Graduates From Rockaway In 1981

Aiello, Joe - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Lakewood, CA
Great to see all the names on the website. Looking forward to seeing all of you in the future.

Argento, Michael - - New York, NY

Arnel, Jeffrey -  - Orange, CT

Auerbach, Michael -  - New York, NY

Balzano, Caroline (Jones) -  - Valley Stream, NY

Best, DeMarco -  - Tacoma, WA

Biener, Judy – Send Me Your Current Email Address - Brooklyn, NY

Bizios, Nick -  or  - Douglaston, NY

Blades, Elliott - - Apex, NC

Bonilla, Joseph -  - Brentwood, NY
Seeing all these names brought back some really good memories.  Hello to all the FRHS alumni of years past and future, and a special hello to all the people I hung out with at Far Rock High. Looking forward to getting together again, hopefully really soon.

Brod, Doug -  - New York, NY

Cohen, Dori -  - Oceanside, NY

Conklin, Colleen (Romanger) -  - Inwood, NY

Curry, Kelvin - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Richmond, CA

Cusack, Michael -  - Lynbrook, NY

Dean, Gillian -  - St. Petersburg, FL

Deignan, Gerald -  - New York, NY

De La Cruz, Julian - - Long Island NY
Looking back to 1981 bring back a lot of good memories. I would not be able to attend due to other arrangements. Change the reunion date please :)

Dones, Michael - - Orlando, FL - Updated July, 2011
Wow! It is so wonderful to see all these names. Makes me wish I was back in school. Hi everyone!

Engel, Heather (Dubov) -  - Allentown, PA

Farber, Fran (Glat) -  - Gladwyne, PA
Hi Everyone! I found this web site by accident and it was a great accident!! It brought back so many memories of Far Rockaway. I remember "hanging out" at the high school during the summer at night and sun tanning on 17th Street. Most of all I cherished my memories of being the Majorette Captain. I am now living in Gladwyne, Philadelphia (the Main Line) and I am married with two children. My daughter is 10 1/2 and and my son is 7. I would love to hear from people from my class. Take care.

Farrell, Patrice -  - Long Beach, NY

Favilla, Nancy (Tora) -  - Moscow, PA
My 21 year old son has a very rare form of leukemia, and we have gone through all the chemo and radiation to no avail. If anyone has any info on other treatments or personal stories of hope, please feel free to email.

Feinberg, Dana -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Fiorello, Karen -  - Brooklyn, NY

Fisher, Andrew -  - Boston, MA

Fraden, Rafaelito Jr. -  - Falls Church, VA

Fraden, Sophia (Maxwell) - - Olive Branch, MS - Updated, August 2009

Frommer, Jennifer -  - New York, NY

Garcia, Blanca (Womack) -  - Quakertown, PA
So many wonderful memories!!!!

Gilligan, Lorraine (Murphy) -  - Staten Island, NY
I was shocked to see some of my alumni on the web page. All those names and faces came back. What a great feeling. I did not graduate from FRHS. I graduated from Lawrence but my roots were in Farrock. Miss all my friends and treasure the memories.

Gorelick, Stacy -  - New York, NY

Gross, David -  - Atlantic Beach, NY

Haft, Debra (Monaco) -  - North Salem, NY

Heller, Joyce (Zupnick) -  or  - Merrick, NY

Hernandez, Ernesto -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Hughes, Michael - - Stonybrook, NY - Updated July, 2015
I am living in Zambre West Africa.  Great seeing some familiar names.

Joglar, Manuel -  - Oxford, PA
Hard to believe how time just flies by.  Here is hoping the class of '81 is doing well.

Jones, Michael -  - Valley Stream, NY

Kafeiti, Charles - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Port Jefferson, NY

Keslowitz, Eric -  - North Woodmere, NY

Liebovitz, Alfred - - Carlsbad, CA- Updated October, 2017

Ligi, Mark -  - Stamford, CT
Looking for old friends and where & what they are doing today.

Lorentzon, Karin (Rivale) -  - Aurora, CO - Updated April, 2015

Manning, William 'Bill' -  - Lilburn, GA

Meidonick, Gila (Willner) - - Newport Beach, CA - Updated January, 2008

Meisinger, Amy (Mazur) - - East Hampton, CT

Missan, Elizabeth (Yost) -  - Los Angeles, CA

Misuraca, Lucy (D'Alessandro) -  - Franklin Square, NY
Hi everyone. This is such a great web site. I can't believe that a lot of people are on here. Write back - would love to hear from you guys.

