Graduates From Rockaway In 1964

I am enclosing a picture of my closest friends the day of my sweet sixteen party in May, 1960.  Hope you can put this on the website.  So far, only two of us are missing.  From me & one friend, we managed to contact four other friends we had lost touch with.  Hope you enjoy looking at our dresses & hairstyles.  What a hoot.  Thank you!

Rear: Miriam (Mickey) Roseman, Bette Jacoby, Susan Joseph, Dorothea Shoenmann
Front: Calie Morhaim, Barbara Galloway, Francine Moucatel


Bette Jacoby, Class of 1964


A Great Photo of the Sweet 16 Group Reunited, 2008

Bette (Bergazyn) Jacoby, Susan (Joseph) Shatles, Micki (Miriam Roseman) Coughlin,
Dorothea (Schoenmann) Seidenstein, Francine Moucatel

Thanks to Dorothea Schoenmann Seidenstein for sending it.

Thanks again to Marty Nislick for his wonderful contributions to this website.

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Gary Bart, Class of 1964, joins us from Beverly Hills, California and writes the following.

Dear Skip,

Just discovered your web site.  AWESOME DUDE!   I am living in LA as a Film Producer.  Check me out at  Any reunions coming up?  What ever happened to Barry Geller, Steven & Bruce Levine, Peter Janofsky, Neil Abromowitz, Warren Weinstein, Michael Resnick, Bennett Hirsch, Barbara Love and Debbie May, Mary Testa, P.S. 114, JRHS 180 (we were first class to attend the new school), the members of Mr. Ruff's Band, the cast of CAROUSEL, Let me know if you know.

I can identify the photo of the FRHS band (photo on the 1962 page) as the following:
Peter Janofsky (with glasses behind Ruf) He and I were on the NY AL City Band ('63) I played the Tuba. (That's me under the large bell of the Sousaphone -out of range of the photo I'm afraid. I had a tuba solo at our graduation, Waltz for Mippy III (in memory of his basset hound) written by Leonard Bernstein (don't ask me to play it for you). 

That's Jessica Holland seated in the first chair on the left in the first row. She was a real brain. Unfortunately, she was killed riding a bike in France the week before our 20th reunion. :(

Didn't the Tower of Pizza sell Italian Ices? I loved the one with choc chips...yum!  Was the third theater in FR the RIALTO? (Pix, Strand)

My dad was Jan Bart, Jewish entertainer, had his own radio & TV show in NY. We lived on B130 St, 3 doors from the bay. Anybody remember Marv Alpert doing the play-by-play for FRHS football games?  I was in the very first class of JHS 180 from PS 114. As I remember we didn't have a cap & gown but we did have a ceremony. My parents (Jan Bart & Lillian Bart) sang at it.  It's a shame some of the email address on your site no longer exist like Steve Beck ('64) and Judy Cooper (64).  Keep up the good work.

Thanks for keeping the flame burning.    Best regards,

Gary Bart

Gary can be reached at


Ricki Wasilewski (Moss), Class of 1964, joins us and writes the following:


 Thanks for this site!! I'm glad I discovered it. I'm from the Class of '64. My name then was Ricki Wasilewski. I was a member of the '63-'64 Majorette squad. Our senior trip was the 1964 World's Fair, and we also took a boat ride to Rye Beach. A lot of us used to hang out at the Beach House on Friday nights too. I had a lot of great times there. I'd love to hear from anybody who remembers me. I missed the '94 reunion. When and where is the next one? I don't want to miss it. I wear several different hats: I'm married and have a 9-year old son. Yes, I'm an older mom. I'm an amateur photographer (have exhibited, taught and sold fine art, nature, and landscape photography); I do desktop publishing; teach computers to older adults; and my husband and I design and manage websites. Are there any Macintosh people out there? Again, thanks for this website. It brings back so many good memories.

Ricki can be reached at

Nathan Nat' Rothenberg, Class of 1963, joins us from Winter Springs, Florida and writes the following.

Hi Skip,

 I'm looking for a former FRHS graduate class of 64. Her maiden name was Fran Fishman and she lived on Beach Channel Drive near Peninsula General Hospital. I need to find her and I have been searching since I returned from Viet Nam in 1968. If anyone out there knows her or any way I can contact her, please contact me at my e-mail address which is Thank you and have a happy 1999.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Fran Fishman, please contact Nathan. He can be reached at

Marc Briller, Class of 1964, joins us and writes the following.

Hi Skip,

Thanks for your efforts in establishing and maintaining the wonderful Far Rockaway web-site. I've spent many joyous hours browsing the site. I've been trying to learn whether the class of 64 will be having a 35th reunion this year. 35 years is certainly worthy of a special reunion event but can't seem to find any information on possible planned event. Please notify me if you have any knowledge of such a reunion.  Peace and Light  to all.

If you have any information about a 35th reunion for the Class of 1964, Mark can be reached at

Sorry to report the passing of Ron Resnick on October 2, 2010.

Ron Resnick, Class of 1964, joins us from Nelson, New Zealand and writes the following.

Hey everybody...take a look at my website for funny, rude, insightful and eccentric images from New Zealand: - see what graduates can get up to when they relocate down-under AND remember: Only YOU can prevent narcissism.

 Emigrated to Australia in 1968 and have settled in New Zealand since 1990. Any Rockaway people heading to the glorious South Island of NZ can check with me about travel advise and possible hospitality from me...if you bring real bagels. The lox is great here but what do you put it on?

Ron can be reached at

Kyna Miller, Class of 1964, joins us and writes the following.

Hi Skip,

 I have thoroughly enjoyed the website and have literally spent hours browsing through names and reunion talk. The memories..things I hadn't thought about in years all came flooding back. Thank you. This has been one of my most enjoyable experiences on the net thus far. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to attend the 100th reunion, but I did attend one here in South Florida in 1994. That was fun but there really weren't too many alumni from my graduating class of 1964. I will be better able to keep up with all that is happening to FRHS alumni now thanks to your great efforts.  I am now living in Clearwater, FL. I am single, have three sons and am a grandmother of two (it just blows me away). I work as an educational consultant for a software company, where I show teachers how to use technology in their classroom. I hung out at Gino's Pizza and the State Diner. (also Ellies at lunch time) Would love to be in touch with anyone who remembers me.

Kyna can be reached at

Helaine Levine (Feldman), Class of 1964, joins us from Phoenix, Arizona and writes the following.

I am a supervisor in medical transcription at a regional medical center. I have two grown children, a 9 month old grandson and have been a widow for the past 7 years.

Helaine can be reached at

Paula Friedman (now Rum) Class of 1964, joins us and writes the following.

Hi, my name is Paula Friedman. I graduated in 1964 and hung out with Cookie (Heather) Schein, Barbara Richman, Ronnie Kaminsky (1965), Alice Siegel, Melody Goldman (1965), Fran Geiser, Eileen Tarnipolsky, Rose Lakritz and many others. I'd like to know if anyone knows where Alice Siegel, Melody Goldman or Rose Lakritz are? I'm in touch with Cookie, Barbara, Ronnie, Fran and Eileen. I also used to hang out with David Rossman, Steve Baron and their friends on Beach 59th Street. If anyone knows where they are, please let me know.

Paula can be reached at

Bruce Bernfeld, "honorary" graduate of FRHS class of 1964, joins us from Belle Harbor, New York and writes the following.

