Graduates From Rockaway In 1972

Harvey Altman, Class of 1972 joins us from Delray Beach, FL and writes the following.
Harvey entertaining on New Year's Eve at Gulfstream Racetrack

Dear Skip,

It's great to keep this site alive as well as be able to "go home again."  Thanks for all your help and efforts on the Rockaway Web Site.  It's great to be listed with some of "the guys" of my Rockaway days.  I actually graduated from White Plains High School in 1972.  I'm now living in Delray Beach, FL building custom motorized devices for home theater installations.  TV's that lower from the ceiling, speakers that "pop-out" of the floor, etc.....I've been divorced for quite some time now. (OK, twice!)  It's great to be back! Harvey can be reached at   Website: - Updated December, 2018

Dear Harvey,

Thanks so much for the great photos as well as your financial contribution to keep the Rockaway Web Site alive and well.

  Sheri  Jacobs Langer, Class of 1972, joins us from New City, N.Y and writes the following.

Hi there! There is something comforting about putting something on Far Rock's web page - almost like the feeling I always had driving over one of the two bridges to enter "The ROCK". I am living up in Rockland County for the last 18 years - have two teenagers - one who is preparing to enter Binghamton in Sept.

I am in the cruise business - company is called CRUISE AWAY. I had been married to another Rockaway person - Cliff Langer - who became ill with a very rare form of lymphoma in 1996 and passed away after a 10 month battle - he was in the class of 1971. I have been finding it very difficult being a young widow and being single again. Would love to hear from you!

Sheri can be reached at

Vickie Brown (Zucker), Class of 1972, joins us from Briarwood, New York and writes the following.

I have been working for Walt Disney World for the past ten years. Have two children, one of which is about to attend the University of Miami.

Vickie can be reached at

Mark Rogow, Class of 1972, joins us from San Antonio, TX and writes the following.


I just found your web site about Rockaway and I love it. Keep up the great work. I am presently living in El Paso, TX so I am pretty far from Far Rockaway! Please add my name and e-mail address to the Class of 1972 Class List. I am a dentist specializing in Pediatric Dentistry. I am married with 3 children.

Regards, Mark Rogow

Mark can be reached at

Jeff Kamil, Class of 1972, joins us from San Francisco, California (practically a neighbor) and shares the following.

Hi Skip! First of all, I'd like to thank and congratulate you for this wonderful web site! It's just another great way of using the internet to make the planet a little smaller. I've attached a couple of .gif files that I thought you might want to use on the site. First is one of Playland scanned from a postcard I found from some time in the 60's. The other two are now and then pictures of myself. Yearbook.gif is my graduation picture from the 1972 FRHS yearbook. The now.gif photo is a recent picture of me with my 10 month old daughter, Zoe.

I am currently living in San Francisco, CA. I've been living out here for 8 years now and love it. For those who remember me, I'm still playing the guitar and composing music. To pay the bills, I'm in sales. I have my own web site which is located at the following URL My wife (Ellyn) and I have just recently started a new online business. It's called "New Baby OnlineTM". It's a service that offers parents an opportunity to have a web page with pictures and sounds of their babies. The URL for this is -

If anyone out there would like to get in touch with me, please contact me at my e-mail address.

Keep up the good work!

Jeff can be reached at

Thanks to Jeff for the great photos. This web site is starting to come alive. Jeff, send more if you can find any.

Annie Wolbrom, Class of 1972, joins us from New York, New York and writes the following.

"Thanks for creating the web page! I'm sure it will be very popular! I have a photo from the 20th reunion from the class of 1972. There are about 150-200 people in the photo... I'm not sure how well it will scan but I will do my best and send it on to you. I will look around for more interesting photos and stuff for the page.... Thanks again."

Annie can be reached at

Thanks to Annie for writing. I look forward to receiving and posting the 20th reunion photo.

Larry Schiffer, Class of 1972, joins us from East Rockaway, New York and writes the following.

Greetings from a member of the Dayton Beach faction of the FRHS alumni. Special thanks to Skip and Carol for taking over and organizing us.  Regards to all the former tuba players.  Skip, thanks for taking the ball and running with it with a Rockaway Beach web site. When I first started assisting Barbara Saber and the 100th Anniversary Committee, I thought that there would be enough of us on the Web to spread the word even further than a mass mailing and newspaper advertisements. When I searched for Far Rockaway on the Web I only found the small listing in Classmates (another site where you can register, but no info is posted and you have to pay to get the e-mail addresses of others) and a few folks like Jeff Kamil who have web sites and mention Rockaway.

I searched for reunions, however, and found the Reunion Hall site and Reunion Net. I registered Far Rockaway High School on both sites and found that the Reunion Hall site allowed for the creation of a registration list by school and by class (with comments) and, more importantly, allowed us to create a bulletin board, called the school forum, where I could post updates about alumni activities, especially the 100th Anniversary. For those how forgot to bookmark the site, its at Reunion Forum .

