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Artie Berrick it trying to find a 1961 yearbook.  If you can be of assistance to him please write directly to him at

Aaron, Roy - - Providence, RI - Updated October, 2011

Abelson, Paul -  - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Alliger, Eric -  - Westbury, New York


Anderson, Lawrence W. - - Boynton Beach, FL

Andracchi, Linda (Hanley) - - Palm Beach Gardens, FL - Updated November, 2011

Axelrod, Howard -  - Avon Lake, OH
I married a 1965 FRHS alum - Susan Schuman. I attended Long Island University and Syracuse University. I am a Soft Ware Engineer, working as a consultant with an international firm. We live in Cleveland, Ohio. (Got here via Los Angeles and Cincinnatti.) We have three children & 2 grandchildren.

Banks-Sills, Leslie -  - Kfar Saba, Israel
Homepage at

Barisano, Eddie -  - Long Beach, NY  
Still standin', enjoying it for the most part. How are you?
-  Love, Peace and Happiness to All. Eddie

Barna, Carole (Scherker) - - New Albany, OH

Barry, Rae Anne - - Orwell VT - Updated April, 2010
I'm Dean Ed Barry's daughter. Hi to the old crowd. It's great to see how many of you are still out there...send an email, say hi....Web Site located at  Hello to old friends.  I think you have done a great job on this web site.  Keep up the good work.

Bergman, Jeffrey - - Potomac, MD - Updated October, 2011

Berliner, Paula -  - Delray Beach, FL

Berman, Linda (Shustek) - - Boca Raton , FL - Updated October, 2011

Berrick, Artie - - Tarzana, CA - Updated November, 2008

Bloch, Edward - - Palm Beach Gardens, FL- Updated April, 2011
Hoping to hear from classmates circa 1961 and other grads living in south Florida.

Blum, Elaine (Jacobowitz) -  - Poughkeepsie, NY

Boshak, Jack -  - Old Bridge, NJ

Brenner, Renee (Riemer) - - Paramus, NJ

Breslow, Mark -  - Thornton, CO

Would like to hear from any graduates of the class of 1961.

Brill, Joan (Marcus) -    or  - Lighthouse Point, FL - Updated June, 2020

Bruckner, Jackie (Frank) -  - Spring Valley, NY
Bill and I are new to all this computer stuff. I found the FRHS website almost by accident, but it's fun to browse through and look for familiar names. We met at FRHS, married in 1963, and just celebrated our 35th anniversary. Bill is a partner in a local law firm, practicing criminal and matrimonial law. I am a free-lance court reporter. We have two terrific children. Steven, 31, teaches at NYU and is a free-lance writer. Lisa, 28, is a social worker, lives in Bayside, and is planning to be marrried this July. My sister, Linda Bruckner Riger, ('57) lives in Commack and has four grandchildren, who are geniuses - just ask her. Bill's brother Donald ('62) is a matrimonial lawyer in Manhattan. Bill and I attended the reunion in around 1987 and had a great time. We're sorry we missed the BIG one. Maybe next time. If any of my '61 or Bill's '59 cohorts read this, please E-mail us at

Bush, Gail (Bieber) -  - Freehold, NJ

Clark, Marylyn -  - Germantown, MD
I remember talent show, senior show that did not happen, Clifton  Matthew, Mary Jane Murphy also1961 alums, Miss Craft and........

Cohen, Arlene (Nevens) -  - Great Neck, NY

Cohen, Bernard - - Boynton Beach, FL - Updated April, 2014

Cohen, David -  - Cincinnati, OH

Conescu, Paul -  - Las Vegas, NM

Craft, Barbara (Dawo) -  - Boca Raton, FL


Davis, Alan - - Olney, MD - Updated January, 2012
Website located at:
Would like to find Rockaway guys who went to Brooklyn College 1961-1966(Briscoe House) like Bill Levine, Keith Kramer, etc.

