Graduates From Rockaway In 1959

If you are interested in planning a reunion for the Class of 1959, Click Here

Hi  Skip,

I heard something about a reunion for the '59 class in Aug/Sept, 2001  (I'll be in NYC from Aug 9-27) but I didn't find it posted on the website so I'm wondering if indeed there is such a thing and if so who can I get information from.  Thanks!  Alyne Bat Haim (Glazer)   Email address:

If the Class of 1959 is planning anything for this summer, please contact Alyne.  Thanks, Skip

Karen (Klein) Lutzker, Class of 1959 , joins us from  Wesley Chapel, FL and writes the following.

Dear Skip,

I am in contact with Carole Waxman Cohen, class of 59 and we started forming a committee for our 50th reunion to take place in June 2009. We are looking for classmates who stay in contact with lost classmates from the class of 1959 who would like to attend as well as helping us with the planning. We hope to have a pre-50th in 2008 for the class of 59 because who knows what the future will bring. Carol and Skip, can you please help us by providing the most current email addresses for the class of 59 and phone numbers if possible. Thanks so much. Karen Klein Lutzker  Website:

Hello to all my old FRHS friends: Attended P.S. 106 in Edgemere from the 6th grade (Mr. Goros) to the 7th Grade (Myron Steinberg) where I moved over with my class to Benjamin Cardozo JHS. As our class was too large to
graduate at the Jr. High, we had to graduate at Brooklyn College, but having the honor of being the first class to graduate from Cardozo Jr. High. Then off to FRHS we went. I spent 3 wonderful years as one of the "Happy Days Girls :-)" when I met the love of my life Aaron. Aaron and I were only 16 1/2 when we met. Aaron and his family moved from the Bronx at the suggestion of Lois Golowesky's mom & dad.  Boy, was I glad he did! When Aaron and I met, he was already in college although we were the same age. The reason for this was that Aaron had the good fortune to have graduated from his high school at 15-1/2.  Well, Aaron attended my graduation and escorted me to the prom.  We got engaged in June 1959 and were married in January 1960 and will be celebrating our 41st wedding anniversary shortly. Although I have had a very happy life with my husband and family, my days growing up in Far Rockway are very special memories which I will never forget.

I am waiting to organize another reunion to take place in Aruba for a long Memorial Day Weekend (a Wednesday to a Sunday or Monday) in May 2001.  If you are interested in attending, I will put one together. Kindly e-mail me your name, address and telephone number at  Bring the kids, too, and let's bring back our "Far Rockaway Happy Days. "

I got married in January 1960. An old friend, Lois Golowesky, turned out to be a first cousin of my husband Aaron. We have three wonderful children, Wayne, Glenn and Heidi. Wayne has given us one beautiful grandson and two beautiful step grandchildren. Our step grandaughter will be making us greatgrandparents very soon.  Our son Glenn is getting married on October 2, 2000.  Our daughter Heidi will be getting married sometime in 2001.  As for myself, I stayed home for many years raising my family on Long Island until I went back to work in 1979.  I got involved in the employment recruiting business in 1986 and opened my own employment recruiting business in 1993. Aaron and I just moved to New Jersey so that we would have a shorter commute to work.  Oh, one more thing, we love to visit Aruba and have been going there since 1979.  I was trying to have a FRHS reuion in Aruba but only a dozen or so people responded.  If anyone remembers Karen Klein or would like to have a reuion in Aruba, I would be delighted to hear from you.

The photo in contest #5 is none other then Mr. Louis A. Bach, Pricipal of JHS 198. I hope the spelling is correct. It is such a long time ago. :-) I was in the first graduating class of Cardozo Junior High. My class had come over from P.S. 106, Beach 35th St in Edgemere. Some of my classmates from P.S. 106 were Roslyn Rogers, Ellen Sommerspitz, Harriet Foster, Rochelle Rice, Susan Davidson, Suzanne Schnoll, Eleanor Kalisky, Eddie Wendell (his father owned the Lunchenette on Edgemere Ave and Beach 34th St), Barry Landau, Jordan Rosenberg, Lenny Shalansky, Stanley Rothchild, Eddie Cantor and Phillip Aries and Louis Stroller (his father owned Strollers Mens Store on Beach 20th Street) Many of us lived in Wave Crest Gardens and we used to take the Green Bus at Seagirt Blvd.

