time. I live in Delray Beach Florida.  If anyone out there knows anything about Myron or how to contact him, please email me.  Thanks for your assistance.

Mike ( Moose ) Adler  

Email Address:

June 10, 2006

Hey Skip.  Thanks for adding this feature to the sight. My name is Phil Birnbaum. I graduated FRHS in 1968.
On or about 1966, I formed a band with Neil Kaplan, and a couple other men, one including Angel Paniaqua. We had a bunch of gigs ( Bob Feltingoff ? ).  We had a drummer, and a keyboard man, guitar players.  I am looking for my original band members. We played many sweet sixteen's and the Hartman " Y ".  I have been searching Neil Kaplan for years. I believe he graduated in 1967.   Thanks sooo much.
By the way, I eventually became a music teacher, and own a music school today as well as a band.
Phil Birnbaum    Email Address:

June 5, 2006

Hi. My name is Joanna and I writing in the hopes of finding out some information about my dad, Richard Epstein. I believe he graduated from Far Rockaway High School some time around 1956 or 57. He had an older brother and a younger sister who would have gone there as well. I wasn't able to find his name any where on the website but i thought you may be able to help.
He died six years ago and it would be nice to fill in some gaps.
Thank you so much for any help you can offer,

Joanna Epstein Email Address:

June 3, 2006

Hello, Skip. Thanks for this site. It gives me hope. My name is Kathy Petris and I'm looking for someone who may have graduated from Rockaway around 1983-1984. His name is Steve Milton and he played basketball there, later to go on to play basketball at Corning Community College. Anyone with any information about him, please get in touch with me. Or anyone who knew him at Rockaway, please get in touch with me.

Kathy Petris    Email Address:

June 1, 2006

Hello, my name is Keith Lee, a graduate of FRHS in 1989. I had a friend by the name of Brian Laydon, a graduate of FRHS in 1991. If anyone has any information about Brian Laydon please contact me at  Thank you very much.

Keith Lee   Email Address:

May 29, 2006

Looking for Sandy Hecht.  The last I heard of her, she was living in Brooklyn in 1977.  If anyone knows here whereabouts or how to contact her, please let me know.  Thanks.

Steve Lowenthal   Email Address:

May 6, 2006

Hi Skip,
I'm looking for Chris Egan from Rockaway Beach. He didn't graduate from FRHS but would probably have been with the class of '65 or '66. He'd be 58 now.  I met him when he was in the Navy while he was stationed in Newport, RI back in1966. He returned to New York in May of 1966 when he was discharged, and I haven't heard from him since. I'm hoping someone knows his whereabouts and will give him my email address and ask him to please contact me.
One thing I remember about Chris was that education was very important to him even though he didn't graduate. He did get his GED. He encouraged me to finish high school, as much as I hated it. I went on from there to college, which I found I really liked. There's more to the story, but I want him to know how he impacted my life.
He was so proud of Rockaway Beach, I can't believe that no one would know how to contact him now. I've read the Kaplan's book "Between Ocean and City" and I suppose some of the conditions could have forced him to leave the area, but I think he still would have remained connected somehow.
I'd also appreciate any information anyone could give me. If he's retired, living out of state, other people or places I should contact, etc. Thank you,
Jodi from RI    Email Address:

May 6, 2006

Hi Skip

I am looking for The Duval Family. They used to live on Greenport Road in the Rock...They lived in the building called Georgetown. Their father was the super..............There was Robert the eldest I believe...........Richie...........and their sister Linda who was my friend back in the day..  Last I knew which was many years ago she lived in Flushing.....if anyone knows of Linda's whereabouts or either of her brothers please let me know.  Thanks. 

Kathi Dolan   Email Address:

May 2, 2006

Skip, I was ripped out of Rockaway in 1966 after graduating from P.S.105, I've been in N.J. ever since.  I am looking for Cindy Hertzberg. I know she graduated from 198 and went to Far Rock High, though she didn't graduate because she moved (would have graduated in 1972).  I know she married Ted Silverman and then I believe divorced.  If anyone can tell me anything about where Cindy is I would really appreciate it.  Thanks.

Karen Goldman Grossman   Email Address:

April 21, 2006

Dear Skip,

I'm Actually looking for someone who's looking for someone else. Her Name is Ana V. Malpica. I've been looking for her for YEARS and can't find her at all. The best I can get is Jamaica,NY. Please help!!! Thanks.

