Graduates From Rockaway In 1976

Monica Kelleher  (Bogert), Class of 1976, joins us from Spotsylvania, VA and writes the following.
It has been wonderful to hear from old friends, many of whom I had completely lost contact with a long time ago. Please feel free to email me - I'd especially love to hear from the St. Camillus class of 1972!  I graduated in January of 1976. I lived on Beach 118th street. Most of my family still lives in Rockaway, so I visit from time to time. It would be great to hear from folks I knew way back when! I'm now married, have four beautiful children, work in the insurance business and live in Virginia. I would be interested to know if there are any Far Rockaway H.S. alumni around here; it would be fun to get together.

Monica can be reached at  

Mitch Warstadt, Class of 1976, joins us and writes the following.
My name is Mitch Warstadt. I graduated in 1976. I noticed there hasn't been any inquiries for that year. I am looking to get in touch with anyone that remembers me and would liketo e-mail me. Thanks for your help Mitch can be reached at

Abramowitz, Michelle (Levokove) -  - Long Beach, NY

Ackerman, Rochelle (Borden) -  - Newton, MA

Amiel, Helen Lana (Galapo) -  - Coral Springs, FL

Arnel, Marc -  -  Port Chester, NY

Atwood, Bill - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Honolulu, HI
Stationed in Hawaii while serving in USN, loved it 13 years later I'm still here so aloha from the 50th state.

Audain, Courtney (Tudor) -  - Wahiawa, HI
One of the reasons I live in Hawaii is based on my love for Rock Rock Rockaway Beach!

Barovsky, Ronna -  - WPB, FL

Berg, Gail (Shlian) -  - Phoenix, AZ
I grew up in Far Rockaway and I did not graduate FRHS, however if anyone knows me and would like to contact me - here I am at

Berliner, Lynn (Silver) -  - New York, NY
I went to PS 104 and JHS 180 but graduated from Lawrence H.S. in 1976.

Bernstein, Robin (Shnitkin) -  -  or  - Melville, NY
Far Rock was a special place to grow a small town in the midst of suburbia. I still maintain friendships with fellow students from FRHS, not to mention JHS 180, P.S. 104 and the Bayswater Jewish Center Hebrew School. Where else could you find Milty's on Mott Ave, the El, Beach 17th, Gino's, the Town & the Pix movie theaters...and so on. Thanks for keeping this Web site (and those memories) alive!

Bey, Beth (Berk) -  - Randolph, NJ

Bey, Brian -  - Randolph, NJ

Biener, Charlie -  - Larchmont, NY

Bier, Rosalind (Leonessa) -  - Mahwah, NJ

Blackman, Lisa (Moreno) - - Peoria, AZ - Posted January, 2008

Blumenthal, Carol (Scott) - - Long Beach, NY

Boland, Tina -  - Laguna Hills, CA
Hello, to all FRHS grads. I'd like to see everyone from the class of '76 listed! Are we going to have a 20 year reunion? Let's get one together!!

Bono, Salvatore -  - Watervliet, NY
Just wanted to say HI

Bozarth, Anne Crystal - Lincoln, MA - Deceased, 2007

Brandl, Gayle (Rotto) –  - Syosset, NY

Carlson, Matthew -  - North Mankato, MN
Went to Beach Channel High instead of Far Rock but I wanted to say hi to all my old friends from Far Rockaway.

Chapoteau, Jean-Rene - - Washington, DC
During and after High School, life has been great, challenging but rewarding. As a U.S representative abroad, U.S Diplomat every two, three years changing country is exciting. Foremost, making a difference in this world, --whether taking part of history with the unification of Germany, explaining voting democratic process in China, or assisting destitute Americans after the earthquake in Haiti, -- all it has been challenging but very rewarding. So far, life has been has been a fun ride. Keep on smiling Rockaway, life is beautiful! Currently living and working at the U.S Consulate General Istanbul, Turkey, next assignment will be….. to another exciting place.