The Student Forum is one of the most important areas on the site and I have been posting updates and announcements fairly regularly. Please encourage everyone to check the site periodically for updates and new information about the 100th Anniversary, as well as other events, like the 25th Anniversary of my class, the class of 1972 (set for August 2, 1997 at the Marriott in Uniondale). Some of the events planned are a grand parade down Central Avenue to the school. We are looking for parade volunteers, trucks, floats, bands, etc. Other events are a football game, school tours, and a Prom on Saturday Night, September 27, 1997, at the Marriott in Uniondale. We need event sponsors, volunteers, MONEY, and services to make the event a great success. A newsletter will be going out soon and I will be e-mailing and posting on the web site info. An alumni directory is being planned (we need EVERYONE's information, even if they are not coming to the Centennial). There also will be a Journal with ad pages for sponsorship.

On other topics, does everyone remember Rockaway's Playland? Well, if you bought cotton candy or popcorn at the stand next to Shoot Out the Star from 1969 to 1972, you probably bought it from me! Unfortunately, Playland is now a vacant lot -- it looks very weird. Other memories are growing up in Dayton Beach (building 3), hanging out at Dayton West (where I was a lifeguard from 1973-1976), playing in the FRHS Band under the direction of the late Fred Ruff, politics at the Regular Democratic Club of the Rockaways, my Boy Scout days, and, of course, the Beach (studying for Regents on the Beach was NOT conducive to high grades and surfing in February was a "frozen" experience). If I get a chance, I will try to dig up some pictures (no scanner here -- sorry).

On a personal note, I live in Valley Stream, NY with my wife Gail (Wachtelkonig), and our two girls Jessica and Jamie. I am currently part of the New York City law firm of LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae, L.L.P., specializing in reinsurance law.  Our web site is located at:
Skip, thanks again and keep up the good work."

Larry can be reached at   or

Thanks to Larry for working so hard along with Barbara Saber and others to make the 100th year reunion a success. Please contact Larry if you can help or have names and address of former FRHS graduates.

Larry, send me some pictures of Playland too. I don't know about New York, but here in California many of the "copy for pay" businesses will scan photos for you at a small cost.. Too many mailbags, not enough pictures!!! Faces, Faces, Faces........

Nancy Gaines (Shapiro), Class of 1972, joins us from Dix Hills, Long Island and writes the following.

"Hi Skip -- My name is Nancy Gaines (Shapiro); I'm a 1972 graduate looking forward to the 25th reunion in August. I grew up in Belle Harbor -- there do not seem to be too many Belle Harborites (P.S. 114 and J.H.S. 180) who have registered on the high school web page.

I currently live in Dix Hills, Long Island and work as an Occupational Therapist servicing developmentally disabled adults. I'm married with 3 boys -- Adam is 11 1/2 and Daniel and Michael (twins) are 8 1/2. Things are always hopping in the Gordon house. I wish I had pictures for you -- most of the ones I have do not show much of the Rockaway scenery; however, I have some photos of my Mom and Dad from the 40's on the beach -- I'll see what I can round up for you. Good luck with your new venture; I'm looking forward to reading about others who graduated with me."

Nancy can be reached at  -  Updated March, 2011

Thanks to Nancy for her contribution.

Nancy, send me those beach photos and any pictures of yourself from 1972. Also, any current photos would be appreciated. The only way this web site will come alive is with pictures and stories. Thanks

Shaul (Steve) Ceder, Class of 1972, joins us from Jerusalem, Israel and writes the following.

Hi Skip! You asked on the Rockaway Beach Reunion page about when Mr. Tietze had retired. I remember an announcement over the FRHS public address system, which I think was around 1970 or 1971, that Mr. Philip Tietze had passed away while on sabbatical. I also remember that Mr. Alex Fecher and Mr. O'Shea passed away around the same time. That's about all I can recall about them - I hadn't taken any of their classes. Take care.

If anyone can help me find Steven Scholnick, or the twins Alan and Howard Bernstein, I would be very grateful.

Shaul can be reached at  (Updated January 13, 2021) Visit his website at:

Thanks to Shaul for writing. Mr. Tietze was one of my favorite teachers. I think he invented "tough love" because that's just what we got from him. Gus Elia has written a wonderful "typical" Mr. Tietze story for the web site. You can read it if you click in under "Most Memorable Teachers" on the main menu.

Adamo, Joanne (Kilgallon) -  - St. Peters, MO

Adams, Patricia A. (Miller) -  - Las Vegas, NV

Afroimsky, Edward -  - Rockwall, TX
Sorry it took me so long. Hope everybody's doing well.