Dear Skip, I was yahoo'ing and found your web site. It is fantastic. You have done a masterful job. Thank you for rekindling very fond memories. I consider myself an "honorary" graduate of FRHS, class of 1964. I actually graduated HILI 64 (on seagirt Blvd). However, most of my closest friends were from FRHS. In fact, my oldest and dearest friend is Bill Calder, FRHS 63. Does anyone remember Bill and his twin sister Elaine?

My closest friends were Sol Miskin, Billy Shapiro, Laraine Fenster, Bonnie Greene, Susan Schwarzschild, Bill C. and my former wife, Marsha Fell. In fact, Marsha was the editor of the Dolphin and when someone didn't turn in their graduation photo, I came to the rescue with mine. It had to be placed in the open spot, so a name was invented for me. You can see me in The 1964 Dolphin over the name, Leonardo Shabselic. I would like to attend the 100th wearing that name on my lapel and see if anyone "remembers" old Leonardo? HA!

I do vividly recall summers in Belle Harbor, (where I currently reside again after a decade or so away from "the Beach") hanging out on the boardwalk and B122nd Street. The Penny Arcade and soda fountain on B.116th street. The 3 movies in Far Rock and one in Rockaway to choose from. Riding the Green Bus over bumpy roads back and forth for years between Far Rock and Belle Harbor. Rushing to make the last bus (12:40AM) back home after a date in Far Rokaway (Usually a movie at the Pix, Strand or ??? and a hamburger and fries at a great place in town (can't remeber the name)! Football games in autumn and the great fun and camaraderie. Watching Steve Issacs play for the Dolphins. Jack Kershman on the sidelines. The band being led by Mr. Ruff.

I would love to share memories with anyone out there whose memories I might have sparked. I am looking forward to September and am glad Rockaway and B.116th can "host' some of the festivities.

Again, Skip, your Web site is superb. It has become a favorite place of mine. Thanks again.

Bruce can be reached at

Thanks Bruce for writing and for your comments about the web site. I can't believe you remembered what time the last bus left town for Belle Harbor. I use to work across the street from the bus stop at the Tower of Pizza. We would get lots of hungry people who would run across the street for a slice before the bus came. How about a few photos?

Steve Beck, Class of 1964, joins us and writes the following.

Very sorry to see that the class of 1964 is not responding to the call. It was a good class and more should be done to get these 50 year old graduates awakened!

Some of these classmates were: Sam Storch, Gary Bart, Stephen Leibowitz, George Goodman, Sheryll Bernstein, Steve Charno, Paula Hashmall, Paula Janofsky, Steve Rosenberg, Carol Schack, Vivian Lazeroff, Steve Pendroff.

Maybe a lost and found section of the web site should be formed! Again thanks for this wonderful site.

Steve can be reached at

Thanks Steve for writing. I do have a "Lost Classmates" section on the web site. You might check in to see if you can find any of your friends.

Judy Cooper (Macken ), Class of 1964, joins us and writes the following.

Hi Skip

I graduated FRHS in 1964. I would love to hear from anyone from that year especially kids from Belle Harbor. I am Judy Macken (nee Cooper). My siblings are Michael, (twin) Rebecka (1962) and Gale (1959). Please if anyone is on this internet program and remembers me, let's write.  Thinking of High School and the wonderful days in Rockaway bring back fond memories. I am lucky to have have found other alumni and we have become quite friendly. Nothing like folks from "home." Keep in touch especially if you live in South Florida. Would love to renew old friendships.  Thanks and best to everyone.  Would love to get reacquainted with friends from home.  I would enjoy hearing from the girls of Belle Harbor.  Thanks for your wonderful efforts. 

Judy can be reached at

Michael Cooper, Class of 1964, joins us from Stamford, CT and writes the following.

Dear Skip,

I would like to thank you for the great job you and your cohorts have done with this page. I was told of the web site and thought I would stop by for a couple of minutes. That was two hours ago.

I've already e-mailed a couple of classmates from 1964. I took out my yearbook to refresh myself, and the memories came rushing back. I and my twin sister Judy are on page 63.

I'm living in Stamford, CT. with my wife and two teenage children. I grew up on 134th Street, and still own the house I grew up in. We are in the Rockaways a lot, during the summer to go to the beach. Whenever we go thru Far Rockaway, I point the school out to the kids, and the places I used to play hooky at. I remember Central Ave with the movies, the deli, the Tower of Pizza. My has it changed.

Looking forward to renewing old acquaintances at the reunion. Other members of the class of 64 living in Stamford are Hedy Cooperman and Judy Zolondick.

Again, thanks for your efforts.

Michael can be reached at

Thanks Michael for writing. I'm glad to hear that you got "hooked" on the web site. This site is a collaboration of all the wonderful grads who have contributed the great images and stories. I hope it continues well beyond the reunion. Hope to see you there. If you can photo copy your grad photo and mail it to me, I would be happy to post it. My mailing address is on the home page. Better yet, if you can scan it into your computer, e-mail it to me as an attachment. .gif and .jpg images work best. Thanks.

Abramson, David (Roya) -  - Neponsit, NY


Afromsky, Ellen - - New York, NY - Updated September, 2011
This website is truly a gift to so many of us. It brings back the fondest  memories. I too remember that trip to the World's Fair, the boat tide to Rye, the many well-loved teachers, the football games and so many old  friends. I am sure I will return here often.

Andracchi, Frank - - Annapolis, MD - Updated March, 2013

Arnao, Diane (Sadowski) - - Slingerlands, NY - Updated October, 2012
Retired from the NYS Thruway

Arrick, Ronald - - Cedarhurst NY - Updated April, 2008

Axelrod, Abraham (Abby) -  - Woodmere, NY

Bart, Gary - – Los Angeles , CA
AWESOME DUDE! I am living in LA as a film producer. Check me out on

Barwell, Nancy (Mandia) -  - Kings Park, NY
Looking for old friends.

Beck, Steven -  - Miller Place, NY
I live on Long Island, self employed as an automotive consultant.

Bergazyn, Bette (Jacoby) - - Lauderdale Lakes, FL - Updated January, 2014
Hi, looking for Susan Joseph, Calie Morhaim, Miriam 'Mickey' Roseman, Barbara Galloway and anyone else in the class.

Bernstein, Ken -  - Amherst, MA
I found Sandy Wadler on the internet last summer. He lives in California.  He came east for business and met me in Maine...we had a wonderful couple of days together, and continue to talk.  Hello to everyone, hope a reunion happens.

Bernstein, Sheryll (Levine) - - Monroe, NJ - Posted November, 2008
A new friend told me about this website. What a great job! Reading through the various links was amazing, and certainly brought back many memories. I was so impressed with everyone's connection and love of Far Rockaway. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Blitz, Regina (Martins) -  - New York, NY

Bilyk, Wolodymyr ("Ron") -  - Hillsdale, NJ


Blumenson, Carol (Irwin) -  - San Jose, CA
Carol Irwin (Blumenson) class of 64, says hello to all alumni from California.  I moved to California in 1969 did some elementary school teaching, had 2 children and then went back to school for 6 years to become a chiropractor.  My practice was in Los Altos for 15 years.  Now I am retired and enjoying my life with my family.  Hope to hear from my friends and classmates.  Let's keep in touch. Thanks to Skip and Carol for an awesome web-site.



Braunstein, Andy -  - Colorado Springs, CO

Bress, Sydne (Smolenski) - - Henderson, NV
It warmed my heart to see these familiar faces! Hope to connect with some of you!

