Graduates From Rockaway In 1941

  Allocco, Julia (Ahearn) - Click Here to Email - St. Petersburg, FL

Austern, Helen (Lichtner) - 1941 - Click Here to Email - Lawrence, NY - Posted December, 2008

Bergman, Daniel - - Belle Harbor, NY
This is for Daniel Bergman (and his wife) I am Sara Scheuer Berger. My parents were very good friends of Daniel's family the Lefflers. In fact, that is why we live in Rockaway.  My mother was a client of Rudoph Bergman for accounting services. Daniel may also have done some work for her, Jeanette F. Scheuer. I only attended Far Rockaway High School for the year 1940-1941 and graduated in the same class as Amos Leffler.  I still live at the same address, 408 Beach 141 Street, Belle Harbor, NY 11694 but the US Post Office insists on calling us Far Rockaway.  My e mail address is Click Here to Email

Bellings, Herbert - Click Here to Email - Oceanside, NY
Would love to hear from old friends.

Cohen, Selma (Holm) - Click Here to Email - New York, NY

Epstein, Fred - Send Your Current Email Address - Winter Park, FL


Evans, Jacque - - Torrance, CA

Freiman, Alvin - - Boynton Beach, FL

Goldstein, Elaine (Schwartz) - Click Here to Email - Hewlett Neck, NY


Heller, Joseph H. - Click Here to Email - Laguna Woods, CA


Kirshner, Stanley - Click Here to Email - Far Rockaway, NY - Deceased 2011


Lobel, Julie (Stahlman) - Send Your Current Email Address - Atlanta,GA

Malin, Marion (Cohen) - Send Your Current Email Address - Norwalk, CT
There can't be too many of us left who graduated in February, 1941. It would be nice if there were some. I left Far Rockaway right after graduation and moved to Brooklyn where I attended Brooklyn College.

Pariser, Jacqueline (Leopold) - Send Your Current Email Address - Boca Raton, FL


Robinson, Robert - Click Here to Email - Boynton Beach, FL


Scheuer, Sara (Berger) - - Belle Harbor, NY - Deceased - August 19, 2019

Schwartz, Morton - Click Here to Email - Lawrence, NY


Wallman, Jeanne (Feiertag) - Click Here to Email - Delray Beach, FL


Wilsker, Jerome - Click Here to Email (write c/o son) - Boca Raton, FL - Deceased, 2009


Wolk, Rosalyn  (Wilner)  - Click Here to Email - West Palm Beach, FL


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