In Remembrance of Cosmo Pacetta, Jr., Honorary Graduate, Class of 1963
I absolutely could not imagine anyone minding a remembrance to Cosmo. I personally think of him  often, the older I get. In elementary school I could walk to his house. We'd play ping pong at Cossie's.  On Teacher-Conference Days, a large group of us would wear bathing suits under our clothes and walk to Beach 25th St. to go swimming. 

The year we were in 7th grade, (we only did two years JHS), I was  caught  by a wave and pulled out.  I kept getting knocked under...couldn't get up. Finally, I felt a hand on my hair, pulling me up and out.  Yes, it was Cosmo.  At first I was afraid my mother was going to kill me for forgetting the dreaded bathing cap; but, to this day I have never worn one again. 

I live on the shores of a small lake in upstate NY.  We have finally thawed out and the water is flowing again. That is when the nostaglia hits me, and Cossie becomes a very strong memory, once again. 

Teri Cooper Sobek, Class of 1963

In Remembrance of David Ellman, Class of 1968
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you.  I'm sure there are many others that experience the same fond memories of your time on planet earth.

Charlie Levine

David was extraordinary in so many ways - charismatic, talented, handsome, and genuinely beloved.  He was a preternaturally gifted musician, but most of all, he was an extraordinary friend. To those of us fortunate enough to have been close to him, the hole he left will never be filled.

Robby Merkin

David, You still remain in my heart.  You were one of my first boyfriends when I moved to Belle Harbor.  You took me to your senior prom at the Copa Cabana in NYC and gave me a beautiful opal necklace, which I still have.  You were a great boyfriend and a great drummer.  When you left for college and you met a new girlfriend, I was heartbroken.  I loved you. 


In Remembrance of Mickey Marasco, Class of 1964
Mickey passed away on the Memorial Day weekend in 1995, four years ago, at age 48.  He was a long time postal worker and had stayed in the area his whole life.  He is greatly missed by all who knew him.

Joe Marasco

In Remembrance of Elliot Levinson, Class of 1949
To know Elliot was to love him. To know and love him was a privilege. Goodbye, dear friend.
Dave Rapp

(Services to be held June 7, 1999, 11:15 a.m. at Riverside Funeral Home, 76th St. & Amsterdam Ave., New York City, 212-362-6600)

In Remembrance of Cliff Langer, Class of 1971
Cliff was my best friend and partner in life.  He was like a kid who never grew up.  He had a great love for Rockaway and those who ever had encounters with him will remember funny fond memories. He worked at Peninsula Hospital, he played stickball and street hockey, went bike riding every summer nite while we were dating, loved the roller coasters at Rockaway Playland and Coney Island (especially with his hands up!), and thought we should have all our names etched on the Cross Bay/Marine Park bridges as we paid for them many times over!  He will forever be a part of me.

Sheri Jacobs Langer

In Remembrance of Barton Minker, Class of 1961
He bought me a turtle and I called it Bartsie. His mother knit him beautiful sweaters, so I started to  knit one for him but only finished half. He was a sweetie. My condolences for his sister Ellen.

Susan Friedman Brownstein

In Remembrance of Michael Schwartz, Class of 1970
Michael was the first person I remember when I moved to Rockaway in the fall of 1963.  I was placed into a 6th grade classroom in September.  I was a little kid, about 4'11",  Michael was always tall.  His red hair, freckles and enormous stature scared me to death.  He knew that, and chased me home almost every day. That memory will be with me always.  Thank you, Michael.......

Lenore Behar Mankof

I got to know Mike only a few years before he passed away. Always had a smile on his face, and a good word. A real happy-go-lucky guy. Seemed to greet each new day (we met on the coffee line in the bagel store on many a morning!) with a refreshing and bright outlook.

Joel Hamberger

Michael Schwartz was my first real boyfriend.  We were around 12 at the time.  We remained best friends after that.  I think of his red hair, freckles and smile often.  Rest in peace, Michael. 



I knew Michael for many years. He was a great friend. He will be missed by everyone that knew him. I remember going to parties with him.  He was always fun-loving. 

Your friend,

Joan Tolin

Today, March 14th, is the 11th anniversary of Mike's passing. I think of him every day....because I have a photograph on my wall reminding me of the great days we had together as friends. Todd is up there too. And today I've been recollecting more then usual about those times we had together. I miss those guys...

Their "Brother in the Struggle" 

Andy Krosnick

This is a very belated post for Michael. He was truly one of the sweetest people I have ever known. I don't remember him saying a bad word about anyone. He was kind, fun, a great athlete and I guess a bit troubled. He was a very good friend and a special person.

David Abelson

In Remembrance of Dawn Smith, Class of 1980
Dawn's mother and my mother were friends before either one of us were even born. And she and I became friends at Far Rock High. She was a beautiful and talented woman who was very involved in school activities. I remember her fashion sense as being "eclectic" and she was definitely a woman before her time. When her shining star dimmed so suddenly at the age of 25 I was devastated because she was simply my friend and I had much love for her. Recently my children were looking at my year book and laughing at our "big hair and style of dressing," when I glanced at what Dawn had written in it: "... Someone I will never forget... "  Indeed, she is someone that I will never forget. 

Rest in peace sweetie, you deserve it.


In Remembrance of Perry Mahler, Class of 1946
Perry is my cousin thru my father (Lenny Kohn). I first met him in 1981 when I went to California to stay with my Aunt Ileane & Uncle Larry Sultan.  When I first met him I did not know who he was. Later that night, it was as though I had known him my whole life. Perry was one of the friendliest people I have ever met. I will surely miss him. 

He has left behind his wife Kathy, son Michael, daughters Kelly, Jana and Liza, and two grandchildren. And of course the rest of the family and friends. He was a great person and he will missed by all. Perry passed away in July 1999.

Perry, please keep an eye on the rest of us and say hello to Nana for me.

Love always,

Nancy Kohn

In Remembrance of Bruce Ira Goldstein, Class of 1972
Bruce passed away on July 27, 1993 in Santa Cruz, California at 39. He was one of the funniest people I ever knew and he was a great friend.

Jerry Sadin

I remember meeting Bruce in the late 60's when we were still teenagers.  He had long hair; flannel shirt; levi's; work boots; chain smoking a cigarette, and he made me laugh.

The last time I hung out with Bruce some 25 years later in Santa Cruz, CA - he hadn't changed a bit - I was still laughing.

When visiting him, I had brought a girlfriend with me.  Always a ladies man, he flirted with her the whole time.  Still laughed.

Bruce owned a small motor bike and let my friend take it for a ride.  Well, she smashed it up. Repairs cost me a few hundred bucks. But he had charisma - I kept on laughing.

Funny how life is sometimes - while remembering Bruce and writing this memorial - he still makes me laugh after all these years.

Miss you and think of you often, Bruce - keep 'em laughing!

Steven N. Lang

Bruce was about the funniest and most creative person I've ever known.  For years, his friends borrowed and stole from his "routines". I can remember times that we laughed so hard I was afraid I'd stop breathing. Does anyone remember his checkered suit? He managed to find a shirt, pants, vest and tie that were all black and white checkered. The squares on each piece of clothing were a different size.  He was like a walking optical illusion. He finished the suit with one black and one white sneaker. 

We drove across the country together to move to California with Jerry Sadin, and all three of us lived here when he died. Bruce went through some difficult times, but even at his worst moments, he would give you the shirt off his back, and maybe the pants too, if that would make you laugh.

I've never known someone loved by so many.

Stewart Fox, 1972

I can still see Bruce the first time I met him. We were in elementary school walking to temple. No matter what the occasion, Bruce had us laughing. He was always a good friend, ready to listen and I always knew I would walk away smiling.

I hadn't seen or spoken to Bruce in many years but was and still am very close to his cousin Amy so somehow, I always felt close to Bruce. 

I will always remember him with a smile

Sharon (Stein) States, FRHS 1972

In Remembrance of Lance Harrison, Class of 1972
Lance was an incredible athlete who died in the early 70's, shortly after high school. He was a popular, friendly guy.

Jerry Sadin

I was pleased to see that Lance had been remembered. Those of us that played ball with this incredible athlete, ate breakfast every morning with him (don't take his fries!) when the football team went to Ellie's, or enjoyed his big smile in the hallway, will always remember this special person. I saw him a few days before his death and have never forgotten him. He will live on in our memories!

Michael Eisen '73

Growing up in the Arverne/Edgemere projects was simply a thrill. Add the friendship of Lance Harrison and family to that mix and I relive all those times over and over again in my mind. You see, many of you only recall the High School times, but for me, it started at PS 105 and earlier. Incredible athlete, scholar student, funny person without a chip on his shoulder and something went wrong. Life has it turns and Lance spun around in confusion. I don't dwell on those bad times, just the GRAND times. I can still remember Lance laying sprawled out under my chair in my bedroom during one of our famous post-game football parties. Enjoy those memories....

Keep the faith ....

Warren Mitchell

In Remembrance of Joyce Krain, Class of 1962
I just recently found out that Joyce has passed on.  She was a dear friend, always full of life and always vibrant, and so beautiful in every way.  Thank you for the lovely times, Joyce. I am deeply saddened that you are no longer here to share your joy with the world. Take care, doll. 


Barbara Smith Roberts 

In Remembrance of Burton Craft, Class of 1936
In remembrance of my loving grandfather, Mr. Burton Craft.  He was a loving husband to Alice V. (Fisher) Craft. He was a loving father to their six children, Alice (Craft) Napolitano, Barbara (Craft) Dawo, Dorothy (Craft) DeFranco, Burton Craft Jr., Paul Craft and Peter Craft.  He also was a loving grandfather to thirteen grandchildren.  He at one time worked for Republic.  While working for Republic he lost two fingers off his left hand.  Years later he worked for Morris Oil Company reparing oil burners. He always had jokes to tell. We all love you, Pop. We miss you!!!!!  Until we meet again...

Barbara Sundack

In Remembrance of Charles Hendrickson, Class of 1964
Charles (Captain Crunch) Hendrickson, Class of 1964, was my best friend.  His sense of humor,  intelligence and complete devotion to his friends will always be fondly remembered.

Richard Metzger

Charlie was the Best Man at our wedding.  He wanted to travel around the world in a sailboat. A kind person, a true friend.  His hair was so platinum blonde, it was almost white, with a reddish brown goatee.  A scholar, an intellect, a philosopher.  He loved to scuba dive and snorkel daily off Beach 5th Street. We are sure there isn't one day that goes by and someone doesn't think of him.

Elisa (Bachrow) and Al Hinken

In Remembrance of Murray Glaser and Bob Seidman, Class of 1945
Murray was my "Best Man" and a super friend for many years. We were part of the Clark's Candy  Store group on Mott Ave. His first car was a 1929 Nash. Annother one of our group that passed away much too early in life was Bob Seidman, also from  the same class (1945).  The same group on the same  corner.  I miss you both.

Murray Waks

In Remembrance of Richard P. Feynman, Class of 1935
1918 - 1988.  Physicist and Nobel Prize Winner.  Lover of chocolate ice cream.  Inspired several generations of young people. The most responsible "irresponsible" person of his time. Contemporary of my dad, Andy, class of 1934.

Joe Marasco

In Remembrance of Lola Speiser, Class of 1949
Lola was a bright and lovable woman. She loved her only son dearly. She was my only sister and I miss her daily.

Marc Herbert Speiser

In Remembrance of Steven Elkin, Class of 1973
Steve was a good, sweet brother and son. He was a doctor and was loved and well-respected. We miss him. He passed away on October 21, 1990.

Rochelle Elkin Lask 

Steve was the best friend I had in Rockaway.  We had been friends since we were 14 years old.  Although it has been over 15 years since I last saw him, I still think of him often and will carry his memory in my heart forever.  Rest in peace, my friend!

Denice Vogel

Although for the life of me I don't recall ever meeting Steve, I do remember his sister Rochelle and her husband Andy Lask very well. 

Please accept my best wishes, Rochelle, and send my regards to Andy and his brother Scott.

Steven N. Lang

I should have written this years ago but had done too much "eulogizing" for a while.  Anyway, still have to share some memories of Steve.

Steve Elkin was one of the funniest kids I'd ever known.  His sister, Rochelle, was (and still is) one of my closest friends so I spent lots of time at their place in Wavecrest. Although Steve appeared somewhat quiet and unassuming, he had a heck of a wit.  He'd have me falling off the chair with laughter at his impressions of the old lady calling "Vavecrest" to report that "the ebelator no voik"!  Later, we walked down the aisle together at his sister's wedding.  We were still laughing - but I won't say why in case the object of our hysteria ever reads this.  (Don't worry - it was no one in the bridal party!)

When Steve became "DR. Steve" I was as proud of him as I could have been if he were my own brother.  I loved that kid.  His loss was a loss to everyone that knew him. Vaya con dios, Dr. Steve.  And don't forget to say "hi" to "Mrs. Grenoble in 5B"!

Ronnie Kamm Tellerman

In Remembrance of Alan Reitkopf, Class of 1969
To many, Alan was a person to me, he was a very troubled soul.  Alan, you will always have a special place in my heart. May you rest in peace.

Arnelle (Wetzler) Brown-Booker

While not a friend of Alan's, I did know his brother Steve and remember when Alan was on the FRHS football team, and later, when he would play paddleball at Bch. 17th Street.

Arnie Wetzler is right, many people were afraid of him - but knowing the Wetzler family at the time, I don't think that Arnie would have cared for him if he didn't have some qualities that others never got the chance to see.

My condolences to the Reitkopf family.

Steven N. Lang

I remember riding on the handlebars of my brother's bike heading up to play Skeeball on 35th Street, then to the Bump-a-cars where I later ended up working. Once, my foot got caught in the spokes of the wheel, Alan and I got full of splinters from the boardwalk. Then he took me to Jerry's Kinishes and the fudgy-wudgys man on the beach where he later bought me an icebar...let's not forget about Lenny's "Fascination", when he used to chase me home in the wee hours and "Ellies" luncheonette, where I spent most of my high school days cutting classes and my brother, kicking my butt for it. Mean and tough Alan, But friends, he had hundreds, Wild parties with the gangs...Wavecrest, Fathers and 17th Street parking lots oh,boy!!! When he laughed it was so genuine from the belly. He was really a great guy and I loved him as did many of his closest friends. A great brother; most of the time he protected even if meant hurting somebody to do it!!!  I miss the old Alan. 

Stevie, your "kid" brother

We look for God in everyone. You were a great talent. With all the pain/confusion it was a blast. 

Rest in peace.

Richard Weir

Alan was a classmate of mine in JHS 180. Somehow or other, we became  a little friendly and although not super-tight, we remained friendly through high school. Alan also helped me out when a few guys threatened me. With Alan in my corner, you know I was safe! Like some other guys, Alan sometimes came over to my house to lift weights.  With very little background, Alan lifted a whole lot of weight!

Alan had such natural gifts, gifts that draw people to you. Growing up as a child of the sixties was not easy. Funny how you can never forget a guy like Alan Reitkopf...

Eddie Isaacs

In Remembrance of Steven F. Schwartz, Class of 1973
Passed away on December 6, 1999 after a long and debilitating illness.  Husband of Patricia (Waters) Schwartz, Ph.D. Father of three adoring sons, Scott, Douglas and Michael.

Paramedic/Lieutenant for New York City Fire 
Dept./EMS Division.  Last domiciled in Inwood, New York.  Grew up in Far Rockaway, New York. A friend, fellow volunteer at the Peninsula Volunteer Ambulance Corp. Suffered much, complained little, now at peace.

Elisa (Bachrow) Hinken

In Remembrance of Lonnie Lawrence, Class of 1966
I will always remember Lonnie, a super guy; friendly, outgoing and a great pal to all who knew him. Our times together were all too short, and these many years later you will remain in my memory, and in the memory of all who shared your short life! May God rest your soul.

Alan David, Class of 1966

My memories of Lonnie Lawrence extend through my entire "pre-adult" life. In elementary school, he was always the first kid to hand in his "dental note," because his father was a dentist. I stayed friends, on and off, with him for the rest of his much too short life.

Gerry Bixenspan, Class of 1966

I grew up with Lonnie.  We were the closest of friends from grade school until his untimely demise.  We learned about love and life together. I will never forget him.

Steven Scott, Class of 1966

Lonnie was my neighbor and one of my best friends.  We went to Queens College together where I remember sharing many a car ride with him. He was one of the most gentle, honest individuals one can imagine.  He had so much to live for and his unfortunate death in a car accident under the Freeway El still haunts me to this day.  Lonnie you are gone but your friends will never forget you. 

May God be with you. 

Bob Natt, Class of 1965

In Remembrance of David Weinstock, Class of 1972
David was my first "love."  I fell in "love" with him on the Green Bus from 198 back to Far Rockaway. I used to DREAD it when he'd exit the bus at 28th St.  He was in eighth grade, I was in 7th, and I was so attracted to that beastly quality: that heavy beard used to get people into "R" rated movies years before we were of age!  And of course I couldn't resist that chipped tooth.  We were on & off  throughout high school.  He treated me like absolute garbage for those four years, too! Years later, he asked for my forgiveness and I wasn't ready.   I've learned a few things since then, Dave, and I forgive you now. 

Lisa Berman, Class of 1973

Although saddened by Dave's passing, I had to smile when reading Lisa Berman's description of Dave's advanced "beard" at such a young age. He was the envy of many young guys who could barely feel any stubble on their own faces.

My late father used to drive for Green Bus Lines in Far Rockaway, and I remember many times riding with Dave on the bus from JHS 198 along Seagirt Blvd.

Dave was a good guy, and I have many fond memories of him while growing up.

I'm glad Lisa has forgiven Dave - he would have appreciated it!

God bless, Dave, and rest in peace.

Steven N. Lang

It is not everyday you find a person who you hit it off with and spend an entire lifetime with.  My sister and David's sister were friends in JHS 198; that is how David and I met. To be accepted in his home, like a brother, was something special.  David and I went to college together for a short time, lived together for even a shorter time and experienced life's pleasures and disasters together. I always accepted him for he who was and he of me. We were BEST of friends for many years until we went our separate lives upon entering the military (USN). I will always cherish that friendship and relationship for the rest of living days. 