Aleba, Ilene (Gold) -  - Hollywood, FL

Andresen, Margaret (Pinto) -  - Shirley NY
Rockaway was the best. I would love to find out what happened to George Kovalevich not sure of his last name spelling but he went into the Navy and I married Wes and moved to Long Island. I had 5 brothers and we lived in Edgemere then moved to 44th on corner. I use to hang out in Graf's bar; email me if u remember me.

Appel, Linda (Stratico) -  - Merrick, NY

Ashe, Iris (Bernstein) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Woodmere NY

Avin, Janis (Hassid) - - Oceanside, NY - Posted June, 2008

Backenroth, Manny  Nesconset NY

Beal, Helaine (Koch) -  - Neskowin, OR

Beckoff, Robert -  - Bergenfield, NJ

Bennett, Joel  - - Fort Worth, TX - Updated February, 2011

Berger, Carol (Feintisch)  Far Rockaway NY

Berman, Allison - - Woodmere, NY

Berman, Glenn - - Miami Beach, FL

Bernstein, Barry - - Middletown, NY
Dear fellow classmates,  As I read your comments I find it truly remarkable that we all feel the same way about our Rockaway. I know Rockaway will always be a part of me no matter where I reside. We all have so many fond memories to recall...We are very lucky. Other people who I speak to about their high school days and their old neighborhoods couldn't care less about the past.  It's been a very long time since we have seen each other. I honestly miss those days back in Far Rockaway H.S. I am currently residing in Middletown New York and I am working for the City of Middletown police Department in the Capacity of a police detective. I am divorced and have two wonderful children. My daughter recently turned sixteen and my son turned nineteen. My dad stll resides in Far Rockaway, NY on Bayswater Ave. so therefore frequently visit the old neighborhood. What a change, huh? I'ts just too bad. What a great place to grow up. I was in Far Rockaway on December 20, 1999 and stayed until Dec 22, 1999. I went to Gino's pizzeria on Central Ave. which, by the way, is still owned by Gino and Family. Still the best pizza around. Same great taste. What a fantastic WEB page to allow us to communicate with each other. I am sorry I missed the last reunions but did not find out about the very last one until the same day. however, I do look forward to the next and I will surely show up. Would love to hear from old friends. I can be reached at E-Mail address:  Wishing all of you the very best in the new year. Happy New Year - Barry Bernstein

Blackman, Jeff -  - Edison, NJ

Bliksylber, Rachel (Dressler) -  - Roslyn Heights, NY

Boudreau, Kathy (March) -  - Rockaway Park, NY
Hi to all my old classmates.  It's great to hear what everyone has been up to these past 30 years.  My best to all and their families.

Brejensky, Esq., Steve - - Fishers, IN - Deceased, April 25, 2018
Thanks! 1st topic- combined reunions of all graduating years: I would love to involve as many people as possible at the next reunion. Another combined reunion where people from any and all years attended. The 1997 reunion was most people's favorite, since we knew people from all years and classes and not just our class. I brought my camcorder and have great footage of that event to trade and share in exchange for old pictures when the Rockaways once had "civic pride" by being: clean, pretty, fun, and much safer for everyone- merely a half step below the overrated yuppie, preppy, and overpriced Five Towns. A FRHS reunion at good old FRHS itself would be the best nostalgic trip and would save everyone money, thereby attracting even more people, especially during a recession and the war de jour. Just imagine the many colorful flashbacks of having it at the FRHS gym and auditorium!?! Let's do it again, since the D.o.Ed. no longer loves that building, but we do! So let the party begin, folks!

2nd topic- closing FRHS: unconscionable and repugnant! The community should have been heard first before the D.o.Ed unilaterally closed the school. Kids need to believe again that it is "cool" to be educated, instead of "dumbing themselves down to the very lowest denominator" with flshy, mindless, and superficial disco and gangster dreck. The tough facts show that education really starts at home. Society simply needs to help develop more good parents, which in turn will yield more good students. We need to cultivate parents that are responsible and caring, who need to want to learn and speak English so we can all communicate accurately. Good parents need to be more actively involved again, as our parents were, with the: students, education, school, teachers, and community. There are good and bad teachers and professors in every school that I ever attended, so I will not blame the faculty or the building to the overreaching extent to ever close down FRHS. The media needs to refocus on good news and those that succeeded despite overwhelming odds, instead of focusing on the negative. Bright and caring people create their own magic, as well as a positive and fun atmosphere conducive to truly learning worthwhile subjects designed to cope, evolve and improve, not just stressing out to get As or rote memorization. Your feedback is encouraged. Peace. Steve l. Brejensky, Esq.

