Unnamed Poem
by Mark Coopersmith, Class of 1973
After a visit to Far Rockaway in November 1999 I got pneumonia and was stuck in the house for two weeks. I was back in school after 25 years and took some writing classes. Anyway, I was a little down following a walk to the boardwalk at 9th St. You can imagine, it being December and the weather was crappy. I had some thoughts and put them in a poem.

As I sit on the boardwalk at sunrise
The sea meets the sand in an unholy union
Waves lap at the shore
Stealing grains of sand
Sucking the life from my beach
Giving nothing

The paddleball courts are skeletons
Bleached monoliths bearing testimony
Of lost youth, fun, and sweat
Imprisoned behind chain link fences
No more sounds of laughter
Only the waves

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