Trivia Contest # 6

Contest 6 is officially over. However, if you would like to try your hand at it, be my guest. For the answers to the questions, click on the link at the bottom of this page. Have fun.

Ok, Ok, I know it's been a long time since our last contest.  So, put on your thinking caps because this one will be a real challenge.  The first 5 contests centered around Rockaway trivia......This contest is Musical and will test your memory of T.V. Theme Songs from the past 5 decades.  Below are the rules for the contest and at the bottom of the page, the 'Themes' .  This contest is just my way of thanking you all for supporting our efforts to keep the Rockaway Web Site on the Internet for years to come.

Rockaway Beach Trivia Contest Official Rules
Here are the official rules for the Rockaway Beach Trivia Contest #6

For a real change of pace this contest will not test your knowledge of Rockaway trivia, but T.V Musical Trivia.  I will be supplying you with a few seconds of popular T.V. Themes.  It will be your job (if you chose to accept it .. oops, I hope I didn't already give one of the answers away) to identify the Themes by indicating the name of the television show the theme was associated with.  The Themes range from the 'easy' to the most difficult, and come from the 1950', 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's.

Below are the Contest Themes in both the .mp3 format as well as the .wav format.  I am sorry if you were unable to play either of these theme formats on your computer.   As far as I am aware, the .wav format is a standard Windows format and should play on your computer if you have a PC.  I never heard from any Apple folks so I don't know if either format works on the Mac.

Ok, here we go......remember that you are better off waiting for the entire file to come in before trying to play it.  The Themes are the same in both formats so you don't have to open both.  (i.e.  Theme 1  in both .mp3 and .wav are the same songs)  Good your answers to Skip Weinstock at:

Click on the photos for links to the TV shows

T. V. Theme #  1 - mp3 format                     T.V. Theme # 1 - wav format

T. V. Theme #  2 - mp3 format                    T.V. Theme #  2 - wav format

T. V. Theme #  3 - mp3 format                      T.V. Theme #  3 - wav format

T. V. Theme #  4 - mp3 format                     T.V. Theme #  4 - wav format

T. V. Theme #  5 - mp3 format                      T.V. Theme #  5 - wav format

T. V. Theme #  6 - mp3 format                  T.V. Theme #  6 - wav format

T. V. Theme #  7 - mp3 format                    T.V. Theme #  7 - wav format

T. V. Theme #   8 - mp3 format                      T.V. Theme #  8 - wav format

T. V. Theme #   9 - mp3 format                      T.V. Theme #  9 - wav format

T. V. Theme # 10 - mp3 format                     T.V. Theme # 10 - wav format

T. V. Theme # 11 - mp3 format                     T.V. Theme # 11 - wav format

T. V. Theme # 12 - mp3 format                       T.V. Theme # 12 - wav format

T. V. Theme # 13 - mp3 format                         T.V. Theme # 13 - wav format

T. V. Theme # 14 - mp3 format                      T.V. Theme # 14 - wav format

T. V. Theme # 15 - mp3 format                    T.V. Theme # 15 - wav format

T. V. Theme # 16 - mp3 format                   T.V. Theme # 16 - wav format

T. V. Theme # 17 - mp3 format                     T.V. Theme # 17 - wav format

T. V. Theme # 18 - mp3 format                     T.V. Theme # 18 - wav format

T. V. Theme # 19 - mp3 format                     T.V. Theme # 19 - wav format

T. V. Theme # 20 - mp3 format                    T.V. Theme # 20 - wav format

T. V. Theme # 21 - mp3 format                  T.V. Theme # 21 - wav format

T. V. Theme # 22 - mp3 format                  T.V. Theme # 22 - wav format

Click Here For The Answers

Thanks for playing...sent any comments to Skip Weinstock at:

Thanks again for your support of this web site.

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