A quick story to tell: One of the boys used to call me names during changing of classes (departmental?). On this particular day he called me a name and kicked me in the chins. :-). I got so mad that I dropped my books and jumped on top of him to beat him up. It took a couple of teachers, Mr. Bach and the Assistant Principal to drag me off of him. The boy's name was Alan Lovich. Anyone know what happened to him? I think I was in the 8th grade.

I am looking for classmates from Mr. Steinbergs P.S. 106 class that moved off to Cardozo with him. Sad story to tell though. Mr. Steinberg passed away several years ago. I was in many of Mr. Steinberg's plays in both P.S. 106 and Cardozo. Love to hear from some of my old classmates.'s not too late to plan a reunion for the class of 59. Please email me at

Judi Sokatch Wandres, Class of 1959 , joins us and writes the following.

Dear Skip,

 I am looking for Marjorie Kahn, class of 1959. The last I knew she moved to Toronto, Canada after graduating Brooklyn College. She used to be friendly with Phyllis Saffer- I'm also looking for her. Does anyone know where they are?

Judi can be reached at

Stan Rothschild, Class of 1959, joins us from Winter Haven, FL and writes the following.

Dear Skip,

 I do not know which year you graduated but both my wife and I are graduates. Me in 1959 and my wife, (Eileen Gabriel) in 1960. We would love to be listed in the class listing under our respective names.

 We went to the reunion and had the blast of our life. Seeing everyone again was just fantastic. The football game was outrageous because everyone was just waiting for Jack Kirshman to take the field like the old days. The "Great Event" was just that and anyone who chose not to attend really missed something special.

 Thanks to all of you on the various committees who brought that weekend about and can keep all of us connected through the internet. We just came on line and cannot wait to meet and greet our lost friends.

 I hope to hear good things soon, and thank you for adding us to the list.

Stan and Eileen can be reached at

Karen (Klein) Lutzker, Class of 1959, joins us from Wesley Chapel, FL and writes the following.

Dear Skip and Carol,

 First of all, let me say that it is wonderful that Far Rockaway High has their own special web page. You sound like wonderful people to care enough to keep the Far Rockaway name alive. My daughter Heidi recieved your message today and forwarded it to my e-mail address. Heidi's e-mail address is

My name is Karen (Klein) Lutzker (class of 59) and Heidi's e-mail address is next to my name in the directory. I have my own e-mail address now. It is I would appreciate it very much if you would use the kal address instead of the mxmascat address. Just to let you know a little bit about me. :-) I moved to Wave Crest Gardens when I was 11. I attended P.S. 106 in Edgemere. My teachers were Alexander Goros in the 6th grade and Myron Steinberg in the 7th & 8th grade. I understand that Myron Steinberg passed away while teaching a class at Cardozo back in the 80's. Does anyone remember him? He was such a great guy, always doing special things for his beloved students. During the 7th grade I moved with my class to Benjamin Cardozo Jr. High in Arverne. I was in Mr. Steinberg's drama club at P.S. 106 and Cardozo. It was a great experience moving over to Cardozo because all of the surrounding schools that moved over there gave everyone the opportunity to make new friends. Did you know that the class of 59 was the first graduating class at Cardozo? Our graduating class was so large, that we had to hold our graduation at Brooklyn College. Can you imagine that the 59 graduates had to be accomodated once again at Brooklyn College for the graduation?

When I was 16 1/2 I met my husband Aaron Lutzker. He was from the Bronx and moved to Far Rockaway when he was 16, because of his cousin, Lois Golowesky's family. His mother and Lois's father were sister and brother. Believe it or not, Aaron and I met on our own. I was friends with Lois and never knew that Aaron existed. Aaron came to the senior class play and graduation with my parents and escorted me to the Prom. We became engaged Valentines day, 1959 and got married January 16, 1960. We have two son's and one daughter and are grandparents of a beautiful 4 year old named David. We have lived in Nesconset, Long Island, New York for the past 28 years.