Diamond, Marilyn (Tribus) -  - Oceanside, NY

Drozdoff, Fred -  - Boca Raton, FL
Great website - Would like to see more Bayswater folks register. We are moving to Boca Raton October '04 and would love to have contact with Rockaway/South Florida graduates.

Edelstein, Robert (Bob) -  - Los Angeles, CA

Eisdorfer, Carl -  - Davie, FL - Updated March, 2011

Epstein, Karol (Hochman) -  - Miami, FL

Fagin, Gail (Rosenberg) -  - Rockaway Beach, NY

Farber, Florence (Faubert) -  - Dania Beach, FL

Feldman, Kenneth J. -  - Boca Raton, FL - Updated January, 2008
Great -great -great website. You are to be congratulated!  Keep up the good work. Also on a piece of news - the apartment buliding I grow up in 1056 Neilson St burned down in Feb. 2007. I hear it was one helluva fire (3 alarm). Pictures can be found if you Google fire at 1056. Maybe you might want to put one on the web site.
(This one has a photo:)

Ferber, Carol (Lerner) - - New York, NY - Updated January, 2011
A smile is elicited whenever I think of my early memories of growing up in Far Rockaway. I would like to share these memories with old friends as well. Please get in touch with me, I would like to confirm, as well, my ideas of why I believe, our experience was unique.

Finchley, Alan - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Long Beach, NY

Frank, Rosalie (Moore) -  - Plymouth, MA

Freifeld, Lois (Wasserman) -  - West Orange, NJ

Frey, Marvin -  - Bellmore, NY

Friedman, Joe -  - Whitehall, PA
My wife Linda (Baron), also a graduate of FRHS (Class of 1962), accidentally found the web site. We had been meaning to join the Alumni Assoc. a long time ago. Seeing this fabulous web site has brought back many wonderful memories. It inspired us to join. We have been married for 33 years and have 2 wonderful boys, ages 28 and 26. If anyone remembers either of us and would like to get in touch, please contact either one of us through our e-mail address. While attending FRHS, I worked at Jerry's Knishes in the summer and the Cove Lunchonette on Far Rockaway Blvd. Hope to hear from anybody soon.

Friedman, Lenny -  - Lake Worth, FL

Friedman, Shelly -  - Marlborough, MA

Fuller, Carol (Gamson) -  - Rehovot, Israel
Thank you for this wonderful web site. Looking forward to visiting it often.

Gandin, Barbara (Littenberg) -  - Kaneohe, HI

Gartner, Maralyn (Adelman) -  - Tampa, FL
Seek mirth, and accept no bovine residue.

Gedzelman, Stanley - - Upper Saddle River, NJ - Updated November, 2008
Hello fellow Far Rockaway High Grads. Life is great at this point and Far Rockaway was where I learned the beauty of nature and the beauty of women (although no one would have known it at the time). I have seen so many names of people I remember fondly. So many are successful and I hope all are doing well.

Germansky, Larry - - Prescott, AZ - Updated May, 2012
I would like to hear from old friends.

Gerstel, Joanne -  - NY
I grew up in Belle Harbor. My parents owned Westrich's Restaurant on Beach 116th Street. They still live in the same home they built in the early 1950s and recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. I attended undergraduate and graduate school at Syracuse University and currently am Director of Design and Graphics for a large international law firm headquartered in Manhattan. My husband is an architect; we have two college-aged children (one at Ohio Wesleyan and one at Yale).