Brian Ressy     Email Address:

April 10, 2006

Guess this is you, Al.  I'm looking for Stevie Harris, who I reckon might have graduated in 1965??  Not listed in your lists.  Any trace of him dinking about your mind?  His birthday would be today, April 10, 1948. That'd make him 58 today if he is still around.  He used to live on 36th, son of Seymour, the fruit man in the middle of Far Rockaway, and the bookie, and his momma was Renee.  I would love to call him up.  Thanks for your assistance.

Conrad Miller   Email Address:

April 2, 2006

Hi Skip,

I am writing this for Sandra Schultz Class of 1959.She is looking for Marlene Gersten. Marlene married Jack Shapiro and lived in FL.Marlene can reach Sandra by calling me at: 561- 451-9706. Thanks Skip and keep up the good work.    

I went to FRHS and would have Graduated in 1961,but left 6 months before.  I am Looking for Carl Ortiz and Phillip La Riviere.Phillip Graduated in 1959 and I think Carl Graduated in 1960.           

Barbara Craft (Dawo)   Email Address:

March 15, 2006

I am looking for anyone who used to hang out on 54th in the projects around 1965 to 1969. We had group of us who used to hang out i would love to hear from some of you my email is

Mona Umdenstock (Shepard now) Brandon, Florida   Email Address:

March 9, 2006

Hi Skip
I am wondering how Diane Lavendar is doing. She was my brother Myles Dunn's girlfriend in the mid 70's probably graduated in 1978-79...If I recall correctly she lived by Beach 17th Street-I can still hear Billy Joel's "Only The Good Die Young" @ a party she had! (Ha ha I think it was her party). Anyway Diane if you're out there send me an email! Would love to say HELLOOOOO.
Renee Dunn   Email Address:

February 23, 2006

Hi Skip,

I just found this website looking for old pics from Silver Point Beach Club. I'm looking for anyone who graduated from St.Mary's in 1980. It's been a long time. I'm living in Florida and have been for 26 years now. So drop me a line St.Mary's Class of 1980.

Jean Borriello(Neff)      Email Address:

February 22, 2006

I am trying to locate Judy Rifkin Robinson.  Her last known whereabouts were somewhere in Oregon.  If anyone has any information about how to contact her, please email me.  I would love to be able to contact her.

Nathan Levy, Class of 1962    Email Address:

February 15, 2006

I graduated from FRHS in 1963, but I spent my first year of high school at Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn. I came upon this website because I was wondering about the one dear friend I made at Far Rock: Jessica Anne Stadlen. We lost touch after high school. Does anyone know where she is?  If you do, please write to me at my email address.

Randy Forman   Email Address:

January 1, 2006

Hey Skip,

I was searching for two friends, Edward Wendell ( I believe may be in D.C.) and Harriet Foster, who knows where.

Bill Hemmer - Costa Rica    Email Address:

December 5, 2005

I am looking for Lorraine Hickey and Joan Hickey - were both childhood friends that went to Junior High School 180 and Far Rockaway High School.  Have not been able to find them for many years.

Diane Diblin    Email Address:

November 29, 2005

I am looking to find a girl who went to PS 105 with me. Her name is Roberta Siroka. We hung out with each other until I moved at the end of 9th grade. I attended JHS 198 and hung out with Dennis Adamsky, Mark Fredson, Barry Barbarasch and some guys whose names I cannot remember. I would have graduated from FRHS in 1968 if I had remained in Rockaway. I grew up in the Edgemere projects. If anyone knows what happened to Robert Siroka, please let me know.

Howard Cohen      Email Address:

Hi there! I am just looking to find anybody that was friend's with my mom, Maria Maggio (married name Maria Russo). I'd love to surprise her with some old friends. She currently resides in Fl. Any friends please email me, her daughter Renee @ Looking forward to hearing from some old friends.Renee    Email Address:

November 6, 2005

Skip, hope you're feeling well and again want to thank you for the work you put into this site. I am once again looking for LINDA ROCCO DOLL . She called me and left a mess w/ a wrong / disconnected #. IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE LINDA IS (Connecticut somewhere) PLEASE ASK HER TO C/ AGAIN W/ A NUMBER I CAN C/B.Thanks so much,

