Graduates From Rockaway In 1939

The following photos were sent in by Gil Edelman, Class of 1939. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time and effort that went into copying the entire 1939 Dolphin. I wish I had the room to display all of the photographs. I have selected the ones that copied the best. I know that these photos will bring back lots of memories to the graduates of the 30's and early 40's. In many ways, much has changed and yet, much has stayed the same. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did.  Gil can be reached at

Gil Edelman, Class of 1939
President, Physics;
Vice President, Chemistry
Vice President, Camera;
Editor, School Science Magazine
Vice President, Stamp; History; Bryant;
Current Events; Math; Math Team

Front cover of the 1939 Dolphin; Dedication - "To Miss Liebich for her patience, her assistance and her guidance in our most difficult year, we gratefully dedicate the Senior "Dolphin".

The following dedication appeared in the 1939 Dolphin. I wonder if any of the grads from the 30's remember either Mr. Scarlett or Miss Liebich. I'd love a story or two.

"For the entire school we pay tribute to
Mr. Scarlett. For many years he has
rendered faithful service to our school.
Though all will miss him, we urge him
to take a well-deserved retirement
to enjoy to the full "the last of life,
for which the first was made."

Left - John Wood, President of the G.O. takes the place of Mr. Ludwig, Principal of FRHS, as the faculty took a back seat to watch the students run the school on Student Leadership Day, May 16th 1939. Classes went on as usual with student "teachers" firing questions at regular teachers.

Left - Students pose for a photo out in front of the school; Right - "On the outside looking in! The bicycle stands at Rockaway are really the cheap seats. Admission, one box or a bicycle to stand on. Do not present these to Mr. Teitze, guardian of the gate". That's right, the same Mr. Teitze who was the "guardian of the gate" the last time I saw him in the late 60's when I attended a football game. I know who I will be thinking of when I hand my ticket to the ticket taker at this September's football game!

A great photo of the 1935 graduating class from P.S. 42. Click on it to see it in its larger format.

A somewhat more recent photo of Gil and his wife Joy.

Baron, Goldie (Rothenberg) - - La Jolla, CA

Berlin, Elizebeth 'Libby' (Wilk)  - Deceased

Cushing, Frank - North Gorham, ME - Deceased


Finkel, Renee (Kleeberg) -  - Stockton, CA

Greengard, Gloria (Weber) - - St. Joseph, MI
Hope this information will add me to the list of the real old graduates.

Herman, Agnes G. (Goldberg Gilbert) - - Lake San Marcos, CA
Would love to hear from my schoolmates.  My memories of FRHS are wonderful.  We had a special "clique-y" group, involved in Theater Club, Yearbook and clubs.  Our inspiration came from English teacher: Seymour Bernhard.  He stayed late to work with us, he went bike riding with us on the weekend and he threw erasers at us when we behaved in true teen fashion.  He taught us to love Shakespeare and Poetry.  When he left to go to James Madison High we were bereft. It would be fun to learn what happened to our teachers as they moved their careers ahead.  In the thirties we had some dedicated ones.  I remember David Susskind who taught me to love Biology and inspired me to go to med school.  Unfortunately I loved Physics and never related to Chemistry, so med school fell by the way.  FRHS was great!

Kleeberg, Felix - - Stockton, CA

Manover, Frances (Abramson) - Delray Beach, FL - Deceased

Peyser, Judith (Lainhart) - Sherman Oaks, CA
Where are Jean, Sichy, Dudie, Jocelyn, and Gloria? I miss you all!

Rubin, Roslyn (Rauch) - - Rockaway Park NY

Smith, Leona (Ramoy) - c/o - Palm Beach, FL
I'd like to find Dudie Usdan.

Sternberg, Frances (Glick) - - Forest Hills NY - Deceased, 2010


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