Gilbert, Stephen -  - Santa Monica, CA

Glazer, Myra (Miriyam) - - Los Angeles, CA
I'd love to hear from old friends!  I'm the former Myra Glazer, Class of 1961, now Rabbi and Professor Miriyam Glazer at University of Judaism in Los Angeles.  Website:  Would love to hear from other alums from my class! I also have a new book -- Psalms of the Jewish Liturgy: A Guide to their Beauty

Gold, Sandy -  - Corrales, NM

Goldberg, Frank -  - Miami, FL - Deceased November, 2010

Goldberg, Michael - - Deer Park, NY - Updated October, 2013

Goodside, Robert (Goody) -  - West Hills, CA

Goorland, Martin -  - Atlantic Beach, NY

Greenwald, Steven - - Chestnut Hill, MA

Gustin, Eileen (Granoff) - - Alpharetta, GA

Guttenberg, Michele - - Staten Island, NY
I graduated in 1961. I often visit the website. It is wonderful.  There was no place like Rockaway to grow up. I lived in Bayswater, on Bayswater Ave. Such a beautiful block. Large trees that met in the middle and created a lovely arbor.  I miss the sweetness of those times. You keep it alive for all of us.  A great big THANK YOU.  Michele Guttenberg

Handel, Steven -  - Bridgewater, NJ
I have wonderful memories of FRHS, working on the CHAT, and so many teachers who inspired me. I have retained my interest in plants and restore natural habitats from Montauk to Orange County, CA. Also teach ecology and evolution here at Rutgers. Busy family life, as well as running all over the world exploring...

Hefferman, Joe - - French Valley, CA - Posted February, 2008


Herbst, Richard -  - Key Biscayne, FL

Hershan, Susan (Lokietz) - - Coconut Creek, FL

Hoffer, Paul -  - Miami, FL
I used to own the Bumper Car ride on the Boardwalk and also the Coffeerama from 1961 till they knocked it down. I was close friends with Jerry from "Jerry's Famous Knishes" who now lives in Florida. I was a Special Agent with the U.S. Treasury Dept. until July 98. Now retired.

Horowitz, Darryle (Gillman) - - Lincolnwood, IL - Posted October, 2008

Horowitz, Rita (Resnick) -  Send Me Your Current Email Address - New York, NY
Would love to hear from old friends.

Kapp, Roberta (Walkewicz) -  - Mooresville, NC
Would love to hear from old friends.

Kasman, Dale -  - Los Angeles, CA
Have been living in Hollywood since Aug. 1967.  Started acting in 1980.  Two films you may see me in are "Other People's Money" with Danny DeVito, and "One Fine Day" with Michelle Pheiffer. Also have other  film and television credits. Am also a personal assistant, house sitter and pet caregiver, am am looking for additional work at this time. My signature is "The Actress".

Katz, Renee -  - West Palm Beach, FL

Katz, Sari (Golos) - - Oceanside, NY

Kaufman, Sharon (Ness) - - Hollywood FL - Updated September, 2008
To grow up in Far Rockaway was to be one of the chosen.  No matter where you go, if you mention Far Rockaway and meet someone who came from there, the memories are warm and the bond is instant.  What a beautiful time - what wonderful memories - what very special friends -- friends for a lifetime!  If anyone feels the same as I do and remembers me from my youth, I'd love to hear from you.

Keilson, Joel -  - Hewlett, NY

Kellner, Myron (Mike) -  - Baltimore, MD

Kintisch, Lawrence "Larry" - - Nyack, NY
I loved getting the NY Times each day at the H.S. for 10 cents a week! Website:  Grad photo courtesy of Marty Nislick's Rockaway Memories website.

Klein, Cindy - - Morganville, NJ
It was fun seeing names of folks I spent my childhood years with. Thanks for all the hard work everyone put in who put this all together. Teamwork and tenacity work well.

Knobel, Steve -  - Jackson Heights, NY

Kwoczka, Alan -  - Miami, FL

Langdon, Florence (Kershaw) -  - Lynbrook, NY

Lapidus, Rosalie  - - Studio City, CA - Updated October, 2010

Lasker, Charles -  - Aventura, FL

Lehrer, Jeffrey -  - Valley Stream, NY

Leibowitz, Artie -  - Pittsburgh, PA
Who said you can never go home again? Far Rock and the people I knew will always be in my heart. May The Peace of The Faerie People Be Always with You and Yours!