Arleen Kaplan Matier Email Address: ROCKHERWAY@AOL.COM

October 26, 2005

Dear Skip,

Thank you (& Carol) for all your continued hard work & dedication to one of the greatest High Schools of all time! (& the greatest oceanside town)...Anyway, I am trying to locate, KAREN SCHATZ CLASS OF 1964.  She lives in Florida now & called my parents, Gerry & Gabe Simon, because she heard about the tragic & untimely death of MY SISTER & HER BEST FRIEND,
BETTY SIMON (CLASS OF 1964)...Karen was a cheerleader & if anyone can tell me her email or phone number, my parents & I would be SO GRATEFUL!   My sister, Betty Simon, graduated in 1964 & was best friends with Karen Schatz. Betty died 2 years ago & Karen called my parents in Florida to express her grief, but, my parents lost Karen's phone number & asked if I could try to locate Karen for them, again.  AGAIN, thanks

Janis Simon-Graff, Class of 1974   Email Address:

October 24, 2005

OK, the last name I'm not to sure ok??? I'm looking for Bonita aka Bonnie Martinez. She went to St Francis High School in Sacramento, CA. I think she graduated in or around 1966 or 67 68?? I believe she lived either on Santa Yenez way or I street during 1965 .  I lost contact with her early 1966.  She had very RED hair FRECKLES, blue eyes and weard GLASSES!! Please if anyone knows anything about her contact me at She's my long lost love. I've been searching for 39years!!! Thank you very much

Steven    Email Address:

October 19, 2005

My sister has been looking for an old friend of hers for a long time. If anyone knows the whereabouts or how to get in contact with Annette Waters (don’t know any other last names), please e-mail me at
Thanks in advance,

Anita Levine Jennings   Email Address:
Palm Coast, Florida

October 10, 2005Ted Prichard looking for his coach Osborne; swimming and track and field also football.

Ted Prichard   Email Address:

October 10, 2005


I have been looking for my dear friends Linda and Wanda Ganz, probably Class of '66, for a long time, without success. I thought it was worth another try. Anyone with information please send e-mail to me at Thanks.

Jeff Rosenberg Email Address:

October 10, 2005Thanks to those of you that answered my message regarding Allen F. Wichtendahl...I have since found out the luncheonette was called Wichin Post not the Lunchbox as previously stated.Karen Contant-Aucoin

October 1, 2005

Whatever happened to Howie Koenig? I saw him years ago on t.v. doing a standup comedy act.
Also, Alan Schwartz...he lived on B. 27th St. He was really into art. I always wonder if that guy that copies the Oscar dresses is him....does anybody know?

Michelle Engleberg Handwerker Email Address:

October 1, 2005

Hi Skip,

Several years ago I posted the following:
Posted on August 16, 2002- I am looking for someone who lived in Far Rockaway, so I guess she went to FRHS. She was friends with my older sister at Camp Anawana. Her name is Gaye Adelglass and she would have graduated around 1976. Thank you.

Cathy Novick

Someone answered me but for one reason or another, I misplaced their answer. I was wondering if you could repost it, with my new email address.

Thank you in advance for your help,

Cathy Novick  Email Address:

September 25, 2005

Hi Skip,

Well, thanks the web site I was reunited with my cousin Suzie who was one of my best friends when I was growing up. We remembered all the great times we had growing up and promise to not loose touch again. The person I would like to find is David Salzman who lived in Belle Harbor and dated Naomi Sadowsky.

Karen HELLER Madison    Email Address:

September 23, 2005

Hi this site. I am looking for some old friends of myself and my sister..........We lived across street from the BIG APPLE SUPERMARKET in a building named the MARGERIETE Hope that's the correct spelling. The friends last names is MORGENWICKS................again hope the spelling is correct there was an older sister Michele...a middle sister Melanie............and a younger brother.......they lived in the building across from us (THE MARGERIETE).  Would love to hear how they are. If anyone has any info on the Morgenwicks please drop me a line thanks.......Our name was Dolan then....Pat and Kathi Dolan. The brothers name was Eddie Morg.........

Kathy Dolan   Email Address:

October 3, 2005Hi Alan

Just to let you know and everyone else that Paul passed away this morning, October 3
I appreciate all your help in finding his friends. He will be missed more than I can say. He was like a big brother to me and I loved him dearly.

