Are You Looking For A Lost Classmate?

I am getting lots of requests for assistance in locating "lost classmates."   Rather than creating a separate page for each one, I will be happy to assist by listing them here.  The most recent listings will appear first as the "older requests" move down the list.  I hope that this will help you find who you are looking for.  Please e-mail your requests to me, Skip Weinstock, Class of 1963 at

If you spot a name and can assist, please email the person looking and let them know.  This is the only way people are finding each other...... with your help!

Your Name Must Accompany Your Request
Or I Will Not Be Able To Post It!!!!!

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Posted on November 30, 2004 - Hi Skip---  I would love to reconnect with Andrea Putterman, Class of '61.  Thanks. 
Anita Decter     Email Address: 
Posted on November 29, 2004 - Dear Skip, I believe that we were friends during our years at PS 215, Cardozo and FRHS, I lived in Wavecrest. I am looking to meet up with all my friends during the best times of my life.  Thank you for doing such a great job with this website. Please contact me. Love & hugs to all my old friends.

Phyllis Stromberg     Email Address:

Posted on November 26, 2004 - Dear Skip, I recently tried to contact one of the class of '75 graduates, Mindy Adler.  I knew her after I moved from Edgemere to Belle Harbor.  The e-mail address listed for her is actually another '75 graduate, Marina Zuchowski.  I'd appreciate any help in finding the correct e-mail address for Mindy.  If anyone knows her current email address, please write and let me know.  Thanks for your time.
Mitch Feder    Email Address:
Posted on November 23, 2004 - Hey Skip, Looking for email information for: Robin Melman Tanner (1969). I lost it & as a result contact with my friend. Later.
Peter Rapport (1968)     Email Address:
Posted on November 16, 2004 - Looking for Henry Schaffer, class of 1960.   Contact Rich Sloane at  Thanks.
Rich Sloane, Class of 1960     Email Address:

Posted on November 6, 2004 - If anyone looks at the photos from Ron Gelman Class of 65, linked to this page, there is one taken at Silverpoint Beach Club (follow the links). If anyone can identify the two women in this photo, please contact Ron at:  Thanks!

Posted on November 4, 2004 - Still looking for Gina Prezioso (Mauro) Class of 1975.  We both lived at the Holiday House - B22nd and New Haven Ave. 

Any info - Email Laura Schultz (Gordon)

Posted on November 4, 2004 - Hi I recently found this site and looked on your Lost Classmates page and saw a message from Smiths54 the person she is looking for happens to be my mom and well I know where she is :) please contact me at  I tried emailing the address she left but got no response. Thank you

Email Address:

Posted on November 4, 2004 - Looking for Lester Margolies.  If you are in touch with him please have him contact me.

Michael Christian    Email Address:

Posted on October 12, 2004 - I'm looking for Sheila Weiss, Sheila Rosenblum, Charles "Chuck" Vogel, Marion Menalis all Class of '56.

Susan Saffer      Email Address:

Posted on October 12, 2004 - Hi Skip, I saw a post from a long-lost friend, Nancy Fiffick, on April 21. I would LOVE to be able to contact her but she didn't include her email or snail mail address. Here's mine. I hope she'll contact me. I was disappointed that I did not see her at the reunion I attended in 1989 (I think that was the date).

Nancy Goldbaum Peterson     Email Address:

Posted on October 11, 2004 - Looking for Wayne Foreman and Linda Schenker...Of couse anyone else who knows me.

Bill Miley,  Class of 67 (But had to drop out to support family)  

Email Address:

Posted on October 7, 2004 - Dear Skip,  I am looking for Marilyn Rose, nee Simon, class of '62. Lost contact with her a few years ago. At that time she lived in Montvale, NJ and was part of the guidance staff of a school in the Bronx.  Still love your website...and just spoke with Harry Colomby regarding his e-message on the site. Best regards for the New Year. 
Judy (Shulman) Eisner        Email Address:

Posted on September 30, 2004 - I lived on Neilson Street and graduated FRHS in 1975. Very friendly with Elaine Taboh and Marcia Eiven. Anyone have info on them?
Melanie (Simon) Wilner            Email Address:

Posted on September 24, 2004 - Although I did not attend FRHS I am still interested in contacting some old friends. My family moved to NJ in the summer of 1972 after I graduated from JHS 198. I have an older brother Michael and a younger sister Melissa. We lived in Edgemere on Beach 54th Street. Please feel free to contact me if you think that we might have known each other.

Jody Gordon Verdi     Email Address:

Posted on September 24, 2004 - At the suggestion of some reacquainted long lost friends from Far Rockaway, I have recently listed on the Far Rockaway High School website. Even though I graduated from Brooklyn Tech, most of my childhood Far Rockaway friends think I went to Far Rock H.S. I have received e-mails from old and dear friends, and had good times revisiting. You are serving a wonderful and useful function; especially because most of us remember growing up in Far Rockaway as very special place, that will always be a part of us. In that regard, I have been looking for dear friends from junior high and high school, the "Ganz twins", Linda and Wanda Ganz. I recently saw something that indicated Linda’s married name was Smith. If anyone has contact information I would greatly appreciate your contacting me.

Jeff Rosenberg, Class of "64 Email Address:

Posted on September 23, 2004 - Hi.. My name is Joan DeMois Kelly--I am looking for fellow classmates of the class of 1950--and others--In particular--Lois Burroughs, George Colton 1948, Sid Baumgarten, would love to hear from anyone from my class-thanks ---
Joan DeMois Kelly    Email Address:

Posted on September 23, 2004 - Hello Skip,  I attended PS 42 and graduated from St. Rose of Lima on Beach 84th in 1973 and lived in Arverne. Trying to locate 1973 graduates of St. Rose. Also, my mom, former Theresa Lott, went to FRHS during the early 1950's. Would love to hear from fellow grads as well as classmates of my mom. This is a great site!  Regards
John Dolan      Email Address:

Posted on September 23, 2004 - Hi.  In the late 50's to early 60's my family spent the summers in a bungalow in Kramer Court at Beach 70 Street.  The owner of the bungalows was a man named "Mr. Glazer" .  Does anyone remember him?  Those summer days in Rockaway were the best times of our lives!!
Dave Bagwin   Email Address:

Posted on September 23, 2004 - Hi I'm looking for Edith Gross, graduated in the mid 1940s, Ronald Gross, graduated in 1949, and Lewis Gross, graduated in the mid 1950s.  Thanks.

Larry Ross, Class of 1948      Email Address:

Posted on September 21, 2004 - Hi Skip,   My name is Renee Dunn. I have been very lucky to get in touch with latter day friends in Far Rockaway, however in my younger days when I lived in Far Rockaway in a bungalow on Beach 12th Street my best friend was Lucy Gertz. She had an older brother Matt & a younger sister Emily. WE WORE BATMAN CAPES & WATCHED THE PARK ON BEACH 9TH STREET BEING BUILT!  Lucy or anyone out there that might now how I can connect with Lucy please email me!

Renee Dunn       Email Address:

Posted on September 21, 2004 - Looking for Beverly Flechner (married....Schwartz), Susan Shotland, Ellen Umans, Ellen Fenster - all of the Class of 1965.  Thanks so much.
Donna Weitz, Class of 1965       Email Address:

Posted on September 21, 2004 - Hi I am trying to find Ellen Kaplan but I don't know what year she graduated nor the years she attended but know she was a student @ frhs.  Please list my email for her.  Also looking for Tracy Friedman Kearn.  Thank you.

Rhonda (Goldstein) Stroud    Email Address:

Posted on September 21, 2004 - Hi Skip,  Looking for a couple of old friends who graduated from FRHS in 57...Joel Darr and Marty Meyerowitz. Thanks.
Lance dePlante        Email Address:

Posted on September 18, 2004 - Hi Skip, I am a 1964 Grad, and was privileged to mingle with many different crowds in the Rockaway and 5 Town area.  Every once in a while I drop by to see what is going on.  To tell the truth, I scanned the Honor Roll and was real saddened to see many, many old friends or people that I had known there.  I guess it made me feel my age.  So if any of my former friends/acquaintances want to contact me, please feel free to do so, at  At one time I listed a few friends that I was looking for, like Susan Weinstein, Rocky Thorton, Susan Oppenheimer and apparently left out so many.   I got an e-mail from Phyllis Stromberg asking why I did not include her!  (chuckle)  To tell the truth I had forgotten her last name, I thought it was Knauer, but was not certain, so I did not include her. LOL

This site is really so kewl, and the sound of the waves really bring everything to front stage.  Looking back I can say I was truly blessed to have lived in Far Rockaway in the 60’s.  In my travels I have never seen any other place that had what we did and the opportunities that were at our finger tips, all because we were lucky enough to pass thru that wonderful place at that time.  Regards to all,

 Lou Theodore, Philadelphia, PA      Email Address:

Posted on August 6, 2004
- Hi Skip,   I'm looking for Milton Williams. He was in class of 1987. I lost track of him after he joined the army and moved to Texas.

Jacqueline Clarke, Class of 88       Email Address:

Posted on August 2, 2004 - Hi Skip...........I am a graduate of PS42 June 1941 and am looking for ANYONE still out there.  My name is Marvin Schwartz and my email address is  Please post this on the site.  Thanks, Marvin

Marvin Schwartz       Email Address:

Posted on July 30, 2004 - Still trying to locate Alice Ackerman, class of 64. She is in a picture of a
the cheerleaders from 1963. She later became captain in 1964. Lived in Belle Harbor, moved to Lawrence, NY and then I lost track of her. Anyone that can help with any information would be greatly appreciated.
Peter Miller, Class of 64       Email Address:

Posted on July 30, 2004 - Hi there. I'm looking for a wonderful girlfriend of mine. Her name in school was 'Esther Fedder.  I don't remember her graduating class year but I guess it was between 1960---63. Hope you can help.  Her brother's name is Richard Fedder, an MD.  Thanks

Len Shalansky      Email Address:

Posted on July 30, 2004 - I attended FRHS as a sophomore in 1971. I never graduated with my class of 1973 but went on to obtain my GED and then later on to college. As I've spent a large portion of my youth in good ol' Far Rock, I often wonder what became of some of my old friends and buds.

