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Thanks to Vivian Mintz Karow, Class of 1954, for sending this wonderful photo of the graduates of the 1950's taken in 1997 at their Boca Raton reunion. Vivian wants to know where all of you 1950's grads are and why you haven't registered with this site? Click on the photo to see it in it's larger format.

Vivian Mintz, Class of 1954 joins us from Boca Raton, Florida and writes the following.

Dear Skip: I graduated in 1954 from FRHS. Very interested in keeping up with people from FRHS. Are you attending the reunion. I gave the school hundreds of people to contact. I just ran a reunion in Boca Raton for the 50's. I had 125 people. It was wonderful. Are you related to Linda Weinstock 1954? I lived in Far Rockaway but my family was from Arverne. My maiden nmae was Mintz. Do you know the name?

Hope to hear from you again. Thanks for your letter. As you can see I am just learning the computer. I have no idea how to send pictues etc.

Vivian can be reached at

Thanks Vivian for your letter. I'm not related to Linda Weinstock but had 3 cousins who lived in Rockaway. Ellyn, David, and Beth Weinstock. If you have any photos from the Boca Raton reunion, I would be happy to put them on the web site. Just mail them to me and I will return them to you. Hope to hear from you soon.

Edward Berlin, Class of 1954 joins us from New York.

I am astonished at Far Rockaway's hold on me.  Almost half a century after I left, the people, the places, and, most of all, the beaches, return in nighttime dreams.  I'm not deceived;  the Rockaway of my dreams - of our dreams - is gone.  It exists only in our memories and will not outlast us.  In my waking hours, I'm a retired computer programmer and an active musicologist, lecturer, and writer.  I've written three books on music and am currently working on a fourth while revising the first for a new edition.  On the domestic front, I have collaborated with Andrée de Plata - my wife and closest companion - in the production of three extraordinary daughters.

Edward can be reached at    Website located at

Adler, Myron "Moose" -   - Delray Beach, FL
Anybody that knows me give a hello, brings back a lot of good memories. I was called Moose by everyone.  Here is a current photo of me and my wife Kate.

Aronson, Larry - - Boynton Beach, FL - Deceased

Bank, Phyllis (Klafter) -  - Clermont, FL

Berlin, Edward -  - Miller Place, NY

Bernstein, Arthur - Send Me Your Current Email Address - East Setauket, NY

Bindman, Albert - - Powell, OH - Updated February, 2008
My wife, Judi, and I moved here to central Ohio in 1978. One of the questions I'm most often asked is, "What made you move to Ohio from New York?" I'll be happy to tell you if you send me an e-mail. Really, I love to touch base with my friends from FRHS. I know how many of you have moved to the Boynton Beach/Boca Raton area, as did so many of my relatives, and I'd probably be able to find a chance to see you sometime (one of my children works for Delta Airlines, so Judi and I fly for free). We were in Boynton Beach just last month (were we sitting next to you in TooJay's?). Even if we can't get together in person, it would simply be great to share memories via the internet.  I taught English and Speech for 20 years in the Worthington (Ohio) schools and retired in June, 2004. I keep busy with musical activities, playing 'cello with a local symphony orchestra and acting as my synagogue's de facto music director. Judi and I are also sailors. For 10 years we kept a 28 foot Hunter sloop on Lake Erie; we no longer own the boat, but we sail whenever we get a chance.  We have 5 children/stepchildren between us, and we have 6 grandchildren.  Below is a picture of me and my stepson.

Block, Norman  -  - Great Neck, NY

Brodbar, Howard - Deceased

Brody, Howard -  - Jacksonville, FL Did not graduate with class.  Third Generation Rockaway!  Website:

Coopersmith, Stephen -  - Jamesburg, NJ - Deceased, 2011

Copen, Ileen (Gusoff) -  - Woodmere, NY

Dermon, Barbara (Kerner) -  - New York, NY

Domsky, Myron -  - Valley Stream, NY - Deceased

Drell, Myrna (Fromhartz) -  - Tampa,  FL

Dubin, Zelda (Voncannon) -  - Charlotte, NC

Edelstein, Beverly (Ecoff) - - Davie, FL
I'd love to hear from old friends.

Edelstein, Renee (Simon) - - Coconut Creek, FL - Updated January, 2009

Elin, Charles - Westminster, MD - Posted May, 2008

Faber, Robert W. -  - Monmouth Junction, NJ - Deceased, 2011

Fisch, Noah -  - Woodmere, NY

Fuchs, Jerry - - Tucson, AZ - Updated April, 2010
In Tucson for 27 years. Very interested in 50th Re-Union of our class. Would like to be involved in any planning for this monumental event.  Please e-mail (c/o my daughter).