Naglieri, Ann Marie (Schweiger)  -  - Far Rockaway, NY 
Wow! What memories.  I didn't get to attend graduation at FRHS but I sure do remember all those times at I.S.53. Not sure anyone remembers me but it would be great to get an email from all that do.

Ng, David - - Rego Park, NY
Things have surely changed from the way we communicate with each other; it seems as if we're slowly measuring up to the "Jetsons". In fifty years, we'll have robots who do everything for us, then it will culminate in "that" episode from the Twilight Zone.

Ortiz, Sherry (Vigliotti) - - Babylon , NY
How wonderful to see all of your names and stroll down memory lane . Leaving here smiling and laughing.

Ortiz, Susan (Modugno) -  - Holbrook, NY
Hey Everyone...great to see so many old friends on this site. I hope to reconnect with you all at the 1981 reunion in March 2008. Love and Peace to you all :) Website:

Ostroy, William - William_D._-  or  - Forest Hills, NY
34 years old. still take a ride to Far Rock every chance I get. It's changed (boy has it changed) but it still brings back memories. I've always lived in Queens (Far Rock to Bayside, to Flushing to Forest Hills). Great site!  Brings back so many memories. Nice job.

Ozer, Marcy (Proenza) -  - Las Vegas, NV
Unfortunately my family moved in 1980 and I didn't graduate from Far Rock H.S., but my heart always stayed there!!!!

Pacia, Arnel B. -  - Beavercreek, OH

Paxinos, Antoinette (Pizarro) - - Freeport, NY

Pietro, Diane -  - Burnsville, MN

Pietro, Diane (Evers) -  - Burnsville, MN

Pollack Murray -  - Long Beach, CA
I am a finicial advisor, single. My family moved to California in '86.

Porcella, Camille (Berthelon) -  - Hollywood, FL
Hi my name is Camille Porcella Berthelon. I was raised on B. 3rd St. right off the Atlantic Beach Bridge. I went to St. Mary's and graduated in 1978, then went on to Far Rock High. I would have graduated in 1981. I now live in Florida. I left New York over 20 years ago and lost all contact. I miss the days of Gino's Pizza and cutting school to go play handball at B. 17th, going to Sat. matinee at the Strand and the Pix. I would love to hear from some old friends and catch up. My e-mail is I hope to hear from some friends.

Quiros, William H. -  - Chicago, IL

Reimer, Robin (Eras) -  - Lake Worth, FL

Roca, Jose -  - Palisades Park, NJ

Rosario, Digna (Affronti) - - Cave Creek, AZ - Updated March, 2014

Rose, Eileen -  - Clearwater, FL

Rosenberg, Melissa (Policastro) - - Cedarhurst, NY - Posted November, 2008

Santiago, Jose -  - New York, NY

Schaefer, Russell - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Brooklyn, NY
Wow. All these familiar names. After 19 years, it's nice that I can still put faces to all of you.

Schmidt, Rita (Spiegal) -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Shanab, Peter -  - Beverly Hills, CA

Shube, Charlotte (Lucks) – Send Me Your Current Email Address - Hewlett, NY

Silverman, Steven -   - Lido Beach, NY

Smith, Steven -  - Huntingdon Valley, PA

Spitz, Jonathan -  - Rye, NY

Stark, Ron -  or  - Jamison, PA

Steiger, Robert - - Middletown, NY

Tanzman, Jonathan -  - Wilton, CT

Thomas, Ricardo -  - San Antonio, TX

Tischler, Jay  -  - Somerville, NJ

Truitt, Maurice - - Far Rockaway, NY - Updated June, 2011
I am impressed by the names listed for the Class of '81. I look at the names and can remember faces just as if it were yesterday. It would really be a pleasure to see you all after all these years. Peace and Blessings to you all.

Turetsky, Susan (Coumans) -  - Round Hill, VA

Weingarten, Jonathan -  - Long Island, NY

Wesson, Jeff - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Providence, RI

Williams, Christian - - Albany, NY


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