Intimate Apparition  (by a Rockaway native)

I stood there motionless
and wondered if it was just a dream.
Could I have ever experienced of such joy?
Or was my mind taunting me,
painting surreal imagery of happier times?
Memories of a place
and a moment that still echo in my heart.

I closed my eyes and an ethereal mist manifested
and seemed to coalesce into a vaguely familiar,
incorporeal form.
And then I saw her standing before,
expressive eyes ,
green as the sea,
left nothing to be said.
A warm summer breeze,
offered it's caress.
Seduced by my own imaginings,
amidst the deafening roar of the Ocean's surf !

Thank you for allowing me to indulge in this delusion,
Seashore you are indeed a fine lady
and a most gracious host.

Slowly I backed away,
a mournful vision dissipated,
I returned to my reality,
and bade farewell,
to my Beloved's ghost.


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