Graduates From Rockaway In 1966

Any Plans Out There for a 40th Year Reunion???

Karen Serota (Leibowitz), Class of 1966, joins us from Brooklyn, New York and writes the following.

I live in the Mill Basin section of Brooklyn. I've been married for 27 years and work with handicapped children in the NYC school system. I have 2 sons, one graduating from Syracuse U. this May, and the other just started Hofstra. I'd love to hear from old friends from Edgemere and Arverne.

Karen can be reached at

Stuart Rauch, Class of 1966, joins us from Oceanside, New York and writes the following.

I graduated from Far Rockaway High School in 1966 and taught their from 1971 - 1983. I am currently Supervisor of Fine and Performing Arts for the Oyster Bay-East Norwich School District on Long Island.

I'm looking for all those who were in the shows I directed at Far Rock High during that time, in particular: Stephen Evans, Josephine Mayfield, and Sharon Scott an so many others.


Stuart can be reached at

Thanks to Stuart for writing. I look forward to receiving any stories or photos you wish to share.

Alan Binder, Class of 1966, joins us from Tolland, MA and writes the following.

Dear Alan, Great job on the site. I used to be in the Orchestra with Miss Levy. I also played in 2 bands called The Gents and The Six Pieces of Eight. I have fond memories of dances at the high school and the Y and Temple Emanuel. Great memories. I became a music teacher in the Carmel School District 24 years ago. I developed a program where I teach guitar to 30 8th graders at a time as part of their general music program. ( I also teach advanced guitar at Carmel HS) I also have a performing group of 7th and 8th graders called the Carmel Rock Ensemble. There are 32 kids in the group. 20 singers, electric guitar and bass, drums, synthesizers and alto sax.

Last year our theme was the Beatles.(over 130 kids tried out for the group this year) This year our theme is the 70's. I love what I do. I am married to Cheryl(from Fresh Meadows) for 25 years. She is an art teacher in Poughkeepsie. I have a daughter Hayley,(17) a junior that wants to be a physical therapist. My other daughter is Katy, 12. Both of my kids are involved in gymnastics in competition and also are into music. We live in Dutchess County. I am also in my 3rd year on the Millbrook Central School District Board of Education.

I remember a hurricane when I was going to JrHS 180. The bay and the ocean met. Kids were taken from the school in rowboats. I also remember the day the lights when out. I took out my guitar and marched through the streets singing the "Eve of Destruction." Well that's it for now. Keep up the good work.


(Left to right) Sue (Jackson) Smith & Rob Smith / Billy Reyburne, Cheryl & Alan Binder


(Left to Right) Cheryl Perlin, Rita Tellerman, Sue (Jackson) Smith, Hope Federman, Wendy (Lieberman) Lipton,
Barbara Cohen, Barbara Kimmel, Sandy (Jackson) Gershowitz.

(Photo on right) ????, ????, Fred Strober, Alan Binder

Thanks to Alan for sending these great photos taken at the FRHS 20 year reunion for the Classes of 1966 and 1967.

Alan writes again to say:

As soon as I got off of the net , I had some other thoughts. I grew up in Bayswater on Bayswater Ave. between 24th St. and Mott Ave. I used to play all kinds of sports at PS104. We had a roller hockey team called the Bayswater Bruins and we used to play against a team from 56th street. Also, there was this little girl that used to bother us and want to play basketball with us. (Nancy Lieberman)

I also remember Roy Bittan playing clarinet in Orchestra and playing accordian and chordovox in his first band. I used to sit between Lloyd Aronoff 1966 (I am still in touch with him and he lives in Lake Tahoe) and Roy Bittan 1966. I also am in touch with Marcel Polak (Maine, Class of 1966), Bob Natt (Conn., 1965) Sue (Jackson) Smith (1967 Long Beach), Sandy (Jackson) Gershowitz 1967 Oceanside, and Danny Mausner (1966). Fred Marin 1966 is a dentist in Poughkeepsie.

During my senior boat ride I remember Lenny (something) diving overboard into the East River. Also a car crash under the "L" that claimed Lonny Lawrence, a close friend.

Again keep up the great work.

Alan can be reached at

Thanks to Alan for writing. I too was in the FRHS Orchestra and Band. Was Mr. Ruff still there in 1966? How about a few photos for the web site?

Abba Panitz, Class of 1966, joins us from Plantation, Florida and writes the following.

I am looking for and old friend who graduated FRHS in 1965. His name is Teddy Maher and he lived on Brookhaven Avenue between 28th street and 29th. He later married and moved to Howard Beach in the early 70's. One of his good friends was Richie Cohen and another was myself Abba Panitz who graduated Far Rock in 1966.

I currently live in Plantation, Florida with my wife Adrien Apfelbaum Panitz who also graduated Far Rock in 1971. We have two children ages 19 and 17. I lived on 28th street and was good friends with Bobby Richardson, Ira Lubenstien, Michael Chanin, Robert Schlien, June Freeman, Joette Feinblatt, Nancy Postal, Glenda Stearn, Ellen Benjamin, Some of these people I am still in contact with, one of which (my best friend) has passed away.

