Graduates From Rockaway In 1958!

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Apolaro, Antoinette (Lippi) - - Oceanside, NY
I would love to hear from old classmates. Catch up on old times, & new.


Aronowsky, Barry -  - Greenlawn, NY

Aronson, Barbara (Curreri) - - Bellmore, NY - Updated February, 2008
Looking for anyone from P.S. 104 graduating in 1954, and FRHS 1958. Would love to be in touch and go down memory lane.
I would love to hear from some classmates from P.S. 104 that graduated with me in 1954, and went on to FRHS.

Avidon, Gerard -  - Locust Valley, NY

Ackereizen, Lewis - Deceased, 2011

Barlowe, Carol (Brown) -  - Pipersville, PA

Berman, Sandra (Ostrow) -  - Coral Springs, FL
I lived on 119th Street in Rockaway Beach. I am looking forward to our reunion next November!!

Binder, Judy  (Kesin Faherty) - - Whitehouse Station, NJ - Updated May, 2008

I really appreciate all of your efforts to keep this alive.  It is June 2007 - We are all so fortunate to have this website. Thank you Carol & Skip! Having been inspired by the class of 1957, I have been working with a few classmates to plan our 50th Class Reunion for 2008. Please e-mail me so we have you on the list when we send out the "Save the Date." Hope to see you all there.


Mr. Tietze and Judy Binder at graduation, 6/26/58.
A peaceful ending after those times of being sent to
his office!


Blatt, Morton -  - Mountain View, CA

Braver, Arlene "Honey" (Carlen) -  - Tallahassee, FL
I would love to hear from my classmates.

Chapnick, Alfred "Fred" -  - Fort Myers, FL
Would love to establish contact with any fellow Rockaway classmates or friends. We have a home in Amagansett, L.I. and I have taken my wife and daughters to see the old neighborhood many times.

Clark, Helaine - - Carmel Valley, CA
Thanks to Marty Nislick and Rockaway Memories for the use of this photo.

Coffield, Alan - - North Miami Beach, FL

Cohn, Liela (Nelson) -  - Ft. Lee, NJ

Cooperman, Janet (Kahn) -  - Danbury, CT
Would love to hear from the LIRR riders from Rosedale/Laurelton.

Curtis, Gerald -  - New York, NY

Davis, Linda J. (Goldberg) -  - Port Jefferson Station, NY
Would love to hear from fellow graduates, especially the group that car pooled with me to Brooklyn College.

Denmark, Doris (Zachary) - Plantation, FL - Deceased

Dickstein, Marion (Sherman) -  - Sunrise, FL
I am currently living in South Florida (Sunrise) enjoying a life of leisure. I look forward to hearing from old friends. I am also searching for a way to purchase the 1958 yearbook and would appreciate hearing from anyone who can help me locate a copy of one.

Diliberto, Patricia (Higbie) -  - Denver, NC
Retired two years ago as public school principal. Finished my doctorate and graduated in December 2004. Researched gender equity. Retirement is giving me opportunities to write about various topics. Consider myself a "late bloomer" like Grandma Moses...

Eckstein, Stanley -  - Great Neck, NY

Edelstein, Larry -  - Parsippany, NJ

Great job you're doing here Skip.

Because of this site I found my old friend Dave Schnitzer who I have not seen for 35years. Last night my wife and I got together for dinner with Dave and his wife Jackie and reminisced about old times. It seems he is only living about an hour away from me in central New Jersey. Small world and getting smaller all the time.

I graduated from FRHS in 1958 and I also would like to post both of my sisters names on the web site.

Elaine Edelstein Abes graduated FRHS in 1950 lives in Boynton Beach, Florida and
Renee Edelstein Simon graduated FRHS in 1954 and lives in Coconut Creek, Fla. They can both be reached at

Keep up the good work.

Larry can be reached at

Thanks Larry for writing. I'm happy to hear that you have found an old friend. I never envisioned that this site would attract as many former graduates as it has. I will continue to keep it growing as long as I can afford too.

