Graduates From Rockaway In 1955

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             Herb Hirschfeld, Class of 55, Meets the 'Babe'

Warren Wiener, Class of 1955, joins us and writes the following:

I am a graduate of the class of 1955. I was brought up on 123rd Street and now live in Bayswater. The elementary schools I went to no longer exist. PS 43 on 110th Street and PS 44 across from the Police station. The community through the efforts of the Rockaway Transit Coalition is fighting to get local and state officials to reactivate the old Rockaway Beach line of the Long Island Railroad. We have the support of Borough President Claire Shulman, and Assemblywoman Audrey I Pheffer. It is felt that if the transportation infrastructure is improved Rockaway can again be the Jewel on New York. We need as much help as we can get from the alumni, those who still live on the peninsula and those who do not.

The Peninsula also has a web site called Rockaway-Online The site has information from various Civic Associations from Rockaway Point to the Nassau Border. For more information on the reactivation of the Rockaway line I can be contacted via email at or I can also be reached by snail mail at the following address: Warren Wiener c/o The Rockaway Transit Coalition, P.O. Box 960185 Inwood New York, 11096-0185.


Warren Wiener co-chairman Rockaway Transit Coalition   Email Address:   

Abrams, Doris (Goldstein) - - Tucson, AZ

Alter, Sandy (Sid) - - Lauderhill, FL - Deceased December 2011
After living in Rockaway and Atlantic Beach for years I moved to Florida where I now live.

Backman, Gerald S. -  - Miami, FL
I retired from the practice of law at the end of 2003 after 41 years with Weil, Gotshal and the death of my wife. I am now happily remarried and living in Miami, enjoying boating and a host of other activities. I am an Adjunct Professor at Miami Law School and active in the ABA.

Bandler, Michael L. - - Alamo, CA - Updated June, 2011

Bank, Norman -  - Aventura, FL/New York, NY

Bell, George -  - Marietta, GA - Deceased, 2009
Moved out of Stone Mt., GA to Marietta and have new residence.



Belson, Honey (Grossman) -  - Aventura, FL
Would be happy to hear from anybody who remembers me.


Berg, Norman - - Palm Beach Gardens, FL
If anyone wants to contact me my phone number is 561-276-2798.

Cantor, Stephen - - Cheshire, CT - Updated March, 2009

Cohen, Marsha (Abramowitz) -  - Pembroke Pines, FL
No matter where I live, I have and always will love Rockaway. I still have children, grandchildren and wonderful friends in  Rockaway and see them whenever possible. I also have, in my guest bathroom, a Seahorse made by my granddaughter, and poster with sand and shells and...are you ready, a container of Rockaway's velvet sand, in a ceramic pocketbook made by a friend of mine. The feel of Rockaway sand is unique and I touch it very often. I do love living in Florida, but you cannot take Rockaway out of me. Love to you all.

Deutsch, Rita (Herring) -  - Boca Raton, FL - Updated September, 2014


Denenberg, Bruce - - Boca Raton , FL - Updated July, 2012

Dobin, Myra (Markowitz) - - Hewlett, NY - Updated August, 2011

Domroe, Beverly (Lowenthal) -  - Cedarhurst, NY

Dranow, Daryle (Prager) -  - Surfside, FL

Ehrenfreund, Mel -  - Edgewater, NJ
It was fun to read and recall many old friends as I went through the list of members.  I hope to email several as I just did with Ronnie May.  Whoever created this site has done a wonderful job, thanks.  MEL EVANS

Eisenberg, Joyce (Douglas) -  - Hartsdale, NY

Ellis, Richard -   - New York, NY
Richard Ellis is currently recognized as the foremost painter of marine natural history subjects in America. His paintings of whales have appeared in Audubon, National Wildlife, Australian Geographic, the Encyclopedia Britannica, and numerous other national and international publications. His shark paintings have been featured in Sports Afield, Audubon, Sport Diver, Nautical Quarterly, Reader's Digest, and of course his own BOOK OF SHARKS, now in its sixth printing, and called the most popular book on sharks ever written. He has been asked to advise on many museum installations, and in 1978, he completed a 35-foot long whale mural for the Denver Museum of Natural History. His paintings have been exhibited at one-man and group shows from coast to coast. One hundred and six of his paintings were selected by the Smithsonian Institution to form a traveling exhibit of the marine mammals of the world, and these paintings are now in the permanent collection of Whaleworld, a museum in Albany, Western Australia.