Teddy Maher ' if you are out there please contact me at my sons e-mail address.

Abba can be reached at

Thanks Abba for writing. I hope we can find Teddy for you.

Jerry Silver,Class of 1966, joins us from Atlanta, Georgia and writes the following.


I just finished reading most of the web page info on FRHS. It amazed me how many people I actually remembered. I am Jerry Silver, class of 1966. I remember playing ball at PS 104 with Alan Binder and Danny Mausner. Fred Strober was our class president.

The 3 pictures of Mr Tietz, Ms Craft and Mr Seiden also brought back memories. I remember Mr Tietze walking around the room with a yardstick and asking questions to the class such as: "Who makes the laws?" Some petrified student would answer "The President," and Mr Tietze would SLAM his yardstick on the students desk and yell out "CONGRESS!!!" After a couple of wrong answers he usually had about a 6 inch ruler left. I'll tell you, I learned things in his history class that I never forgot.

Ms Craft was my guidance counselor. I remember wanting to go to the University of Wisconsin, and her telling me not to bother that I would never get in. Of course, I did apply and graduated there in 1970!

Mr Seiden came into the back of our homeroom one day in 1964, while we were doing the pledge and singing, I think, America the Beautiful. We used to get the NY Times in class, and both the kid next to me and I were looking at the pictures from the 1st Cassius Clay-Sonny Liston fight. Mr Seiden came up front and gave both of us SALMONS!!! Remember those? The next day my mother stormed into his office and made him rip it up-which he did!

I was on the same Senior boat ride in 1966 when some kid jumped into the river. Some drunk kids also threw a bunch of chairs into the river. I believe that was the last Senior Boat Ride they ever had.

Well I could go on and on but I will sign off for now. I am a radiologist in Atlanta, Ga, married with 4 children. My mother and sister were also graduates of FRHS and will be at the reunion. I would be happy to get up in front of a microphone if anyone was interested in hearing these or other memories, as I generally do not get "stage fright."

Hopefully you can get some of this information to anyone trying to compile information. I am not sure how to get a picture into this E mail, but will check with some computer nerds I know. I'd appreciate some acknowledgment that you ever received this, and that it made it into the web page.

See you in September

Jerry can be reached at

Thanks Jerry for you memories. I too had a similar conversation with Miss. Craft about college and got the same response from her as you did. I wonder how many of us out here have made it in spite of her, not because of her!

Rona (Greenspan) Lee, Class of 1966, joins us Ft. Washington, PA and writes the following.

Just returning to the U.S. after being overseas for almost 3 years subsequent to my husband's passing. Living in the greater Philadelphia area at this time. Would love to hear from former classmates from P.S. 104, JHS 180 and FRHS.  I lived on Mott Ave. in Bayswater, attended PS 104, JHS 180 and, of course, FRHS. Was involved in Boosters, student govt, and school newspaper.

Relocated to San Luis Obispo, California where I met Rick Lee, to whom I was married for 29 years; he passed away in October 2005.   Since August 2006 I've been living and working overseas (first Spain, now Turkey). Would love to reconnect with any of my former classmates. (Updated on 6/09)

Rona can be reached at

Thanks Rona for writing. Sorry it took so long to post your letter.

Linda Smith Roth, Class of 1966, joins us from Rockville Centre, NY and writes the following.

Wow - how exciting the 100th year reunion was!  Thanks to Skip and Carol for all they did to make it happen.  Thanks also for the website.  It brings back wonderful memories.
About me:  following high school, I married Mitchell Gidaly and we had a son, Keith Gidaly.  I taught in Long Beach Public Schools, New York for 17 years.  I am currently married to Gary Roth.  We lived in Fort Worth, Texas for 11 years but now live in Rockville Centre, New York.  We have two golden retrievers and one beautiful grandson!  I am currently Director of Curriculum and Assessment for Hewlett-Woodmere Public Schools.

Linda can be reached at

Thanks Linda for writing and sending me "then and now". I wish I had more then and now photos.  Having yours made it very easy to find you at the reunion. It was a once in a life-time event and it was great meeting you.

Bonnie Stadler Morr, Class of 1966, joins us from Santa Cruz, California and writes the following.

I will not be able to attend the event in Sept. since I was just in Rockaway, and am planning to be there again in Oct.