Edelstein, Marcia (Rand) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - East Hills, NY

Epstein, Helena - - Pearl River, NY - Updated January, 2008

Friedman, Ellen R. - - New York, NY
I teach bridge and direct duplicate bridge games at the Manhattan Bridge Club; I am a docent at the American Museum. A chance encounter with put me in touch with Nick Pandolf and from there to the 50th reunion of the class of 1958. OMG 50 years - how did that happen? Those 50 years have been interesting for me. After graduating from college, I entered the world of business and economics publishing but after 18 years of that, I moved into marking and communications for financial institutions. I lived in Frankfurt for a year and London for two years in the mid 70s (a truly magical time) and have been back in NY since. I am retiring on Septbember 30 after 46 years in the work force - and I am ready to be a lady of leisure. I would love to hear from any of my fellow graduates. It's been a long time but would love to know how things are going. A special thanks to Judy Binder and Barry Aronowsky for all their efforts to bring this reunion into being.

Feinberg, Edward -  - Congers, NY

Feinstein, Barbara (Gilbert) -  - Berkeley, CA
I'd love to re-connect with classmates and FRHS of which I have so many fond memories. I hope to attend the 1958 class reunion in 2008. 50 years is a long time but in some ways it truly feels like yesterday, particularly as I get older and more nostalgic. Thank you to the makers of the wonderful website.

Ferris, Philip S. -  - McLean, VA

Flechner, Helene (Klein) - - New York, NY - Posted December, 2008
Looking to hear from classmates in New York, New Jersey and Florida

Fox, Janet (Sidle) - - Pikesville, MD - Posted February, 2008

Gitten, Martin -  - Londonderry, NH - Deceased, 2010

Glazer, Ilsa M. - - Rishon Lezion , Israel - Updated January, 2012
I am in my new retirement role as "Savta," grandma, to my son's 3+ children, the + due in May, and it is a great joy to be reunited with my family and watch them all grow!

Goldman, Susan (Perry) -  - Northbrook, IL

Goldstein, Joyce (Silverstein) -  - Woodmere, NY

Golub, Stanley - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Chester, NJ
Married to Roberta Cohen. Attended FRHS for three years (first three years of class of 1959. Moved in senior year and graduated from the Wheatley School, Old Westbury NY...married for 36 years.)

Gordon, Ruth (Stahl) -  - Fayston, VT
Had no idea this site existed until Judy Binder sent it to me. Would love to hear from class of 1958 people. Thanks for setting it up.

Gottlieb, Roberta (Klein) - - Englewood, CO - Updated June, 2014

Graf, Richard - - Plantation, FL - Updated May, 2010


Greenbaum, Eli M. - - Lynbrook, NY - Posted January, 2008

Heidenberg, Natalie (Harris) - - Dallas, TX - Posted May, 2008

Helfner, Stanley -  - Commack, NY

Hoffman, Walter - Seaford, NY

Hoodes, Michael -  - Seattle, WA
Website located at

Jaeger, Edwin -  - Far Rockaway, NY - Deceased

Kahn, Frederick -  - Oakdale, NY

Kahn, Linda (Hoffman) - - Boca Raton, FL - Updated February, 2008

Kamen, Susan (Kamen-Marsicano) -  - Woodstock, NY
Web Page:

Kampton, Rebecca (Finkelstein) - - Pembroke Pines, FL
Would like to hear from anyone who graduated in 1958 or from P.S. 106 in 1954.

Kaplan, Meyer - Massapequa, NY - Deceased

Kaplan, Richard -  - New York, NY - Posted February, 2008
I would love to reconnect with my old friends from Laurelton.

Katz, Fred - - Atlanta, GA

Katz, Stuart -  - Estero, FL

Kay, Peter - - Manhasset, NY - Posted February, 2008

Keller, Robert - - Las Vegas, NV - Posted January, 2009

Kellner, Barbara -  - Arlington, VA

Kirsch, Leila (Miller) -  - Baldwin, NY

Klein, Marshall -  - Coconut Creek, FL
I miss the old days at Far Rockaway High. The lemon meringue pie at the home room teacher was Miss Levy. I met my wife at Far Rockaway High School. We are married for 37 years and still going strong.