Warren Mitchell

Growing up in Rockaway, I had many friends around my neighborhood in Arverne. I didn't have many close friends through FRHS, however. One of my friends, one of my great memories of FRHS, was David Weinstock. We didn't socialize much, we were just good acquaintances in school. I always thought of him as "very cool" and I had a good time hanging out with him at a party back then (maybe one that he threw at his house?). 

When I read that David had passed I was surprised and upset because he provided some wonderful memories for me over the years. He was a great guy and I hadn't thought about him for a very long time. I offer my condolenses to his family and close friends.

Steven Singer

In Remembrance of Rose Cirolli, Class of 1957
Rose was the always the "life of the party".  She was part of our group from Roxbury, Rockaway Point and Breezy Point.  When I found her E-Mail address on the Far Rockaway Web Site, I sent an E-Mail which was answered by her son, John, advising that she just passed away on 12/31/99.  I responded to his message and told him I share his grief.  She was a great person and I will remember her with fondness always.

Fletcher C. Eberle, Class of 1956

In Remembrance of Howard Steuben, Class of 1965
Howie and I renewed our friendship during the last few years before he passed away. He lived life to its fullest. He was, and will forever remain a Rockaway legend!! May he rest in peace -- never to be forgotten by those who knew him.

Joel Hamberger

In Remembrance of Harvey Goldberg, Class of 1973
Harvey passed away on October 3, 1999, at the age of 42. During the last three years of his life he battled melanoma.  Harvey was a CPA, and a partner with a firm in Manhattan.  He is survived by his wife Lisa, and three children (aged 12, 9, & 6).  He last resided in Bellmore.  Harvey and I grew up in Nordeck.  We spent many days hanging out in the schoolyard of 198. Harvey was a wonderful son, brother, husband and father.  He will be greatly missed.

Jane Goldberg Loeffler

Harvey was a good friend of mine growing up in Nordeck.  We were in the same class from kindergarten through junior high school when they split us all up.  Hung out in the schoolyard of 198 and the sitting areas on our block.  Played lots of paddleball. 

He was a quiet guy.  We met at the centennial in 1997.  He was very thin.  I had heard he was ill but in remission.  It was great seeing him and the gang again.  I'll miss him.

Mark Coopersmith, Class of 1973

In Remembrance of George J. Postal, Class of 1965
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you (my big brother).  I miss you so deeply.


Your Little Sis

Nancy, Class of 1968

In Remembrance of Matilda Goldstein Brody, Class of 1929
August 2, 1910 - May 12, 1998

Everyone Knew "Tillie"

In Remembrance of Steven Rosenthal, Class of 1972
Steven Rosenthal was a great friend and husband and father to two boys named Brandon and Kyle who are 11 and 6 years of age. He was loved by everyone. I miss him in my heart and he will always be in my thoughts.

Harriet Rosenthal, Class of 1973

In Remembrance of Sally Graham, Class of 1966
Sally passed away on April 24, 1999 of lymphoma. She was a most treasured friend and a beautiful person with a gentle and giving spirit.  I will never forget you, Sally.

Cathy (Albanese) Callegari, Class of 1966

Sally, I will always remember the twinkle in your eyes, the smile on your face, and the willingness to always be there when needed. We shall meet again someday, old friend.

Estelle (Moses) Hunt, Class of 1965

In Rembrance of Raymond Smith Jr., Class of 1964
           A Sorrow So Deep - A Brother Gone

Dear Ray,

You left us much too soon, and you are greatly missed.  I cherish the memories.  I think about you every day.  I can still hear your laugh and see your smile.  You were a wonderful brother; so loving, so kind, so protective.  You are always in my heart, now and forever.  I love you.

Your loving sister,


"The closest bonds we will ever know are the bonds of grief."

Linda Smith Roth, Class of 1966

In Remembrance of Barbara Zimmerman, Class of 1950
For those that remember, Barbara was as good as they come. She was a great friend to all and loved everyone. She didn't have a good life but she enjoyed what she had.

Howard Zimmerman

In Remembrance of Joel Dratler, Class of 1960
Joel was probably my best friend from the 3rd grade at P.S. 39. He was a sweet guy and we went though a lot of changes together.  We all remember the 60s, don't we! I guess I'll always miss his friendship and advice.

Kenneth J. Feldman, Class of 1961

Howard Gooss & Joel Dratler Class of '60, were good friends in JHS 198 Queens, I was deeply saddened to hear of their untimely end. I know that they are there together, joking with each other!

George Kyriacou, Class of 1960

In Remembrance of Erica S. Acosta, Class of 1998
To everyone at Far Rock Erica was always affectionally admired for her strengh, devotion and warmth that she had for everyone around her.

When I first met her in Jr. High (I.S. 53) during my second year there, she was one of the nicest and honest people I have ever met, and she never changed; her personality was that of a tulip blossoming in the begining of spring. But when she died in April of 1998 she was robbed of two months of summer, her prom and graduation.

But my memories of Erica will never fade away. When I see a Tweety Bird on the cartoons, whenever I wear or see the colors pink & yellow I will always think of Erica, and I WILL ALWAYS LOVE ERICA!!!! WE LOVE U TWEETY!!!!

Shanika L. Wheeler

Erika was one of the nicest people that I knew.  A few weeks before she passed away she asked me to tutor her in math. I gave her my number and told her to call me so we could get together sometime. We never got to have our math session because she died three days before the date we set.

All I want to say is she was very strong and had the gentleness of an angel... though she was in a lot of pain, she never complained.. and Tweety Bird was her favorite thing.  After hearing what happened to her I cried like a baby!!!  Even though she wasn't one of my best friends, she made a big impact on my life... you were loved, Erika and is definately missed.... spread your wings and fly, Angel Face!!!!

Katrina Pendarvis

In Remembrance of Andy Lederman, Class of 1972
My sweet next door neighbor on Granada Place, Bayswater, let me drive his TR7 while teaching me how to drive standard shift. Only found out about his passing at the last reunion. What an inconceivable loss.

Robin Nedboy

In Remembrance of Larry Gunther, Class of 1973
Larry and I grew up together since the age of 5.  Over the years he was my classmate, my friend, my confidante, my "brother".  I lost track of him in the late 70's as he entered into the troubled period of his life.  I found out years later that he had passed away, apparently not under good circumstances. No matter who he later angered, to me, he has warm, loving, smart and funny - my lifelong companion growing up. I think of him often and will love and miss him always. Rest in peace, Lar.  I hope you found what you were looking for.

Ronnie Kamm Tellerman

Larry and I met in the 6th grade and became friends.  Through the years our lives took different paths, but each time we would run into each other there would always be warmth and caring.  Very often on February 18th I remember that it would have been his birthday and feel sadness for a life snuffed out too early.  A life that at one time was full of potential.  Good-bye Larry, I will never forget you, my friend.

Lois Mark Saiani

In Remembrance of Alvin Franklin Kramer, Class of 1947
I dedicate this memorial to my brother Alvin Franklin Kramer.  He is survived by his wife Barbara and his daughter Gwen Dee. Alvin was a loving father and a very devoted grandfather.  He adored his grandchildren. There wasn't anything he wouldn't do for them. One of the funniest things growing up as a young girl, I remember my brother Alley Cat (that's what I called him when I was young) telling me was when you go on a date always wear pants, and always keep you legs closed. What a way to remember your brother. But I do remember the sensitive and caring way he had.  I will never forget my brother and I know his beloved wife Barbara and his daughter won't either. I love you, Alvin. 

Your sister, 

Judy Kramer Schultheis, Class of 1965

In Remembrance of Michael Barry Kramer, Class of 1951
I dedicate this memorial to my brother, Michael Barry Kramer. My brother was a wonderful man. I was very close to him. As time goes by I still can't believe he is gone. I can still see his face smiling right at me sometimes, in certain situations.  His laugh was robust, as was he. My brother Barry, as we called him, could walk into a room and everyone in the room would turn around, plus the room would shake. Thats the kind person he was. I simply adored him, and as time goes by I still adore him. I want everyone who knew my brother to read this and know that his sister, and I am sure his relatives and family, will never forget him. I love you, Barry and always will. 

Your sister, 

Judy (Kramer) Schultheis, Class of 1965

In Remembrance of Anthony Caliendo, Class of 1965
Everyone from Arverne will remember Anthony. He was one of the greatest people that ever lived. I should know, we spent most of our teenage years together. He was one of the most caring people that ever walked this earth. Anthony is missed by so many people. He was eveything to me. Anthony, I MISS YOU.



In Remembrance of Eileen Murphy Goggin, Class of 1962
Eileen is missed so much. She has a son Brian who is now 31 years old. Eileen was one teriffic sister. She is missed by everyone.

Patricia Murphy Catropa

In Remembrance of David Hayden, Class of 1959
Dave Hayden, father, husband brother & friend. He filled the 
lives of people who knew him with fun & laughter. May your spirit live on in those who love u. 

Liz Weissman

In Remembrance of Audrey Lustig, Class of 1960
Audrey Lustig, loved by all who knew her, missed by her loving brother and sister, FRHS alums Larry and Nadine. Married to her soulmate Kenny Luchin, two beautiful children, Tammy & Heith. I know U.R. an angel in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs sweetie, 


In Remembrance of Keith Eisenstadt, Class of 1971
Keith was a good and true friend-we miss him.  He won reknown at FRHS for decking Jack Kershman-( you know-Phys. Ed.; Coached football team)-after Jack insulted Keith's girlfriend Anita Z!

Lance Leopold

In Remembrance of Roberta Roth Grodner, Class of 1954
Roberta was an incredible woman, a special mom.  Her choice to depart on December 31, 1999 (the end of the millennium) represented to us her belief that "LIFE MUST GO ON". 

Her strength and courage during her last few months kept us
all in awe.  She never gave up...and fought til the end.  She was the glue of our family and is deeply missed. We feel your spirit and know YOU will live on in our hearts for eternity.

We love you MOM-

Vicki Grodner

In Remembrance of Steven Goldstein, Class of 1963
Steven was like a brother to me. We grew up together making sand castles on the beach in Arverne. Our mothers were the best of friends, so Steven and I were also good friends. I attended most of his birthday parties as the only girl with all the guys. When we were in our teens, he would provide the guys and I would provide the girls , so we could have a party at someones house. He was a warm, loving, very sweet guy !! 

He died a few days after he went to Viet Nam. I named my third child for him. It is over thirty years now, but I still think of him  often, and miss him alot. I hope he is resting in piece and that his family is doing well. 

Suzan Posner Tracy, class of '64

Happy birthday, Steve. Still miss what a great guy you were.

Karen Sperber Terach

In Remembrance of Agnes Materiale, Class of 1948
My mother, Agnes Materiale, died at the age of 68 in November of 1998.  She suffered valiantly for twelve years while scleroderma, a disease for which there is no cure, ravaged her body.  She was considered by all that knew her to be the loveliest, most beautiful and easily the most exuberant no matter who else was in her presence.  She raised four children and kept a lovely home always for the man who was her husband of 50 years, Art Pizzigati.  No one can ever take the place of my mom... not for me or anyone else whose lives she touched... and they were many.  I miss her every moment of every day in every way.  Aggie Materiale Pizzigati was so very loved...especially by me, her eldest daughter.

Susan Pizzigati

Agnes was not only deeply loved by her family but was respected by the friends of her children.  She was voted the best Mom on the block.  She was a talented landscaper, interior designer, cook, and parent.  To this day, I try to emulate her devotion to her family and her kindness to others.  I am a better person for having had her daughter as 
a best friend.

Carol Gustavson Tasco

In Remembrance of Edward C. Barry, Class of 1924
Edward C. Barry was a graduate of FRHS but he will best be remembered as Coach Barry, or Dean of Boys at FRHS. He passed away Sept. 23, 2000 at his summer home in Orwell VT 05760. He was 94. He influenced many lives during his 42 years at FHRS and kept in contact with students and colleagues until the very end. He will be remembered with love.

Helen Georges

In Remembrance of Barry Rapaport, Class of 1952
I have heard many stories over the years about my uncle Barry Rapaport.  Those of you who knew him well called him "Boardwalk Barry".  His twin sister is my mom, Barbara.  He passed away at the age of 47 while living in California. My daughter Bari is named after him.  He was a lot of fun to be with and I miss him so, rest in peace. 

Your only niece,

Lori Greenberg Lebowitz

To my friend Barry, 

Barry you were a good friend and I will always remember the good times and laughs we had. Too bad you left so soon. 

Al Biener

In Remembrance of Barry Kornbluth, Class of 1959

I just wanted to say thank you for being such a good friend to myself and my family for all these many years. You will be deeply missed and remembered by your many friends and family that you bought so much laughter and joy to.

All my Love, 


In Remembrance of John Morales, Class of 1971

It's truly unfortunate that we don't realize just how special someone is until they're gone. I hadn't seen John more than 2 or 3 times in the past 20 years, but what an influence he had on this up & coming musician back in the day. John was unquestionably the closest thing to a rockstar that ever graced the sands of Rockaway. He affected more people than anyone I knew in that town or any town for that matter. As I stood at his memorial service I was completely numb. I still can't believe he's no longer with us. One thing about Rockaway friends, we always take for granted that we're friends for life & to now know I can't think of John in that way is so, so sad! John, I'll always remember everything you've taught me, both musically & about life & will carry your memory forever. You were a star indeed!!!

I love you, John, & you will be missed.

Frankie Di Ganci, Class of 1978

When I heard that John had taken his own life, I was truly shocked. The John I knew was way too vain to destroy himself.  The John I knew would let me come to his band rehearsals and watch and learn how a first class rock guitarist would take care of business. I was quite lucky to have such a seasoned pro in my home town!  I was always asking questions about how do you do this, and how did you do that. He would always give me answers and teach me what I wanted to know. (Then of course he would ask for a ride to some girl's house. I never met a guy that girls went so crazy over. He truly had it all.) He let me come with him to Green St. Recording Studio in the city to watch him record some smokin original songs. (Of course when they where done I had to give him a ride to some girl's house.) He was so confident, talented and a great businessman, that people just wanted to be around him. I also lived in the "rock-house" with John; he would always give me encouragement. I was blown away at the opportunity to live in the same house with him.

I'll never forget, when I went on tour with "The Gary Toms Empire," the day before I left, he told me "this is it man, you are on your way." He told me how proud he was of me, but on some level I think he wished it was him. And it probably should have been!

John was the one we all were sure was going to make it and as time went on I guess that took a toll on him.

Life is tough and does give a beating! But we have to stay strong and persevere. At John's memorial service it was so great to see all my old friends. John's passing brought us together one more time! I just want you guys and girls to know, I love you. John will always be in our hearts forever!!!!

Bert Elliot (Goldberg)

Class of 1974

"'scuse me while I kiss the sky"... The first time I ever held a microphone was at a band practice at John's parents house in 1967. I was auditioning for the lead singer postion.  John you know anything by Jimi Hendrix?  I did not, but alas, I didn't want to appear "completely LAME".  I faked my way through Hey Joe, but when we hit the refrain in Purple Haze....I completely blew the line..."'scuse me while I kiss the sky".  John gently allowed me to back to playing football and basketball and ended my dream of being a rock star.

Chris Ackerman

Class of 1971

I was shocked when learning that John had taken his own life. 

He was indeed a great musician, and I remember that he was just one handsome guy - the girls loved him.

I remember sitting in on some rehearsals with him and Louie Echavarria in 10th or 11th grade. He was a real charmer.

Although I recall that John had some difficulties during this time, I had always hoped that given enough time, things would work out for him in the end.

Rock ‘n Roll with Jimi and Janis, John - the music never dies...

Steven N. Lang

As many of you know, John and I were bandmates for years. John, Louie Echavarria and I made some great music together. Louie and I had great passion but it was always John who got us up if we were down. Before a gig, John was so pumped up that if we weren't allowed on stage you'd think John was going to explode. Only John could come away from a Led Zeppelin concert and say Jimmy Page had nothing on him! But for all his ego & vanity John was Rock n Roll! And he was a friend. Once John decided to use my bass (Gibson EBO) as a cheerleading Baton and it hit a pipe in Louie's basement and it broke in 2! Before I could strangle him he says" no problem I will fix it and make it better" Well he did! As I listen to Van Halen live I realize with great sadness that John Morales was and still is the greatest rocker who ever lived!! 

With great love and admiration always!

Scott Lask 

I met John driving a cab in Far Rockaway and spent time with him in Florida and the Rock House.  We had some wild times together.  I played drums behind him for a short time; too short.  I always thought we would play together again. Maybe we will.  Where did you go John ???? 

Danny Dennison

Being that I knew Johnny as a boy, I can't forget him jumping off his roof with plastic wings on, KNOWING it was going to work. I'm going to fly! Such was his absolute confidence in himself. 

He and I and GC were so close then...surfing...the music, Louie E., the 40th Street guys, then we all grew apart. Life was so clean and simple back then. That smile, that laugh. We fought over Carol Rosenberg one day at 198. LOL. But were always buddies. God, he was such a happy kid...lady killer. I was shocked to hear about his death, and who else played Hendrix like Hendrix in the 70s..RIP buddy. 

I'm so sorry to hear he is gone. I could go on, but all I hear is a screaming guitar.

Dennis Murphy

Before I start I am truly sad today. I have been looking for John for years. What a way to find him! I met John back in 1972 working in Cedarhurst at Lawrence Shoe Center. We double dated the girls from the store. I played drums behind John and knew Louie E and had the pleasure to hear "P.V." sing. I had an office building studio in Rockville Center soundproofed with egg cartons. We had fun, we played great and now I realize we can only have memories. It was my quest to play with John again. John was the Jeff Beck, Beck should have been. We also had Peter Malick on Bass, another MIA from Hewlett 1973. Louie E, please contact me. 

Steve Sunshine

Although it has been several years since John has passed, sometimes for no reason at all I find myself just thinking of him and I wish that I could see John one more time. You are and will always be greatly missed.

