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Class of 1963 - It's Time for Our 51st
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Class of 1963 - It's Time for Our 50th
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Class of 1963 50th Reunion Slideshow

Class of 1963 Reunion Photo


This section submitted by Alan "Skip" Weinstock, creator of this web site and 
graduate of Far Rockaway High School, Class of 1963.

No, that's not a photo of me!!! However, those of us who were in high school in the 60's will certainly remember the voice (if not the face) of this colorful radio personality. Click on the button below and journey back in time to the year 1963. Once you get there, you will be able to listen to ( assuming you have RealPlayer on your computer) 11 minutes of the Bruce Morrow "Cousin Brucie" show. Be sure to download real player first if you don't have it (the free version works just fine) and then listen to the "Cousin Brucie" Show from 1963. When you arrive at the Cousin Brucie page, just click on the "play" button. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! When you're finished, don't forget to hit the "back" button on your browser to return to the "1960's" and view all of the great photos and stories your classmates have posted on this page.


The following pictures were taken on my last visit to Rockaway. It's kind of sad to see what has become of this once thriving community. I'm only glad that I had the opportunity to grow up in such a unique environment. I will always have the memories.................

Boardwalk at 35th street and P.S. 106 taken in January of 1996. I got a chance to walk through the school during a late afternoon. Everything looked so small!!! I can still remember walking up on the boardwalk at 35th street with Sam's bar to the left, where I had my first drink, and Jerry's knishes and Fascination to the right. We used to stand outside of Fascination with our singing group doing all of the old 50's songs. I seem to remember the bumper cars being on the boardwalk too.......


The inside of the assembly room and the gym/cafeteria at P.S. 106. I remember holding the flag during an assembly wearing my white shirt and red tie. I was in the 5th grade!!!

A photo of my former home on 27th street and Seagirt Blvd. It's still there!!!!!


Believe it or not, a picture of my son, Westley, and me in Fascination. Yes, the torch has been passed to a new generation. We found a Fascination on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, California and there is another one at Circus, Circus, in Reno if you ever get up that way. I even took a photo of my winning game which paid 1 ticket. Unfortunately, it wasn't the kind of ticket I could take up to Abe Rapps in the booth for a buck. I had to settle for "merchandise and prizes". And the memories live on..............

Stan Cohen on the left, Stan and me in the middle taken in January, 1996 on my last visit to New York, and me on the right. I was just in time for the blizzard of 96, a great reminder of why I moved to California. Also, my 1963 yearbook photo as it appeared in the Dolphin. Thanks to Gayle Gordon-Richter for sending it to me. I can't find my yearbook. It's in a box somewhere and when I locate it, I will post lots more pictures from the class of 1963.

The following photos were taken at the 100th Anniversary Reunion held in 1997

Gary Winnick, Bob DeVivio, Arnie Schwartz, Stan Cohen, Alan Weinstock


 Ellyn Weinstock, Stan Cohen, Alan Weinstock,
Arnie Yeschin,
Barbara Fox Zacharia, Nancy Wexler

Stan Cohen


Sheldon Cohen, Alan Weinstock, Arnie Schwartz,
Stan Cohen, Bob DeVivio
Buzzy Rappaport


Alan Weinstock, Stacy Mosesman, Ivan Mosesman ???, Billy Schwartz, Sheli Pack, Stacy Mosesman


Stan Cohen, Gayle Gordon Lenny Groden, Stan Cohen - some things never change!


Helene Blum,  Steve Weicholz, Ronnie Kellner, Harvey Ehrlich Debra Constantini, Alan Steinberg, Lana Lowenbraun, Mark Goldman

Great Photo of the 1963 Majorette Squad


First Row:  Carol Friedman, Natalie Goldstein, (Co-capt.), Jeanne Harris, (Capt.), Ronnie Kellner, (Co-capt.) Sheila Fleigleman
             Second Row:  Susan Gottlieb, Marion Barlow, Ann Liftin, Barbara Lederman, Barbara Smolin
             Third Row:  Lana Lowenbraun, Ellen Strauss, Sheila Steinberg, Judie Gold, Karen Neuringer, Ruth Pollack

1963 Cheerleaders

First Row:  Ronnie Friedman, (Capt.), Judy Rosenthal (Co-capt.),
Second Row:  Karen Schatz, Jessica Stadlen, Barbara Halpern, Susan Miller, Vickie Scherr,
Ileen Fischer, Arlen Sobel, Esther Premisler, Alice Ackerman


These faces should look familiar to all of you.


All of the early 60's graduates will remember these faces. For those of you who have forgotten, left to right, Mr. Tietze, Miss Craft and Mr. Seiden. Someone write with some good stories about these three. I know I will never forget them.....When did they retire?

Mr. Barry  Dr. Moore Mr. Kennedy


Let's not forget Miss Ryan.  Did anyone really ever see her in person?

Gayle Gordon-Richter, Class of 1963, joins us from Oceanside, New York and writes the following. "Alan, you're terrific!! I'll send you lots of stuff from the 25th reunion. I just got an e-mail from Gus Elia. Do you remember him? I knew him from elementary school (PS 39). Have a Happy New Year." Kudos to Skip (I still can't get used to calling you Skip!) & Carol for keeping our memories alive.

Gayle can be reached at

Thanks to Gayle for her note. Hope to see those pictures real soon....

Gayle, thanks for writing and say hello to Mike for me. Where the hell is Barry Uslianer????

Thanks to Gayle for the following photos from the Class of 1963's 25th year reunion held on October 29, 1988.

Left to right: Susan Ackerman, Carol Bloom, Ivan Mosesman, Maxine Ross, Gayle Gordon, Janice Magid, Fran Schriro, Sheli Pack, Lenny Heisler , Erasto Ortiz, Judy (Rock) Kiselstein, Lance Rosenbluth, Pam Bergen, Jackie Comer.

Thanks to Ellen (Parnes) Daniels Class of 1963 for sending the missing names. She will be sending along additional photos of the 1963 reunion. Look for them soon.

Thanks to Mari Davis Schreiber, Class of 1963 for sending this photo of the Class of 1963's reunion. Left to right - Nathan Levy, Benjy Jacobson, Ivan Mosesman in the middle with the white shirt....who are the rest???? Thanks to Sheli Pack Schwartz who writes: The third from left is Tommy Shields; next to Tommy in the back row is Irwin Sinofsky (Siner); behind the guy in the red shirt is Neil Goloweski, and the one on the far right is Gerry Rachlin. Thanks Sheli! Look for your graduation photo in my next up-date.

Sheli Pack Schwartz, Class of 1963



Is that Marni Plant on the left? I think it is!

Mari (Davis) Schreiber, Class of 1963, joins us from Pikesville, MD and writes the following.

Alan, I recently got Web T.V. and have been checking out your web site. I think it's fascinating. I've been in touch with Gayle Gordon & Barbara Tashoff. Every time my brothers are over we check out the web site for your updates. Loved the picture of your house on 27th street. We like WebTV--it's pretty fast & it's family entertainment. There have been some kinks that have since been ironed out. I've been sifting through some old pictures and will be sending you some shortly. As for recent family pictures, I'll check. I'm usually the one who takes the pictures.

I'm attaching the family business web site. It's located at We've been in the news recently. I don't know whether you're into sports or not, but I think you might find it interesting.

I've been living in Maryland since 1973 and don't get back to New York too often. I have two boys, ages 25 and 27. My husband and I both work for the Social Security Administration. My husband is a part-time disk jockey and record collector (oldies, specializing in doo-wops). He is the host of two shows in Baltimore, both specializing in doo-wops. You can check out his web site at;

Someone wrote about Tuckee Cup--I can't remember the last time I heard anyone mention that besides my brother. How about Jerry's knishes? Alan, you're doing a great job and I enjoy the Rockaway web site very much. I hope you continue to add to it.

I last took a tour of Far Rockaway around 1988. Everything looked small. It also seemed that everything was a lot closer to my house than I remembered. It's sad to see the sad state Far Rockaway is in. I have some pictures showing a little bit of 27th street, and some pictures during May Day at P.S. 106 (only showing the playground). As soon as my brother gets his computer problems straightened out I'll have him E-mail them to you if you want.

Mari can be reached at - Updated January, 2012

Thanks to Mari for writing. I'm sorry it took so long to get your letter on the web site. I've had all kinds of trouble with my e-mail program. I can't believe we're talking after so many years. Thanks also for letting me use your graduation photo. There are still a few of us brave ones around! Tell Alan I said hello and I hope to see those pictures real soon....

Check out the new Mari's Memories Page.

Barbara T., Class of 1963, joins us from Hewlett, New York and reminds us about the up coming 100th year reunion. Barbara writes, "It is going to be the greatest weekend reunion ever planned. If you are interested in helping, call her at Far Rockaway High School, 718-FA7-6000, (327-6000) ext 341. That's the new wing of the school built in 1958 but it is still referred to as the new wing. I am back home at FRHS teaching and remembering when......" I have been married for 27 years, have two children and have been teaching at FRHS for 13 years. Hope to see all of you at the reunion.

Barbara can be reached at

Thanks to Barbara for her contribution. Barbara, send me a good photo of the school!!


Gus Elia, Class of 1963, joins us from St. Louis, MO and shares the following. " Hi Alan, You may or may not remember me from the class of '63 (I think memories are getting hazy the older we get). I think you're doing a terrific job with the Home Page. I wish I had information to share with you but I left NY in '66 and didn't archive much information. I did enjoy the picture of you and Stan Cohen in the snow. Stan is an "old friend" from at least 2nd grade that I remember and probably back to kindergarten. My memory banks don't go back that far. I assume these Cohen's are one and the same. I looked up Stan Cohen on SWITCHBOARD on the Internet and got one on Egmont Place with a phone number. I looked on ROADMAP and saw where that was. I'm going to call that number sometime this weekend if I get a chance and see if I get an old friend or a stranger. Meanwhile keep it up with the Home Page---It looks great ! I'm looking for a way to get involved with the Reunion, but being far away makes it tough. Keep up the good work Alan, and Take Care."

Gus can be reached at

Stan is living in Commack, L.I. When I speak to him, I'll let him know you are trying to reach him.

Thanks to Gus for his contribution.

Gus, I can't find my yearbook from 1963. If you still have yours, please make a copy of my graduation picture and send it to me. I want to put it on this web site. Thanks

Jerry Shapiro, Class of 1963, (Deceased) and his 'incredible flying machine' joins us from West Palm Beach, Florida and writes the following:

Skip, I think the Web Site you created is great. I have really enjoyed seeing some of the old pictures and what you look like now. We are all getting old. I cannot believe that you are a grandfather. I must tell Gary Schnitzer when I speak to him.

I think that we have all forgotten our friends that were lost in Vietnam. Resently I went to the wall and pulled up the names of a few of the friends that we lost. I remember that you were friends with a few of them too. AOL has a web site that will also give us the names of these guys; we also lost a few others like Harry Yucht for reasons other than the war. If you want I can E-Mail you the list from AOL.

Is it possible to somehow put this on the web site? It may not be a pleasant task, but as we get older, things happen that we would not like to remember, eg: Vietnam. Thanks.

Thanks, Jerry, for reminding us that many of our classmates paid the ultimate price by doing what they felt was the right thing. Send me the names that you have and I will be proud to put them in a place of honor on this web site.

Ellen (Parnes) Daniels, Class of 1963, joins us from Stamford, Connecticut and writes the following:

Hi "Skip", I remember you from high school. As a matter of fact you signed my yearbook "Lots of luck in the future. Love Alan." My name is Ellen (Parnes) Daniels. Do you remember me? I can identify the ??? people in the '63 reunion picture. The guy next to Fran is Lenny Heisler and the girls on either side of Lance Rosenbluth are Judy (Rock) Kiselstein and Pam Bergen ( I don't know her married name). I still remain very friendly with Judy Rock Kiselstein who lives in CT. and Sheila (Fleigelman) Zweifler who lives in Poughkeepsie, NY. As a matter of fact we have been friends since the 6th grade at P.S. 215.

Another friend I have kept in touch with although I don't see her often because I live in Stamford, CT and she lives in Maryland is Mari (Davis) Schreiber who told me about this page. I am so glad she did. I think you are doing a great job. I will send you pictures I have from the reunion. I loved growing up in Rockaway. It was the best place to be. My parents lived there many years after I was married and my husband's (Steve Daniels, class of '59) aunt still lives in Wavecrest, believe it or not. It is so sad to see what has become of the town. It is basically a slum now. I have gone on too long. I'd love to hear form you. Take care and keep up the good work, Ellen

Ellen can be reached at

Thanks Ellen for writing and filling in the missing pieces of the reunion puzzle. I knew someone out there would know. I remember you too..............