Leshnower, Richard - - Woodmere, NY

Levine, Philip -  - New York, NY
Spent 20 years living in Colorado and am the founder of the Art Students League of Denver. I organize workshops for American painters to paint in France and am a painter, having my third New York showing December 1 in NYC. I organize painting, photography and cultural discovery tours of France.

Liebowitz, Lillian (Kaufman) - - Forest Hills, NY

LoPiccolo, Mickey - Cedarhurst, NY - Deceased, 2014

Mark, Martin -  - Forest Hills, NY
Practicing Optometrist in NY. Enjoy summers in Fair Harbor, Fire Island. Enjoy skiing in Killington, VT.  Missed the 100th anniversary reunion. Heard it was great. Would be interested in another event.

Mazur, Judy (Edelstein) -  - Bay Shore , NY - Updated October, 2011

Meere, Peggy (Mecca) - - Ridge, NY - Deceased October, 2011
Love all my great memories of Far Rockaway, wouldn't change it for the world. Lived on Beach Channel Dr. Went to St.Mary's, Stella Maris, only a year to FRHS. Love Marty Nislick's site of "Friends of Old Far Rockaway". Widowed in 2007 and my Grandchildren are the joys of my life. Thank you, Carol, for all you do, Super job.
Only went to FRHS for a year, before that, Stella Maris and St. Mary's.  Lived on Beach Channel Dr. Best friends with Janet DeMichael and Joanie Friedner.  Thank you so much for caring. We should never forget our history.
Would love to see a 45 year reunion for the class of 1961.

Melzer, Stuart -  - Herndon, VA - Deceased, 2009
I have fond memories of Far Rockaway and all the people I knew back then.

Menahem, Marsha (Cohen) -  - Boynton Beach, FL

Minsky, Judy (Cohen) -  - Dix Hills, NY

Mirsky, Eileen (Barish) - - Santa Barbara, CA - Updated June, 2008
I can't believe the connection between Laurelton and Far Rock. I would love to contact those I went to school with at PS 38 - I was in the graduating class of 1957. I would love to locate Annette Gissi, Lois Boruck, Carmine Lanzaro, Peter Gamar, Avis Goldstein. I've been in touch with some of my friends from Far Rock but would love to hear from other like Janet Carter, Dottie Feld, Joan Daniels (class of '60), Linda Berman. For class of 1961 (Far Rock) - our 50th is coming up. If anyone is thinking of doing a reunion, let me know. Look forward to hearing from anyone who knows me. I'm feeling nostalgic and would love to recall old times.

Last night after surfing the net too late, I suffered netsomnia and spent half the night remembering names from my past. My name is Eileen (Mirsky) Barish and I graduated in 1961. I am looking for graduates from the class of 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960 and 1961. Most of them lived in the Wavecrest Apartments and most hung around the candy store next to Wavecrest on Beach 20th Street. Some were part of a singing group who practiced in someone's garage and cut a record which sounded just like the original "Where Are You Little Star." If any of you are on the net and reading this, e-mail me and let me know what's happened in your lives. Or if anyone knows them, let me hear from you too. Irv Lefer - Class of 1957, 1958 or 1959, Eddie Fisher - ditto, Bobby Russo - ditto, Ronny Blake - ditto, Jerry Feldman - ditto (Jerry intended to become a doctor. Did he? His mother was the crossing guard right under the el on Beach 25th Street), Susan Seltzer (she was probably in the class of 1960), Freddie Surge or Serge (unsure of the class), Larry (Lawrence) Siegel - class of 1961, Joan Daniels (class of 1960), Susan Dobson - class of 1961 - (her brother Bobby was friends with a bunch of the guys listed above).

Does anyone remember the lifeguard beach parties at Roach's Beach? If anyone remembers me that I haven't listed, get in touch. Let's refresh some memories. If anyone has a copy of the Dolphin for 1961, can you scan in photos of the 1961 graduates I've listed as well as yours truly? I live in Arizona half the year and Santa Barbara the other half (this half). My copy of the Dolphin is in storage and very unreachable so I'd love it if someone could help a former classmate. Thank you wherever you are.