Briller, Myron (Marc) -  - New York, NY
Hi guys and gals of the rock. Hoping that each of you finds the joy and satisfaction which I feel when I reflect on my wonderful years on the rock. Would love to hear from anyone who wants to recall days gone bye.

Brodbar, Charlie - - Plantation, FL - Posted June, 2008

Brotz, Larry - - Boynton Beach, FL - Deceased - April, 2007
Hi to all my fellow 1964 classmates!

Brown, Anne P. (Bernstein) -  - Sunrise, FL
I just found this site and it's awesome!!!! I didn't graduate from FRHS, but I did go to P.S. 114 and I was in the 2nd class to grad from Jr. High School#180.  Beach 138th was my home. I lived on the same street as Jane Roseberg, Sandy Meyersfield, Sherry Janowitz and hung out with Randy Meadoff, Eddie Marks, Marilyn Katz,  Barbara Love, Shelly Unger and so many great people. Was the best time of my life...ALMOST...Anyone remember me????

Budney, Howard -  - Margate, FL

Chocky, Debra (Zwilling) -   - Brooklyn, NY
I knew this website was out there, but until today I could not find it. Reading some of the links has really brought back long forgotten memories.  I remember Edgemere very well.  Temple Sharre Zedak was located on 36th or 37th street.  Most of us who lived in Edgemere attended Talmud Torah at this temple even though most of our families were not really religious.  Does anyone remember attending the early grades at PS 106 in the wooden school house?  I remember on more than one occasion when we had to be taken home in row boats because of a storm and the bay and ocean meeting flooded all the streets.  Also during the summer our favorite name for those who invaded our turf was 'Bungalow Bunnies"  Growing up in Edgemere was like growing up in a small town.  I attended the first reunion in 1984 for the class of 64 but since then I have not been able to go to any of the reunions.  Just to say a few things about what has happened to me since graduation.  I met my husband Howie the summer of 64 he was from Brooklyn.  We were married in 1969 right after he returned from Viet Nam. We moved to the Coney Island-Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn in 1972 where we raised of 3 children now all grown up 30, 29 and 26.  Went back to school in 1983 and got my BA in Sociology. Graduated Phi Beta Kappa.  That would sure surprise some teachers from the Rock.  In 1994 my husband became another casualty of the Viet Nam War.  He died from exposure to Agent Orange.  I have really not kept in touch with too many people.  The only person I do see is my best friend Audrey Simon and she lives all the way out in Las Vegas.  Would really like to hear from anyone at the Rock.

Cogan, Carolyn B. (Smith) -  - Scottsdale,  AZ

Cohen, Cheryl (Cheron) -  - Baldwin, NY

Cohen, Judy (Kroovand) -  - Palm Coast, FL
Hi everyone. This is a great website and I have spent many hours reading about everyone and what they are doing. I would love to hear from graduates of 1964. I have so many wonderful memories.

Collins, Mel (Cikk) -  - Aventura, FL   
I'm still here!

Colodne, Karen (Dorr) -  - New York, NY

Cooper, Judy (Macken) -  - Hollywood, FL
Hello all! I'd like to hear from anybody from the Class of 1964, or any old friends that might remember me!  Thinking of High School and the wonderful days in Rockaway bring back fond memories. I am lucky to have have found other alumni and we have become quite friendly. Nothing like folks from "home." Keep in touch especially if you live in South Florida. Would love to renew old friendships.

Cooper, Michael -  - Stamford, CT
Would love to hear from any fellow graduates of the class of '64.

Cooperman, Hedy (Siegel) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Stamford, CT
Library Media Specialist for Stamford Public Elementary School...married for almost 26 years, two wonderful children, Amy, 22 and David, 18. Husband, Maury, is a Bronx boy. Heard about this website from Michael Cooper, here in Stamford. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Cullen, John - - Fort White, FL - Updated October, 2011

DeResto, Grace (Foster) -  - Arverne, NY

Dubins, Greta (Kantrowitz) - - Cedarhurst, NY - Updated October, 2011   
Hi everyone!

Duff, Richard - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Stormville, NY

Dworet, Arlene (Collins) - - Sunrise, FL - Updated January, 2008
Hi to everyone I grew up with, especially Gail Richter (Gordon). Miss you, girlfriend. Lost contact again. The Dworet family is doing great. Sid is happily married to Ginger, Don is also happily married and is about to become a granddad twice. Both his boys are expecting their first babies. And I have a beautiful daughter who is now married and the mother of one (a boy name Austin John, AJ). She is a teacher working on her masters. We are so proud of her.

Factor, Jane (Hazan) -  - Setauket, NY

Falik, Eugene -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Falk, Alyce (Gould) -  - Dix Hills, NY

Field, Connie (Elkinson) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Livingston, NJ
As a life-long member of the BEBH (Big Eleven of Belle Harbor), I am pleased to say that to this day, 6 of us are still together!

Fields, Jeffrey -  - Mt. Kisco, NY

Fine, Kenneth -  - Melville, NY

Fink, Lea (Seiden) - - St. Petersburg, FL - Updated April, 2008
Lea and Marshall, both Class of '68, made aliyah to Florida in 1988 after living in New York, Connecticut and Wisconsin.  Lea's parents followed and live next door, just like the Fink family lived near each other in Far
Rockaway!  Lea's brother Judd is in West Hartford, Conn. and Marshall's Sister Ruth is in Marblehead, Mass, his brother Phil lives in Mount Sinai, Long Island, and his brother Ronald lives outside Seattle, Wash.  All attended Far Rockaway High School, as did Lea's mother, Fay Fink Fink.  Marshall still runs into strangers who say, "Are you related to Mr. Seiden?"  The answer, of course, is yes.  He retired in 1971 after forty years at FRHS and passed away several years ago. If anyone visits the Gulf coast of Florida, please look us up.

Finkelstein, Vicki (Haynes) - - Long Beach, NY
Nice to be able to see old friends.

Fischer, Ileene (Lampert) -  - Golden Beach, FL
Dear Alan, Thanks for your immediate reply, its truly a trip to read about all the people I used to see and know at FRHS.  It brings back wonderful memories of my childhood in a place that I loved dearly.  And how those memories stay with you forever--the boardwalk i.e. tuckee cup, skeet-ball, fireworks, and not to be forgotten Friday nites at the diner, Saturday Football games, Ellies' luncheonette.. I could go on and on ......Life was good then and my life continues to be blessed.  I have three wonderful children, two are married, a funny, happy delicious granddaughter and a grandson on the way!!!!!!  The last time I visited Far Rockaway (which was in Sept.2001) I couldn't believe my eyes!!!!!!  It's so sad to see whats happened to a beautiful beach community.  But with every corner I turned I still looked into the eyes  of people hoping to see a familiar face.  And now I've located your website.  How GREAT.  Keep in touch....

Fischer, Joel - - Roslyn, NY - Updated April, 2008
Hi everyone! I'm doing great and I hope everyone else is doing the same!! Just recently moved to South Florida and I can't believe how many Rockaway people are here. If you live in or visit S. Florida let's talk. GREAT SITE! Keep up the GOOD work, I'm sure all the graduates of FRHS really appreciate your wonderful work.

Garfinkel, Irene (Levine) - 1964 - - Tampa, FL
I'm a technical writer for Compaq Corp. in the Boston area. I have two grown children - Mark lives in  NYC and Suzanne lives in Washington DC. I graduated in 1964 and would like to hear from Carole Soroca and Bonnie Greene.

