Class of 1959


Hi Skip,

The class of 1959 just had a 45th anniversary this past June 2004 and no reunion. It is a shame that we would have to wait until our 50th anniversary and hope that former graduates from the class of 59 will help me form a committee to have a 46th reunion next summer. As you know, I have been trying very hard to get a reunion going for the class of 1959 for the past few years.  It was always planned for Aruba, but the response was very poor. Just wanted you to know that every time I visit your wonderful  Far Rockaway High School website, I feel like a kid again. I will be celebrating my 63rd birthday on October 31st and wonder how many of my former classmates visit the FRHS website from time to time. 

If anyone out there wants to help me plan a 46th anniversary reunion, I would appreciate it very much if they could email me at

Thanks for your help.

Warmest regards,
Karen Klein Lutzker 1959

PS  I attended PS 106 and JHS 198 (first graduating class)

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