The Sacred Cap of Many Feathers
Also Known as 'The Feather In The Cap Award' 2007

The Sacred Cap of Many Feathers is a distinguished educational organization founded in 1988 at Olympic High School in Concord, California.

Each year its members meet to select a candidate from the school at large who exemplifies the Olympic ideal by serving our students with compassion, competence, and integrity.

The Sacred Cap itself is bestowed on the deserving individual, if one can be found that year, and is entrusted to his or her care for the period of twelve months.  Each recipient, in turn, makes a personalized addition to the cap before returning it the following year.

While membership in this society is shrouded in secrecy and mystical obscurity, we will nevertheless henceforth announce our annual selection so that the wider world may take note of the high caliber of our distinguished members.

It is with great satisfaction that we announce our 2007 inductee, the outstanding educator, Col. Russ Hendon.

Below are the names of former award recipients in no specific order.  As you will notice, the awards committee takes its job very seriously and has even stripped the award from one of the recipients * for failure to honor its value.

Dick France
Jack Campbell
Cathy Avington
Jim Neel
Annie Nolen
Ron Redding
Bob Toppin
Ted Ault
Chuck Hurd
Bonnie Neumann
Joan McClellan
Skip Weinstock
Hildie Spritzer
Alice Bonner

Sacred Cap Society Gathering, September 28, 2007

Left to Right:  Bob Toppin, Ted Ault, Bonnie Neumann, Jesse Forsland Ron Redding, Jim Neel,
Bruce Bignami, Alice Bonner, Skip Weinstock, Hildie Spritzer.
Seated:  2007 Award Recipient Col. Russ Hendon

Ron Redding describing the history of the Feather in the Cap award

Ron Redding announcing this year's winner, Col. Russ Hendon

Russ receiving the 'The Sacred Cap of Many Feathers' from Ron Redding

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