Georges, Greg - - The Woodlands, TX (Deceased - 3/04)
This web site is incredible, and is a testament to the quality of the students and teachers and to the great education we received at Far Rock.

Gilberg, Glenn -  - Jericho, NY
Currently teaching back at FRHS. If that isn't a twist of fate I don't know what is.

Giunta, Maryann (Asprea) - - Valley Stream, NY - Updated October, 2011

Goldstein, Andrew - - New York, NY

Goldstein, Joan (Apfel) - - Smithtown, NY - Posted January, 2008

Goldstein, Peter (Arnet) -  - Lake Worth, FL
Thanks everybody for helping me find Bonnie Weiss.  We are in constant contact now. It's great to hear from so many of my old friends. The pics of the old Rockaway boardwalk are so great. I was a lifeguard there for many years.


Goldstein, Ronald -  - Commack, NY

Goodman, George - - Port Jefferson Station, NY - Posted October, 2008

Gordon, Roberta (Brochin) - - Roslyn Heights, NY - Updated October, 2011

Gould, Robert -  - Dedham, MA - Updated January, 2012
Married since 8/81 to Wendy Coster; 2 children: Molly and Jake; live in Foxboro MA (about 2 miles from where the Patriots play); doing my best to survive "mangled care" as a psychotherapist in private practice.

Greeley, Carole (Franzone) - - Monroe, GA
What a wonderful site this is! Thanks for the memories. I grew up in Arverne, Beach 67th street. After HS I worked in the city for a few years then married. We have one son and 3 grandsons now. When I returned to the workforce I worked on LI for a manufacturer and was the Personal Assistant to the owner. When we retired we left LI for the sunny south and now live in the Atlanta area where the sun shines all winter long. I was sort of a loner in HS and don't expect many to remember me, but if you do and want to drop me a line please do.


Green, David - - Long Beach , NY - Updated September, 2011
Can you believe I'm still at FRHS-but I'm there coaching the boys' and girls' swimming teams. Anyone wishing to contact me, please e-mail me at the above address.

Greenbaum, Alicia - - New York, NY - Updated September, 2011

Greenberg, Paul - - New York, NY

Gustafson, Barbara (Koy) -  - Bellville, TX

Gutman, Renee (Schoenmann) - - Belmore, NY - Posted January, 2008
Thank you Skip for helping me get in contact with my past and present. It really means a lot to me. I hope once my classmates see my name listed they will contact me. I really am looking forward to catching up on what you are all doing & how life has been treating you. I hope life is good for us all. Stay cool!   Click Here For Renee's Family Photos

Halperin, Audrey (Sicker) - - No City Listed

Halpern, Barry -  - Houston, TX
Married Sandy Orenstein (class of 1965) with whom I had my first date at the 1962 Far Rockaway HS Halloween dance. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in 2019 by bringing our friends and relatives to Far Rockaway to show them what great place Far Rockaway was. Here‘s our anniversary picture.

Handlesman, Leslie - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Far Rockaway, NY
Leslie doesn't have a computer and he asked me to put his name here. He's a dentist that works on the poor and the scared. He's good and it doesn't cost so much.


Hart, Marlene (Silver) -  - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Hi Class of 1964- it's hard to believe that it is 40 years that we graduated from Far Rockaway H.S. Please e-mail me and tell me about yourself. I would to locate Nardine Silver who I lost track of after we graduated. Lenore Schrager (Licthblau) and I would love to hear from her.

Hashmall, Paula -   - Merrick, NY

Helft, Pat (Salofsky) -  - Manalapan, NJ
I would like to get in touch with grads from 1964, and friends who knew me from Bch 69th St. Names are Ellen Buch Solomon and sister Donna, Arlene Weisbrot Roth, Penny Cohen Yuckelson, Roberta Schwartz.

Heller, Ira - - Harrisburg, PA - Updated April, 2008

Heller, James - - New York, NY - Updated June, 2020
I would like to hear via e-mail from '64 and '65 graduates. Living in Manhattan, active in Real Estate and enjoying the culture that the city has to offer.

Herr, Larry -  - Pembroke Pines, FL
It was wonderful to find this website.  My sister gave me the web address, class of '68.  Having attended Cardozo JHS and Far Rockaway High School has left me with many wonderful memories growing up in Far Rockaway.  I still remember the many summers on the beach and the boardwalk, watching my friends Gary Amster, Clyde and Mark Herkowitz and Howie Weissman singing on the boardwalk.  I was always jealous because I could not hold a note. I look forward to reestablishing contact with the many friends and classmates that I had during my childhood years.

Holden, Carole (Marvelli) - - Baldwin, NY

Isaacs, Stephen - - Skokie, IL - Updated October, 2011
This website is absolutely fantastic! At one point I do intend to support it as I am very proud to be a FRHS alum. Those were the days! Please keep me informed of any upcoming events (reunions)and keep up the good work!

Janovsky, Peter - Send Me Your Current Email Address - New York, NY
I enjoyed the massive 100 years celebration. It was nice to see that FRHS means so much to so many.

Jaslow, Susan -  - New York, NY - Deceased, 2009
I was thrilled to find this site and have passed it on to family and friends who also attended 'the rock'.  Would love to hear from anyone from my year, or thereabouts.  It's a great site. Congratulations!

Jonas, Sandy (Rosengarten) - - Port Washington, NY
Hi I wanted to send you my current address so that you can post it on your board along with my picture. I will tell you a little about myself and you can post that too. I live with my husband in Port Washington, N.Y. We have two sons. One is finishing his last year in college, the other lives in Manhattan and is a lawyer like his dad. I have a psychotherapy practice in my home which I have had for 16 years. Before that I taught elementary school on the lower east side of Manhattan. As others have written, i too have the fondest of memories of growing up in Far Rockaway. It is sad to see the ruination of such a wonderful community.

Josell, Ruth (Harris) -  - New York, NY
I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me. Cheers!

Kantor, Toby (Wolberg) -  - Boynton Beach, FL

Kaplan, Evelyn (Goldband) - - Deer Park, NY - Updated January, 2008

Karen, Barry -  - Princeton Junction, NJ
None of the people I hung with seem to be listed. Guess they still can't spell their names. What a school!

Kerchman, Karen (Goodale) -  - Toms River, NJ

Ketcham, Susan L. (Schwartz) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Titusville, FL

Kittay, Mark -  - Carbondale, CO

Klein, Marcia (Lazarus) -  - New City, NY
I want to say hello to all FRHS Iota Gamma Phi sorority sisters.

Kluger, Alan - - Kew Gardens, NY - Updated October, 2011


Koenig, Les - - East Windsor, NJ - Updated August, 2014

Kohn, Ileane L. (Sultan) - - Laguna Niguel, CA - Updated March, 2012

Konikoff, Andrew -  - Plainview, NY

Korins, Alice (Charap) -  - San Francisco, CA

Krakovsky, Ed -  - Atlanta, GA
My good friend Larry Frankel referred me to the Far Rock site. It's been on my favorites list for months but I've been too busy with life to check it out. What a great site. It's one of the better websites out there. Skip and Carol, Your site is great. As a result of the site I have heard from several '64 grads who I had not communicated with in decades. There is one request that I would like to make. Please, please remove the photo you have next to my name. IT'S NOT ME.  It's amazing that I still get upset when reminded that someone else's photo was placed with my name in my yearbook. There's and interesting story associated with that photo that goes back to when I was on the Far Rock rifle team. One day, out of the blue, Coach Kelly told me I was off the team. The reason: someone other than me had done something dishonest; can't remember what the offense even was after all these years. But the person who he was getting me confused with is the same grad whose photo is forever associated with my name. So even now in 2005 I'm haunted by the same individual who almost had me thrown off my team. So please remove the photo. By the way, I'd like to know who that other guy is if possible and whether he's a lawyer or doing time in some slammer.  Feel free to post this if you wish.  Thanks and keep up the good work. I'll try to get you a recent photo.