In addition to painting, Mr. Ellis is the author of more than eighty magazine articles, which have appeared in such journals as Geo, Audubon, Animal Kingdom, Curator, Smithsonian, Science Digest, and National Geographic. He has been the subject of cover stories in American Artist, Ocean Realm, Yale's Discovery magazine, and his alumni magazine, the Pennsylvania Gazette. He has appeared in numerous television specials, and has written screenplays on whales for PBS. His research has taken him to Quebec, Baja California, Newfoundland, Hawaii, Bermuda, Nantucket, the Azores, Alaska, Patagonia, Japan, India, South Africa, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland, the Faeroes, the Gal pagos, the Falklands, South Georgia, the Antarctic, Spitsbergen, Jan Mayen Land, and the North Pole. Mr. Ellis is a special adviser to the American Cetacean Society, and a member of the Explorers Club. From 1980 to 1990, he was a member of the U.S. delegation to the International Whaling Commission. Upon the 1980 publication of THE BOOK OF WHALES, he embarked on a national lecture tour, which took him from Boston to Hawaii. DOLPHINS AND PORPOISES, the second volume of his comprehensive work on the cetaceans of the world, was published to universal critical acclaim in 1982. As of September 1986, he completed a 100-foot-long mural of Moby Dick for the New Bedford Whaling Museum in Massachusetts, and in April of 1987, his illustrations of the seals and sea lions of the world were published by the National Geographic. In the summer of 1987, Richard Ellis lectured aboard the legendary Sea Cloud for six weeks as she sailed from Bali to Fiji. In 1991, he published GREAT WHITE SHARK, co-authored by John McCosker, (Stanford University Press), and MEN AND WHALES, published by Knopf. In 1993, he wrote and illustrated PHYSTY, his first children's book, the story of the successful rescue of a baby sperm whale. MONSTERS OF THE SEA was published in the fall of 1994, and DEEP ATLANTIC appeared in 1996. IMAGINING ATLANTIS was published in July, 1998, with front page reviews in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times book reviews, and THE SEARCH FOR THE GIANT SQUID was published in October 1998. He is currently writing and illustrating an encyclopedia of the sea.

Faber, Barbara (Butler) -  - New York, NY

Fedich, Irene (Matier) -  -Eatontown, NJ
Enjoy this whole web-site. Brings back so many good memories of Rockaway. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Fedich, Marilyn "Lynn" (Schornstein) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Ormond Beach, FL
Hi all Far Rockaway people...would love to hear from you. My sister Irene Fedich told me about this site...hope to hear from all my old friends.

Finkel, Mike - - No City Listed

Forschein, Ann (Barash) - - Iselin, NJ
Discovered this site and am thrilled that I did. Hope to connect with old friends and make new ones. Great experience; thank you for making it possible.

Franck, Zelda (Klapper) -  - San Diego, CA

Gold, Anita (Stein) -  - West Hempstead, NY - Deceased February, 2010
Great web-site. It's fun to travel back memory lane.

Goldberg, Phyllis (Bernstein) - - Woodmere, NY - Updated February, 2010

Gottlieb, Marjorie "Midge" (Wolfe) -  - Syosset, NY

Greenfield, Ann (Liss) -  - Woodmere, NY

Hall, Kenny -  - Boca Raton, FL
Lived in Lido Beach after marrying in 1966. Moved to FL in 1973, built present house in 1975. Sold my business in 1996 and retired in 1998. Purchased motor home in 1999 and are now traveling snowbirds, on the road 6 months and home for the cooler months. Still friendly with Dave Leshefsky, Mel Evans (was Ehrenfreund) and Herb Steiner.

Hellenbrand, Edward - 702 893-0900 -  - Las Vegas, NV - Deceased, 2009
I would LOVE to hear from old acquaintances. CALL ME, or better yet, come visit with me in Las Vegas.  I still visit Roy Lakretz, and his wife, Jackie, for fishing from their boat off Rockaway Beach, each fall.

Hellman, Phyllis (Jacobs) - - Lake Worth, FL - Updated June, 2014
Website:  Love all of the reunions I have attended. Looking for a 60th to take place. Maybe repeat by inviting Class of '56.

Herman, Adrienne - Deceased

Herzog, Michael -  - Cedarhurst, NY

Hirschfeld, Herbert -  - Glen Head, NY

Horowitz, Arlene (Diamond) -  - Las Vegas, NV
Love to gamble.

Jablow, Patricia (Reichler) -  - Syosset, NY

Joseph, Stephen -  - New York, NY
I'm writing a book about the lives of people who attended FRHS, from about 1950 to about 1960. It's not necessarily about worldly accomplishments(those are also interesting), but lives strange, beautiful, tragic, dramatic, and surprising. If you, or someone you knew from the school had or has such a story, would you call or email me to talk about it? All names will be changed to protect people's privacy.

