About "other" Far Rockaway High School Reunion Sites

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  A while back I authored a page, http://www.farrockaway.com/officialsite.html which still appears on our main site, http://www.farrockaway.com.  The reason for this new page is to let you, as registered FRHS alums, know that we are still the "real deal," and that many new sites have appeared which try to convince you that they are the "official" FRHS site.  They're tricky!  Some even use the school's 25th Street address as their location to make you believe they're associated with FRHS.  Believe me, they aren't!!

As I've said previously, you are free to join whatever association you wish.  Our effort here is to make you aware of the imitators, and that you may or may not be giving your personal information (and/or money) to "fake" reunion sites.

I'm going to list as many of these as I can.  The legitimate ones, such as classmates.com, I'm not going to bother with.  They charge, but it's an up-front fact that they do.

First, please know that any site which begins, http://www.farrockaway.com is ours and that it has undergone scrutiny by either me or Skip Weinstock. We are not farrockaway.net!!  Skip and I began this site almost 12 years ago and we have a world-wide membership of 6,195 as of today, Feb. 1, 2009.

Far Rockaway High School Alumni
Page Address:  http://www.alumniclass.com/FarRockaway

Far Rockaway High School
Page Address:  http://farrockawayhighschool.org/reunion-info.html

Far Rockaway High School Alumni(Uses school's street address and "Home of the Seahorses".)
Page Address:  http://www.myschoolreunited.com/FarRockaway/

Far Rockaway High School Alumni (Will let you find someone ONLY if you register.)
Page Address:  http://www.reunion.com/

Free Alumni Search (register to find someone)
Page Address:  http://www.freealumnidirectory.com/

High School Alumni
Page Address:  http://www.FreeAlumniFinders.com/

Far Rockaway High School Alumni Reunion Events
Page Address:  http://www.myfarrockawayhighschool.com/

Far Rockaway High School Alumni (Calls itself FRHS Official Site.) Gone!
Page Address:  http://officialsite.com/

Far Rockaway High School Alumni
Page Address:  http://farrockawayhighschool.org/alumni-list.html

Far Rockaway High School
Page Address:  http://farrockawayhighschool.org/

Far Rockaway High School Alumni
Page Address:  http://www.alumniclass.com/farrockaway/register-alumni

Search results for Far Rockaway High School Alumnus
Page Address:  http://optimum.net/

Far Rockaway High School (Not bad...lists alums by year/name.  Even I'm listed!)
Page Address:  Names Database

Far Rockaway High School Alumni People Finder (Part of classmates.com)
Page Address:  http://names.allhighschools.com/school/far-rockaway-high-school/740963

Free Class Reunion Search (Join to search.)
Page Address:  http://www.freealumnidirectory.com/index.php?t=1,3,174

Reunion Hall (Where Skip and I first registered online in 1995 for the 100 year reunion, a shadow of what it was before the site crashed in 1996...and never recovered the names, but I'd saved them.)
Page Address:  http://www.reunionhall.org/school/class.php?class=1990&id=64687  Gone!

Far Rockaway High School  (Another so-called Official FRHS page using address/seahorse.)
Page Address:  http://www.farrockawayalumni.com/ or http://www.farrockawayalumni.com/Signup.asp

If you've got questions or would like to add a site, please contact me at lebaroness2@cox.net

Carol Marston, Vice President
FRHS Online Alumni Association