Thanks to Marty Nislick for providing photos of 'the real' Ed Krakovsky.

Kramer, Judy (Schultheis) -  - Mangonia Park, FL
Hello everyone, I have found this web site from my school 2 weeks ago, so I am so excited.  My maiden name is Kramer, if anyone remembers me please answer me.  My e-mail address is I loved looking at all the pictures, and sat at this computer and cried. Hi Skip, Let me introduce myself, my name is Judy Schultheis, I am a graduate of Far Rockaway High of year 1964.  I have been e-mailing Carol all day today, and have set up a memorial for my brothers, Barry Michael Kramer, and Alvin Franklin Kramer. Both are gone, I am the last sibling in the family alive, and I ain't gone no ware. Anyway as I told Carol I found this site about a week ago or so and there hasn't been a day I haven't been on it.  The first day I saw Central Ave. I cried.  I think I e-mailed you, but I haven't heard from you yet. I was asking about seeing the people on a field, and wondering if that gate was the gate of Far Rockaway High School?  Anyway I don't have my own computer yet, I go to the public library and use these, there is a time limit of 30 minutes. So I do my best to get done what I can.  But I did want to tell you that the sight is marvelous and I too am looking for some friends. I guess that will be a separate letter.  My closest friends were Jane Abeleson she and her family Dr. Abelson lived across from the Jewish Center. And of course my Best Best Friend Helene Hirschhorn....where are you Helene, and Renee Gutman, if anyone knows these people or remembers me please e-mail me at I'm sorry this is so jumbled, I am just so excited, even writing. I do want to send this, if I have to change the way my letter is please let me know I mean looking for these people.  Regards Judy

Kuzniewski, Karen (Schapiro) - - Boca Raton, FL
I'd love to hear from any of the "kids" from Far Rock, Wavecrest etc.

Lang, Renee - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Bayside, NY
I would love to hear from any old friends.

Lasky, Bernie -  - United Kingdom
An excellent site.  For anyone who remembers me, please e-mail. I still have the graduation year book.  Maybe some of  you also have a copy. Wonderful to turn the pages and remember how we  looked then. Hopefully we achieved our individual goals and enjoyed the
'Journey' along the way.

Lederman, Barbara (Bucovetsky) -  - Woodbury, NY
Far Rockaway High School memories are always with me. Those were the best of times. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me and wishes to reminisce. As I scrolled through the many names, bios and photos such fond memories floated back. Look forward to hearing from you.

Lefkof, Cynthia “Cindy” (Feeney) - - East Windsor, NJ - Updated September, 2011
What a terrific web site!  Where are you:  Mira Chinitz, Linda Diamond, Judy Geldman??  Please write if you remember this shy, artistic recluse.

Leiner, Zach -  - Annandale, VA
I am a dentist working in Fairfax, VA.  One of my partners is Steve Fuchs (a fellow Rockaway grad- got to keep it in the family).  Will start to contact some of the familiar names. Email me.

Levin, Ronald -  - Rockville Center, NY
Looking to touch base with "The Magnificent Seven."

Levin-Epstein, Ethan -  - Fairfield, CT
Website located at

Levine, Helaine (Feldman) -   - Phoenix, AZ

Levine,Phyllis (Konikow) - – Reston, VA

Levokove, Elysa (Kaminoff) -  - Great Neck, NY
Anyone who knows me get in touch.

Levy, Lynn (Kloss) -  - Plainview, NY
I would love to hear from anybody!

Lewis, Wynona (Bradwell) - - Verneuil, Poitou-Charentes, France - Updated May, 2020
"Hi holy Tietze!" Who else would understand that expression without attending Far Rockaway High School. When my sister first turned me on to this web site, no one was listed under the 1964 graduating class. I didn't want to be the first one and here it is "the new millennium and I see names I already remember. Having just purchased a house and not completly unpacked, I need to locate my year book so that I can match the names to the faces. I always wanted to attend my high school reunion but didn't exactly know how or when someone would contact me. Of course, I should have at least contacted the school with a current address, but that was too simple! Whenever the next reunion party takes place, I plan to be there. Yes, out of curiosity as everyone else is probably thinking. I am happy that the old high school still exists. With the times, so many buildings, neighborhoods, cities change, I can hardly believe Far Rockaway is still up and running. I hope a couple of our teachers are around so we can all see if they remember us! UPDATE -  In my retirement I permanently live in rural Southwest France. If you are mailing any information to the graduates, please update your records for my address. It is written as follows:
Wynona Bradwell 16 Route des Salles Lavauguyon  16310 Verneuil France
Mobile phone number +33 (0)6 04 43 85 23 and landline phone number +33 (0)5 45 91 60 85
Hope to see you in October 2022 (my birthday is October 21st)

Lichtblau, Lenore (Schrager) - - Delray Beach, FL
Hi, It's been great finding this website and browsing.  If anyone remembers me, please email me.  I'd love to hear from you and catch up on old times and new. Lenore

Lucas, Joanne -  - No City Listed
Hi Skip.  My maiden name is Joanne Lucas.  I lived in Dinsmore Towers, 1056 Neilson St., Far Rockaway until I was married in 1972.  After I became Mrs. Edward Woehr, I moved to Lindenhurst, Long Island.  I was seven when my mother, Grandmother and I first moved to Far Rockaway.  We rented an apartment in Wavecrest.  My mother used to walk me to the concession stands on the boardwalk after her 7 am to 3.P.M. shift at St. Joseph's Hospital.  On her days off we would go to the Chinese restaurant above  the Grants store on Central Ave.  I took accordion lessons above that store, too, from Mr. Lawrence for $3.00 an hour.  I went to P.S. 215 in 1952.  In 1953 I was switched over to St. Mary's Star of the Sea School which I attended until we moved to Dinsmore in 1957.  At that time I changed schools again, attending P.S. 39 for a year because it was only 2 blocks away from my building.  My favorite place to get apple pie was the Pickwick.  My best memories are of meeting my Aunt, Uncle and cousins at Beach 12th Street.  I loved that beach because there were no waves and you could watch the Atlantic Beach Bridge go up and down from there.  Sometimes we would walk the boardwalk to watch the fireworks by Rockaway Playland.  If I had graduated from Far Rockaway H.S., it would have been in 1964, but after I attended Benjamin Cardoza Jr. High for three years, my Mother thought it best that I go to Lawrence H.S.  So, of course I did.  In that day you did not argue with your parents!  I remember going to Woolworths and seeing Halloween costumes hanging from the ceilings,  carrying home our own Christmas trees from town every year.  Cutting school to go the RKO Strand, Columbia, or PIX.  Having sundaes at the diner where McDonalds is now.  Buying meat at the market on Mott Ave.  Having a spaghetti dinner at an Italian Restaurant by the Police station on Mott Ave.  Buying a doll at the toy store by St. Mary Star of the Sea Church.  I remember buying my favorite dress at Sherry's on Central Ave. next door to the Cotton shop.  Thanks so much for this site and for sharing in my memories.  Joanne

Mailman, Toby -  - Brooklyn, NY

Malbie, Linda (Rosenthal) - - Long Beach, NY - Updated March, 2012

Mandel, Michael -  - Pembroke Pines, FL
I would like to hear from ANY FRHS graduate. I missed the 100 year reunion and was heartbroken. Just did not know about it. I do not want to miss out on anything again.