DAVID HOFFMAN        Email Address:

Posted on July 26, 2004 - Dear Skip, Thanks for having such a great site. I am trying to locate Bruce Levine a 1967 grad like me. Anyone with info can e-mail me.  Thanks,

Lynn Rudinsky Schweitzer       Email Address:

Posted on June 10, 2004 - Hi Skip, Recently I watched an episode of Friends and saw the name June Gable in the credits.  I think that is the stage name of another 1963 grad, June Golub. (June Gable played Joey's agent Estelle ) June  went to JHS 180 and, of course FRHS.  So where is she? Anyone with info can email me or Skip (if that is okay, Skip).  Looking forward to the upcoming reunion.   Take care and as always, thanks Skip and Carol.
Marilyn Kleinert Landman      Email Address:

Posted on May 29, 2004 - Hi Skip, I love your website.  I just happened onto it by accident.  My name was Sharon Roberts, now Spencer, I am trying to locate any of Jamie Daly's old friends.  Jamie tragically died in a fire with his two sisters on Xmas eve, 1966 on Beach 129th St.  I would love to hear from his sister Bonnie, or his best friend Kevin Curran.  Danny Dickenshein?  All of us went to Far Rock together.  I was going steady with Jamie and have never forgotten him or his family.  I have searched Classmates and have tried to get into the Wave archives for information.  I am hoping I have more luck with your web page.  My e-mail address is  Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Sharon Roberts (Spencer)        Email Address:

Posted on May 29, 2004 - I'm looking for a friends who lived in Edgemere with me. Cita or Patty David, Joe or Wanda Persico, Paula Feuer, and any one else who hung out with us. Before that time, there was Doreen Glassgow, Lisa McEverly, Denise or Dennis Gonzoles.  Also, looking for anyone in the P.S. 105 school pix from my years (posted in the "old stuff") wondering how you all are doing?  It's been a long time!  Wondering when the next big reunion (of all the Far Rockaway years) is gonna be? That was so awesome!  Please, email me.  Thanks to you Skip and Carol very much.

Arleen Kaplan Matier      Email Address:

Posted on May 29, 2004 - Hi Skip.  I have been in contact with so many classmates and old friends because of this site. I am looking for one more person, C.C. Fraiser.  I lost contact long ago hope she  would want to here from me .  Anyone who hung with us in 1970, I would love to here from you.  Thanks.

Paula Kantor Arnao    Email Address:

Posted on May 22, 2004 - Hi my name is Pamela Best (74).  I ran into Larry Levine and he told me that someone from school was looking for me. I was so happy to find out it was Paul Rothman.  He wrote a few years back asking about me.  I tried responding to his e-mail but didn't get any reply.  Does anyone know how I can locate him?

Pamela Best, Class of 1974            Email Address:

Posted on May 12, 2004 - Hi -- my name is Marc Cahn from Class of '77.  I have to say that I love the Far Rockaway Alumni Site.  There is not a week or so that goes by that I do not take a peek in to see if anyone I knew has signed up!  With that thought in mine, I was wondering if I could post a Lost Classmate.   I am forming an Alumni group of people who lived in the area and were a part of the B'nai Brith Youth Organization.  There is an event planned for July 11th and I would love to use the Lost Classmate to post a small message and email address.  Can you please help me? Thanks in advance.

Marc Cahn    Email Address:

Posted on May 12, 2004 - My name is George Bell...classof 1955. I am looking for Elinor Berger....I changed my E Mail to for helping........

George Bell    Email Address:

Posted on April 26, 2004 - Looking for years for Susan Schwartz '65 AJHS anyone knows her whereabouts?

Cheryl Gorlick     Email Address:

Posted on April 21, 2004 - Hi Skip,  My name was Nancy Fiffick and I graduated Far Rockaway H.S. in 1968.  I have lived in Massachusetts since then.  I would like to locate William Ferrara and Nancy Goldbaum.   We all grew up on Beach 66 Street in Arverne and graduated together.  Thank you so much for this website, it made me very emotional.  I have never been to any reunions since nobody knew how to contact me.  Thank you for your help.

Nancy Fiffick, Class of 1968    Email Adderss: (sorry, will post tomorrow)

Posted on April 21, 2004 - Dear Skip,  Thanks for the web site; it brings me great joy.  I wonder if you
know of the whereabouts of Joseph Brooks.  He graduated in 67 too.  the mystery teacher i think was a young and handsome Mr. tietze.  He was my history teacher and we fought like cats.  I was always late and would sneak into my seat while he wrote something on the board.  When he turned and saw me he went puice with rage.  He always laughed when he sent me to the library as punishment.  He called being sent to the library the Mazzitelli Treatment.  I adored him and I know that he had a soft spot for me.  I loved history and we had lots of quiet talks about historical stuff out of class.   Those were the days.  I you know Joseph Brooks whereabouts, please email me.  Thanks.

Isabelle Mazzitell, Class of 1968     Email Address:  (sorry, will post tomorrow)

Posted on April 20, 2004 - Hello Alan,  Although not a graduate of FRHS (I went to Brooklyn Tech), I am trying to contact people who lived on the same street in Far Rockaway as I did. The e-mail address ( for Diana Ackerman (Leiberman), Class of 1959, shown in her posting on the FRHS site is not valid today. Does anyone out there have any more current information?  If so please email it to me.  Thanks.

Ken Lande     Email Address:

Posted on April 17, 2004 - Hi Skip:  I just found this website.  I think I am getting nostalgic as my oldest child leaves high school and my husband regularly sees his friends from high school, since he grew up in Tampa and his school has a very active alumni association (his aunt is president and knows where to find him!).  I would love to locate Barbara Kempler, Joan Gants and Joan Korins.  I fondly remember many of the other '68 classmates whose names are posted on the website.  I would love to hear from any of them.  Thanks.

Jonni H. Klapper    Email Address:

Posted on April 17, 2004 - Old friend looking for Lori Esienstadt Class of 77 who is an old friend from Beach 9 th St.   If anybody knows her whereabouts or email address please email me.

Thomas Turiano        Email Address:

Posted on April 6, 2004 - My name is Tara Arneman and I am looking for a women named Anne Steinheart.  She should be in her early 40's.  I am not sure if she still lives in Rockaway or if her name is spelled correctly, any information would be a big help.  Thank you for you time.

Tara Arneman    Email Address:

Posted on April 3, 2004 - Hi Skip,  I am trying locate Peggy Krowitz (class of '62).  Can someone please tell me if that is her in the class photo, beside Suzanne Welner and above Maureen
Shiel?  I would like to have Peggy's email address or home address.   Also, I would like to be able to get in touch with Leslie Berlin (62) and Helene  Goldman (62).  Thanks!  Sincerely,

Ethel (Glass) Wagner '62      Email Address:

Posted on March 26, 2004 - Dear Skip...First, I had a great time at the Sept 2003 reunion...looking forward to this year; do we have a date yet?  Skip....I am looking for a lost classmate, Carol Seamen who lived Far Rockaway. Class 9/69 to 6/73.  We graduated in June 1973. I would really like to get in touch with her or anyone knows her whereabouts and status.   Many thanks.

Andy McCracken

Posted on March 23, 2004 - I am looking for Wendy Hanley, Florence Cohen, Mark Berman, Jerry Rosenbloom, and Irene Greene all Class of 1968.  Also, Joseph Brooks and Milton Schaeffer - Class of 1967.  Would appreciate any information.  Thanks in advance for your help and for the great website where we can get a Far Rockaway "fix" whenever we need it. Keep up the good work - Sincerely,

Ronnie Cohen (Leander), Class of 1968     Email Adderss:

Posted on March 23, 2004 - Hi, my name is Janet Gold Creel.  I graduated in 1960 and am looking for Gayle Shelling and Lynne Ratner who also graduated that year.  Also, might anyone know the whereabouts of  the Spanish teacher, M. Herz.?
Janet Gold Creel     Email Address:

Posted on March 16, 2004 - I don;t even know if I am writing to the right place but I am trying to locate
Mindy Trepel who lived in Belle Harbor.  She was my college roommate in Oneonta in the late 70's and I miss her.  If you know how to reach her please email me.  Thanks much.

Deena Rand Stevens      Email Address:

Posted on March 9, 2004 - Hi Skip, My name is Sharon States (maiden name Stein) I grew up in Rockaway (PS 105, Cardozo JH, 1972 FR graduate) & still have great memories. I married Robert White (since divorced) and live in Coral Springs FL.  I basically lost contact contact with all the "gang" and would line to hear from someone....just for old times sake. My best memories are of the "Wavecrest" group (The Sadin bros., Bruce Goldstein, Stewart Fox)

Sharon Stein (States)      Email Address:

Posted on March 4, 2004 - Dear Skip,  I am 1967 graduate and am looking for my best friend - Viveca Ingram - does anyone know where she may be?   Thanks

Michele Ambrico Thompson     Email Address:

Posted on February 5, 2004 - Hi Skip, I am a PS 39 student that had to follow Mrs. Burke to her office many times (but that's another story). I am trying to find an old friend Ken Feldman in FL? (I hope he has a working e-mail).    If anyone knows how to contact Ken please let me know. Thanks.

Carl        Email Address:

Posted on February 5, 2004 - Hello Skip,  Towards the end of last year I sent an email looking for an old friend and although I still have had no information sent from anyone I remain hopeful. There is another old girlfriend from FRHS that I am trying to find although she did not graduate from there.  In 1978, one of my first true loves was a girl named Dawn Raifman.  At the time she was a freshman and after that year her family moved to Melville and we lost touch just from the whole distance issue.  The last I heard she was heading to California, but that was back in the early 80's. One day in the mid 80's she found my number and called and sounded like she was in some trouble and told me that she was at a mutual friends house just a block or two away and at that time I lived in Bayswater.  I have not heard from her since and wanted to get in touch with her. Doing some searches showed me that she was living in Huntington and I think some of her family lives in Jericho.  If anyone has an idea of where she might be please pass on my email.  I would love to hear from her.  Thank you.  Regards,

 Bill Hays, Class of 1980     Email Address:

Posted on February 5, 2004 - I am interested in finding my cousin Francis Alexander (mainden name). She graduated Far Rock around 1970. We lost each other when I moved out of state. If you know her whereabouts, please email mail me. I hope to find her .

Roberta Liebling     Email Address:

Posted on February 2, 2004 - I was wondering if any of your readers remember the stores on Edgemere Avenue near 54 Street.  My family spent wonderful summers in the Rockaways on 51st. I remember a laudromat near 54th Street.  I think the owner was Rudy and he had 3 sons. The mere mention of the word Rockaway transports me back to a time when life was so good for me. I would love to hear from anyone who can share any information with me regarding this area. We rented bungalows in the 1950's and 1960's. I also remember a candy store I think it was on 49th street and Edgemere Avenue called Essie's ( I think that was the name) where my parents and I would go to get egg creams. THOSE WERE THE DAYS AND ROCKAWAY WAS THE PLACE!!!!!!!!!!

Janet                       Email Address:

Posted on January 23, 2004 - I am trying to locate Jean Proctor living in Lakeland, FL for her email address.  Please let me know if you can help.  Thanks

Margaret        Email Address:

Posted on January 23, 2004 - I posted a lost classmate request a couple of years ago.  I was looking for Penny Zoland, Class of 1974.  I recently received an email from her after her son found this site and saw my posting.  Unfortunately I was unable to respond right away and my computer crashed taking her info with it.  So, I am hoping they somehow surf back to this site and contact me again.  Thanks so much.