Cohen, Barbara (Farber) - - No City Listed
I graduated from Beach Channel in '76. Would love to hear from old friends. Also would love to hear from anyone who went to 180 (70-73) or anyone from Dayton !! Please e-mail at

Conrad, Stephanie (Kuropatkin) -  - Woodmere, NY

Cunningham, Christine -  - Gering, NE

Dallago, Rick -  - Venice, CA

Davis, Todd - - North Bergen, NJ - Updated January, 2012

Debetham, Keith -  - New York City, NY





Dulberg, Marian (Zeldin) -  - Bridgewater, NJ 

Dunn, Renee -  - Charleston, SC
Gotta a GREAT bunch of memories. I am lucky to be in touch with a lot of good friends i.e. Barbara Rairden (Cestaro), Doreen Marchetti (Trotta), Claire Lisa (Jones), Ann & Maura Herbert, Jimmy "Blue Eyes" Cleary (introduced me to this web site), Gail Hirsh (simply hilarious!), Chrissy McNeilis (Steiger), Maura Murphy, Stevie Hickey (the adorable) WHEW I know I have left a few out but these are the guys I share everyday laughs with & are defintely WORTHY of my  mentioning! :)  Eileen Seaman & Anthony Ceccato I have been in touch with by phone, Frank Hladky & Maureen too. Randy Dunn my adorable brother works for THE Den in Inwood. Well I have gotten carried away & ACTUALLY forgot what I was doing! (Must be getting old but having lots of fun!)

Elder, Chuck -  - Woodmere, NY

Engel, Eric -  - Marlboro, NJ

Engel, Jeffrey -  - New York, NY

Fershtman, Gerry -  - Jericho, NY
BCHS 76 and JHS 180 '73. Many fond memories. Would love to hear from old friends. 

Fromm, Hugh - - Rego Park, NY - Updated December, 2015
This website brought back some fond memories and I thought  it would be great to hear from some friends I haven't be in contact with for some time.

Garet, Cindy (Sippin) - - Coram, NY - Updated May, 2012

Gaudet, Jacquelyn (Sherman) - - Queen Creek, AZ

Geier, Patrick -  - Huntington, NY

Genden, Janet (Zweben) -  - Cherry Hills, NJ

Geraci, Julia (Litchock) - - Marlboro, NY - Updated February, 2011
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.....


Gertler, Beth (Larson) -  - Belfair, WA

Ginsberg, Ellen (Bernstein) -  - Marlton, NJ

Gluck, Kurt -  - Piscataway, NJ
Went to RPI.  Remember getting together on Granada, The Sand Dunes, Beach 9th Street and just hanging out!!! I'm no longer a Director at Bellcore. I am a Programmer at Telcordia.  I am looking to find Ging Moy - BCHS?

Goldman, Amy (Jaffe) -  - Katonah, NY


Goldstein, Steven - - New Milford, NJ - Updated April, 2010

Graves, Denise (Graves-Judkins) - - Nashville, TN

Greenbaum, Robert -  - Poughkeepsie, NY

Greenberg, Lori (Lebowitz) -  - Long Beach, NY
First graduating class of BCHS, many of my friends went to FRHS, would love to hear from my childhood friends who I lost contact with over the years, it has been too long.  Alert, desperately looking for Heidi Freed Rosen, please help me find her.  I was born and bred in Arverne 56th street, and later moved on to Beach 100 Street.  I have so many fond memories of growing up in the Rockaways.  My grandfather Irving Rapaport was president of the mens club of Cong Derech Emona, the only Temple still left standing, and always under repair because of vandals.  My Grandmother, Rose Greenberg 63rd street, had a rooming house there, until that too, was destroyed by vandals when the area hit the down side.  I visit your web site twice a week just so I can get those memories stirred up again. Visiting 33rd street and always trying to win those goldfish make me laugh time and time again!!  Tiki cups and icecream on waffles, those are the memories of family weekends. My mother Barbara (Greenberg) Rapaport, uncle Barry Rapaport and aunt Marcia Rapaport all graduated FRHS.  I went to BCHS because of the zoning when it was built, and subsequently lost contact with many of my friends, but I have found many of them on this web site.  Thank you, thank you for putting this whole thing together and making it work.  I am still tring to find Heidi Rosen (Freed) and hope that this web site will bring me back together with her.  Thanks for all the memories.

