Graduates From Rockaway In 1948

April 2, 2008 - Special Request

My husband David I. Alpert graduated in 1948.  When he was a freshmen he was voted King of the 50th anniversary of the school. I was wondering if there was any chance that someone has any pictures related to this. My husband died 20 years ago and we had five children all grown, and would like to see what I have been talking about for the last few years. If you know if its in the archives somewhere at the school I would appreciate someone getting in touch with me. I graduated in January 50. My email is It would be wonderful if we can find someone who has them. Thank you for trying.  Sandi

If you can assist Sandi, please email her at


Update - July, 2012

Just wanted to update my previous posting to the Class of 1948....we've now been married 60 years this past June and still in love. Quite a milestone, considering the present day outlook on marriage. We head to Italy every year to recharge our batteries and to appreciate each remaining day of our life.

Hello Skip,

I was in the class of 1948 at FRHS but left before graduation to join the Navy at the ripe age of 17.  Twenty three years later, after seeing at least half of the world, I retired at a Lieutenant Commander. After that, I was in banking in California and Washington State for  twenty one years.  I married a beautiful girl from Lindenhurst and we celebrated our 51st wedding anniversary this year. This photo was taken in a restaurant overlooking the Bay of Sorrento. Evelyn and I have been spending a month each year in Italy, our favorite vacation spot. ( We did have a tour of duty in Naples in the mid-fifties.)  Since I had an abbreviated time at FRHS, not many graduates would probably remember me, but I would like to hear from anyone from the class of '48. My e-mail address is  (Canice is Gaelic for Kenneth, and olypen means Olympic Peninsula of Washington State where we live.  Thank you for a wonderful website!

Ken Livingston    Email Address:

Just received this great photo of Richard Klein and  Ira Abramson
Class of 1948 taken at Ira's home in Miami Beach, FL


Here is another great photo sent in by Richard.  Pictured here are:
Richard (48) and Linda (54) Klein with Charles Whitehill (48) and his wife Bonita.
Thanks so much for sending it in.

I would like to thank Rich Klein for posting the picture that was taken in Tucson when Rich and Linda visited with my wife, Benita, and me earlier this year.  I came to Tucson to start college in 1948.  I attended law school and have remained here for the past 52 years. I have my own law firm and with the Good Lord willing, I will practice another 20 years.  My e-mail address is (Chuckles).  If any of you find yourself in Tucson, I would love to visit with you. There are several Far Rockaway graduates living in Tucson other than me, but none from the Class of '48.   Thanks...... Charles Whitehill

Herb Kandel, Class of 1948, joins us from the Fairhope, AL and writes the following.

Hi Skip,

Thanks for all the effort you put into the FRHS pages. Great work. I posted the following in the guest book and it may help for it to also go on the "Lost Classmates" page.

Hello to all '48ers , and thereabouters. It's been full cycle for me....back to the beach again. From the NY coast to the Gulf Coast. Would love to hear from fellow classmates to catch up with our doings for close to 50 years . A sample of those "missing" are:

Roberta Donsky - Jacqueline Cohen - Buddy Kantor - Ira Rothfield - Lennie Fleischner - Joey Friedman - Arnie Bornstein Murray Friedman - Marvin Goldsmith - Larry Gollomp - Marty Greenwald - Rita Hauser - Larry Katz - Chuck Levy - Arnie Mays - Morty Ray - Lilyan Reese - Judy Rivkin - Harvey Rose - Larry Ross - - Bernie Sarn - Debbie Slotkin - Stan Sonn - Harvey Tarshis - Gladys Weinberg.

Please e-mail me if you know the whereabouts of any of the Class of 1948.  The sands and surf have run full cycle, from Rockaway Beach, NY to Orange Beach, AL. Best wishes to all fellow FRHS grads.

Thanks again.

Herb can be reached at

Thanks Herb for writing. I'm really sorry it's taken me so long to post your letter. I hope you can locate your former classmates.

Judy Pollins nee Lovin, class of 1948 and Harry Pollins, class of 1945, join us from Lakewood, New Jersey and write the following.

Dear Skip:

Here we are, 49 and 51 years later (classes of 1945 and 1948), both in good health, retired and hoping to hear fom a classmate or two somewhere out there who might read this email. Judy Pollins nee Lovin, class of 1948 and Harry Pollins, class of 1945.

