Graduates From Rockaway In 1962

Thanks to your classmate Marty Nislick, your graduation photos have been posted on this page. Marty took the time to scan the entire grad section of the 1962 Dolphin and send me the photos.  Thank you Marty for adding yet another wonderful contribution to the Rockaway web site.  I have posted below, the photos of those graduates who have registered with us.

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Thanks to Andy Hertz, Class of 1962 for this great photo of the FRHS Band circa 1960. It looks as if Mr. Ruf and Mr. Starke took the show on the road to an elementary school. Click on the photo to see it in its larger format. Can you identify any of the band members? If so, please send me their names. Is that Billy Schwartz with the glasses at the bottom of the photo? Yes it is! Billy himself has verified his identity......

Class photo taken at the 100th Anniversay Reunion in 1997
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Thanks to Ethel Glass Wagner For Trying to Identify Her Classmates
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Hi Skip,

Thanks for displaying the 1962 class photo taken at the reunion with the names listed of some of the people. I look forward to seeing names of others in the picture!  Hope people will check it out and let you know more names.  Come on class of 62, are you in the photo? Sincerely,  Ethel (Glass) Wagner '62

Thanks again to Marty Nislick for his wonderful contributions to this website.

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This photo, taken from the 62 Dolphin Yearbook, was enhanced with a new background and colorized.
Does anybody know where Julie Rogers is now?  Julie please phone home, your classmates are looking for you!!!

Joe Marasco, Class of 1962, joins us from Pebble Beach, California and writes the following.

Alan, great work on the FRHS Web Page. I think we went to P.S. 106 together -- we used to hang around with Andy Hertz and Buzzy Rappaport, if I remember correctly. I lived in Edgemere at the corner of 38th street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard, just down the street from St. Gertrude's church.

When I was in high school we moved to Bayswater, and lived on Bayswater Avenue just after it branched out from Mott Avenue, at Bay 24th street. This meant it was just a short walk to FRHS.

After 106, I went to Cardozo JHS 198, where I spent only two years because of the SP program. I think that's why I graduated FRHS in 1962 instead of 1963 with your class. Most of my memories of 198 were not very good ones. One of my few friend from that period was Bill Jacoby, but I completely lost touch with him; I think he went to Woodmere Academy.

FRHS was a little better. I was in the MLP and the teachers I remember were Mr. Kraus (biology), Mr. Littenberg (math), Mrs. Wexler (English) and Mr. Arneson (social studies.) I remember Tietze and Kirshman and some of the other colorful ones like Traiger and Jagust. Craft seemed to be a million years old at that time. I also remember a great Spanish teacher, Harry Leventer. The friends I used to hang around with were Ed Epstein (now living in Connecticut), Mark Sadowsky (Piura, Peru), Howard Sugarman (Rockaway area, I think), and Herb Stein (Manhattan). I was also friendly with Carol Levine, now Carol Weiss, who now lives in Sunnyvale/Cupertino. Aside from taking college math (Richards), college chemistry (Goros), and physics (Lipton), the only other things I remember were the chess team, not being old enough to drive, and waiting to grow up.

From there I went to The Cooper Union, and graduated in 1966 with a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering. That September I married Winifred Grace Hoshino, also a Cooper Union graduate (fine arts); we've been very happily married for the last 30 years or so. We have two sons, David (26, graduate student in physics at Northwestern) and Marc (23, graduate student in industrial and labor relations at Cornell).

About this time, Richard Feynman, who must have graduated FRHS about the same time as my dad, became an influence, as he won the Nobel Prize in physics while I was an undergraduate. He became folkloric later in his life with the publication of his books, but he was a hero for some of us as early as 1964. After spending two years at S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook and getting a Masters in physics in 1968, we went to Switzerland where I worked at C.E.R.N. (the European particle accelerator lab in Geneva) and eventually got a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Geneva in 1972. We came back to the states in 1975 with the two boys, and I taught at U.C. Irvine for a couple of years.

We have basically lived in California since 1975 with a couple of interruptions along the way. I picked up an MBA at night from U.C. in 1978. I got into software professionally in about 1977 and never looked back. After working at Fluor Corporation for five years ('77-'82), I joined a Silicon Valley start-up called McLeod Labs for about four, from '82 to '86. In 1986 I joined Rational Software, and I've been there ever since. We are a public company listed on the NASDAQ, and build software tools. I am currently a vice president and general manager of a business unit at Rational. Our headquarters is in Santa Clara, California.