Josephs, Dr. Deanne (Gerstel) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Cedarhurst, NY

Kellner, Joan (Cohen) -  - Chestnut Ridge, NY

Kaplan, Michael -  - Princeton, NJ

Kasman, Phyllis (Klein Kramer) -  - Surprise, AZ - Deceased November 1, 2011

Kaufman, Steve - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Westport, CT

Kirshner, Alan - - Mission San Jose, CA - Updated February, 2010
I just visited my best friend from High School, Steve Antler.  He now resides in Brookline, MA. We graduated 45 years back and last saw each other in 1973.  Steve informed me of this site.  Oddly, he never added his name to your list.  While both Steve and I never spent much time at FRHS and I do not feel a great affection for the school, I must admit that a few memories remain in my senior mind.   I have enjoyed reminiscing through your site.  Thanks--

Kilstein, Neil -  - Saddle River, NJ

Krigsner, Sheila (Stieglitz) -  - Roswell, GA

Laden, Michael - - West Palm Beach, FL
Ring me up! 570-445-4391 Fishing - surfing?? Boat now in FL

Lahn, Joyce -  - Boca Raton, FL

Lakretz, Roy - Send Me Your Current Email Address - East Meadow, NY
Thanks for all your work to make this site available to Far Rockaway shmoozers. Talking to many people over the years, there were not many communities in the NY metropolitan area like ours. Too bad it's declined so much.

Landesman, Barbara (Leshin) - - Weston, FL
I attended Shimer Jr. H.S. then started at Andrew Jackson, but transferred to Far Rockaway in my sophomore year. I belonged to a sorority, Omega Pi Lambda, and I can still recite the Greek alphabet which they made us memorize while pledging. I actually lived in Rosedale and took the train from Rosedale station, but my friends were in Laurelton.

Leshefsky, David -  - Millstone Township, NJ

Leshnower, Alan -  - Delray Beach, FL

Lipson, Elsa (Levine) -  - Boynton Beach, FL
I lived in Merrick for 36 years, moved to an apt. In Carle Place L.I. for 7 and am now a full time  resident of Boynton Beach, Florida.  It's wonderful here!!!

Marlin, Fred -  - Sherman Oaks, CA
I would like to hear from everyone that went to school with me or knows me from Far Rockaway.

Massar, Stephen - - Bellmore, NY - Deceased
I made it to retirement and now it is time to do some remembering.  Many years have passed since my days at P.S. 44 in Rockaway Beach and Far Rockaway High School. There was Rockaway Beach (86th St.), Far Rockaway (1476 Egmont Pl., Bayswater), Valley Stream, back to Far Rockaway (1450 Greenport Rd.) after marrying Linda Krauss, Levittown (80 Chimney Ln.) and the last move to Bellmore (4 Bell Ct. 11710) my last and final move. Widowed since 1991, 2 children, 4 grandchildren, still a lot of family, and friends new, old, and ones that used to be.  I would really enjoy having the opportinity of hearing from some of you. That would make my day. My e-mail is and my phone number is 516-781-3381. Some of the people that I still have contact with are:  Arnie Belsik, Kenny Feldman, Bert Glanzman, Howie Guttentag, (Sandy Bernstein), Adriane Herman, Karen Gellman (Rosen) and no, I haven't heard from you-know-who but I did e-mail her. I also emailed Renee Lamkay and received a return e-mail already. It really made my day.  So lets get started and I am ready to talk as usual.  I haven't lost that yet.

McShane, Bob - - Massapequa Park, NY - Updated April, 2015
Hello to old friends. It was great finding this site and seeing the names of friends from my past. I look back at my days in Rockaway with fond memories and look forward to hearing from old friends.

Mendelsohn, Marcia - - Aventura, FL - Posted January, 2009

Miller, Lucille (Siskind) -  - East Windsor, NJ - Deceased - No Date Given

Morse, Judith (Wortman) -   - Rockville Centre, NY - Deceased September, 2012

Newman, Gerard 'Jerry' -  - Philadelphia, PA
Would be wonderful to hear from anyone who remembers me and all the fun we had at FRHS.. I left Far Rockaway over 45 years ago.

Newman, Jack - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Mount Holly, NJ

Newman, Jerry - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Philadelphia, PA
It is like a breath of fresh air to speak to someone you have grown up with and not had contact with in over 45 years. And you still remember them like it was yesterday. Thanking you in advance.  Jerry Newman

Parides, Beatrice - - New York, NY - Updated February 13, 2913
Would like all those grads of 1955 to have my new email address.  Am also looking for graduates of P.S. 39 who went on to FRHS.  Please email me!

Pindyck, Johanna (Steiner) -  - No City Listed - Deceased, August, 2013

Plant, Victor - - Fayetteville, NC

Reich, Joel -  - Tamarac, FL

Reiss, Mona (Crey) - - Rancho Mirage, CA - Deceased June 23, 2012
I think I must be one of the oldest to register, but I remember Laurelton and Far Rockaway High School like it was yesterday.