Thank you again

Barbara Frazer   bjpstoy@aol.comSeptember 21, 2005

Hi Skip,

My name is Barbara Frazer and I am looking for a few friends from the Edgemere houses from the 60's. A really good friend of ours Paul Tobias has leukemia and doesn't have much time to live. I have located a few who are now in touch with him, but, would like to find Sidney Resnick, Barry Levy, Claudia and Susan Katz and Dora Natofsky. Anyone else who knows Paul can also email me at

I thank you for all your help in locating these friends.


September 21, 2005

Dear Skip,

I enjoy checking in from time to time and see who else has found this wonderful site and sharing with them old memories.

I would love to hear from anyone who knew Mitchell Silverman, and knows how I can get in touch with him.

He lived on 228th St. between 13lst and 132nd Avene. In the early 70's his family moved to Woodbridge NJ. Thanks. I can be reached at


August 17, 2005

Hello Skip,

Looking for a record of graduation for Allen F. Wichtendahl or if he even attended Far Rockaway...maybe 1970 or earlier.Anyone that might of known him back then. His parents Harold and Sue owned a luncheonette (The Lunchbox) also in Far Rockaway.
You can contact me Thank you for your help.

Karen Contant-Aucoin Email Address:

August 11, 2005

I've been wondering for numerous years what has happened to my childhood friend....Grew up in Bayswater and went to through grade school, jr. high
and high school. Then lost touch. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Ronald Young (sister Debbie). Lived on Grassmere Terrace. Graduated Far
Rockaway High School 1970. Went off to Oneonta College and lost touch.

Much appreciated,

Bob Perlman, Class of 1970 Email Address:

August 7, 2005Hi Skip,

I'm from Long Island but was trying to find Mitchell Fredricks who grew up in Far Rockaway and graduated in '73. We met on a ski trip while in high school a long time ago. If anyone has info can you reach me at my email address.  Thanks,

Carole Weiner     Email Address:

August 7, 2005

Hi Skip,

I recently wrote looking for Rhonda Bergrin. She was a good friend in high school and because of the web site I received help from classmates in her last known town. But unfortunately the worst news came from her brother's friend. Rhonda is no longer with us and I would like to thank him for taking the time to talk to me. I loved her and think of her often.

Paula Kantor Arnao, Class of 1970   Email Address:

August 5, 2005

Hi Skip,

Just reading through some names and was wondering if Richard Schatz '51 is from the Schatz family that owned Schatz' Butcher Shop (35th st?), and if he has a daughter who is now a doctor in NY? He would have graduated with my mother (Marie Aschettino '51).

Jamie LaPenna(McAleer) '80     Email

July 13, 2005Hi SkipI just found your website. I graduated FRHS in 1962 and prior to that went to JHS 198 and PS 106. I am looking  to reunite with anyone that might remember me. Best regards.

Joe Rosenberg   Email Address:

July 13, 2005

Hello Skip,

As usual you are doing a great job...still looking for Frances Segur, St Mary's Class of 1969, and Far Rockaway Class of 1973...anyone still in contact with Fran please have her e mail me.  I just want to see how she is doing after all these years................thank you.

Jimmy Vaughn, Class of 1972 Email Address:

July 5, 2005

Hi Skip,

It seems that during the past year, everywhere I have gone, I have run into someone who was either from Far Rockaway or knew someone I knew from Far Rockaway.
It must be this web-site doing a number on the universe. Even Carol and I had a serendipitous experience regarding her uncle.

Anyway, I had dinner with some friends and sat next to Steve Pearlman. Although he went to PS 39 and JRHS 198, he did not attend Far Rockaway HS.   However, he would like Richard Osofsky to get in touch with him. This can be done through me for now at If anyone knows the whereabouts or email of Richard, please get in touch with me.

Have a great 4th of July!

Harriet Skolnik Beck, Class of 1961   Email Address:

July 5, 2005Skip, I was given your name/e-mail to perhaps post the name of Robert Thornton nicknamed 'Rocky'. Graduation year was probably '64 or '65.  He lived across from Jamaica Bay in Bayswater at the time. I didn't attend FRHS as I went to Brooklyn Tech. However he and I were friends in our teen years and that was 45 years ago ! Thanks. Ron Heller    Email Address:

June 26, 2005  

Skip, I'm trying to locate Deborah (or Debra) Silverstein who graduated in 1968 and them went to Albany. Please post this for me. Thanks.