I would love to have the email addresses of anyone from the graduating class of 1966. I was in the orchestra, violin section.... I think I was the shortest kid in school. I was also suspended for protesting a school dance due to the Vietman war as I was active politically.   It is an absolute joy to read all the postings of all the memories and stories, about FRHS. I was the third in my family to attend FRHS after both of my brothers, we were all in the band and the orchestra so we have wonderful memories about Mr. Ruff and Ms. Levy. Even though I wanted to follow my brothers and play a brass instrument I was sent to the strings, due to my braces. I also wanted to play the Bass, however my size wasn't set for that either and Mr. Ruf made me play the Violin. Thank you because I love every minute of that stringed instrument and learned lots about classical music. I do not know how many folks remember Mr. Jacobs, he took on the Peace and Freedom club, at a time when the peace movement was not very popular. He was only at FRHS for a short time but he inspired my commitment to Human Rights and Peace.  Thank You. As all the rest of the teachers at Far Rock and JHS 198 as well as P.S. 106, Thank you for all your hard work I know I was a little tough but I will never forget where I came from and all my memories.

I would love to connect with some of the people I went to school with. Thanks so much for doing what you are doing.  Please keep in touch.

Bonnie can be reached at

Thanks Bonnie for writing. Sorry you won't be making it to the reunion. Thanks for the photo.

Steven Sobel, Class of 1966, joins us from Rockville Centre New York and writes the following.

I didn't actually go to FRHS since I went to Brooklyn Tech, but I grew up in Rockaway and that's where all my old frineds are, so I hope you will consider listing me. I'm married to Diane Chait (FRHS 1968) and a cousin of Rhea Finkelstein, who was active in the Reunion. Diane and I were at the Sunday Brunch. Thanks

Steve and Diane can be reached at

Agliata, Chip (Hartweg) -  - Ringwood, NJ
Still cute as a button - after all these years! Son 10 years old (he keeps me young).

Albanese, Cathy (Callegari) -  - Scarsdale, NY

Angel, Jack -  - Great Neck, NY

Apfelbaum, Malvina (Kluger) -  - Kew Gardens, NY

Ashley, Rita (Berdahl) - - New York, NY - Updated January, 2009
Click Here to View photos from my Sweet 16

Barg, Brenda (Schlechter) -  - Cedarhurst, NY

Barry, Ed - Send Me Your Current Email Address - North Lauderdale, FL
I have been married for 23 years and my wife's name is Linda. I worked for American Express from 1966 to 1989 and transferred to Florida in 1975. I did two years Army duty, 68 to 70, in Fort Hood, Texas. I currently Work for the U.S. Postal Service. I was a resident of Arverne and lived on 72nd St/Amstel Blvd. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who is familiar with this area of town. Particularly the Dock Inn, the Stop, the pool hall on the boardwalk and the boatyard.

Bassman, Rena (Samuels)  - Coral Springs, FL
I live in South Florida now and have two great kids, a 26 year old girl and a 31 year old boy. Enjoying my time at the beach.

Berkowitz, David - - Pt. Jefferson Station, NY
Old friends - it would be great to hear from you.

Bernstein, Jeffrey - - New York, NY - Updated June, 2008
Happily divorced and living in Manhattan. Two kids, Jonathan who works with me and Erica who just graduated from Brooklyn Law School. Life is good.  I was thrilled to find this site and would love to hear from some of my FRHS classmates.

Binder, Alan -  - Tolland, MA

Birnbaum, William -  - Brooklyn, NY
It is wonderfull to see familiar names of old friends. I certainly hope all is well. It brings back fond memories. My father had a Kosher Butcher Shop across from the State Dinner. The store was near a real estate agent, candy store, Liebels Dry Goods, Rays Shoe Repair, etc., not far from Beach Channel Drive. I belonged to Troop 267 also a member of the Order of the Arrow. I also graduated from JHS 180.  Very often Saturday night there would be gatherings in various homes in Belle Harbour, Far Rockaway, Lawrence and Woodmere. Mostly organized by the AZA & BBG. I also had a part time job in the PIX theatre. I lived on Dickens Street in BAYSWATER. Now I reside in Mill Basin - Brooklyn with my wife and Children.   I would love to hear from you.  P.S. My younger brother is Philip Birnbaum.

Bixenspan, Gerald - Click Here to Email - Long Beach, NY

Bombe, Ruth (Favarulo) - - Chesapeake City, MD
Great memories. Our lives were simpler. Our town was safe. No money no problem. We would walk the boardwalk, window shop on Mott Ave. and if we had a token we could take the train to Central Park. Did all that with Pamela Mason, JoAnn Katzman and Randy Horne.

