Family Photos from Renee Gutman Schoemann, Class of 64

Thanks to Renee for these great family photos.  Renee can be reached at  

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Renee and Rick
Left to right: daughter-in-law Lisa, sister-in-law- Dorothea SChoenmann Seidenstein, Renee, Mom seated

The 3 Muskateers left to right: Renee, Betsy Mirsky & Jane Abelson

Renee's son Derek (the Attorney) with our Daughter "LOLA"


Renee and Mom

Renee and Husband Rick , 2007

Renee and Son Derek, 2003

Rick 2006, guess where he is? Notice the matching sweatshirt & tires.


Renee - Cape May - 2006

Renee - Cape May - 2006

Renee - Cape May - 2006

Renee, Derek, and Lisa - 2006

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