My parents live in Bellmore, Long Island; sister Linda (Mullenix) (class of 67) is in Austin, Texas, and sister Diane (Stelling) (class of 69) is in West Milford, N.J. My brother Mickey (class of 65) died two years ago at the age of 48, and is greatly missed.

Since the boys went off to college, we've lived for about a year and a half in Stockholm, and a year in Portland, Oregon, both times on company assignment. We're now back in the Bay Area, in Redwood City.

Hope you and yours are well. Feel free to post this on the "classes of the sixties" part of the web page. Sorry I don't have a photo, but if you have a 1962 yearbook I'm sure to be in there. My wife and I are planning to come to the reunion in September.

Updated on April 4, 2004 - I retired in 2003 when IBM acquired Rational Software. Wini and I live in Pebble Beach. We stay active and I play some golf. I come back to the New York area about every three months to visit with family, especially my dad who is now 88 and in a nursing home. I would love to hear from classmates
and can be reached at I also encourage one and all to visit

Joe can be reached at  

Thanks Joe for writing. Sorry it took so long to post your letter. I sure do remember you! We used to hang out at your house after school. I remember the boy scouts (128 I think) which use to meet in P.S. 106, and Joe Feldman...and JANE FELDMAN, my first love.......Speaking of Buzzy, I had dinner with him in April while he was in San Francisco on a business trip. I hadn't seen or talked to him in over 35 years. It was great!!!!

Carol Levine (Weiss), Class of 1962 joins us from Sunnyvale, CA and writes the following:

Now I know why I did not use my yearbook picture on my college applications, but had some other ones taken.  Therefore, I would be a even happier person than I now am, if you would use the attached photo, alongside of the "original".

I've been fortunate to have led a full and interesting life since leaving FRHS and Far Rockaway.  While at Vassar College, I met my husband, Jeffrey, (Princeton '66) at a mixer.  Following graduation, we went on to Cambridge, Mass where I received an M.A. in political science and public administration (Northeastern), and Jeff a Ph.D. in physics from Harvard.  Taught Poli Sci 101 at Northeastern University and then we both moved to Geneva, Switzerland for 3 years.  While in Geneva, I was the NGO representative to the Law of the Sea Conference at the U.N., co-edited a book for Sierra Club on Environmental Organizations of the World and continued my French studies at the Universite de Geneve.  Had a chance to renew acquaintances with Joseph Marasco while we were all living in the Geneva vicinity.  From the mountains to the plains - we next moved to Chicago, where I managed the Chicago Council on Alcoholism for 2-1/2 years.  A subsequent move brought us to the Pacific Ocean and northern California (always following Jeff's physics experiments).  My Chicago experience set me up for the next thirteen years as a Santa Clara County alcohol and drug commissioner.  Numerous hours of volunteer work in my children's classrooms led me to my present, much loved position - a public high school teacher.  Really.  I teach A.P. American Government and Politics and standard American Government and Politics to high school seniors.  This I truly enjoy and hope to continue doing so for a number of years to come.  Husband, Jeff, feels the same way about his research for SRI (Stanford Research Institute) International.  Daughter, Erika, is a 4th grade teacher in La Jolla, CA.  Son, Theo, is in sporting goods in San Jose, CA.  We see the Marasco's on a regular basis and count them among our dearest friends.  Elaine Kushner Varady was in S.F. recently, from Jerusalem, thus affording us an impromtu reunion.

Thanks for all the time and work you put into the website to keep us connected.  All the best in the new year,  Carol.

Carol can be reached at


Joyce Goldman (Abbe) - Aventura, Florida

Abraham, Stu -  - Holmdel, NJ

Adelman, Rita (Zuckerman) -  - Slate Hill, NY - Deceased September, 2011

This site is amazing, and I'm happy to be a part of it. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Ascher, Bob - - Merrick, NY- Updated December, 2011  
OK.......I couldn't resist.......Tell me that Bob doesn't look like a young Robert Vaughn!

Ackereizen, Mark - - East Meadow, NY

Babian, Leslie (Effman) - - North Greenbush , NY - Updated November, 2011
It was really exciting to find this page.  It's always great to come across an old connection.  I have to thank sister Michelle Babian for telling me about the page. I've been in the Buffalo area ever since leaving Far Rockaway to go to college at SUNYAB in 1962 -- but once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.  My Mom still lives in Bayswater so I do vist the area and have great memories.