Margolis, Marilyn ( Lauria) -  - 0ceanport, NJ

Markowitz, Richard -  - Massapequa, NY

Marlin, Andy -  - North Woodmere, NY
Hope to hear from all my old friends.

Mason, Peter -  - Largo, FL
Great to see all my classmates on this fabulous website. Hope you will contact me and say "hi".  Memories of Far Rock and friends will always be with me.

McIlwaine, Virginia "Ginny" (Lawson) - - Alabaster, AL

Meisels, Gary B. (Mazal, Gedalia Dov) -  - Beer-Sheva, Israel
Just learned of the Alumni Site. After graduating from FRHS in 1964, I went on to New York City Community College AAS- accounting 1968) and then on to Baruch College of the City University of New York (Finance and Economics 1973), completing all studies at evening session. Made immigration to The State of Israel in 1974, and have been at The Ben Gurion University of the Negev since 1975, as an economist for first 18 years, and then continued as a Librarian Catologer (oddly enough-- I worked as a student in FRHS Library all 3 of my years of study) - along with Mixed Chorus the same 1961-1964 period.

Merles, Gale (Infeld) -   - San Jose, CA
So glad to find a place to look up old classmates! I became a teacher after college...married as soon as I was out of school and taught for a few years in Smithtown. We moved to California twenty-five years ago. I never taught out here but began our family instead. We have three children, a daughter in Grad school (Aerospace Engineering) and a daughter and son in college. When I went back to work I was among the founding staff of the Children's Discovery Museum here in San Jose. My husband, a software consultant, works at home and I substitute teach so our life is pretty flexible.  It was wonderful finding this site. I would love to hear from alumni, people I knew or people here in the Bay Area who are from Far Rock or the Rockaway area.

Meyer, Liz (Weissman) -  - Dix Hills, NY
Looking forward to hearing about old friends & alumni.

Middleton, James - Send Me Your Current Email Address - St. Petersburg, FL

Miller, Kyna -  - Clearwater, FL - Updated March, 2013
I am now living in Ft. Lauderdale. I am single, have three sons and am a grandmother of two (it just blows me away). I work as an educational consultant for a software company, where I show teachers how to use technology in their classroom. I hung out at Gino's Pizza and the State Diner. (also Ellies at lunch time) Would love to be in touch with anyone who remembers me.


Monheit, Alan -  - Silver Spring, MD

Moucatel, Francine -  - Middle Village, NY
Hi all my High School friends, this site is so exciting, hope to contact some old friends, please email me if you remember who I am. My picture is posted on this website, the picture is from 1960 wha a kick. Hope to speak to you soon.

Murphy, William -  - Valencia, CA

Myers, Eileen (Schwan) - - Hewlett, NY

Natof(sky), Stu - - East Meadow, NY - Updated February, 2008

Needleman, Barbara (Jurofsky) -  - Oceanside, NY
Love to hear from old classmates.

Nicholas, Larry -  - Sacramento, CA
I welcome inquiries from friends and acquaintances from MLP, JHS 180, and before.

Niemetz, Gail -  - Great Neck, NY
Would love to hear from those people I was good friends with.

Offenberg, Susan (Ruderman) - - Freehold, NY - Updated April, 2011

Oguss, Emily (Robertson) - Langley BC, Canada - Updated May, 2008
I moved to Canada about the time that Nixon announced the invasion of Cambodia, got a Masters in Zoology, married a Wildlife Biologist and have raised a family while doing consulting in Biometrics (Biological Stats). We have 5 acres near Vancouver and raise horses. Fond memories of the kids in the MLP, but I don't recognize many names out there. Visitors to British Columbia are welcome -- I'd love to see you! My kids do not *believe* how big a school FRHS was....

Parlo, Joan (Vreeland) -  - Brooklyn, NY
It was very nostalgic reading and interesting to see where everyone landed, especially those lucky people in CA.  Rockaway is coming back!

Pass, Michael - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Campbell Hall, NY
From a city boy I became a country boy. I live about 60 miles north of NYC on a 50 acre horse ranch and hunting preserve. I have been teaching for the NYC Board of Ed for over 30 years (at a very unique position in Sullivan County), running a general contracting business, keeping busy with horses and bird dogs and spending my nights involved with amateur astronomy. I'm single now but have two great boys, one in college, one in high school. I'm still very close with Phil Perrone and keep in touch with Steve Pendroff. A dream last night brought me to this web site "what a rush".

Patskin, Robert -  - Parker, CO

Pearl, Shelley (Ralston) -  - Oceanside, NY

Pendroff, Steven -  - Woodbury, NY

Perlmutter, Joan (Schreiber) -   - New York, NY

Peskin, Joyce (Steinberg) -  - Phoenix, AZ
Any '64 grads, please contact me. I'd love to hear from some old friends.

Pockler, Marsha (Tuttle) -  - Weston, CT

Posner, Suzan (Weisser) -  /  - Duluth, MN - Deceased - 2009
I am getting settled in to Duluth and living with my new husband. I started a new job in a bigger hospiital and will be working nights again. Miss everybody in rockaway and hope all of you are doing great! Thanks so much to Carol and Skip for all they do for us. Talk to everybody on the CHAT. Hugs and Kisses, SUZ

Sadly, one of our more interesting chatters has passed away. She was Suzan Posner Weisser, class of 1964. She had been in chat with us the entire seven years it lasted. She told us she'd met someone online and planned on meeting him for a date. Sharon and I said she'd better take a friend along; he could be an axe murderer. Anyway, they met, and about two months later Jerry came into the chat room as a guest and proposed to Suz online...she said "yes," and off they went to Duluth, MN...happily married.

We'll miss her...

Prober, Phyllis (Digennaro) -  - Howard Beach, NY
Thrilled to see so many familiar names.  Nice to know I didn't get old by myself. Would love to hear from anybody that remembers me. Anxious to share "war stories" with you.

Ptaschnik, Nadine (Lustig) -  - Boca Raton, FL
HI! Far Rockaway..... I would like to hear from all my friends and classmates from Far Rock.....Paula, Liz, Janet, Claudia, Joyce and the crew...

Raab, Joseph -  - Melville, NY
I am tying to locate some additional picture and stories from my Grandfather Harold's Raab's Luncheonette or Raab's ice cream parlor.  My Dad is turning 60 on 3/17/06 and he would be overwhelmed with stories and/or photos from him past. Anything you can find or remember, please send me an email. Thank you - Jill Raab, daughter of Joseph Raab

Rabinowitz, Stanley - - Milford, NH

Raiskin, Daniel L. -  - Los Angeles, CA

Rederer, Marsha (Raffloer) - - Long Beach, NY - Updated April, 2012
What a memory blast this web page is! I moved to Dallas from Long Beach in 1997, and am feeling very land logged. My husband, a long time Texas Cowboy originates from Greenpoint, Brooklyn and shares many of the same summer memories of the boardwalk, Sam's, Larry & Sally's Pizza, among others. Many years have gone by and there are many stories to tell. At my son Tom's wedding last summer we had a twenty year reunion with Adrienne Weiner Eisenberg (64), Tom Crane (60), Eric Crane (62), Joan Sambroff Reyburne (63), Ron Reyburne (60). Would love to hear from Rockaway friends.