Send those photos along so that we can include them on the Web Site. If you have access to a scanner you can send them via e-mail. If not, just mail them and I will return them to you.

Natalie Spiegel-Blumenthal, Class of 1963, joins us from Lake Hiawatha, NJ and writes the following.

Dear Alan,

Feel free to use my picture. I'll send recent photos of my family as soon as my son scans them into the computer for me.

Natalie can be reached at

Thanks to Natalie for writing. I look forward to receiving your photos. Thanks for joining the ranks of the brave by allowing me to use your graduation picture. I'm not feeling so alone now.

Ray Horowitz, Class of 1963, joins us and writes the following.

I graduated from Far Rockaway HS in 1963. I lived in Belle Harbor and have lost track of some very close friends. Would love to know the location of Robert Gilgoff, Joseph Hocheiser, Steve Barasch or Howard Epstein. Would enjoy chatting with other Belle Harbor folks from that time.

Ray can be reached at

Thanks to Ray for writing. How about writing to let me know where you are living now and I will add it to the web site. I've added your graduation photo to the web site from the 1963 yearbook!

Philip Kalfin,Class of 1963, joins us from New Smyrna Beach,, Florida and writes the following.

Yes, that's right Philip Kalfin Class of '63 lives in Orlando, Fl. Just got the info. on the Web Site yesterday from my cousin Barbara Kalfin Minorovich class of '64 who lives in Boca Raton, Fl. I sent e-mail to Saul Raw in NYC about the site and I'm sure you'll hear from him soon.

I attended the Class of '63 25th reunion in NY in '88 and the one in Deerfield Beach in '96. They were both fantastic events. Skip, another '63 graduate lives near you in Oakland. He is Phil Weingrow and his business is Montclair Better Homes. Check it out.

Both Saul and I will be at the upcoming reunion in Sept. I'll try to send my yearbook pix soon. Mickey also says Hi!

Philip can be reached at

Thanks Philip for writing. I look forward to getting some photos from you. I have the 1963 yearbook and can, with your permission, add you photo to the web site. Please write and let me know.

Geri Melnick,Class of 1963, joins us from Long Beach, New York and writes the following.

Dear Skip,

Thanks for your note. I love the web site. Some friends of mine are interested in emailing Buzzy, but I understand your reluctancy to send his info.

I am partners in a wholesale mask business and an art gallery in Long Beach. I have two sons who live on their own. I live with Cary Press for the past 15 years, a former frhs grad. He sells and designs boxes. We live on the ocean and have a million dollar view of the beach. When i get a scanner I will send a picture.

We see many people from frhs. Shelly Schwartz told me about your sight. I will write again. If you need any info please let me know.

Geri can be reached at

Thanks Geri for writing. Buzzy has been located......I should be in touch with him in the next few days. I will write you after I speak with him and send you his address and phone number.

Aren Abrams Alfaro, Class of 1963, joins us and writes the following. What a nostalgic trip your web site is. My '63 yearbook was destroyed by a typical Belle Harbor basement flood and so I have very little in the way of tangible FRHS memories. I am still in touch with several friends from Belle Harbor and try to get to the beach (my mother kept her house there) during the summer. You can put my yearbook photo in. It will give me a chance to see myself at age 17!

Thanks Aren for writing. I do remember the many floods and all my baseball cards floating around in the basement. If I had only kept the Mickey Mantle and Roger Marris cards in a safe place, I might be a wealthy man today..........

Aren can be reached at

David Swedlow, (Deceased) Class of 1963, joins us from Cleveland, Ohio and writes the following.

Dear Skip,

Cheryl and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you in the Class of 1963 who have decided to support the revitalization of the alumni association, and especially to Skip and Carol for their efforts. We encourage the classmates of '63 to be proactive in participation and/or financial support, so that we can look forward with joy to a 40th reunion in '03 !!! I had a wonderful weekend with fellow alumni at the bash in Long Island in September, 1997. Following a lull in my ability to correspond through e-mail (new job and lots of new responsibilities), I now hope to return to the joys of the internet and get back to many friends. I also look forward to collaborating with classmates to find many 'lost' friends from the great Class of 1963! Please note my new internet address (sorry for the length)   Hope to hear from many of you, and would be happy to work together on our 40th in '03!

The FRHS webpage is absolutely incredible! My warm thanks to Barbara Tashoff Saber for the clue (otherwise I might be clueless!). The nostalgia for the Rockaways, the schools, the boardwalk, and most important, the people was wonderful. I think you have done a fab job on the webpage, and we all owe you our appreciation for linking us together again.

I graduated in '63 with you (I remember you, especially from your graduation photo), and went on to undergraduate and graduate school at RPI in Troy, NY. I came to Cleveland to teach at Case Western Reserve U in 72 and although I loved teaching, I grew less interested in biomedical research (long, lonely nights in the lab) and went on to computer systems analysis and management in education and now juvenile justice.

I remember with great enthusiasm many of our friends in our class. I saw quite a few at the '88 reunion, which was a super event. I still remember the dazed feeling throughout that evening, as we recognized (from faces, slowly recognized, or name tags) one another to ebulient screams (I think that word came from one of our English teacher's assignments -- we had to present one word apiece, and 'sell' it to our classmates -- now who was that teacher?? Silberstein?? I just don't recall! Maybe someone can help!).

I would love to know the whereabouts of many of our classmates. I have not seen, since high school (or in a very few cases, from college -- I tried to keep in touch with a few) friends such as Robert Klein, Eric Kronstadt, Jeff Rausch, Ray Neinstein, Ken Taksen, Lewis Saldinger. I was ecstatic to find Judy Rock, Sheila Fleigelman, Vivian Kessler, Pam Bergen, Natalie Spiegel, Lance Rosenbluth, Heather Barg, Holly Dick, Ellen Parnes, Doris Klein, Si Budman, Phil Kalfin, Helene Blum, Saul Raw, Gerry Rachlin and others on the FRHS reunion page or yours. Incidentally, was it Lenny Heisler or Lanny Heisler? I fondly remember building a radio with him in 6th grade at PS 215! I fondly remember Harry Yucht -- do you know what happened? I was sad to hear of his passing.

I spoke to Richie Silverstein a few years ago. I was driving to work and heard on National Public Radio that it was teacher appreciation day, and since it was 30 years since I graduated (this was in '93), I called FRHS and got his phone number on LI. I remember him as the best teacher I ever had, and especially remember his experiment with his senior "L" class in Problems in American Democracy in which he allowed us to take over the class for the entire year, and teach ourselves. How far ahead of his time in concepts of teaching and self-governance.

I share the interest in working on behalf of the current FRHS population. Although I believe that help is only appreciated when accepted, I hope the coolness I read about on the part of the 'current administration' is not shared by the students, who could likely value the contributions of those of us who might wish to support their current and/or future progress. Computer literacy and/or scholarship resourcefulness are certainly areas that I would feel competent and confident to support, and I am willing to take some steps to instigate efforts in this area.

Please go ahead and use pictures you may have gathered (yes, sadly, including my graduation photo!), and I will look through my 'stuff' to see if I have anything that goes that far back (34 years is a long time!). My suspicion is that my brother in Florida (an amateur photographer) probably has the most FR memorabilia, although much of it may be on 35 mm slides! (remember them?)

Lots of appreciation for all of your continuing efforts.


Thanks David for your wonderful letter. I remembered your name from FRHS but it wasn't until I looked at your photo that I really knew who you were. I do believe it was "Lenny" not Lanny. As for Harry, I never really heard what happened. Maybe someone out there can fill us in. Thanks again for your kind words about the site and I look forward to hooking up with you on Pow Wow when you have time.

David can be reached at - Deceased, 2008

Heather (Barg) Rosenhoch, Class of 1963, joins us and writes the following.

Dear Skip,

Superb job on the FRHS web site! I'd like to send you some pics as soon as I figure out that scanning stuff. In the meantime I'd like to know where these 63 grads are: Karen Kaufman, Joni Tanenbaum, Ronnie Lerman, Phyllis Alliger, June Avner, Judi Belferder, Billy Calder , Paul Burros, Lynn David, Judy Gold, Susan Klein, Roger Koerner and Chris Pannell? I'll stop the list there for now.

Go ahead and post that strange picture of me from 63. A little more about me- I graduated from Queens Coll. in 67 with a BA in Early Childhood ED. Taught 5 years at PS45 in Jamaica, NY (KGN.&1st grade). Married Joel Rosenhoch in 67. He was grad of Stuyvesant HS 61 and CCNY 65. We moved to Florida in 72-Largo- in the Tampa Bay area - west coast. We took up tennis at the advanced age of 28 and went on to win some club trophies over the years.

I teach kindergarten in Clearwater,FL. We have one son a terrific 17 year old! He'll be a SR at Seminole H.S. Oh - his name is Mark. He plays on the HS tennis team. Joel is a financial consultant - we recently celebrated our 30th anniv. I also took up cake decorating a while back. I can do Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck cakes among others - but I have been known to put a risque spin on some of my creations!

About Far Rock - did I tell you that my father had a grocery store on Mott Ave - Nat's Dairy - it was next to Sid and Sam's candy store in the middle of the block. My 4 sisters and other relatives still live up in NY. We don't get there too often.

Looking forward to the reunion weekend. Too bad FR has changed so much! It was a GREAT place to grow up back then. Thanks again for your hard work on this site!

P.S. I went to PS39 for KGN and HILI for grades 1-8.

P.P.S.By the way, 3 of my sisters also graduated from FRHS! Is that a record -4 siblings? The years were: 55-63-66-71.


P.P.P.S. So far I've EMAILed and heard from: Barbara Tashoff, Saul Raw, Phil Kalfin, Doris Klein and Phil Weingrow! I'm a novice at EMAIL but I'm getting there! Bye, again.

Heather can be reached at

Thanks Heather for writing. I'll look for your graduation photo from the 1963 yearbook.

Phil Paul, Class of 1963, joins us from British Columbia, Canada and writes the following.

Dear Skip

I just went and dug out my old yearbook to see if you had signed it - or even if I knew you. Alas, found your picture, but nothing signed, so I guess I must have travelled in different circles.

I just want to let you know what a great job you have done with this web page. The parent of a good friend of mine (Steve Goldsmith - 1963) sent me the brochure for the Far Rockaway High School 100th anniversary reunion. Up until today I had no idea that there were ANY reunions at all from Far Rockaway High School. What an eye opener. It's too bad we didn't have the web ten years ago.

I, too, am a graduate of Far Rockaway High School, Class of 1963. Unfortunately, I was one of those guys who thought I would be "cool" and not pay my $2.00 to get my picture in the yearbook. I sure wish I hadn't made that decision so long ago. And so my picture is not in the yearbook, and yet they put my friend Barry Stein's blank space in the yearbook (he also didn't pay his $2.00) and not mine.

There are two people from the era of 1963-1965 that I would like to try and locate. Neither of them are pictured in my yearbook of 1963, and so they must have graduated a year later - or a year earlier. One is Bruce Weiss (who set fire to his apartment building and nearly burnt it down) and Kenny Stern (who worked with me as a garbage picker on the beaches for the N.Y.C. Dept of Parks).

I'm going to try and see if I can find a way to make it to this reunion party in September. I wish I had known about the one held in 1988. At present I am living (have lived for the past 25 years) in British Columbia, Canada. Barry Stein is living in Toronto, and another graduate from 1963, Jeff Brooks, is living in Vancouver. I'm still in touch with about seven or eight friends that I have had all my life, and who are Far Rockaway High School graduates.

In closing, I wonder if anyone out there remembers having a Mr. Selbst as a math teacher, about 1968 to 1972 (somewhere around there?) Thanks again.

Phil can be reached at

Thanks Phil for writing. I guess it wouldn't do me any good to try to find your photo in the 1963 yearbook! How about a current photo for the web site?

Alan Pinkler, Class of 1963, joins us and writes the following.

I certainly do remember you! My name is Alan Pinkler and that's how you signed my year book. Kudos to you for all the time and effort that you've put into creating the Rockaway Beach web site. I sent in my response to the reunion mid July ( going of course) and have been surfing the Rockaway web sites for the last couple of weeks seeing pictures of old familiar friends and places.

I grew up at 1170 Nameoke St which was an apartment house right off of Central Ave and a block away from the Sharah Tefela Synagogue (i used to go rollerskating there a lot because they had the smoothest sidewalks around) and a few blocks from the Redfern Projects. I went to PS 39 and then PS 198 - Cardozo JHS. I was in the band and orchestra in JHS and HS and remember the great musical productions that were presented - like "The Sound of Music" and marching at football games at the high school. I remember Mr Ruf as being a great music teacher.