I am headhunter in New York City. Aaron and I attended the 100 year reunion last September and had a great time. I was dissapointed that there were only a handful of 59-ers there as we were the largest graduating class ever at Far Rockaway High. I hope there will be a 40 year reunion in 1999. If anyone from our class is interested in attending a class of 59 40 year reunion and would like to help get it going, please have them contact me by e-mail at My fax number is 212-682-4140 and my office phone number is 212-682-4120. Thanks again.

 All the best,

 Karen (Klein)Lutzker

Karen can be reached at

Dave Schnitzer, Class of 1959, joins us and writes the following.

Thought I would take a moment to let you know that your page about FRHS looks great...I graduated in 1959 along with a few hundred others and have lost track of most of them. If you know of anyone else from my class I would like to hear from them.

My wife is looking for Arlene Goldsmith Rothenthal, class of 1963, Marcia Rappaport Magid, class of 1962, and Luba Rybb, class of 1962....all of them lived in Arvern.

Dave and Jackie can be reached at

Thanks to Dave for his contribution. Dave, I have also posted your requests on the "Lost Classmates" page.

Dave and Jackie Schnitzer, Class of 1959, join us from Boynton Beach, FL and write the following.

Skip, we noticed a new section for PowWow listed...Why not suggest setting up a conference room for FRHS graduates to meet and talk.

Visiting the FRHS site brings back many memories of our days living in Rockaway...My wife, Jackie (Wachter) lived on Beach 63rd street in Arverne, and I lived on President Street in Far Rock..Nothing could beat the early spring and fall days when the "Summer People" were not there and the beach was ours to enjoy..especially the one day in June, when the FRHS seniors declared a holiday and everyone cut to go to the beach...It was a shame to see what NYC did to the area because of poor planning..Does anyone know what happended to Jack Kirschman, boys phys. ed. teacher and coach in the 50's and 60's?

These pages have become a daily site to visit on the of the best constructed and maintained school pages...

Jackie can be reached at   

Thanks so much for your comments about the web site. I have already passed your suggestion on to Carol Marston, our resident PowWow expert. As for Jack Kisrchman, rumor has it that he will be attending the up-coming reunion in September. Check out Reunions on the Menu.

Camille DiResta Schmidt, Class of 1959 joins us and writes the following.

Hi Skip,

I'm Camille DiResta Schmidt '59, former treasurer of the sr. class, captain of the majorettes, and all that sort of stuff. Just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed the FRHS website. Don't know that I can get to reunion, but I'm delighted to sign up for the directory. I've already heard from classmates and a long lost cousin. A million thanks.

Camille can be reached at

Thanks Camille for writing. I'm glad to hear that you have connected with friends from the past. That is one of the reasons the web site continues to grow. Your quite welcome!

Judi Sokatch-Wandres, Class of 1959 joins us from Matawan, New Jersey and writes the following.

Hi Skip,

Great web site ! My name is Judi Sokatch -Wandres. It used to be Judi Sokatch-Birnbach. I've been remarried for 16 years. I graduated in '59. I've really enjoyed this site. I don't think I will be at the reunion because I don't see too many of the '59ers as registrants. I went to Brooklyn College, taught at P.S.105 for a while and then moved to NJ. Did grad work in NJ and now I am living and teaching in Matawan, NJ.

I wonder if anyone knows anything about the following people: Sisty Nichols, Lou Stroller, Louis Lissak, Ernie Rosenberg (class of 57 or 58).

Judi can be reached at

Thanks Judi for writing and I'm glad you enjoy the web site. I may not see a lot of my classmates at the reunion, but I wouldn't miss the opportunity to "gather" with those who share common backgrounds and memories. As we use to say in the 60's, this is going to be a "Happening". Hope you change your mind and attend!

Burton Goldstein, Class of 1959 joins us from Vancouver, British Columbia and writes the following.

I guess I am a lost grad - Far Rockaway High School 1959. After graduation- University of Buffalo (before SUNY), then Brooklyn College. Later University of Pennsylvania, and finally, University of Illinois. Lived & worked in Philadelphia & Chicago, moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1978.Still in Vancouver, with very fond memories of the "old" Far Rock.

