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bhychtclub1912.jpg belhrbyach.jpg
Belle Harbor Yacht Club c. 1912 - Belle Harbor, NY Belle Harbor Yacht Club - Belle Harbor, NY
currentbhyachtclub.jpg bh1930s127st.jpg
Belle Harbor Yacht Club Today sans Pier Beach 127th St. c. 1930 - Belle Harbor, NY 
bh1913entrance.jpg bh1910residences.jpg
Entrance to Belle Harbor c. 1913 - Belle Harbor, NY Residences, Rockaway Beach Blvd. c. 1910 - Belle Harbor, NY
bh1927dock.jpg 1929entranceneponsit.jpg
Dock at Belle Harbor c. 1927 Entrance to Neponsit c. 1929 - Rockaway, NY 
bh1911stfrancis.jpg stfrancis.jpg
St. Francis de Sales c. 1911 - Belle Harbor, NY St. Francis de Sales c. ? - Belle Harbor, NY
1922neponsit.jpg neponsitparkway1913.jpg
Bird's Eye View of Neponsit c. 1900 - Rockaway, NY  Neponsit Parkway c. 1913 - Rockaway, NY 
nep1924147thst.jpg nep1937bcd141st.jpg
147th St. c. 1924 - Neponsit - Rockaway, NY Beach Channel Dr. & 141st St. c. 1937- Neponsit -Rockaway, NY
nepbannockblvd.jpg nepwestendtemple.jpg
Bannock Blvd c. 1916 - Neponsit, NY West End Temple c. ? - Neponsit, NY

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