Botein-Furrevig, Alice (Botein) -  - Brick, NJ
It was through this amazing site and the big alumni get-together in LI that I was blessed to find some missed friends from FR: Suzy Baronfeld Lancer and Eileen Baronfeld Leone (whose mom was friends with my mom); Gail Sorocki Alazrachi, my best friend in JHS 180 and FRHS; Howie Ganin ('66 and a fellow Sara Pinkus Art Studio painter); Jeff Bernstein --FRHS '66 and CUCC ('66-67). It would be grand to locate other folks who attended CUCC for one year after FR before moving on to four year colleges and grad schools --Mitch Pearlstein was one of the students, I recall. I also reconnected with Larry Sarica, who recently passed away after a brave battle with cancer. Larry was the cousin of Helen Sarica, a dear friend of mine from FRHS ('65). She and her siblings became very close to my family and she and I were like sisters. Sadly, Helen passed away in her early thirties and so I feel very blessed to have gotten together for lunch in New Hope, PA a few years ago with Larry and his wife, Arlene, to share fond memories of this smart and beautiful woman who still had so much to give. I'd be interested in finding out the whereabouts of Rena Bassman (lived in a building --cannot recall the street --between Greenport and Mott). Thank you Skip and Carol! Alice (Ali)Botein-Furrevig '66 PS: My husband, Allan, and I moved to the Jersey Shore in '92. He's a retired banker and I have been an English professor for many years. Love it too much to retire!

Brandes, Jay - - Boynton Beach, FL
I was on the fencing team at Far Rockaway high school. Some of my best memories and friends were made during my 3 years at the high school.

Bronstein, Michael - (home) - North Woodmere, NY- (work) Historical Collector's Editions - New York, NY - Updated January 2010
Married; two children, one grandchild.


Bushel, Glenn - - Baltimore, MD - Posted January, 2008

Castleman, Nancy -  - Milan, NY
Website located at:

Chaimowitz, Henry 'Chip' - - Pensacola, FL

Chait, Jay -  - Marietta, GA

Cimet, Leonard - - Acton, MA - Updated January, 2022

Corb, Irene (Gaffigan) -  - Proctorsville, VT - Deceased September, 2016
I just learned about this site today quite by accident. I can't believe that I recognized so many names and the good memories that have been brought back. I would love to receive e-mail from classmates. Thanks to whoever designed this wonderful site.  Visit my web site at:

Coren, Jessica (Karmen) - - Plymouth, MA  - Updated November, 2018

David, Alan S. - - Roswell, GA - Updated January, 2008
I loved growing up in Farrock. Wish it was like the old days, so I could visit.. but all things change. Great memories of a great childhood!!  Growing up in Rockaway was unforgettable, many good times and good people to remember all!

Diamond, Bernie 'Hank' - - Newton, MA - Updated January, 2014

Dobin, Ron - - Fair Oaks, CA

Dresslove, Ronald -  - Pemberton, NJ
I Lived in Arverne 629 Beach 65 Street from 1962 to 1967 When I joined the Air Force. I didn't go to Far Rockaway HS I went to East New York Voc. & Tec. HS in Brooklyn. I'm looking for David & Ester Berkowiez who graduated in 1966. Also Leonard Levy who graduated in 1966 East New York but lived in Rockaway on B. 66th St.

Drucker, Robin (Block) - – Sharon , MA
Looking for Harriet Goodman; also last year on BONES or Sherlock Holmes I recognized Silverpoint Beach Club where they filmed an episode. My accountant recently mentioned that his temple does rebuilding in of all places, Far Rockaway. Amazing how the paths cross!!

Dworkin, Robert - - Midlothian, VA - Updated April, 2010

Ecker, Estelle (Lewis) - - Staten Island NY
I attended Far Rockaway High School for one year following my graduation from J.H.S. 180 in 1963. I then had to move to Brooklyn (Ebbets Field) and attended G.W. Wingate H.S. I graduated in 1966. While looking for someone I grew up with in Hartman Homecrest, I stumbled upon the FRHS web site. The person I was looking for mentioned me in his blog. I hope you will accept me into your alumni association as I have
already made some connections and LOVE this site.

Edelstein, Herbert -  - Florence, KY
Just finished my 10-11? bicycle tour. I'm slow, not too strong but usually manage 2000 miles +/-. First trip was in '86. Mom was living in Atlantic Beach. Rode from Murfreesboro, TN to Atlantic Beach. Cross into Manhattan on the Ferry; crisp morning. I was so high! Then turned around & rode back home. Many careers: Gereral Manager Catalina/Oceanview Beach Clubs in Atlantic Beach for 5 years; social worker in TN; Farm - raised Belgium Draft Horses but mostly played farmer; owned a Bowling Center in Albuquerque.

Eisenberg, Irving -  - Manorville, NY - Deceased January, 2017
I have met so many old friends and made so many new ones. Thanks for your support of my newsletter, "The Long Island Sleuth" and for bringing us all back home again.

Engel, David - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Plainview, NY

Erlich, Flora (Texler) -  - New City, NY

Etkin, Madeline - - Northampton, MA - Updated September 15, 2016
In these difficult and challenging times it feels important to me to remember where we've been and bring those memories closer to home now.  This web site has brought me, and obviously so many others,  much pleasure.  Reconnecting with the past and hoping for a peaceful future, my best wishes to everyone.