My wife Nora (Feldman) FRHS '63, and my brother Ronald Goldstein, FRHS also, are probably registered.

Burton can be reached at  

Ackerman, Diana (Lieberman) - - East Rockaway, NY
What a find. I received a letter from FRHS in the mail today with its web site. I have been having so much fun reading about some of my old buddies. This is just a Hi! E-mail me at would like to catch up on all of you. Hope to hear from you soon. Let there be peace in the world, and love in your hearts. We have all been touched by the rude awakening of the past couple of months.  We must stay strong and go on. For we are survivors.  UNITED WE STAND CLASS OF '59.   Diana

Adler, John - - Highland Park, NJ

Armet, Stuart -  - Williamstown, MA

Ascher, Iris - - New York, NY - Updated November, 2008
Would love to hear from members of the class of 1959 most particularly Core 1, Core 2 and backgrounds.

Ashley Haenel, Judith (Shear) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Rock Hill, NY

Backman, Gail (Grossman) -  - Boynton Beach, FL
What a great site.  I'm so happy to be able to share all of this great STUFF!  I've just moved from New York to Florida and would love to hear from any Far Rockaway Alumni in the South Florida area.  Hope to hear from you soon.

Barry, Bruce - Send Me Your Current Email Address - North Babylon, NY

Becker, Andrew -  - Plantation, FL
I can't believe I stumbled on to this web site. I actually recognized some names that I haven't seen or heard in many moons! I moved to Glen Cove in 1954, but my "old" friends were in the class of '59 and some later at Hofstra. I'm living in S. Florida since '73. If anyone cares, e-mail me? See ya. Andy Becker

Becker, Carolyn (Propis) - - Boca Raton, FL - Updated March, 2009
I moved to Florida five years ago after living my adult life in the five towns.  I have fond memories of my days at FRHS and would love to reconnect with some of my friends and acquaintances from that time. For those of you who may recognize my last name, I was married to Richard Propis class of '57 who passed away four years ago.

Berlin, Ronnie (Pascal) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Congers, NY

Bindman, Judith (Shapiro) - - Jackson Heights, NY

Blaustein, Simon - -  Boynton Beach, FL
I would love to hear from any of my classmates from the class of '59.

Brandes, Gail (Gurowitz) -  - Delray Beach, FL

Braudes, Anna Leah - - New York, NY
Sorry to have missed this last reunion and I hope there will be another soon.

Brodsky, Arthur -  - Allentown, NJ - Deceased

Caparelli, Jo-Ann (Atchley) -  - Sebring, FL

Cavanagh, William - - Lynbrook, NY

Chinitz, Louise (Abrams) - - Far Rockaway, NY - Updated September, 2011

Cohen, Ellen "Nikki" (Clement) -  - Los Angeles, CA

Cohen, Ruth (Sheldon) -  - New York NY - Updated January, 2008

Cohn, Gerri -  - San Diego, CA

Cooper, Gale (Antell) - - Trumbull, CT
Have become very nostalgic viewing this site.   I was very happy to receive a call regarding our "50th" and cannot believe we are that old already. Unfortunately, we have another commitment that evening which prevents us from attending. I would love to hear from anyone.. I am a very quick responder. Have lots of fun and many laughs!

Cooper, Roberta (Levitan) - - Sun Lakes, AZ - Updated May, 2015
We have been living in Arizona for the past 10 years. We have 4 grandchildren here and one in Vegas. My husband teaches (volunteers) in the local college. We run the retired principals association from New York here in Arizona.

Daniels, Stephen - - Stamford, CT  - Posted January, 2009

Di Resta, Camille (Schmidt) -  - Scottsdale, AZ

Dubowsky, Selma (Schechter) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Lynbrook, NY

Epstein, Henry - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Moorpark, CA

Fagin, Audrey (Pheffer) - - Far Rockaway, NY - Updated March. 2012
Let's plan a 50-year reunion. Far Rockaway is alive and well.

Finegold, Aaron -  - Longboat Key, FL

Fischer, Judy (Siegel) -  - Wesley Hills, NY
My name is Judy Fischer from Far Rockaway.  I attended P.S.39 from 1951 in 4th grade till 7th grade when we went to JHS198.  I lived on Plainview Ave. across from St. Josephs Hospital.  I would love to hear from anyone who went to school with me.  I now live in Rockland County, NY.

