Graduates From Rockaway In 1933!

Benowitz, Ruth (Kravitz) - c/o - Cedarhurst, NY

Gingold, Annette (Marcus) - - Falls Church, VA - Deceased July, 2011

Hollander, Gertrude (Brown) - c/o son - Rye, NY

Levy, Lyla (Berkoff) - - Lauderhill, FL - Deceased February 4, 2012

Wolfson, Jerome (Jerry) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Dallas, TX
I would like to find out if anyone is still available from the year 1933. I would also like to come to a school reunion sometime in the near future. I know of 2 graduates from Far Rockaway High School that live here in Dallas. I'm sure they would love to hear from some old schoolmates too. All information will be greatly appreciated. Awaiting patiently for whatever I can receive from you......Just Call Me JERRY


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