We learned about the recent class reunion during August of this year. It was too late for us to join in because we had a trip planned toYellowstone, with reservations made a year in advance. However, we did find and visit the very colorful and marvelous Far Rockaway websites and are now hoping someone from the past might dig out their copy of "The Dolphin", scan the faces and descriptions of each, remembering those years and drop us a line at

Our physical address is 25 Evergreen Springs Drive, Lakewood , NJ 08701. Our phone number is 732-920-8317. We also have a fax number which is 732-920-2560

Judy and Harry can be reached at

Thanks so much for writing. I'm sorry it has taken so long to get this posted for you. I hope you can find some long lost friends.

Leila Pollack Schneider, class of 1948 joins us and writes the following.

Dear Skip:

I graduated in June of 1948. My maiden name was Pollack. Someone told me about this web site. It is interesting. Are we older graduates dinosaurs? I haven't found much about my generation. When I scroll graduates of 1940's the screen always freezes.

 I lived in Arverne until 1941 and then moved to Wavecrest. I graduated from Brooklyn College in 1952.

Bernstein, Claire B. (Kopp) - - Los Angeles, CA


Binder, Marilyn (Unger) - - Tamarac, FL
Retired teacher and loving it. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers  me. My husband Matthew is also a graduate of FRHS, 1945.


Black, Shimmy (Kornblatt) - - Commack, NY


Cholakis, John - Neponsit, NY - Deceased


Dworkin, Maxine "Maggie" (Bernstein) - - Barnet, VT - Updated October, 2014
I look forward to hearing from any old classmates.

Eckman, Warren - - Massapequa, NY - Deceased, March, 2015

Eisenberg, Lenore "Lenny" (Lippe) -  - Franklin Square, NY
Lots of very happy memories and days in Far Rockaway.


Felsenthal, Doris (Muchnikoff) - - Rockville Centre, NY


Fleischner, Len - - Boca Raton, FL

Frank, Robert - - West Hempstead, NY
I moved to Laurelton in 1929, spent all young and young adult life there, no place else was the same. I lived last on 223rd St., the family lived on 233rd., 228th, 226th ,then bought on 223rd.  Went to P.S. 156 FRHS, LJC with Doc Fedder them got married by Rabbi Teplitz. Living a great life with a great wife and children and grandchildren.  My sister was Ethel Frank who passed away 10 years ago.   Many names are familiar. May all enjoy their years in good health and happiness.  I still see Fred Heinrich, speak to Ira Lewis, miss Marty Moses, Herb Bregman, Seymour Moreno, Dave Zwerin, and of course, all the girls in Laurelton were the most beautiful and sweetest in the land.

Friedman, Murray - - New York, NY


Gandin, Elaine (Schwartz) - - Lawrence, NY


Glanzman, Alvin - - Livingston , NJ

Goldfine, Ira - - Hicksville, NY - Deceased, 2009

Greenberg, Howard (Greene) - - Hewlett Harbor, NY


Greenwald, Marty - - Middletown, NJ

Groden, Sheila (Shaw)  - - Metairie, LA - Updated July, 2014
New Orleans is a great place to live-always something going on-Mardi Gras-Jazz Fests, etc. Come on down and have some fun.


Gronachon, Robert - - Palo Alto, CA

Hahn, Thelma (Friedman) - - Delray Beach, FL


Hills, David - - Fort Lee, NJ


Jacobs, Marcia (Forgosh) - - Boynton Beach, FL - Deceased, 2009


Kandel, Herbert - - Fairhope, AL
The sands and surf have run full cycle, from Rockaway Beach, NY to Orange Beach, AL. Best wishes to all fellow FRHS grads.


Kandel, Patricia - - South Weymouth, MA
Hi Helen and Far Rockaway HS Friends and PS 156... it's Pat, FRHS '48 and PS 156 '44!!! I am so happy to find this website and see what you are all up to. Recently moved east again after eight years north of Denver in Colorado near my son and his extended family; now living south of Boston a few miles near another son and his family and my daughter and her family. Please call or write me at: 235 Pond Street, Apt. 112., S.Weymouth, MA 02190. I would love to catch up - great to see all the memories we shared here!! I'm 80 tomorrow - weren't we just 18???? XO Pat PS: Hellos and love to Phyllis Green and Jackie & David Schwartz too!!! I'm on FB too - friend me. I go down to NYC all the time and would love to meet anyone who is interested in getting together.