I remember walking to high school and back home which had to be at least a mile or a mile and a half each way. I used to carry my trumpet in one hand and my books in the other for balance (did they have back packs in those days?). To make it more interesting, I'd like to vary my route from day to day. One day I'd walk up Central Ave through the center of town past all the stores and make a right onto Cornaga Ave to go to school; other days I'd go past the library and make a right onto Mott Ave and go past the bus terminal, the NYC subway station (2 fare zone), the Long Island RR station, and the State Diner and walk by the "L" to go to school. When I went home, I'd sometimes stop off at Gino's for a slice (15 cents) or just to hang out.

I had hay fever allergies as a teen and remember spending many Saturdays in the summer at the Strand, Columbia and Gem movie theatres to get some air conditioning relief. Those were the days - double feature for 99 cents - and if you wanted to you could stay again.

Many people have already shared there memories of Far Rockaway, the HS, the boardwalk, "Tuckee" cups (haven't heard that name in 35 years) etc so I don't have a lot add to that. Suffice it to say that the 60's were a great time for growing up and the Rockaway's was a great place to do it in. I had ocassion to go back to Far Rockaway in 1990 or 1991 with my family and was rather saddened by the condition of Far Rockaway and especially Central Ave - it appeared that many of the stores were boarded up. I'm glad to see from a more recent picture a vast improvement.

Skip, I see that you've been in touch with Stan Cohen. If you have an E-mail address or home address, please let me know as I'd like to contact him.

For a quick bio I went to Queens College and graduated in Feb. 1968; started Baruch College and got drafted/enlisted and spent a tour in Viet Nam from Oct 1968 to Christmas Eve 1969; returned and graduated Baruch College in 1974 with a master in accounting, became a CPA, did the corporate business world for 17 years and went through a number of down sizings, and now am presently self employed as a financial planner/consultant to business and individuals for protection and investment needs. I've been married for 24 years and have two teenage boys - almost near 18 and 16 years old. I got started late in life but can't believe all the people I've read about becoming grandparents already. How fast time goes by.

Any how, that's all for now. My younger son wants the phone to make plans with his friends and has given me the 5 minute warning. I zeroxed my photo from the year book, scanned it on a Brother fax/scanner/printer and am sending it with this e-mail. Don't know how it will come out at your end, but if you can add my photo from your yearbook, it may come out better.

Alan can be reached at  - Updated April, 2010

Thanks Alan for writing. It's been a long time since our days in the FRHS band. I played baratone horn and sat directly in front of the tuba player. I think that's why I love the base line in music so much! Glad to hear that you're planning to attend the 100th. I look forward to seeing you again after all the years. Stan Cohen can be reached at

Saul Raw, Class of 1963, joins us from Brooklyn, New York and writes the following.

Dear Skip,

It has really been a great pleasure to reconnect with many of the people that I knew from FRHS. The Rockaway web site has been wonderful and recently used it to find the e-mail address of an old friend. Thanks to all of you who've put all this work into it! I really appreciate the job you have done with the site. I graduated from FRHS in 1963 and went to the 25 year reunion which was truly a stellar event. It was like going back to HS without all of the social anxiety although it was full of old people (them, not me). I also went to the South Florida reunion in 1995. As a result of the 1988 reunion, I was able to hook up with a few old friends and have kept up with them since.

I live in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn and work as a psychotherapist in private practice in Brooklyn and Manhattan. For more than 20 years, I have also been on the teaching faculty of Cornell University Medical College.

I must say that I really find the current state of Far Rockaway to be quite depressing since I lived there between the ages of 6 and 20 and found it to be a lovely town at that time. I lived on Rose Street and much earlier on on Beach 9th Street. I really almost never go back and when I do go back, I realize why I keep staying away. I really do hope to see my old friends at the reuinion and urge everyone to sign up with Reunion Hall on the Web. Please feel free to use my year book picture.

All the best,


Saul can be reached at

Thanks Saul for writing and for your kind words about the web site. I didn't have a chance to attend the 1988 reunion and am really looking forward to September for the opportunity to see all my old friends and meet the new ones I have met as a result of doing this web site. See you in September!

Joe Davis, Class of 1963, joins us from Madison, Wisconsin and writes the following.

Joe davis here: So, where is everyone who was in the "L"? graduated 1963 ( I've been perusing this site for some time; waiting for some names to pop up and generally enjoying the journey back in time. [I am the banjo player in the middle of the '63 yearbook].

It's been fun to see some old names re-emerge from the mists and to have Rockaway recreated in a bunch of memories. My memories of high school center around the "L;" playing "ratchet-fuck" with Marshall Rosenbloom in 11th year math; thoughts of girls uncalled; wishing to be a lot more cool a lot less self-conscious (yes, David Swedlow: taking over our history class with Mr. Silverstein was a true high point of high school which, as I recall, almost got him canned).

A brief self-history: after Brooklyn College with Saul Raw, Judy Gold and others) went out to Madison, Wisconsin to get a Ph.D. in history - and, yes I was in the streets out here duirng the haydays of the "movement" (if you've seen "The War at Home" you've seen my 1st 4 years in grad school) inhaling tear gas and running from the national guard; 1st saw our famous "boy mayor" Paul Soglin at a demonstration after the Dow Chemical riot and have known him since then.

Anyway, the history profession had died by the time I got done; married in 1970 and my wife Connie was a social worker; so we stayed in Madison and I started working in state government in '75 - doing employment and training planning; now I run a teeny state agency which licenses private post-secondary schools and runs the GI Bill. Do a lot politically: been involved closely with Russ Feingold since before he started thinking about running for the U.S. Senate and am now deep into work for the '98 re-election campaign [I coordinate policy development, opposition research, etc.). Connie and I have a near 14 year old daughter, Elizabeth; she is mid-westerner but longs to be a new yorker .

It would be great to see lots of the bunch from high school; don't know if we can (or even I ) can make it to the reunion, but this site (and the Far Rockaway High School site) do seem to have reconnected lots of folks. I have done a bit of e-mailing to maybe reknit some ties and will continue to do that - the idea and operation of the site are wonderful! I wish there were a real Rockaway to see again; my neighborhood, Arverne and Beach 71st street, is literally gone; plowed under and awaiting the next fanciful plan for the Rockaways which will never come.

Joe can be reached at  

Thanks Joe for sharing your memories of Rockaway. I too was not sure I could make it to the "big bash" in September. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this is probably my last opportunity to reconnect with so many former classmates at the same time, and get back to the beach for at least one day. Hope you can make it.

Karen Kaufman Polansky, Class of 1963, joins us from Carmichael, California and writes the following.

Hi Skip!

I graduated from Cornell in '67 and took a masters at the Bank Street College of Education. I married a Cornell classmate, Steve, in 67--we've been married for 30 years! He is an obstetrician-gynecologist. We have 3 children, Jon, UCLA '94, Jenny, Cornell '95, and Robin, UCLA '97. I now own my own home-based business, Nameable Notes, and sell personalized stationery and invitations. Sondra Heller? Of course you can post my picture and other information on the Web site. I plan to attend the reunion with Mona Magida Odin. I'll write more when I have time.

Karen can be reached at - Updated August, 2008

Thanks again Karen for writing. I hope to hear from you again soon. I guess you live just "up the road" from me. I live in Concord and plan to be in Sacramento on August 12 - 14 for a conference. Write again when you have time.

Roger Koerner, Class of 1963, joins us from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and writes the following.

Dear Skip!

My name is Roger Koerner '63. I just wanted to drop you a note and compliment you on your work. I'm amazed at your web site. You've being able to use high tech communication to deliver back the warmth and vitality of a community. It still exists in our memories and now it flows through the screen. From all the messages left in the guest book it's clear that many friends have already found each other and many more will renew their friendships at the reunion.

I finished my schooling and training in Philadelphia and opened a practice in Gastroenetology in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. Its now a five man practice. I'm the senior man which is good news and bad. People start asking your when you are going to retire. I still feel I can get up early in the a.m., carry fifty pounds of books in freezing weather and chase the green bus from the 143 to 141 on Rockaway Beach Blvd with thre best of them. Piece of cake.

About four or five years ago I saw a patient in my Jupiter office who was heading back to NYC for the summer. She was going to check in with her cardiologist, Paul Tunick. I remember Paul (63) married Susan Mauss (63). He was also the Chat photographer. He sent me a number of negatives that he had kept. I've enclosed some of those photos (under separate cover) that you might want to include in your web site. I've been in touch with Bert Cohen, who is a divorce lawyer in Beverly Hills, Michael Aronowsky lives in Massapequa NY and is a criminal defense attorney, Alan Steinberg , a writer, living in Chicago, Steven Grossman, resides in Ohio, and has been with the state government. Marty Goldman, Boston, is an investment broker with Prudential. Bob Diilon, became a Urologist, and lives in the NY area. I have run into or heard from many more. Hope to see them all there.

Thanks again . Does the green bus still stop every two blocks in belle harbor and Neponist? Thats hard to believe.

Roger can be reached at

Thanks Roger for writing. I will be posting your yearbook photo in a few days. I look forward to receiving you photos and posting them on the web site. I too look forward to seeing many former classmates and friends at the reunion. Hope to see you there.

Susan Gottlieb Beckerman, Class of 1963, joins us from New York City and writes the following.

After earning my BA in English Literature, no one was more surprised than I that I had a career in business. I got an MBA in public accounting, worked at Price Waterhouse and then built a career providing consulting services to financial institutions, usually as the liaison between the users and providers of large-scale computer systems. I retired from paid employment in 1988. Since then I have been an active volunteer. I serve on the boards of four educational institutions and in the "kitchen cabinet" of a few more not-for-profits. In addition to my volunteer activities, in my "spare" time, I do some travelling. I have been taking singing lessons for about six years, concentrating on the American Songbook.

I spend the summers in Snowmass Village, CO, near Aspen, and attend many performances of the Aspen Music Festival and School. I am no expert in classical music, but I enjoy learning about it. The AMFS attracts several hundred incredibly talented young people from all of the world. I have become a surrogate mother to a few of these amazing, dedicated kids which has enriched my life. I serve on the board of an arts center in Snowmass Village which offers workshops in disciplines such as ceramics, painting, wood, photo/digital media. I've taken a few workshops and encouraged others to do so. These are transformative experiences for artists at all levels - even beginners. My personal "enrollment policy" for friend and acquaintances who take workshops at Anderson Ranch is to offer them room & board at my house nearby.

Some of you know that I was widowed and lost a daughter in an accident. A couple of years after that I married Mark Beckerman, with whom i reconnected at the FRHS 100th Anniversary Reunion. Mark and I were together for about ten years before we divorced. These are difficult experiences, but I have an overwhelmingly positive outlook. I am often asked to explain my resilience. I am not sure why I can rebound when others don't overcome the challenges they face. I credit having a loving family, loyal friends and the larger community of the colleagues with whom i share volunteer work as well as my synagogue...I am not traditionally observant but treasure being part of a caring congregation. OR MAYBE IT'S THE MEDICATION!!!!

Susan can be reached at

Thanks so much for writing. I'll try to post your yearbook photo in a few days. Hope to see you at the reunion.

Rich Zemser, Class of 1963, joins us and writes the following.

Skip--A name from the past... Rich Zemser. You have done one hell of a job on the FRHS page. Lots of memories. I always enjoy checking in with our school website. It is most fascinating to not only go back in time, but to also see what classmates are doing presently. I've happily been "reunited" with a handful of "Arverne"/FRHS friends via day, I'd like to be able to get to actually see all of you in person. I have just retired (after 33 years) from public school teaching. It was a great experience! I was always involved in Jewish education, and was a part-time principal in some afternoon Religious Schools. Now that I have my days free, I took on a full-time position. So, although I retired, I am still quite (happily) busy. Fortunately, my new position allows me to continue my passion for travel. Drop me an email, when I return from one of my trips, I'll get right back to you. Kudos to Skip and everyone else involved in keeping our FRHS group together via cyberspace. Absolutely super! I grew up in Arverne...70th street was my spot along the boardwalk. Please put my email address on the website. I'd love to keep in contact with the old gang. What could be bad about bringing back some fun memories. I always enjoy checking in with our school website. It is most fascinating to not only go back in time, but to also see what classmates are doing presently. I've happily been "reunited" with a handful of "Arverne"/FRHS friends via day, I'd like to be able to get to actually see all of you in person. I have just retired (after 33 years) from public school teaching. It was a great experience! I was always involved in Jewish education, and was a part-time principal in some afternoon Religious Schools. Now that I have my days free, I took on a full-time position. So, although I retired, I am still quite (happily) busy. Fortunately, my new position allows me to continue my passion for travel. Drop me an email, when I return from one of my trips, I'll get right back to you. Kudos to Skip and everyone else involved in keeping our FRHS group together via cyberspace. Absolutely super! Thanks.