Fox, David - - New York, NY - Updated July, 2017

Freid, Robert -  - Manchaca, TX

Frey, Catherine (Metty) - - Washingtonville, NY

Frisch, Michael - - Buffalo, NY - Posted January, 2009

Furst, Carol (Schrager) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - West Palm Beach, FL

Genzburg, Carolyn (Blatt) - - Mountain View, CA - Posted November, 2008

Glazer, Alyne (Bat Haim) -  - Tel Aviv, Israel

Goffin, Michael -  - Woodmere, NY

Goldberg, Rita (Zipnick) - - Irvine, CA - Updated March, 2012
Thanks for this website.  Have been looking for Fran Krantz, Annabelle Malcalm, Elizabeth Kennedy & found some others. Looking forward to hearing from those who remember me.  Went to Benjamin Cardozo JH, 1st graduating class, and lived in Arverne on B. 66th St. Older brother Nelson Goldberg, younger sister Stella and younger brother Louis. Husband Daniel Zipnick, all from Arverne.

Goldsmith, Barbara - - Vero Beach, FL

Goldstein, Arthur -  - Belle Harbor, NY

Goldstein, Burton H. - - Vancouver, British Columbia

Golowesky, Lois (Morin) -  - Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Canada - Deceased August 26, 2016
It is great have this site and it has put me in touch with a lot of old friends; would love to hear from more grads from 1959.   Keep up the great work.    Web page located at:

Grannis, Anita (Comiskey) -  - Margate, FL

Griebell, Ronald Charles -  - Las Vegas NV
Would like to contact all classmates from P.S. 42, 1950 thru 1954 as well as graduates of the class of 1959. I lived in Arverne and than Edgemere in the 1960s.

Grossman, Florence (Forman) - - New York, NY - Updated April, 2009

Heller, Peter - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Jericho, NY

Hemmer, William -  - Nuevo Arenal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
I kept going South; Miami & Naples, Florida and now paradise in Costa Rica.  Web site:

Janowitz, Shelley - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Westbury, NY

Herschhorn, Norma (Jones) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Fairfax, VA

Hirsch, Rosilyn (Farbowitz) -  - North Miami Beach, FL

Hochheiser, Fran Pierce (Jackson)  - - Beverly Hills, CA - Updated May, 2015

Jacobs, Bob -  - Ridgefield, CT
Website located at

Kalish, Jay - - Sebastian , FL
Glad to connect with Far Rockaway after all these years.   Jay

Kalm, Marjorie, (Manley) -  - West Los Angeles, CA
I would love to hear from anyone in my class, particularly Eddie Wendel, Jordan Rosenberg, Vicky Weitzberg.  As a result of this web site I've gotten in touch with some wonderful friends who I hadn't seen in years.  Thanks all.

Kanley, Elsa (Elle) (Schorr) -  - Lake Worth, FL
It's sure been a long time, but I look forward to hearing from people who shared in our very special High School.

Kass, Madeleine (Wolpov) -  - Township of Washington, NJ - Deceased February 18, 2012
Skip and Carol, Love this site. Graduated in '59. Married to Michael Wolpov class of '57. Living in Wellington, FL and Island Park, NY in spring and summer. Attended 104 and 198. Would love to hear from old friends, cheerleaders and former classmates. I'm excited about contacting  the Boynton Beach alumni as they are 5 miles from us in Palm Beach County. I enjoyed Steve Tepher's photo of 1959 cheerleaders. I think there may be some twirlers mixed in there as well. I would love to hear from fellow classmates. Keep up the great work. How can we help? Contact me, Thanks for your hard work! Madeleine

Katz, Iris (Spiegel) - - Delray Beach, FL

Kilstein, Marilyn (Brotmann) -  - Pound Ridge, NY

Kirey, Gilbert - - Boynton Beach, FL

Klein, Karen (Lutzker) -  - Wesley Chapel, FL

Kleinhaus, Saraletty (Memoli) - - Hartsdale, NY
I would love to hear from my friends and fellow classmates

Kletter, Miles -  - Saratoga Springs, NY

Kliegman, Marcia -  - Merrick, NY
I'm really interested in finding fellow graduates from the class of '59, especially those who came from Laurelton. Some of us are still in touch and anxious for updates on those we were close to (in the late '50's), but lost contact with.