Baron, Linda (Friedman) -  - Whitehall, PA

Becker, Michael - - Dallas, TX

Bedell, Harriet (Shea) -  - Columbus, OH

Bergman, Lynn (Goldsworth) - - St. Marys, GA

Berke, Richard - - New York, NY - Updated August, 2011

Bloom, Roberta -  - No City Listed

Bobroff, Andy -  - Valley Center, CA
Recently moved back to USA after three years in Naples Italy.

Bornstein, Dorie (Cohen) -  - Woodmere, NY

Braver, Diane (Hassman) -  - Parker, CO

Brean, Stephanie (Krobot) -  - New York, NY

Charney, Phyliss (Loonin) -  - Walnut Creek, CA

Cheron, Jeffrey - (Write c/o Alan Levy) -  - Flushing, NY


Cooper, Linda (Gaimaro) -  - Medford, NY


Cooper, Rebecka (Tucker) -  - Wilton, CT

Constantine, Elisabeth - - Brookline, MA

Davis, Merrie -  - New York NY
It seems like only yesterday when I was "twirling a baton" at our football games and looking forward to turning 18. And the funny thing is, I can still twirl, and I'm still between "puberty and retirement"....If anyone has a yearbook from 1962 and 1961 that I may purchase, so I can match the names I remember to the faces I don't, I would be thrilled.


Dicker, Carole - - Oak Hill, VA - Updated August, 2011
Hello All!

Drucker, Bill - - Cherry Hill, NJ

Efron, Pete - Send Me Your New Email Address - Lindenhurst, NY

Elflein, Michael - Deceased - Let us not forget Corporal Michael Fredrick Elflein, casualty of the Vietnam War. As a member of the Marine Corps, CPL Elflein served our country until August 31st, 1967 in Quang Nam, South Vietnam. He was 23 years old and was not married. Michael died from multiple fragmentation wounds/mine. His body was recovered. Michael was born on June 9th, 1944 in Far Rockaway, New York. CPL Elflein is on panel 25E, line 073 of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. He served our country for one year.

Federman, Mark -  - Brooklyn, NY

Feinberg, Madelyn (Kent) - - Larchmont, NY - Updated July, 2011
It's been at least three lifetimes since Far Rockaway HS days, and the memories are barely retrievable. My fear is that no one will remember me, but if anyone does, please write and reconnect. Thanks for establishing and maintaining this site.

Feinberg, Rhoda (Nevins) - - San Diego, CA - Updated September, 2014

Feingold, Marilyn (Ancel) - - Oakland, CA
Would love to speak to some people who I remember. But, I transferred in Junior Year, and mostly I'm still in touch with our old friends due to Janet Saunders, who keeps us all connected.

Fish, Barbara (Densen) - Send Me Your New Email Address - Boca Raton, FL

Fishman, Bonnie (Bruckheimer) -  - Valley Village, CA

Fox, Barbara (Zacharia-Goldberg) - - Jackson, NJ - Updated July, 2008
Have stayed in touch with lots of old friends from the 100th Anniversary Reunion.  Moved since then and have also changed my e-mail address.  Looking forward to hearing from all and getting ready for a reunion of the Classes 1960-1962.  Will let you know further information.

Frank, Michael -  - North Woodmere, NY

Freedman, Warren -  - Pembroke Pines, FL

Ginsberg, Barry -  - Wyckoff, NJ
I am about to retire as VP Medical Affairs from Becton Dickinson, a Fortune 500 Company. I have been very fortunate over the past years. After FRHS, I went to Harpur College and then did the MD-PhD Program at Einstein College of Medicine. I did my residency at Harvard (BI) and my fellowship in diabetes at the National Institutes of Health. I spent 13 years in academics at the University of Iowa and have been in Industry for the past 17 years. It has been an exciting ride. I have been to virtually every country in the world.  I married Marjorie Kanef from Brooklyn after we met in college. She has a PhD in English and is Director of Basic Skills for William Paterson University.  We have been very fortunate with our kids. Susan, our eldist, is a senior policy advisor with the Directorate of National Intelligence and David, our younger is Senior VP for Political Affairs for Penn, Schoen and Berland, a WPP firm.  We will spend our retirement at our vacation home near Gore Mountain (near Lake George), in our new RV and with our kids in DC. We will still live in NJ for the next few years, at least. I would love to hear from old friends.