Rich can be reached at

Neil Golowesky, Class of 1963 -   Brighton, MI  - Deceased

It is with great sadness I am writing our fellow classmates about the passing of one of our own. Neil Golowesky was my closest friend from the time we were 10 years old to late February he passed away very suddenly & without warning.  His death to me was a blow I never thought about until the reality of life shows its cruelty.  

We had spent forty nine years as friends & knowing each other in good times as well as the ones we would like to forget.  He was big guy with a heart of gold & a gentile way with people that was a natural for him to be in management as his life’s work.   

He is leaving behind 3 grand children, 3 children & with loving wife Terri. Not a few months ago we were talking about his future retirement. We talked about spending the later years of our lives doing what we always liked to do as kids & young adults & now as baby boomers. 

I can’t stop thinking about Neil & hope he has found a better place.

I will miss him. 


Irwin H Siner (SINOFSKY) CLASS OF 63

Joan Steinberg Robins Binnix, Class of 1963, is now living in Columbia, SC and writes the following.


Thanks for getting back to me so fast. Just want to let you know that this site is just great; brings back so many memories of good times, strolling down Central Avenue to go to Gino's and have a slice of pizza or italian ices, going to the arcade bowling alley and hanging out, or just going to Wavecrest to hang out at the Soda shop.

Greeting you from the Pan Handle of Florida. I have been married since 1965 to my husband Ray. We have two children; Joy is 31 and Paul is 30 and we have two wonderful Grandchildren; Matthew will be 7 and Hannah is 10 months. We moved south in 1975 to South Carolina and lived in Beaufort and Hilton Head. We then transferred to Destin Florida in 1988. I have owned & operated an eight room Bed & Breakfast on the Gulf of Mexico since 1991. It is just beautiful down here when we are not faced with a major Hurricane as Georges is doing now. I am 300' from the beautiful green and blue waters of the Gulf.

Please feel free to post my picture from the yearbook, I do not have mine anymore, got lost amid one of these moves. If more information is needed please let me know. I sure would love to find some of my old buddies from back when.

Joan can be reached at

Margaret Fox (Berkowitz) Class of 1963, joins us from Tampa, Florida and writes the following.

Hi to fellow grads and friends. Would love to hear from old friends from Rockaway. Went to P.S.106, J.H.S.198 and graduated from F.R. in '63. Where are all the old friends? E-mail address

Margaret can be reached at

Simon "Si" Budman, Class of 1963, joins us from Newton, Mass and writes the following.

Just stumbled onto this site. It was fun to find some people who I knew from the FRHS Class of '63. I was at the 25th anniversary in 1988, but have not heard since about any others. Any information about another reunion for the Class of '63?

Si can be reached at

Vivian Kessler (Geller), Class of 1963, joins us from Ithaca, New York and writes the following.

I work in advising and administration at Cornell University and have lived in Ithaca for the past 25 years. I'm the proud parent of two daughters and grandmother of one awesome grandson! I'd love to hear from old "L" friends. I've kept in touch with Karen Kaufman Polansky, through her association with Cornell, where I've worked for over 20 years. I also see Dorothy Rathman Van der Merwe, who has lived near the Hague, Netherlands for many years. I'm very fortunate to travel to Europe a few times a year so I often visit Dorothy on those trips. I have two grown daughters, a grandson and a granddaughter. My work involves advising undergraduates about programs and majors at the university. Working, work-outs at the health club, travel and family keep me busy and happy.  Update - Retired from Cornell

Vivian can be reached at

Gary Winnick, Class of 1963, joins us from Syosset, New York and writes the following.

It is really a pleasure after all of these years to see so many people from the past listed with their e-mail addresses.  As one gets older I have realized to cherish many of the wonderful memories of growing up in Far Rockaway. Every so often I have flashbacks of the smell and sounds of our beautiful beaches, attending PS 39, my friends, teachers and just running around and being a kid playing at lunch time on the concrete playground. Then the bus ride each day to Benjamin Cardozo JHS and meeting new friends from Bayswater, Edgemere and Arverne. How gigantic the school was when compared to PS 39. I have told my sons Adam and Chad many times how I had to walk almost one and a half miles each way in all types of weather from Beach 13th Street to Beach 25th Street to Far Rockaway HS. It was the many teachers whose names I have now forgotten, great friends like Stan Cohen, Arnie Schwartz, Peter Silverman, Alan Weinstock, Bob DeVivio, Alan Pinkler, Alan Cohen, and so many others. I engaged in or witnessed many great learning and life experiences that can never be forgotten.  In June 2002 I retired from teaching after 37 in the Bellmore Merrick Central High School District and my wife Stephanie also a teacher retired from the Massapequa School District in June 2004.  We have always enjoyed traveling and now we have the time and have begun to see our incredible world. We have traveled around our beautiful country and parks, visited the Canadian Rockies, Alaska, Hawaii, Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Budapest, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, the Caribbean. December we leave for Ambergris Cay in Belize and this summer we will be flying to Equador and cruising swimming and snorkeling the Galapagos Islands. There are new places and things to see and do and hopefully while we are physically able to climb the trails, raft the rivers and snorkel the reefs we shall get to see and do them.  We are all so lucky to have been able to experience so many rich and rewarding experiences that was started by growing up in such a hidden treasure call Far Rockaway.   Stay Healthy!! Chow Chow! 

Gary can be reached at  

Arlene Lieberman (Faybik), Class of 1963, joins us from Aurora, CO and writes the following.
Please take note of my new email address. Would love to hear from some old friends. To name a few, Marlene Chick, Janet Sussman, Buzzy Rappaport, Linda Robey, Janet (Scottie) Eadie, Barbara Caperella. Also would love to hear from anyone who remembers me that I may have forgotten to mention. I just love this web site. It brings back so many great memories that have been so hard to remember until now. I have been married to Michael for the last 32 years and have 2 children. Michael is 27, a graduate of Syracuse University and is currently working for Frontier Airlines as an Operations Coordinator. My daughter Melissa is 23 and just graduated last May from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is currently unemployed but has gone back to school to get her real estate license. I work part-time for Frontier Airlines as I love to travel. The free travel benefits are just tremendous. My husband and I also own a pro-sports store where we deal mainly with Colorado sports teams. I will try to send some pictures as soon as I can figure out how to get my digital pictures on line. Anyone who remembers me please email me at You can publish my picture!


Sharon Shardin (Dwyer), Class of 1963 - Deceased, 2013

Hi Skip,

Thanks to you and Carol for continuing your wonderful efforts on behalf of the FRHS Alumni. You can count on me to help in any way I can. I think your web site is terrific. I found it quite by accident when I was surfing the web at work (instead of working). Anyway, I graduated from FRHS in 1963, the same as you. My name at the time was Sharon Shardin. It's now Sharon Dwyer. You can check me out in the yearbook because I'm sure you don't remember me. I was extremely shy in those days. Tom & I  (plus our 2 dogs, Noodles and Duchess) have relocated from NJ to PA....Poconos Region.  So beautiful and peaceful here. We have 2 acres of land with a stream at back of property.

I had worked for Seagram for 25 years and company was sold to 2 of our competitors.  Since they had their own staff, most of the Seagram employees were not kept on.  I was terminated on 1/15/02, we put our house on market 4/5 and had it sold by 4/8! Tom had lost his job as an indirect result of 9/11...he was a personnel recruiter and there were many applicants but not enough jobs.  So his company laid off 15 recruiters in one day.

Our plans are to start a woodworking/crafts business and work from home.  We will sell at flea markets, craft fairs, craft cooperatives, E-Bay, etc.

 I'd love to get in touch with some old classmates. Actually, I have re- established contact with Ellen Goodside (Liebowitz) and we've been having a great time sharing memories. If you want to put my picture on the web site with the little bit of info I've given you, feel free.

Keep up the great work. I sent for the Alumni directory and can't wait to receive it.  I've sent a much more recent photo of me and my husband, Tom.  Our one dog, Noodles, passed away in January '03 but we still have Duchess, our 13 year old chocolate lab...otherwise known as "Fat Dog" (see photo). I'm still selling country crafts on EBay and loving it! Can't believe I'm 62 now.....just started collecting Social Security in November '07. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from FRHS. Updated on 1/10/08


Sharon can be reached at

Gilbert Slavin, Class of 1963, joins us from L'Isle Adam, France and writes the following.

Dear Skip, What a job you have done. For people like me who have moved so much and far away, it is the only way we could ever hope of finding our past.

 After FRHS, I went to Adelphi University, where even before graduation, I had started to work in the music industry, playing in bands, accompanying artists such as Mary of Peter Paul and Mary, etc. After graduation, I immediately started working as a session player then as a song writer-producer for Jeff Barry. (We did things like the Archies, Monkees and Banana Splits.) In 1972, I took up an offer to work in France doing TV music, records and radio-tv ads. I am married with 2 children, 8 and 14 years old.

 I used to live in Belle Harbor, and noticed some names of people that I was even in kindergarten with. I haven't been back to Rockaway since 1991. Judging from the remarks, it's probably better just living with the memories that you supply. I still think about Mr.Tietze and Mr. Ruf quite often, and explain to Europeans what American football games at FRHS were like, (the band and all..). Thanks for the memories.....

Gilbert's email address is no longer working.

  Neil Licht, Class of 1963, joins us from Marlborough, MA and writes the following.

My name is Neil Licht, 1963. I am so glad that I found your page! Its been like talking with the past and I loved catching up and seeing some familiar names. My wife and I I live in Marlborough, Ma. In fact, I've been a Ma
resident for 23 years. I am a grandfather and loving every minute of it.

I cannot wait to get home tonight and show my wife your site. As a 16 year old, I worked at 35th street in Howes baths almost exactly where your boardwalk picture shows. I have not heard the word Tuckie Cup in 30 years.
How about French fries in a cup, nothing in the world like them anywhere, is there? How about Sat night at the diner on Mott Ave in Far Rockaway where we would meet to brag about all the things we had done (in our imagination) but passed on as fact. Its now a McDonnalds.

While in college, I was a garbage man on the beach each summer, you remember, jeeps, skillfully stabbing coke bottles without breaking them and dumping them into the garbage at dawn. What a great job and great pay.  It left the whole day for spending time on the beach.

Rockaway was a kids paradise. I loved Central Avenue, Ginos and everything we did while at FRHS. I have seen most of this country but whenever I get to any Ocean front, the salt air always reminds me of my roots in Rockaway.

My four daughters do not have this seacoast link. They are all essentially MA raised (Wellesley, MA) although my oldest two were born in the old St. Joseph's hospital. My sister, Janice (Adelberg) Licht lives in plainview LI,
NY with her husband Robert, both graduates of Far Rockaway I think in 1967 and 1965.

I have also been back to the "old country" and am saddened by its condition. During a visit to NY a few years ago, My wife, a native MA person got the grand tour of my childhood, PS 104, Bayswater, Mott Ave, the whole deal, the ocean front, the boardwalk, all kind of a ghost town now, including FRHS. I kid a lot of people about my highschool's new real location: Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

I have attached a current photo and would love to have all of this posted on your site. It would be fantastic to reopen links to my past and "talk" again.

Regards, Neil Licht, 6-63

Neil can be reached at

Iris Lichterman (Weinger), Class of 1963, joins us from Weston, FL and writes the following.

Loved hearing from some "old" friends for a number of years. Enjoy being in Florida for 40 years now and having fun with grandkids!
 I recently arrived in the 21st century and got a computer so it was a real treat to find this website. It's great to be in touch with some old and valued friends. Not meaning old in any way other than time wise! This is a wonderful site and I'm glad to be able to contribute towards it.

Iris can be reached at



Marcia Arnold (Zeitlin) -  - South Orange, NJ

Does anybody remember me??? Had a wonderful time at the reunion two years ago and would like to reach out to my classmates, class of '63 and the folks in the class of '61 and '62.  Life has been very good to me if you discount the sudden and unexpected death of my husband last year.  I would like to hear from some of my classmates.  What happened to Marshall Rosenblum (Rosenbloom)? I would enjoy talking old and new times with my friends from the school.  Please contact me at home or at work.  Looking forward to hearing from you.



Alan Frost - - Webster, NY

Found this site a little while back, and left a message for Joe Davis. Just got Joe's reply, and that convinced me to "register."  Lots of memories rekindled, and a great way to introduce the family here in Webster (a suburb of Rochester, NY) to life in Rockaway. I think the yearbook pictures are a really good idea--please include mine. Now, where did I put that red covered copy of the Dolphin? Best wishes to all.