Barbara Goldstein - now Kane - Class of 1974

Posted on January 20, 2004 - I am looking for the person who married Lenny Orenstein.  She lived on Oceancrest Blvd. 2 blocks from the HS.  I'm not sure if they went to CA.  I think her dad drove a cab. If any of this sounds familiar, please write to me.  Many thanks,

Elaine Menashe    Email Address:

Posted on January 20, 2004 - Hi Skip,  I've been having fun reading your website for months now.  I spent my summers in Rockaway until they tore it down.  My last summer in Rockaway was in 1969.  I was 14 years old.  I have fond memories of it.  My mother spent her entire life every summer in Rockaway too and my grandmother did also.  We've been going to rockaway for generations.  My 68 year old mother, Marilyn Glazer is making me email you because she wants to find some of her friends, one in particular.  His name is Alan Silverman and he was her boyfriend when she was 16 years old.  Do you know him?  His best friends name is Jerry Zipkin who married my mother's friend Barbara Goodowitz (Skip, if you're still with me ... read on).   He lived in Rockaway all year round and went to FRHS but I can't find him on your website.  If you know of him let me know.  He lived on Beach 72nd in Arverne with his mother Shirley.

You have the best website ever.  If my pictures weren't permanently glued to a photo album, I'd send them to you.  If I can find a way to get you some photos, I will.

Irene Kirschner   Email Address:

Posted on January 8, 2004 - Any information about FRHS graduates who lived in Wavecrest Gardens...Larry Schwartz, David Klinger, cousins Alan Braun and Eddie Braun, Bernie and Doolie Leper, Mike McNamara, Alan Perlman, Maddie Schultz, Geraldine Schlessinger-Charkatz.  Also, how about my army buddies Clyde Schaffer and Mike Hoffman?

By the by...Vivian Mintz is there going to be a 50-year reunion for Class of 1954? If so, when and where?  Thanks.

Al Schwirck    Email Address:

Posted on January 6, 2004 - Dear Skip:  I recently came across your Far Rockaway Lost Classmates postings while researching the '56 crash for a magazine article.  The last name "Rothstein" doesn't appear on any of the contemporary casualty lists I've found, nor is it on either of the crash memorials.  It's still possible that she was on one of the planes, though, if this was her maiden name.  The best candidate is probably Mrs. Rosemary Bishop of Oxnard / Camarillo, CA, who was aboard the United flight with her three month old son, Stephen -- she's the only victim whose name looks at first glance like it might have been shortened to "Roz".  It's also possible that she might have been one of a few victims who were only listed as "Mrs. (Husband's name)".

If you'd like any more information about the crash, please let me know.  If you get any more information about Rockaway alums who might have died in the crash, I'd really appreciate it if you were able to pass it along to me for possible inclusion in my article.  Please feel free to post this letter on your site or pass it along to anyone you know who may have more information about the crash.


Dan Driskill, Flagstaff, AZ     Email Address:

P.S. -- I noticed the posting by Gordon Freed, whose uncle Stanley Weiss was on the United flight, and am also emailing him to see if he might be willing to serve as a possible source for my article.

Posted on December 31, 2003 - Hello. My name is Cindy Kushner. I am still looking for my friend Cindy Seltzer. I wen't to PS. 183 in 1974 , and we were classmates. I would be so happy if I could contact her again. So if anybody has any information on Cindy Seltzer please contact me.  Thank you.  p.s. GREAT SITE! and my maiden name is Cindy Itkowitz.

Cindy Kushner   Email Address:

Posted on December 29, 2003 - I am trying to locate Anthony M. Calderon or his mother Sadie Lyons.  They are believed to be living in Far Rockaway, NY.  This is actually my bestfriends father and grandmother.  She has been searching for these two people for several years now.  If you have any information please email me right away - Thank you.

Email Address:

Posted on December 24, 2003 - This is a follow up to my request about information concerning the plane crash above the Grand Canyon which occured on June 30, 1956.  Someone wrote and indicated that they thought that they had heard of a classmate by the name of Roz Rothstein who may have been on one of the planes.  Can anyone reading this supply any additional information?

Skip Weinstock, Class of 1963      Email Address:

Posted on December 24, 2003 - My name is Charles Portney, class of 67, and I am looking for Carl Hirsch from the same class. We also both graduated from Beth-El Day School in Belle Harbor in 1963. I would also be happy to hear from anyone else from my Day School class.
I now live in Santa Monica, California.

Charles Portney    Email Address:

Posted on December 24, 2003 - Skip, I am writing to ask if anyone from the class of '73 remembers the fight that Lloyd(student)  had with Mr. Alexander(teacher) in I believe it was 5th grade at P.S 105. This is a memory I've had for years, and I am not quite sure if it was real or if it was my imagination.  I went to PS 105 thru 5th grade before moving to Jersey.

Steve Margolies    Email Address:

Posted on December 19, 2003 - Hi Skip,  I was feeling extra nostalgic today and was viewing your photos of PS 106.  I went there too.  Seeing those photos brings back such wonderful memories. We took the Green Bus from Wave Crest Gardens, Seagirt Blvd. bus stop every day.  One of my good friends was Eddie Wendell, class of 1959.  My classmates from Wave Crest used to bring our brown bagged lunch to Eddie Wendell's fathers luncheonette and buy a soda. If I am not mistaken, the name of the Luncheonette was called Sam's or the Noshery and located on Edgemere Ave.  In the warm weather, fall or spring, we sometimes would bring our lunch to the boardwalk and maybe buy some fries at Sams or maybe buy a pizza at Larry and Sally's.  Skip, please post my email as I am looking for some of my old classmates from PS 106.  I especially am looking for Roslyn Rogers.  Does anyone keep contact with her.  If so, I would love to hear from Rozie.  Thanks and Best Regards.

Karen Klein Lutzker, Class of 1959      Email Address:

Posted on December 18, 2003 - Dear Skip, Thank you for this site. I am a 1967 grad and would love to get in touch with anyone who remembers me Wendy Hirsch and The Germz. My email is
WENDYGREEN@JUSTOURSHOES.COM.  If anyone knows the whereabouts of Anne and David Schulman and Pat Sexton please give them my email address.  I am living in Washington Township New Jersey and have been married to Marty Green for the past 35 years. Regards.

Wendy Hirsch Green    Email Adderss:

Posted on December 17, 2003 - Skip,  I'm trying to locate Laurette and Amy Knoll, sisters, who both graduated from FRHS in the late 1950s or possibly the early 1960s.  Laurette and Amy's parents, Gladys and Lou Knoll, were  good friends with my parents.  I have some photos that I would love to exchange with them.  Thanks again for creating and maintaining such as incredible, dynamic website whose enjoyment level and value grows exponentially with each passing day.

Marty Nislick  FRHS, 1962    Email Address:

Posted on December 13, 2003 - Hi,  I am trying to find Max Schrier. He taught art at FHS in the early sixties. If anyone knows anything about him, please email me.

Eileen Cowin, Class of '64      Email Address:

Posted on December 12, 2003 - Hi, I just discoverd your web pages. My name is Deborah Johnson.  I'm living in California but grew up in the Rockaways - Edgemere. I'm looking for some old friends that worked with me around 1973 - 77.  Ruth Rubin married Posty (nick name) and Lois Perz married a girl named Maggie.  We worked together in a nursing home called Haven Manor HRF 1441 Greenport Rd. at the time.  It's now called Gateway Blvd. If anyone has any information on them please email me.  Common friend Sal Hernedenz. God Bless and I appreciate the service. Thank you.

Deborah Johnson   Email Address:

Posted on December 12, 2003 - I am looking for my Iota Gamma Phi (IGP) sorority sisters from FRHS.

Daryle Dranow Prager,   Class of 1955    Email Address:

Posted on December 5, 2003 - In doing some Internet research I came across the story of 2 planes that collided above the Grand Canyon in 1956.  Over the years I seem to remember hearing that one or more of our Rockaway alumni lost their lives in the crash.  If anyone out there has any memory of the disaster or knows the names of those who may have been on those flights, please let me know.  Thanks in advance for your consideration.


Skip Weinstock, Class of 1963      Email Address:

It didn't take very long for our alumni to come up with some information.  I would like to thank Marty Nislick, Class of 1962 as well as Len Fleischner, Clas of 1948 for their responses.  Marty wrote the following:

Skip,  I did some research at the main branch of the Queens Library regarding the plane collisions above the Grand Canyon which occured on June 30, 1956.  Attached is a 3 page pdf  from the New York Times, dated July 2, 1956, containing the headline and the list of the dead from the two aircraft.  I also check the microfilm of three local Queens papers, The Wave, The Long Island Press, and The Long Island Journal Star for several weeks beyond the crash date.  I did not see any reference made to any local people who may have perished in the collision of the two planes.

Marty Nislick

I can't thank Marty enough for his contribution.  I never expected to see the original article but here it is.  If you would like to view it and have Acrobat Reader on your computer, click here for the article.

Posted on December  15, 2003

Skip-  I read your post regarding the 1956 United and TWA planes collision.  One of those that lost their lives was my uncle Stanley Weiss! He was on the United plane. Ironically, his daughter (at the time only 1 and 1/2 years old) just came to visit with me here in south Fla. I never knew Stanley; I was only 5 years old in 1956 and the Weis's lived in Michigan.  After the accident, my aunt took her 4 children back to NJ and has remained there.

Gordon Freed 1969     Email Address:

Posted on November 20, 2003 - Hi, this Is Peter (Goldstein) Arnet, Class of 1964. I am so grateful for these sites that I recently found with the help of an old friend.  Now, I, am, to find Bonnie Weiss. Her married name is Feitelberg.  She put an e-mail address on the Far Rockaway High School grad list but it does not seem to be active.  If there is anyone out there that has any knowledge of her or her sister, Enid, I would love to hear from them.  My e-mail address is Thanks again for the wonderful site and all the pictures.  My mother loved the boardwalk pictures they brought back so many wonderful memories.

Peter Arnet (Goldstein)    Email Address:

Posted on November 18, 2003 - Hi, I am trying to assist a friend of mine, locate his birth mother. Her last known residence was Rockaway Beach, NY.  Her name was Dorothy (Hill) Steele, who was originally from Crestas, PA. She has two twins, should be age 30, Named Robert & Roberta.  Should you know of this information, please contact me via email.  Thank you in advance.

Email Address:

Posted on November 18, 2003 - Dear Mr. Weinstock,  I am the son of Paula Friedman (maiden name: Oppenheimer) Class of 1961 and I am trying to find her dear friend Steve Garnett of that same year. I have been through many different avenues and am finding it hard to locate him. Would you be able to help me in any way? Being able to reunite them would be the BEST gift I can think of for her. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Adam Friedman    Email Address:

Posted on November 18, 2003 - Hi Skip, Im just looking for the owner of the class ring 1959 Cardozo High School. It has a middle initial EJB ...please  contact me if you know about the owner of this class in number is 81 9072591993 and my name is John or send me an e mail

Dear John,  Thanks for your note.  Cardozo High School is not located in the Rockaways so I don't think it would be of any value to post your note.  There is however, a Benjamin Cardozo Junior High School in Rockaway.  Benjamin Cardozo High School is located at 57-00 223rd Street, Bayside, NY 11364.  Their phone number is 718-279-6500.  You might have a better chance of finding the owner by contacting them directly.  Their email address is  However, if there is a chance that the ring is from a junior high school, please write again and let me know and I will post the letter on the Rockaway web site.


