Graduates From Rockaway In 1980

Skip, Would you please post the following on the 1980 page:

Hello, I am Eddie Santiago. I attended Far Rockaway High School from 1977-1979. I relocated to the Midwest in 1979, just after finishing my Junior year, completing my Senior year in Illinois. I was on the wrestling team and wish I would have graduated with the rest of my friends. It is great reading all of your messages and seeing all of your names. Feel free to drop me a line, I would love to hear from you.  or

Baran, David (Baransky) -  - Tokyo, Japan

Baumel, Susan (Baumel-Cornicello) -  - Brooklyn, NY
Just seeing all of your names makes me feel 20 years younger.

Beck, Jackie - - Rockville Centre, NY

Blume, Judith (Foreman) -  - Roslyn Heights, NY

Brod, Shari (Silverman) -  - Lido Beach, NY

Callanan, Kevin - - Tavares, FL - Updated May, 2008
Hey, kids- here's an updated e-mail if anyone wants to reach out. Still livin' the good life here in Florida- it's sort of an official suburb of Queens- everybody ends up down here- pretty funny. Married 15 years to my bride Elisha (my southern belle Florida girl- still never seen snow in her life...), daughter Shea Presley, 14, and my little Irishman, Brodie Michael Patrick, 8. Still read the NY newspapers online everyday, and the Mets still break my heart every season. Blessings from the big man upstairs to all of you and yours, from mine and ours.

Castro, Elena (Avila) -  - New York, NY

Colbert, Louis - - Queens , NY - Updated April, 2018
Wondering how my former classmates are doing. Those were hard years for me but I wish you all the best.  I would love to get a copy of the FRRS yearbook from 1980 or the Brian Piccolo IS 53 yearbook from 1976. Please contact me at 347-302-9711 or reach me at God Bless You!

Connors, Patty (Dorschneider)  -  - Manalapan, NJ

Cortes, Wenceslao -  Land O Lakes, FL

DiCeglio, Douglas -  - Oceanside, NY

Farris, Jan - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Long Beach, NY
I would love to hear from my friends from the class of 80, 81 and 79. Love the site! Hope to hear from all my friends and remember Live, Love, Laugh!

Fein, Barbara (Zayas) -  -  Rochester, NY
Now I feel old. I have three kids and my oldest started college this year. My kids are ages 18, 15, and 13. Live in Rochester, N.Y. I would love to hear from anyone from 1979 and 1980 that knew me. Drop me an email and I will write back. Lost contact with some folks over the years. Would love to hear from old friends too. Hope you all have a great holiday season.

Finkelstein, Brad -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Frankel, Jill (Davis) - - Dix Hills, NY

Fuchs, Amy (Zuelch) -  - Wantagh, NY

Gall, Nancy (Shafiroff) - - Chappaqua, NY

Gallagher, Daniel - - Cedarhurst, NY - Updated March, 2008
Looking forward to hearing from 1980 graduates.

Garcia, Elizabeth (Boncore) -  - Bay Shore, NY

Garet, Russell -  - Ireland

Garza, Denise (Jimenez) -  - Plantation, FL

Gelfenbaum, Alan - - Scottsdale, AZ - Updated on November 26, 2016

Gentilini, John - - Fredericksburg, VA
Has it been 30 years already???:) I am looking to connect with any old school mates and see about having a 30 year reunion. I'm sure we will have a lot to talk about.

Ginsberg, Linda (Bard) -  - North Miami Beach, FL

Gioria, Robert -  - Chelsea, NY - Posted on Face Book - Deceased
Robert is survived by his brothers Mitchell and Gary Sanders and dearest childhood friend, Dana Feinberg. Robert will be Remembered by most, for his incredible Sense of Humor, Kind Soul and the Life of Many a Party. He will be deeply missed by us all.

Gliner, Vicki (Marks)  -  - Woodbury, NY

Gonzalez, Abigail (Remka) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - East Greenwich, RI

Granados, Dolores (Lloyd) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Mytle Beach, SC
Excited to be in contact with old friends again!

Grunwald, Caroline (Metz) -  - Pine Bush, NY - Updated February, 2008
Hey what's up? Drop me a line. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Hastie, Cheryl (Stevens) -  - APO AP 96548
Hello Far Rock, Classes 1976-1982 who knew me, Cheryl Twiggy Hastie, zap me an email to let me know what you are doing now. Take a look at my website.  It is a very rewarding career.

Hays, Bill - - Henderson, NV
I would like to hear from anyone from the classes of 1979 or 1980.  I surfed in and signed the guest book and already have heard from a few people that I have not thought about since High School.  Just wanted to let everyone know that I was friends with from 1979 & 1980, that my wife and I now live in Henderson, NV just outside of Las Vegas.  I know that there are a few people from those  years living out here and I would love to hear from all. This is a great site and it is absolutely wonderful to hear from and catch up with some of the people that I miss terribly from FRHS. If any of my old friends are ever in "Sin City" please shoot me an email. Thank you Skip & Carol!!! This is a true labor of love!!!