Alan Steinberg - - Iron Mountain , MI
I am looking for high school friends long lost, particularly teammates from the 1962 and 1963 baseball teams, but would like to hear from anyone who remembers me at FRHS.  Doesn't anybody remember the remarkable spirit at FRHS when our baseball team won its very first City Championship?  I hit the homer in the Monroe game and made the barehanded catch, but Roger Koerner and Erasto Ortiz and Alan Koch and Greg Georges and Mike Novick and George Frank and Andy Levin and Andy Marlin and Warren Wankoff and Alan Hollenberg and Bobby Dillon and Tommy Shiels and Alan Nagel made it possible.  We were never reunited and there's no testament to our achievement at the school (Koch has the trophy).  We should be reunited, maybe honored, along with Coach Jack Kerchman.  Just for the fun of it.  I want to find the guys who are missing.  I know where Kerchman, Koerner, Dillon, Marlin, Hollenberg, Georges, Levin, Nagel, Wankoff, and Shiels are; anyone know where Novick, Koch, and Frank are?



Bobbi Bader (Baumgarten)
San Rafael, CA

Love to hear from old friends! Although there is still a website my email address is preferably,  I am still doing design work but for the last several years Silk Peddler's focus has been on doing Christmas Decorations for the major San Francisco Bay Area hotels, including the Fairmont. It's hard work and we have not been able to come up with a retirement strategy, so my husband Dan is headed back to basics and is negotiating the purchase of an interest in a tax preparation firm that we hope to close in very early 2008.  All of my children are now married, my oldest - Bret for the second time.  Bret and his wife Deborah have two children, Noah(3) and Sofie(5 months).  Adam and his wife Betina have one child, Zachary(2)and they will be headed to Tucson this summer(2008) as Adam has received a Fellowship in Cardiology at the University of Arizona. Our daughter Jamie and her husband Matt were married in August, 2006. Matt graduated from UC's Hastings School of Law in June 2007 and just passed the Bar.  We've been blessed with the family all living close by, unlike us who left NYC in 1969 and remained in CA. Didn't realize how selfish that was until we started having grandchildren.  All the best to everyone back home and wishes for a healthy, prosperous and peaceful 2008.

Ellen Smith (Hansen) -  - Rego Park, NY

Just recently found this site, and am delighted, as well as impressed. I haven't been in touch w/any fellow grads in many years, but would welcome hearing from anyone who remembers me (hopefully, kindly). Thanks to my long association with Air France, I've had many opportunities to travel over the years. The most important accomplishment of my life has been single handledly raising my daughter, Robyn, (age 24) since she was 2 years old. Lived on Beach 27th St. when I attended FRHS, and except for a few years out of state, have been in Queens ever since.


Vicki Wiener (Kahn) -  - North Brunswick, NJ

I'm so impressed with this site. Many of the people who have listed were friends from P.S.114.(some even from kindergarten!). Steffi Koven Wahrman contacted me a few days ago. She lives only 20 minutes from me. Through the years, I've remained close with Micky Pincus Goldman. Can't find my Dolphin at this moment, but have class pictures from 6th and 7th grades at P.S.114. We all look like babies! I am presently an assistant professor of English as a Second Language.

Noreen Carroll (Wohlgemuth) -  - Nesconset, NY
Just found this website by accident. I'm a graduate of St. Mary's and started there and was happy to find Far Rockaway as well. What a trip down memory lane!! Saw the picture of Miss Craft when browsing and remember her latin classes so well. Not fondly, but well. She was also the college advisor and if you wanted to get her off the subject all you had to do was ask something about a college and we'd spend the rest of the period on that. I still don't know how I made it through those two years and the regents as well. It was a miracle. What fun to look back on those times, even though it was 35 years ago sometimes it seems like yesterday. This is a great web page and I plan to spend a lot more time here. Not now though, it's 2:30 a.m. and I have to get some sleep.

Lana Popov (Lisanti) - - Haworth, NJ
Hi Skip, Your site is just great! I don't know how you found me, but I am ever so glad you did. As fondly as I remember FRHS, I unfortunately, did not keep up with people once I moved away from Far Rockaway, so it was such a treat to "catch up". After graduating from Brooklyn College with a degree in modern languages, I married and started my adult life as a french teacher in the New York City school system. Because my then husband was involved in TV Broadcasting, we ended up moving around quite a bit, so I switched gears and became involved in organizing educational symposia internationally. That was quite exciting, and enabled me to travel to exotic locations all over. Once my daughter Sasha was born, I regeared again, and started a business developing medical education programs for physicians. Eighteen years later, I am divorced, have sold my business and am preparing to send Sasha off to college. I expect I'll be doing another gear shift once she is off to school. Although I remember the painful angst of teenagerdom, I have warm memories of the days at FRHS and would love to hear from anyone who might remember me. Are there any plans for a 63 reunion?

Steven Goldstein - Deceased, 1968
The following info about him was obtained from the Vietnam War Memorial Website.  PFC - E3 - Army - Selective Service - 25th Infantry Division.  Length of service 0 years.  His tour began on Feb 15, 1968.  Casualty was on Feb 26, 1968 in Hua Nghia, South Vietnam.  Hostile, ground casualty, small arms fire.  Body was recovered.  Panel 41E - Line 38




Abiuso, Joseph Jr. -  - Lindenhurst, NY

Abrams, Aren (Alfaro) -  - Linwood, NJ

Alliger, Phyllis (Bogart) - - Long Beach, NY - Updated February, 2013
It's been a long time since I have contacted anyone from class of '63.  I am living in Long Beach, literally on the beach, have two grown daughters, an artist in Texas, and a saver of the animals(!) in FL.  Would love to hear from some old friends.

Arnold, Marcia (Zeitlin) -  - South Orange, NJ

Aronowsky, Michael - - Massapequa, NY - Updated October, 2011


Bader, Bobbi (Baumgarten) - - San Rafael, CA

Barg, Heather (Rosenhoch) -  - Largo, FL

Barlowe, Marion (Glushenko) - - Margate, FL

Barna, Barbara (Brown) - - Phoenix, AZ - June, 2018

Life after teaching, then law. Working on a Sustainable Aging start-up. Hope to launch in Phoenix October 8th,2018.
Original posting - I finished with my law career and want to return to my first love,writing (stream of consiousness, as it may be) (Earl Jagust was an inspiration, so put me down as an Earl Jagust member, check to follow.) I am working on a graphic novel about my mother's Sally's death by hospital, but I am now distracted by Marty's Fein's death on June 14, 2011 (FRHS 1961). He was my boyfriend for a few years while I was in the 7th and 8th grade, and we also went to the Far Rock prom together in 1963. (Any pictures out there?) If anyone has any memories of Marty, please write me. I will be blogging my memories/pictures in a few days. Check back.  Desperately Seeking Judy (Gold). Where are you?

Barnet, Stuart - - East Meadow, NY

Baron, Susan - Send Me Your Current Email Address - No City Listed

Beckerman, Mark - - Saratoga Springs, NY - Updated May, 2008

Beilinson, Marc -  - Chicago, IL

Belluck, Jeff -  - Naples, FL - Updated December, 2008
I loved looking through the web site. I cherish my memories of life near the beach, summer nights at the boardwalk, bands playing on the decks of the old hotels, going to fascination and meeting up with my friends. Even snow was beautiful at the beach. I now live in SNaples, FL with my wife amy and my 2 dogs. Except for work I try to pattern my "adult" life just like the life I remember from Far Rockaway.....friends, beach, & play.  I went home 10/08 and drove past FRHS. I was pleased to see it was still open. Football players were on the field practicing. This may have been one last look before closing. Good memories.

Benjamin, Barbara - - Millville , NJ

Berger, Allan -  - East Northport, NY

Berger, Richie H. "Rick" - - Boonton, NJ
After having retired from the FBI in January, 2001, I pursued another life dream by completely changing careers and becoming a professional entertainer (ventriloquist/singer) and motivational speaker. I appear in varied venues including schools, civic groups, rock shows, etc. I still take part in the Far Rockaway High School Career Day, which is held each May. Many of the other presenters are Far Rockaway alumni. It's like a mini reunion!

I was thrilled to receive your info about being the only official website. I got suckered into registering with one of the other websites (which I found to be useless), figured that I'd never hear from you again, and gave up on ever hearing any further Rockaway news. Hey, man, glad to have you back on my computer! Anyway, my latest bio info is that after a thirty year career with the FBI and a five year career as an entertainer, I'm now in the process of launching my latest endeavor as a personal trainer! I'll be combining some of my show biz shtick (ventriloquism and singing) with a program designed to get us baby boomers shaking their booties to stay healthier, live longer and look better. I'll be running the program in both the New York, New Jersey area as well as in Florida during the winters (unlike my puppets, I'm no dummy!). I'm also completing the last chapter of my autobiographical book which tells my strange tale of career changes from FBI Agent to entertainer to fitness guru. (Please let me know if there are any literary agents or publishers out there who may have an interest in publishing the book, which, by the way, contains some great tidbits about the FBI that will interest everyone.) I'll keep you and the rest of the FRHS gang apprised of the progress of my latest "I refuse to retire" venture as things develop.  Click Here to see what I'm up to these days.

Berger, Richie -  - Plantation, FL

Bernstein, Perre (Calderon) -  - Long Beach, NY
Have been married going on 38 years and am blessed with a beautiful family and grandchildren.  Work in the family business and reside in Long Beach, NY. I am not far from Far Rockaway beach.  How much it has changed from Seagirt Blvd to Mott Ave. where we all had so much fun.  Hope to hear from some people that I hung out with.

Blaustein, Marty - - Scarsdale, NY - Updated February, 2013
As I grow older, I realize more and more how fortunate we were to grow up in the Rockaways and to attend FRHS. Perhaps it is because the Rockaways was a self contained peninsula that it felt like FRHS was an extended family. Like a fine wine, the memories get better and richer as time passes. Those of you who have chosen to put down roots elsewhere should let your memories remain undisturbed. Recently, I took a ride through all of the Rockaways in a nostaglic phase. I tell you, other than the street signs, there is nothing there like the Rockaways we knew. I wish you peace and happiness. Your wonderful memories of FRHS are shared and cherished by your extended family members.  Far Rockaway High School is so much a part of our lives. In 2008 it is scheduled to close and we all heard that news with great sadness. But while they can change the name of the physical structure, they can never take from us the memories of the years that fill such a great part of our lives and the significance of FRHS in our make-up and very fiber from which we are made. Far Rockaway High School will always carry-on through us.  God bless you all, my friends.

Blum, Helene (Weicholz) - - FL


Britman, Barry - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Edison, NJ
Has anybody been back to see the boardwalk or the beach? You may be surprised at what you find . I would like to hear your reaction.

Budman, Simon (Si) - - Newton, MA -  Updated February, 2013

Cahn, Charles Jack (Charlie)-  - Marietta, GA

Cantos, Joel - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Old Bethpage, NY

Carroll, Noreen (Wohlgemuth) -  - Nesconset, NY

Cavoores, Theodore Ted' -  - Jacksonville, FL - Deceased October, 2010

Cavoores, Thomas - - Franklin, NC

Chait, Lee - - Big Canoe, GA
I only attended FRHS for 18 months after deciding the sciences at Brooklyn Tech weren't for me. Following Brooklyn College, the Adelphi School of Social Work and Long Island University, I stayed away from education until the Mc George School of Law and its Institute for Administrative Justice in the 90's.  Having withdrawn from the primary election for State Senator in 1974, I left my position with the NYS Narcotic Addiction Control Commission and joined the Department of Justice in Washington DC in 1974. I remained there until l/2/99, when I retired. In between, we moved back and forth between Atlanta and DC several times. I still did some work for them until early 2005. In between careers, I was married to Sue and now have four grandchildren, the youngest of whom is 14. Sue and I have traveled extensively throughout the US for my current hobby as a fountain pen collector. We attend about 8-10 shows a year from coast to coast.  My favorite trip each year is to the LA Pen Show in Feb. and then a month in Hawaii. Haven't made any reunions yet, although the internet is great for keeping in touch with people.

Chait, Vickie (Senzon) - - Parsippany, NJ

Cintron, Rosa (Moreau) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - No City Liste

Closs, Linda (Kallman) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Jensen Beach, FL
My husband Steve is a retired NYC fire fighter. I am also retired from nursing. I have five grown children, four sons and a daughter. My daughter lives in Florida and my sons live on Long Island. We now spend our time traveling and enjoying our grandchildren. Seeing your names and pictures brought back memories.



Cohen, Harriet (Selden) -  - Massapequa Park, NY
My maiden name was Harriet Cohen. I married Paul Selden in 1967. It was a marriage of Bayswater and Belle Harbor! I grew up in Arverne on Beach 54th Street and at 14, my folks moved us to Bayswater where we finally came to roost on Norton Drive.  Paul is CEO of a large commercial hardware corporation and after running my own catering business for 10 years, I am doing the weirdest thing and loving it, designing and running a web based role playing game for adults. Want to be a hobbit or an elf, come see me.  We have two sons and two grandchildren, Jacob 9 and Zoe 7 and divide our time between Massapequa Park, NY and Westhampton. Here's a recent pic of Paul and one of me.  Loved the website, so many memories! Thanks so much for putting it together.