Fallik, Fred -  - Oceanside, NY

Fast, Blanche (Kirschner-Moss) - - Great Neck, NY

Feldman, Peggy (Levitin) -  - Redwood City, CA
I have been living in Northern CA for 17 years. My brother still lives in Belle Harbor and I usually visit once a year if possible.  I would love to hear from any 1966 graduates. I had a twin sister Ronnie. There were 3 sets of twins in our class.

Fiano, Arlene (Rubin) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - NY

Fink, Judd -  - West Hartford, CT

Fischell, Marilyn - Great Neck, NY
I loved my high school years.

Fischer, Richard - - Fair Oaks, CA
I live in Fair Oaks, CA today and it has been great reading your updates and reliving old memories of Rockaway Beach. I would love to hear from any of you that may remember me. If any of you are in contact with Pamela Mason give her my email address, the one she has posted is outdated. Go Seahorses.

Fishman, Barbara (Glaberman) -  - Mooresville, NC - Updated November, 2008
Would love to hear from old friends and classmates.

Fishman, George - - Brooklyn, NY

Fishman, Myrna (Fawcett) - - Washington, DC
I attended PS 39; JHS 180 (in SP) and a year at FRHS and moved to Ft Lee NJ and finished HS there. I graduated from Barnard College; attended NYU School of Law and finished at Georgetown University Law Center. I have lived in Washington , DC since then. Always will be a New Yorker, although Washington is a wonderful place to be. Still working but creating more flexibility in my life. I look forward to hearing from other FRers.

Freifeld, Miriam "Mimi" (Grahame) -  - Upper Holland PA

Ganak, George -  or  - Newington, VA
I attended FHS but graduated from another HS in Brooklyn. Through your website I was able to touch base with friends I have not seen since the early 70’s. So keep up the good work and add me into your system. I will forward some pictures from my alternate email address:

Ganer, Robert -  - Katonah, NY

Ganin, Howie -  - Woodmere, NY
I surely would love to hear from other alumni, especially anyone who attended the Sara Pincus Art School in Far Rockaway.

Garnett, Beth (Stites) -  - Palm Harbor FL
I'm so excited to be in touch with friends from high school. I look forward to hearing about your lives.

Gilbert, Dennis -  - Westminster, MD
If anybody sees Crazy Eddie please tell him to stop calling me; and that I don't have his song book, and No I've never been to the planet "Twilow"!  Also please let him know that when singing, "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," the inflection is on "hand" and not,"Wanna"! Thank you.

Gingold, Andrea (Roitman) - - Cary, NC

Glenn, Ilyne (Greene) - - East Brunswick, NJ

Goldberg, Arlene (Kanner) -  - Raleigh, NC

Goldstone, Jackie (Bernstein) -  - Baldwin, NY

Golob, Elaine (Weber) -  - Lake Worth, FL
I originally lived on Beach 69 St. in Arverne and later moved to Beach 145 St. in Neponsit. I would love to hear from anyone who went to PS 42, PS 215, JHS 180 and good old Far Rock with me. I graduated in '66 and was married to Bruce Weber, class of '69 0r '70. Now living in Lake Worth, Florida and am happily partnered with Mike McFadden for 10 years.  Recently spoke to Linda Hirth (Calder). Maddy Etkin was my roommate in Park Slope after college. Anyone know where Linda Schlam is? Website:

Gordon, Ira -  - Livingston, NJ

Grassi, Angela (Wilderman) - - Chesterfield, VA

Green, Marshall - - Leonia, NJ
After graduation, I went to Stony Brook and then the University of Wisconsin Law School. I have worked for The Legal Aid Society in New York for 35 years. I live in Leonia, New Jersey. My wife Joanne is a social worker and we have two children, ages 22 and 17.

Greene, Steven -  - Livingston, NJ

Greenfield, Bonita "Bonnie" (Nease) -  - West Chicago, IL
I would love to talk to anyone from the class of 66. I have a sister Deanna Borel, Class of 63, and brother Alan Greenfield, Class of 74. Someone mentioned the boat ride and clicked in my mind THANK YOU. Needed that memory today. Would love hearing from anyone of any of the different classes.

Greenspan, Rona (Lee) -  - Mazatlan, Mexico - Updated April, 2020
Graduated FRHS in '66, after attending JHS 180 and PS 104 in Bayswater.


Greenstein, Helene (Rossman) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Heightstown, NJ

Grill, Mark - - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Marlboro, NJ

Griminger, Fred - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Boca Raton, FL

Gutkin, Harvey -  - Richmond, VA

Gutkin, Michele (Zwerling) -  - Woodmere, NY

Haase, Charlie -  - Seaford, NY

Heller, Jane (Katz) - Deceased

Herzberg, Edward - - Tel Aviv, Israel

Himelstein, Emily -  - Poughkeepsie, NY
It has been great to connect with some of the Far Rock and Arverne people.

Hirst, Anna ( Killeen ) - - Dayton , NJ

Hirth, Linda (Calder) - - Sharon, MA

Horowitz, Marilyn (Taksen) - - Bradenton, FL - Updated February, 2008
Click on their photo to view it in its larger format.