Jen O'Neill

In Remembrance of Randy Fox, Class of 1979
To my sweet brother Randy who died much too soon at age 37.  We all miss your beautiful eyes and sweet smile.  Anybody who really knew you loved you.  You left us in a hurry and never had time to say goodbye to anyone.  You continue to live on in the spirit of your wife, Abby and your magnificent children, Lindsay Ann and Dylan Parker.  Dylan is a "midget Randy" down to his eyes, looks and his compulsion with cars, telephones and music.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you.

Your loving sister,

Barbara Zacharia, Class of 1962

In Remembrance of Rhea Jaeger Finkelstein, Class of 1954
With heavy heart, I announce the passing away of Rhea Jaeger Finkelstein, Class of 1954, on Monday, October 23, 2000.  Rhea was so instrumental in planning the Centennial Celebration, and in fact was responsible for the Journal.  Consolences to her husband, Howard, her sons, Bradley '80; Eric '83 and brother Edwin '58.

Barbara Zacharia, Class of 1962

Shock isn't the word for the feeling when I heard that Rhea had passed away.  She was always a great friend although we hadn't seen each other for many years.  I had the pleasure of introducing her to her husband, Howie, who went to CW Post with me and was my fraternity brother.  I also had the pleasure of being the best man at their wedding.  We lost contact after that and years later I received an invitation to her son's bar mitzvah, I called and asked when she and Howie had "adopted" a 13-year-old son.  The time had passed that quickly.  It was because of Rhea and her dear friend Carol Kahn that I became a journalist and spent my life in a field I have always loved.  It was Rhea's joy in writing and journalism that passed to me.  We also shared a love of politics and spent many campaigns working at the Rockaway regular Democratic Club.  Those who have inspired are never truly gone.

Bob Nesoff, Class of 1956

In Remembrance of Michelle E. Ford, Class of 1987

One of our classmates is not with us anymore. Michelle E. Ford, FRHS Class of 1987, passed away on June 25, 1999.  I received an e-mail from a friend of hers while on a trip to Seattle.  I spoke to her mother a few days before the funeral.  Tragically, Michelle battled with drug addiction for many years before her untimely death.

Michelle was a true child of Rockaway.  Born December 17, 1969, she obtained her Master's degree at Queens College and taught 2nd grade at Rockaway's P.S. 197.

Sidney D. Edwards


To Michelle
By Carlos Colorado, F.R.H.S. Class of 1987

The seagulls in the distance call your name
I strain my ear to hear their forlorn, wayward cries
And scan the winds to find
My memories of you

Of you, who hardly knew me
Hardly spoke to me at all
But now I long to tell you
Wait a minute
Wait a minute!

Wait a minute

Slow down
You lived too fast
Grew up too fast
Sometimes you moved too slow
For me to see how fast

And now the shock of life's collision with its end
Arrests me like a too stiff whiskey on a paltry
winter's night
You were meant to live forever
You were meant to shine forever
We were meant to be forever

That, oh restless wind, you're bound to be
Confined to life's first memories
You cannot stray afar from the womb town
The eternal county of my dreams
Where death alone encounters death

"Sweets to the sweet: farewell!"  (Hamlet)

In Remembrance of Keith Gold, Class of 1974
Very sadly, Keith actually took his own life sometime during his 2nd semester at New Paltz. He knew a lot of folks as they did he, and I felt so terrible not seeing an acknowledgement of his being gone. It's 27 years later in peace, my friend.

Michael Darby, Class of 1974

Whenever I hear Jackson Browne, I think of Keith. His laughter, irreverence and poetry are in my heart. I always wished that he had called and cried on my shoulder that day, instead I fear he fell into despair. I miss him now and always.

Lynn Sherman, Class of 1974

Keith and I were friends before and during high school.  He taught me how to play chess.  We lost touch when he went away to school. I was shocked when he killed himself.  Waste of a life.

Mark Coopersmith, Class of 1973

In Remembrance of Maxine Weiner Cohen, Class of 1964
Dear Max, your name needs to be honored, as I and many who knew you cherished the person you were. So sad to hear of your passing. Remember u always as my friend & classmate. Know you are an angel in heaven. 

Love ya, 


Maxine was more than just a special person; after marrying my cousin Ronnie, she became my cousin!  We shared a very special relationship which spanned over 26 years.  She was at my Sweet 16 (1969), my wedding (1972) and the birth of both of my children (1975 & 1978).  Until her death we spoke (long distance) several times a week every week.  I miss her and the sound of her voice very much. 

Deborah Kapp

How can you describe one of your best friends in high school?   Maxine and I were so close that when she had her "nose job" I went with her to Dr. Silver's office for a consultation.  One lady in the waiting room pointed to me and told her teenage daughter that when MY swelling went down I would have a very nice nose.   Needless to say at that very moment I too wanted a nose job to fix my "swelling." 

Max and I had many adventures together, like the time we climbed out her living room window after we told her parents we were going to bed and walked down Central Avenue to look for boys, or the time we cut school and went to Linda Silverman's house where we sat on chaises, used sun visors and put on baby oil with iodine and sat out on Linda's deck all day, ending up with burns all over our faces.   Actually, my best memory is getting bus sick on Maxine on a Brownie troop bus ride.  Her mother just kept yelling at me that I ruined Maxine's coat, but she and I just kept laughing the whole time. 

So many years have passed since then; my life has surely taken many turns but the memory of a dear friend will always be with me and I shall tell my grandchildren about all their nana's escapades in a very wonderful place called Far Rockaway and especially about the dear friends I miss. 

Helaine Levine Feldman

In Remembrance of Frank (Franny) Haas, Class of 1963
We were true friends. Growing up on the "block" together and getting into mischief with Dennis, Larry and Tommy. We called ourselves the "Little People". Frank decided to shed his nickname of Franny in his 20s.  He wanted to be called Buster in his later years. After I moved to California in 78, he always made himself available whenever I visited. He was always there if you needed a hand. I miss him! 

Bob Schulken, Class of 1964

I met Franny Haas (he preferred Frank) at 12 or 13; he was a year older and seemed even older than that. I don't know how he was tagged with the name he didn't like. He was quiet, but daring. Smoking and petty larceny were part of his mystique. Though we both attended FRHS, our world together traveled along Brunswick Ave. From the Schulken's house at the dead end, five blocks or so to Larry Sirica's at the the east end that boardering upon the strange land of Inwood and Nassau County. We were guilty of the ususal passionate teenage troubles and had moments of breathless soladirity. But, as way leads on to way, we faded from each other lives. When meeting an acquaintance from the old neighborhood I would ask what was known about whomever. And, so, I learned some time ago that Franny had died. My acquaintance knew no details. When I surfed upon the FRHS website and saw Bobby Schulken's rememberance of Franny, I was brought back to my time along Brunswick Ave. Some people you just miss and Franny is one of them. 

Jim McDonald 

In Remembrance of Denise Greco, Class of 1976
Where do I begin?  We go all the way back to elementary school, Girl Scouts and were separated at high school. I always wanted to be the artist you were.  You could draw a perfect James Taylor with your eyes closed. And then time came between us. Too much time, then you were stricken with cancer and fought a good fight, then you were gone. I never got to say goodbye my friend, or how much I enjoyed our camping trip and friendship. My grandfather always taught me never to say goodbye, always say so long. So, so long my friend, may your spirit live forever.

Your friend, 

Lori (greenie)

In Remembrance of Sheila Pollack, Class of 1955
Sheila Pollack, class of 1955, passed on 9/17/93 of diabetes and heart failure.  She moved from Arverne to Belle Harbor and then to Oceanside, CA.  In 1990 she joined her sister Merle in Davie, FL, where she lived until her passing. Merle can be reached at email:

In Remembrance of John Sexton, Class of 1966
He never fully recovered from his tour of duty in Vietnam. John died of pnuemonia in 1999 and is surely missed.

David Abelson, Class of 1967

I met John Sexton in 1960, when my parents rented the first floor apartment in the two family house his parents owned and lived in on B. 22nd St. Even though he was 7 years older, he treated me like his brother. I remember the wild rides in his Triumph as well as his always calling his sister Pat "Pit."  He was at that time the definition of the word "cool." When he left for Vietnam, he told me "I'll come back soon, you will see." He did return safely, at least in body; his spirit was never the same. Whatever he experienced there changed him forever. After my parents bought their own house and moved the family out, I lost touch with my "older brother." It wasn't until I read of his death here that all the old memories came rushing back. I will cherish those memories forever. 

Rest In Peace, John; your torment is over. I will never forget you. 

Randy Roussine, Class of 1973

In Remembrance of Howard Gooss, Class of 1960
Howard Gooss & Joel Dratler Class of '60, were good friends in JHS 198 Queens, I was deeply saddened to hear of their untimely end. I know that they are there together, joking with each other!

George Kyriacou, Class of 1960

In Remembrance of Kenny Winnick, Class of 1958
Kenny Winnick, friend, brother, son, husband, father, died July of 1990 in California.  He is missed by all. 

His brother, Gary Winnick of Syosset, NY, told me about Kenny's passing when I called him. It taught me not to wait years before you decide to look up an old friend and neighbor. It's too late for me, unfortunately.

Lucy Werner Flatow, Class of 1959

In Remembrance of David Alpert, Class of 1948
April 17, 1930 - Jan. 4, 1988 

Husband of Sondra Feinberg Alpert

In Remembrance of Neal Hochheiser, Class of 1965
My brother Neal Hochheiser passed away on August 31 at the age of 53.  He was so very special and his time so very short.  He leaves behind a legacy of a gentle soul and ever so smart. His son Byron, age 13, was the light of his life. He was the COO for the Town of Medley, Florida for 25 years.  He was also the President of a family-owned CPA firm.  He was well loved by his sister Fran and brother Marty and the community he lived and worked in. We will always miss his presence.

Francine Pierce Jackson

In Remembrance of Alan Sternberg, Class of 1969
Alan was my first friend when our family moved to Rockaway from Brooklyn.  He made me feel so comfortable and "part of the crowd" immediately. I will always cherish his wonderful memory and forever be grateful for having shared some wonderful times with him.

Rest peacefully, Alan.

Jackie Chadi (Mesh)

I walked with Alan on the beach the day before he died. He talked about his bright, his engagement...all happy plans until his senseless accident.

I often think of his kindness and sensitivity-he was wise beyond his years.

It seemed that all of Rockaway turned out for his funeral.  He was a well loved guy in his too short life.

Robin Nedboy

In Remembrance of Sara "Sally" Sokatch, Class of 1963
According to her sister, Micki Fuller (Class of '56), Sally passed away in September of 1990.  She had 2 daughters and one of her granddaughters was named in her loving memory. 

Ellen Smith Hansen
Class of 1963

In Remembrance of Roberta Goldstein, Class of 1971
Roberta was my friend at 198, FRHS; we roomed together for a time, when I was at CCNY.  She taught me so many wonderful things about friendship and love.  She had a challenging life 
but ALWAYS had an optimistic view of the possibilities.  We grew apart over the past ten or fifteen years but somehow stayed in touch.  We shared the important landmarks of life; our weddings, I photographed her beautiful daughter, Erica being born. She lived with me for a time in Los Angeles. 

I always will love and be grateful to her. Unfortunately, I never got the last chance to tell her that.  So, Im sharing this with you.

Betty Pollock (Ehrlich) 1971 

In Remembrance of Theodore "Ted" Feldman, Class of 1944
My brother Ted was also a graduate of NYU and Chicago Medical School.  He practiced orthopedics in the Five Towns and was married to the former Judy Rivkin of Far Rockaway.

Ted was a wonderful brother--I will miss him

Seth Feldman 1950

In Remembrance of Edwin Jaeger, Class of 1958
This is dedicated to the memory of my late father, Edwin Jaeger, Class of 1958.  He was a good man. 

Michelle I. Jaeger

In Remembrance of Carla DuBow, Class of 1965
Carla and I became friends when we were 10 years old and stayed friends until high school.  We drifted apart due to many things and I had heard she moved to Florida.  I had no idea she was gone.  She was an independent and free spirit before that became popular.  She was fun to be with and always had an opinion about everything!  I'll miss you, Carla....

Nadine Kaplan Parker
Class of 1965

In Remembrance of Gustavo Joglar, Class of 1979
My high school friend Gustavo Joglar, died on June 24, 1990 and by coincidence or fate, I found out of this death on his anniversary. I had not seen Gus since graduation, but he was a very important part of those years. I never told him he was important to me. I have so many memories of Gus and me together that I can write a book. The most memorable and the one which is most vivid in my mind even after 22 years is when he and I went to the Metropolitan Museum; actually how I made us get lost. I told him I knew how to get the museum although I only had a vague idea. I knew it was near the park but we ended up at the Natural Museum. 

He was furious with me.  We were about 16 or 17 years old. I had been to the city, but never that far up. I had to ask for directions, and he did not want to ask anyone. We tried to get the bus that passes thru the park but somehow we missed it. So we walked across the park and he was fuming. I can still see his face. But I got him to the Metroplitan. I do not remember how we got home. He spoke to me even though I got him lost. He was that way, very good natured. If it had been me, I would have not forgiven him so quickly, but that was the way Gus was. We also had EMT, Art and English classes and we just bumped into each other over the years in different classes. I also remember walking home.  He would turn left toward his house and I would continue straight to mine. He wrote the following in my yearbook:"Always remember the time we got lost on the on the way to the museum, good luck and best wishes, Gus."

I will miss never having that chat I had envisioned in my mind for so long. You are remembered with great love, Gus. May you rest in peace, dear Gus. 

His brother Manuel would like people to remember his older brother this way, "Through all the obstacles he had to overcome throughout his life there was always one constant...Gus was always Gus."

Ingrid Hahn, Class of 1979

In Remembrance of Arthur Vilardi, Class of 1953
Artie and I were close friends who went to PS 104 and FRHS together. Even though we went to different colleges, we remained good friends and spent the summer vacations together. After I got married, we still saw each other for another couple of years, but like a lot of friends, we drifted apart. I'm devastated to learn of Artie's death. He was a great guy and I shall miss him.

Carl Salland, Class of 1953

In Remembrance of Rochelle "Shelley" Spanier, Class of 1965
So many years have gone by since you passed away so suddenly.  You were taken in the prime of your life.  The pain has eased, but a day does not go by that I do not think about you.  I learned a  hard lesson from your death, and that is how precious this life is and never take it for granted.

I love you and miss you so much.

Your cousin,


It seems like yesterday since you have been gone. My life was never the same. No words could express the emptiness in my heart. I miss you, love you,and I know in my heart one day we will 
be together again.

Lee Spanier Oneill

In Remembrance of Jean Cunningham-Caliendo, Class of 1968
I met Jeanie Cunningham in 5th grade at St. Camillus Elementary School on Beach 100th Street.  Jeanie and I became close friends ever since.  We went to FRHS together and both graduated in 1968.  She was always so good natured, generous, innocent, and kind.  We spent every summer together at Beach 69th Street in Arverne.  We had such fun at the beach with all the kids from Arverne. I remember spending winter and fall weekends shopping, eating, and going to the movies at Central Ave. in Far Rock.  Jeanie married a very kind fellow from Arverne (also FRHS graduate), Anthony Caliendo, and eventually moved out to Long Island and had two lovely children, Lori and Andrew. 

Sadly, Jean and Anthony succumbed to cancer within 14 months of each other during the mid-1990s.  Not a day goes by where I don't think about both of them.  I miss their friendship, their kindness, and their love.

Patrica Ippolito 

In Remembrance of Evelyn Feldman, Class of 1933
I lost my mom 7/17/01 and I'm sure I'll miss her to the end of my days.  She was not only my mother, but my best friend.  Although well into her 80s, she still kept her mind youthful and full of life.  She graduated P.S. 39, as did I, and was in the first graduating class of the "new" FRHS (imagine!).

She was a lifelong resident of Far Rockaway, never leaving Neilson Street and was born in St. Joseph's, now St. John's, passing away there 85 years later, always hoping Rockaway would return to its glory days.

Kenneth Feldman

In Remembrance of Carole Senior Sarnoff, Class of 1956
Carole Senior Sarnoff passed away several years ago.  We renewed our friendship in Great Neck, NY, as  our sons grew up together.  I felt she should be listed on our page. Perhaps others are not aware of this website.

Gail Cracovaner Widom

In Remembrance of Henry Miller, Jr., Class of 1967
Firefighter Henry Miller, Jr. was lost in the attack on the World Trade Center, September 11, 2001.  He is survived by wife Diane, daughter Melissa Lansbury of Falls Church, VA, his parents, Henry Sr. and Beatie of Rockaway Park, a granddaughter, Rachel, 18 months old; a brother, Wayne, of Far Rockaway, sisters Corrine Warnock of Rockaway Park and Janice Testa of Valley Stream, and stepson Scott Freedman. 

Please click the link to read an article about him from Newsday.

In Remembrance of Michele Singer Raines, Class of 1974
Michele was a great person.  I never met anyone who had a bad word about her.  She fought to squeeze every moment out her life.  That's the advice she would want me to pass on to you, 
because life IS...too short.

Barry Raines, Class of 1974

In Remembrance of Sandy Stoller, Class of 1965
I've known Sandy since elementary school. He was a great friend to have.  He was a good husband to his wife and father to his kids. 

We worked not to far from each other in downtown Manhattan and we met for lunch every week until the tragedy that happened on Sept 11, 2001.

We all will surely miss him.

Alan Levy,  Class of 1965

In Remembrance of Arthur Lefkowitz, Class of 1946
Arthur Lefkowitz died on Nov. 1, 2001 of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.  His wife is Cindy (Levine) Lefkowitz, class of 1959.  Arthur was a retired USIA Information Officer and served at Embassies in South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. He and Cindy had 3 children, 2 daughters, a son and two grandchildren.

In Remembrance of Cynthia Yablans, Class of 1960
You will be missed.  I'll try to only remember the good times.  I love you.


In Remembrance of Ronnie Feldman, Class of 1966
What can be said about a sister that loved her family, especially her son Jason. Ronnie loved to play sports. In high school we purposely dressed alike so it would confuse our teachers and other students that did not know that she had a twin sister. Her classmates would come up to me and start asking about a Spanish assignment and I would pretend to understand what they were talking about, unfortunately I took French. 