Cohen, Sandy (Baron) - - Boynton Beach, FL - Updated February, 2008
Anxious to get in touch with classmates anywhere!

Cohen, Shelly -  - New City, NY
I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.

Cohen, Stan -  - Commack, NY
I can smell the fresh salt air and feel the ocean breezes as I eat a Jerry's knish, watch bursting fireworks and shmooz with good friends.. It's good to go back .It was great growing up in F.R.

Cooper, Shari (Weiner) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Madison, NJ

Cooper,Teri (Sobek) -  - Richmondville, NY

Corb, Marvin -  - Howard Beach, NY
This is a great web site. So many memories, most good, some not so good, such as being caught in the hall by Mr. Teitze; hope I spelled it right.

Dalba, Bernadette - - Henderson, NV
In an attempt to contact a classmate, I found your website. Thanks for all the hard work you've invested in developing it! Wish I had found it sooner, so I could've attended the 2018 reunion. Hopefully there'll be one in 2019! FYI: I sang with my group for one of the early reunions held at the Holiday Inn in Westbury,10Yr? My singing career as Ms.Terry James began in '71 on Long Island. I performed in Atlantic City '83 -'87 and relocated to Las Vegas in '88. Life is Good & I'm Still Singing! 

D'Anna, Judith (Martino) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Arverne NY
This web site is a wonderful way to find people that we have lost touch with and get to talk to them.  Great idea!

D'Anna, Linda (Reilly) - - Kingston, NY
I married a Brooklyn boy, who recently retired from being a New York Harbor Pilot, who docked and sailed ships. We raised a girl and two boys. They are all married now, and we have four grandchildren, three boys and one granddaughter. Our daughter lives in Ohio, and our sons both live in North Carolina. After living in Flatbush, Brooklyn for eight years, we moved upstate to Kingston, New York, where we reside now.

Davis, Joe -  - Madison, WI

Davis, Marilyn 'Mari' (Schreiber) - - Randallstown, MD - Updated January, 2012

Delbaum, Andrew - - Portland, OR

Deutsch, Kerri (Maner) - - Esperance, NY - Posted January, 2009
I just found this website and how wonderful it is. I hope to be able to be back in touch with many of you after all of these years.

DeVivio, Robert -  - Centerport, NY - Deceased 2009
OK, so you always claimed that this piece of the collage in the yearbook was you... so here you go!  Hi Alan, Stan and I miss you left coasters - hope to see you and Arnie soon.

Diamond, Janie - Send Me Your Current Email Address - West Palm Beach, FL
Hello, this is Janie Diamond. I was going steady with Mickey Gonzalez.  Anyone remember us?????

Dick, Holly (Bergman) - Potomac, MD

DiResto, Noreen (Ciotti) - - Maitland, FL - Updated May, 2009

Dobin, Steve -  - Danbury, CT

Drucker, Barry - -  (Brooklyn Tech) - Rye Brook, NY- Updated October, 2012
I attended Tech, but should have gone to FRHS. Want to alert alumni of sad news I learned today....the passing of my old best friend, Alan Koch in June, 2011. I would like all who wish to write in some anecdotes of my buddy. I miss him very much.  Website:

Duckman, Robert - - Annapolis, MD
What a wonderful nostalgic website! After high school, I majored in broadcasting and went on to a very enjoyable career in radio in the Washington DC area. As the morning host and (then) program director of the nation's capital Oldies station, I played the music that was popular when I was a student at FRHS. Thanks for the memories.

Eadie, Janet (Guerra) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Flanders, NJ
I now live in Flanders, NJ. Have a daughter and son, both married, and two grandchildren, Meghan (9) and Corey (3 1/2). I work for a large chemical firm, handling their workers' comp. claims for the continental US, but my second career is as a substance abuse counselor and presently teach the DUI (driving under the influence) class for alcohol education and treatment.

Elia, Gus - - Florrisant, MO

Farbman, Steve - - Arlington, VA
Hey Rog, procrastination is one thing, but not realizing you were supposed to sign in - you get no credit. Stop over my house and we'll do some homework.

Fass, Jackie (Gross) - - Brooklyn, NY

Feldman, Nora (Goldstein) -  - Vancouver, BC Canada
I have very fond memories of growing up in Far Rockaway and attending FRHS and would love to hear from "old" friends. Attached is a recent picture of myself and my husband (Burton Goldstein, FRHS Class of 1959)

Fenster, Dian (Sirkin) -  - Lake Worth, FL
Check out Dian's wonderful photography page at

Feuer, Gary - - North Wales, PA - Updated October, 2013

Finkel, Nancy (Gosewich) -  - Ottawa Ontario, Canada
It feels as though I have lived several lives since my graduation from FRHS!! Grew up on Beach 140th Street in Belle Harbor. Parents Gene Finkel (Dr. Eugene) and Sandy. Presently living in CANADA....(Ottawa and Niagara-on-the-Lake). I would love to reunite with acquaintances....Anyone from PS 114, JHS 180 (7-8 SP2 and 8-9 SP2), and FRHS.

Finkelstein, Sherry -  - Sayville, NY

Fliegelman, Sheila (Zweifler) -  - Poughkeepsie, NY

Forman, Randy -  - Milwaukee, WI
I graduated from FRHS in 1963, but I spent my first year of high school at Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn. I came upon this website because I was wondering about the one dear friend I made at Far Rock: Jessica Anne Stadlen. We lost touch after high school. Does anyone know where she is?

Fox, Margaret (Berkowitz) - - Tampa, FL - Updated September, 2011

Frey, Ann (Orkin) -  - Kissimmee, FL


Friedman, Ronnie (Wiener) -  - New York, NY

Frost, Alan - - Webster, NY

Furr, Barry - - Oceanside, NY

Gabel, Ronald -  - Brooklyn, NY
Hi Alan, Joe Davis saw my lost classmates notice looking for the Wilskers (I already found one of them) and he knew that Jimmy Sophos has kept in touch with Kenny, so I e-mailed Jimmy and voila (still remember my high school French) Ken called me today.  Unfortunately Joe also gave me some not so good news.  Another classmate Eddie Reese survived being a machine gunner in Vietnam, but was killed in an auto accident in London soon thereafter.  I know you've heard this before (as I have been reading many of the notes from classmates), but this website is fantastic.  For years I have been trying to find a way to get in touch with lost friends and in the space of one week, I've found 4. (you can publish this next to my picture if you the way, thanks for putting my picture out there, talk about young and innocent....where oh where are those days).  Please don't forget to let me know of any reunions planned for the class of 63.  I would love to attend, good lord willing.

Gabriel, Max - - Plantation, FL - Updated December, 2012

Gartenlaub, Dena (Levin) - - New York , NY
I am living in Manhattan and enjoying all that the city has to offer and the proximity of my children. Looking forward to hearing from my high school friends whose friendship it would be fun to rekindle.

Geller, Barry - - Somerset, NJ - Updated June, 2009

Ginsberg, Alan - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Natick, MA

Goldman, Martin - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Boston, MA

Goldstein, David - - Coral Springs, FL - Updated August, 2013

Goldstein, Sheldon 'Shelly' - Deceased 2009

Golowesky, Neil - -Brighton, MI - Deceased

Gordon, Gayle (Richter) -  -Oceanside, NY

Greenberg, Geraldine (Walford) -  - Northport, NY
Would love to hear from old classmates FRHS from 1963 who also attended PS 42, 44 and JHS 198. I've been married for 37 years Have 3 children and 6 granddaughters (soon to be 7 ).

Greenberger, John (Maccabee) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - San Francisco, CA
Alan; I recognize your yearbook photo. We must have been in some classes together. My name, John Maccabee, is a pen name that stuck. I can't even tell you why I changed it, it just happened. I have published three novels under that name (two are out of print but find-able on, and, I have sold numerous film and tv scripts to studios and networks in LA. One of the scripts was co-produced by Neil Machlis, another Far Rockaway alum. I am married, have two children, Matthew, 14, and Sarah, 8, and live in San Francisco. I have been in California for the past 13 years, and still miss the east coast. We always go back with the idea of re-settling, then one thing leads to another and we stay here. I'm not complaining, San Francisco is one of those places that when you tell people you're from there, they smile. I am currently working on a new novel. I have done a lot of different things in my career, from teaching to designing a computer game, writing a musical comedy and producing web sites. Writing novels, although lonely, is what I love best. I don't necessarily miss high school, or, my youth. I yearn for it sometimes, the simplicity of it, I suppose, life raising kids, working on what you love best is frantic-making and has its way with my memory, but, it is as rewarding as it has ever been. So, thank you for being in touch. If you can find my yearbook picture, please use it and the information I have shared with you. My best, John Greenberger Maccabee

Greiff, Sheila (Weinstock) - Deceased

Grodin, Lenny -  - New York, NY

Grossman, Steve -  - Bexley, OH

Harris, Bonnie (Brooks) -  - Oceanside, NY
This is absolutely "da bomb"! I like that I can go home again whenever I want...thanks to all who spent and are spending the time putting this together! Hey Stanley Cohen And Alan Pinkler..hi!!!! Gail G. You're in my neighborhood!

Harris, Jeanne (McDonagh) - - New Canaan, CT

Hearn, John -  - Belle Harbor, NY

Heidenberg, Beth (Paul) -  - Irvine, CA
Looking at my yearbook photo, it's hard to remember who I was back then! It wouldn't surprise me if no one else remembers either, but it would be fun to hear from anyone who might, if only to find out more about who we've become!

Heisler, Lenny -  - Brooklyn, NY
Glad to  have had the opportunity via this web site to now be in  touch with some of my high school pals that I hadn't heard from since graduation. What a  riot  to hear variations on basically the same personalities with semi-recognizable faces years later!  Thanks Skip.


Herman, Jim - - New Rochelle, NY - Updated January, 2011
, Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you as so many before me, you have done a great job.Looking back I  was really lucky to grow up in Far Rockaway and attend FRHS with such a wonderful group of kids.  I now live in New Rochelle N.Y. (Westchester County) I am divorced, and have three  lovely daughters, Meredith 32, Jennifer 30 Tracie 28.  I also have two fantastic grandchildren, Seth 4 and Emily 2. I am a stock trader at Prudential Securities. (last 7 years) Before that I worked for Merril Lynch in the same capacity ( 31 years)  All the best Jim

Hirsch, Bennett - - Brasher Falls, NY - Updated August, 2013
It's wonderful to connect with my roots in the Rockaways. I have recently retired from a 31-year career in the field of education, 19 years as a teacher, and 12 years as an administrator for the St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES in upstate New York. I keep my hand in education as a student teacher supervisor for SUNY Potsdam. I have been married for the past 33 years to my wife Pamela who is an Elementary School Principal in a local school. We have two daughters; Lori, a budget analyst for the FDA in Maryland, and Lisa, a Junior at Paul Smith's College.

Hollins, Mitchell -  - Glencoe, IL

I stumbled on to this site while looking for something else, and I am delighted to have serendipitously found it. As some of you may remember, Paul Tunick and I were the photo editors of The Chat and The Dolphin; I recognize many of the pictures sent in by classmates as having been taken by me. I have lived in the Chicago area since graduating from law school in 1971. I was a partner in a large law firm for over 30 years and now am the General Counsel of a bank. My home in Glencoe (a Chicago suburb) is only one block from Lake Michigan, but the only similarity of the lake to the Atlantic Ocean is that they are both bodies of water. I  see Mike Schiff (also Class of '63)regularly. We try to ski together every winter and he frequently gets to Chicago. He is a rheumatologist who practices in Denver. I kept in touch with Paul Tunick (another M.D. from the Class of '63)and his wife, our classmate Susan Mauss, for several years, but haven't spoken with them for a while. They live in Manhattan. I'd welcome hearing from any classmate that remembers me.

Horwitz, Ray -  - Winhall, VT
After 30 years as a Physician (Radiologist), I retired in 2004. My wife and I moved to Vermont, an area we fell in love with after many years of skiing at Stratton Mt. Golf,skiing and travel are our interests. We have two beautiful grandchildren now who keep us feeling young. It is so sad to see what has happenend to FRHS and the surrounding area. It was a terrific place to grow up.