Skip Weinstock

Dear Skip,  Thank you so much for the concern and for having my mail replied, though I'm just searching in the Internet for almost a week but I can't find the owner and I already called the Cardozo High School.  The problem is they can't hardly understand my english so I gave up, I hope by posting it again in your message board it can help a lot. I owe you for this...God will always bless you and your family,


Posted on October 31, 2003 - Hi Skip, It is wonderful of you to provide this service. I am looking for any info as to whereabouts of Lita Schultz and/or Pam Nichols both '64. I would very much appreciate any help in finding them. Thanks a lot.

Ruth Josell Harris, Class of 1964      Email Address:

Posted on October 30, 2003 - Hello Skip. I thank you for this service. Can anybody put me back in contact with Jean Catania and/or Michael LaRocca? They're both circa 1973. LaR. found me in when someone else entered my name there but they're getting no money from me! Thanks.

Michael Gordon   Email Address:

Posted on October 27, 2003 - I would be thrilled to find any news (preferably good) regarding Janis Morrow, class of 1974.  She lived near Rockaway Playland.  Thanks.

Michael Lesser     Email Address:

Posted on October 24, 2003 - Looking for Stacy Herbert from Belle Harbor, class of 1975. We fell out of touch and would love to hear from her.  Thank you

Larry Levine,    Class of 1973    Email Address:

Posted on October 20, 2003 - Skip, I'm looking for Jimmy Dow, Class of 1970...I saw his name on i am not a member...if anyone is...please email me his address...thanks so much!!!

Lori Hirschbaum Harris, Class of 1971   Email Address:

Posted on October 13, 2003 - Hi Skip,  I am looking for anyone who knows the where abouts of  Sherry Wagner.  She married a guy who drove for the Green Bus Lines in the Rockaways.  I saw Lori Martino's name and I emailed her but never heard from her.  Thanks again for this site.

Rhonda Washington, Class of 1980    Email address:

Posted on October 6,2003 - My name is Lori Lebowitz, I graduated BCHS 1976, however, many of my friends went to FRHS.  I am particularly looking for Marlies Brown class of 75 or 74.  Her sister is Linda and her brother Michael.  Last I heard Marlies moved from Florida to California.  I have been recovering from breast cancer and I am desperate to find her.  The years have separated us.  We grew up on 56 street JHS198 and then I went on to BCHS when we moved to 100 street.  We kept in touch for years after that but it has been around 18 years since we last saw eachother.   Sending out an SOS for any info on her.  Thanks......

Lori Greenberg Lebowitz    Email Adderss:

Posted on September 30, 2003 - Hello - my name is Chris Bush and I am looking for some information. My grandma grew up in Long Island and went to Far Rockaway High School. Her maiden name is Marlene Pincus. I am not sure when she graduated, but she just turned 80 last month. I would like to find some memorabilia/ one of her class yearbooks, or something from her time in Long Island. Last time we spoke, she told me some stories about high school- and I had asked her if she still has any pictures/ yearbooks, etc from that time- she does not. So I have a few questions:  Can you tell me when she graduated- if not, how can I find that information?
Do you know if there are any sources to obtain an old yearbook form that time?  I recently moved to California, so I don’t have the opportunity to spend much time with her, and I think that this would mean a lot to her. Any and all information would help out. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Chris Bush    Email Address:
Address and Phone:  817 ½ Bayview Dr. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266   310-937-6395

Posted on September 24, 2003 - My name is Marcia Zucker...Marcia Lind back at FRHS..Class of 1957.  I was wondering if anyone remembers Mr. Witherspoon; music teacher. There was a recent murder of an ex music teacher in Rockland County, NY.  He was in his 80's which would be about the right age if it's the same Mr. Witherspoon who taught in the 50's. I would appreciate it if anyone remembers him or can help me find out more info.  Thanks.

Marcia zucker     Email Address:

Posted on September 24, 2003 - If you have any information about, or know the whereabouts of Mark Baum, please email me.  An original painting done by Mark has been discovered at Far Rockaway High School and I would very much like to reunite Mark with his painting.  The painting itself depicts cars from the 20's or 30's as well as some buildings.  Please write to me if you can assist.


Skip Weinstock     Email Address:

Posted on September 17, 2003 - Hey Skip,  My name is Bill Hays and I was in the Class of 1980.  I am trying to see if anyone knows the whereabouts of Carolyn Samberg.  She lived in Bayswater back in HS and I know in the mid and late 80's was working for Mckann Erikson a large ad firm in Manhattan.  I believe her brother Doug lives in New Jersey.  She was a High School sweetheart and has come to mind recently.  If anyone has heard from her please shoot me an email.  Thank you very much.
Bill Hays, Class of 1980           Email Address:

Posted on September 17, 2003 - Trying to locate Allen Foster and Jeff Brooks.  If you can help please email me.

Jim Herman, Class of 1963     Email Address:

Posted on September 16, 2003 - Trying to locate Joy Orlinsky, think she went to Far Rockaway H.S. I was in Up The Down Staircase with her in 1966, when I was a Junior. We had one date, which I remember well.  Anything?   Thanx.

Joe    Email Address:

Posted on September 14, 2003 - Wow, what a great site, thanks for doing this. I would love to know what happened to my best friend Sharon Meyrowitz class of 69, I heard she went to Florida, but that’s all. Also Jon Sargent, class of 67. I live in Port Washington, NY with my husband of 21 years and two teen sons. It is amazing how time has flown by, my sons only want details of my teen years which I refuse to give them.... maybe when they are 35. Since I graduated early in January, really feel like I  missed out terribly on senior memories, was there a prom or graduation party? I have been to reunions and love to see and hear about people from the good ole daze!

Paula Kaminsky Davis      Email Address:

Posted on September 8, 2003 - Skip,

I had been in contact with Linda Bograhti ('73) back in April 03.  I have not heard from her in the last 4 months.  I have continued to send e-mails but have not received any answers.  If anyone has heard from her please let me know at

Thanks for a great web site and I am looking forward to the reunion on Sept 20th.

Marty Phillips, Class of 1973        Email Address:

Posted on August 1, 2003 - Skip,  I am looking for a family that when I lived in NY I was very close with.  My best friend died and I haven't seen her family since.  Please if anyone knows the whereabouts of the Rosado family please contact me.  Their names are Judy, Victor, John, Felie and Rosa, and Petie. They lived on 27th Street and the beach.  Evie was my best friend. Thank You

Rhonda Kleinert Washington, Class of 1980      Email Address:

Posted on August 1, 2003 - Dear Skip,   I have seen these two names (Lois and Harvey Meyer) but can't remember where.  Anyway Lois was in my sisters wedding party and a good close friend of the family.  They are a married couple and I would love to find them and say hi.  If you or Carol happen to know their phone number or address and u get in touch with them and give them my e-mail address please.  Again, there names are Lois and Harvey Meyer.

Thank You for all your time
Rhonda Kleinert Washington, Class of 1980   Email Address:

PS  I am also looking for old friends like Carol Ebert, Lori Martino, Micheal Basalin or anyone else that remembers me.  Please e-mail me.  Thanks Rhonda Class of 1980

Posted on July 31, 2003 - Hi...Ok here go's.....From 1978 - 1981 I was stationed at the Coast Guard station in Rockaway Beach. During that time I became good friends with a family by the name of
Kaufman and rented a room in their house on, if I rember correctly, Beach 120th St. I kept in touch with there daughter Naomi for a wile after I got out of the military, but have lost touch over the years. If you know these folks please give them my e-mail address and have them get in touch with me.
Mom's name was Marylyn, dads name was Paul and there where the daughters Naomi and Susan. Naomi was a NYC police officer but I was told by her old precinct that she was no longer in the force. Marylyn worked at Far Rockaway HS doing security work. If you can help me find them please reply and let me know.

Jim Kennedy    Email Address:

Posted on July 31, 2003 - best friend Leslie Karen is looking for Patti Silvermen.  Her brother is named Todd...I'm a 73 Patti I guess would be 1 or 2 yrs. younger than me...Thanks

Jeff Lieberman     Email Address:

Posted on July 24, 2003 - Hi, Skip....My name is Nancy Zeitlin Fisher, Class of '71.  I have been looking for Robin Fink, who also graduated in the Class of '71.  I know she married Elliott Goldman right after high school, which is about the time we lost touch, although I was able to find Elliott a few years ago online, and he informed me they did get divorced, but he did not know Robin's whereabouts.  If there's anyone out there who might be able to help me locate her, I would really appreciate it very much.  We were very good friends for a long time and have many memories to share.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Nancy Fisher (Zeitlin),
Class of 1971  Email Address:

Posted on July 12, 2003 - Hi Skip, I am looking for Steve Ettleman last known residence was in Belle Harbor. He also was employed as a social worker @ maimonides. i can be contacted at  Thanks

Rhonda Goldstein Stroud    Email Address:

Posted on June 30, 2003 - Skip, I am looking for Marie March who was looking for Joey Sadowki. Marie, If you still haven't reached him this is Charlie.  Email me for information.  I tried the email address you left but it's no longer working.

Charlie and Paula     Email address:

Posted on June 28, 2003 - Skip,  Looking for Alice Ackerman, class of 64.  She was a cheerleader pictured in your website (1963) and later became captain in 1964. If anyone knows of her whereabouts, I would greatly appreciate it.

Peter Miller (64)     Email Address:

Posted on June 11, 2003 - Dear Skip:  I am looking for my first love and best friend Christian A. Aguilar.  We lost contact when I moved and I just miss his friendship and humor so much. All I know is that he graduated from FarRockaway H. S.  in 1998 and he was going to school in Buffalo. Please Help! Thank you.

Ana V. Malpica             Email Address:

Posted on June 10, 2003 - Great site Skip!!! I am trying to get in contact with my 6th grade teacher. I attended PS 215 in 1965. My class was 6-1. The problem is that I don't remember how she spelled her last name: Cohen, Cohn, Kohan etc.etc., and I don't remember her first name. (Norma?) The last time I saw her was around 1983 in Woodmere. She no longer teaches and no one at 215 has been able to help me. She was a great teacher and I would really like to see her again.
Can you or anyone help me? Thanks.

John Gigliotti      Email Address:

Posted on June 10, 2003 - My Dear Skip, A lovely classmate of yours by the name of Carol Marston told me to contact you. She mentioned you are in charge of lost classmates.  I have a friend by the name of Ira Wagner who graduated from Far Rock HS in 1968. He has a twin sister named Ellen. Ira
graduated from University of Buffalo and was studying to become a doctor. I would love to know where he is today. We were very good friends.  His friends at Far Rock HS were, Hal Epstein, David Lutz and Eddie(don't know last name) Thank you very much listening to me. Hope to hear from you soon.