You might be the right one to ask about getting photos from the 1961 Dolphin. Can you let me know if you have a copy or who does so I can contact them and see if they'll scan my picture and some friends as well so that 1961 will be proudly represented? My copy is in storage in Arizona, my home base. And right now I'm in Santa Barbara, my second home. My husband Harvey says he'll look next time he's in AZ but finding it won't be easy. See what you can turn up. Thanks for your help and your phenomenal web site.

If anyone is interested in contacting any of the following people, use my email address. 

Where are all the friends I remember? Can it be that none of you are computer literate? C'mon on and log in. Let's give the class of '61 it's due. I'm looking for the following: Janet Carter, Lloyd Bergman, Fran Fields, Linda Berman, Dottie Feld, Caroll Ferber, Elaine Jacobowitz, Barbara Schwartz, Cynthia Yablans.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of the above, let me know. And thanks for the absolutely great web site. No wonder it won the award - it deserved it. Hooray for Rockaway!

That's it for now. But I'm sure more will come to me in my recurring Far Rock dreams. Thanks for making these "reach out and touch me" times available through your terrific site. Ta ta.

Eileen as well as the others, can be reached at  

Thanks Eileen for writing. As for old yearbooks, try contacting Barbara Tashoff. She is currently teaching at FRHS and may know how to find some of the old dolphins. Maybe the library keeps copies of them. Good luck........How about a few Rockaway stories for the web site?

Morris, Barbara - - Rockaway Beach, NY

Mundell, Martin - - Lake Worth, FL
Moved to Lake Worth Florida in 1971 and opened an automotive service center. Sold the business in 1996. Just enjoying retirement and flying private aircraft around the country. Would like to hear from old school friends.

Nesoff, Aaron - - Brooklyn, NY - Updated May, 2011

O'Donnell, Hugh -  - Nashville, TN
Hello class of '61 ! Great web site nice to have connect with the old gang.  After 9/11 Far Rock memories really started flowing.  Where are all the Belle Harbor and Rockaway Park alumni?

Oppenheimer, Paula (Friedman) - - Unadilla, NY


Palefsky, Susan (Zalkin) -  - University Park, FL
I know lots of Far Rockaway graduates have relocated to Florida.  I am on the west coast and would love to hear from you!  I would love to hear from some old friends and catch up on the news.

Pauker, Sydney (Rubenstein) – - The Villages, FL
We moved to Florida about four years ago. Still alive and kicking and enjoying life- softball, golf, pickleball, etc. My husband Harvey is with me.

Pickle,  John "Jack" -  - Nanticoke, PA
Just discovered the Far Rockaway web site. Fantastic. Would like to hear from any old friends, especially NC. Looking forward to  any reunion info.  Have been traveling (since retirement), trying to catch up on correspondence. Thoroughly enjoy the site.

Pollack, Alfreda "Freddi" (Krell) - - Huntley,IL - Posted July, 2008


Presslaff, Hope-Ann (York) - hopeann1@o - Freehold, NJ
I would LOVE to hear from old New Jersey? Palm Beach County Florida?....or where ever you are.  I've been a widow since 1995. I have two beautiful daughters and three equally gorgeous grand-children. I am very blessed and very happy but would love to re-new some OLD friendships, or at least hear from you.

Puterman, Andrea "Andi" - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Troy, MI
Great job Skip. Hi Y'all. Miss you out in Michigan. Hope to hear from you.  Andi

Reesman, Joe (Joey) -  - Rockville Centre, NY
No matter how I look at it, "The 50's & 60's" were great years.

Richman, Laura (Dragan) -  - Mahopac, NY

Rock, Marsha -  - Hartsdale, NY

Rod, Anne (Cooper) - - Otis MA - Posted June, 2008
It took a younger FRHS grad to get me on line, but what fun. I love the site and seeing all the old pictures.