Johnson, Judy (Taylor) -  - Brooklyn, NY

I'm overwhelmed. I was on a trip to my childhood this morning surfing for information about the area of the Rockaways I grew up in, Rockaway Point, and tripped across this site.  I can't begin to put it into words.  Actually I didn't graduate from FRHS in 1963 but I would have if I hadn't moved right after graduating from JHS 180 to Staten Island.  I attended PS 114 and the pictures from the 6th and 7th grade from Roger Koerner are all the people I spent 9 years of my childhood with (I was in 6-1 Mrs. Bergman and 7-2 Mrs. Spier).  The memories are almost like yesterday.  I don't have any photos from that time (all year books were destroyed) but if anyone else has any class photos from 114 or 180 I'm the one in the cats eye glasses.  Also perhaps remembered for having done the backdrop scenery for the production of Carmen at 180 and getting caught repeatedly for smoking in the first floor girls room.  Thanks for this and thanks Roger.  I'll get back to you but! I need to decompress and go buy another box of tissues.  email me.

Kahn, Richard -  - Hewlett, NY
I have found, throughout the years, that Rockaway people continue to link themselves with our wonderful community and seem to share many fond memories of our childhood at school, the beach, the three movie theaters and all that Far Rockaway offered to our maturity. I'm looking forward to catching up from this exciting website. I loved growing up there and sorely miss our great community.

Kalfin, Philip -  - New Smyrna Beach, FL

Kalish, Stanley Richard "Dickie" - - Jonesboro, GA
 I was known as Dickie Kalish in high school. My wife at that time thought it undignified to be called " Dickie" so I became Stanley or Stan. Whatever!! I graduated in 1963 and after my internship in NYC at Jewish Memorial Hospital we moved to Atlanta ,Ga. where I did my residency in reconstructive foot and leg surgery. I'm remarried and still practice 3 days a week in Atlanta but live with my wife Cristina in Aventura, Florida at Turnberry . I keep my boat across the street from the condominium in Aventura and play on it and sleep on it from time to time when she gets annoyed with me.  I was happy to see some familiar faces such as Stanley Cohen, Shelli Pack, Barbara Halpern, Saul Raw,et al. I was sad to see several of our classmates had died. Anyway keep me posted as to the next reunion and any other FRHS action. Stan "Dickie" Kalish.  Yearbook photo courtesy of Marty Nislicks - Rockaway Memories

Kantrowitz, Paul - - Cedarhurst, NY - Updated October, 2011

Katz, Arnold - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Jericho, NY

Kaufman, Barbara (Sandtorv) -  - Wantagh, NY

Kaufman, Karen (Polansky) - - Carmichael, CA - Updated August, 2008

Kellner, Ronnie (Ehrlich) -  - New City, NY

Kessler, Vivian (Geller) -  - Ithaca, NY

Klein, Susan - - Chicago, IL - Updated December, 2015

Klein, Doris (Hiatt) -  or  - Rumson, NJ
Hi - Still regret not making it to our 25th. Best to you all...Hail to Far Rockaway!

Kleinert, Marilyn (Landman) -  - Huntington, NY
Hi Carol and Skip. Really enjoy both sites.  Photos bring back many good memories. After graduating from Brooklyn College, I taught for a year, then joined NY Telephone Co./Nynex. I was a collections supervisor and then joined the sales department as a special representative to the Banking Industry.  After my daughter was born in 1981, I decided to stay home. I ran a babysitting co-op in Roslyn for several years until we moved to Huntington. I currently work with children with learning disabilities. My husband Fred is an engineer and Documentation Manager for a Long Island company.  My daughter Allison is a 2003 Brandeis Univ. grad.  She will be at MIT starting her doctoral work in Molecular Biology and Genetics.
  I remember Sharon Shardin, Phyllis Alliger, Carol Levine, Nancy Finkel, the Koeppel twins. Hello to the great class of '63. You might not remember me, but I have fond memories of FRHS. Yes, Mr.Tietze was my big buddy.  He demanded that I sit in the seat right in front of his desk and stood on it as he talked about the dreaded Soviet Union.  I remember the Senior Boat ride to Playland in Rye, NY many boat chairs felt like a swim that day and off the side they went.  Mr. T was not too happy. Do any of you remember Miss Craft's Senior Latin class?  You owe me your high marks since I marked all the tests BIG BLOCK LETTERS.  Anyway, happy to hear you are all doing so well.

Koeppel, Leslie (Choyne) -  - Ardsley, NY

Koeppel, Susan (Elkin) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Monmouth Junction, NJ

Koerner, Roger -  - Jupiter, FL

Kolbinskie, Felice (Parker) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada

Koskowitz, Susan (Sobler) -  - New City, NY - Deceased January 31, 2004
I recently received a note from someone who knew Susan through her work as a recording artist. Susan went by the name Susan Lynne.  She is best known for an “answer” record to Jan and Dean’s “Deadman’s Curve,” “Don’t Drag No More.” Check it out on youtube at

Koven, Stephanie (Wahrman) -  - East Windsor, NJ

Krantz, Carol (Senall) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - New York, NY

Krell, Joan (Garfinkel) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Brooklyn, NY

Krieger, Ken -  - Honokaa, HI
Retired; now macadamia nut farming

Kriegsman, Janet (Kirey) - - Boynton Beach, FL - Updated October 2009


Krinsky, Lois (Leventhal) - - Old Bridge, NJ
I've been living in central New Jersey with my husband and son for about 15 years. We drive to the Jersey shore at every opportunity because the best place to be is always the beach, boardwalk and ocean. I would like to say hello to everyone who was in Mrs. Leichter's (?) homeroom class -- particularly Bruce Pincus and Howie Reinstein. I welcome all friendly e-mails from Rockaway people.

Lasker, Helene (Gansell) -  - New City, NY
I am so happy to have found you thanks to my brother, Charlie, class of '61. I have found a message for my sister, Doris class of '57, and myself '63. I haven't been able to get those Rockaway memories out of my mind for days. I keep wondering where everyone is now! Isn't technology great? I have been an elementary school teacher since 1967 (retirement is starting to look good); married to Mike, an athletic director, for 32 years and have two children...son, David is 28 and daughter, Jamie is 24. Both live in Maryland; never came home from college.

Leibowitz, Ellen (Goodside) -  - Henderson, NV - Updated April, 2015

Lerman, Ronnie (Kaufman) -  - Morristown, NJ

Levin, Richard - Deceased
Richard Levin, class of 1963, died as a result of an automobile accident on December 7, 2005. He had become a dentist, married Dena Gartenlaub, and together had four children. - Photo courtesy of Marty Nislick's Rockaway Memories website.  

Levine, Linda (Bergen) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Brooklyn, NY

Levine, Steve - - Las Vegas, NV
Feeling nostalgic, would love to hear from all the old Belle Harbor & FRHS gang.

Lichterman, Iris (Weinger) -  - Plantation, FL
Loved hearing from some "old" friends for a number of years. Enjoy being in Florida for 40 years now and having fun with grandkids!

Lieberman, Arlene (Faybik) - - Aurora CO
Would like to find a couple of good friends, Janie Diamond who graduated in 1963, married and moved to Florida. Also Marlene Chick who lived in Belle Harbor. Her family owned a service station and I think she graduated in 1964 or 1965.

Loreti, Herbert -  - Fort Myers, FL

Lowell, Rachelle "Shelly" -  - Stamford, CT
I can't believe I found this web site! If it wasn't for Google and Barbara Tashoff Zaydas I never would have known about it. Skip, you have done a fabulous job. Thank you. Looking through the pages brought back so many memories. I think those who knew me would remember me as an artist. Well, I won't disappoint you. I graduated Pratt Institute. I was a professional graphic designer/art director/illustrator for over 30 years. I had my own studio first in New York City, then in Atlanta, for most of those years.  Many of my designs have won numerous awards and have been published in many books. While working as a designer, I also created paintings and sculpture. (I was one of the original feminist artists of the 70s.)  Now I still do some freelance design work but I mainly do my  personal art,  commissioned portrait paintings of pets and hand painted furniture which I also teach. My art has been in gallery, museum and juried shows in major cities since 1975.  In February 2003, the Columbia Arts Center, Columbia, MD is giving me my first major solo exhibit.  I send the Class of '63 the very best.  

Lowenbraun, Lana (Smilowitz) - - Plainview, NY

Lupi, Joseph -  - Bradenton, FL

Machlis, Neil -  -Tarzana, CA

Magid, Janice (Davidson) - - Nyack NY - Updated May, 2008
Currently Director of Human Resources - Calvin Klein. Married for the last six years. Still see many friends from FRHS. I want to thank Alan Weinstock for his great job on the site. Is anyone from the class of '63 interested in a 40th reunion in 2003? Think of the fun we had in 1988 - it's time for another get-together.  Growing up in Far Rockaway was such a gift; the friends, the beach, the town, the parties, the school, the FUN. To this day, being near the ocean is the most comforting place for me.  What a time to remember. Thanks for the memories on the site.

Magida, Mona (Odin) -  - Massapequa Park, NY
I love hearing from and reading about old friends. The web page has been a great way to stay connected to my wonderful Rockaway years.

Mayer, William -  - Columbia, MD
Thrilled to find the site. Still have family in the Rockaways. Visit every once in awhile. Could not make the big reunion because of my wife's illness. Was married to Claudia Richter (class of 67 frhs) for 26 years before her death to breast cancer in 1996. Now remarried - have 4 grandchildren and two step children along with my 3 children. Have been in my present practice for 24 years. Nice to see postings from old familiar names especially some of the "L" folks.

Meadow, Pamela -  - New York, NY

Melzer, Douglas - - Merrick, NY - Updated July, 2015
My favorite web site is Long Beach Medical Center.

Merles, Peter M.-  - Baltimore, MD
Visit website at:

Metzler, Judy (Veccia) - - Coram, NY - Updated March, 2022


Minkoff, Michael -  - North Woodmere, NY - Deceased 2011? - Someone please verify

Moshan, Alice (Kintisch) - - Nyack, NY
This web site is a Hoot! I am so impressed by the amount of work that has gone into this. I graduated Queens College in '67, got married, and after one year or so moved upstate. I have lived in Nyack NY, a Hudson River town, for over 20 years. The town is a bit like Far Rockaway used to be, but alas it lacks access to the Atlantic Ocean. The Mighty Hudson is beautiful, but public access is very limited. For most of my professional life I have been a writer and editor of technical computer-related material.  My family no longer lives in Far Rockaway, so I have not been back in over 20 years. From the messages posted by others, I fear I would be saddened by what I would see now.  I loved growing up in Wave Crest Gardens, and I tell my sons (25 years and 22 years) that I had a wonderful childhood. I'd love to get in touch with Dorothy Rathman. Does anyone have her e-mail or address?  Thank you, Alan, for the great web site.

Muchnick, Stuart - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Alpharetta, GA

Mutchnick, Edward I. - - Lindenhurst, NY - Updated July, 2017

Neinstein, Ray - - Brooklyn, NY - Updated April, 2013

Novick, Howard -  - Sugarland, TX

Pack, Sheli (Schwartz) -  - Merrick, NY

Parker, Joseph -  - Island Park, NY
I often remember my Rockaway years and would not have traded them in for anything. I learned about life and feel that my later years were formed successfully because of those days.

Parnes, Ellen (Daniels) -  - Stamford, CT

Paul, Phil -  - Kamloops, B.C., Canada

Pinkler, Alan - - Waldwick, NJ - Updated April, 2010

Pitts, Nancy (Schleifer) -  - W. Redding, CT

Pollack, Lauren - - Brooklyn, NY

Popow, Lana (Lisanti) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Haworth, NJ

Rachlin, Gerald -  - Hewlett, NY

Rappaport, Bruce "Buzz" - - Rio Rancho, New Mexico - Posted on April 21, 2021
Most of you knew me as “Buzzy”. I am older now and more mature, so I go by “Buzz”.

Rauch, Jeffrey - - Ann Arbor MI

Raw, Saul -  - Brooklyn, New York

Reiter, Alan - - Freeport, NY - Updated October, 2008

Robey, Linda - - Sandpoint, ID - Updated February, 2008
I have been out of touch with literally everyone for nearly 40 years. This is a gas. Wish I could contact some who are not on the list, but I'd love to hear from whomever might remember me. Edie Walstreicher, I remember you. In fact, I got jolted by memories as I moved along the "roster". Please communicate!!

Rollo, Cynthia (Hannon) -  - Long Beach, NY
I am having a great time looking up old friends and classmates from FRHS, JHS 198, and P.S. 39.  Lots of good memories of growing up in such a great town too.  Hope to hear from anyone who remembers me.  My husband is from Far Rockaway also and we have renewed our friendships with our original crowd from those amazing teenage years since we moved back in 1999.  They are still the best friends we have ever had over all the years in between!!!

Roseman, Miriam "Micki" (Coughlin) - - Rockaway Park, NY


Rosenthal, Judith (Aaron) - - Providence, RI - Updated September, 2011
Receiving Skip Weinstock's e-mail, looking for signs of interest in a reunion, sent me to this fantastic website!  I look forward to hearing the date and location for our 40th. -- if it's at all possible, I'll be there.  I would love to hear from other 1963 "L" graduates -- anyone in Providence?"