Ruth Ehrlich    Email Address:

Posted on June 9, 2003 - My name is Steven Schwartz. I graduated in 1961. I was the fascination king on Beach 35st and I played on table 19.  I am looking for Kenny Whitfield who lived on Beach 19th Street, opposite St.Joseph's Hospital.  We ( Warren Friedman, Michael Katz, Mike Scherker) all used to hang around the Horn's Corner on Beach 20st. Please help me find Kenny!!!!!!

Steven Schwartz     Email Address:

Posted on May 29, 2003 - Great job Skip, I'm trying to find Mitch Cohn class of 74? and Gayle Gottfried class of 77?  Thank-you

John Chara        Email Address:

Posted on May 15, 2003 - Hi  Skip,  Could you please post a request for the whereabouts of Judy Rifkin? Phyllis Charney Loonin asked me to post it. We both would like to know about her. Judy lived on Beck Road in Far Rockaway and was in the 1962 class, as we were.

Thanks very much.

Judy Eisner (nee Shulman)     Email Address:

Posted on May 7, 2003 - Hi  Skip,  I'm  very  curious  about  the  whereabouts  of  Diana  Proctor.  To  be honest  I'm  not  even  sure  if  she  graduated  from  Far  Rockaway  High School. I  was  friends  with  her  until  around  8th  grade  at  JHS  198...she was  two  years  older  than  I.  Does  anybody  know  where  she  is? Thank  you,

Michelle (Engleberg) Handwerker  '71      Email Address:

Posted on May 5, 2003 - Skip, This is a fascinating feature. Thanks for all the effort. I graduated in '61.  Three people I would  like to get in contact with:

Marilyn Sacks - She was gifted in art and we were close friends throughout our time at FRHS.

Lynn Paul - I don't know how long she was a classmate.  Her dad, MAJ Willard Paul, was Commanding Officer of Fort Tilden, then a Nike Air Defense site.  She arranged for me to have an escorted tour of the post. I can't remember her closest friend's name but her dad was also stationed at Ft. Tilden and I recall that they were both excellent poets.

Bonnie Klapper - She lived a few houses away from me.  Her dad was a postal worker and she had several sisters.  She beat me one year in a spelling bee and got a nice prize - I don't remember what year that was.

Ralph M. Stein, Class of 1961    Email Address:

Posted on May 1, 2003 - Hi Skip, I graduated from FRHS in '73.  I am looking for Mathew Perl, also a '73 FRHS graduate. We met and became close friends years before we attended FRHS. Unfortunately, we lost contact with one another since the Summer of '73, when he left to attend Michigan State University. I believe at that time he was a Forestry Major. I would appreciate any contact information or his whereabouts as I would very much like to find out how he is doing. Thanks in advance.

Randy Roussine, Class of '73     Email Address:

Posted on April 18, 2003 - Does anyone know the whereabouts of, or have any info (Email address) on Wanda and Linda Ganz?

John Stern Class of 1966      Email Address:

Posted on April 15, 2003 - In 1956 - 60 I was stationed in the Air Force at Roswell, (Walker AFB) New Mexico. My roommate and best friend lived in FR and talked about his life, family, and the beach, while we were there. I got married to Maxine in 1958 and he was my best man. I left the service, went to Boston for school, business, and divorced. Later, returned to NM to work and live. Still living in Los Lunas, NM, and semi-retired. If LIONEL NEWMAN or Neuman is known, I would love to reestablish a relationship. I believe that he graduated from FRHS about '54. Thanks

Fleming Glover   Email Address:

Posted on April 14, 2003 - Hi my name is Cindy Kushner. I went to p.s. 183 in Rockaway Beach New York, and haven't seen my friend Cindy Seltzer since!!!  We were best of friends! I would love to see her. Let me know if you have any information or a source to help with my problem. Unfortunatly I only know her maiden name, Cindy Seltzer.  And by the way, if it helps my maiden name was Cindy Itkowitz.  Please email me back a.s.a.p!    THANKS!!!

Cindy Itkowitz      Email Address:

Posted on April 7, 2003 - Hello,  I need your help.   I am a Veteran and a Researcher for a unit of the 101st Airborne  known as Currahees.   (3-506th Infantry).  A man named Edward Zewert, Jr. was a member of that unit and was killed in Vietnam on April 26, 1968.  I located a copy of the Long Island Press Newspaper....April 30, 1968 and it says that he was a grad of Far Rockaway...but it doesn't say what year. It states that he had lived in Far Rockaway with his parents for the previous ten years.   It also says he had a brother named Robert.  I am hoping you can help me.

Would it be possible for you to look in your yearbooks and see if he is there?    If so, could you scan and send me a copy of it by email   jpg type photo.    If not, is there anyone else you can think of who might be able to help me?   I would like to have this photo to send to the unit historian, who is working on a book about the unit, at this time.  In addition, there are a couple of people in Edward's unit who would like to connect with his family.  Do you have any idea where they might be?

ANY information you could send me would be greatly appreciated.   Please reply.

Mrs. Jane Fulkerson     Email Address:
Sgt. US Army 1965-68
Currahee Researcher
3-506th   101st Airborne

Posted on April 1, 2003 - Dear Skip,   I am looking for my friend Glenda. She graduated in 1965.  I am not sure of her last name; I think it began with either a G or K.  She lived in the Edgemere Houses.  If anyone out there knows where she may be, please let me know.

Debra Zwilling     Email Address:

Posted on March 25, 2003 - Hi Skip, My name is Ingrid Peters Class of 1980.  Looking for Sandra Ali...we were friends, lost contact with her around 1983...if anyone has information on where I can send here a message I would appreciate it.  Thank you.

 Ingrid Peters, Class of 1980    Email Address:

Posted on March 25, 2003 - Hi Skip, My name is Linda Siflinger now Waxman, I graduated from Far Rickaway in 1964.  I am trying to find Addie Kaufman now Berman.  If anyone has any info I'd really appreciate hearing from them.

Linda Siflinger (Waxman)     Email Address:

Posted on March 16, 2003 - Dear Skip,  Request your assistance in locating Sunny Rowe for Sheila Shear.  Sheila would love to have an address for Sunny or her friend Marilyn Hartenstein.  Sheila does not have email, but if Sunny can send me her address I will get it to Sheila.  Thanks for your help.

Geraldine Liu      Email Address:

Posted on March 16, 2003 - I am looking for Mitchell Okun, Class of '72.....he was my next door neighbor in Belle Harbor and very much like a brother to me.  It is possible he changed his name.  Any information regarding his whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Nancy Gaines Shapiro, Class of '72     Email Address:

Posted on March 8, 2003 - Hi, I am looking for my cousin Gary Thompson .  He lived in Broad Channel and graduated in 1970.  Any help would be great.

Charlie Arnao     Email Address:

Posted on March 4, 2003 - Hi,  My name is Frank Abrams. I was looking for the year my father got out
of FRHS but can't seem to find it. He graduated in mid 1930's. Any help on where to look?  I can be reached at My father and I have the same name. Also Willis D Abrams, my uncle, graduated around the same time give or take a couple of years. Thank you for any help you can give to steer me in the right direction

Frank Abrams    Email Address:

Posted on February 28, 2003 - Hey Skip, Thanks for setting up this site. I'd also like to find; Marty &
Wendy Green; Dennis LaPatton; Theresa McClellan; Cheryl Mazoff; Joy Orlinsky; Kenny Klein.

Ron Gelman    Email Address:

Posted on February 24, 2003 - Hi Skip,  My mom Suzanne Kaplan is looking for anyone who has a
copy of the 1950 graduating class photo from P.S 42 Arverne.

Dana Kornfeld   Email Address:

Posted on February 19, 2003 - Hi,  I'd love to find or hear from the following people: Larry Sachs, Linda and Wanda Ganz, Claudia Katz, Jane Swallow, Carol Brill, Beryl (Bayswater), Helene (Bayswater), Barbara Richmond, Johnny Sherwin, Linda Bronstein
Anyone know them?   If you can assist please write to me.  Thanks.

Ron Gelman, Class of '65    Email Address:

Posted on February 17, 2003 - Hi Skip, My name is Leonard Walker. I grew up with Danny Zabinofsky in Arverne, LI.   I moved to Merrick after I got married & have been trying to reach Danny.  Please, if there is anyone out there who remembers Danny and knows his whereabouts, please write to me. Thank you.

Leonard Walker     Email Address:

Posted on February 5, 2003 - Hi Skip, I found an e-mail from a cousin of mine, Jayne Stein Resnick. She is trying to get in touch with my mom, my aunt, and a host of other relatives. Unfortunately, the e-mail address she gave is invalid.  Jayne, if you are reading this, please e-mail me. Hope to hear from you soon.

Wendy Talbert-Gordon, Joan's daughter     Email Address:

Posted on February 3, 2003 - Dear Skip, I am trying to locate a brother or sister, Muriel (Mitzie) Greenberg or Richard (Dick) Greenberg, who graduated from Far Rockaway High
School; one about 1944, the other 1948.  I would appreciate it if anyone out there can help me. My e-mail address is and my phone is 505 988-3311.  I am currently living in Sante Fe, New Mexico.  Thank you in advance.

Seymour Berlin    Email Address:

Posted on January 31, 2003 - Hi, I started Far Rockaway HS in the middle of my junior year.  I had a good friend named Beverly Radin who played the flute.  Trying to track her down.   Thanks, Shirley the way I am currently a councilwoman in Clarkstown NY

Shirley Lasker      Email Address:

Posted on January 30, 2003 - Hi Skip,  I am looking for Francine Sheeber and Sandra Cohen. They both graduated in 1965. Fran & I went to elementary school, junior high & high school together.
We were such good friends but lost touch after graduation. I moved to Brooklyn then married & moved to Florida. Sandy & I went to junior high in Brooklyn together, then we both moved to Rockaway & attended FRHS. Anyone knowing where these gals are please email me at.  Thank you so much....
Sandy Resnitzky Helmsorig      Email Address:

Posted on January 30, 2003 - Dear Skip, I was wondering if anyone has heard from or knows the whereabouts of Jay Kalish and Eddie Goldstein. I think they graduated in '58,'59 or'60.  I was friends with both of them at different times of my life and would like to know how they are doing.   Thanks.

Harriet Skolnik '61    Email Address:

Posted on January 24, 2003 - Dear Skip,  My name is Marty Phillips and I graduated in 1973.  I am looking for three of my lost friends.  They are Lisa Goldstein, Mindy Trepel and Linda Bograhti.  If you or anyone can help me please e-mail me.  Thanks so much.

Marty Phillips    Email Address:

Posted on January 17, 2003 - Someone forwarded me an email from a Lisa Elissa Mackliss of the Class of 1969. She was looking for Richie Aguirre. That's me!  I emailed her back but my note was returned as undeliverable.  If anyone knows her email please ask her to contact me.  Thanks.