Linda Weiss Rose - Lawrence - 1967   Email Address:

June 23, 2005

I went to Far Rockaway H.S. and left the year before I graduated. I am looking for Edward Saviano we used to call him Eddie. He was a wonderful friend.
If anyone has any information please contact me.  Thanks,

Lucy Bayter    Email Address:

June 22, 2005

Dear Skip,
Thanks for doing this Skip. I attended the reunion just recently for 1955-56 graduates but never got any word of Joe Levine, Class of 1955, from Laurelton. Please have him contact me, Connie Hurwitz, now known as Steve.  Thanks so much.

Steve Hurwitz      Email Address:

June 13, 2005 

Dear Skip, 

I'd like very much to know what ever happened to (only good things should happen to her!) Sheila Firestone of Belle Harbor, probably the Class of '58 or '59. She was in a class by herself as the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, and in 48 years in the newspaper business I got to interview some good competition for Sheila: Gina Lollobrigida, Olivia De Havilland, Lauren Bacall, Elke Sommer, Simone Signoret, Leslie Caron, Lucille Ball, Katharine Hepburn, Lee Remick, Diana Ross, Marlo Thomas, Leslie Uggams, Anna Moffo and quite a few more, mostly in the '60s and '70s.

I heard, long ago, second or third hand, that she went to George Washington University or Georgetown, got married and had three children. She had a younger sister, Tina. I'd love for her to see this and to know how she's doing.  

Al (Sandy) Cohn, '56     Email Address:

May 31, 2005


I am looking for Gary Cholakis. He graduated somewhere between 1947 and 1951. Can you please tell me how I can find out about this information? I can I find out what songs they used to play during the lunch hour? Thank you.

Eris Cholakis    Email Address:

May 31, 2005


I am trying to find a classmate from FRHS by the name of Susan Abramowitz, graduate of the class of 1973. She graduated in January of 1973. I have seen her name on a memorial page but no email address or forwarding information was given. Anyone with information on how to contact her, it would be greatly appreciated.

Teri Aversano, Class of 1973 Email Address:

May 14, 2005

HelloMy name is Ray Baran.  I am looking for my father Raymond R Baran who went to Far Rockaway High School back in the 70's.  He went into the coast guard in 71.  He was married to Barbara Johnson (my mother) and they both attended Far Rockaway High School during the 70's (late 60's early 70's)

I was hoping that maybe you might be able to find out more information from the people on your site to help me in my search .  I was told that he was real good friends with a John Bowden (not sure about the spelling ).  Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Ray Baran    Email Address:

May 1, 2005HelloI am searching for ADAM J CORTEZ.  I understand he has lived always in Rockaway.  Right now he is 30 years old.  I am thinking that maybe he graduated from high school in 1990, 1991 or 1992 and probably went to a high school in the area.He is my brother and I have been searching for a long time.  The last address that I found through the Internet was 320 beach 100 St. in Rockaway Park.If you could help me find some information I will appreciate it.  Thank YouMaria    Email Address:

May 1, 2005

Hi Skip:

Just a note to let you know that Lucy and I connected. We are corresponding now, and I wanted to thank you for your help.

Have a grand and glorious day.

Florence (Farber) Faubert       Email Address:

May 1, 2005I am trying to locate Beverly Barkan?  A few of us old friends are trying to reunite with all our "clubmates", most of us are now in touch thanks to our web site. But Beverly is not listed as far as we can see, we do see her name on the other sites but you cannot get to her email unless you join up!!!

If anyone out there knows Beverly's email address please write to me.  Thanks to this website I have recently been in touch with Florance Farber. Lucy Werner Flatow    Email Address:

April 25, 2005

Dear Skip,

Looking for info re: Jerry (Jerome) Friedman who would have graduated no earlier than "43 but probably 1944. Howie Katz. AJHS grad 1944. Thanks from

Howie Katz    Email Address:

April 23, 2005

Love this site! I’ve found so many friends because of it. I’m looking for Rhonda Bergrin Class of 1970. The last I knew she moved to Marlboro, NJ. It’s been a lot of years. I would love to talk to her again. Thanks.