Ronnie died at the age of 34, way too young for someone with so much love to give. Her son was only 7.

Peggy Feldman Levitin, twin sister

In Remembrance of Gil Kaufman, Class of 1957
Gil was married to my (still) best friend Gale Parness Kaufman Grossman who lives in Florida. Gil met Gale at FRHS and married a year after graduating from high school.  Gil died from cancer five years ago.  My memories of Gil are he always enjoyed life. 

Terri Greenbaum Lowell

In Remembrance of Allan Aaron Shapiro, Class of 1961
Allan was a graduate of FRHS's class of 1961. A three-time Fulbright scholar, in 1987 he was awarded a Ph.D. in Indic Studies by Columbia University. Thereafter, as Dr. Asimakrishna Dasa, he lived, studied, translated, worked and published in Vrindaban, India; becoming in his lifetime one of India's most esteemed and honored Sanskrit scholars. Until his untimely dealth in August 1997, he had published many scholarly articles and papers under the auspices of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Dehli, as well as a beautifully illustrated book entitled "Evening Blossoms: The temple tradition of Sanjhi in Vrindavan" in which he described the transformation of a folk tradition into a temple art. Allan wrote this in the opening of "Evening Blossoms": "Dedicated to my first Guru, my mother, Roselyn Shapiro, without whose faith in me I would never have had faith in myself."

Allan's sisters Cynthia and Deborah and his father Gerald miss him deeply and welcome words from FRHS alumni who remember him and would like to share his memory with us. 

Cynthia (Shapiro) Yaakovi

Asim Krishnadas

Dearest Brother & Dr. Uncle Allan,

You were a wonderful big brother and uncle.  I remember when you were a teenager you loved to hang out at Rockaway beach with your friends.  We were all fortunate to have had you in our lives.  We miss you and your fabulous smile and laugh.  You will remain forever in our hearts as a shining example of love & a good life lived. 

Rest in peace. 
Deborah, Lee, Danielle & Gregory Kapp

In Remembrance of Myron Donath, Class of 1963
Myron was one of the highlights of my youth.  He was the court jester of Arverne.  He carried through in this vein as a teacher by injecting humor into each lesson.  He believed that laughter helped kids learn.  We miss Myron and thank him for enriching so many lives.

Richard Berger

In Remembrance of Richard Zeitlin, Class of 1965
I am so sorry to see that Richard has passed away.  While I lost touch with him after high school, I remember working with him at his father's fast food hamburger stand - The Big Z - which was located across the street from the old Brooklyn Day Camp.  I remember that Richard was a kind, hard-working friend who had a great sense of humor and a wonderful family. 

Bob Natt

Richard and I grew up together in Far Rockaway. We lived in houses down by Jamaica Bay. I remember his big collie, Prince, his brother David and his parents. The last time I saw. Richard was when I returned from college in Minnesota for a visit and Richard and I decided to go to Green Acres Shopping Center, we were walking in the parking lot, on our way to the movies when suddenly I stopped and looked at Richard and said "Richard, what are you doing in Minnesota?" Richard looked at me like he was talking to a dangerous maniac and said, "This is no longer Minnesota. Now they call this New York. Travel disorientation?"  I quickly came to my senses and we enjoyed the movie. Soon after this trip we lost touch. At our 100th Year Reunion. I was shocked to find out that Richard had died. But no one had any idea of his life or details of his passing. Any one who has such details  can reach me at

Thank you and G-d bless Richard and all who mourned him.

Eric Drucker

In Remembrance of Larry Shimberg, Class of 1951
Larry Shimberg, a 1951 alumni of FRHS, passed away April 5, 2002.  He had returned to FRHS as a teacher of the Industrial Arts, teaching Advanced Woodworking, Mechanical Drafting, Architectural Drafting, Jewelry, and Auto Shop from 1964 until he retired in 1991.  He and his wife, Myrna-Sue (Kaplan) Shimberg, a P.S. 104 graduate who attended high school at Woodmere Academy, but also ended up teaching at FRHS, had retired to Tucson, Arizona and were extremely happy there.

Myrna-Sue would be delighted to hear from Larry's former students and fellow teachers.  She can be reached at, or by snail mail at:

11068 N. Mountain Breeze Drive
Tucson, AZ 85737

Carol Marston

In Remembrance of Janis Finkelstein, Class of 1973
Janis was a great friend!  We grew up together in Wavecrest and she was always there for you....with a smile or a shoulder.....whatever you needed!  We lost touch with each other after high school, but I always kept up on her whereabouts through her cousin Jill.  I love being able to look at Janis' picture (she's in Michelle Grosso's sweet sixteen picture which is on Skip's website) and remember the fun we had. Janis - you'll always be in our hearts!


Mindy Wetzler (Bell)

I remember many great days running through the halls with Janis, hanging out together at parties and sneaking out of school together.  Always running around the projects, having lunch in her apartmemt with her mom and constantly taking that Green Line Bus to meet up with her. Miss you Janis, but know that we'll meet again.

Mitch Fredricks

In Remembrance of Karen Cutter Maggio, Class of 1966
I met Karen back in eighth grade. She lived on Beach 71st. We became best friends. We spent a lot of time together in Fatty's candy store. Karen lived around the corner. We took the bus to school each day. We spent summers on the beach and spent a lot of time in Ginos. Karen was a wonderful friend. She married her high school sweetheart. Vinnie Maggio. He was on the football team at FarRockaway H.S. Karen and Vinnie moved to Florida. I did not keep contact with them after they moved. Now I realized I should have never put off that phone call. I know everyone that knew her will miss her dearly. I know I do.

Karen thanks for all the great time we had together.

Love you,

Pat Murphy Catropa  (Irish)

In Remembrance of Harriet Appel, Class of 1969
Her beautiful smile, happy face, great personality and her love will live inside me forever. I miss her greatly and wish our lives together could have been different.

Jerry Siegel

In Remembrance of Stephen Massar, Class of 1955
Far Rockaway High School lost another alumni on Friday, June 21, 2002. My cousin, Steve Massar, peacefully died at home after an almost 3 year battle with cancer. My husband Josh and I visited with him only 2 weeks prior and were able to spend some final moments together. Steve will be lovingly missed by his children, grandchildren, family members and friends. I have loving memories of Steve - memories that I wil remember and cherish forever.

Melanie (Simon) Wilner, FRHS 1975
San Diego

In Remembrance of Jemeal McDonald, Class of 2002
You will be missed.


He was the most sweestest boy I ever was friends with. He never gave me attitude or even got mad. He always had a smile on his face. I miss him a lot and if I could, I would bring him back. I will always remeber him and his beautiful smile. My heart goes out to his family, and I hope they can see that his warm smile touched everyone and he will be missed and loved forever on in time. I wish I could tell him how I felt about him back then, now its too late. I liked this boy and I never got the chance to tell him, and now he's gone. I hope that some day I can see him in heaven and tell him then. 

His good friend Jauwana

In Remembrance of Frank White, Class of 2001
You will be missed, especially by Donovan Weight.


Frank White was a very intelligent boy and still is. The one thing that I loved about Frank White was that he was smart. He had the cutest smile. I feel that what ever happened to him was very wrong. Tell me why? It wasn't meant for him nor Delano. But now I understand someone called for him and told him he had to come in a hurry. Now he's gone up above us, where he belongs, where it's safe. Frank White will always be here with me no matter what happens. I love you, Frank White, and always will. R.I.P 

Tasheema Parker

In Remembrance of Lorraine Singer Carsons, Class of 1970
Lorraine was my dear friend throughout high school and college.  I will always remember her beauty, great intellect, strong will and deep concern for others.  She had a great tenacity for life, although her life was often a difficult one.  She graduated from Columbia School of Social Work. We celebrated many special occasions together and I was at her wedding. 

I think of her often, although more than thirty years have passed. I know Lorraine is in a better place and at peace.  I will always miss her!

Analee Bernstein Sternberg

In Remembrance of Diana Serra Lim, Class of 1977
It's been 20 years since my sister was taken away, yet the pain is as real today as it was then. I hope those of you who knew her have fond memories of her. 

Catherine Maj

In Remembrance of Ira Sobel, Class of 1967
Ira and I were friends forever or so it felt that way. When I saw him at the one high school reunion we both went to the years between melted away.  Ira was still Ira, quiet and "philosophical".  I remember Ira with the "Apaches" band.  Ira, Elliott Kessler, Bobby Wane, Steven Lepow...and their, Linda and Cara.  Ira, I am sure you are finally at peace, so rest, my friend.

Love you, 

(Arnelle [Wetzler] Brown-Booker)

Ira was a friend of mine since I met him when I was in Kindergarten in 1955. He made me laugh then and continued to make laugh till his passing in 1996. Ira was a true and caring person who kept in touch with everyone. 

Ira, everybody that knew you misses you.  Rest in peace my friend.

Jeffrey Hirschbaum

In Remembrance of Pamela Briliant Denker, Class of 1966
She passed away in 1990, at the age of 39, leaving two children. To an angel of a sister who I miss every day.

Rhonda Briliant Sabbah

In Remembrance of Roslyn Simon Amelkin, Class of 1932
She was not only my Mom but my best friend. Mom left me with many wonderful memories. The last year of her life I lived with her to make sure she got the best care. Mom left me with all her report cards, diploma, and most of the class pictures from about 3rd grade on. I also have two copies of the graduation picture. Mom graduated from Shaaray so I even have that picture. It is with Rabbi Miller. 

Mom lived on Rose Street. There have been so many times that I thought everyone in the world had some family from Rose Street because I have been asked if I knew where it was. I have many pictures of there too. I will be scanning them so if anyone doesn't have them I will be glad to share them with you or your families. Please let me know. 

Take care and call your kids every day.  I miss those calls dearly.  I too am a FRHS graduate and had many of the same teachers.

Fondly in memory, 

Her loving daughter

Susan Amelkin Lipton

In Remembrance of May Chakin Lubell, Class of 1934
My mother's maiden name was Mazy (May or Mae) Chakin and was a graduate of Far Rockaway HS, class of 1934 along with her brothers and sister.  You might remember her brothers and sister, Rose, Samuel (Bob class 1941) and the youngest Lou, all went to Far Rockaway H. S.  Rose's children also went there. Their names are Barry, Philip (Bruce or Buck, and Marsha (Mimi) Fell. 

Their mother was a favorite of the school.  Her name was Tillie Chakin.  A lot of the teachers and students remember her as Mama.  She owned the candy store by the train station at 25th Street.  If you were sitting at a table not ordering any food, or were supposed to be in school, she would grab you by the ear and throw you out of the store. 

I asked my Uncle Bob about Mr. Tietze, because when I went to school his name was like God.  I knew my mother had him, and so did my Uncle.  He was a strict and fair teacher, and when you weren't paying attention a piece of chalk was thrown to get your attention. 

So you might say whole family went to Far Rockaway High School.

Written by May Chakin's son Sanford (Sandy) Lubell

In Remembrance of Muriel Saltzman, Class of 1948
My mom passed away 5/11/99.  She loved her education and would have loved this website.  I have a great PROM photo of the entire class... from a hotel...and would gladly make a photocopy for anyone interested. 

Her son,

Jan Fuchs or

In Remembrance of Phyllis Linderman, Class of 1965
When I first discovered the Rockaway website and, I started looking for long ago friends and classmates, one being Phyllis. Over the years, I have often thought of her, wondering  where she was and what she was doing.  Periodically, I would search these sites seeing if she had signed up. Right before Christmas, a friend called and asked a question about a couple of boys we were dating, which led me on a wonderful trip back home to Far Rockaway via my photo albums and diaries (yes I still have them) As I reading, Phyllis' name kept popping off the pages, making  me, once again, wonder what happened to her. In the album was an invitation and thank you to her Sweet 16, 39 years ago, this Feb. 22.   Again I started searching, but found nothing. 

For some reason, I decided to skim the memorial pages, and to my shock, the name Phyllis Linderman, once again, popped off the page. Through teary eyes, I stared at the letters forming her name. Nothing was said. Was she married?  I don't know. Did she have any  kids?  I don't know.  Was her life happy and fulfilled?  I don't know. What I do know, is that after years of thinking about her and searching, I finally found her and I will miss her, that I also know. 

Debbie Wiener

In Remembrance of Stephen Wolpov, Class of 1954
Stephen will always be in our hearts and minds.  He was a wonderful brother and father. 

Madeleine, Michael, Jessica

In Remembrance of Jimmy Barna, Class of 1972
Found out that Jimmy Barna passed. He was a quiet, strange sort, but a great friend of David Weinstock... funny so many years go by and things just happen for a reason only our God knows... we shall all meet again. May he rest in peace. He had a certain beauty to him and he did not even know it. 

Take care. 


I had heard rumors of Jimmy's passing but was unable to substantiate them until now.  Last week his name came up when Ilene Gold and I were reminiscing about all of our  "bad" activities in junior high school.  I laid blame on Ilene for introducing me to such dangerous people and things and she laid blame on Jimmy. Jimmy and I were friends from the time I was 11 or 12 through the time we both moved to South Florida in the early 1970s.  Despite his penchant for the "unsavory," (LOL, who didn't have one?) some of my warmest memories of those years contain Jimmy Barna.  My family loved him, too.  I hope he found joy in Spirit.

Lisa Berman Shaw

In Remembrance of Delano Samuels, Class of 2004
Delano was a very special friend of mine. I didn't know him all my life but when we met in the 9th grade that was enough. We grew to be very close and  we were suppose to date but never got there. I love Delano so much and I have so much that I wanna say to him that I can't even say to him. I love you Delano. I will always love you, and you will surely be missed by everyone.

Faith Audrena Roberson

We miss you so much. It's hard to live these days without seeing your lovely smile.   You were an angel on earth as well as is heaven.You had work to do down here and you still have work to do in heaven

Love you always, 

Natasha, Everton, and Yonita

Delano! I have known you for the past 8 years, and within those 8 years we have become real good friends. Now that you are gone I believe things are going to be so different. I really can't believe that you are gone. I am really glad to say that I had a good, nice, caring friend like you. Now that you are gone I have so much to say to you, but now I can't say them! I want to be mad because you are gone but I can't because God say that he was coming back one day to get us and March 1 of 2003 was your day to go home and be with the Father. You will truly be missed! Most of all I want to thank God for allowing you to be able to be a great friend to me for the past 8 years! 

Everton Clarke Robinson

When Delano was about 10 years old, I lived at 3230 Mott ave between Dunbar street and Point Breeze. Delano and my brother Tony used to always play along with his brothers Daniel, Corey, Steven,and Jonathan. My little sister Brittany and I use to hang out with them as well and go to the bay to pick up little crabs. Delano used to call my sister, "Brittany Houson" and laughed because of the way he said it. One day all of us ran around the area putting crabs inside of our neighbors mail boxes and we laughed like crazy; it was so hilarious. 

I had a dream that someone I knew passed away but did not have a clue who it was. I was scrambling through phone numbers and I had thought of Delano. Then my brother, whom he grew up with, came into the room and told me that Delano was shot. I was hurt because Delano was like a little brother to me and I loved him dearly. I thought that I was bugging when I heard God say that he is in "Glory."  I am so glad that he went up to heaven and was received with love into the arms of Jesus Christ himself. Delano was annointed and appointed by God while he was on this earth and he had "THE GLOW" on his foredhead and no dark circles around his eyes. The annointing of God was very heavy upon him that he hit the whole 10 for the Lord Jesus Christ and he went home. "YOU GO DELANO"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twuana Benjamin

Delano, I will truly miss u.  R.I.P 

Teana Johnson

Delano was a very good friend of mine. I knew him for about a year and a half. He had a cute smile and always was proud and kept his head up. I really started to fall in love with him. I was going to ask him out soon but I took too long. I bet if I dated him this would have never happened. I am very sorry he had to leave. Now I feel very good cause I know Delano is in a very safe and loving place. The Lord was calling him and telling him it was time to come home. Delano is home now, safe and sound. I just want you to know, Delano, you will never be forgotten. You will always be in my heart. I will always think of you night and day,  dreaming of the fun we had. You will always be in our hearts : me, Erica, June, Ebony, Fats, Killer, Jullian, and Dyshawn. All of us truly love and miss you. Remember as these days go by, you will always be here with us always. 

*smile*...... I will always love you !

Tasheema Parker

Love always,

Stephanie Parker

I would like to wish Delano Samuel rest in peace. He was a good friend. I first met him when I was in PS 104. He was always fresh and cool.

Jquan Bailey

Delano, it's me again, Twuana. I am writing because I can not believe you are gone, it has been two years and the hurt is still in my heart and will never leave because I love you as a brother. You are truly missed by a lot of people whom you brought joy to. I'm sorry I  have not visited your place of rest because I live so far. I am waiting for Tony to come with me so that I can have someone there with me in case I cry. I really miss you, and if I was there, I would have pushed you away from the bullet that pierced your heart. You had a sweet heart that will last for an eternity, now you have a new body and I hope and pray that I will see you in Eternal glory along with Selena, Left-Eye,Martin Luther King, and hopefully, Aaliyah. May God 
bless your soul forever, In Jesus Name. Your everlasting smile will always stay in the photo album of my heart. 

Twuana Benjamin

You'll always be in our hearts and we miss you dearly.  You'll always be remembered as a wonderful person and a great friend, sweet and kind. We love you.

Sultana A. & Deric P.

In Remembrance of Arthur La Monica, Class of 1958
He was my high school sweetheart, my best friend and my husband.

Marlene (Rappaport) La Monica, Class of 1959

In Remembrance of Phyllis Cohen, Class of 1955
Phyllis and I were best friends all through high school. We hung out at The Pot in Arverne and had a lot of laughs together. She was only 19 when she was killed in a car accident. There is not a year that goes by that I do not think of her.

Judy Morse Wortman

In Remembrance of Donna Mezzanotte, Class of 1964
Donna was a great person. She was loved by many from Far Rockaway High. She passed away 2 years ago. She is missed by all of us that knew her well. 