Hunt, Lutricia (Milien) -  - East Stroudsburg, PA

Hyman, Joyce (Rappaport) -  - East Meadow, NY
Hi everyone. I would love to hear from old friends. Anyone remember our sorority, Iota?

Ipp, Fran (Wasserman) -  - Oceanside, NY

Isler, Terry - - Sun City, AZ - Updated July, 2013

Itkowitz, Jay -  - New York, NY
I was very glad to hear about this web site.

Kanis, Ira - - Monroe, NY
Looking for friends in graduating class of 1966.

Kanley, Iris (Klinger) -  - Danby, VT
I've grown up but I'm still very young at heart. Enjoying life in the country.

Kantrow, Shelly (Sheldon) - - Vancouver, BC Canada

Karsh, Ira - - Yorktown Heights, NY - Updated July, 2022

Kaye, Alan -  - Atlantic Beach, NY

Kellman, Norman M. - - Bothell, WA - Posted July, 2008
HELLO Everyone, I remember you all. And Thanks to my friend Joe Varrone for posting that PS 104, Class 6-3 photo. I am the handsome young man, third from the right in row three. Sitting next to Jane Heller on her left is my friend Estele Ecker. Please know that I have been surfing the site for more than 7- 8years. Watching it grow and loving every aspect of it especially when I see a familiar name come forward. Like Rona Greenspan just did. I waited till now because I did not have time in my life, juggling a career, a family and a crappy old computer. Now that I have semi-retired and an empty nester, I have time and am the proud owner of a new iMac; its simply a fantastic computer. Oh yes my cousins are the Shure family from Belle Harbor, 133 St. the Paris' (Patti & Deanne) from Neponsit, 142nd St. and the Hoffmann's from Mott Avenue. All my cousins went to FRHS at one time or another. Keep up the good work, Sending my all, Norman BTW. My home is near Seattle, WA. and I am currently in the Country of Kuwait, Middle-East. Will be here until September 2009. Any & all e-mails will be answered.


Kempler, Lester -  - Chatham, NY

Kessler, Adrienne -  - Lawrence, NY

Kirsch, Sandra (Rich) -  - Rockville Centre, NY

Kirschner, Carl - - Dix Hills, NY

Klang, Wendy (Sloane) -  - Woodmere, NY

Klapper, Brahna (Singer) - - Delray Beach, FL - Updated October, 2014


Klein, Herb -  - Yonkers, NY

Klein, Irwin -  - Lido Beach, NY

Klein, Michele (Federlin) - - Deerfield Beach, FL - Posted November, 2008

Kleinberg, Robyn (Karp) - - Boca Raton, FL

Krauss, Judith - - Delray Beach, FL

Kreitzman, Irene (Guttentag) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Coral Springs, FL

Lapidus, Mark - - Boynton Beach, FL - Updated current city of residence - October, 2018

Lefkowitz, Elise -  - Plantation, FL

Leibowitz, Karen (Serota) - - Brooklyn, NY

Lenkowsky, Stanley -  - Scarsdale, NY

Lerman, Lewis - 1966 -  - Hampton, VA

Levine, Bette (Tetreault) -  - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Levi, Charlotte (Frank) - - Montville, NJ - Updated July, 2014

Levine, Jay M. - - Littleton, CO

Levine, Tara (Wolman) -   -  Longmeadow, MA

Lewin, Steve -  - Merrick, NY

Lewis, Karen (Clarke) -  - Murrieta, CA
I didn't graduate from FRHS, but I attended 1963-64 and went to PS 215 and JHS 180 so I lived there my whole life until grade 11 so I would know a lot of people from the class of 1966. I hope that counts.

Loonin, Flory -  - Boulder, CO

Lubell, Sanford -  - Plantation, FL

Lubenstein, Joe -   - Westbrook, CT

Luberoff, Maxine (Rappaport) -  - Bayside, NY
I was so happy to find this website. I often visit Rockaway. I recently had a chance to visit PS 42 and PS 106.  I spent some time at the beach and ate at a new restaurant on 116th Street.  I hope I hear from some people who remember me.

Mackin, Larry -  - Henderson, NV

Mason, Pamela Jean (Davis) - - Roseville, CA
I went to P.S. 42, Cardoza J.H.198, and graduated from Far Rockaway H.S. in 1966. Some people I was friends with: Carol Miller, Randy Horn, Ray Ray Geffin, Ruth Bombe, Jo Ann Katzman, and Richie Fischer.

Mausner, Daniel -  - Jericho, NY

Meadow, James -  - Denver, CO - Deceased, 2009
A ton of years ago, I got in touch with Roy Bittan -- who has gained some not inconsequential chunk of fame by virtue of him playing with Bruce Springsteen. I just contacted him out of the blue and want people to know he was as pleasant and cordial and down to earth as he was when we went to school together.  Nice to know that some people can handle fame and success with grace and I thought some of us 'Seahorses' would be interested in knowing that.