Paula Kantor Arnao, Class of 1970. Email Address:

April 16, 2005

I am looking for Nancy Shaw (class ’80).  We also went to college together in buffalo and stayed in touch for a long time after.  But, I have not been in contact in a long time.  Any info, please send to and put something in the subject line so I know it is not spam.

Joel Itskowitz   Email Address:

April 13, 2005

Trying to track down an old friend Mindy Turk.  We graduated together in '73.

Elaine Listman    Email Address:

April 12, 2005Skip,
I am trying to find Fran Grossman to tell her or Marty Rubin's passing. If you could post that I would appreciate it. You can post my name and email.

Joel Stern    Email Address:

April 12, 2005

Hey Skip:

Been thinking of Robin Katz she lived with an aunt & uncle & cousin (Gary Katz? record producer) near the high school... I owe her an apology after all these years... anyone know of anyway to contact her? I'd appreciate it. Later,

Peter Rapport 1968

April 12, 2005

Dear Skip,I'm trying to reach an old friend from the class of 80.  The email listed for her is no longer in use.  by any chance would you know how to reach Amy Fuchs '80.  Her old address is listed as in Sweeden. Thanks,

Jamie (LaPenna) McAleer   Email Address:

April 11, 2005

Hi Skip, 

I am Jennifer Jones and I am looking for Maro Indolino (or maybe Indolini).  I met him in Far Rockaway in the summer of 1984 while I was visiting from the Virgin Islands.  I believe he attended Far Rockaway High.  He may have graduated and joined the Navy that year.  We lost touch over the years.  I am curious to know how he is doing.  My email address is  Anything you can do to help is appreciated. Thanks.

Jennifer Jones    Email Address:

April 10, 2005

Hi, I found this web site by accident.  I traveled to Europe in 1958 and a girl named Zelda Dubin was on our tour. I am from Ottawa Canada and wondered if you might know of her? She was from Rockaway....If you have any info...please write to me......My name was Rhoda Rhoda Bodnoff....and I am a widow.....would love to find her! Thanks

Rhoda Torontow   Email Address:

April 7, 2005

Dear Skip, I am looking for Jeff Harrel. I am not sure if that is how you spell his last name. All I know is in 1974-1975 he knew a Deborah Kay Willson. It is VERY important that I find this man.  I may have some important news for him.
Thank You,

Kristin Weaver     Email Address:  

April 7, 2005


In need of contacts for my cousins, Elaine and/or Phyllis Landskroner. I had previously tracked them down, thanks to this website. However, soon thereafter my computer crashed and all previous email addresses were wiped out. Therefore,
I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can put me back in touch with either one of both of them. Thank you.

Ron Landskroner, Oakland, CA   Email Address:  

April 5, 2005

Stuart Peaceman class of 75 lives in Rockaway Beach ,NY in the apts at 106-20 shorefront pkwy.

Mark Schechter   FRHS Class of 1975   Email Address:

April 5, 2005


I love this site.  While looking for a few rockaway friends another one emailed me.  Thank you for this great site.  I am looking for one of my old best friends that I haven't see for many years.  If anyone knows Sherri Wagner (not sure of her married name) please either email or let her know I am looking for her and give her my email address.  Thank You all again.

Rhonda  Kleinert  '80    Email Address:

March 29, 2005Hi, I'm looking for Gayle Greenblum and Kerry McQuade and the Browdy brothers and Barbara Wallace.  I remember spending a lot of time in Kerry's basement hanging out.  I still have the ear piercings to prove it.  Where are you?

Lucy Gertz, Class of 1977      Email Address:
March 25, 2005

 Hi Skip;

What a fantastic job you have done in the last number of years.  I am looking for a long lost friend, Lori Shapiro, Class of `68, Deleri Springer, Class of `66, Vida Pierra, Class of `68, Michael Giacobbe, Class of `66, and Bobby Silverman (Ring), also Class of `68.  If anyone knows of any of their whereabouts, please contact me at:  Thanks,

Jane Warshaw, Class of `68   Email Address:
March 20, 2005
Hi Skip,
My name is Barbara Craft, now Barbara Dawo. I went to Far Rock from the fall of 1957 to six months before graduation which would have been 1961. I am looking  for Carl Ortiz, Iris Hernandez and Phil La Rivera.  If anyone knows  their e-mail address or where they live please drop me a line.  Anyone that went to St. Mary's can contact also.  Your site is very interesting and helpful in finding old friends. Thanks so much. 