Mary Giunta Asprea

In Remembrance of Barbara Helen Savides, Class of 1947
My mom was one of the few people I knew who had a a truly genuine heart. Genuine and full of generosity and love.  She always had a kind word for everyone and everyone was always welcome in our home. She touched a lot of people and was taken too soon. She always talked of her days at FRHS with sweet remembrance and love. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her and miss her.  She was the best. 

Rhea Courtney

In Remembrance of Doris Zachary Denmark, Class of 1958
Denmark, Doris Zachary - Plantation, FL. Formerly of Neponsit, NY July 17, 1940-March 12, 2003. Survived by children Michael & Michelle Zachary and Barbara & Kent Grelling. Adored grandchildren Jordan, Danielle & Alexandra. Loving ex-husband LLoyd, brothers Robert & Larry Denmark, loving nieces, nephews, extended family, friends and colleagues. 

Doris' life was about love and devotion. She gave her love generously, and was adored by all who knew her. Doris was a dedicated psychotherapist for 27 years, specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. Along with lobbying in the US Congress and contributing to national news publications, she had a successful private practice. Through her commitment to helping others, she helped to make Plantation and the world a better place in which to live. At a memorial service in Florida, friends and family expressed their love and shared fond memories. A scholarship fund in her memory has been established at Nova University. Donations can be sent to the Doris Denmark Zachary Trust Fund, c/o Michael Zachary, 1555 Seagrape Way, Hollywood, FL 33019.

In Remembrance of Jane Heller Katz, Class of 1966
Jane's motto was "be happy" and she managed to be positive. Being near her or talking to her, even on the phone, was a refreshing experience. Her strong identity did not change over the years. She met her responsibilities, which were many, but managed to have fun; remain true to herself and still be young. Jane was my FRHS sweetheart. She died of brain cancer in 2002, brave and full of life to the end. She leaves behind family & friends. She is missed!!!!!!

Ron Gelman

I always wanted to be my sister, she had the blonde hair and hazel eyes and i had the brown hair and brown eyes, she had all the cool friends who at the time probably couldn't stand me because i was the BABY sister whom she had to take with her when she wents to her friends house. 

Janie passed away from brain cancer, she was not only my sister but my BEST friend.  Her ashes were spead on Beach 9th St. because she alwats 
wanted to go HOME (Rockaway) and she got her wish.

Karen Heller Madison

In Remembrance of Christine Hess, Class of 1975
My dear friend Chris passed away recently after a courageous battle against cancer. Chris always maintained a wonderful spirit for life, especially throughout her illness.

I have known Chris since age eleven when her family moved to Wavecrest. We lived on the same "terrace" and instantly became friends. It's a friendship that has lasted over thirty-five years.

It's been quite a number of years since we saw each other. Though time and distance didn't matter. We continued to share our lives through letters and phone calls. In recent months we talked often. There were days when the phone calls were brief. But no matter how ill Chris felt, she always spoke to me. I will always cherish this memory and forever be grateful for the opportunity to say goodbye. 

As days flow on through our lives, the memories and faces will change.
I'll remain your friend under sunlight and stars, thinking of you close to my heart.

        Chris was a friend in life and in spirit. She will be greatly missed. 
Gail Kaufman

I was deeply saddend to read about the untimely passing of Ellen Fox and Christine Hess. I grew up in Wavecrest on the same terrace as Christine. I went to school with Ellen's brother Neil Fox. My hearfelt sympathy goes out to the Fox and Hess families. If anyone knows how I can get in touch with the family please e-mail me at

Thank You,

Yvette (Weiss) Kleinman 

It had been at least 35 years since I had last talked to Chris. She was my first girlfriend and she was a ton of fun to be around. 

I can remember playing spin the bottle in Gail Kaufmans house with Chris, Gail and Lloyd Schwartz. Lloyd and Gail were a "couple" at that time. We were probably 14 and we had fun. 

When her family moved to Wavecrest I starting hanging out with her brother Danny. Turns out that Danny and my brother Gregory became good friends, but in the process I got to be friends with Christine and Gail.  I can still see her skipping across the terrace with that cute smile on her face.

Even though it was over 35 years ago that I last spoke to her I was terribly heartbroken when I attended her wake. I was one of the lucky few that was touched by such a kind soul. Her smile and friendly personality will always live on in my heart.

Doug Vairo - class of '74

In Remembrance of Eddie Love Newson, Jr., Class of 1998
We're assured of your love even though we're apart because so much we've shared is written on our hearts.

Even though you left us, we know you are with God and every day you watch us, you are our  guardian angel and we love and miss you so much.  Happy 23rd birthday and my special mother's day present, Bossman, we all miss and love you forever in our hearts.

Your loved ones you lose every day and there are no words to say.  We all love you with ours hearts, and we will never be apart. Days go by, even though it gets harder to let go, but we know you're in a better place, and right now you are our 'Guardian Angel" in heaven watching over us forever. 

We love you Boss, and you will always be in our hearts like we are in yours,
R.I.P. Baby, 5/12/1980 - 8/20/1999 - Happy 28th Birthday, son.

Octavia Newson

In Remembrance of Josephine Gerson Falk, Class of 1941
My mother, Josephine Gerson Falk, was almost a life-long resident of Belle Harbor, living at B. 140th St. and Newport Ave. for the last 75 of her 80 years.  She passed away 5/27/03 at home. My brother, Dr. Henry Falk and I also are grads of FRHS, 1968 and 1964 respectively.

Our mother was a beautiful woman, inside and out. She was voted the most beautiful girl in her graduating class and remained beautiful until the end.  She will be missed greatly by her family and her many friends.

Alyce Falk Gould

In Remembrance of Marilyn (Tatz) Simon, Class of 1945
My cherished, respected, admired, courageous mother, Marilyn (Tatz) Simon, died peacefully and painlessly on May 28, 2003. She suffered from cancer for only 13 months but fought this dreadful disease with the utmost courage and tolerance. My mother was the cherished wife of Milton (Class of 1942), loving mother-in-law of my husband Josh and loving grandmother of Rebecca and Cari. She is also survived by her sister Phyllis (Simmons), her husband Harvey and children. Her many friends and family members will always remember her vibrant smile and caring heart.  She will be greatly missed by all.

Melanie Simon Wilner

In Remembrance of Todd Masef, Class of 1969
Todd was on the FRHS football team in the late 1960s. 

Gordon Freed

Hey Todd, did you do that girl?....I remember asking Todd that question hundreds of times. Todd and I were like brothers, and I can't sit here and write about Todd's legacy without feeling a great sense of loss. I haven't been close in the last ten years with Todd, but that doesn't mean I didn't think of him. Todd will be missed......but the "LEGEND" lives on. 

See Ya Soon buddy.....Andy Krosnick

Hey bud, I know there is a little more fun in heaven now. Rest in peace.

Richard Weir

Todd, you were the single most funniest person that ever lived people could not speak your name with out laughing. Thanks for all the laughter and the jokes. Your memory still makes people laugh. 

Rest in peace, my friend. 

Jeffrey Hirschbaum

Todd was my cousin and more like a big brother. He was a total crackup whom I always has a blast with. I truly miss not talking to him.

Russ Linden

Todd, or Toddy as he was called by me and my whole family, was my friend; my best friend, along with Michael Schwartz. Toddy and I lived on the same terrace in Wavecrest. He used to call for me by playing his trumpet out the window. My mom, may she rest in peace, would always say, "Why doesn't he come up and ring the bell?" Well, he was afraid of my father. That's why. I remember running into Toddy at a Long Beach street festival. I introduced him to Ed, my husband. And, as usual, Toddy's first remark to Ed, "Oh, lucky you. You got her after she got boobs." That was my Toddy. I'll always love him.

R.I.P. my friend,

In Remembrance of Gary Coffel, Class of 1969

You were somewhat of a loner.  Other than a great friendship with Sam Rosen and me, you pretty much kept to yourself.  Thanks for all the high times and great memories.  Sam and I will never forget you.

Steve Sacks

I was shocked to hear of Gary's passing. He was a classmate of mine back to JHS 180. We were friends in school, and we always had lots of good laughs. I don't think I have any recollection of Gary beyond  high school, but certainly remember some instances vividly... Gary had a great sense of humor and certainly made an impression here...

Eddie Isaacs

Gary was tall and quiet, that is for sure, but beneath that shy veneer lived a personality brimming with verve and sophisticated wit.

We had known each other from home room. We shared friendly chats with each other, yet nothing more. The other girls and I nicknamed him "Joe Cool" for his mature style and dignified comportment. (In other words he wasn't a jerk like the rest of the boys).

Yet one day, moments before the H.R. teacher arrived to take attendance and put the little marks on our Delany cards, Gary did something completely out of character. He suddenly sat so close to me, sharing my desk chair. He then 
further shocked and surprised me by asking me to marry him, referencing something (that was a strange secret to only him and me). His proposal was crafted almost as a riddle. I was taken by his wit and taken by the compliment, but didn't take the question seriously. We laughed about it for a moment and then the bell rang.

Thinking back to to FRHS in 1967, he probably would have been the only boy I would have been willing to ever date  from our school. For some reason I only dated boys from outside of Rockaway.

Gary, Godspeed and please accept my broken heart as testimony to your very real coolness in H.S.

Cristine Erickson

In Remembrance of Gail Leshansky, Class of 1969

You will be missed by all of us.  You and friends like Sheila and Fern were a part of our group and we will always remember your bubbly personality and warm heart.  Again, you will be missed by us all.

Steve Sacks

Gail- You were one in a million. We shared so many memories over the years, all of which I will always treasure. I will always remember your great smile and the amazing ability you had to light up a room just by walking into it. My heart goes out to your two wonderful children Adam and Jamie, always know that you live on through them, I love you and miss you. 

Sheila Siegel Temchin

Gail... The many nights that you, Sheila, Mike S, Ira S and I went to Grant Park for ice skating are still a memory that I treasure. We haven't kept in touch, I know, but that doesn't mean you haven't touched me. I have many great memories of you and I talking about life, the opposite sex, and Nehru Suits and Chunky Mama's.

I'm sorry to learn of your passing, but know that you're in a much better place now.

Paul Rubenstein '69

In Remembrance of Michelle Maroff, Class of 1965
In Memory of a Far Rockaway Friend, Michelle Maroff, 1965. 

Michelle left us on Oct. 6, 1997.  I did not know her during my High School years, but met her when I was in my early 20's. She was 5 years older than I, and I thought that was the coolest thing!  She wore "expensive" makeup and wore stylish clothes!  I wanted to be like her, or so I thought.  Later I would be her Maid of Honor at her wedding to Jeff, and later on we lost touch, by accident or design...I can't remember. Maybe a bit of both, when one decides to take the road to life.   She was certainily a beautiful woman and left a daughter of 23 behind.  She never lived to see her 50th birthday, so I lived to see it for her.  We gather threads and pieces from all of the people we meet and somehow grow our own personal piece of cloth.  Michelle did not have a happy life, but we did share lots of laughs together.  I know she is at peace now and laughing and telling jokes in that BIG BEACH in the sky....I know now that when you called me in the Fall of 1997, you were ill, but did not tell me. I spoke to your brother today, and he agreed that you were probably getting nostalgic and going through your old telephone books to contact old friends.  I know now, that you were really calling to say goodbye. 

Goodbye Michelle....Rest in peace.

Eileen F. Schulman

In Remembrance of Gary Morris, Class of 1965

You, Peter, Shelley and me . . . "look up at the light" . . . whenever I look up at the light I will think of you.

Carol Schleifer, Class of '68

In Remembrance of Arletta Darnelle, Class of 1961
Arletta passed away October 11, 1984.  I am her younger sister.  Many people have tried to contact her and have not been made aware of her passing.

Arletta will always be remembered by family and friends for the beautiful woman she was.  In our hearts forever.  I love you.

Suzanne Darnelle-Shutter

While  I was not close to Arletta Darnelle, we were friendly enough to go to Ellie's and to cut an occasional class.  She was a beautiful person both inside and out.  It's a lifetime ago.  She deserves to be remembered fondly.

Susan Baron, Class of 1963

In Remembrance of Gail Schlecter Willinger, Class of 1969
An asbolutely sweetie pie who is sorely missed!

Elaine S. Menashe

From butterfly kisses to train rides home from the city I always thought of you as a special  friend, for 38 years. Rest in peace. I will miss you.

Stuart Schor

Gail was my first love. I remember in third grade winning a prize on the boardwalk and choosing a wedding ring that I gave to her. I also remember being separated in the sixth grade and walking into the principal's office demanding we be in the same class. It was great to see her at the reunion at Tavern on the Green. I will always remember you.

Gary Goldstein

In Remembrance of Stanley Howard Rosenberg, Class of 1937
Stanley passed away June, 1990, and I am his only child, Howard. I found this site on Aug. 22, 2003 and felt the need to send this in tribute to my late father. I would love to correspond with anyone who remembered him. I know what a fine individual he was in my lifetime. I am proud that he was my dad, and have fond memories of his life with my Mother and I, as well as visits to The Lawrence Apts. on Central Ave. to visit his mom, Rose. 

In loving memory,

Howard Matthew Rosenberg

In Remembrance of Tommy Hayward, Class of 1970
I had heard a few years back that Tommy had come to an untimely demise. I was unable to substantiate this. However, I have been able to reconnect with Chuck Herd at Penn State and he verified that Tommy indeed is gone.

Tommy and I shared the same birthdate. We played football together through the "Glory days" of Seahorse football. Tommy was a great teammate who would have done anything for his fellow teammates.  We had a connection that transcended teammates, color or religous background. I will always remember him on "our" birthday.  RIP Tommy.

Alan Cohen

I read that Tommy passed away in Alan Cohen's memorial. I too remember Tommy as a fun loving, handsome, special guy. We were on the JV Football team together. I was his starting center (Alan was better than me but he played Varsity) and we became close friends. I always admired his easy going nature. We were in Geography together too...what a great athlete he was. I will always remember you Tommy and think of you from time to time. He was a champion person.

Rest in Peace Buddy! 

Steven Kurland

As I was looking through our High School Memorial Page, I came across your name.  Tears came to my eyes. I was a cheerleader when you played.  All the cheerleaders loved you and so did I. I just wanted you to know that.

Cynthia Roberts Mitchell

In Remembrance of Lon Bernstein, Class of 1971
Lonnie was my buddy, my friend, my brother!  I can't remember a day that we didn't laugh when we spoke to each other.  Lonnie passed on September 9th, 2003.  I spoke to him 2 days before he died. We laughed!!

I will miss him everyday..

I love you brother,

Larry Eiven

Unfortunately, another of our Far Rockaway brothers has passed on way too soon. Lonnie was always so full of good spirits and thoughts for his extended Rockaway family. We always enjoyed just hanging out and remembering the privilege of growing up in the "Rock ".

Lonnie:  We will never forget you or your booming slap shot.

Rest in peace, brother.

Alan Zisser, Class of 1971

I love and miss my Dad; he is so special to me. I know he's somewhere with me. And I know that when I get married I won't walk down the aisle alone. I know that my Daddy will be walking with me.

I want to thank everyone that I've seen recently, you are so special as well, and I will keep in touch.



You and Mitchell  were so close you were practically living in our house and he in yours. We lived on the same floor on 17th St. You would always come talk to me sincerely, while visiting with my brother. I have great respect for you. 

Lon, you were one of the good guys. I respected you. I wish you peace and know that we will never forget you. You will always be in our hearts. 

We love you Lonnie. 

Sharon, Mitchell, Arleen and Eleanor (Ellie as you called her) Kaplan

To the family of Lonnie Bernstein....

My sincerest condolences on the loss of Lonnie. Although we were not related we share the same last name. Lonnie and I grew up in Arverne together. His mom, Beatrice, was friends with my Mom. 

In fact I have a photo, albeit/an overexposed photo, of Lonnie and my brother, David and other "kids" from Arverne..when we were very young. Maybe 8 or 9 years old. We were all a close-knit group..That was an integral part of growing up in the Rockaways. If there is anything you need please e-mail me and let me know.

God Bless!

Barry Bernstein and Family

Lon Bernstein had a heart of gold. He wasn't well for a long time, however, even in his worst days of health his concern was everyone else's feelings. He used to call my mom and brother and just want to hear about their day. That is the type of guy Lonnie was, he was a selfless person always willing to give whether it be advice or lunch or even just being there to help. He truly was an original soul. 

My brother, Nick DiDio, became very close to Lon, especially in his last years and was with him the day of his passing and all throughout the hospital process. He was like family to us and his loss still effects us today. We KNOW he's in a good place and not in pain anymore. We are sure he's making Plastics sales 
deals and coaching a Hockey league (or playing hockey) in heaven. :-)

Rest in Peace, Lonnie and best to his family. 

Maria DiDio

In Remembrance of Donna Iacona Boley, Class of 1963
Donna died in 1972 from kidney failure after a long battle. We were married in 1966 and had one daughter, Kimberly.

George Boley

In Remembrance of Leonard Elias, Class of 1955
First love... first husband...father of Jill Jones and Michael Elias.

It was a long road.

Diana Bressler Goldberg, Class of 1956

In Remembrance of Betty (Jean) Simon, Class of 1964
My sister Betty made so many friends and had such wonderful times in Far Rockaway and at the school. Sister Arlene, (1969) and me (1974) and my parents are devasted.

If there is ANYONE who has a memory of Betty, please e-mail me at:  Betty died in a horrifically freak accident at the age of 56. She was so full of life and joy. Everyone who met her was instantly drawn to her sweet,open and warm nature. She deserves a tribute to her loving and giving spirit. She will live on in our hearts forever. 

Her best friend was Karen Schatz - they were cheerleaders. Betty loved "Towne,"Bernie's diner after El-Patio, summers at Capri Beach Club and the 
25th and 35th street beaches, boardwalk, surfers,'tiki cups', Playland fireworks - Murray the "K" and his Swingin' Soiree" in Brooklyn, (riding the subway at 4AM to get tickets - my parents would flip out!)

Thank God she had so many happy years enjoying the amazing pleasures of our hometown, (last stop on the "A" train). 