Mehl, Vicki (Cabrera) -  - Long Beach, NY
Our Rockaway days were the best days of our lives. I am still best friends with the friends I had since I was 10 years old growing up in Rockaway. No one can take away those great days. Thanks for the website. Memories of Far Rock High, JHS 198 school yard, Arverne, the beach, 35th Street on the Boardwalk, Playland, Town, the Pix Theatre .....Ginos.....

Minker, Linda (Fleischer) -  - Boca Raton, FL

Modell, Howard -  - Liverpool, NY

Mundell, Arthur -  - West Palm Beach, FL

Murphy, Patricia (Catropa) -  - Belle Harbor, NY
My name is Patricia (Murphy) Catropa.I lived on Beach 74th St. in Arverne. I have two children and one grandson. I am married for 28 yrs. I now live in Belle Harbor. Still love the beach. Looking to speak with anyone from Arverne or class of 1966.

Murphy, Tom -  - Fresno, CA - Deceased, 2016
Would like to hear from Members of our Band(s) The Innovations and/or The Outriders, and renew some old acquaintances.

Nash, Lynn -  - Palm Beach, FL

Nelson, Mike - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Boca Raton, FL

Panitz, Abba - - Plantation, FL

Pearlstein, Mitchell -  - Minneapolis, MN 

Peltz, Linda Gale (Carter) - Saltillo, MS
People: I've been trying to find you for years and years!! Chip Agliata, contact me via facebook or Your email address was not a working contact. I was Linda Peltz. Folks, it warmed my heart to see all the names I remember; and still love all of you!! Lorraine Geffin, Ruth Bombe, Barry Auerback, George Moore, where are u?

Polak, Marcel -  - Woodstock, ME

Posner, Jeanne -  - Danbury, CT
It's been a long time, but discovering people and memories from Far Rockaway has been an exciting experience. I can't wait to meet and/or find again alumni from "the Rock." I would also love to hear from any other alumni who "came out" after high school.  Far Rockaway was home for almost half my adult life, and the powerful memories are still very much with me.

Rauch, Stuart -  - Oceanside, NY
In addition to graduating from FRHS, I taught music there from 1971-1983.

Robbins, June (Klein) - - Westport, CT - Updated February, 2010

Rock, Lois (Dix) -  - Forest Hills, NY

Rogers, Eddie - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Coral Springs, FL

Rosenberg, Warren -  - Crawfordsville, IN
HI to everyone who hung out in the 198 school yard in Arverne!  Author of:  "Legacy of Rage: Jewish Masculinity, Violence, and Culture" (U Mass Press 2001)

Rosenblum, David -  - Plainview, NJ

Rosenzweig, Kenny -  - Valley Stream NY

Samuels, Harvey -  - North Bellmore, NY

Schachter, Irene (Rosengarten) -  - Henderson, NV
 I am looking for a girl by the name of Esther Berkowitz. She graduated in 1966. Also a girl by the name of Sarah Youlson , she graduated also in 1966. Thank you

Scheingold, Linda (Berke) -  - Pleasanton CA

Scher, Bruce - - North Woodmere, NY - Updated March, 2022

Schoenholtz, Gloria (Clemares) -  - Atlanta, GA
I lived in Edgemere on 54th Street.   I lived in the same building as Bonnie Greenfield and Sandy Hirsch.  I have two younger brothers, Larry and Andy Schoenholtz, who also went to Far Rockaway High School.  I remember hanging out in the school yard at JHS 198 with Cheryl Diskin, Marilyn Horowitz, Karen Bauer, Maddy Etkin, Ellen Schnoll, Malvina Apfelbaum and her sister, Judy, among others.  I married Charlie Fremer in 1969 and moved to Miami, FL in 1971.  I have been married to Peter Clemares since 1980.  We moved to Dunwoody, GA (which is a suburb of Atlanta) in 1987. We have two sons, Jason, 17, and Matt, 15.  They attend North Springs High School in Sandy Springs, GA.  I  was shocked to learn that Jane Heller Katz passed away.  We were in each other's wedding parties and she loaned me her wedding dress. My heartfelt sympathy to Arnie and family. Here in Atlanta, I have come in contact with many people who have gone to Far Rockaway High School.

Schwartz, Ira -  - Columbus, NJ


Schwartz, Richard - - Hollywood, FL
I've enjoyed the web site since before the big reunion, and have contacted several old friends...Keep it up!!!

Schwenkler, Carol Ann (Gramse) -  - Huntington Station, NY

Scott, Steven - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Stoughton, MA

Shapiro, Sandy -  - Denver, CO

Sherwin, David -  - Norfolk, MA
Whew! Amazed by the detail and effort on this site. Great memories including the recollection of our Senior Boat Ride "jumper". Hope to locate and scan in a few "artifacts" such as a silverware token...remember those little red squares?