Klein, Richard - - Boynton Beach, FL
It's great to be alive!


Kopman, Marie (Manya) (Salwen) - - Teaneck, NJ


Kornblatt, Ralph - - Commack, NY
Still practicing in Huntington, NY.  Live at the Hamlet in Commack. Married Shimmy Black (class of 1948) in 1952.

Koutures, Anna (Costea) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Oceanside, NY


Kupper, G. William - - Sarasota, FL

Lakretz, Nina (Shapiro) - - Boca Raton, FL


Laufer, Jerry - - Tamarac, FL


Lazarus, Florette (Small) - - Kings Park, NY
I would love to hear from anybody who'd like to renew  acquaintance.  Life has been very interesting since the 1940s...let's update and see what paths we chose.

Levey, Harriet (Parker) - - Boynton Beach, FL
I would like to hear from my classmates. I lived at Hanson Court off 25th Street. Went to P.S. 104, and in later years moved to Woodmere. I now live in Boynton Beach, FL.

Livingston, Ken - - Port Townsend, WA


Lovin, Judy (Pollins) - - Lakewood, NJ


March, Robert - - East Rockaway, NY


Margulies, Leah (Roland) - - Leonia, NJ - Updated November, 2011
Has anyone ever found Joyce Kerman, married at one time to Joe Saxe?


Martz, Margaret (Rocchio) - - Spring Hill, FL


McGlone, Joan (Rosino) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ


Nord, Doris (Minneman) - - Potomac, MD


Pollack, Leila (Schneider) - - Cedarhurst, NY


Rabinoff, Alvin - - New Haven, CT - Deceased, 2007
50 years is a long time, but this web site has brought back many fond memories. I would love to hear from anyone who may recall me. My nickname was Rabbi..

Reese, Lilyan (Strassman) - - Port Washington, NY

Rivkin, Judy  (Feldman) - - North Palm Beach, FL


Rose, Harvey - - Westport, CT
How sweet it was...this web site brings back the memories.


Rosen, Miriam (Gliboff) - (c/o daughter Leslie) - - Oceanside, NY


Rosenman, Robert (Bob) - - Wantagh, NY - Updated January, 2009
Enjoyed working on the Centennial Celebration Committee and newsletter mailing in 1997. Rhoda and I are still alive and kicking. Drop us a line.


Ross, Larry - - Tucson, AZ


Schaefer, George - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Massapequa Park, NY

Schenk, Edie (Ross) -  - Monterey, MA
I am truly glad to have found this web site and pleasantly surprised to see many many names of former classmates. My years living in Far Rockaway and attending PS 39 and then FRHS were good ones for me. I still cannot believe that after all those years of being a beach person I ended up living in a land of lakes and mountains...but I love it here and still get to the sand and surf whenever I can.  My husband is also a FRHS graduate, year of 1947 and was a commuter from Laurelton- remember those people???? Anyway, glad to be here....

Seifer, Selma (Goldberg) - - Kew Gardens, NY

Shear, Marvin - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Valley Stream, NY


Sonn, Stanley - - Irvington , NY

Steierman, Roberta (Hyman) - - Delray Beach, FL - Updated October, 2014


Tarshis, Harvey - - Davie, FL


Wachsberger, Edward - - Spencertown, NY


Wachsberger, Jack - - London, England

Wasserman, Harriet (Feinglass) - - Jacksonville, FL

Weinberg, Gladys (Post) - - Cleveland, OH - Updated on February 7, 2018
Does anyone have a copy of the 1948 Dolphin..and does anyone know what happened to Paul Sherwood class of 1948?  Won 23 golf championships, a bronze ice skating dancer.  Also play tennis.  So i guess i am a three letter jock. I was captain of the cheerleaders for three years.   Thanks for your hard work in support of all of us who wish to remember FRHS.

Weinberger, Rosalie (Solomon) - - Boynton Beach, FL


Werner, Richard L. (Weiner) - - Sharon, PA


Whitehill, Charles - - Tucson, AZ



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