Thank God for all the incredible memories we shared as sisters and as TRUE best friends. Being 11 yrs. older than me only enriched and enhanced our love. Our relationship took on a myriad of changes as the decades wore on. She always reminded me how she would change my diapers. Fortunately, we have lots of photos and old home movies to watch. We went to the Bronx Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, Freedomland, (now Co-op City in the Bronx), she visited me at camp, we loved Manhattan, museums, restaurants, we went to tons of concerts in the 70's, 80's, 90's. My memories go on and on and new ones surface all the time.

I hope I will hear from a few 'distant' friends who will comfort me and my family by sharing thoughts and memories.

After Rockaway, Betty lived in many cities due to her husband's relocating every 5years: Cincinatti, Buffalo, Charleston, New Jersey. She loved Dallas and LA the best. Her last lovely home is in Charlotte, NC.

She was an AVID animal lover and activist. She received awards and recognition from the local ASPCA and The Raptor's Center for her devotion and dedication to rescuing injured, abandoned, suffering birds and dogs. Her beautiful backyard became a haven to squirrels, racoons, opposums, an astounding amount of cardinals, bluejays, herons, and birds whose names I don't recall. Then, there was the returning duck family, which every spring for 13 years, gave birth to adorable ducklings in her swimming pool. 

Tragically, it was in this very same pool that her life would come to a end. Her life was an important one. A life that leaves a LEGACY of joy, great compassion, and love that will NEVER be forgotten. 

We shared 100's of concerts together - Jethro Tull was our favorite. 

I really could fill volumes about the fun and pain we helped each other with and through. She was one of the ONLY people in my life that loved me absolutely and unconditionally. She sacrificed to save me from demons that threatened to destroy me at one time. She (and husband, Eddie) opened their home to me, countless times. Some of the most UNFORGETTABLE times, were when our whole family would get together and enjoy the love and strength we gave each other. Her two sons and her husband of 37 years, our sister, Arlene and her two daughters, and my parents, (along with aunts, uncles, cousins,and countless friends she made along the way), will keep her soul and spirit alive...forever.

I am SO grateful for this opportunity to share some of the grief I am feeling. The Far Rockaway Website is growing everyday and it's existence brings us together in a powerful way.

I love you, Bette, (aka Bo, Boris, Betty Boop, etc.) You're in my thoughts daily and you live inside of me.

Your baby sister, ("shvester", Lynnie, etc.)


In Remembrance of Barbara Umlas, Class of 1964
Barbara was an extraordinary girl who became a very successful mother and career woman. I will always remember our friendship and fun growing up and although I was not in touch with her for many years, her memory will be with me always. Rest well, my funny friend! 



In Remembrance of Mark Koller, Class of 1968
We loved you.  May God bless your soul.  Rest in peace, Mark

Sharon, Mitchell and Arleen Kaplan 

In Remembrance of Dolores "Dolly" Wagner, Class of 1957
She was the greatest sister of all time.

Joyce Wagner

In Remembrance of Jerome Gottlieb, Class of 1960
Suddenly, at home in Hollywood, CA, much too soon.  Mourned by his cherished wife Janice Gottlieb, beloved sons, Benjamin and Jonathan, loving siblings, Roberta and Melvyn Klein, Susan and Mark Beckerman, Jerry Gemeinhardt, treasured nieces and nephews, David and Stephanie, Bill and Deborah, Ruth,  dear mother-in-law, Janette Gemeinhardt, and countless other family members and friends.  Services  Friday, 11/7, in California. For further information, write

In Remembrance of Robert Friedman, Class of 1970
A good friend.

Alan Siperstein

I just heard about Robert's passing.  How tragic.  He was a good friend and a close boyfriend for a short while in 1971.  We met in Mr. Canillo's office doing clerical work in lieu of phys. ed. because we both were recovering rhinoplasty patients.  He lived in Wavecrest until his mom's passing then moved to the Bronx to live with relatives.  He attended Lehman College and we hung out at his fraternity house and his aunt's beachclub.  He was outgoing, sweet, and will be missed.

Margo Unger

In Remembrance of Ernie Rosenberg, Class of 1957
Ernie & I just reconnected on Oct. 28, 2003. We had not seen each other for 36 years! We had a wonderful afternoon and we were both so pleased to have found each other again.  It was wonderful to look into his eyes and see my old friend. Just 5 days later, on Nov. 2, 2003 he died of an aneurysm.  I am thankful we had a chance to tell one another how important we were to each other. I am sorry that we had so little time together.

Judi Sokatch-Wandres

In Remembrance of Richard Hochberger, Class of 1967 
Rich Hochberger was my brother and my hero.  He was a dedicated pediatrician and family man.  He lived life to the fullest every day.  Rockaway meant a great deal to him. 

He lived in Texas, but returned for reunions and loved re-establishing ties with old friends.  Most of his Rockaway friends do not know that he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in February of 2003.  He died in October after a valiant fight. He only wanted to be able to survive and lecture children about the dangers of smoking (even though he did NOT die of smoking-related lung cancer).  He never refused to treat a child and always went to the ends of the earth for his patients.  He truly left his mark on this world.  I will miss him always.

Martha Hochberger

In Remembrance of Ernest Owusu, Class of 1987

1970 - 2003

His high school nickname was "Scoop."  He was extremely well liked, played football, and was in the law club.  In the yearbook, Ernest stated as his goal, "To play college football."  Ernest was one of those guys who actually did what he said he'd do.  He went on to SUNY Stony Brook, where he played football.  He distinguished himself well enough as a wide receiver for Stony Brook that he landed a job as an assistant coach for St. John's Red Storms.

Afterwards, Ernest coached a football team called The Panthers and they were 7-2 up until he left because of his illness.  He also taught social studies at Francis Lewis High School, thus also advancing his academic as well as varsity objectives.  But, an even greater legacy will be the family he leaves behind.  He married Candice in the mid-1990s, and they had two beautiful children: a boy, Kwame, 6, and a girl, Isis, 4.

In 1997, he was diagnosed with an advanced neuroblastoma, and was given 6 months to live.  He valiantly battled his cancer for six years, earning the unending respect of his peers.

Ernest passed quietly in his sleep on November 26, 2003.

In Remembrance of Ronald F. Morris, Class of 1982 
Ronald F. Morris passed away December 26,1989.  He battled leukemia for several years.  He was a great sportsman,  and one of the best human beings on the planet.

He is missed greatly.


In Remembrance of Elaine Kessler Ornstein, Class of 1956
Elaine was a true unwavering friend. Her keen mind (school teacher) combined with a realistic and staunch nature that revered the truth and placed her family, particularly her husband Maurice (Meacy) and children Debra, Michelle and Michael above everything speaks volumes for this noble soul. Bind up the thoughts of her life with the Robert Frost poem about another road taken. She lives in a part of my mind and I am particularly touched by her as I write this.

Myron Domsky

In Remembrance of Barbara Shevins, Class of 1965
It is so sad to see one's contemporaries on a memorial page. I was sadly surprised to see Barbara's name here. I knew Barbara in J.H.S.  We were in the same classes at Cardozo Jr. H.S. in Arverne. I wasn't really friends with Barbara although I admired her. I remember how really attractive she was. So slim, with her long dark hair parted on the side and hanging partly over her face (a brunette Veronica Lake). She was in a clique that was like really the coolest at that time. It consisted of Barbara Kantor, Michael Barnes, Howie Stubin,  Ross Eisenberg and a short, pretty, girl named Amy (who sat next to me in French, but I can't remember her last name). Theresa McClellen, Mark Spitz, and Steven Aronowitz were also in the class. Unfortunately, I see faces before me but cannot recall anymore names. 

Au Revoir, Barbara

Ron Gelman 

In Remembrance of Barry Auerbach, Class of 1965
Barry and I were friends in the Edgemere houses, before Barry and his mom moved to Florida. Barry was a good friend and helped me out in a crunch.  Barry and I worked together once unloading a truckload of bathing suits for one of the schlock shops on Edgemere Ave. During our lunch break we both got ham and cheese on rolls but Barry ordered a beer and made me put back my soda for a cold beer. What a refreshing treat it was!  I learned to appreciate a cold one!!! 

Barry came with me to the house of my girlfriend's friend in Bayswater. My girlfriend, Jane Heller, was there too. Barry had brought a record with him. It was "Like a Rolling Stone" by Dylan. He asked how we liked it, but at first we didn't know what to make of it, with that Dylan goat voice. We made him play it a dozen times to his consternation!!! But I became a confirmed Dylan freak after that. I remember his mom as a really nice lady. I was so sad to hear that Barry is not with us any more. What a shame!!! Miss ya, Barry.

Ron Gelman

I was just scrolling through these pages and noticed that Barry had passed on. I remember him as one of the first guys I met in the Edgemere Houses in 1963 or 1964. I remember softball games at 198 and 105 parks as well as climbing over the fence by Jamaica Bay (where we were not supposed to be) to play "home run derby". Barry was one of the first wild and crazy guys that I met and until today I remember some of the things we got into. I had always wanted to connect with him again to check him out and just found out that he passed. All I can say is that he is up there somewhere grabbing a brew and having a good time.  I'll miss you buddy.

James Fludd

In Remembrance of Gus Kyriacou, Class of 1958
Fun loving, cordial, a GOLDEN HEART; I will always miss him...the LATE nights on the BOARDWALK.

Your younger BROTHER, 

In Remembrance of James Carriddi, Class of 1974
James Carriddi, Class of 1974 passed away on December 25, 2003. I attended his wake last night at the Perry Funeral Home in Lynbrook ,NY.  It was also his 47th birthday.  The funeral will be held tomorrow Monday, December 29, 2003 at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, Lynbrook, NY.  You can confirm with the funeral home at 516 593-1111.  He was a fellow classmate and his passing has saddened many!!


Rhonda (Kasin) Romanelli
Class of 1974

Jimmy Carriddi was a football player at FRHS when I was a cheerleader, and I remember hanging with him and the Rauchbach twins after many games. I hadn't seen him since graduation and I was saddened to read about his passing. I will always remember him as part of the fun we had in FRHS. 

Blessings to you, Jimmy

Rhonda Uretzky 

I was quite upset to learn the circumstances surrounding Jim's death. When we were seniors, Jim joined us on the track team to throw the shot put. Both of us joined the NYPD around the same time. We crossed paths quite a few times over his 20 years in the job. He was a good man with a great sense of humor. He is truly missed. 

Edward J. Conroy

In Remembrance of Walter Stark, Class of 1961
My dad and Walter's owned Ken-Wals Texaco Station on Sheridan Blvd. from 1945 until the late 70s.  Most everyone in the Rockaways used them at one time or another. Walter moved to Missouri many years ago and we had lost touch, but I was touched by his passing at only 59. I'll always remember our days of pumping gas together and as cabana boys at Silverpoint Beach Club  in the late 50s and early 60s. Those were sweet years and Walter was a sweet guy.

Ken Feldman
Class of 1961

In Remembrance of Michael Iannico, Class of 1965
Michael, it all goes way too fast. You were my best friend. The 61 Yankees...we were 13 and on top of the world. I'm sorry we lost touch the last  couple of years. I'll never forget you. Rest in peace, you gentle soul. 

Larry Weiss

In Remembrance of Arthur Zampino, Class of 1981
As my very dear friend Debbie Zampino and I reminisce about her brother Arthur, I envision him standing on his 14th floor terrace on 19th Street.  So many people who lived in the buildings loved to sit on their terraces looking out into the Rockaway waves.  Like many of us, Arthur looked out to see who was hanging out in the middle of the buildings.  I remember him always whistling so I would look up and wave hello, no matter what time of the day or night it was. I vividly remember the day me, Debbie, Digna (Arthur's girlfriend at the time), Billy Walsh and Arthur hanging out at the beach all day on 17th Street. I still remember that big boom box that played all the great 70s music and of course "Elvis," who Arthur loved to imitate.

Who would ever think that a fun, innocent day would turn into a night of horror and confusion.  Who would ever think or believe Arthur's life would be taken away so fast, so young.  I never thought that day would be the last day I would see Arthur. He was really such a sweet, handsome, all-around nice guy.  Arthur has always been in our thoughts and memories- He is very much missed by many of us. 

We Love You.

Diane Lavenda 

The death of Artie Zampino has left a permament mark on all that knew him. Our childhoods were lost on the day his life was taken, he will be remembered always.

Just another kid who hung out on the beach at 17th.

A friend

"Wow" First I'd like to say Arthur, after 25 years I still miss you, as do all of your other friends from 17th St. Today I am 37 yrs. old. My friends from the old neighborhood know me as Puerto Rican Dave or D.M.L. from Apt. #2j. My window faced the swimming pool in between the two buildings. I remember when Arthur, John, Vinny, Evan and the rest of the gang would hang outside by the pool during summertime waiting for it to open playing chinese handball. I would set up my speakers on the window sill and mix my music while the guys played. Arthur was truly a loyal friend to all that knew him, and a big brother to me. Arthur had a small gym room down in the basement of this huge parking lot garage where he trained. He'd always invite all of us to train with him, And actually showed me how to use the speed bag. Arthur was built like a brick wall and someone i wanted to be like who was loved by all. Arthur was a leader and a captain of the Far Rockaway H.S. wrestling team. He had so much going for him, and i felt like he was meant to do something huge with his life. I remember the loss of Arthur not only changed me, but our community. We were hurt and very, very, angry. I remember Arthur now by telling stories of Arthur and the old neighborhood. I now live in Cape Coral FL. And about a year ago I ran into someone who also knew Arthur Zampino, and we shared, laughed, and were saddened of the lost of a great human being who I still call my big brother. I'll see you someday, bro.

David Little

I first met Artie when I was a kid growing up in Far Rock. We hit it off pretty good. We became close friends as teenagers and even shared a gym 
together given to us by the management of Ocean Park Apts., where we grew up. Artie's dad was ultimately in charge and we would have to answer to him in we got in any trouble. Artie and I hung out with each just about every day, including the day of his death. It still is a terrible memory. Not a year goes by especially June - that I don't think of, and miss him. 

Your loving friend, 

John Goomishian

I grew up with Debbie and last I heard from her was back in the late 80s after Arthur passed. I had known the family for years. I met Debbie in kindergarten, Arthur was just a tyke.

Many years have passed since then and I am wondering what ever happened to Deb and her parents

Chris Granados

In Remembrance of Charlie Levy, Class of 1947
Charlie Levy died March 2003.  He is survived by three children...Shari, Wendi and Jeff. 

He gambled until the end!

Ellen Cohn Levy

In Remembrance of Patty Dolman Marcus, Class of 1968
Patty passed away Saturday morning, March 27, 2004. 

Services will be held at:

Mount Sinai Memorial Chapel
454 Cranberry Rd.
East Brunswick, NJ
12:00 PM
Phone:  732-238-9844

Please get in touch with Steve Eisenberg, Patty's brother-in-law, for further information.

I will aways have fond memories of our inseparable friendship and all the fun we had.  Though the years drifted us apart, meeting once again with our daughters thanks to this web site was a blessing. 

I will miss you dearly, my friend. Until we meet again, I will always hold you in my heart.  My sincere sympathies to Patty's family.

Ronnie Tarnofsky (Mauro)

My dear sister Patty,

You will always be in my heart, you brought so much happiness to everybody you encounted through the journey of life. You will be missed by everybody and though you are no longer with us your spirit will be with us through eternity. 

Love you forever 


My Dear'st Aunt Patty

Whenever we were together you always made me laugh, you will always be in my heart I will miss you very much.

Love You Always, 


Patty was a rare and special friend.  Things happened to Patty that always made one laugh.  They were almost unbelievable, but weird things did happen to Patty.  She was a true friend and one who is missed.  Her daughters are great and making it in life because of her early influence.  Patty, YOU ARE MISSED! 

Robyn (Posner) Small
Class of 1968

In Remembrance of Greg Georges, Class of 1964
Greg passed away March 23 '04, of esophageal cancer, in The Woodlands, Texas. He died peacefully, surrounded by his family and friends. Greg played baseball and football at FRHS, and later at Lehigh University. At Lehigh he earned degrees in Enginering (BS), and Business (MBA). Greg was President and CEO of Fairway Medical Technologies in Houston, Texas.

Dean Georges

In Remembrance of John Cholakis, Class of 1948
John Cholakis: vibrant, athletic and above all, a good friend.

Ken Livingston

In Remembrance of Neil Golowesky, Class of 1963 
Please see the link located here:

Irwin H. Siner (Sinofsky, Class of 1963)

In Remembrance of Michael David Topel, Class of 1973
My brother, Michael Topel, passed away in November of 2002, after a long and valiant battle.  He loved Far Rockaway, his friends from that time andI hope his memory and love live on through his great friends and family. 

I miss my brother and those who knew him do too.

To contact the family, our updated email address is

Richard Topel

In Remembrance of Marsha Debra Rosenblum, Class of 1974
When I met Marsha Rosenblum at 16 years old I remember her as a a vibrant, beautiful, and very bright person. She excelled in her studies at Hi-Li Yeshiva, then at Far Rockaway High School. She worked in many of the nursing homes throughout the Rockaways as a social worker.

Anyone that knew Marsha knew that she endured many hardships throughout her life both emotional and physical, however she had a good and caring heart and there was nothing she wouldn't do for a person. Marsha was a very good sister to her brother, (Allen) when we were growing up. I recall the many times we took long walks on the beach by the water together. We had good times together.

Unfortunately having breast cancer was a challenge that she had to face and live with for the past eight years. The past few months were tough for her but she kept on telling me how lucky she was to have the love and support from her family. We all shared memories, stories and feelings about life. I know Marsha is in a better place now- in peace and not suffering. 

We will all miss her but we have to be thankful for the time we spent together.

Diane Lavenda Rosenblum 

In Remembrance of Murray Lee Brody, Class of 1928

Murray Lee Brody

There are Fathers and Fathers, but the Father we had, was all in one, a Brother, a Mother, a Pal and a Dad

His ways were so gentle, so loving and kind. He truly possessed a beautiful mind.

Despite his ups, his downs and his pains, he was able to create his immortal refrains.