Broder, Eileen (Sackman) -  - Belmore, NY

Bronstein, Dori (Krolick) -  - Napanoch, NY

Brooker, Keith - - Jacksonville, NC

Browdy, Barbara (Prince) -  - Old Bridge, NJ
Thanks to everyone for making this happen, and keeping the friendships going. I look forward to these communique's, and treasure both the old memories, and the new ones we are creating.  With love, Barbara Browdy Prince

Buchta, Daniel - Send Me Your Current Email Address - North Lauderdale FL

Bush, Gail (Bieber) - - Freehold NJ

Byrne, John Blair - - Standish, ME
"Those were the days my friend, we thought they would never end".... Mr. Brady, do I really have to go and see Mr. Gordon again?

Carr, Helane (Anthony) -  - Glen Cove, NY
Hi to all, feel free to e-mail me.

Carter, Gregory - - Far Rockaway, NY

Ceder, Shaul (Steven) -   - Jerusalem Israel

Chalphin, Andrea (Kaufman) -  - Muttontown NY

Chesler, Judi - - San Francisco CA - Updated February, 2012

Cohen, Hermaine (Rosenberg) -  - Pompano Beach, FL

Cohen, Janet (Ipp) -  Oceanside NY

Cohen, Larry -  - Weston, FL
Personal web page: and

Cohen, Maddy -  - Rockville Centre NY

Cohen, Philip - - Boca Raton, FL

Cohen, Richard -  - Merrick NY

Conescu, Matthew -  - Amherst, NH
I was really taken by surprise by this incredible web site and by seeing all of these familiar names and faces. My family hasn't lived in Rockaway for a few years but I swear I can still sometimes hear that rhythmic "white noise" surf sound, late at night when everyone's asleep and the house is quiet. But we don't live near the ocean. And my brother, who lives far from the ocean, has a house full of seascapes. I guess we both have fond memories of living in Rockway!  Anyway, I'm married and have two wonderful teenaged sons who seem a bit more animated than I remember being--like I remember, right? I still play guitar and mandolin, my wife plays the flute and the kids play guitar and bass. We've just started having family jam sessions which stir another Rockaway memory--those great beach parties with the occasional peace officer. Okay, okay, yeah, I admit it--it was my M80 that blew up the lifeguard chair on 142nd Street in the summer of '70, all right?  Career wise, I've had a pretty good run in the computer software field and any one interested can view my resume at  . I've recently switched from programming to technical writing, bringing me closer to my writing roots. Some of you might recall that I was once editor for the PHIG. I still carry around a chest full of short stories. Anyway, I'd really love to hear from my Rockaway friends and neighbors!

Cooper, Robert -  - Montclair, NJ
It's funny how things change, but stay the same. When I graduated Far Rock in '72, I went off to Cincinnati to become an architect. In 1978, I came back to NY, settled in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and finally became registered a few years later. But somehow, instead of working on buildings,  I became a computer professional and now design with electrons instead of bricks. Odd where your life's path will lead...  Been married since 1984 (one person all this time, who would have guessed? ;-) ) with one male child who just turned into a teenager. While we just moved to Montclair, NJ, we still have strong ties to the Park Slope Food Coop, which we still shop and work at once a month. I have really good memories of my HS years, and won't mind sharing them with old friends and loves.

Coyne, Marilyn (Rawlings) -  - Pembroke Pines, FL

Davis, Alan -  - Las Vegas, NV

Doremus, Kathy (Chaney) -  - Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Drusin, Seth - - Holbrook NY

Dubin, Melanie (Fleischer) - 1972 -  - Plainview, NY

Dubins, Daniel -  - Lawrence NY

Ebert, John - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Carlsbad, CA

Echavarria, Louis -  - Pompano Beach, FL -  Updated August, 2008

Elkin-Andrews, Denise R. (Elkin) - - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Updated June, 2018
Hi, I would love to hear from any of my old friends. I've been in Florida since 1975 (college graduation).

Ehrlich, Beryl (Ozechowski) - - Baldwin, NY

Farash, Reyna (Berman) -  - Commack, NY

Farris, Pamela (Shapiro) -  - Belle Harbor, NY
I wish I'd known about the web site sooner.  There are some old friends I'd like to contact.

Feldman, Marla -  - New Rochelle, NY

Fiebert, Mindy (Rosen) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Atlantic Beach NY

Fishgold, Phil -  - Claymont DE

Fleischer, David -  - Plainview, NY

Foley, Nancy (McGovern) -  - Beacon, NY
Hi Everyone!! Write me a E-Mail if you remember me!!