Gabriel, Sharon - - Rockaway Park , NY - Updated February, 2013
Had wonderful career in motion picture industry and now retired. Am probably one of the few who still has sand in her shoes. Love the sight of ocean in front of my apartment even with all the devastation Sandy has brought to our town. Am still friendly with many people I graduated with. Looking forward to seeing everyone at 1950/60 Reunion at Broken Sound Country Club in Boca Raton on January 28, 2012.

Gailmor, Gary - - Lake Forest , CA
Served USAF 1954-1958. Graduated college with Bachelors Degreee in electrical engineering. Moved to California in 1960.

Georges, Dean -  - Rockaway Park, NY

Goldstein, Arthur - - Commack, NY
I'm in touch with many classmates from Far Rock and Laurelton. Last year I went to Calif. and played golf w/Mona Reiss. Also have a place in Florida and met with many in the Boyton Beach area.

Harris, Barbara (Ohl) -  - New Rochelle, NY

Heitler, Joan (Seiden) - - Boynton Beach, FL - Deceased, 2003
It's been a long time since the "good old days" at Far Rockaway High!

Hoffner, Burton (Buzzy) -  - Woodmere, NY

Holzer, Morty - - North Woodmere, NY

Imber, Eleanor (Simon) -   or  - Remsenburg, NY

Intrabartolo, David -  - Amity Harbor, NY - Deceased September, 2011

Jacobs, Carol (Weinstein)-  - Long Beach, NY

Janon, Edward -  - La Jolla, CA

Kaplan, Suzanne 'Suzy' (Kornfeld) - - Far Rockaway, NY

Kirwin, Gib -  - San Francisco, CA - Deceased December 2, 2011

Klein, Lester -  - Weston, FL

Levine, James -  - Yorktown Heights, NY

Levy, Samuel -  - Port St. Lucie, FL

Machlis, Barbara (Rothstein) -  - Marina Del Rey, CA

May, Ronald -  - Riverwoods, IL

Merdinger, Marcia (Fox) -  - University Park, FL

Miller, Bob -  - Boynton Beach, FL

Miller, George - - Long Beach, NY - Updated November, 2013

Mintz, Vivian (Karow) -  - Boca Raton, FL

Moftiz, Sandy (Marquez) - - Wantagh, NY - Updated January, 2008
Such fond memories of FRHS.  Wonderful fun filled, uncluttered times.  It still holds a special place in my mind's eye. I remember walking on the boardwalk at night, meeting friends at the juke box, going to the outdoor movies on the boardwalk, and just enjoying the summers so much.  I love to keep up with old friends;  you can pick up a conversation that you may have had 40 years ago!  Please e-mail me if you remember me at school with any of your memories too.  I also have some very old pics...I live in Wantagh, LI. with my husband.  I own a word processing company.  Not retired yet.  Still love the beach and the sand has never come out of my shoes!  Have the fondest memories of FRHS.  Have crazy memories of pledging a sorority and pushing a peanut down Central Avenue with my nose, and riding in a baby carriage!  Looking back, it seems like a wonderful uncluttered time of life.  I still keep in touch with several old friends from high school.  Sandy Flohr (Atlas) and Yvette Zimmerman (Miller), Sharon Gabriel, Linda Rettig.  I'd love to hear from any of the graduates from 1954.  I still have my yearbook which I open from time to time.   Far Rockaway will never be far from my heart. I still have sand in my shoes that will never be removed. Had wonderful memories there, especially the boardwalk in the summers near Beach 35th street. My father used to own the concessions from 35th to 34th street, so I worked in many of the places on the boardwalk. I worked in the bath house for many years. My brother ran the custard store at the corner of 35th street. We spent our summers eating Sam's knishes, tuckee cup, pizza and lemon ices which were ground by hand. Such great memories.

Moskowitz (Marshall), Joseph -  - Falls Church, VA

Moskowitz, Martin L. -  - Fort Worth, TX
Married June 15 1958 to Lucille Crovella, FRHS class of '57.  Retired from USAF 1978, retired from second career Oct 2001.

Nadler, Joel -  - Springfield, NJ - Deceased April, 2013

Norton, Warner -  - East Rockaway, NY

Oliveri, Eugene - - Milford, MI - Updated April, 2008
I am looking forward to our class' 50th reunion 2004.  Please have one.  I am willing to do anything to pull it off. Thanks for all the work all of you are doing to keep us in touch with each other.  I recently retired from practice as a gastroenterologist after 32 years. I will become President Elect of the American Osteopathic Assn this July 12th. I have been living in Mich. since Graduation from Med School; returned to Seton Hall Med School in '67 to complete a fellowship in GI and Liver diseases, back to Detroit and full time practice and Professor of Medicine at Mich St Univ. I have 3 wonderful children: Son, Gregory, a PhD in Presevation Architecture, 1st Dtr a Senior Res in Internal Medicine, 2nd Dtr at UN OF Hawaii in reptilian zoology. Please keep me informed of what is happening. I am very sorry I missed these reunions!!