Richard Tay Aguirre     Email Address:
Phone Number:  914 422 1990

Posted on January 11, 2003 - Hi.  My name is Isabel Claudio.  This site is so cool. I was so surprised to find it and felt the same way when I found the site and saw pictures from the beach, Dayton towers, the boardwalk and other places.  I will always cherish the good times at the beach, Hammels, Playland, and playing hand ball at the beach park.  I lived in 82-01 Hammels Blvd. from 1964-1976 and then our family moved to Puerto Rico.  I saw my sister's request to you. Her name is Carmen Claudio. She incorrectly wrote Teresa's last name as Newman, instead of Newborn.  Teresa's sister studied with me and Teresa studied with my sister. We were at PS 183.  I would love to hear from Robin Abramowitz, Paul Chiavetta, Joseph Rodriguez, Robin's friend named "Susan", our music teacher Mr. Penza, our 5th grade teacher Mrs. Ruth Leshen, and finally from the principal Mr. Ralph Cohen. Those are the names I remember the most.  I currently live in Puerto Rico, but I would love to be in touch with someone who knows me and can relive memories from Rockaway.  Keep on with the site!

Isabel Claudio      Email Address:

Posted on January 11, 2003 - To Whom it May Concern,   You don't know me but my grandmother was Marlene Kleckner Shendleman, Class of 1951.  She passed away back in November of 1999. If you or anyone else knew my grandmother, I'd love to hear what she was like when she was my age. I am currently a Junior in High School. I'm not sure if Chuck Kleckner, her younger brother, went to Far Rockaway High School, but he also passed away a few years back. Just thought you might like to know this and thanks.

Devon Shendleman       Email Address:

Posted on January 10, 2003 - My name is Lance Davis and Lance Harrison was my father.  He died when I was very young and I'm trying to find information about him.  If there is anyway that you could help me with my search it would be appreciated.  He went to Far Rockaway High School and he played on the football team.  He graduated in either 1968-1970 I'm not really sure of the year.  You can contact me at my email address.  Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

Lance Davis     Email Address:

Posted on January 10, 2003 - Dear Skip, I do appreciate your offer to advertise for lost FRHS graduates. I've been looking for 2 friends for years, both graduated with me in 1957: Emily Rand from Laurelton and Ruth Weiser from Far Rockaway.


Rheba Silverstein, aka Rita Feldman, Class of 1957    Email Address:

ps   My father's business was called Abe Feldman's Seaside Beverage Company. It was home delivery of Soda, Seltzer, Beer. The whole family was conscripted into the business.

Posted on January 6, 2003 - I am interested in finding Bonnie Seidt, Annabelle Gerstin, and Joan Wiener (Weiner?), Class of 62.

Marcia Fisch, Class of 1962     Email Address:

Posted on December 26, 2002 - Skip...thanks so much for all that you do to keep our memories alive. I would love to find out what ever happened to Victor Rodack, class of '70. He achieved notoriety when he stowed away on an El Al flight to Israel. Rumor has it he may be in Jackson Hts. Anyone know anything regarding his whereabouts?   Also...looking to contact Janet Prager, class of '71, whose mother was the FRHS Supply secretary and who lived in Laurelton.

Barbara Brand, Class of 1971     Email Address:

Posted on December 10, 2002 - Hi Skip, I am looking for 1951 graduates of the Hebrew Institute of lLong Island which is located in Far rockaway, and who also graduated from FRHS Class of 1955.

Marc Speiser, Class of 1955    Email Address:

Posted on November 30, 2002 - Hi Skip, I'm still trying to find Arlene Lisansky. She lived on B 69th St. We attended PS42 together. Thanks

Michele Simon Blashka, Class of 1973     Email Address:

Posted on November 19, 2002 - Hi Skip,  I wonder how many people remember my father Sheldon Rosenspan. He was a teacher at Far Rockaway High School in the 60's. I'd love to hear from anyone
who has any memories. We lived in Edgemere. Thanks.

Alan Rosenspan      Email Address:

Posted on November 11, 2002 - Hey Skip:  I came across this website in my never ending search for old Laureltonnik's.  I found Howie Solot, Al Kirschner, Steve Antler and Mickey Bornstien.  They were old high school fraternity brothers from Mu Sigma circa Laurelton1951 to 1955.  I graduated from Jackson in 1955 and then left Laurelton for college and then the rest of my life.  What has happened to me in the past 47 years is probably the basis for the great american novel.  Nevertheless my search continues.  I do remember that a lot of my social life was woven around the fraternities and sororities that were part of Laurelton during that era.  I remember especially the football, basketball and softball games of that IFC league.  Man was Sigma Phi tough.  Some of the fraternities  we competed against were Sigma Phi (both chapters), SAR, AZA, the other Mu Sigma chapter (Alpha Ro we were Beta Beta) plus others that may have slipped my mind.  So if Yogi Raphael, Jerry Becker, Esta Miller, Marc Port or if anyone out there in cyberspace remembers these goodtimes maybe we can roll back the clock and do a little searching together.  I live in the great Midwest, Grand Rapids, Mi.  It would be one of those strange wonders if someone was my neighbor.

Lenny Urowsky, Andrew Jackson Class of 1955         Email Address:

Posted on November 1, 2002 - Hi Skip,  It has been a while since my last request.  If anyone remembers me please e-mail me.  I lived in Hammels as well 8414.  I grew up with some of the Sotos and others.  I moved out in 1971 and moved to Far Rockaway.  Would love to get intouch with all my fellow classmates.  Thanks.

Rhonda Kleinert Washington    Email Address:

Posted on November 1, 2002 - Hi Skip, Thank for this website -- so well done, so enjoyable, so helpful. I am now in touch with two friends from Cardozo JHS 198 and Far Rock HS.  I'm interested in finding people from the Edgemere houses during the 1960s and the Far Rock class of 1969. Especially looking for: Jeannette Zarovsky, Janice Igoe, Helene Rubinstein and Annie Tuohey.
Anyone remember: Phil who drove the scooter type ice-cream truck; digging in front of the buildings in Edgemere when it was brand new and still covered with sand; the musicals put on at Cardozo JHS that were better than Broadway (at least our parents thought so).

Denise Roche (Robinson)    Email Address:

Posted on November 1, 2002 - Hi Skip,  I had a ball reading all the posted letters about Laurelton. Fond  memories for sure. My name is Burt Sachs, I lived at130-38-225th st. Most of my time during my teenage years were spent with friends from Boy Scout Troop 345 . We met at The Jewish Community House on 223rd st. I graduated AJHS in 1955. I was very much involved with the Music Dep't. ( Mrs. Gluck, and Mr. Nelson Faerber). I always loved music and made it a life long career.   Both of my degrees are in music. In 1998 I retired from Cardozo HS in Bayside. I was the Band Director there for 15 Years. I am enjoying retirement. As the Greeks said, "I want to die young as old as possible" I am still a kid at heart. If anyone remembers me please contact me.

Burt Sachs       Email Address:

Posted on October 23, 2002 - This is not exactly a 'lost classmate' but maybe someone can answer the question.  I was born and raised in Far Rockaway; I now lived in a small Northern New Jersey town. I have many fond memories of Far Rockaway, one memory that I have is of my grandmother taking me to a bar near Beach Channel Drive. I believe it was called the Truvals (this spelling may be incorrect), do you know if it is still there?

Eric Falkowski        Email Address:

Posted on October 23, 2002 - Hi, I think you are performing a great service for FRHS Alumni.  Thank you.  Can you please post this message for me?  I am trying to reach Michael Cummings from the class of 1975.

Julia Herbert        Email Address:

Posted on October 15, 2002 - Dear Skip, Beth Garnett was my next door neighbor on Anchor Drive in Bayswater. She graduated FRHS in either 1965 or 1966. I would love to find out where she is and how she is doing. I would appreciate your help by posting this on the website.  Thanks.

Doug Melzer, Class of  1963       Email Address:

Posted on October 15, 2002 - Dear Skip,  I'm from the class of 1965. My name is Jerry Miller and I'm looking for Larry Spallanzani. While we went to FRHS we formed a rock&roll band together.  Those were great years we had. After graduation, my family moved away and I'd be greatful if you can trace him.

Jerry Miller, Class of 1965       Email Address:

Posted on October 11, 2002 - Dear Skip,  I graduated FRHS in 1957. I dated Miss Susan Goldman, Class of 1958 for 4 years. Lost track of her after graduation. Would love to know if she ever became a doctor.   Help!!!  If anyone out there knows anything about Susan, please write.

Irwin Willner, Class of 1957     Email Address:

Posted on October 11, 2002 - Dear Skip,  I'm trying to locate Esther Fedder, Class of 1963.  She has a brother, Richard, who is a surgeon, also class of 1960.  If anyone knows where she is, please ask her to get in touch with me.  Thanks for your help.

Len Shalansky, Class of 1960     Email Address:

Posted on October 8, 2002 - Skip:  Looking for a long lost friend from HS.  Her name was Rochelle Ginsburg and she lived in Bayswater.  I remember her teaching me how to dance in her basement.  I would like to touch base once again with her.  Too many years have gone by and I'd  like to hear from her.  Thank you,

Mitch Fredricks, Class of 1973       Email Address:

Posted on October 1, 2002 - Dear Skip, I'm looking for Jeanie Catania.  She use to live at 2030 Seagirt Blvd. when my sister and I did, from 1967-1972.  I'm also looking for Susie DiGanci who lived upstairs from me.  If anyone can help please email me.

Jean (Silverstein) Dickerson    Email Address:

Posted on September 30, 2002 - Dear Skip,  Does anyone know what happened to Mrs. Light of the Yenta Center (GO Store).  She was my brownie leader when I was little and then I worked for her in the GO store.  I think her daughter's name was Ellen:

Debra Chocky (Zwilling), Class of 1964   Email Adderss:

Posted on September 28, 2002 - Dear Skip,  This webiste is absolutely fantastic. You and Carol have done great. Two requests: 1. Have you ever gotten the recipe for the famous rice cup from David Lim's parents' Chinese restaurant on Central Ave., the On On Kitchen? If so, could you please post it on the webpage. 2. Please post the following message for me.

Both Kim Bovino and I are desperately trying to locate Linda Rocco (Doll) (all class of '75), and/or any of her siblings, her twin brother Stephen, younger brother Philip, younger sister Antonette. The three of us have been friends since 1968 and both Kim and I were in touch with Linda until about 2 years ago when, for us, she seemed to drop off the face of the Earth. Since then, her phone and her parents' phone have both been disconnected with no forwarding numbers and all emails and regular mail have been returned to me as "undeliverable." I've looked on the internet's white pages for all of them, but have come up completely empty. Kim and I are extremely concerned because we have never gone this long without hearing from each other. Any help that anyone can give regarding any of the Rocco's would be greatly appreciated!!!

Laurie Krieger (Vazquez), Class of '75 Email Address: or

Dear Laurie,  I wish you luck in finding Linda.  To answer your question, I have never received the famous rice cup recipe from David.  Maybe someone will see this and ask him to send it along at which time I will be happy to post it.  Sorry.