Fonoroff, Lloyd -  - New York NY

Fontana, Nancy (Greenfield) -  - Wellington, FL

Forman, Sheldon -  - Lake Worth, FL

Fox, Stewart -  - Aptos, CA

Frankel, Gail (Rosenberg) -  - Cedarhurst, NY

Frazer, Daren -  - Charlotte, NC

Fusco, Guy 0  - Staten Island NY

Gabay, Karen (Leto) -  - New Port Richey, FL
Hi to everyone who knows (or remembers) me. Please feel free to drop me an e-mail. I'd love it! I moved down to Florida in 1989 and I love it, but I truly do miss Rockaway and New York, so I'd love to hear from some of you...Karen

Gaines, Laurie (Barilla) - - Brooklyn, NY - Updated May, 2012

Gaines, Nancy (Shapiro) - - Dix Hills NY - Updated March, 2011

Gardner, Avery -  - Endicott, NY

Gerard, Leon -  - Boca Raton, FL
All these old names! WOW!! What memories...It'll be great to email some of you guys to touch base after all these years!! Also, to touch base w/ some of the FRHS grads who are RIGHT HERE IN BOCA or just a  few miles away and I never knew it..."Who Knew??"...Any of you guys who  remember me I'd love to hear from you by email. Oh, and let me take this  opportunity, finally, after 30+ yrs (!) to set something straight for any and all '72 FRHS grads who might be interested...and that v. well maybe zero...does anyone remember the inside cover photos of the Yearbook and  wondering "What the hell were they thinking?!! What does this mean??".  Well, I was the Photo Editor of the Yearbook and I came up with the concept for the cover photos and composed them and took the shots. It was all supposed to make PERFECT  "symbolic" sense...except that the PRINTERS REVERSED THE PHOTOS!! The inside back cover photo was supposed to be on the inside FRONT cover and vice versa. If you reverse them, then the symbolism, at least at that time, to me, was clear.  It'd be interesting to hear if anyone actually recalls wondering about that back then...It was one of those MORTIFYING experiences from youth that I guess has stuck with me to some extent and now I get to somehow "clear the air"...Anyway, I'm a dentist in Boca Raton, FL and I'd love to hear from you guys!

Gertz, Mathius Mack - - Studio City, CA - Posted February, 2008
I approach this site with mixed feelings. My teenage years were not a very happy time for me. However, in the last few years I have addressed personal issues and overcome many of the things that tend to keep one living in the past. So I welcome the opportunity to reconnect and reminisce with you about a world the no longer exists, of a time and place that resides only in our minds. And then, perhaps, to forge ahead and establish new relationships from a common history.

Glasman, Dorothy (Kreppel) -  - Commack, NY

Glasser, Jack - - Jamaica, NY
Hey, another success story from FRHS, Mrs. Reiver, you flunked me in Trig., now i make a better living as a lawyer than your husband Ken Reiver, eat your heart out! Call me if you have a legal problem, I can help. I have offices in Jamaica and downtown Brooklyn, I specialize in litigation matters, real estate, IRC 1031 like kind exchanges, matrimonial and landlord tenant matters. I'm not a solo; I have a full office staff of lawyers and support personnel, I'm a peer rated attorney and I'll give a free consultation to any Far Rock graduate in my Jamaica office, 718-526-8100.  Website:

Glick, Gary -  - Coral Springs FL

Goldberg, Mary (Holland) - - Atlantic Beach NY

Goldberg, Sharon (Goldin) -  - Boca Raton, FL

Goldberg, Wendy (Drusin)  - Holbrook NY

Goldman, Marilyn (Schneider) - No City Listed

Goldman, Robert -  - Chicago, IL
Would be great to hear from graduates of 1972.  Founded art musuem in Chicago that could be a nice diversion for old Far Rock friends visiting Chicago.   Website:

Goldstein, Roz (Cooper) -  - Yorktown Heights, NY

Goodman, Mitch -  - Boca Raton, FL

Goodstein, Marilyn May  New York NY

Gordon, Bobbe -  - Seattle, WA

Gordon, Lori (Fox) -   - Marlboro NJ

Green, Shelley - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Key West, FL

Greene, Paula (Befumo) -  - Pleasant Mount, PA
My God, I can't believe I've found this site!  Hi everyone!

Greenfield, Alan -  - Wellington, FL
Would love to hear from any old friends and classmates!

Gursky, Arlene (Sherman)  Hauppage NY

Hayes, Susan (Minor) -  - Upper Marlboro, MD

Heifetz, Judy (Hoberman)  East Haven CT

Heller, Karen (Madison) -  - Chandler, AZ
Went to PS 104 and JHS 180

Hershkowitz, Harris -  - Tamarac, FL
Website located at

Holtmeyer, Debora (Solina) - - Boynton Beach, FL - Updated January, 2008
Far Rockaway High School has lots of great memories for me. It was a great area and era to grow up in. We felt safe, walked all over, had lots of great times at B. 17th St. Times are different now. I'm glad to have many happy thoughts of Rockaways!!!

