Graduates From Rockaway In 1952

Albin, Patricia  (Amer) - - Long Beach, NY - Deceased - September 12, 2006

Benedetto, Marie (Hagan) -  Bohemia, NY.

Berk, Faye (Weiner) - - Lake Oswego, OR

Berlin, Marty - - Chesapeake, VA

Blum, Howard -  - Palm Beach Gardens, FL
This is a great way to keep up with the past--would love to hear from anyone from the 1952 era --FRHS was a big part of our lives and should be remembered fondly--write me, call me or e-mail me

Buckley, Jack - Lynbrook, NY

Bulger, Francis (Frank) - Send Me Your New Email Address - Far Rockaway, NY

Bush, Ken - Send Me Your New Email Address - Leawood, KS

Cinetti, Fred - - Fredericksburg, VA - Updated July, 2008
1948 to 1952 were good years. I went to into the USAF until 1956. I'm retired from Verizon., I miss the Rockaways and get homesick when I watch "Radio Days."

Cohn, Gary -  - Great Neck, NY

De La Rosa, Mercedes (Burnside) - - San Francisco, CA

Edelman, Marcia (Fabbro) -  - Studio City, CA
I'd like to hear from anyone who remembers the "twins"--Sandra and Marcia Edelman.

Edelman, Sandra (Cohen) -  -Valley Village, CA
I'd like to hear from anyone who remembers the "twins"--Sandra and Marcia Edelman.

Feindt, Dorothy (Green) -  - Matthews, NC
Just looking for old Classmates from Far Rockaway High School and P.S. 114 in Belle Harbor and P.S. 44 in Rockaway.

Fisher, Ellen (Greenberg) -  - Somers, NY / Wells, VT

Garbowitz, Rhoda (Ruggiero) -  - Deerfield Beach, FL
Who remembers the Hoola-Hop dance on the cafeteria table? Remember Mr. Teitze running into the gilr's bathroom to catch us smoking? Remember his daughter Ophelia?

Goller, Stephen - - Teaneck, NJ

Gusick, Esta (Dansky) -  - Weston, FL

Guth, Janet (Kronenberg) - Send Me Your New Email Address - Albany, NY

Herman, Bobby (Mori) -  - Bloomfield, CT

Heyman, Patricia (Mandel) -  - New York, NY
50 years is not a number, it's an impossibility!  Looking at the faculty names of the various membership contributions list was a walk down memory lane. I returned to FRHS as an English teacher for about a year in the late 1950's (1958-9) whereupon I called some of those teachers by their first names at their request.  Needless to say,  Mr. Teitze and Monica D. were not among them. Had we known of the 1997 gala, we (Fred Mandel '50) would surely have attended.  Maybe we can arrange something informal like a picnic in Central Park some nice summer day.  Something to consider while we can all still make it!

Hoberman, Sheila (Rudoltz) -  - Long Beach, NY
I would love to hear from and about my old classmates and their locations.

Kantor, Bernie -  - Melbourne, FL

Kelemen, Stephen -  - Orlando, FL
I am interested in contacting anyone who recognizes my name.

Klein, Larry -  - Seaford, NY

Klein, Marilyn (Rosenblatt) -  - Brooklyn, NY

Kolbrener, Jack - - Roslyn, NY - Updated January, 2010

Lamm, Edwin - - Lakeland, FL - Updated April, 2008
I welcome all communication with any graduates of my class of 1952, or 1953, 54. My brother, Irwin Lamm graduated in 1956.

Lemberger, Carla (Schafer) - Send Me Your New Email Address - West Palm Beach, FL

Lipman, Doris (Bloom) -  - Aventura, FL
If you remember me drop me an E Mail!!

Mandel, Harvey -  - Boynton Beach, FL

Mass, Herb -  - Plantation, FL
Would love to hear from some of my classmates.

Mezansky, Phyllis (Jacobson) -  - Las Vegas, NV - Deceased, June 15, 2007
I don't know how to use computer so my daughter is filling this out for me. I would love to hear from old friends. Go Class of '52

Phelan, Gerald 'Jerry' - - Belton, SC
Sorry it took me so long to find this web site. It really has been a blast to see David Allen's photos and story. So many memories came flooding back. I must mention that I did not graduate from FRHS but attended for my first 2 yrs.  I then had to transfer to Valley Stream where I graduated '52. I was in touch with Carol and she said I was still and Alumni.

