Graduates From Rockaway In 1987

Class of 1987 Launches a Yahoo Discussion Group

Baez, Kim (McCartney) -  - Kingstowne, MD

Brewington, Kim (Auguste) -  - East Islip, NY

Bunia, David -  - Torrington, CT
I'm anxious to reconnect with some of my FRHS friends.

Carattini, Lisa (Rapp) -  - Pensacola, FL
I am looking for friends of mine from Beach Channel H.S., if you're out there, call me, or e-mail me!!!

Colorado, Carlos X.  -, cc to: - Downey, CA
Practicing law with Jones Day Law.  Completed USC Law School in  May 2003.  Writing movie reviews (published critic). Website located at:

Corona, George -  - Houston, TX

Cortes, Carlos -  - Orlando, FL

Cromartie, Joseph -  - San Antonio, TX
Hello fellow classmates of 87. Some of you may remember me. I played on the baseball team and also  sang in the chorus. I'm currently working in San Antonio as a Intelligent Analyst for the US Government. Hope to hear from those of you that remember me.

Davis, Sharon (Greene) - - Avenel, NJ

Edwards, Sidney -  - Sacramento, CA

Ford, Michele D. -    or   - Far Rockaway, NY

Gillisslee, Stella (Stephens) - - Tampa, FL

Henry, Robert -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Hernandez, Kenneth - - Jamaica, NY - Updated January, 2011
Hey Folks, It's Ken Hernandez from the Class of "87".  Just writing to let everyone know that I'm doing well back at our alma mater.  I'm teaching 9th grade math, and coaching 3 sports during the year.  I'm the Assistant Coach for the Varsity Football Team.  I'm the Head Coach for both Wrestling (winter) and Varsity Baseball (Spring)  I graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, MA in June 1992 and I've basically been teaching and coaching ever since.  I married my college sweetheart Lori about a little more than two years ago (Jan 14, 2000).  No kids yet, but I'll keep ya posted! Hey We've finally got a top notch athletic facility at Far Rock.  To all those that suffered on that dustbowl we called a field (myself included), come through and grow green with envy.  It's beautiful, outdoor track, football, softball, soccer field combined on artificial grasslike turf.  Great Stuff!!

Johnson, Isha (Seaborn) -   Austell, GA
Hello  Class of '87... Long time no see nor hear! I am looking forward to hearing from you guys. I have especially been trying to  get in contact with Lorraine Carire as well as Amy Capers. So if you guys have a way  of contacting either of them please give them my contact information.  Thanks,  God Bless

Mcintosh, Natalie -  - Queens Village, NY
If anyone is out there from the class of 1987, write back.

Mehala, Marie-Yvonne (Egwudobi) -  - Suresnes, France
I was co-captain of the majorettes from 1984-1987. I went to Johnson and Wales University for one year then I transferred and attended the American University of Paris in Paris, France and lived in France for 6 1/2 years total. Worked at Andersen Consulting in NYC.  Now back in France.

Miguel, Leslie (Coleman) -  - Glen Burnie, MD
Happy & healthy... wish everyone is the same. Hope to see a reunion soon. WOW- Surprised to see so many familiar names & glad to read you are doing well. I moved to Maryland in 1997 & since settled here for good. (Boy, do I miss NY) I have 2 little ones and work for the corporate dept. as a licensed Customs Broker. Who's up for a 20th reunion?!?! Take care! Can you believe it's been 20+ years!?

Mumford, John III - - Uniondale, NY
Please keep me informed.

Musikar, Howard -  - Colorado Springs, CO
Just wanted to say hi!!!! to my graduating class of 1987.

Ortiz, Emily (DeBellaqua) -  - Pisa, Italy
Although I was not the most popular student, I miss my old friends very much.  I now live in Pisa, Italy with my wonderful husband and 4 beautiful children.  I graduated in 1987 and after 6 years, moved to Italy to persue my medical career.  I would like to say hello to all my friends - (you know who you are) and ask that you please drop me a line!

Patel, Ketan -  - Edison, NJ

Ramirez, Michelle (Powitchko) - - Summerville, SC
I hope everyone in Class of '87 are all doing well. It has been quite a long time since we all have been together. I hope some of you remember me. Please email me; I would love to catch up.

Reid, Morgana (McClain) - - StoneMountain, GA - Updated June, 2008

Robertson, Serena -  - South Ozone Park, NY

Samms, Michael - Send Me Your Current Email Address - New York, NY
WOW! I can't believe it. I was in my car and I drove by Far Rock. I pulled over in the front of it and just sat there for almost two hours. I was thinking about some of the best times in my life there. I made best friends Moe, Martin, Miles, Lloyd, Gordon, Terry, Byron, Wayne and Chucky (Big Chuck RIP) growing up with some of the best friends in my life. The good time is there, all still my dawgs. The next time you ever feelin bad or got a lot of things on your mind, take a trip by Far Rock and just think about the good times you had there and the good friends you made there and just thank God you made it out!!! Far Rock will always hold a special place in my heart.   Mike Samms

Silverman, David - - Rego Park, NY - Updated December, 2008

Vernon, Camille -  - Yardley, PA


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