Orenstein, Joel -  - Cos Cob, CT

Osias, Martin - - Delray Beach, FL - Updated January, 2008
Just discovered the site and am impressed.  Would like to hear via e-mail from class of '54 who might remember me.

Pincus, Albert -  - Monroe Township, NJ

Rose, Marcia (Emery) - – Berkeley, CA
Vivian Mintz found me through my cousin and this is the first time I am connecting. I am excited about meeting many of you at the upcoming reunion in Boca Raton. Website:

Rose, Stanley -  - Las Vegas, NV
Now retired for the past 5 years, living the good life in Las Vegas.


Rosenberg, Allan "Al" D. -   - Edgewater, NJ  

I attended my class 1954 reunion this past summer and it was fantastic - caught up with people I haven't seen since our 25th and many I didn't see then.

Roth, Carol (Oppenheim) -  - Hewlett, NY

Roth, Roberta (Grodner) - - Plantation, FL - Deceased

Schulman, Linda (Kaber) -  - Hewlett, NY

Schwartz, Priscilla (Cooperman) -  - Island Park, NY

Schwirck, Alfred Jay -  - Holden Beach, NC
Growing up in Far Rockaway led to my having salt water in my veins.  We recently moved to Holden Beach, NC and it's spectacular.  I hit the beach every morning for an hour and a half walk and ride the waves in the summer.   I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.   Would like to find Clyde Shaeffer, Henry Appel.  Whatever happened to Faith Perlson, one of the three Perlson beauties?

Shapiro, Pearl (Karon) -   -  Marina Del Rey, CA
I'd love to hear from my classmates, esp. if you live in L.A..  As I mentioned before I am in touch with the following: Marilyn Haim, Gladys Haim, Faith Perelson,Berte Lande, Elaine Weisman, Helen Scherer(now Joan Funk) Barbara Machlis, Buddy Ardover, Lois Schwartz, Vivian Mintz, Ilene Meisel, Mel Henkin, Stuart Zerner, Lee Bass. I have nothing but good memories of my FRHS days and wish all those I know who may read this my best regards. My H.S. years were idylic.  There are probably more but that's all I can think of for now.  Thanks to all who have made this site possible. It's a great looking web site.


Sherman, Fred -  - Laguna Woods, CA - Updated December, 2012

Sherman, Ken -  - Torrance, CA

Shulman, Bill -  - Hollis, NY

Singer, Stanley -  - Great Barrington, MA
I really enjoyed being at the 60th Reunion and seeing so many "old" faces.

Smith, Barbara (Rubin) -  - Rockville Centre, NY

Soffer, Saundra (Seidman) -  - Houston, TX

Sonn, Myrna (Irwin) - - St. Petersburg Beach, FL
I attended our 1954 50-year reunion

Sucherman, Stuart -  - New York, NY

Traister, Sandy (Margolies) -  - Boynton Beach, FL

Wattstein, Sidney -   - Mamaroneck, NY
This week I had an exciting reunion with two of my fellow 1954 graduates, Lenny Mayer and Arthur Sobel. Also, there was Harriet Isreal Mayer, Lenny's wife, who also graduated with us in 1954. During the year I get together with other friends from the 1954 class. Among them are Norman Block, Warner Norton, Fred Sherman, Kenny Sherman, Dean Georges, George Miller, Morty Holzer, Mitch Kay, Mitchell Koepell. Its really a great deal of fun to be able to keep up relationships for all these years. Additionally I speak with Lewis Beers 2-3 times a week.

Weinstein, Carol (Jacobs) -   - Hewlett, NY

Weinstock, Linda (Klein) -  - Boynton Beach, FL
Enjoying retirement!

Weisman, Elaine (Lipton)  -  - Los Angeles, CA - Deceased - Succumbed to lung cancer on April 3, 2012

Wiesenfeld, Philip -  - Fair Lawn, NJ
Love to hear from old friends, classmates.

Wohlman, Alan - - Northbrook, IL
Many, many fond memories of FRHS. The experiences and memories have provided many wonderful flashbacks during the last 50 years. Thanks to all of you for being part of my life.

Wolfe, Leland -  - Ukiah, CA - Deceased November, 2008
8 July 2002. I live in upper California and have not been back east since summer of 78. The Far Rockaway of my youth was not there anymore.  The memories are the best and even though I come from a small town of no civic pride I am very glad to have been raised there.  Going to take another look August this year.  Couldn't keep away.

Yanover, Janice (Farley) -  - Greenacres, FL

Yudenfreund, Jacob -  - Belle Harbor, NY

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