Ross, Maxine -  - New York, NY

Rothenberg, Nat (Nathan) -  - Lauderhill, FL
Looking for the former Fran Fishman for over 35 years. If anyone has any information please e-mail me ASAP.

Rubenstein, Michael - - Miller Place, NY
After graduating from FRHS, I attended and received my Bachelors Degree from Rider University, and then off to NYU College of Dentistry where I earned my DDS degree. After that, it was two years in the Army. In 1973, I opened my practice in Miller Place, NY, where after growing into a second office in East Setauket, I spent the next 30 years enjoying my profession. I've been retired for a couple of years now, and enjoy my grandchildren and travel. I think back fondly to my years at FRHS.

Rudikoff, Matthew D. - - Mt. Tremper, NY - Updated April, 2013
I was at the reunion at the hotel near JFK some time in the 80's which was my first, and until now, last contact with FRHS. I was best friends with Alan Lazarus. I lived on Beach 14th Street and also hung out with neighbors Richie Wrubel (sp?)(class of '62) who was buddies with Bob Sooner, the Altman twins, Peter Eisenberg, etc. Also, other neighbors I was friends with were Jay Berman, Jack Mizrachi, Steve Rosenthal, Gary Winnick...I went to PS 39 before that and I can go on and on. I was close friends also with earlier childhood buddy Bernie Kagan (Class of '62) swimming team, Captain of the Life guards at the Beach 36th Street shack and dead of melanoma in about 1991...who was good friends with Mel Zahler and that crowd and with whom I got arrested for mooning (I was only an accomplice to the actual "mooning")...I believe Bruce Smilowitz was the driver in his (to the best of my recollection) Tempest Convertible. Visit my website at

Sambroff, Joan (Reyburne) - - Merrick, NY

Schertzer, Florence (Levy) -  - Woodmere, NY

Schoenfeld, Linda (Spangler) - - Eugene, OR - Updated February, 2013

Schwartz, Ellen (Sharabi) - - Ft. Lee, NJ - Photo curtsey of Marty Nislick's Rockaway Memories

Selden, Paul -  - Massapequa Park, NY

Semel, Barbara (Weinstein) -  - Oceanside, NY

Shapiro, Jerome (Jerry) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - West Palm Beach, FL

Shardin, Sharon (Dwyer) -  -Scotrun, PA - Deceased, 2013

Sherbet, Anita (Weis) - - Highland Park, IL - Updated October, 2012
An e-mail from Arlene Sobel's husband prompted me to search the Far Rockaway alumni news. I smiled as I scrolled though the faces of my childhood acquaintances and decided to add my own message. I have been living in the Chicago area since graduating from Cornell University in 1967. I am the assistant principal at Highland Park High School and absolutely love my work, colleagues and school. I have two sons, Mark and Brian Kaplan, both of whom went to Harvard University. Mark went directly on to the University of California San Francisso for his PhD in biophysics and is a scientist in California's Silicon Valley. He is married (Debbie Abrams - U of PA grad) and has a 9 month old daughter, Dori. Brian lives in Los Angeles and is a comedy writer. He is about to be married (Rachel Broker- U of PA grad) and about to start an MBA program. My husband, Merv, is a physician at a University of Chicago hospital. My step-son, Jonathan and his wife Lisa (Cornell grads) are lawyers in Chicago. My step-daughter, Sari (Boston University), is in marketing. I live in Highland Park, a lovely community located north of the city on Lake Michigan. Merv and I also have a home in Tucson. I have been very blessed with a wonderful husband and children, remarkable friends, and good health. I know how far I've come and take none of this for granted. My parents moved to Jersey in 1967 and as a result, I have never been back to Far Rockaway. Although I have flirted with the idea from time to time, I think some things are best left as wonderful memories.

Shindelman, Lester -  - Atlanta, GA

Silver, Jeffery - - Singer Island, Florida
Hi Skip, My name is Jeffrey Silver and I went to P.S. 42, JHS 198 and graduated from Far Rockaway High School in 1963. I am looking to speak with any of my school chums if they remember me. I lived in Arverne. In particular Edward Schwartz who lived in the projects across from JHS 198. My email address is I love the site and the photos, especially the egg cream stories. What memories, I used to work on Saturday nights at Mary's Candy Store soda jerk and all I was paid doing this and putting together the Sunday edition of The Daily News was as many candy goodies and eggs creams I could drink. Memories are made of this. Please put me on any of your lists. Thanks.

Silverman, Marti (Green) -  The Villages, FL

Sinofsky, Irwin (Siner) -  - Coopersburg, PA
I am very interested in email communications with any classmate...Sincerely,  Irwin (Sinofaky) Siner.  Website located at

Slavin, Gilbert - - L'Isle Adam, France

Small, Eric - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Somerset, NJ
I was the shy, techy nerd of the class.  Well... I'm still a techy, not shy, and my kids tell me that I'm a "loveable nerd." -- two boys, 29 and 26.  The elder lives in Colorado with his wife and son.  The younger just moved to Florida.  I love being a grandfather, but don't see nearly enough of my grandson Avi.  My wife Bobbi and I live in Monroe Township, NJ.  My mother remained in Belle Harbor until 6 years ago when she moved to an assisted living facility at age 88.  It was sad cutting my last tie with Rockaway.......After FR, I promptly flunked out of college, did a stint on a factory production line, ended up doing technical work at a NYC classical music radio station - WNCN.  Before the dust settled, about 20 years ago, I had been chief engineer of several NYC stations, built several more stations around the country and got politically active --I was the engineering coordinator of the big '69 March on Washington. I spent two years traveling the world consulting radio stations and tried college a few more times without much success. I then worked in aerospace on the F/A-18 flight simulator, lived in San Francisco from '74-'78 where I started two companies - made and lost a bunch of money.  I moved back to  Rockaway for a while trying to decide what I wanted to be when (and if) I grew up......I ended up starting a company that makes equipment for TV and radio stations, married a great gal (likely the pivotal move), and relocated to New Jersey.  When you hear that a TV station is stereo, think of me; we probably made the equipment they use.  We also make the gear that transmits wallpaper music to elevators, as well as radio reading services to the blind -- same technology, surprisingly enough.  The company is still flourishing, allowing me a relaxed lifestyle.......The past few years Bobbi and I have found time for more travel, sometimes business, sometimes just fun.  We visited Australia & New Zealand for the Millennium, took a cruise through the Panama Canal, covered much of Western Europe and just returned from Brazil.

Smilowitz, Bruce - - Plainview, NY

Smith, Ellen (Hansen) -  - Rego Park, NY
Since finding this site I've heard from a couple of former classmates. Skip, you and Carol have done a great job and your work should be applauded. I look forward to hearing from those who remember me.

Smollett, Leonard -  - St. Thomas, USVI

Sobel, Arlene - Deceased

Sophos, Jim -  - Los Angeles, CA - Deceased, 2011
Check out my web site at

Spiegel, Natalie (Blumenthal) -  - Lake Hiawatha, NJ

Stadlen, Jessica (Fromm) - Send Me Your Current Email Address -Teaneck, NJ
My Teaneck, NJ neighbor of many years, classmate Harriet (Sugarman) Isecke told me to try this site.I'm amazed at the number of people I recognize & at my familiarity with the names of many I didn't because I've blocked out most HS memories. I was painfully shy during those years and have few happy HS memories of my own, but reading about everyone else's and seeing your young faces revives the fantasy of happy high school years. I recognize alot of people I went to school with from PS104 to JHS198 to FRHS and have my own fond memories of many of them.  I went to Brooklyn College where I met and dated Arthur Olshan (also FRHS '63, has anyone heard from him?). I met my husband, Isaac Fromm at BC and married him a year after graduation, while I was at Rutgers (along with Matt Rudicoff) studying Urban Planning. Ten years later I left Planning as a career and apprenticed in furniture-making at a small studio on Warren St. in Manhattan. This led me into visual arts and I have been painting ever since. My next solo show, to which you are all invited, will be on from March 13-31, 2007 at the Noho Gallery in Chelsea, 530 W.25th St. I also make metalwork jewelry and strung jewelry with pearls, minerals and semi-precious stones.  Isaac and I have 2 children:Justin,31 and married, is in market research and strategic planning. Katie,28, an MCSW, is starting a program in nursing.   I'm so sorry to see that Arlene Sobel has died, does anyone know how & when? Harry Yucht (York) died long ago, maybe in the '70s, my cousin Lenny Grodin could tell you more. For the person searching for Jeff Rauch--he is the Chaiman of the Mathematics dept at the Univ. of Michigan--I know because my mother, Florence Stadlen married his father, Marvin Rauch the dentist from Cornaga Ave.  Website: 


Steinberg, Alan - - Iron Mountain , MI - Updated September, 2011

Steinberg, Joan (Robins Binnix) - - Columbia, SC

Stevens, Lynne - Send Me Your Current Email Address - New York, NY

Sugarman, Harriet (Isecke) -  - Teaneck, NJ

Hello to all of my classmates in the graduating class of 1963.  I'd love to hear from you. I have a 9 year old neice named Rebekah who is sitting next to me as I write, and told me to let you know that she is both special and pretty (which she is).  (She is Howard Sugarman's daughter - Class of 62.)  Does anyone know which famous people graduated from FRHS besides Dr. Joyce Brothers and Robert Feinman?

Sukman, Harvey -  - Long Beach, NY
Thanks for keeping up this web site. I enjoy every minute on line when on your site. It brings back fond memories of a wonderful childhood in a magical place.

Swedlow, David -  - Mayfield Heights, OH - Deceased April, 2008

Taksen, Ken - - Bradenton, FL - Updated February, 2008
Marilyn (Horowitz, FRHS '66) and I would love to hear from our former classmates/friends. Click on their photo to view it in its larger format.

Tanenbaum, Diane (McCall) - - Zephyr Cove, NV - Updated September, 2011
I'm a long way from Far Rockaway! Who'da ever guessed I'd end up in Nevada? I've had a pretty successful life including a lot of adventurous world-wide travel. Now I live in what I think is one of the  most beautiful places in the world - Lake Tahoe.  Thanks to this wonderful web site, I've made contact with long lost high school friends Linda Zabinofsky, Helene Nathanson, and others.

Tashoff, Barbara (Saber) -  - Hewlett, NY

Taylor, Janice (Groden) -  - Huntington Station, NY


Teitler, Leonard - - Hollywood, FL
Hello to former fencing team members-Ray Neinstein, Richie Berger, Neil Licht, Robert Klein. Hope all you guys are ok. Special hello to Earl Jagust.
Photo courtesy of Marty Nislick's Rockaway Memories website.

Treiber, Fern -  - Port Washington, NY

Waldstreicher, Edie (Mund) -  - Sun Lakes, AZ - Deceased, 2016
Arizona is a great place to retire. Hope to hear from some old friends.

Wankoff, Warren -  - Forest Hills, NY

Weingrow, Philip -  - Oakland, CA

Weinrauch, Fred - - New York, NY
Great to hear from you. Didn't know this existed. I've lived in Greenwich Village with my wife Ruthanne for the last 35 years. I went to Queens College and graduated in 1967. I worked as sax, clarinet, flute and piano player for 39 or so years and also had a job with New York City.

Weinstock, Alan 'Skip' -  - Concord, CA

Wexler, Nancy (Natt) - - Lords Valley, PA
So happy to have found this site. Born and lived in Far Rockaway until I married. Was the best place to grow up. Great people, great memories. 
(Thanks to Marty Nislick at Rockaway Memories for the use of this photo)

Wiener, Janet (Moss) -  - Santa Monica, CA

Wiener, Vicki (Kahn) -  - North Brunswick, NJ

Wilkes, Ted - - Weston, CT

Williams, Alfred "Willie" - - Sheboygan, WI - Updated July, 2008
I am a senior lab tech at a chemical company.  I am also a licensed charter captain on Lake Michigan. I would like to hear from any of the 84th St. crowd.

Winnick, Gary -  - Syosset, NY

Yoresh, Susan - - New York, NY

Zabinofsky, Linda (Schnitzer) -  - Henderson, NV
I was the girl who always excelled in Spanish and wanted to be a Spanish teacher. I taught Spani at Lawrence Junior High School from 1967-1972, then moved to Las Vegas. I met my husband on a blind date there and we just celebrated our 31st anniversary. I left teaching to become a travel agent, but returned to teaching Spanish in 1999. Our son is 29, married, a mechanical engineer in Chicago; our daughter is 26 and in NYC in publishing. I'd love to hear from fellow classmates. Love, "Zabo"

Zarett, Nancy (Giddins) - - Brooklyn, NY

Zaslavsky, Barry -  - East Brunswick, NJ


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