Social Networks...LOTS of Them!

According to my research, there are over 300 social networks which have sprung up over the last few years.  Their appeal runs from simply chatting with buddies from home (including foreign countries), talking about your pets (separated by type, of course), activities such as all types of sports, and I mean ALL types, including some very racy bedroom activity groups, to economics and politics.  Name your interest and I'm sure you'll be able to find something to match.

These networks remind me of the Usenet newsgroups, where discussions range from raising children to raising Cain and everything in-between.

If you need a friend, you can find someone who knows you (or at least, OF you) by searching these links.
Chances are, you'll find someone you know on at least half of these.  If you need attention, you may be asked what you're doing at this very moment in time...bye-bye to being lonesome!

Rockaway has its own social networking groups at a few venues:

   Yuku:  The Rockaways and Everything Else
Possibly the best of them all!

   Facebook: Friends of Old Rockaway

  Yahoo's Rockaway Alum Site

I didn't include links to these sites below as they don't seem to have Rockaway-specific groups, but I'm sure you can find people with similar interests on them.  They are easily accessed by typing their name into a search box:

My Space

Windows Live


   Linked In

You Tube






  Web Wise Kids

And it goes on and on... 

If I've left out any sites, please e-mail me at and I'll add it to the others.  I'm sure you're all aware of putting too much personal information online, so be careful.

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