Klein, Melvyn - 1958 - - Englewood, CO

Knoll, Laurette (Miller) -  - Miami Beach, FL

Korson, Bruce Andrew -  - Nantucket, MA
Guess one has no conception as to time, can't believe 50 years since graduation.

Kraus, Jerome -  - New York, NY

Landau, Mark -  - Bel Air, CA
I have been searching for information about a class of 1958 high school reunion for decades. Looking forward for our 50th next year.


Lauper, Harriet (Goldberg) -  - Charleston, SC

Lebowitz, Arthur - 1958 - - New York, NY - Updated, March 2011

Lighter, Sylvia (Cohen) -  - Boynton Beach, FL

Liswood, Fred - Woodmere, NY

Lowell, Andy - - Culver City, CA

Lunin, Arthur -  - Bay Shore, NY

Minner, Alfred A. (Tony) -  - Daytona Beach, FL - Updated March, 2013
After FRHS I attended the Academy of Aeronautics, then I was a Naval Aviator for five years, a Viet Nam vet, flew for American Airlines for 35 years, retired in 2000. 2002 my wife Kathy and I left Maryland, home for over 35 years, moved to Spruce Creek Fly In; Kathy also flies. Between flying, golf, now fishing and of course family. Life is good. 5 children, 4 married, 6 grandchildren.

Misher, Sheldon - - Hewlett Harbor, NY

Moshan, Larry -  - Huntington Bay, NY

Neufeld, Max -  - Woodbury, NY

Pandolf, Nicholas - - Cocoa Beach, FL - Updated April, 2008

Patlin, Steven -  - Charlemont, MA
Webiste located at

Pauker, Irene (Fener) -  - East Rockaway, NY

Perelson, Stephen -  - Mill Valley, CA

Pick, Berta (Geller) -   - Pikesville MD

Pindyck, Frank - - New York, NY - Updated March, 2012

Raskin, Iris (Gross) -  - Lancaster, CA
I left Far Rock before graduation and moved to Colorado. I would love to hear from friends I went to school with. I went to P.S. 39 and Far Rock Hi.

Rauchbach, Richard - - Los Angeles, CA - Deceased October, 2011

Rosenberg, Hynda (Storm)  - Delray Beach, FL

Rosenstein, Sondra (Rose) -  - Las Vegas, NV
Everyone comes to Las Vegas sooner or later. Would love to hear from former classmates.

Rothschild, Gail (Lane) - - Delray Beach, FL

Rubenstein, Ira -  - Simi Valley, CA

Sandlofer, David - - Delray Beach, FL

Scheiner, Zona -  - Ann Arbor, MI
Hello to you all. Looking forward to meeting and greeting with old friends. Web site:

Schindlinger, Sandra "Sandy" (Haftel) -  or  - Venice, FL
Judy Binder called me today and 50 years vanished in a flash as I remembered all of you and those wonderful FRHS years with love, joy and pride in your and our achievements. What a school it was -- what a class it still is. I look forward to seeing all of you at our 50th reunion.

Schoenhaut, Barry -  - Congers, NY

Shapiro, Bob -  - Eugene, OR
FRHS Class of 1958 for only one term. Lived on 140th St. in Belle Harbor.  Spent a 30 year career in all facets of the long distance trucking industry ending as owner of a 48 state company. I remember lots of people.  P.S. There is a Rockaway Beach, Oregon not too far from where I live!!

Shapiro, Nannette (Lieblein) - - New York, NY - Updated September, 2011

Shapiro, Sandra (Lapkin) - - Boca Raton, FL - Updated March, 2012

Sheldon, Rodney (Harvey) -  - Sherman Oaks, CA - Deceased October, 2011


My name is Harvey Sheldon, Class of 1958. Right after graduation, I changed my first name to Rodney, which would have been my birth name had some obscure uncle not have died two weeks before I was born.  Everyone of my friends, business associates and family know me as Rodney.  I attended NYU and Hofstra College and in 1962, I moved to Los Angeles, California.  For a decade lived on both coasts, maintaining residences in both Manhattan and Malibu. In 1971, I gave up my new York apartment to live, full time, in Malibu. In 1982, I left the beach and moved to Beverly Hills.

