Graduates From Rockaway In 1947

Adelman, Howard - Click Here to Email - Seminole, FL


Albin, Marilyn F. (Rosenblum) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Oceanside, NY


Becker, Carol (Peper) - Click Here to Email - Bayport, NY


Bleier, Edward - Click Here to Email - New York, NY


Braddick, James - - Arapahoe, NC
Hi Skip,  I’m Jim Braddick, a January 1947 graduate of FRHS and a 1943 graduate of PS 106 in Edgemere. My wife and I spent our entire lives on Long Island and retired to Arapahoe, North Carolina on 1990. My wife is the former Jean Elizabeth McCave and is a graduate of Bryant High School of Astoria/Woodside. Over the years Herb Aries, class of 1947, and I remained very close friends until his death 10 years ago. I have had some contact with Joe (Mick) McCarthy and Bob Macaleese, both 1946 graduates of FRHS and, Like Herb Aries, fellow FRHS swimmers. While in Florida this past January I visited Helen Kucker (Smith) FRHS class of 1943. Helen also earned a letter as a swimmer.
My wife and I keep in regular touch with Joyce Dye of the class of 1947. The Rockaways always fascinated me and I visit same whenever we are up North. Surely there must be many more old FRHS geezers still this side of the turf. I would surely enjoy hearing from then.  Skip, this is a wonderful service for which I thank you.

Bure, George - - San Diego, CA
The list gets smaller each year. Would like to hear from of the other "old timers." Never thought I'd be one myself.


Cavooris, George - Click Here to Email  - Clifton Park, NY


Cohen, Dorothy (Traiger) - Click Here to Email - Ridgefield, CT - Updated June, 2014


Cracovaner, Jean (Silverstein) - Click Here to Email - Jericho, NY


Davis, Sue (Wulf) - - Philadelphia, PA - Updated October, 2009


Fagen, Elaine (Hirtz)-  Click Here to Email - Pembroke Pines, FL


Festa, Joe - Click Here to Email - Atlantic Beach, NY


Forer, Herbert L. - Click Here to Email - Encino, CA


Glantz, Mildred (Stuminski) - Click Here to Email - Delray Beach, FL


Goldberg, Herb - Click Here to Email - Banning, CA


Gottesman, Marie (Blau) - Click Here to Email - Johnstown, PA - Deceased, 2007


Greenblatt, Irma (Chenetz) - Click Here to Email - Camarillo, CA


Hayden, John B. 'Goff' - Click Here to Email - Neponsit, NY


Isaacs, Lawrence - Click Here to Email - Danbury, CT

Jaffe, Alvin - Click Here to Email - Freeport, NY


Kahn, Carolyn (Krupp) - Click Here to Email - New York, NY

Klein, Bill - Click Here to Email - Boca Raton, FL - Updated February, 2009
FRHS was a great experience! I am still fortunate enough to have retained my many friends from Far Rockaway who also live in the South Florida area. (I even married a Far Rockaway girl).

Koss, Eunice (Lukas) - Click Here to Email - Monroe Township, NJ

Leibholz, Georgine (Cooper) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Bayside, NY

Lewis, Ira - Click Here to Email - Boynton Beach, FL


Lubow, Sarajane (Jane) (Schutz) - - New York, NY
Currently living in New York City. Wonderful to find this site and people who remember the "itch" and the Valencia
theater. Great to share memories.

Meyer, Elizabeth (Wheeler) - Click Here to Email - Massapequa Park, NY
Still in touch with former graduates of P. S. 44, Queens. Formerly located at Beach 92nd Street. Found a former classmate at FRHS 100th Anniversary. Looking for more alumni.


Mishkin, Robert - Click Here to Email - Woodbury, NY


Morrison, Richard - - Mansfield, MO - Updated October, 2011
I had to disband my charity and leave Kyrgyzstan after seven years due to medical problems. I returned with my two adopted daughters and secured their US citizenship. I'm now in the Missouri Ozarks helping my daughters' resort business but I intend eventually to return to Oregon (God's country!)  The photo on the home page of the FRHS Rifle Team incorrectly identifies the coach as Richie Sierra. Richie's last name was Sierer (I was on the team).  BTW, my classmates were actually class of 1946. I was held back one semester because I had to repeat one class.  Website


Nathan, Joan (Brenner) - - Irvine, CA

Orenstein, Marvin - Click Here to Email - Boynton Beach, FL


Pienkny, Laura (Zakin) - Click Here to Email - Worthington, OH


Probolsky, Philip - Click Here to Email - Aliso Vista, CA


Rapps, Renee (Stahlman) -  Click Here to Email  - Patchogue, NY

Rosen, David - Click Here to Email - San Rafael, CA
I grew up in Edgemere but left from 1941-45 when my family moved to Panama. I completed my last two years at FRHS, and then chased my college degree over eight years and four colleges. I settled down in medical school and practiced adult and child psychiatry in San Francisco and San Rafael from 1964-94. I have five children, an ex-wife and wife, all wonderful people. Since retirement I've been playing the piano, woodworking, gardening, hiking, taking photos and generally enjoying my family, friends and life. I am still in touch with Howie Reich from the class of 1947, and several other people from the class before and after mine. I have many wonderful memories of my years in Rockaway, not the least of which was sailing an 18 foot boat around Long Island with Bert Meyerson ('47) using a AAA map to navigate. I would love to hear from anyone from my year.


Ross, Stanley - Click Here to Email - Monterey, MA


Sandig, Bernice (Malkin) - Click Here to Email - Huntington Beach, CA
Sculptor; three first-place awards and one "best of show" at art shows.


Schur, Marilyn (Howard) -  Click Here to Email - Ft. Pierce, FL


Smith, Marian (Kasdan) - Click Here to Email - Stamford, CT


Sprung, Edward - Click Here to Email - Bishopville, MD - Deceased, 2008


Sprung, Joan (Dorff) - Click Here to Email - Roslyn, NY


Surnamer, Honi (LeVine) - Click Here to Email - Boynton Beach, FL
Looking for classmates in the Boynton Beach area. Please contact me.

Vann, Sidney - Deceased

Varrone, Dorothy (Turso) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Lawrence, NY
After graduation, I worked for several years as a legal secretary. Then, married have three children and six grandchildren. Avid reader, and hiker, love good music, especially songs of the roaring 20's and classical. Am looking for any surviving members of the class of 47.

Waxberg, Sue (Juran) - Click Here to Email - Mason, Ohio

Wayser, Harold - Click Here to Email - Boynton Beach, FL
People from Rockaway still call me Wimpy after 60 some odd years.


Weiner, Morton - Click Here to Email - Hollywood, FL


Wiederman, Maxwell S. - Click Here to Email - Scottsdale, AZ

Wolpert, Lila (Langer) - Click Here to Email - Belle Harbor, NY
I would be interested in hearing from anyone who graduated in 1947.

Zipern, Jackie (Singer) - Click Here to Email  - San Diego, CA


Zwiebel, Dorothy (Zenilman) - Click Here to Email - New York, NY


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