Barbara Craft   Email Address:

March 17, 2005

Hi Skip,

I love this web site.  Thank you for the good job you are doing.  I am interested in finding an old friend. She graduated St. Mary's in 1969 and then attended Far Rockaway High School until 1973.  Her name is Frances Segur. Her last name is now Mahoney.  I am just curious how she is after all these years.  If anyone knows Frances, please let me know or give her my email address.  Thank you. 
Jimmy  Vaughn      Email Address:
March 15, 2005



Your site is still going strong.  I am still looking for anyone who is in contact with Carol Ebert.  I know she was married but can’t remember her married name.  Also Lori Martino.  Any one else that remembers me please email me at :

Thank You.

Rhonda Washington, Class of 1980

March 7, 2005

I hope you are well skip. I thought of a couple of old friends and thought Id put out a shout and see what happens.   Winnie Heiman (Was from Cedarhurst, hung in Far rock) Alice Kulchinsky (Married Marty Goldberg) Joanne Tierman lived in Arverne Grad in 67. Cheryl Sofken . Mary Anne Natielo (Moskowitz).  Any way figured I'd see what comes up. I hope the years have been good to all.

Larry Weiss, Class of 1966     Email Address:


February 19, 2005

Skip, I'm looking for an old friend, Norman Gross who was on the FRHS swim team class of 1958. He lived on Beach 9th St. He attended Miami University in Dayton Ohio. If anyone can assist me in locating Norman please email me.

Richard Boyance    Email Adderss:

February 1, 2005


I am trying to locate Louis Favre -- Class of 56. I lost track of Louis after he moved to New York.  Had his address but it is no longer valid.  Hope you can help.

Lois Shevack -- Class of 55   Email Address:

Posted on January 25, 2005 -Skip,

My  wife  Liela Schatzberg Rogoff is trying to  locate an old  friend Barbara  Zeilkowitz  Fields. She  graduated Far Rockaway in either 1952 or 1953.   My name is Jerry Rogoff  my  email is  Thank  you and we would appreciate anything you can do to help locate her.

Jerry Rogoff    Email Address:

January 9, 2005 - Hi Skip,

I am still trying to locate Bruce Levine from the class of 1967.Thanks again for this wonderful site.

Lynn Rudinsky Schweitzer '67    Email Address:

January 9, 2005


My wife Liela Schatzberg Rogoff is looking for Barbara Zeilkowitz Fields.  Can anyone help?

Rog    Email Address:

January 4, 2005

Hello Skip,

First, Great web site! I’m trying to Locate Joann Nieves, She was in the class of 85’ and was great softball player. If anyone has any contact info on her or can pass my info to her (, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Joseph Cromartie       Email

January 3, 2005
Hi Skip,

This is one of the finest high school web sites online you have done a great job. My name is Peter Shulman. My cousin Margo Guryan (Rosner) FRHS(55) and myself grew up at 856 Central Ave. in Far Rockaway. While Margo went to PS 37 I attended Woodmere Academy. I did not attend the high school but was instead sent to prep school (my loss). My mother, Margo’s and another sister were all 3 1920s graduates of FRHS their maiden names were Lesoff. My grand father Dr. M Lesoff and then my father Dr. S. Shulman were the chiefs of radiology at area hospitals including St Josephs. 
I have many great memories of growing up in Far Rockaway. I wonder if anyone else remembers when the

army came and dug in on the beach during WW II. We all went to the boardwalk near the carousel to watch. Did anyone else sneak into the Pix when their parents dropped them at the Strand or Columbia on Saturday afternoons?
I am trying to find a girl from Margo’s class that I was close to. Her name is or was Judy Sirroca (spelling may be wrong). I am also looking for an old great friend from those days who also lived on Central Avenue, Danny Goldstein. If anyone from those years (53-55)can help me get in touch with Judy and Danny I would really appreciate it. If anyone wants to know what Margo or I have done with our lives all they have to do is put either of our names in Google. Margo has become a cult figure in the music world and my paintings hang in most of the major museums in this country and abroad. Margo didn’t want her e-mail posted but I will forward any mail from classmates to her. Thank you for posting this. I have many pictures of Far Rockaway from the old days and will scan some and send them.
Peter Shulman     Email Address:

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