Signer, Myra (Woland) - - Bel Air, MD
Found your great home page. I am Myra Signer Woland class of 66. Gary Winnick (63) is my first cousin. I live near Baltimore Maryland, now. Would you be able to add my e mail to your list of 66 grads. I am sorry that I never knew about reunions. Would have loved to attend. Would like to hear from other 1966 grads.

Silver, Jerry -  - Atlanta, GA

Slavens, Wayne - - Coral Gables, FL

Sloane, Steven  - Loganville, GA - Deceased 2008

Smith, Linda (Roth) -  - Ft. Worth, TX

Sobel, Steven (husband of Diane Chait, Class of 1968) -  - Kauai, HI
Music, Travel, Scuba Diving (Brooklyn Tech Graduate but long time Rockaway resident)

Solomon, Judy (Locker) -  - Windsor, CT

Spiegel, Paulette (aka Munchie) -  - West Orange, New Jersey

Stengel, Karen (DeVries) -  - Yaphank, NY
Thanks so much for this website. Hope to make the next reunion. Living and working on eastern LI now, planning a relocation to Crystal River FL area in the near future.   Have always loved being near or IN the water... can't get the sand out of my shoes. I am "beach grandma" to my 9-yr-old grandson in Florida...would love to hear from any of my classmates.

Stenson, Caroline (Kurtz) -  - Cochecton, NY

Stern, John -  - Valley Stream, NY
Far Rockaway was a great place to live and grow up in.  Would love to hear from anyone who would like to share their own wonderful memories of that idyllic experience.

Stockner, Steve -  - Plainview, NY

Strober, Fred -  - Melrose Park, PA
The anniversary/reunion was great. I'd like to hear from members of the Classes of '65 and '66. My sister, Lynn (Strober) McNally resides in Lake Worth, Florida, and would like to here from her classmates from '67.  It's great to hear from FRHS friends online. You all have standing invitations to Phillies and 76ers games if you come to Philly to visit.

Stuart, Robert - - Perry, MI - Updated February, 2008
Just recently was made aware of the Rockaway website by my mom who still lives in Arverne. Remember many days of playing ball at the 198 playground. Missed the 100 year celebration, sorry to say. Would like to hear from any old friends. Nickname back then was "junior."

Suffin, Steven - - Baldwin, NY - Updated March, 2011

Taksen, Marilyn (Horowitz) -  - Waterford, CT
Click on their photo to view it in its larger format. Levine, Anita (Jennings) - Olathe, KN

Tannenbaum, Davi (Daveene) (Henson) -  - West Palm Beach, FL - Updated January, 2013

Taub, David -  - Ashland, OR
I am interested in connecting with some old friends.

Tepper, Edward -  - Orlando, FL

Varrone, Joseph - - St. James, NY
I lived on Gipson St. Bayswater. Went into Army in 1967. After the Service entered Graphic Art Printing school. Work in the Printing Field. Also play drums in different bands.

Waldman, Linda Z. -  - New York, NY

Weinstein, Randy -  - Delray Beach, FL

Weiss, Larry -  - East Windsor, NJ

Welsh, Eileen (Berkowitz) -  - San Antonio, TX
It most certainly does NOT feel like 40 years have passed since graduation!

Wilkes, Burt -  - Staten Island, NY

Willis, John - - Lake Worth, FL
Didn't Attend FRHS...went to ENY Vocational, but went to PS 215 & JHS 180 ...lived on B. 43rd Street.


Wolf, Sharon (Shavin) - - Coral Springs, NY

Young, Sherry (Lieb) -  - Livingston, NJ
I'm Sherry Young (Lieb), class of '66. (My name and photo was omitted from the '66 yearbook in error.)  The website is fantastic. Having gone to P.S. 104 and J.H.S. 180, it was great to read other comments which brought back fond memories.  My father owned Young's on Central Ave., next to the deli and below the Chinese restaurant. It was a women's clothing shop where I worked on Saturdays throughout high school. It feels like a lifetime ago!  I've lived in Livingston, NJ for the past 31 years and have been a volunteer for most of that time. I have been very involved with International Services of the American Red Cross since 1998.  I would love to hear from old friends.

Zaretsky, Julius - - Coral Springs, FL
This email address is my new info.  If you know me please contact me.   I am also interested in finding about my old high school area and neighborhood.  I would like to hear from old classmates and friends!

Ziemak, Robert - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Treasure Island, FL
Hello to my friends from the Class of '66. I hope all is well. I'm retired and now living in sunny Florida. I'm single again and looking forward to becoming a southerner. I'm glad to have found this web site.

Zimmer, Emily (Himelstein) - - Poughkeepsie, NY - Deceased, 2017
It has been great to connect with some of the Far Rock and Arverne people.

Zimmerman, Dan - - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Zipes, Ronnie (Steiner) - - No City Listed


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