Gustin, Eddie -  - New York, NY

Haft, Mindy (Solomon) -  - Harrisburg, PA

Halpern, Riesa (Claudio) - - Inwood, NY - Posted January, 2008
Far Rockaway was a great place to grow up.

Hamberger, Robert -  - Vienna, VA

Harary, Joe -  - Holliston, MA

Heller, Cheryl (Kitton) -  - S. Bellmore, NY

Herard, Betty -  - New York NY

Herbert, Karl -  - Gaithersburg, MD

Hinken, Elisa (Bachrow) -  - Lawrence, NY
I moved to Cedarhurst in 1970 and went to Lawrence Hight School. Always had close ties to my old neighborhood, Arverne.

Ickowitz, Linda “Icky” (Conner) -  - Lido Beach, NY
Hi to all my friends from Far Rock!

Israel, Miriam (Winsten) -  - Houston, TX

Jaffess, Natalie (Gilman) - - Brookfield, CT - Updated February, 2009

Kaftan, George -  - Davie, FL

Kantor, Howie -  - Saint Augustine, FL

Kantro, Mark -  - Norfolk, VA
I am listed on the old web page but can be reached at my new email address ---  Hope to hear from and see old friends in the near future. Hope all are well and enjoying life.

Kimble, Robbin (Tannenbaum) -  - Marlboro, NJ

Klein, Randi (Raphael) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Hewlett, NY

Korn, Jeff -  - East Patchogue, NY
Visit my web site at:

Kosmalski, Dianne (Backenroth) -  - Nesconset, NY

Lebish, Cheryl -  - Fanwood, NJ
What did we ever do without the internet?!!! FRHS was the BEST. I really miss those days (but then again, doesn't it seem like the 70s are coming back?)

Levine, Shari (Greenberg) -  - Howard Beach, NY 

Levokove, Zachary -  - Long Beach, NY

Levy, Don –  - Orange, CA

LeWinter, Donna (Padilla) -  - North Bend, WA

Lisi, Diane (Lawrence) -  - Virginia Beach, VA
Happily married to Howard since 1979.  We have one daughter, Melissa, born in 1982.  Lived in 4 different states while Howard was in the US Navy.  Now very settled in Virginia Beach, VA.  I still have a "Rockaway heart," though. Would enjoy hearing from other '76ers by e-mail.

Lynch Liz (Garry) - ,  - Lynbrook, NY

Marcus, Charles -  - Cutchogue, NY

Mass, Shari (Carter) -  - Rocklin, CA

McCarey, Annette (McNelis) -  - East Rockaway, NY
It's great reading all the past about Far Rockaway. I always thought I had a pretty good memory, but when you read some of the listings a lot more great memories are brought back.

McCarthy, Loraine "Lori" (Petrillo) -  - Long Pond PA


Menashe, Linda -  - Cedarhurst, NY

Mizrachi, Naomi (Weingart) -  - Westport, CT
It would be great to hear from old friends and acquaintances. Please e-mail me.

Mullane, Donna (Locke) -  - Norcross, Georgia

Nedboy, Marc - - Hempstead, NY

Needleman, Susan (Maxwell) - - Apollo Beach, FL

Neff, Maureen (Newton) -  - Springhill, FL

Nivelt, Barbara (Hausman) -  - Delray Beach, FL
Many times I find myself returning in my mind to my FRHS days and it brings a smile to my face because I'm proud of where I came from, and all the people who were in my life. It's part of who I am today. Now and then, I run into some of you down here in Florida and it's amazing to see that...nobody's changed a bit!!!!! Remember, "48" is the new "38" etc. 

Oglesby, Vincent -  - Memphis, TN
"Memories are everlasting".


Outcalt, Robin - - Riverdale, GA - Updated April, 2008
I didn't know this thing existed.  If anyone remembers me, email me.

Parris, Laura - - Palm Harbor, FL - Posted on April 19, 2021

Reynolds, Patricia (Picillo) -  - Rockville, RI
Hi Everybody from the class of 1976.  It is so nice to see some familiar names.  Remember the Senior Picnic, the Senior Breakfast, Graduation and how much fun we all had.  I have some great memories of our class.