His presence on earth was a blessing in disguise, much more then any could truly realize.

We mourn the loss of one so selfless and sweet, his departure has left us with lives incomplete.

Gone but not forgotten, his wonderful memories will stay, locked in our hearts forever, forever and a day.

Written by Murray Lee Brody on the passing of HIS father in 1938.

In Remembrance of Gary Wong Sing, Class of 1977
Gary was a wonderful friend.  He was a talented person who went to FIT for design.  He was taken tragically from us at the young age of 30.  I just discovered this site and think it's wonderful that I can pay tribute to him here.  He is greatly missed and will always be in my thoughts.

James W. Petherbridge, Class of 1977

In Remembrance of Marc Rosenberg, M.D., Class of 1948
Marc was a graduate of Cornell University, 1952, and graduated from NYU School of Medicine in 1956.

He practiced medicine as an anesthesiologist, affiliated with Yale University School of Medicine.

Lawrence Ross

In Remembrance of Patricia Dunleavy Flay, Class of 1956
My wife, Pat Dunleavy Flay, passed away in 1986.  She had just turned 47.  She had three boys, Harold, Jr., Kevin and Steven, who have grown into three terrific men. I now have two grandsons, (and another child expected in April) that she never had the pleasure of seeing.  She loved life, and anyone that had the good fortune to know her recognized what an unselfish and giving person she was. She was one in a million.

I encourage anyone who knew Pat and reads this to include any memories they may have of Pat.

Harold Flay, Sr. Class of 1951

Mrs. Flay was truly a wonderful women. As a friend of her son Harold, I had the pleasure of knowing her, her husband Harold Sr., and the rest of the Flay family.  Mrs. Flay always welcomed Harold's friends and always treated us as members of the Flay family. She was a special lady and her personality and outlook were as bright as the sun. I am a better person for knowing her and saddened by her passing.

Frank Murray

In Remembrance of Fred C. Nelson Jr., Class of 1982

"Freddie," as you were affectionately called
Have been missed by one and all
Your smile and laughter still remains with us
But, most of all your personality was a plus.
I know, baby brother, that you are at peace
Although it is hard for me to accept this, but 
One day we shall meet.
I will forever cherish the memories of you
As you will always be in my heart.

Missing You


In Remembrance of Sybil Liblit Koester, Class of 1949
To all friends of Sybil Liblit (Koester), I am her son, Joshua Cedar. She began to make contact with old schoolmates only 3 years ago on this website. I am sorry to say she passed away on March 29, 2004. You all should know she was an incredible mom and grandmother and a wonderful person. I miss her terribly.

Joshua Cedar

In Remembrance of Myrna Dillon, Class of 1953
Myrna was an adorable girl..Zach Solomon was her boyfriend; we were neighbors and friends in Belle Harbor for many years.

Lydia Port Kaufman Axelrod

In Remembrance of Lisa Goldstein, Class of 1973
"I can see clearly now the rain is gone. 
I can see all obstacles in my way. 
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind.
It's gonna be a bright, bright, bright sunshiny day."

This was Lisa's mantra.  She was always motivated and positive.  We were majorettes together but friends first, since fourth grade.  My memories of Lisa always bring a smile; her Barbra Streisand imitations, "I got 36 expressions.  Sweet as pie to tough as leather..."  She was a natural. 

Being first in the crowd to have her own car, a Cougar, Lisa shared her car and time with "The Girls."  She drove us everywhere. 

I last saw Lisa at our 15th Reunion and she told me she had a son.  I hope Seth gets to see this so that he can know how very popular, very generous and very cool his mother was.  One of a kind!

You touched my life Lisa, and I was priviledged to have known you.  With the fondest of memories,

Your childhood friend,

Susan Abramowitz 

In Remembrance of Natalie Bozarth, Class of 1974
Natalie was the first friend I made after having moved from Brooklyn to Far Rock in 1971, and she introduced me to my very dear friend Alice Barbera (nee Boudreau). In 1974 I went off to SUNY Buffalo, and a couple of years later she moved north to the same university to continue a degree she had started at Queens College. My oldest son, now nearly 25, was 3 years old the last time I spoke to her. I regret that we lost contact after that time. She deserves a mention and a remembrance for her original and generous heart.

Rest in peace, my friend.

Joan (Yurgel) Zimmermann 

I was very saddened to learn of the passing of my very dear friend Natalie.  She was the first smile I saw when I came to the schools in the Rockaways. I met her at JHS 180 in the 8th grade; we had home room together.  I was a very shy, quiet girl then. She introduced herself to me and we became fast and close friends throughout the years.  She introduced me to my very close and dear friend, Joan (Yurgel) Zimmermann, whose friendship I have cherished all these years. 

Nat, Joan and I used to spend many, many days together going to the beach, hanging out at each others houses, going to FRHS football games, going into the city (Manhattan) and just growing up together...we were young girls becoming young ladies together. Nat was very outgoing..always had a smile on her face and never an unkind word to say about anyone. She had a beautiful soul, a warm heart and a vibrant personality.

Nat, Joan and I worked on the FRHS yearbook together. We also did SING together.  We had so much fun, so many laughs..such wonderful memories of two very special friendships that will stay with me forever.

When I got married, Nat wanted to give me a gift that would really mean something to me from she gave me Christmas ornaments...and now my husband and I, along with our three children, decorate our Christmas tree every year with those ornaments she had given me so many years ago..and I think about her with a smile.

It's very hard to say good-bye to someone who was a very special part of my childhood.  Nat, I pray that your life was fulfilled...that you were surrounded by love and happiness, because you deserved that. You will be very missed.

Rest in peace, Natalie....

Your Friend, 

Alice (Boudreau) Barbera

In Remembrance of Cynthia Libsohn Friedman, Class of 1956
My sweet sister, Cynthia Libsohn Friedman, beloved by her husband, children, parents, died too early of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma on July 22, 2003. We had been estranged for years due to misunderstandings and interference, but I had hoped that soon, we would once again sit on rocking chairs, as we did when we were young on our mother's porch in Rockaway Park, and as we rocked together, would air out all differences. That was not to be and I sorely regret it.

With remembrances of only good times, laughs and much love,

Her sister, 

Marcia Libsohn Rosten

Minus the matriarchic bond of my mother, the family glass shattered; the splinters sadly estranged themselves to unchartered journeys, empty...unending for that universal quest for belonging to a familiar nucleus.  And so I say to you, Dear Mother of whom I miss  so terribly, you're welcome - for your soul and spirit lives on. I see you every day in her eyes, and I rejoice! May the fragments of the family and the unknown treks they travel on lead one day rejoin to smile on your countenance. 

Seth Friedman

In Remembrance of Shelley Zwilling, Class of 1969
Shelley was one of my two best friends from 1961 to 1965 or so. We parted ways naturally when I made the 2-year SP in JHS 198 and she did not. She lived in the "double building" behind 56-16 Beach Channel Drive (where I lived), in the Edgemere Houses.  She was a sweet girl. The thing  I remember most is that she was the one who first told me about the Beatles -- up until about a week before they came to the US on February 7, 1964, I had never even heard of them. 

I was truly shocked to learn she had passed, and hope someone out there can tell me what became of her after 1965.

Sue Feder

Shelly Zwilling was my cousin by marriage.  Shelly was a very sweet person.  Unfortunately we did not keep in touch too much.  The last time I had seen Shelly was at my husband's unveiling in 1995.  Shelly and her husband lived in Brooklyn and were re-constructing an old house.  One night (I not to sure of how long ago), the house caught fire and when the fire was out, the firemen found Shelly's body.  She had been murdered and the house set on fire to cover the crime.  The police have never been able to prove who did it, but they believe it was one of the construction men working on the house.  Shelly was really sweet and she did not deserve to die this way.  I only knew Shelly from 1965 on when I met my husband.  She was at my wedding in 1969.  Shelly left behind her husband, mother and brother.

Debra P.  Zwilling

In Remembrance of Russell Rosenthal, Class of 1965
I looked for you for years, and I finally found you. What do you say about your first love. I don't know where to begin. There are so many memories of you, your family and our friends. Far Rockaway in the 60's, what a time and place.  We were supposed to get married. Your mother had the wedding planned from Junior High School on. From your time in Viet Nam, and visiting you in Fort Dix, (I got lost driving there). The time we were having a blizzard, and we were walking from the bus stop, it was so bad out that I finally just sat down on a snow bank and cried, and you picked me up and carried me the rest of the way.  You taught me to drive! The list goes on.  What happened to us? I don't remember.  All I know is that I never forgot you and still miss you.

When did you leave us?  What was your life like? Did you marry? Did you have children? Where have you lived? So many questions, and now I will never have the answers. Did you ever think of me? Maybe it was just me who never forgot.  You will forever be a special part of me, and I will never forget you. You were and always will be my first love.


Marilyn (Seltzer) Montgomery

If anyone knows anything about Russell's life, when or how we lost him, please contact me at:

In Remembrance of Barry Cahn, Class of 1960
I'm sorry to have to report that my dear friend, of 45 years, Barry Cahn, Class of 1960, died on November 9, 2004.  Please add his name to the memorial list.  Anyone who would like details can write to me, Bonnie Fishman Bruckheimer Class of 1962, at

Thanks so much,


In Remembrance of Wolf Feldman, Class of 1935
My heart belongs to daddy...

Marla Feldman-Jones, Class of 1972

In Remembrance of Andrew Marasco, Class of 1934
Andrew passed away peacefully on December 26, 2004 at the age of 88. A WWII combat veteran, he was buried by a military honor guard in a very moving ceremony. He will be missed by all who knew him.

In Remembrance of Herbert Frankel, Class of 1942
Herb passed away today (1/29/05) after a brief illness.  He had been in touch with many of his former classmates from P.S. 114 and FRHS. He and I became friends for the last three or four years and enjoyed concerts, operas, dinners and museum visiting.  He was always interested in the local news from the Rockaways and had an indefatigable memory of names of teachers, classmates and activities from those days. He will be sorely missed.

Diane Kingsley Stern, Class of 1942 

In Remembrance of Harold Center, Class of 1956
Harold was a unique quirky guy who never quite got his right foot and left foot to work in tandem. He sort-of crab-walked. I knew him before we went to FRHS. I think somehow he got into Troop 116 at P.S. 39 and then Troop 100 at Shaaray Tefilla. He took the time to teach the younger scouts how to take great pictures and even showed us how to develop them. I was saddened he passed so young, I can still see him in chinos a white shirt and his hair always awry and with a warm smile.

Bob Schiffer

In Remembrance of Steven D. Schuster, Class of 1972 
My brother Steven died on June 30, 1971, and would have graduated in 1972. I never saw a bigger turn out for a funeral in my life.

Glenn Schuster, Class of 1968

In Remembrance of Robert David Skolnik (Scully), Class of 1957
I just want to say a last farewell to my brother, whom you may remember as "Scully." He passed away on April 14, 2004 after a 2-1/2 year battle with colon cancer.

I would like to encourage everyone to have a colonoscopy and an endoscopy on a regular basis.  You must have both.

My brother loved life, and I remember him mostly with a big smile and a wonderful sense of humor. His joyful presence is missed, but his spirit is with me always.

Harriet Beck

In Remembrance of Marty Rubin, Class of 1968
Marty, you left us so unexpectedly on Thursday, March 24, 2005. You and I were friends since the 7th grade at JHS 198. I'll never forget all the great times we had in Las Vegas over years. You were a good, kind and caring soul who gave gave to everyone. Barry and I often share the memory of our time spent in New York at our 20th reunion in Far Rockaway in 1988.  What a great laugh we had at Nathans in Oceanside. We will always love you.

Your pals,

Steve Sacks
Barry Kalfin

I hope everyone understands that I need to post more of my feelings about Marty. As I sit here in tears over the loss of my friend I want people to know that Marty was "Uncle Marty" to my daughters Jaclynn and Dana. Marty had no children of his own and was Uncle Marty to the children of some of our friends. Those of you know who I mean.  He treated his " Nieces and Nephews" as if they were his own. Both my girls had several pool birthday parties at Uncle Marty's home in Thousand Oaks, Cailifornia. Marty was a great success financially but it never went to his head.  He was just a Good Ole Rockaway Boy. 

I hope I'm done expressing myself, but I loved him enough not to make any promises about that. We were more like brothers than friends. To all who knew and loved him (Joel, Howie, Les, etc.) always know that he loved you very much. Marty, I hope you're at peace and spending time with Mickey (Mom).

Steve Sacks

Marty was my oldest friend from Far Rockaway. We grew up on Beach 36th Street, on the bay side. I remember him when we were both too young to remember much of anything (sharing a playpen).  I remember visiting him after he had his hernia operation and all he wanted to do was play baseball. We played stickball, punchball, stoop ball, baseball, all on 36th St. We had a crew, Michael and Ricky Eisman, Georgie from 37th street (lived above Ben's grocery store, Dennis McKeon, Michael who lived in the boathouse. I am glad I got to rekindle my friendship with Marty during the 100 year celebration and again at my 30th reunion (he came with me so he could visit with old friends).

Marty, I hope you are at peace. God bless you.

Joel Stern

In Remembrance of Victor Gold, Class of 1965
Victor and I shared a name, but traveled in different circles. Our paths seperated after FRHS, then I ran into him by surprise when he was a student at New York Medical Collge, and I was just a research tech still trying to get into med school. He told me to stick with it, and I did. I'm saddened to see that he is gone.

Hank Gold, M.D.

In Remembrance of Robert Soldo, Class of 1975
Robert was a great and dear friend whom I lost touch with around 1990 or so.  I last knew he lived in East Strousberg, PA and was married.  I'd love to hear from the family and he will be deeply missed as he was a funny and kind human being and a generous friend.

Mark Schechter

I was in absolute disbelief when I heard about the passing of my friend Robert Soldo.  I just found out earlier this year from a mutual friend. I can remember the numerous hours/days that we played, gigged, rehearsed with our band.  Rob was an EXCELLENT GUITARIST..and a GREAT HUMAN being.  The last time I saw Rob was around 1976, the year I graduated from Far Rock.

Rob was always encouraging as well as optimistic.  I still have some pictures of us jamming in Emery's basement...


Your friend.,


In Remembrance of Herbert Langsam, Class of 1936
Herbert Langsam, Class of 1936, died on December 16, 2003. He had many happy memories of FRHS which he shared with his family. From FRHS he went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Class of 1940). During WWII he served as a Captain in the U.S. Army.  In 1948 he married Rosalyn Seevak of Boston, MA.  They moved to Tacoma, WA and then to San Francisco in 1952. He had three daughters, one son and 6 grandchildren.  Herb had a long successful career in retailing, retiring in 1999 at the age of 80.

Herb was the nicest person in the world; kind, sweet, devoted to family and friends. He left a family who adored him and many loving friends.

Rosalyn Langsam

In Remembrance of Richard Stern, Class of 1976
Richie was working for the Hewlett Post Office.  In 1987 he became very ill.  He died of cancer in Jjune 1987.  Richie never had a bad word for anybody.  He could always be counted on by his friends.  He left this world much too soon. 

Lori Lent Greiner

In Remembrance of Susan (Stuminski) Peterman, Class of 1969
Dear Sue,

You lived in the apartment just downsatairs from me in Wavecrest. We had some great times together.  While I was in Florida this year from January to April we spoke many times and planned to get together. Your illness and treatment prevented that reunion.

I'm now back in California and wish with all my heart that I could have seen you one more time. It's said that in Heaven everyone is 30 years of age and in glowing, perfect health. I hope that's true and you are as radiant and as vibrant as I remember you.

With much love and fond memories.

Steve S.

I am so sorry to learn of your passing. I am also so sorry we fell out of touch after you moved to Florida. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your sincere friendship.  Yours was amongst one of the truest friendships I have ever been blessed with. Thank you, Sue.

Could we ever explain to anyone now, how good it was to be alive in the Rockaway (Far Rockaway of the 1960s)?

With love,
Cristine Erickson

In Remembrance of Hugh Frost, Class of 1958
My brother Hugh and I shared a room all through our growing up years in Rockaway. He passed away much too young at the age of 50 in 1991. 

Alan Frost, FRHS 1963 

I was going through the Memories page and saw Hugh's name.  I was so sorry to read about his passing.  I met Hugh when we were in the 6th grade at P.S. 44 and we became friends.  I think of him often.

Arlene Lichtblau Parker

I want to share a memory  Hugh Frost beat me out for the starting shortstop position on the FRHS baseball team.  Truth be told, he was better than me.  I found him to be a lovely guy and I was saddened to hear of his passing at such a young age.

Larry Moshan

In Remembrance of Betti Birenbaum, Class of 1973
I always liked Betti because she was about the only person who could look me in the eye.  (We little people couldn't do that too often). 

An overdue Rest in Peace to you.

Lisa Berman Shaw

In Remembrance of Sue-Carol Ludacer Nussbaum, Class of 1950
Sue-Carol Ludacer Nussbaum passed away this morning, 6/21/05 around 8:30 AM, EST.  She had been fighting cancer for several years, and was recently diagnosed with terminal leukemia.  She passed away in Naples, FL, where she and her husband Ken have resided for many years.  During the stay at Hospice she was accompanied by many close friends and family.  She was not alone, very much loved, and completely comfortable when she passed. 

Funeral services will be held at Robert Schoem Menorah Chapel, on Friday, June 24, at 10:00 AM.  The Chapel is located at 150 Route 4 East, Paramus, NJ.  To contact the Chapel please feel free to call 201-843-9090 or 800-426-5869.

Sue's family has used her actual working web site as a tribute to Sue for friends which not only includes loads of photos, but the eulogy she wrote for herself, "Who Will Speak For Me."

Please sign their guestbook as well.

In Remembrance of Phyllis Officina, Class of 1956
Phyllis was a quiet gal who preferred to observe rather than be observed, but she was indeed seen, and those lucky enough to know her knew she was warm, caring and wise beyond her years.

In Remembrance of Sean Rooney, Class of 1970
Sean was my first true love and I still think about him and wonder what life might have brought to us. He was full of life, dreams, and laughter. He changed my life forever.  If any of his sisters or parents ever check this sight, I would love to hear from them. 