Glassman, Arlene  - Deceased, 2004

Goldman, Steve -  - Marlton, NJ

Goldsmith, Beth (Zinman) - - East Lansing, MI - Updated February, 2014
Beth Goldsmith Zinman died on Friday, February 14, ,2014 after a 13-year struggle with breast cancer. We had been married 47 years. We met while growing up in Wave Crest. Although I went to Stuyvesant, most of my friends went to Far Rockaway. Beth loved Rockaway, especially the beach and the ocean. She had many fond memories of her time at the high school and especially of her dear friends.

Gold, Rick -  - Sag Harbor, New York

Hi class of '62. Memories of Mr. London, and Mr Pv = nRT Goros.  I would love to hear from my long lost school mates.  (Click on photo to view it in it's larger format)  Thanks Rick for sending it in. My website is located at:


Goldstein, Ray -  - Rochester, MN
Hard to imagine that in less than a year it will be the 40th Anniversary of my graduation from FRHS. I get back to Far Rockaway about every 3 months. Amazing to see the changes there considering that I haven't changed at all over the years. None of us have changed, have we?

Goorland, Linda (David) -  - Charlottesville, VA

Grayson, Iris - - Arlington, WA


Greenfield, Deanna (Rothberger) -  - Placentia, CA Does anyone remember the boat ride?

Greenstein, Judith (Goldman) - Carmel Valley, CA - Deceased 2002

Haanraadts, Elizabeth (Sclafani) -  - Woodmere, NY

Haas, Michele (Mickie) (Bachrow) - - Hernando, FL -  Updated February, 2008
Was enjoying surfing the FRHS web site and looking at members of my class of 1962. Noted that you were looking for my email. My maiden name was Michele Haas and I spent most of my unmarried life on Greenport Rd. (that street name has been changed, I hear).  My husband, Neil Bachrow (who lived in Arverne) , and I have been retired in Hernando, FL for more than 3 years, after a "lifetime" in Cedarhurst, NY. Our two daughters are both married and we have four grandchildren.  My email is 
Would enjoy hearing from others.

Halperin, Audrey (Sicker) - - Long Beach , NY and Aventura , FL
Looking forward to seeing the update and seeing everyone at our 50th reunion. In addition, I have a few other names, including myself, in the picture at the 100th.

Hamberger, Arthur -  - Houston, TX

Haskell, Mark -  - Carlsbad, CA

Heiberger, Holly (Lerner) -  - Weston, FL

Herschhorn, Alan (Hunter) - - Oakland, NJ - Updated February, 2013
Legal change of name to "Hunter" in 1966.

Hertz, Andrew -  - Norwalk, CT
Ever since I was turned on to the Far Rockaway Reunion website I have been able to re-connect with friends and relatives I haven't seen in over 30 years! Many of those I saw at the grand 100th Anniversary Reunion, many I've only corresponded with via e-mail. It's been a trip down memory lane that has been very special to me. Please keep in touch... THIS is theultimate value of the internet.

Hirsch, Lynda (Thomas) - - Ocala, FL - Updated November, 2008
Wow, finding this site was so exciting.  I hope I can find some friends from the past.

Hirsch, Michael -  - Commerce Township, MI

Hoffman, Bob -  - Oakland, CA

Holland, Roberta (Schildkraut) -  - Delray Beach, FL
Does anyone else have fond memories of Mr. Duffy from junior high?

Holzman, Lew -  - Tenafly, NJ
Published poet, love my mutt, miss the old boardwalk.  In Far Rockaway music classical to rock sang science fiction by the seaside puns gasped concepts crashed like waves slashing jetties' edge Sun blasted and sand carved memories as lifeguard chairs guarded lonely nights amidst lightning storms and watched the couples wander in the wind succumbing to the purple mists.

Josephs, Audrey (Hoffman) - - North Palm Beach, FL - Updated October, 2013

Kahn, Phyllis (Ostrow) - Send Me Your New Email Address - Marco Island, FL
I learned about this web site from Larry Aronson (class of 1955) and I am enjoying seeing faces and names that I haven't heard for so many years. I lived in Bayswater on the corner of Bayswater Ave. &  B. 27th St., attended PS 104, JHS 198, FRHS, & Temple U. I lived in Freeport & Merrick for many years, and reside in beautiful Marco Island, FL for the past 10 years. I would love to hear from classmates.