Holtz, Judie (Posner) -  - Shirley, NY

Horowitz, Steve -  - Ridgewood NJ

Iken, Debra (Nuss) -  - Garden City South NY

Itskowitz, Joel -  - Oakhurst, NJ
Website at

Jaffe, Michael -  - Commack, NY

Johnson, Rodney (Deek) -  - Laurelton, NY

Jones, Stephen - - Long Beach, NY - Updated August, 2013
Hey guys, been living in Long Beach, Long Island for 10 the past 10 years with my wife Kim and two children Brittany and Stephen. I recently retired from the NYC fire department. I'm just learning how to use the computer and thought it would be a cool idea to see what everyone has been up to for the past 30 years. Can't wait to hear from my old friends.

Kalfin, Barry - Send Me Your Current Email Address - West Palm Beach FL
Website located at

Kamil, Jeffrey -  - San Francisco CA

Kamm, Ronnie (Tellerman) - - Cape Elizabeth, ME
Can I be added to the list even though I don't have an e-mail address? Would like folks to know we're out here! Am filling out this reply at the local library.

Kantro, Scott - - Pound Ridge, NY - Updated February, 2011
So long ago, but never from from my thoughts...Far Rockaway. Many thanks to those that have maintained this site.

Karanikolas, Steven - - Skillman, NJ
I was attempting to find an old friend via the internet when I stumbled upon this web site. I experienced a wide range of emotions. I was sad because I haven't seen or heard from my old friends in many years, and I was thrilled at the fact that I might be able to find them via this web site. I vividly remember the summers of touch football with Allan Abramson, Jon Berman, Scott Berkman, and the tennis team with Mr. Citron. I'm currently an OB-GYN living in Skillman, NJ and practicing in Old Bridge, NJ. I'm married to a great woman by the name of Stephanie, who I met in residency. I have a 4-year-old son by the name of Alec. If anyone is in contact with the above people, as well as Scott Kantro, Phil Cohen and Randy Klein, please contact me. To the architect of this web site, great job and thanks for the memories.

Karpel, Steve - steve.krp@gmail,com – Stamford , CT - Updated October, 2012

Klein, Randy - - Manalapan, NJ

Klein, Tedd - - Middletown NY

Koeppel, Emily -  - Neponsit, NY

Koller, Shelley (Citrin) -  - Wantagh, NY

Kogut,, Donna (Ancsanyi) - - Melbourne FL - Posted November, 2008
Hi I didn't graduate from Far Rock HS.I went to St Camillus & to Stella Maris HS from 68'-69' then we moved to Massapequa Park. I had alot of friends that I'd like to get in touch with. If anyone knows where Susie Ippolito Steakin, Maureen Sammon,Barbara Frick & Elizabeth Girardi are please send me their contact information. Great Site!!!

Kornbluth, Mark -  - Tampa, FL

Kotsambos, Lee - - Totowa, NJ - Updated January, 2013  

Krupkin, Wendy (Heines)  Absecon NJ

Kushner, Leslie -  - Forest Hills, NY

Lampell, Marc - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Rochester NY
Married to Hillary. Have two children - Elysa, age 14 and Stacey, age 11. I currently direct the pediatric emergency department at Rochester General Hospital. It was great seeing old friends from yesteryear in August - The fact of the matter is that I grew old with them.

Leeds, Nadine (Salzman) -  - East Meadow, NY

Lerman, Philip -  - Washington, DC


Lerner, Karen (Gaynin) -  - New York, NY
Married to Jonathan Gaynin,two great daughters,have been working in Public Relations/Publishing. Still love to ski.

Leshinsky, Joel -  - Lauderhill FL

Levenson, Alan -  - Coral Springs FL

Levin-Epstein, Joshua -  - Boston MA

Levine, Rennie -  - Brooklyn NY
I live in Brooklyn with my husband, Michael Browne, and my almost-9-years-old son, Liam Nathaniel Browne, who is the light of my life, and was well worth waiting for!

Levitan, Shari (Schindler)-  - San Diego, CA

Lichtman, Mindy (Schwartz)  Meriden CT

Lowenthal, Steve - - Fleetwood, NY - Updated March, 2011
I've missed you all, since 1972. I have a 13 yr old son, 2 cats and 1 in Westchester County.  I have been working for the NYC Fire Dept for over 20 yrs. now in Operations.

Lukton, Stephanie - - San Francisco, CA - Deceased 2013

Lustig, Larry - - Bellevue, WA

Lutrin, David -  - Pembroke Pines, FL
From New York to Las Vegas to Atlantic City to South Florida....what a long, strange trip it's been.