Resnick, Robert -  - Santa Monica CA
I didn't literally graduate FRHS in 1955 since I moved to Westchester county the end of my Junior year.  However, all my  memories of people in high school and high school itself are all from FRHS - sort of a virtual graduate. Website:

Robbins, Joan (Sloane Waggener) - - Alexandria, VA

Rosenblum, Marlene "Mickey" (Mandelbaum) - - East WIndsor, NJ - Updated June, 2011

Sackser, Judy (Bernstein) - - Paradise Valley, AZ

Santorella, Antoinette (Uberti) - - Merrick, NY - Updated December 2008

Scher, Harriet (Weiss) -  - Merrick, NY
I would love to hear from old friends.

Schiffman, Brenda (Kingsley) -  - Hollywood, FL

Schmidt, Barry (Smith) -  - Brooklyn, NY

Schuffman, Joan (Mandel) -  - Boynton Beach, FL

Schwartz, Richard -  - Burbank, CA
Class of '55, but due to "Teenage Rebellion" graduated Jan. '56.

Seiden, Elaine (Singer) -  - Baldwin, NY

Shapiro, Robert -  - Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Visit my website at:

Sherson, Richard -  - Bluffton, SC

Silver, Shelly -  - Winter Park, FL

Simmons, Alan -  - Lake Grove, NY

Slavin, Larry - - Mount Pleasant, SC
Retired neurologist md live in Charleston, SC. Have two older children and 2 China adopted daughters in their late teens. Married
39 years enjoying living in one of Americas nicest cities, went to Emory University undergrad and Tulane med school.

Smith, Thelma "Terry" (Bloom) -  - Delray Beach, FL

Would like to hear from anyone in the graduating class of 1955 who is currently living in the Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth area and/or South Florida.

Solinsky, Lucille, (Weinberg) -  - New York, NY

Speiser, Marc - - Lancaster, MA - Updated February, 2014
I have remained connected to Norman Berg, Bert Susker And Phyllis Henkin (Teitell), class of 1955. Attended Hili and would love to hear from any classmates or schoolmates. Lived in Arverne then Far Rockaway on Hartman Lane. Belonged to Mitchell Cohen AZA, brothers please write. Played violin in orchestra.  My sister Lola Speiser, Class of 1949 unfortunately passed away. I would be interested in hearing from her friends including Karyl Drucker.

Sperber, Irwin - - New Paltz, NY
The school was great; too bad it's gone.

Speregon, Elaine (Abolafia) -  - Coconut Creek, FL
What a happy surprise to find this website. Such a professional job. Am very pleased to see letters from friends of almost 50 years ago. Thank you so much!

Steiner, Herb -  - Ridgewood, NJ
Changed careers from business to social work,and loving it. I play string quartets weekly, usually in Manhattan. No plans to retire. In contact with Mel Ehrenfruend, Dave Leshefsky, Kenny Hall, Ronnie May, Art Weiss and Stu Gamerov.

Stillson, Rhoda (Chester) -  - Belle Harbor, NY

Storch, Phyllis (Cohen) -  - Las Vegas, NV

Sugarman, Helen (Presberg)  - Rochester, NY

Thaler, Sheldon - - East Meadow, NY - Updated December, 2008

Tolk, Sandy (Zeliger) -  - Walnut Creek, CA
From the murky waters of Far Rockaway to the sunny beaches of Northern Calif. hello to all the grads of Far Rock High.

Upbin, Sandra "Cookie" (Hoffner) -  - Woodmere, NY
Just came across this web site and intend to e-mail a few people I remember from P.S. 39 and my h.s. years. Would love to hear from old friends. Fond memories of Rockaway past...from the May Pole in the spring, punchball in the schoolyard and sewing labels on Mrs. Newblatt's children's clothes for camp.  Who remembers that?  I married my high school sweetheart and we have three sons...2 lawyers and a dr. ...five grandchildren ...and living in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. for 8 months a year.  Buzzy was an ophthalmologist in 5 towns and now retired.

Weiss, Arthur -  - Seaside, OR - Deceased July, 2014
Arthur lived at the beach in Seaside, Oregon for the past 25 years.  Said he loved it because it reminded him of Rockaway. 
Classmates might remember me as Old Man River. I sang that at a school play at Public School 44 across the street from the Rockaway Beach Police Station.

Werfel, Carol Louise (Schilling) -  - Glendale, CA
Cannot believe there really is life after High School. It was my sister living in New Mexico that found your site. What made you feel that there were others like us searching back for our identity? As we were, so we will be!

Wexler, Beverly - Send Me Your Current Email Address - East Rockaway, NY

Wiener, Warren - - Far Rockaway, NY

Young, Carole (Ruden) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Westport, CT

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