Kalm, Michael -  - Holladay, UT
Hi, everybody. I'm sorry if this is duplicate information. I had previously sent in information for the 100th reunion by snail mail, but never received feedback or a directory. Then just last weekend, an e-mail from Michael Sukman arrived. I didn't know how he found me, so I did a little search and found this great website.  After FRHS, I went to Brooklyn College, then on to SUNY Downstate for medical school, then Denver for my internship where I fell in love with the mountains. After a stint in the Army, and then Residency at Duke, I found my way to the "Behave State" and had the same reaction as Brigham Young did: "This is the place." I've been happy here since 1975, especially with my marriage to my second wife, Janet Mann, a professor of piano at the University of Utah. Janet and I love sex and travel, and have had great fun putting together a Psychiatric-Piano presentation regarding Frederic Chopin that we've performed from Hawaii to the Sibelius Institute in Kuopio, Finland, and points in between. I look forward to renewing old friends. Ciao! Mike

Kaplan, Judy (Bass) -  - Riverdale, NY

Kaplan, Roy -  - Oakland, CA

Kassof, Mark - - Wilmington, NC

Katz, Sharyn (Weinstein) - - Las Vegas, NV - Updated August, 2011
Hi Skip,  Your high school picture looks so familiar to me, even though I graduated a year before you. 
I lived in the projects (Edgemere) on Beach 54th Street.  I see that you moved to California. 
I moved to Las Vegas a year ago after living in Baldwin Harbor, NY for 24 years.  I am married to my high school sweetheart, whose name is not too different from yours--Al Weinstein.  We are married 37 years. 
We  have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.  I have two younger brothers who graduated from Far Rockaway H.S., although I am not sure of the years. 

Thanks for creating this webpage, I will check it out often.


Kaufman, Art -  - Monmouth Junction, NJ


Kaufman, Neil -  - Margate, FL - Deceased March, 2013
Skip, I am sorry to tell you that my brother, Neil Kaufman, FRHS class of 1962, passed away in March. He was a retired Appeals Agent for the IRS and lived in Tamarac, Florida.
Karen (Kaufman) Polansky'63

Klein, Judi (Kletter) - - San Francisco, CA - Updated September, 2009

Klein, Stan - - South Miami, FL - Updated August, 2011
Web site located at:

Konikow, Leonard - – Reston, VA

Korn, Richard - - NC
Bet no one in my class remembers me.

Kramer, Carole (Horowitz) -  - West Hills, CA

Kushner, Elaine (Varady) - - Jerusalem, Israel - Updated email address November, 2011
Hello to everybody I know but haven't seen for so long!  Best wishes for a very healthy and happy and PEACEFUL New Year to you all.

Lampert, Barbara - - Palm Springs, CA
Hello to old friends.

Lampert, Howard -  - New Rochelle, NY - Deceased January, 2011

Langer, Judith (Caplan Shulamith) -  - Long Beach NY

Lapides, Glenn - - Miami, FL

Leavy, Isabella (Levenson) -  - New York, NY
After graduating from Columbia University School of Public Health I spent 22 years working for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Corp. Since my retirement I have converted my own browstone building in Manhattan into apartment units and am a real estate agent. My son and daughter grew up in Manhattan and attended Yale University. They are both married and I have one grandchild.  I am seated next to the left of #6 in the 1997 reunion picture (Class of 1962).

Levine, Carol (Weiss) -  - Sunnyvale, CA

Levine, Tana (Kommer) - - Dallas, TX
Have been living in Dallas for the last 28 years.

Levy, Nathan -  - New Jersey

Lichtenstein, Hilda (Levine) -  - Alford, MA

Lutrin, Rorrie (Schwartz) -  - Oceanside, NY
Boy have I changed. I'm not the quiet one anymore!

Magida, Ken - - Great Neck, NY


Mailman, Jo-Ann (Satin) - - Brooklyn, NY - Updated March, 2012
Thanks for all the hard work you guys are putting into this.  I am sure people appreciate it much more than they can say.

Manheimer, Arnold -  - New York, NY

Marasco, Joe - - Pebble Beach, CA

McCormack, Edward - - Melbourne, FL

Melzer, Gary -  - Melbourne, FL
I would love to hear from some of my classmates from 1960-1964. I have lived in Florida for 22 years. I am wondering if anyone lives near Melbourne, Florida, if so give me a holler.

Miller, Stephanie -  - Atlanta, GA
Hey, anyone remember me? I hardly do.