Heller, Brenda (King) - - South Bellmore, NY - Updated October, 2008

Henderson, Matthew - - Middle Island, NY
Hello my friends from The Rock. Please drop me a email, I would love to hear from you.

Herbert, Amy -  - New York, NY

Hores, Marianne (Valentin) - - Manalapan, NJ

Kaplan, Carol - - Mechanicsville, VA - Updated May, 2014

Kerner, Glenn -  - Upper Saddle River, NJ

Klein, Robert -  - Inwood, NY

Kleinert, Rhonda (Washington) -  - Orlando, FL
This is a great site.  I enjoy checking it everyday. Hopefully I can find a lot of my old buddies.

La Penna, Jamie (McAleer) -  - Bolingbrook, IL
Now having one of my own three children in high school, has brought back many of my own memories of our time at FRHS.  It truly amazes me at how fast time does go by, and it sure is hard to reconcile the fact that we are middle-agers! (who me?) My family and I have been out in the burbs of Chicago for almost 10 years, but we too, still have sand between our toes! We make the trek to NY at least twice a year. I have many, many cherished memories of all the folks I knew at FRHS and the many good times growing up on the beach!

Lee, Jina (Samulka) - - Binghamton, NY - Updated March, 2008

Lichtman, Stacy (Santana) - - Ronkonkoma, NY- Updated January, 2009

Manuel, Ametrice - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Brooklyn, NY

Marcus, Laura - - Santa Monica, CA - Updated April, 2008

Marcus, Paul -    - Oak Park, CA

Martino, Barbara (Reinken) -  - Greenwich, CT

Mayer, Serina (Mimi) -  - Santa Monica, CA

McGovern, Kim -  - Staten Island, NY
It is so wonderful to see all of your names.  I hope that you are all happy & healthy.  When I think of my time at FRHS it is hard sometimes not to laugh out loud. Does anyone remember "Land Shark".  Be well my generation.

Menzies, James -  - Selden, NY

Miller, Michele -  -  Dobbs Ferry, NY

Molinari, Marianne (Hodgins) -  - New York, NY
Seeing all of your names really brings me back to such happy times. We had such fun!! Very happy living in NY with my husband of almost 17 years & two little boys age 5 & 3. Wishing you all a very happy 2007.

Nebel, Andrew -  - Evanston, IL

Neff, Christine (Wolf) -  - Port Richey, FL

Nichol, Joyce -  - Hewlett Harbor, NY

Nydell, Andrew - Scottsdale AZ
Hello my old Rockaway friends. I'd love to hear from you to catch up on the past 29 years! I'm married with 2 children (Justin 15 and Jake 10) and have been living in Scottsdale AZ for the past 12 years. Send me an e-mail.

Pessin, Mitchell -  - New York, NY

Rosen, Lee (Nossen) -  - Weston, FL

Rubin, Lance -  - North Belmore, NY
Hi, i just found this site and found a lot of names i remember from the ROCK!!! Hope to hear from you.

Salguero, Yvonne (Gallagher) -  - Levittown, NY

Santiago, Eddie - - No City Listed
Hello, I am Eddie Santiago. I attended Far Rockaway High School from 1977-1979. I relocated to the Midwest in 1979, just after finishing my Junior year, completing my Senior year in Illinois. I was on the wrestling team and wish I would have graduated with the rest of my friends. It is great reading all of your messages and seeing all of your names. Feel free to drop me a line, I would love to hear from you.  or

Scott, Jacqueline (Scott-Smart) - - Secaucus, NJ

Shnayer, Laura (Popeil) -  - Kingman, AZ

Shapiro, Brian - Send Me Your Current Email Address - New York, NY

Siroka, Maddy (Cohen) -  - Manhasset, NY

Stanley, John -  - Tarrytown, NY

Stein, Ina (Kane) -  - Smithtown, NY - Updated February, 2008

Steinberg, Sharon -  - Ronkonkoma, NY

Teitell, Jamey - - Los Angeles, CA - Updated September, 2013

 Tobias, Lori (Sanders) -   - East Meadow, NY

Weinberg, Phil -  - Boca Raton, FL

Weissberg, Michael -  - New York, NY

White,Vanessa (Burgess) -  - Rosedale, NY
SO glad to see that we have a way of reaching out to each other. I hope to contact many old friends.

Wilson, Garfield - - Loxahatchee, FL - Updated August, 2008
Hi everyone.  The class of 1980 was the greatest I still have fun memories of all you I came in contact with.  I keep moving. I joined the Military, spent 20 yrs., survived 9/11/2001 at the Pentagon and now I am in sunny Florida working at the Veterans Hospital in West Palm Beach.

Wolf, Arlene (King) -  - East Meadow, NY

Young, Scott - - Merrick, NY - Updated January, 2008
To everyone who used to "hang" outside before school started, what were we doing? Think Mrs. Serby ever really knew? For those of you who live on Long Island and wanna have a drink, come to my new steakhouse in Huntington - Mac's Steakhouse!!! Would love to see you.


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