Reichenberg, Marilyn (Gandia) -  - Pembroke Pines, FL
I just can't believe what a thrill it is to see some of the names of old friends listed here. I've already sent some E-mails and have received responses. This is just so overwhelming. There will never be another Far Rockaway, another Far Rockaway High School. Wow, what wonderful memories. I presently live in Pembroke Pines, FL and would love to hear from fellow grads. I will answer all.


Resnick, Ron -  - Nelson, New Zealand - Deceased October, 2010

Ringhiser, Lillian (Sharrott) - - Watertown, NY - Posted February, 2008
This is a great site - thanks to the people responsible.

Rockmaker, Shelly (Goldstein) - - Naples, FL - Updated February, 2014

Rose, Hadley -  - Westport, CT
I feel like I'm the last person on the planet to have discovered this site. Really is kind of fun though. I'm still in touch with and up to speed with a few folks from Belle Harbor, mostly through the Big Twelve of BH (you know who you are), and recently, through the site have been in touch with Marsha Pockler, who ends up being practically my neighbor. We've been in adjoining towns up here in CT. I'm in Westport, for about 22 years. Who'da thought it. If you'd like to get in touch feel free. Anyway, it was fun finding it and thanks to Carol and Skip for setting it up.

Rosen, Lloyd - 1964 - - Plantation, FL - Updated October, 2013
Great memories of happy times- De Witt Clinton to Far Rock. Love to catch up with any and all of old gang- many live down here in Ft. Lauderdale. Eddie Steinberg, Joel Fisher, Mark Schorr, Marilyn Reichenberg, I can go on and on - I'll buy the coffee. Give me a call.


Rosenberg, Jeffrey -  - Old Westbury, NY
Although many old my friends have called asking why I haven't been at the reunions, insisting I went to FRHS, I actually went to Brooklyn Tech, but I would love to hear from all of my old friends.

Rosenberg, Susan -  - Westbury, NY
Visit website at

Roth, Martin -  - Bronx, NY - Deceased June, 2008

Rubin, Maxine (Coz) -  - Oxnard, CA
PS 106, JR.HS 198 (South Pacific) :-) FRHS 1964. Living in Southern California...E-Mail me at my daughters address.

Sabato, Vicky - - Rockaway Park, NY

Sarapin, Marvin - - West Layayette, IN - Posted June, 2008

Sarica, Larry -  - Bellmore, NY
I found this site last week, and I've been coming back every day, sometimes rereading things several times. I moved away in 1971, but I always missed Rockaway and the good times we all had there. The site is great and I want to thank everyone involved.

Savino, Robert - Deceased

Schack, Carol  (Brown) - - Dallas, TX - Updated January, 2014
President, Eastfield College - Mesquite, TX

Schantz, Rick -  - Sharon, MA
This just in from Mark Sher. 
I want to let you know that Richard Schantz has the wrong picture by his name. This error occurred in the Dolphin. The picture is actually Steven Marcus. Under Steven's name in the yearbook is Richard's picture.  Thanks Mark for the correction.  Sorry Rick, I guess this photo is actually Steven.

Schawelson, Robert T.  - - Rockaway Park, NY - Updated June, 2011
I married another far Rockaway graduate, Diane Sherman. We are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversay on March 2, 1999.

Schear, Michael -  - Emerson, NJ

Scher, David - - Northridge, CA
I hope it's right. I did this for my brother!!!!

Scher, Dennis -  - Rockland County, NY
Member of the first varsity soccer team. Presently working in advertising. Didn't realize for some time that Mr.Teitz didn't have a daughter named Offielia.

Schiller, Myles -  - New City, NY

Schneider, Cliff - - Abilene, TX

Schoenmann, Dorothea (Seidenstein) -  - Valley Stream, NY
Would love to hear from all old friends. Don't hesitate to email me at

         Dorothea and her son, Rick        Renee, Dorothea, Susan, Micki & Fran looking at the 1964 Dolphin

                                   Dorothea, Hubby and 3 sons

Schorr, Mark - - Plantation, FL - Updated May, 2014

Schreier, Howard - - Bloomsburg, PA - Updated January, 2014

Schulken, Robert (Bob) -  - Escondido, CA
I would like to hear from any of my old (young) school chums.  Been living in Escondido, CA since 1978 and it's great. I get back to NY at least once a year.  "Enjoying retirement. Where the hell did the time go?"

Schwartz,  - Howard Beach, NY

Schwartz, Susan (Benson) -  - Narragansett, RI
I am a family therapist and teach at the University of Rhode Island. I have been married for many, many years and have four sons. Would love to hear from classmates. I lived in Bayswater (Harbour House apartments) on Healy Ave.

Seiden, Marshall - - St. Petersburg, FL

Shabsels, Lenny -  - Pembroke Pines, FL

Shain, Judy - - Oakland, CA

Shapiro, Bill - - Oxford, GA
Would love to hear from anyone who would like to get in touch. One question: Does anyone know where Sol Miskin, class of 1964 at 180 and who went on to Brooklyn Tech, is? Would also like to say Thanks to Skip for making the site happen.

Shapiro, Cynthia (Yaakovi) -  - Herzelia Pituach, Israel
Words I live by: "A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships were built for."

Shatzer, David -  - Livingston, NJ

Sheehan, James -  - Brownstown, PA

Sher, Mark -  - Boca Raton, FL
Really miss those days at FRHS. They were the best in my life. Would love to hear from any classmates.

Shiman, Howard -  - Baltimore, MD

Sibley-Schrieber, Paul - - New York, NY - Deceased, 2022 - Updated March, 2022

Siflinger, Linda (Waxman-Rosenberg) - - New York, NY - Updated March, 2014

Siflinger, Oscar -  - Davie, FL

Simonelli, Fred -  - El Dorado Hills, CA
I have been "out of touch" with FRHS since graduation but have many great memories of the teachers and friends there. I would especially enjoy reconnecting with Jim Conzo, Jim Pignatelli, and Ina Bruder from the Class of '64 (where ever they are!)

Silverberg, Abe -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Simon, Betty - Deceased

Slavin, Wendy - - Boca Raton, FL - Updated October, 2011
This website certainly conjures up memories. I'd love to hear from someone!!!

Smith, Maureen (Seewald) - - Big Pine Key, FL - Posted November, 2008
What a great site. I was not involved in any school activites so not too many people will remember me, but if you do, please drop me a line. Hey, how many of our class moved to South Florida???

Smith, Ray - Woodstock, NY - Deceased

Smith, Thomas - - Pembroke Pines, FL
I grew up in Belle Harbor, graduated FRHS in 64 and played on the football  team. After graduating college, I was hired by NYPD and was assigned to Far  Rockaway (101 Pct.) for 3 yrs and often walked the foot post by FRHS. (No I  never took anyone back to school for playing hookey because that would have been  hypocritical since I did it so often myself!) In 73 I was hired by US Customs as  a sky marshal and I was promoted through the Customs ranks to the position of  Special Agent in charge of JFK Airport, NY in 95. I worked for US Cutoms  Investigations for 27 years in  NY, Washington DC and Miami. I retired in south Florida (Pembroke Pines) in  98 and currently do some part time private investigation work. I'm married, have  3 children, and currently live in Florida with my wife Grisel and our 3 year old  son, Tommy. And yes, we're all Miami Dolphin, Heat, Hurricane and Marlins fans.  Class of 64-Hello to my old friends in Belle Harbor. Life is great in South Florida. If you're looking to buy a home there, give me a call. Go Heat and Dolphins!