Moore, Ronald - - Ocala, FL

Moranos, Lynn (Goffin) -  - Woodmere, NY
Look forward to hearing from my good "old!?!" friends.

Myers, Katherine (Pickering) - Deceased
Photo courtesy of Marty Nislick and Rockaway Memories

Newman, Marlene (Berman) - - Boynton Beach, FL

Nislick, Marty -  - Bayside, NY

Norman, Joel M. -  - Weldon Springs, MO
Looking for anyone from my class (1962) or the class of 1964.  Andy Hertz (Class of 1962): Please e-mail me!

Palefsky, Gloria (Chambers) -  - St. Thomas, USVI
Wow -  My cousin Susan told me about this,  how cool -there is so much one forgets over the years this brought me right back. Thanks - would love to hear from old friends - anyone who lives in the Ft. Lauderdale area - that would be great.

Pine, Stanley - - Westhampton Beach, NY

Pollack, Joan (Camenson) - - Cypress, TX
Hello fellow Far Rockawayites. I live in a suburb of Houston, Texas. Is anyone from Far Rockaway now living in Houston, Texas? I graduated FRHS in 1962.  If so please contact me.  Thanks, and happy New Year.

Prisand, Norman - - Plainview, NY


Rabin, Hal -  - Scottsdale, AZ

Rabinowitz, Bernice (Redman) -  - Holbrook, NY

Rapaport, Marcia (Magid) -  - Rego Park, NY
Married 30 years to one of identical triplets who were professional entertainers.  Enjoyed extensive travel with them until a baby ended that and now love life in New York. Still love to travel and do much of it with my husband and the many friends we've made on the "Manilow" circuit over the years.

Rauchbach, Lynn (Rubin) -  - The Villages, FL

Reisner, Ronald L. - ,  - Monmouth Junction, NJ

Rogers, Julie - - Woodmere, NY


Rosler, Jay - - Cedarhurst, NY - Updated January, 2009
Editor of The Chat, Mr. Jagust, Mr. Arnesen, Mr. Littenberg, Mr. Poneman, Mr. Silverstein, Mr. Shoum, old friends, P.S. 43 Q., JHS 198, the beach...a lot of wonderful memories rekindled by this wonderful site.

Rubinger, Audrey (Rubinger-Eisdorfer) -  - Davie, FL - Updated March, 2011

Sachs, Anne (Nelson) -  - Manhasset NY

Salamon, Sandra (Keigh) - - New York, NY

Sanderson, Ed -  - Sarasota, FL

Saunders, Janet - - Davis, CA
I went to Brooklyn College and moved to Berkeley in 1966. Berkeley in the 60s - very hip, very exciting. Very beautiful. Very far. I now live in Davis, California, a comfortable university town, and when my son graduated college, he immediately headed east. He now lives in Greenpoint and teaches at Brooklyn College. Go figure. (1962 photo courtesy of Marty Nislick)

Scher, Marlene (Schofield) -  - Oceanside, NY

Schwartz, Billy - - Merrick, NY

Schwartz, Carol (Glenn) - Send Me Your New Email Address - Ketchum, ID

Schwartz, Eleanor (Avni) -  - Winter Park, FL

Schwartz, Kenneth - - East Northport, NY
I hope other graduates get the same happiness that I get from reading all the good/bad news on this web site-No matter what happens in the future to FRHS in terms of its academic standing, we should all remember that FRHS had the greatest number of graduates that won the Nobel Prize than any other American high school.  Photo courtesy of Marty Nislick's Rockaway Beach Memories page.

Schwartz, Richard -  - San Francisco, CA
Click here to see a recent mini reunion photo

Shiel, Maureen (White) - Send Me Your New Email Address - Newtown Square, PA

Shulman, Judy (Eisner) -  - Short Hills, NJ

Shurr, Carol -  - New York, NY

Silverman, Ellen (Nassberg) -  - Merion, PA

Spilka, Leonard -  - East Brunswick, NJ

Stein, Herbert - - New York, NY

Stoler, Paul -  - New York, NY

Storch, Carol (Eilender) -  - Union, KY - Updated January, 2008
Thanks for keeping up this great site. Living in Kentucky far, far away from Far Rockaway I get a real kick out of seeing the old neighborhoods and FRHS stuff. Brings back some fond memories. Seems that most of the alumni still live in the NY or Florida areas, not too many ventured away to the midwest. Thanks again.

