Lest we forget the wonders of growing up in Rockaway, Rick (Richie) Berger, Class of '63, has helped us preserve these memories.  In his recently published book, OK, You Dummies, Up Against The Wall!, he reminds us of some of the things that made a Rockaway childhood unique.  Included is the ever-present drone of airplanes passing inches above our heads as we attempted to listen to our teacher present her lesson.  And let's not forget the scene so familiar to all of us...the little white bungalows all lined up like soldiers in a row marching from the freeway down to the boardwalk. 

Although the book traces his unique career change from FBI Agent to entertainer, it also chronicles that portion of his life (the Rockaway years) which helped to mold his future careers.
As the newspaper boy used to shout out on the street corner, 

"Read all about it!" in the upcoming pages.