Smolin, Barbara (Sachs) - - San Diego, CA - Updated March, 2011

Spielman, Howard -  - Sharon, MA
After graduating from FRHS in '64, I spent six years in Rochester, NY (UofR), then moved to Cambridge, MA in '70 to work (at the place where you don't pahk the cah in the yahd). Married in '71 and moved to Sharon, MA in '73, where I've lived ever since. I've gone through four careers over the years: scientific research, teaching, business management, and management consulting. I have spent 25+ years managing to have fun while working in the same field as my doctoral dissertation. I have also been very involved on the local, regional, and national levels as a volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America. My two sons are both Eagle Scouts and are both married (one has two children and the other has one on the way). I travel on business with some frequency and would love to hear from (and maybe catch up with) FRHS classmates around the country (or around the world).

Stachelski, Carolann (Gaynor) -  - Oceanside, NY


Storch, Sam - - Boynton Beach, FL - Updated January, 2011

Storoshenko, Edward - - Orlando, FL

Strauss, Ellen - - Burke, VA - Updated January, 2014
Long live our high school memories.

Sultzer, Bettyann (Schneider) - - Palm Beach Gardens, FL - Updated October, 2014

Taub, Joanne -  - Newton Highlands, MA
Hi everyone. It's great to be able to hear about and locate people from the past - I would love to hear from old friends.

Testa, Mary (Dalton) -  - Marietta, Georgia
Gary Bart! Linda Siflinger! Wow! It is great to find you. I left Rockaway in '62 when we moved to Long Island (East Rockaway) . I last saw Debbie May a few years after that. Her parents lived on Washington Avenue in Lawrence. Her dad is Dr. Justin May. Linda , I think we last saw each other when I was teaching in Long Beach, NY (around '75) and you had babies!   I've lived in France, Hawaii, New York, and Florida , before our move to Atlanta 11 years ago. I'm married 26+ years to my sweetheart, Dana, a recently retired Delta Airlines man, have three grown children, one married last Sept. They are all over the country -San Antonio, Seattle, and Cheshire, Ct.   I've been teaching French in high school forever. Moving to Georgia has been the biggest cultural shock of my life. What wonderful memories I have of our "music class", the first to graduate from JHS 180. Our family made a nostalgic visit to NY shortly after 9/11 and I wanted my kids to see my old haunts and we couldn't even find the school! Guess that's what 40 years will do. It doesn't seem possible. I still feel like the same kid.  Please contact me. I'd love to hear from old friends. Anyone know of Addie Kaufman?  All the best.

Theodore, Louis - - Philadelphia, PA - Updated October, 2011
Hi gang, it's me in the flesh, Life is gr8; looking forward to hearing from any of u. Semi- retired, plenty of time on my hands. Yadda Yadda Yadda!

Trager, Susan (Rosenberg) -  - Lawrence, NY

Trenk, Adrienne (Gilberg) -  - Jericho, NY

Tropp, Gertrude 'Trudi' - - No City Listed - Updated October, 2011

Troyan, Stu -  - Paradise Valley, AZ - Updated June, 2022
Living in Arizona since 1976. Two grown sons, 3 grandchildren. Married since 1971. Loving life in the desert and would love to hear from you


Varadi, Ethel -  - Denver, CO
In a city the size of Denver there must be s few more Far Rockaway H.S. graduates. If there are any who would like to get together I would be up for it. I miss the wonderful way the air smelled in Far Rockaway. Midwest air has no substance.

Wachs, Steven -  - West Hempstead, NY - Deceased, 2014
I have been working in Rockaway for several years and have seen the changes to Rockaway over the years. I still have fond memories.  Besides FRHS, I went to JHS198 and PS42.

Wasilewski, Ricki (Moss) - - Decatur, GA
I am so glad I discovered this site last year!  I'm transported home everytime I visit the site.  It brings back so many good memories.  Skip, Carol, and everyone involved with this site, thank you and keep up the great work!!  I'll do my part, too.  During the past year I've already found many long lost friends, including my best friend from grade school!  I'd love to hear from more of your guys from P.S. 39, JHS 198, and, of course, FRHS! I was a member of the '63-64 Majorette squad and would love to hear from some of my majorette buddies.  Plus, who out there remembers our field trip to the '64 World's Fair and the boat ride to Play Land at Rye Beach?!  Let me hear from ya!

Weiner, Adrienne (Eisenberg) - - Staten Island, NY Updated March, 2012
Hi everyone,  This is so wonderful to be communicating with old and dear friends from the past. When people ask me, "where are you from?", even though I've lived on Staten Island for the past 23 years, I always very proudly say, "I grew up in Bayswater, Far Rockaway." I was saddened to read of the passing of Jack Guttentag and Maxine Weiner.  They were wonderful individuals. Marsha Rederer-Raffloer, Maxine Rubin-Coz, and myself are planning to attend the reunion this summer in FL.  We hope to see many of you there.  Have a happy and healthy Passover and Easter holiday to all.

Weir, Edward -  - Huntersville, NC


Weiser, Sidney -  - Santa Maria, CA

Weiss, Barbara (Nislick) -  - Bayside, NY

Weiss, Bonnie (Hochberg) -  - Corte Bella, AZ

Weitz, Anne (Hamburger) -  - Baltimore, MD

Werbin, Stanley -  - Lansing, MI
Greetings from Michigan and regards to all my old friends!  I've been here since 1969 and run a music store.  Email me at

Wertheim, Toby -  - New York, NY


Westreich, Ilene (Klein) -  - Far Rockaway, NY - Deceased, 2010

Wetzler, Danny -  - Shirley, NY

Wiener, David -  - Danville, CA

Wiener, Debbie - - Tucson, AZ - Updated September, 2009
Would love to hear from anyone who lives in the Tucson/Phoenix area or So. Calif.

Wivietsky, Harold (West) – – Bell Canyon, CA

Yeschin, Neil - - Calabasas, CA - Posted December, 2008

Yonenson, Barry - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Rockville Center, NY
I lived in Far Rockaway in Wavecrest at 20-38 Seagirt Blvd. I went to PS 215 and then moved to Long Island. I made some really great friends in the six years I lived there and don't know what happened to any of them. I graduated from high school in 1964. I went to Vietnam and came back in one piece. I was just looking for these friends. None of their names are listed on the web site. One was Robert Klein, whose dad owned the pharmacy; one was David Kessler who I believe was the Surgeon General of the U.S.A. There was a girl named Marsha Pocklin who I adored at the age of ten, and a couple of other guys whose last names I can't remember. I do have pictures from grade school of our class trip with some of those kids. Another kid I was really friendly with was Alan Levy, who became a doctor. Wavecrest was a fun place tto live when I lived there. Halloween was great, and school was fun. The winters were fun when the snow was on the ground, and the beach was great. There were no high fences, no security like there is now. It was a happy place, and I have happy memories. I just wanted to find just one "old" friend. It would be fun to chat, and see where things went.

Zeitchek, Joel -  - Lynbrook, NY

Zolondek, Judy (Konrad) -  - Stamford, CT


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