Sugarman, Howard -  - Syosset, NY

Sukman, Michael -  - Yorktown, VA - Updated November, 2021

Sultzer, Arthur - - Barrington, RI - Updated August, 2011
E-mail me with any thoughts, memories of The Rock in the 50s and 60s.

Sutherland, Richard - - Valrico, FL

Tardell, Robert "Buzzy" -  - Highland Beach, FL - Updated June, 2020  
I spent 13 glorious years in the most special place to have grown up and my heart will always be in Far Rockaway. The incredible memories are many and will forever remain with me.

I graduated FRHS in 1962. About one year later I met and fell in love with Eileen Grubin who graduated in 1963 and lived in Bayswater. We were together for over 3 years and had gotten engaged before we sadly parted ways.
She married in her early twenties, moved to Maryland, had two children and tragically passed away from breast cancer (1988) just prior to the 25th Reunion of her graduating class. A beautiful soul inside and out.

My mother passed away in January, 1965 after a two year battle with stomach cancer. In 1966, I began a journey that had me living in 10 places in the following 3 years. At one point in time I shared an apartment in Manhattan with Norman Prisand for awhile that was a wonderful experience. We are still close to this day.

In 1968, I met my future wife, Stephanie, on a blind date. We married 363 days later. We had a daughter and a granddaughter. My wife was the most amazing person I have ever known and filled my life for 45 extraordinary years before she passed away in 2013. Someone once said "we were fated to be mated" and that was so true. I was truly blessed. My daughter and granddaughter live close to me in Florida which has been very special for me.

Career-wise I started working in the optical industry in 1971. In 1989, I formed a company that specialized in the buying and selling of contact lenses both domestically and internationally. I was very fortunate to have found something that I enjoyed and was so fulfilling. I was fortunate enough to sell the company in 2017 which lead to my retirement.

I am still in contact with Norman, Charles Goldsmith (part of the Wavecrest contingent), Michael Luckens and Ellen Smith Hansen (1963 graduate). I treasure their friendship and love them dearly.

Much love to all. Whenever I look at the yearbook photos and the website it triggers such wonderful emotions and I thank each one of you who entered my life and made all these memories possible.



Tepper, Carol (Sendach) - - Roslyn, NY

Thaler, Jeffrey -  - Woodmere, NY

Tillem, Len -  - Sonoma, CA

Tissenbaum, Melissa (Sirella) - - Newbury Park, CA - Updated October 2009
Hi I hope someone out there will remember me. I loved my H.S. years and going to the beach during all the seasons. I use to hang out at the Cove on 25th and Far Rockaway Blvd. I was also one of the first groups of Red Cross volunteers in Rockaway. Will see you hopefully at the next reunion.

Trautman, Agnes  (Latta) - - Eugene, OR

Walotsky, Ron - - Flagler Beach, FL - Deceased

Weinstein, Diane (Friedberg) -  - Miami Beach, FL

Welner, Suzanne (Siegel) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Atlantic Beach, NY

Werner, Steven -  - Queens, NY

Wernick, Helene (Zaslavsky) - - Tucson AZ - Deceased
I am sorry to report that Helene passed away in February of 2003.  What follows are her original comments received when she first registered with us.  I am a 1962 graduate of Far Rockaway High School. I have been happily married for almost 32 years to a wonderful, caring man, also a FarRockaway graduate, named Howie Zaslavsky. We have two beautiful children, Neal who is 30 and Lori who is 27 years old. Both of our children graduated from The University of Arizona with honors. Neal lives in California where he owns and operates his own consulting firm. Lori lives in Tucson, AZ where she is a Senior Claims Representative for Farmers Insurance Co. Howard owned his own Printing Business for 25 years before we moved to Tucson, Arizona. He is now employed at The University of Arizona in their Print Shop. We both love spending time on the computer. Both of us would love to hear from our former classmates. Thanks for making this possible. Helene & Howard Zaslavsky

Wiener, Jay - - Saratoga , CA
66 and stubbornly middle aged. Website:

Wiener, Joan (Karasick) -  - Marlboro, NJ

Wolberg, Larry -  - Boynton Beach, FL

Wolfer, Beth (Wolff) - - Lake Oswego, OR
Website located at:

Yablans, Judith (Blau) - - Oakland, NJ

Yeschin, Arnold -  - Plainview, NY

Young, Gil -  - Debary, FL

Zlotoff , Lydia (Lasky) - - Boca Raton , FL
Photo courtesy of Rockaway Memories and Marty Nislick



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