Photos of Rita Ashley Berdahl from Beau Berdahl
Of Her Sweet 16 Held at Peter's in Hewlett

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While I was home over the holidays, I scanned a bunch of old photos for my mother Rita (Ashley) Berdahl. Im attaching pictures from her Sweet 16. I figured there are probably a bunch of pics of people from her class in these.

The Sweet 16 she tells me was held at Peter's in Hewlett. It later turned into a funeral home -where my mother, step father and uncle Bernie had their funeral. Is that odd that I had my Sweet 16 and my parent's funeral in the same place - it's right around the corner from my Aunt Ina's. There was a massive snow that day even thou it was at the end of March."

I thought these pics might be fun for the 1966 portion of the alumni site. The first pic is my mom Rita Ashley.



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