Lynch, Diane (Thompson) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Valley Stream, NY
Hi. My name is Diane and grew up on Mott and McBride St. and went to St. Mary's and hung out in St. Mary's schoolyard then went to Far Rockaway HS, grad 1972 and lived on B. 54th Street, 43rd Street and then Rockaway Beach, 125th Street. Used to hang out in Cleseas lot where St. Joseph's hospital parking lot is now; also at the railroad catwalk...anybody remember? Walters candy store, tuff in them days. Worked in NYC for a company then worked at the Central Bank on 116th Street. Went out with a guy from Breezy Point and married. Still keep in contact with a lot of people and always love to hear from old friends, so please drop me a line. I can help you find a lot of people. Thanks Diane

Malings, Stacey (Stanchfield) - - East Hampton NY

Marcus, Dale -  - Hauppage NY

Martin , Gene -  - San Francisco CA

Mass, Gary S. - - Boca Raton, FL
Would love to reconnect with some of my old Rockaway friends!!

Mazza, Johanna -  - Rockaway Park, NY

McCarey, Richie -  - Valley Cottage, NY
I just want to say hello to everyone that would remember me.  Feel free to drop me a line. It's great hearing from old friends.

Meltzer, Dave -  - Portland, OR
Technically, I'm not a FRHS alumni because we moved to New Jersey in December 1969, four months after starting FRHS.  I would have been in the class of 1972.  However, my graduating class consists of many of these same people in this picture who I went to school with for years.

Mendelson, Rubin -  - Manalapan, NJ
Looking forward to hearing from all FRHS Grads.  Great to know the school spirit I enjoyed back then is still alive and kicking.

Merzel, David - - Fresno, CA

Mirkin, Nancy (Feldman) - - Bellmore, NY

Missan, Susan (Mischner) -  - Bayside NY

Mitchell, Warren -  - Merced CA
Hello to All Former, Future and Current Rockawayites: Never forget where you came from; more importantly, never lose sight of where you are going..... Miss You All

Morgenbesser, Danny -  - Easton PA

Muchnick, Lynn (Rozen) -  - White Plains, NY

Mutchnick, Shelly (Hoffman)  Vista CA

Norvid, Sherrie (Mirsky) - - Asheville , NC

O'Hara, Kevin - - Seattle, WA
Kickin in Seattle....member of the Seahorses' only undefeated football team, Edgemere survivor and did my time at St. Camillus......still crazy after all these years.

Ormont, Wendy  - Columbia, MD
I'd like to contact past friends from H.S....  And I've lost the phone numbers and married last names of those of you who tracked me down in previous years, and recently.

Papa, Donald -  - Long Beach, NY

Patashny, Susan - - Long Beach, NY
Massage Therapist in Long Beach NY, mommy of two girls, divorced. Would love to hear from any old classmates or friends. Loving life.

Pomerantz, Glen -  - Red Hook, NY

Rabinowitz, Paula (Barry) - - No city/state given

Reitkopf, Steven -     or  - Flushing, NY

Rhoton, McKevin - - Aurora, CO
Wonderful site.  Would love to hear from former classmates.

Roach, Tom -  - East Windsor, NJ
This is amazing.  A co-worker of mine lives on B. 97th St. just about where the roller coaster was. She told me about this site.  Thanks to your website, I have been able to contact an old friend from Edgemere Houses.  We have not spoken in over 30 years.  I graduated in 1972, live in central NJ with my wife Nanci and two kids..Katie 15 and Billy 13.  It's great to read about FRHS and the Rockaways.

Rogow, Mark -  - San Antonio, TX

Rose, Roberta (Kirschenbaum)  New York NY

Roth, Leslie - - North Lauderdale, FL

Rubinstein, Gail (Berger) - - New York, NY - Updated May, 2008
I recently moved to Manhattan (Upper West Side) and would love to see anyone living nearby who remembers me. Feel free to give me a call or send me an email. 
I started a group on FACEBOOK called "FAR ROCKAWAY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF '72" and welcome everyone from our graduating class who is interested to join and connect with old friends and classmates.  

Rubin, Jeffrey -  - Baldwin, NY

Sadin, Jerry - - Santa Cruz (Aptos) CA

Safran, Wendy E. - - Yorktown Heights, NY

Salzman, Ira -  - East Meadow, NY

Sanger, Debbie (Geller)  Edison NJ

Sava, Patricia (Rochford-Frank) - - Rocky Point, NY
Hello everybody. It's so nice to know there are still people who remember Far Rockaway the way it used to be. It was a great place to grow up.

Schiffer, Larry -      or  - East Rockaway, NY

Schleifer, Arlene (Weisberg) -  - Staten Island, NY

Schneider, Michael - - Rockaway Beach , NY
My name is Michael Schneider, better known to many as Chip and I graduated from Far Rockaway H.S. in 1972.  I retired from the NYPD in the rank of Detective. It would be wonderful to hear from all those who remember me. E-mail at

Schrager, Beverly (Laise) - - Staten Island, NY
Graduated The Cooper Union School of Art; had a terrific career as a graphic designer for over 30 years, now on the management side of client communications in the financial services industry. Living within Gateway National Recreation Area on Staten Island with my husband Steve, who is a park ranger, curator and historian. Best regards to FRHS class of 1972.