Pinkler, Don - - Columbia, MD - Deceased February, 2010

Plaxen, Marion (Roemer) -  - Princeton, NJ
I'm computer illiterate (!) so please bear with me if I do not answer immediately. I have to wait for husband or son to get me going. Look forward to hearing from old friends.

Rapaport, Barbara (Greenberg) - Briarwood, NY - Updated September, 2011
Hi.  Your website is a wonderful connection to the past.  If there is anyone who knew my twin brother Barry Rapaport, I sure would like to hear from them.  We lived on B. 69th St. and my cousins were the Frankels (Marcia, Ronnie and Jerry).  I graduated Far Rock High in l952 after moving there from Brooklyn in my senior year.  My maiden name was Rapaport and my twin brothers name was Barry. We lived in Arverne and sure would love to hear from anyone who remembers us.  We were also related to the Frankels of Arverne and i have a kid sister, Marcia, who graduated l0 years after me.  I also go by the name of Bobbie......Thanks.

Reiss, Terri (Weiner) -  - Seaford, NY

Rochlin, Eileen (Mehlman) - - Boynton Beach, FL

Rosenberg, Bernard -  - Tamarac, FL

It is great to find this website. I look forward to contact and seeing my old friends

Rosenthal, Marion (Miller) -  - Atlantic Beach, NY

Salinger, Eleanor (Sussman) -  - Lido Beach, NY
Looking forward to hearing from my H.S. buddies.

Schaffer, Bernie -  - New Providence, NJ
Hello children, What great memories. Recently I have been in contact with Art Kern (Laurelton PS 158), Saul Drubin, Bob Berkal and  Joan Alpern (my high school sweetheart). Does anyone remember the FRHS orchestra  and Fred  Ruff ? In the orchestra, I was a nerd violinist (one of the best nerds).  I am now an athlete .... however, still a somewhat  nerd, playing my violin  in the New Jersey Intergenerational Orchestra. Remember, don't take life too seriously.....nobody gets out alive.  Visit website at

Schusterman, Mildred (Beck) - 1952 - - Atlantic Beach, NY - Posted August, 2008

Schechtman, Sheila (Simon) -  - Dunedin, FL
I've just recently retired and received a complete computer system as a retirement gift.   Thought I would use it to it's best advantage.   Would love to hear from any of the people who remember me from the old Far Rockaway days.

Selig, Isaac 'Ike' -  - Lakeland, FL
I graduated from PS 39 in Far Rockaway and shortly thereafter my parents moved to Lakeland, Florida.  I would have graduated with the Class of 1952 and would love to locate classmates that went to FRHS after PS39.

Sos, Esther (Rohan) -   - Oceanside, NY

Spector, Stewart -  - Boynton Beach, FL

Spiegel, Martin - Delray, Beach FL
Five of us that graduated together, went into the army together...Alvin Kramer, Richard Levy, Burt Weisgal and Ted Yeschin. I wound up on Okinawa in an RCT. What's a nice Jewish boy like me doing in a Regimental Combat TEAM. Would also like to hear from any of the above and Joe Nathan, Gloria Hollander, Alberta Klein, Lillith Hye and Judy Alpert.

Spinelli, MaryLou (Centeri) - - Sayville, NY - Posted January, 2009

Spiro, Elliot -  - Wantagh, NY

Stone, Rogie (Rome) - Princeton, NJ -Updated March, 2013

Unger, Robert - - Ridgewood, NJ

Upbin, Stanley -  - Marlboro, NY - Deceased, 2007

Wadler, Stanley - - Norcross, GA.

Wallerstein, Robert - Perth Amboy, NJ - Deceased

Weiner, George -  - Seaford, NY

Weiss, Joe -  - Flushing, NY

Wivietsky, Fred (West) - - Woodland Hills, CA - Posted February, 2008

Wolfson, Daniel - - Stamford, CT - Updated October, 2010


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