Rosen, Martin - - Tamarac, FL

Rubin, Michael -  or  - Wellesley, MA

Rutledge, Leo R. - 1961 -  - Lake Ronkokoma, NY

Samuels, Sheila (Margolin) -  - Chicago, IL
I would love to connect with some of the people I knew, especially those in the L2 class and those with whom I socialized/dated.

Sanello, Andrew - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Atlantic Beach, NY

Schechter, Mel -  - Old Bridge, NJ

Scherker, Mike - - Whitehall, OH - Updated June, 2008

Schiller, Berle -  - Philadelphia, PA

Schlecter, Paul - - West Bloomfield, MI

Schneider, Bob -  - Palm Beach Gardens, FL
My name is Bob Schneider, and I'm a graduate of F.R.H.S. class of 1961. I just wanted to take aminute to tell you what a GREAT GREAT job you've done with the Rockaway reunion page. A friend recently told me about it and I have had nothing but the greatest memories all brought back to me. The stories and pictures you have accumulated took me back to my childhood years growing up in Far Rockaway.
   I have some pictures that I will try to find from that period, and send them to you. Is there a link set up yet with current addresses and possibly e-mail addresses as well? Also in 1961 I had a classmate named Robert Weinstock would he be a relation to you? If so please send him my regards.   Again thanks for the web page, hope to here from you soon.

Schoenthal, Robert -  - New York, NY

Schrager, Alfred G. - - Lake Worth, FL - Updated July, 2008
I've worked for the past 30 years in the building business. Retired as of '07, widowed past 20years. Was married to the late Diane Karr, a 1960 FRHS grad. Have 2 boys - one runs the sporting new magazine internet in N.C.; #2 has his own building construction business in VA. Have 2 grandchilden; girls.


Schwartz, Arlene (Jacobs) -  - Roslyn, NY

Schwartz, Barbara - - New York, NY - Updated October, 2010
Thank you for the wonderful site and for giving us all the opportunity to share these wonderful memories of our youth in The Rockaways.

Scott, Kami - - New York, NY - Updated October, 2011

Seltzer, Susan (Boyce) - - Medford, NY - Posted January, 2008
I grew up in Far Rockaway from 1958 to 1973. I married Freddie Serge and we are married 45 years. We had many friends that hung around Candyland on Central Avenue and also the Wavecrest Luncheonette. The Boardwalk was the best with Jerry's Knishes and Fascination. I would love to hear from anyone that hung around Candyland. It was right across from the Strand and owned by Rose (can't remember her husband's name; her daughter was Eleanor) and we could not wait to eat potato kugle on Saturday. There are no better memories than Far Rockaway. My sister Marilyn Seltzer and brother Jeffrey Seltzer went to Cardoza and my sisters-in-law, Peggy Serge and Marilyn Serge went there too. Would love to hear from anyone from those years.

Shapiro, Shelley -  - Plantation, FL

Sherman, Susan (Polansky) -  - Woodmere, NY - Deceased March, 2012


Shoenthal, Robert  -   - New York, NY

Sicherman, Warren (Wuzzy) -  - Atlantic Beach, NY

Siegel, Howard Mike - - Warwick, NY

Silberman, David -  - Andover, MA

Singer, Diane (Lamm) -  - Boca Raton, FL

Skolnik, Harriet (Beck) -  - Ridgefield, CT
I have had many email and phone contacts with alumni of FRHS within the past two years and have enjoyed catching up with everyone.  And lately, I am even meeting alumni at dinners, business meetings, etc.  What serendipity! I met up with Steve Pearlman (PS 39 and JHS 198) but alas  his family moved to NJ and he did not attend FRHS. He is  looking for David Gaines and Richard Osofsky.  Please email me if you know where they might be.

Slemrod, Marshall -  - Madison, WI

Smith, Barbara (Roberts) - - Scottsdale , AZ - Updated October, 2011
New Mexico is SO different from Rockaway - would sure love to hear from former '61 and '62 classmates. Write even if you don't remember me...I'll refresh your memory! Thanks!