Schwartz, Bruce -  - San Diego CA
"I would be intersted in hearing from anyone in our class."

Schwartz, Jay - - New Hempstead, NY
I have a chiropractic practice and I manage a medical practice as well. I am married to my wife,Lorraine (non-Rockawayite) for sixteen years and have two children. We took a ride through Far Rockaway a couple of years ago and it is upsetting to see the changes. Growing up there was special and unfortunately, we didn't know how special it was until we left. I graduated in 1972 and lost contact with most friends.

Shapiro, Melanie (Bayer) -  - Sacramento, CA

Shulman, Terri (Roseman)  San Diego CA

Siegel, Stuart -  - Staten Island, NY

Singer, Steven -  - Los Angeles CA

Slaff, Leslie (Wagner) - - Coral Springs, FL - Updated January, 2008

Smith, Janet - - Phoenix, AZ

Soffer, Phil - - Toms River, NJ

Solomon, Alaina (Camuto) -  - Westfield, NJ

Spanier, Lee (Oneill) - - North Miami, FL - Updated April, 2010
Hi everyone hope some of you remember me. Elyse Malakoff, Lorraine Swanson or Loretta White contact me or anyone else that hung out on 89th St. boardwalk by Dayton Towers.

Spiegel, Beverly - - Brooklyn, NY - Updated January, 2015

Spiegel, Steve -  - Seattle, WA - Updated August, 2013

Spina, Louis -  - Rockville Centre, NY

Splendore, Christopher -  - Islip, NY

Spolin, Abby -  - Fort Lee, NJ - Updated October, 2014

Spudich, Paul -  - Middletown, NJ

Stauber, Robert - - Marietta, GA - Updated January, 2008

Stein, Jayne (Resnick) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Secaucus, NJ
I've just gone on line and would love to hear from my old friends from Rockaway!

Stein, Michael -  - Palm Beach Gardens, FL
I am so thrilled to have a way to contact my friends whom I think about often.

Stein, Sharon (States) - - Coral Springs, FL - Updated April, 2008
Remember the good times.

Stern, David -  - Pomona, NY

Stockner, Rick Send Me Your Current Email Address - East Northport, NY

Sudran, Mark Send Me Your Current Email Address - Plainview, NY

Teichman, Anita (Comiskey) -  - Westbury, NY
The Rock was the best place to grow up. I lived in Belle Harbor & worked my way down to Bayswater. I'll always have"sand in my shoes"!

Thomashow, Barry -  - Westfield NJ

Tompkin, Robert -  - Merrick, NY
It's always great to hear from old friends.

Topel, Linda (Drake) -  - Windermere, FL
I moved to South Florida in 1973 with my family. Lived in Fort Lauderdale until 1984 when I moved to Vero Beach, FL. I've been married to Tom Drake since 1978 (yikes-it's almost 20 years!) We have 2 sons - Peter, 18 years and Brian, 15 years. I've been working at Disney's Vero Beach Resort for the past 3 years. One of the perks is free admission to Disney World. Since my family and I really enjoy it there (there's so much to do) we go every chance we can. Would love to hear from anyone who attended PS 215, or JHS 198.

Totten, Jill (Kaplan) -  - Merrick NY

Tuchinsky, Diane -  - La Mesa, CA

Tutundjian, Ann -  - Arlington VA

Vaughn, James K. - - Lindenhurst, NY - Updated April, 2008

Wagner, Harold G. (Bud) -  - Orange CT

Wagner, Linda (Fryburg) -  - Weston, FL

Waldstreicher, Roberta (Fremder) -  - Plainview, NY

Weiner, Phyllis (Heller) -   - Binghamton, NY

Weinrib, Ellen (Money) - - Ponce Inlet, FL - Updated May, 2009

Whaley, Mary (Allsop) - - Bardstown, KY
Would love to hear from old friends.

Winkler, Linda (Rosenberg)  Kingston NY

Wolbrom, Annie (Flanagan) - - Sayreville, NJ - Updated November, 2009

Wolfe, Laurie (Luecke) - - Franklin, TN - Posted May, 2008
Would love to hear from Rockaway friends.

Woll, Cathy (Agosti) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Plantation, FL
Living in Florida 25 years - Married - No children - Presently working as Volunteer/Community Services Manager for VITAS Hospice. I am also responsible for the Marketing and Advertising of my husbands' custom drapery business.

Yearwood, Susan (Chiarello) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Boca Raton, FL

Zimmerman, Seth A. -  - Port Washington, NY - Deceased, 2007
I would love to hear from any of my friends from FRHS '72!  Feel free to e-mail me at or at!   Website:

Zucker, Vickie (Brown) -  - Briarwood, NY

Zylberberg, Marc -  - Pleasant Valley, NY


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