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edge1920beachscene1.jpg edge1920edgemerebeachscene2.jpg
Beach Scene c. 1920 - Edgemere, NY Beach Scene c. 1920 - Edgemere, NY
edge44thstbungalows.jpg edge1916grandviewavebw.jpg
Beach 44th St. Bungalows c. ? - Edgemere, NY Grandview Ave. c. 1916 - Edgemere, NY
edge1940edgeavebch34st.jpg edge192535thstfromlirr.jpg
Beach 34th St. c. 1940 - Edgemere, NY Beach 35th St. View from LIRR c. 1925 - Edgemere, NY
edge1925edgemereblvd.jpg b35stlookingnorth.jpg
Edgemere Blvd. c. 1925 - Edgemere, NY B. 35th St. looking North c. ? - Edgemere, NY
edgemere1.jpg b39thstedgemere.jpg
"New" home contruction Florence Ave. c. ? - Edgemere, NY  Bungalows on B. 39th St. c. ? - Edgemere, NY
boardwalkfire1932.jpg edgesommervillerealty.jpg
Boardwalk Fire 1932 - Edgemere, NY Somerville Realty Office - Edgemere, NY

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