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This web site is being funded by the generous donations of Rockaway Alumni as well as former and current residents of Rockaway.   Through their donations I am able to pay for the cost of maintaining this extremely large and still growing web site, as well as the other wonderful Rockaway sites maintained by Carol Marston, Class of 1956.  Please follow the instructions below to register.  Your information will be posted on the web site regardless of whether you join the Association. 

Please follow the steps outlined below to complete your registration process.  I look forward to being able to maintain the Rockaway web site for years to come and continue to bring people back together.


Alan 'Skip' Weinstock
Class of 1963

Step 1:  Complete the form below and click on the "Send To Carol Marston" button.

Step 2:  If you choose to join the Association, please make your check payable to the FRHS Online Alumni Association.  As a result of suggestions made by many grads, we have named different membership levels after some familiar legends of FRHS.  Everyone will receive the same level service regardless of which membership plan they select but the grads thought it would be fun to name them.......so here goes......

1.  Seahorse Membership - Contribute whatever you are able
2.  Booster Membership - $25
3.  Earl Jagust Membership - $50
4.  Coach Kerchman Membership - $75
5.  Tietze Society Membership - $100

OK, OK, OK...I got the message from you first few alums who registered that you want more categories, so here they are:

6.  Monica D. Ryan Membership - $150
7.  Fred Ruf Musical Membership - $200
8.  Deans Barry and Kennedy Membership - $250+

Step 3:  Make your check payable to:

FRHS Online Alumni Association

and mail to:

FRHS Online Alumni Association
P.O. Box 914, Concord, CA  94522

Step 4:  Receive your membership card via email with your Alumni Association number.  Your card will look like the one shown below...  Once your check is received you will get a confirmation email.

Thank you again for your support of this web site.  Because of your contributions the mission will continue.

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Should you decide at a later date to remove any information you are sending, please email me at rockaway@astound.net and I will be happy to remove it for you usually within one day.  However, information on the Internet is always being copied by search engines such as Google and Yahoo.   I have no control over these search engines and it usually takes a lot longer to get information removed from them.  So, always be cautious about what you post!  Your information is kept in our database and will not be shared with anyone.  The only information posted on the website will be your name, email address, city/state, and any comments you wish to make.

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Alan 'Skip' Weinstock
Class of 1963