Dear Skip,

Good news to my post from 9/28. I found Linda Rocco (Doll) and all is well; not to worry.

Thanx, Laurie

Posted on September 16, 2002 - Dear Skip,  Three Cheers for the excellent website. I come back to it often. Once again I would like to find a "missing person." I am looking for Judy Rifkin(nee) who lived on Beck Road and was graduated in 1962. I believe her last known address was somewhere in Oregon.   Many thanks....

Judy (Shulman) Eisner '62     Email Address:

Posted on September 13, 2002 - Dear Skip, I'm looking for lost friends from the good old days of singing and just hanging out on the boardwalk on 29th Street, Howie Weissman, Larry Herr, Gary Amster,Lenny Sourey.  In the meantime if anyone knows anything about these guys, please e-mail me at  Thanks

Clyde, Class of 1965      Email Address:

Posted on September 4, 2002 - Hi Skip, Well, I'm going to try again! I have been looking for a dear friend from school, Jackie Cohen. She graduated in '48. Her married name is Levinson. She was a flight attendant for PanAm and her husband, a pilot for Pan Am. We were best friends in high school but lost touch a few years after she married.  If anyone knows where she is, please send me an e-mail.

Betty Shapiro (Brass), Class of Jan.'49    Email address:

Posted on August 26, 2002 - Hi Skip,  Herb Bellings class of 41 lived in Edgemere on Beach 34th Street.  Does anyone know the wherabouts of Natie Levine class of 41.  He lived in Cedarhurst up to a couple of years ago.  Perry if you're the same Perry Mahler I knew who took out Howie Hirschkorn's boat  with me one day  and almost wrecked it on the rocks Email me.

Herb Bellings      Email Address:

Posted on August 23, 2002 - Hi Skip,  I am a 1969 grad and the family historian. I have been looking for photos of P.S. 105 and JHS 198. OK if I post a General Request for athese pics?  If anyone can help please contact me.  Thanks for your efforts.

Brian Amelkin  1969      Email Address:

Posted on August 23, 2002 - Hi Skip, I just found your site and absolutely LOVE it. Thank you for all your efforts!  It brings back wonderful memories.  I am looking for a former classmate and good friend Sloan Mehl.  I had heard she was a nurse...still in New York City.  If anyone has heard from her, please contact me. Thanks

Analee Bernstein ( married name---Sternberg)    Email Address:

Posted on August 23, 2002 - Skip: We received a great email from a wonderful old friend... Thank you: Unfortunately, the return address was insufficient... SO: Pamela "Sioux" Siegal , we need a working e-mail address for you to get caught up on our lives... Pretty interesting stories for you.......

Peter & Fran Rapport      Email Address:

Posted on August 16, 2002- I am looking for someone who lived in Far Rockaway, so I guess she went to FRHS.  She was friends with my older sister at Camp Anawana.  Her name is
Gaye Adelglass and she would have graduated around 1976.  Thank you.

Cathy Novick     Email Address:

Posted on August 14, 2002- Hi Skip,  My name is Isaac (Ike) Selig.  I did not graduate from FRHS; three months after graduating from PS 39  Far Rockaway in 1948 my parents moved to Lakeland Florida where I have been ever since.  I would imagine that all the people who graduated from PS 39 went on to FRHS.  It is those people that I am looking for.  Woman are more difficult to find then men
due to the name change and one person  I am looking for is Nancy,  maiden name  Binder.  She lived two houses in from Beach 9th street on Caffrey Ave.  But any information on PS 39 graduates who would have graduated from FRHS in 1952 would be most welcome.   Sincerely,

Ike Selig        Email address:

Posted on August 13, 2002- Hi Skip, Great site!!!  My name is Lisa Golemme, Class of 79. I'm trying to find a Richard "Ricky" Rubin.  I believe he may have been in the Class of 68 or 69.  He lived on Beach 29 St. and was an attorney in Far Rockaway. If anyone has any information as to his where-abouts please help me find my friend.  Thank you for your help

Lisa Golemme, class of 1979         Email address:

Posted on August 2, 2002- Hi, I'm looking for Bobby Cohen and Eddie Klein  both from the class of '76.  Any info would be appreciated!

Terence McCarthy     Email Address:

Posted on July 22, 2002- Dear Skip, hello again I'm still hoping to hook up with any old friends from hammels,ps183 FRHS,Jr high 180. I'm Sandra Soto coming from a family of 12. Grew up at the Rockaway's and then Far Rockaway. I would love to hear from people from Hammels, Gina  8410 , Winafred Doremus, Cathy Stanley, Eileen Summers, Daisy Barrios, and many more. I moved to Bayswater at 17yrs and graduated from 1975. I hung out at the beach in Rockaway and in the Beach in FarRockaway, also Miltys in and a old hang out was a little bar called Johnnies on the beach I forget the street. SO here I go again someone, anyone who knows me write I would love to here from you. Thanks Skip for you site its excellent. Arnie, John Murphy, Joe and Laura shay,Eileen Seamean, Cookie Miles, Tommy with the pure white hair, so many others . Hey lets get in touch.

Sandra Soto, Class of 1975      Email Address:

Posted on July 17, 2002- Hi my name is Carmen Claudio and I lived at Hammels Blvd. from 1965 to 1976. I went to PS 183 and I would really like to contact Teresa Newsome or Newman. I know she has a sister named Sharon and was my sister Isabel's good friend. Also in our class was Russell, but I don't remember his last name. It would be really cool to here from them. I think you are doing a great job with the lost classmates page.

Carmen Claudio    Email Address:

Posted on July 15, 2002- Skip,  Hello! A friend of mine, Kathy, is looking for a girlfriend from high school named Loretta Cruz Kavanaugh.  If you or anyone reading this knows where she is please
email me & I will give the messages to Kathy.  Loretta was to graduate in 1968.  Thank you!

Suzette        Email address:

Posted on June 27, 2002- Hi Skip,  I am trying to find onbe of  my best friends from High School.  Her name is Michelle(Shelly) Bernstein. She graduated with me in 1970 and lived in Bayswater.  Her parents were Deloris and Martin and she had 2 sisters. If anyone knows where I can contact her, please e-mail me. Thanks for the great website!

Annette (Lipshutz) Stepp      E-Mail:

Posted on June 27, 2002- Hi Skip, I am sending out an APB for Milton Cornwall, Class of 1978. I lost contact with Milton about 4 years ago. If anyone knows his whereabouts please feel free to e-mail me.

Rick Smith, Class of 1978     Email Address:

Posted on June 17, 2002- Alisa, it's getting boring talking to our old friends and asking them ..."where are you"

Jeff Lieberman, Class of 1973       Email address:

Posted on June 13, 2002- Hi Skip,  Could you please post this?  I am searching for family members.   Thank you.  Hello all.  My name is Nick Manix and I am searching for the Sarubbe Family that went to your High School.  My fathers name is Stanley N. Sarubbe and that is all of the family that I know.  If anyone has any information, please let me know.  Thank you.

Nick Manix

Posted on June 8, 2002- Hi Skip,  My name is Lynn Balen-Gabel. I am looking for two old fiends. Gail
Barken graduated 1968 and Sharon Epstein graduated 1969. These were my very best friends and would love to get in touch with them. Thank you for any help you can offer.

Lynn Balen Gabel       Email address:

Posted on June 3, 2002- Hi Skip,  Sorry to intrude but I am trying to locate Linda Moorehead.  She attended St. Mary's and graduated in 1969.  She is a second cousin of mine.  Her father Tom Moorehead died in November 1978.  Her mother Beatrice is my cousin and I have not been able to locate her either.  Beatrice would be in her eighties if still alive.  I noticed your message for the Far Rockaway High School Site.  I do not know if Linda attended FRHS.  I am hoping that you might remember her from St Mary's and perhaps tell me where she is or was.  I appreciate any information you can pass along or any other suggestions for some other classmates I could contact.  Thanks.

Walter Lutz             Email address:

Posted on May 21, 2002- Hi Skip, I lost contact with one of my friends in high school.  I left him at Far Rockaway High, then moved to Beach Channel High between 1984 - 1988.  I've somehow lost contact with him.  Can you help me?   His name is Donavan Gayle or (Gail), don't remember the correct spelling of the last name.  I was hoping you could help me locate him.  I'm writing from my personal e-mail address.  A bunch of us were all friends hanging out together.  We were the Jamaican Bunch.

Sharon J. Gonga,  Brandon, Florida    Email address:

Posted on May 21, 2002- Skip:  Former classmates from FRHS (1947) and P. S. 44 (1943) are looking for Marie Hoffman. She lived on Beach 95th Street, Rockaway Beach, and we have known each other since 1st grade. For the past four or five years the three of us have been meeting once a year and catching up with our past lives. We have been unable to locate Marie and hope someone out there might know. Last year we located Rose Delvecchio and she will be joining us this June 17th. Thank you very much for this opportunity.


Elsie Finkel Gabay, Jackie Zipern Singer, Rose Delvecchio Jones and
Elizabeth Meyer Wheeler

Elizabeth Wheeler       Email address:

Posted on May 16, 2002- I was in the Class of '48, and moved to Los Angeles  a few months before
graduation.  My best friend in the class was Naomi Gang.  I assume she married, and I would love to find her.  About me, I went to Radcliffe and then graduate school, have a Ph. D. from Cornell. I recently retired from private practice in Psychoanalytic Psychology, and continue to teach in a local college.  I have 3 sons and 3 grandchildren.  This web site is wonderful.

Maxine Dworkin, now Bernstein, '48    Email address:

Posted on April 30, 2002- Looking for Martin (Marty) Salland class of "54" or "55".  Last seen in Bayswater in 1966 or 67.  Had a brother Carl and parents Tom and Shirley.  Any help would be wonderful.

Judith (Judie) Tuck, Class of "56"    Email address:

Posted on April 12, 2002- Looking for Harvey Greenstein, Class of 1963.  If you can assist, please email me.

Neil Licht   Class of 1963     Email address:

Posted on April 7, 2002- This one isn't exactly a lost classmate but maybe you can help.  I lived at 364 B. 56 St. from 1963-1970.  I am looking for pictures from that time frame of the playground that was in front of the building.  Where can I post on your website?  Thanks very much.

Amy (Zaleznic) Alessi     Email address:

Posted on April 4, 2002- Skip,  I am looking for Esther Fedder, Class of 1960 or 61 and also Dale Lang, Class of 1959.  If anyone can help, please write and let me know.

Len Shalansky, Class of 1960       Email address:

Posted on April 1, 2002- Skip, It is wonderful that you have taken on this task. It will bring immense pleasure to many people.  This is really not a lost classmate listing but just a little family history.  My mother's family moved to the Rockaways about 1900, give or take a few years. Mother graduated from Far Rockaway High School in 1912, the 14th annual commencement. There were 27 graduates including Agnes Buckley, who taught at PS 114 in Belle Harbor. My mother, Sadie Seidenberg, authored the class poem.