Richards, Lloyd -  - Orlando, FL

Ridge, Lori (Holtmeyer) -  - University Place, WA
I see lots of familiar names listed. My folks are still in Rockaway, so we visit often. George & I have survived 23 yrs., 2 teens & moving around the world. For those of you who know us, drop a line. Rockaway has changed, but the great people and memories will always be a part of us.

Riedel, Julie (Patskin) -  - Pembroke Pines, FL

Riedel, Lori (Karch) - Beachwood, NJ - Updated October, 2010

Rifkin, Alan -  - Wantagh, NY

Rodrigues, Lea (Porter) - - Seaford, NY
I am a Tina Turner fanatic and will be seeing Tina in her last big tour for the 3rd time this tour at  Nassau Coliseum in the front row with my sis and 2 brothers.   It will be a night I will always remember!

Rogow, Inez -  - Kew Gardens Hills, NY
Back in the USA!

Rosenbaum, Jeff -  - New York, NY

Rosenberg, Marvin -  - Manalapan, NJ

Rothman, Cheryl-Ann (Pollock) -  - Westminster, CA

Rudnick, Karen - - Forest Hills, NY - Updated April, 2008

Rudolfsky, Bill -  - Valley Stream, NY

Rumelt, Russell -  - Washington, DC

Santini, Mitchell  -  - New York, NY

Schaefer, Chris -  - Hudson, NH
I've been living up in NH for the past 14 yrs. I come down to the Rockaways 4-6 times a year to visit family and friends; parents still live in Rockaway Point.

Schwartz, Liz (Pearsall) -  - Lynbrook, NY
Over the past few years, I've gotten back in touch with a lot of my old HS friends and you will never know how much it has meant to me.  All of you that I have found again or who have found me, I can never express how thankful I am that you're all back in my life again and I love you all!! 

Sher, Cindy (Szerlip) - - Redondo Beach, CA - Updated February, 2010

Shnayer, Dave - - Island Park, NY - Deceased - November, 2007

Sippin, Mark - - Coram, NY - Updated August, 2013

Sobel, Rhonda (Rogovin) -  - Scarsdale, NY
I graduated from Beach Channel High School, first graduating class.

Sperber, Michael - - New York, NY
Web site:


Starkman, Edward -  - Bellevue, WA

Steiker, Jeanie (Corn) -  - Levittown, NY

Stier, Eileen (DeAlto) -  - East Rockaway, NY

Stubbs, George - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Orangeburg, SC

Tanzman, Robyn (Ochs) - - Jamaica Plain, MA - Updated February, 2008
Warm regards to all. I'm happily settled in Boston with my wife, three cats, and many friends. I travel around the United States and occasionally beyond speaking at colleges, conferences and community groups about labels and identity; homophobia; marriage equality, and more. Let me know if you'd like to let you know if I'm going to be in your area.

Tenenbaum, Karen (Weinstein) -  - Wantagh, NY

Tomlinson, Patrick C. -  - Jamaica, NY

Walzer, Paula -  - New York, NY
After 44 years, my mother finally sold the family house and moved to Riverdale.  I've been experiencing waves of nostalgia for what will always be "home", and recently drove by FRHS.  Email is great for re-establishing long-lost connections.  Would love to hear from former classmates/friends...

Weiner, Barbara (Buchwalter) - - Lake Worth, FL

Weisbard, Lee (Fenn) - - Carbondale, CO - Updated January, 2008
I was married for 20 years and am now remarried to a man who has 3 sons. I have practiced dentistry in Denver for 23 years.

Wenig, Jeff -   - Peru, NY

Wingo, Andrea (McCartney) -  - St. Ann, MO
Visit website at

Winsten, Ira -  - Houston, TX

Wolf, Adriane (Marks) -  - Reisterstown, MD

Yarczower, Valerie -  - Oyster Bay, NY

Ziskind, Richard (BCHS) - - Jenks, OK
I graduated from Beach Channel H.S. in 1976 and it would be great to hear from old friends.


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