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Because of your great response to my request for photos, I have decided to display many of them on this page. As this web site grows and pictures are added, it is taking longer for the pages to "load". No one wants to wait any longer then is necessary. If you decide to click on the photos below, you can view each picture in its larger format. This way, you can view those of your choice.

Thanks again for your assistance in putting the Rockaway Beach Reunion Web Site together. Keep those photos and letters coming.

Thanks to Evan Garber, Class of 1967 for the following photos of Far Rockaway High School and Central Avenue taken in 1995. Click on any photo to see it in the larger version.


Central Avenue near Gino's, Far Rockaway High School and Stu Goldberg (Class of 1967), and a classroom
Inside of the Far Rockaway High School gym, an empty cafeteria and Beach 35th Street at the boardwalk
Rockaway's Playland, members of the Class of 1963 at their 25th reunion, and PS 106

Thanks to Elaine (Mandell) Barel, Class of 1960, for sending along the following photos. Remember to click on each photo below if you want to view it in its larger format.


                                                                 Monica D. Ryan             M. Phillip Teitze


Mr. Seiden, Mr. Kennedy - Dean of Boys, Mr. Barry - Dean of Boys and Miss Craft - College Advisor
Mrs. Nevins - Guidance, Mrs. Schneider - Dean of Girls and Dr. Moore - Dean of Girls too (Thanks to Dave Schnitzer for answering my question, "What did Dr. Moore do?"
Thanks to Phil Buehler for sending these great memories of Rockaway's Playland. Check out his execllent web site called Modern Ruins. It's an excellent look at many of the modern day ruins.
The sad end of an era and a great amusement park.
The 1962 Boys Basketball team and the Girls Basketball Team, Circa 1900. Thanks to Barbara Tashoff for sending them along. Thanks also to Debbie Barfield for sending this great photo of Rockaway Billiards.


The Class of 1972 at their 20th Reunion and this great photo of the Booster emblem. Thanks to Annie Wolbrom for sending them.

Thanks to Andy Hertz, Class of 1962 for this great FRHS Band Photo.

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