Sobler, Terry - - Piermont, NY - Updated January, 2008

Spieler, Ira - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Woodmere NY
I'm looking for classmates who lived in the Nordeck Coop in the 60's.

Stein, Ralph M. -  - New York, NY - Deceased 10/16/12
I found this site because of an assignment to my Law of Privacy seminar students. They were supposed to research my life through the Web. I was pretty sure I knew what was out there. Nope! I've been reading the posts on this well-maintained and engrossing site for over an hour. I recognize many names and I'm not surprised so many from Far Rock are successful. Far Rockaway was in some ways a good place to grow up but I always wanted to escape to the City and I've been very happy since being able to do that. I haven't been back to Far Rockaway since 1984 when I finally managed to sell my parents' house on Grassmere Terrace two houses in from Cornaga Avenue. I'd enjoy hearing from classmates and folks I knew back not only forty years but really in another era. Thanks so much for this web site.  This site has brought me back into contact with  people whose company I enjoyed very many years ago.  I'm always happy to hear from former classmates.  I've heard from a few classmates through this amazing website.  I hope to see it grow in the future.

Steiner, Nanda (Hopenwasser) -  - Northport, AL
I guess I could be counted as one of the lost people—but Alan and I have not really been lost.  Alan and I both graduated in 1961. He graduated from Columbia in 1965 and eventually got a doctorate in Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania.  I graduated from Brooklyn College in 1965--and took a much longer time to get my doctorate in English (specialty medieval visionary women) from the University of Alabama (1991). We both teach at the University of Alabama.  To make a long story short we have three children. Sandor (born in 1966) is living in Rochester, NY with his wife Jan and their 6 year old--Kael. He is part owner of Merlin International--an electronic imaging firm.  Lance (born in 1971) lives in Huntsville, AL with his wife Caroline and is a computer analyst.  Sharon (born in 1972) lives in Nashville, TN with her husband Hunter Sams.  They have a 2 year old daughter, Alexis, and she is in her third year of medical school.  Hope to keep in touch--it has been a long time since I have been away from Rockaway.  All the best, Nanda

Strika, John R. - - Ozone Pak , NY

Sussman, Roberta (Mintz) - - Vero Beach, FL - Updated February, 2014
Love living in the warmth of Florida.. Would love to hear from old friends.

Tepper, Carol (Cohen) -  - Belle Harbor, NY

Tolk, Alan -  - Burke, VA

Tribus, Steven -  - Oceanside, NY - Deceased January, 2013

Unterman, Marilyn (Bodow) - - Lake Hiawatha, NJ - Updated August, 2011

Varady, David -  - Cincinnati, OH
I've been a professor at the University of Cincinnati since 1971 after getting my Masters and PhD from Penn. I've been fortunate in being able to take a number of interesting academic and special leaves of absence from UC including a sabbatical last year in Finland and Scotland. Would be pleased in hearing from others who graduated in '61.

Varello, Paul - - Houston, TX - Updated May, 2014

Weinberg, Emily (Mendel) -  - Oakland, CA

Weinstock, Robert (Bob) -  - Margate, FL - Deceased 2011
I would like to commend everyone involved in this web site, from the editor, (my brother Alan) to everyone else down the line. I will be sending some "stuff" to Alan, but I'm in the same boat as he. Most of my "stuff" was lost in the floods (hurricaines), including my yearbook. It's important that this web site does not "disappear" as did most of the things I loved about Rockaway.

Weis, Edward (Eddie) -  - Lido Beach, NY - Deceased January 10, 2012

Wildenberg, Eileen (Brown) -  - Wellington, FL

Winter, Joel - - Forest Hills, NY - Updated October, 2011

Woollard, Barbara J. (Morris) - - Rockaway Park, NY - Updated June, 2008
CB #14, VP CofC, Pres. Columibettes, P.P. Rotary, PP 100th Pct. Community Council

Zucker, Roxann (Ferdschneider) -  - Lido Beach, NY


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