Herbert Frankel, Class of 1942    Email address:

Posted on March 29, 2002- Skip, My name is Lynn Shivek and I am from the graduating class of 1965. I am looking for Sandy Mangel Rosen and I am looking for Phyllis Berman. Any knowledge of them? Thanks

Lynn Shivek  Class of 1965     Email address:

Posted on March 28, 2002- Dear Skip,  I graduated from FRHS in 1970 and still have my yearbook.  I have been searching for many years to find a 1967 yearbook from JHS 180 .  If there is anyone that might know where I can locate the JHS 180 yearbook, I would really appreciate your help.

Skip, this is a wonderful website.  I just love reading what people I went to school with are doing  these days and just searching for old friends.  Thanks so much for posting my request.

Susan Tallis         Email address:

Posted on March 27, 2002- I just saw your wonderful website.  I am looking for Leslie Berman. My name is Perre Bernstein (Calderon) and I lived in Wavecrest Gardens.  We graduated in 1963. I  have been married going on 38 years this August and have 3 wonderful grown children and 5 terrific grandsons-just like everyone else.  We reside in Long Beach, NY.   I would also like any information on Cleo Tirlle who was residing in California.  Thanks and keep up the good work.

Perre Bernstein (Calderon), Class of 1963  Email address:

Posted on March 23, 2002- Hello Skip, I am just loving the site but spending way too much time on it.  You got my e-mail correct now, but I have been frustrated because I have tried to e-mail Phil Kalfin from, '63, also Barbara Diresta, Nadine Kaplan, Marcia Schwimmer and Melissa Herman '65 and they have all been returned.  None the less I am having a terrific time on the site.  Hope to hear from you again.  If anyone can help me locate any of the people I am looking for, please email me.

Marilyn Palefsky Lonky, Class of 1965    Email address:

Posted on March 19, 2002- Hello Skip, Can you please help me find Cindy Hertzberg-Silverman?
She would have graduated in 1972.  Thank You,

Karen Grossman       Email address:

Posted on March 17, 2002- Skip,  It has been a long time since I wrote to you.  I lived on Highland Ct. in Far Rockaway.  I finished FRHS in 1980.  I am still looking for a few friends.  Hope someone can help me out here.  Larry Bosstick, Lori Martino,  Carol Ebert.  I would also love to hear from anyone else who remembers me.  Thank you for this site.

Rhonda Kleinert      Email address:

Posted on March 17, 2002- Hi Skip, I am so proud of our schools website---my husband went to Erasmus High School and can't get over what you have accomplished----immortalizing our schools memory!  I have been searching for my dearest friend (or her sister) Sunny Rowe (1960) and Reggie Rowe (62).  I have lost contact for over ten years and would be so happy to
resume our friendship. Many people knew them. They were very popular and well liked. Hopefully, someone will know where they are now.  Sincerely,

Anita J. Decter (Radezky)   Class of 1960   Email address:

Posted on March 14, 2002- Dear Skip, My name is Rayna Cohen Kerber and was friends with Stephanie Cooper and I would like to know what happened to her. Last I heard she was in medical school.  If anyone know where she is pls let me know.  Thanks.

Rayna Cohen Kerber        Email address:

Posted on March 8, 2002- Dear Skip, I am writing again in hopes of finding two people my husband was close to when he was growing up in Bayswater.  Someone out there might remember the purple house on Anchor Drive.  Well,  that house was where my husband Jeff Levine grew up and lived in.  He passed away in Feb of 2001, and I have been trying to locate Steve Brejensky and Ricky Gottlieb.  As far as I can remember, Ricky lived on Dunbar and Steve lived on Anchor Drive, right across from my husband.  If anyone knows the whereabouts of either one of these people, please contact me at 917-929-0243. It would be greatly appreaciated.


Michelle Rothman Levine, Class of 1978       Email address:

Posted on March 8, 2002- I was hoping someone could put me in touch with '68 grads missing .... Larry Gold where are you?.......any info on Barbara Rosenbach, Irene Schmolowitz, Wendy Solomon, Raena Gordon or any of my other old pals please contact me.

Ronnie Tarnofsky-Mauro, Class of 1968       Email address:

Posted on March 4, 2002- I am looking for Barbara Rosen class of 1957.  We were a close group of four friends.  I have kept in touch with Barbara Smith Stanton over the years.   I recently found Rose Cirolli through this website only to find that she had died 2 years earlier.   I did get a chance to correspond with her wonderful son.

Maija Zvirbulis    Email address:

Posted on February 21, 2002- Hi Skip,  There are so many people that I am looking for, but mainly people that were fortunate enough to be in Myron Steinberg's 7th grade class at PS 106 and
students that were in his drama club at PS 106 and Cardozo Junior High.  Myron was a wonderful man that used to take many of his students on trips to New York City to see his brother Jerry wrestle. Jerry Steinberg was also a Judge in the Brooklyn courts.  And last but not least, I am looking for Robert (Bobby) Bender who was Mr. Steinberg's cousin.  The last I heard
Bobby was living in LA and is a Movie Director.

Thanks for your help and best regards,

Karen Klein Lutzker, Class of 59     Email address:

Posted on February 20, 2002- Dear Skip, I'm still trying to locate Eddie Wendel, Jordan Rosenberg or Barry Landau.  By the way in the photo of cheerleaders 1959 top line and extreme right is a girl who's first name was Nancy. I don't remember her last name.  Next to her is Dale Lang who was a neighbor of mine while I lived in Far Rockaway.

Marjorie Manley     Email address:

Posted on February 18, 2002- Skip,  I would like to be able to reach Richard (Richie) Aguirre, Class of 1968.  Can you help?  Thanx.

Lisa Elissa Macklis, Class of '69    Email Address:

Posted on February 16, 2002- Hi Skip, You are to be congratulated on the caliber of this web site. I enjoy going through every page on a regular basis and by doing so, I feel connected to my "roots".   On behalf of myself and a few other persons, I was wondering if this site could be used to attempt to establish contact with persons who were in the class of '51 at P.S. 106 Queens as we are attempting to put out feelers for a possible reunion of that class.  I am also attaching a class photo with names added to it. Perhaps you can place it on your site along with a note to contact either myself at: or Sheldon Thaler

Many thanks for your consideration and of course for this site.


Richard Schwartz   Email address:

Click Here To View The Photo Of The PS 106 Graduating Class of 1951

Posted on February 15, 2002- Dear Skip,  Hope you are well. Since the first request to locate several "lost classmates," I received about 7- 8 replies. None of them were from the person I was originally hoping to reconnect with, but I was delighted just the same. So here is a slightly unusual request. AS I mentioned in my first email, my father was a pretty popular algebra teacher at JHS 198. He taught there from 1960 to 1980. He is now 77 years old, and aside from less hair (anyone who knows him would be laughing cause there weren't many even back then), he is as sharp and active as he has always been.  We often speak about "the old days" and sure enough each time, he begins to pull all sorts of names out of a hat, of students he taught and colleagues he taught with, through the years. You can't imagine what it means to him to hear from the people whose lives he touched along the
way. He is so pleased to have made such an impression on so many students. If anyone reading this would like to send him a note, I would be more than happy to forward it to him. I'm certain he will reply with the same graceful sense of humor that anyone who knows him would recall.

For those interested, in the subject line of your email, write "Philip Rothman" and I will forward your message immediately to him.  Thank you Skip, for providing such an amazing service. I can't tell you how much I've been enjoying it.

Paul Rothman, Class of 1974    Email address:

Posted on February 7, 2002- Dear Skip,  I would like to locate Lidia Wiedermann from Belle Harbor, Class of 1956.

Herb Steiner    Email address:

Posted on February 2, 2002- Dear Skip,  Wonderful web site!...many fond memories. I am Ron May "54 (started out with "55). I would like to know if anyone has had any contact with Marcia Lasin, Beach 131st Street and probably class of '56, '57, or '58. Many thanks...keep up the excellent work on this site.

Ron May, Class of 1954    Email address:

Posted on January 31, 2002- Last November, Andy Sutter, Class of 71 was elected to the Bexley School Board, a city next to Columbus Ohio.  In January, Andy joined Steve Grossman, Class of 63 who has been on the school board for the last four years.  Bexley has 5 school board members.

Andy and Steve would like to know if there is (or ever was) any other occurrence outside of the New York Metropolitan area of Far Rockaway graduates serving together on a school board...or even a city council.

Your assistance in posting this on the web page would be appreciated.

Steve Grossman, Class of 1963   Email address:

Posted on January 23, 2002- Hi my name is Kelly and IM looking for two friends of mine. John Kennedy and Mark Perez, both whom should have graduated in 1986. If any one knows of them please contact me. They were dear friends of mine.  Thanks.

Kelly Murfitt, Class of 86        Email address:

Posted on January 17, 2002- Looking for David Sussman for a friend of his, Harold Schafer. Thanks.

Ira Goldfine    Email address:   igoldfine

Posted on January 13, 2002- Dear Skip,  Is Fred Ruff still living, and if so, how can I contact him?
P.S. You've done a great job with this Site......Thank you

Joel Engelsberg, Class of 1957 (Winter)    Email address:

Posted on January 10, 2002- Hi Skip, Trying to locate Howie Skolnik, Class of 58 or 59.  Thanks.

Fran Pierce Jackson     Email address:

Posted on January 10, 2002- I am looking for a cousin of mine who probably graduated from Far Rockaway HS in years 1965 - 1967.  His name is Ronald Goldstein.  I am trying to get in touch with him.  Any information you may have will be appreciated.  Thanks.

Ralph Goldstein     Email address:

Posted on January 9, 2002- Hi Skip.  I was referred to you by the kind folks at Rockaway High who thought you might be able to help me.  I am a television producer working on a Nancy Lieberman documentary for MetroTV and am trying to track down two of her high school coaches, Larry Morse (basketball) and Barbara Sakrowitz (softball).  Any information you might have would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Jade Celentano    Email address:

Posted on January 5, 2002- Hello Skip,  Just what I needed ~Another internet site I am addicted to! (and this one won't get me in any trouble!) -Really, I'm having a blast. It's a  really cool site. I've reconnected with over a dozen friends, most of  whom I haven't seen or spoken with since 1974. Strangely, almost all of them live in Florida. Was there something in the water? I've thought of
someone else I would really like to contact. Her name then was Pamela Best. We also attended PS 215 and JHS 198 together. Reconnecting with Pam if anyone can help, would be great. My dad taught math at JHS 198 for close to 30 years. Some of you may remember him: Philip Rothman. My dad and Pam had a mutual admiration for one and other, so any time I talk about Far Rock High, he always asks me to try and locate Pam.  We would both love it!  Thanks again for all the great work here.

Paul Rothman, Class of 1974   Email address:

Posted on January 4, 2002- Hello Skip,  I'm trying to contact a few friends from the Class of 1952, Marty Ross, Bob Unger, Richard Lissak, all of whom lived in Arverne. If there's anyone else out there who recognizes my name from this note, don't be bashful and please drop me a line.

Bernie Kantor    Email address:

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