Komroff, Susan (Beckerman) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Rockville, MD

Lang, Barbara (Karch) -  - Scottsdale, AZ

Levine, Cindy (Lefkowitz) -  - No City Listed

Levine, Myrna (Lueck) -  - Ypsilanti, MI

Lewie, Lorraine - - Cleveland, TX - Updated January, 2008

Liebman, Linda (Lampert) - - New York, NY - Updated February, 2012

Lieberman, Morton - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Hillsdale, NJ

Lovitch, Allen - - West Windsor, NJ - Updated October, 2012
I would have graduated in 1959, but left for family reasons. I went into the army June 1959.

Luchin, Ken - - Parachute, CO - Deceased, 2004

Makrides, Andrew -  - St. James, NY

Mason, Howard -  - Westport, CT
Glad to have found this wonderful Website while surfing the Net on a rainy Saturday AM. Sure is a trip down memory lane. I graduated in 1959.

Meere, Peggy (Mecca) -  - Mount Sinai, NY - Deceased  
Only went to FRHS for a year, before that, Stella Maris and St. Mary's.  Lived on Beach Channel Dr. Best friends with Janet DeMichael and Joanie Friedner.  Thank you so much for caring. We should never forget our history.

Mergentime, Toni (Levi) - - New York, NY - Posted December, 2008

Miller, Maxine (Stein) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Wantagh, NY

Moses, Amy (Spielman) -  - High Springs, FL  
Hello Far Rockaway: I lived in Wavecrest from 11-1/2 yrs. until I got married. Been to all the Far Rock schools; 106, Cardoza, FRHS.  What a wonderful growing up time. Wouldn't change it for anything. I always smile when I think of Far Rock. I used to "work" for Uncle Freddy Ruf in my senior year.  I was his "secretary" Yeah right!! Just before we graduated at assembly Fred Ruf said "This is dedicated to my secretary" and he played the theme from the Mickey Mouse show. We live in So. Florida and I would love to hear from all you FRHS, Wavecrest people.

Nachemson, Wendy (Silver) - - Longwood FL
Rockaway was a great place to grow up. Wherever you go you always meet someone who lived there.

Nagin, Ken - Send Me Your Current Email Address - NY

Novick, Howard - - Sugarland, TX - Updated March, 2012
My years at FRHS were the best years of my life. The memories are without equal. I wouldn't trade any of those experiences, not a one. If I could go back to those times I probably would have studied a little more. Well, on second thought, maybe I wouldn't. I really had a great time and hold many of my friends and fellow ball players in a special place in my heart. Wow...high school was the best.

Nowak, Mike - - Carbondale, CO - Deceased, 2006
This a great site. Thanks to Ken (Tuffy) Luchin for turning me on to it.  Would love to here from old buddies: Sal Pacetta, Harold (Hammerhead) Adelman, Jimmy Cirone, Nick Romeinelli, Ronny Walotsky, Vic Atkins, Carol Danner, Arlene Supnick, Marty Hollander, Lenny Grodin.

Palefsky, Annette (Stark) - - Lakewood Ranch, FL
Would love to hear from old friends.

Pepe, Diane -  - Aventura, FL
Diane Pepe graduated in the class of 1959 from Farrockaway HS. I went to St. Mary Star of the Sea grase school in FR also. Love to hear from any one who may remember me.  Thanks ,  Diane

Rappaport, Marlene (La Monica) -  - Kingston, WA

Ravine, Tobie (Hirshorn) - - Boynton Beach, FL
It was great seeing old friends from High School at our 50th reunion. I would have loved to see more friends from P.S. 39.

Reichwald, Marilyn (Ornstein) -  - Chapel Hill, NC

I was hoping to find out any information about Eddie Wendell, Shelley Lipman, and Faith Modell all members of the class of 1959. Thanks.

