Thanks to Henry Blaukopf, Class of 1967
For This Great PS 39 Photo from 1960

Hi Skip,

All hail Ms Falk!.

Public School 39 class 5-2 - 1960 plus an update on what I am doing these days.

PS. I know all the names if anyone wants to email me for confirmation

Keep up the good work.  Like Dobie Gray said in The In Crowd, "Other's try to imitate us but the original's still the greatest" All hail  !!!

Seasons greetings

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What's Henry been up to lately????

These performance photos are from the 2006 Lower East Side Festival
Concert on East 10th Street in Greenwich Village.
David Peel headlined ( I sat in with his band too though I couldn't understand a word he said all day:)

I am now Director of Sales at Hearts Of Space Records
Valley Entertainment in NYC

I also vounteer as a Docent at Museum of the City of NY for the "Glory Days of NY Baseball 1947 -1957"


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