I was in the music business, promoting rock n' roll concerts, in the wonderful sixties, and for the last twenty seven years I have been a writer-producer in Hollywood, working for most of the studios and all the networks.

I have often wondered what happened to all of my wonderful friends from FRHS; I have lost touch with all of them. It would be wonderful to visit the pleasant memories of the past and I invite any of my old chums, and/or classmates, to contact me. If I could get a list of class of '58 E-mail or home addresses - with or without phone numbers, I would be grateful. Also, I'm looking for anyone from the class of '58, especially Mel Klein, Ben "Duke" Lechtman, Stuart Drell, Howard (Gigger) gersh, Howard Schwartz, Marty Feuereisen, Arnie Ackerman, Willie Hamp and L.C. (Larry) Johnson. Also looking for Barbara Kaufman, and beautiful Rochelle from Neponsit, and anyone else I used to hang with...

Please add my name and pertinent contact information to all of your reunion lists. This is quite a wonderful thing you do, creating a conduit to the past where our characters and destinies were formed.

Hope you continue doing this important work. I trust it brings you the same pleasure as it brings to so many others. I sincerely thank you for your efforts. With my very best wishes.....

Rodney can be reached at FarRockflm or at his mailing address which is 153 S. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 - Phone 310 859-1177

Thanks Rodney for writing and for your kind words about the web site. I've enjoyed every minute of the time spent on it. It seems as if it has brought a lot of people together. How about a photo to go with your letter?

Solomon, Susan (Green) - - Long Beach, NY - Updated September, 2011

Sophos, Harry - - Southlake, TX
I welcome anyone to contact me via email or telephone call.

Spatz, Allan -  - Surprise, AZ - Deceased October, 2011

Spiro, Stanley -  - Hewlett, NY - Deceased September, 2011

Sprung, Priscilla -  - New York, NY

Stein, Gloria (Fleischer) - - Dallas, TX - Posted January, 2009

Steinberg, Mike - - Lansing, MI - Deceased December 9, 2019  Click here for Michael's obituray
Website located at:  

Stitt, Fred - - Long Beach, NY - Updated September, 2011
I registered 10 years ago & sent check for $20. What happened to old FRHS listings?

Strumpf, Larry - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Brockton, MA

Sultan, Lawrence - - Laguna Niguel, CA - Updated March, 2012
Old friends - PLEASE contact me.

Tashoff, Stanley - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Potomac, MD

Taxerman, Sheila (Ginsburg-Dembo) -  - Delray Beach, FL


Tirado, Millie (Beck) -  - New York, NY
Thank you FRHS for enriching my life in more ways imaginable.

Traiger, Glenn - - Cape Coral, FL - Deceased, 2007

Wagner, David -  - Manhassett Hills, NY
Dear skip; What a wondefull suprise, the web site is great.  Those Rockaway days with the sand in your shoes were the best. The wife and I (kids grown) live in Manhasset and East Hampton. We plan to retire this summer and move to Jupiter FL and would love to hear from old friends for the Class of 1958.

Wang, Barry - - Saratoga Springs, NY - Updated February, 2011

Weiss, Barry - Click Here to Email -  Little River, CA
Thanks for all the effort exerted in assembling all the info on Far Rockaway.  I have a problem.  My memory is failing, so I'm not sure of dates any longer.  But I believe I attended the Class of 1956.  I dropped out before the end of the term due to insufficient credits toward graduation, and the desire to join the service.  I eventually acquired a GED in the service.  If anyone from the Class of 1958 remembers me please write and let me know.

Wiener, Adrienne (Buscaglia) - - Tamarac, FL

Zlobinsky, Carol (Rosenberg) -  - Boynton Beach, FL

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