Rich, Rosalie -  - Atlantic Beach, NY

Robbins, Elizabeth "Betsy" (Rosenthal) -  - Larchmont, NY
I'd love to hear from class members.

Roberts, Marlene - - Highland Beach, FL - Updated November, 2008

Robinson, Mike - - New York , NY

Romas, John - - Massapequa Park, NY - Updated January, 2008

Rosen, Steve -  - Williams Island, FL


Rosenblum, Jimmy - - Punta Gorda , FL - Updated September, 2011

Rosenthal, Mark - Bay Shore, NY - Deceased, 2007

Schandler, Ira -  - Woodmere, NY 
Anyone who remembers me please call or email.

Schnitzer, David - - Boynton Beach, FL - Updated January, 2013

Schockner, Hilde (Sandlofer Sands) - - Fern Park, FL
It would be great to hear from more old school mates. I have been in touch with a lot of them through the school reunions. It been so many years since I've seen many of you! My dad passed away in 1982. Then I had my mom living with me for 12 years after her stroke. When she passed away in 2002 I lost my best friend. Then in 2005 my brother Melvin Schockner passed away. I have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Also I have a significant other for the last 5- 1/2 years. Hope everyone is doing well.

Schreiber, Robert A. -  - San Francisco, CA

Schriro, Jerry - Deceased - Sad to report the passing of Jerry Schriro, September, 2013

Schuffman, Arlene (Simon) - - New Rochelle, NY

Schwartz, Albert -  - Mesa, AZ

Schwartz, Barbara "Bobbi" (Sobel) -  - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Schwartz, Tama (Wiener-Stout) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Edgartown, MA

Segal, Susan (Leeds) -  - Fort Lee, NJ

Selden, Steven - - Bethesda, MD - Updated March, 2012

Selikowitz, David - - Paris, France - Updated March, 2009

Shabsels, Roberta (Goldberg) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Long Beach, NY

Shalansky, Len -  - Warwick, RI - Deceased, April 2011
Love to hear from my old pals !! Where are you Franny Rogers and Harvey Abelson?????  Call me as late as 1:15 am Monday thru Saturday.  Website located at

Shogan, Richard - - Greak Neck, NY - Deceased November, 2013

Shurr, Maxine (Kenin) - - Mountain View, CA - Updated June, 2014
Moved to California August 19, 2013 to be closer to my children.

Sicherman, Mitch - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Kew Gardens, NY

Simmons, Karen L. (Greco) -  - Oakdale, NY - Deceased, October 2010

Sinofsky, Stanley - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Marlboro, NJ - Deceased

Sloven, Harriette (Grober) - Aurora, CO - Deceased, 2005

Soffer, Sheila (Rankin) - - Jackson, NJ - Updated May, 2014

Sokatch, Judi (Wandres) -  - Matawan, NJ

Soroca, Herbert - - Stamford, CT - Updated March, 2012

Spira, Helene (Armet) -  - Williamstown, MA

Spitz, Edward - - Omer, Israel  - Updated March, 2009
Any plans for a 50th reunion in 2009? Any visitors to Israel will be welcome at our home.

Steinberg, Jay -  - Belleair, FL
I am looking forward to making contacts with the people I grew up with and to renew friendships of our childhood. Website:

Tabb, Howard -  - North Miami Beach, FL - Deceased, 2015
I would like to hear from classmates and friends.

Tepfer, Stephen -  - Gilbert, AZ
It's great to have a site to look back thru the years to our roots in Rockaway and FRHS.  The world was a different place then.  As the photo editor of the FRHS newspaper the "Chat" and a photographer for the yearbook I took many photos of school activities.  Since I found the FRHS site it has sparked my interest in searching for those photos and sending them to you to post on the site.  Keep up the great work.

Wachter, Jacqueline (Schnitzer) -  - Boynton Beach, FL - Updated January, 2013

Waxman, Carole (Cohen) -  - Far Rockaway, NY - Deceased
I have been working for AHRC for over 30 years, as director of a Day Treatment program for adults with developmental disabilities. My daughter, Dori, was Far Rock class of '81.I loved the reunion weekend - it was as much a Rockaway reuion as a high school reunion. The weekend was a fabulous event! Despite what some people have written on this site, there is still something very special about Far Rock to many of us old grads. This web site has reunited many "lost " friends, and helped us to relive a big part of our youth.  Even if the town has changed, we still remember the "small town" feeling we had growing up here, and the quiet after the "summer indians" went home. I may be one of the few who still live and work in Far Rockaway, but SOMEONE has to keep the place going.  Hope to hear from old and current friends.  P.S.  My daughter, Dori '81, and I were one of the two-generation teams at the  100th anniversary celebration.

Web, Richard - - Freeport, NY

Weiner, Richard - - Islandia, NY - Posted January, 2009

Weinstein, Mary (Katz) -  - Stamford, CT

Weinstein, Tina (Morris) -  - Oneonta, NY
Would love to hear from classmates or even visits if you are near the Baseball Hall of Fame!

Weiss, Arlyne "Chicki" (Blessington) -  - New York, NY
This Web site brought back poignant memories.  I moved from the Bronx to FR in '52, lived in Wave Crest (20-21 Seagirt Blvd.), attended PS 106 for a year before transferring to JHS 198 as one of the first students in that brand-new school; then on to FRHS (class of '59).  There are many names I recognize on this site but never did keep in touch after high school.  I married in '60, promptly dropped my nickname, and moved away, but never forgot my teen years in FR, spending most of my time "hanging out."  I remember the day in my senior year, walking on Mott Ave. with my girlfriends, when we first heard of the plane crash killing Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. Everyone we met that day had swollen eyes!  It seemed that all teenagers in Far Rockaway were in mourning for days.  Thank you so much, Skip and Carol, for the opportunity to reconnect with other neighbors and classmates.

Weitzberg, Vicki (Mechner) -  - Springfield, VA
Thanks for maintaining this website. I'm tracking down semi-lost '59ers for a get-together with Eddie Spitz when he visits New York briefly in July 99 and need all the help I can get! I'll appreciate any and all clues to find the following (some of whom are only "friends of" the class: Herb Barbolet, Bob Burros, Martin H. Goldman, Arthur H. Goldstein, Barry Josephson, Marjorie Kalm Manley, Bonnie Miller Kind, Elinor Miller Levy, Jordan Rosenberg, Phyllis Saffer, Albert Shapiro, Ben Sloane, Lenny Sussman. Remarried recently; very busy; no time to chat now; maybe during the winter. Would love to catch up with y'all.  Many thanks! 


Wendel, Ed - - Washington D.C. - Updated June, 2011

Werner, Lucy (Flatow) -  - Punta Gorda, FL
Just discovered this web site, very excited about it; glad to see there's still interest in the Rockaways. Anyone remember Sally and Larry's boardwalk pizza? We will be watching this site.  Skip, how are you and your family, yes, I realize I  don't know your family,or even you, but we do have something in common obviously, Far Rockaway!!  We are in NY, Long Island to be exact, and enjoying a beautiful Spring day after a terrible winter. I have two adult children and one grandson, Daniel who is 7, I just went back to work, after a zillion yrs, I have been married for almost 40 yrs, ay!! I can now be located at  Feel free to email me anytime. I am still in Plainview, Long Island, mother to two, grandma to one, and work in a local elementary school.  Life is good!! If you remember me, please feel free to call me or email me, would love to hear from anyone who was from Far Rockaway, super memories and great people! Beach 13th and Frisco Ave. brother Steve Werner. We left Plainview New York on July 1st, no, not to retire, but, to live closer to my children who we can now see often and its cheaper than taking Jet Blue every other month!! Lucy

Wiener, Harold "Hap"- - Syosset, NY

Wiesner, Estelle (Markow) - - Oak Park, MI - Updated September, 2009
I'm happy to be a part of this effort.  If it weren't for this web site I would not have had the chance to find long lost relatives and friends.

Wildenberg, Michael -  - Wellington, FL

Willner, Lenore (Greene) - - Sun Lakes, AZ - Updated August, 2011
FRHS was truly "happy days". It was the best of times.

Yoresh, David - - Vero Beach, FL - Updated December, 2008

Zolondek, Ronnie (Bramesco) -   - New York, NY

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