Janet Brodsky

In Remembrance of Elaine (Feinberg) Bender, Class of 1957
It is with great sadness that I report the death of my beloved sister, Elaine (Feinberg) Bender ('57) on May 1, 2005. At FRHS, Elaine was News Editor of the "Chat," on the staff of the Dolphin and on the Senior Play Writing Committee. She received her BA in English from Alfred University, and her MA from Columbia University.

Elaine lived in Torrance, CA for the past 32 years where she taught English at El Camino College and Pasadena City College.  One of our neighbors from Far Rockaway wrote: "She was challenging, searching to elevate our level on all accounts, a reminder of our childhood...most often evoking smiles via a sharp wit..."

I will miss her with all my heart.

Rhoda (Feinberg) Nevins '62

In Remembrance of Sheila Shear, Class of 1960
I just learned of an old friend, 1960 grad Sheila Shear, passing away and am truly shocked.  I was living in Bayswater Garden Apartments when I was first married.  We lived there for nine years until we moved to Long Island. Sheila Shear, her mom, dad and brother lived in the apartment just above us. Although Sheila and I knew of each other at FRHS, I was in the class of 1959, so we never really became friends until Bayswater.  We even came to her wedding.  However, that marriage only lasted about year. 

Through the years our friendship grew.  When we moved to Long Island, it was more difficult to keep in contact with one another. Sheila never married again and lived a pretty lonely life.  Years would go by and I would think,  "I have not heard from Sheila in a long time and should give her a call."  So I would call her and she would be so happy to hear from me. We would say "We have to get together," but unfortunately that day never came.  The last time I spoke to Sheila was six years ago.  Again, she was so happy to hear from me and of course we both planned to get together and stay in touch more often.  That day never came!

Today, I started thinking about her and called her house.  Her mom, Betty, now 85, started crying and told me Sheila passed away, "alone" in her apartment this past May.  I cannot stop crying!!  My only thought is "when you say to a friend or relative that we must get together," mean it!  Get together often and let that person know how much you care for them.  I feel very bad because I never got the chance to tell Sheila how much my husband, children and I cared for her. 

Karen Klein Lutzker, Class of 1959

In Remembrance of Richard Davis, Class of 1942
My dear brother Richard Davis was in the 8th Air Force fighting in World War II.  He was a Navigator, killed in action, while returning from a bombing mission over Berlin in 1944, on his 11th mission.  He was a graduate of FRHS class of 1942. Dead at the age of 20.  Mourned by his sister, Sue, class of 1947, and a grateful nation.

Sue Davis Wulf

In Remembrance of Ellen Fox, Class of 1978
Ellen Fox passed away this afternoon, September 3, 2005, shortly after 1 p.m. 

Arrangements will be handled by Sparkman/Hillcrest in Dallas.  There will be visitation this Thursday from 6 - 9 p.m. and services will be on Friday at 4 p.m. 

Ellen was much loved by all who knew her.   Her gentle, caring spirit shone  through to the end.  She will be greatly missed.  May God be with her and her family.

Donations can be made to the Leukemia Society of America in memory of Ellen Robin Fox.  By regular mail, send to:

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 
Donor Services 
P.O. Box 4072
Pittsfield, MA 01202

Online, please go to this page and scroll down to "Designate Your Donation" after filling out the form.

I was deeply saddend to read about the untimely passing of Ellen Fox and Christine Hess. I grew up in Wavecrest on the same terrace as Christine. I went to school with Ellen's brother Neil Fox. My hearfelt sympathy goes out to the Fox and Hess families. If anyone knows how I can get in touch with the family please e-mail me at

Thank You,

Yvette (Weiss) Kleinman 

My sister Ellen passed away a year ago this Sept.3rd. There are so many wonderful things I could say about her, but two things from the end of her life say it all.  I walked into her hospital room about two weeks before she died.  She had vacation magazines spread out on her bed, planning a trip for when she recovered. About a week before she died, she found out that there was nothing the doctors could do for her, when she told me, she used the words "little setback"  Always the optimist!  I loved her, and I miss her.

Stewart Fox

In Remembrance of Arthur Zankel, Class of 1948
Zankel Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall is named for him and his wife. I read of his death while away.  I knew him casually but would like to 
hear how some of his classmates remember him.
Stanley I. Kirwin

In Remembrance of Ricky Feldman, Class of 1975
I am writing this letter with great sorrow to inform you and the alumni of Far Rockaway High School that my brother Ricky Feldman passed away unexpectedly on August 18th 2005. His year of graduation was 1975. I would like to have his name appear on the Memorial Page of the School website. He was well known and will be dearly missed by many.

My name is Steve Feldman and I graduated in 1979. If you need to reach me my email is

Thank You,

Steve F.

I'm sure all of you who know me know that I went out with Ricky Feldman (class of 75) back in HS.  We were each others first loves and about 10 yrs. ago, he got back in touch with me. We'd been inseparable ever since. He married the greatest woman in the world who made him happier then anyone else ever could. Anyone that knew him, knew he was the kindest, sweetest person you could ever meet. I wanted everyone to know that he passed away on Aug 18th, 2 days after his wedding anniversary and 2 wks before his 48th birthday.

My heart is empty without my best friend. He will be 4ever missed by all who remained close to him. He will always be in my heart, he will always be my first true love, and I will love him 4ever.

Liz Pearsall

In Remembrance of Jessica Holland, Class of 1964
Jessica died in 1989 when she was hit by a truck while biking in France.  Jessica managed to accomplish a great deal in her life: she worked with Dr. Martin Luther King and SCLC in Georgia; did some union organizing in northern Ca.; lived on a mountain top in Argentina; returned to NYC, writing for various trade magazines and then went on to write oral histories for individuals and corporations.

Jessica was a loving friend to all who knew her.  We had been friends for 27 extraordinary years- we joked that we couldn't possibly be old enough to
have sustained a friendship for that long.

Karen (Colodne) Danaher-Dorr

In Remembrance of Rick Gruber, Class of 1953
Richard Paul Gruber, (Rick or Rikki), passed away Monday, September 26, 2005 in Sun City, AZ after a long illness.  He is survived by his wife, 1953 alum Carol (Padgett) Gruber, father Irving Gruber, brother Jon Gruber and sister Susan (Gruber) Buse. 

Rikki was my first cousin.  I remember how handsome he was. They lived next door to us in Bayswater and during his teen years he looked and dressed like Happy Days' "Fonzie."  He quit school in his senior year to join the Navy, then worked with his father in Woodmere at their auto garage and Hertz Rental business.

Rikki and Carol moved to Phoenix almost 20 years ago and loved it out here.  Even after he became ill in 1995, he stayed in touch with the world via his HAM radio hobby.  He also was an inveterate reader and gun collector.

I will miss him very much.

Carol (Solomon) Marston, FRHS 1956

In Remembrance of Roslyn Brier Gutkin, Class of 1941
Roslyn Brier Gutkin passed away November 2001 from complications of Alzheimer’s.  If anyone wants they can contact her son Harvey at this e-mail address:

In Remembrance of Kelley Sealey, Class of 1979
Kelley was my best friend until the end of her life. We met at the age of nine. We stayed friends until her sudden death in September 1990. When a close friend dies they take half of your memories with them. 

Lori Lent Greiner

In Remembrance of Arnold Schrager, Class of 1953
Arnold, for 65 years you have been a true friend. You will be missed 

Al Biener, Class of 1953

In Remembrance of Edie Bresloff, Class of 1964
Edie was my best friend in high school. When I had home problems I knew that her door was always open to me. She and her family always tried to ease the pain. We remained close friends until she moved to California. We still wrote and spoke to each other on a regular basis. She married and tried to live the American dream. Life was not kind to her and she passed away in 1988 at the age of 41. I miss her friendship.

Gail Niemetz, Class of 1964

In Remembrance of James Murphy, Class of 1962
Jimmy was not only our big brother, but also had to take on a father's role at an early age. He was proudest of his family and friends, especially his sons Jim and Jeremy.  Jim left us far too soon, and the void created will is vast.  He left me with great memories, and for that I'm grateful.  Breathe easy Jim, and keep em cold.

Tom Murphy, Class of 1966

In Remembrance of Sue Feder, Class of 1968
I didn't really know Sue. I never met her in person. Last year I just happened to read a message she had posted on the Far Rockaway board at I asked her if she had a younger brother name Mitch. She replied and we wrote back and forth a few times. She got me back in touch with Mitch after more than 30 years and we are in touch now. I thank Sue for that. My heart goes out to her family. I hope they can find peace and comfort. I'm glad I got to meet Sue in this limited time and place. 

Mitch Warstadt

In Remembrance of Paul "Toby" Tobias, Class of 1965

You were a very dear friend to me, always.  I love you and will always love you.  You were a kind and generous soul, who everyone loved.

You will be missed by all, but never forgotten.  You will be in our hearts forever.

May God watch over you.


Sherry Nozick (Carrion)

Paul was more like a brother to me then a friend. I will miss him forever.

Barbara Frazer Powell

In Remembrance of Susan Ridell, Class of 1971
Susan Ridell, Class of 1971 passed away today, Jan 15, 2006 at age 52 in Novato California. She will be missed by all. 

Funeral services will be held at the Keaton's Funeral Home, 1801 Novato Blvd., Novato CA 94947 at 2 PM PST on Saturday Jan. 21, 2006. 

She is survived by her brother Bobby, sister Joanne and mother Arlene. 

David Millner

In Remembrance of Debra Koskowitz Nussbaum, Class of 1957
Barnard and Vassar graduate, lawyer.  Deeply loved and greatly missed. Mother of two daughters, Carolyn and Diana.

In Remembrance of Aileen Schenk Nadelson, Class of 1937
My sister Aileen died Feb.7, 2006. It is still hard to think of her gone but I thought others would like to remember her too. She was an accomplished quilter, seamstress and knitter and additionally was interested in geneology. It was only after she died that we realized she had been pursuing this interest for 25 years!!!  She was far ahead of me in school but it was fun to realize that she had many of the same teachers at P.S. 39 as well as FRHS. We laughed alot about that.  She attended the 100th year reunion and had a wonderful time recalling it for me.

Edie Schenk Ross, Class of 1948

In Remembrance of George Chamberlain, Class of 1973
I didn't know George Chamberlain in high school.  I'm sure we walked past each other in the hallways.  I worked with him on our job with New York City Sanitation.  I just wanted to let people who remembered George that he passed away a few years ago.  He was a real nice man and it was an honor to know and work with him.

James J. Cleary

In Remembrance of Barbara Levine, Class of 1969
When I saw Barbara Levine's name on the FRHS Memorial Page without an asterisk I felt it was very important for something to be written about such a wonderful person.  Barbara Levine, along with Harriet Appel were best friends with my sister, Tina Kinigson.  I always loved when they would all hang out at our house because Tina's friends let me stay in the room with them.  Barbara had a magnetic personality and lit up a room when she came in.  My sister loved to be with her! They did everything and went everywhere together until Barbara was killed in a car accident when she was fifteen.  Tina and Harriet continued their friendship until Harriet died four years later at nineteen. 

I see another good friend of my sister's, Shelly Zwilling is also on this memorial site.  They remained good friends until Shelly died.  When I saw their names on here an incredible wave of nostalgia and sadness came over me all at once.  I was nine when Barbara died and I looked up to all of them.  At the time they seemed so grown up to me and so much older.  I guess that's how I'll always remember them.  No matter how old I become, they will always be people that I look up to, just like my sister.

Lisa Kinigson Klein

In Remembrance of Zoe Papathomas, Class of 1977
On February 19, 2005, my beloved brother-in-law Zoe Papathomas passed on unexpectedly.  For all those who knew and loved him, this world is greatly diminished without the happiness, joy and fun he brought to everything. 

Julia Herbert

Zoe was a great guy, we all loved and cared for him. He was always kind, even to strangers, quick with a joke, and he LOVED to fish. He is survived by his loving wife, Gerri Herbert-Papathomas, his son Thomas, and his daughter Christina.

I guess I was Zoe's first official business partner, we always worked hard to make extra money and it was truly a blesssing when he became a member of my family. Zoe was more than a brother-in-law to us, he was a really considered a blood brother. Zoe's kind heart and genorosity to all people and charities as an important part of these past few years. I will mourn for him always and pray that God continues to grant peace and help of his holy Spirit to comfort my sister, niece, nephew, and all those who had known him.

God bless you and keep you with him always,

Maura Herbert 
516-672-2993, call any time you need to.

Condolences to:

Gerri PapaThomas
c/o Herbert
2635 Rockaway Ave. 
Oceanside, NY 11572

Anyone interested in raising money (by having a fishing competition) to support some of his charities please call Maura Herbert516-672-2993 or 516-764-7527, I would love to help honor his good works. Any ideas are welcome. Thank you and Blessed be.

It would be wonderful to have a yeary event in his memory and support charities as well. He was active in Alzheimers organization, orphanages,
and foster kids,as well as many others. Any ideas or help will be very much appreciated.

To see a special tribute to Zoe, go here:

In Remembrance of Gene Price, Class of 1953
A special man, with us for too short a time.  His courage was our strength.

Irene Barr Price, Class of 1956

In Remembrance of Nancy Postal, Class of 1968
Nancy fought a long and hard battle with cancer and finally lost the fight on May 11, 2006. Nancy and I were neighbors back in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Our backyards faced each other. We were good friends and then lost touch. We renewed friendship for a short time in H.S. and then that too drifted. But with the upcoming reunion in 1997 and the Rockaway Pages appearing on line Nancy & I reconnected in 1995. It was just great. I saw her periodically but spoke very often. Now as she got sick I spoke to her nearly every day and it was great. I even got down to see her before she was gone. As sick as she was she still had her great sense of humor. 

I will miss her terribly.

Nancy Fox, Class of 68

In Remembrance of Michael Nowak, Class of 1959
You will be missed. . .

Paula Berliner, Lana Cohen, Steve Daniels, Laura Richman Dragan, Sid Dworet, Harvey Freundlich, Artie Mandel, Howie Schultz

In Remembrance of Antoine Stone, Class of 1985
Dear Antoine,

We, The Class of 1985 love you and we miss you! You were a very special man taken from us to early in the prime of your life. I remember you when we were younger, always singing.  Your beautiful voice was silenced too soon. If you were not singing, you were using your beautiful voice to spread the good news of the Gospel and giving people the pathway to heaven. That's why you were killed - because people didn't want to hear the message you were delivering so they took your life too soon, but your soul will live on forever. You will forever be in our hearts. WE LOVE YOU FOREVER

The Class of 1985 

This is my older brother who was known as "Rev". Indeed he lived up to his name, he lived and preached the word of God without fear or regret. He was murdered on the streets of Rockaway 9/10/94 while witnessing to others who did not know Jesus as their personal savior. He was a God-sent angel who touched and changed the loves of all who entered his presence. Rest on, my brother, take your rest, your life and words still linger on. I love you, Evangelist Antoine.

Vincent Stone

In Remembrance of Dennis Gartner, Class of 1964
I just heard about Dennis' passing from a mutual friend. He died in Florida but I have no other details.

Dennis was my first date (New Years Eve 1964) and my first real boyfriend. He was on the swim team, a diver, and had a varsity letter which he gave me for my sweater. We were in the same homeroom, Mr. Jablonsky's.

We did not keep up after graduation and so I don't know what he did with his life but I hope he was happy.  I'll always remember the tall blond athlete that was my first crush!

Alyce Falk Gould, 1964

In Remembrance of Alex "Allie" Kessler, Class of 1948
Alex died in Chicago on January 16, 1987 of pancreatic cancer. He never had pain and was as handsome as he always was. Even though I am happily remarried I will always miss him.

Marcia Kessler Richter

In Remembrance of Stuart Drell, Class of 1958
I think of you often.  You and Renee were always so kind and gracious to me.  I cherish your friendship still. 

Millie Tirado

In Remembrance of Richard Alan Smolin, Class of 1974
Richard Smolin was taken from us without warning.  He was truly a great person, always a smile on his face. I knew him my entire life, we grew up next door to each other and than many years later stayed connected in South Florida where we both lived. Our families still keep in touch. He will be missed and loved forever.

Lynda Schreuder

In Remembrance of Sheila Bork, Class of 1971
I was very saddened to hear that Sheila Bork passed away.  It brought back so many memories of how she was not liked as a child.  I often thought about her and wondererd what happened to her in her life.  It was sad to see that nobody wrote anything about her in the memorial page.  May she rest in peace.

Andrea (Yessner) Rebackoff 

I was saddened to see the message re: Sheila Bork that said she was "not liked." I knew Sheila because our moms went to High School together and they remained friends for over 50 years. Perhaps at school Sheila was "not liked" but please know that Sheila was loved and cherished by her loving parents and younger sister. 

Sheila was married briefly after high school. She had a long career with the VA. She loved to travel, and did so often with her friends. She was close to her sister. She had a great sence of humor and was fun to be around. Sheila had a beautiful 
heart and soul. I never heard a mean word or unkind thought pass through her lips. 

Sheila passed away after a long battle with a terminal illness. Please don't be saddened by your memories of Sheila's high school days. Know that Sheila spent her life not only being "well liked" but being truly loved. I offer my sincere condolances to her sister Phyllis. 

Felice Labrys 1970

My dear sister Sheila passed away on Sept 14, 2004, after a long bout with melonoma. She left an empty hole in our hearts. She was loved by all who knew her. She had a heart of gold. She was my only sister, and my heart is broken. I have three daughters that miss their aunt terribly. I love you, Sheila.

Phyllis (Bork) Shabazian

In Remembrance of Thomas DeVivio, Class of 1965
It is with great sadness to announce the passing of my brother Tommy DeVivio on May 10, 2004. Tommy was not just my brother, he was a great friend. I will miss him dearly. 

Anthony  DeVivio

In Remembrance of Roy Lampel, Class of 1965
I wanted to share with everybody that knew Roy and hadn't spoke to him in a long time.  He and I were married in October of 1975 for 5 years.  We have a son who is now 27 years old.  Roy died July 27th 1999 in a fatal motorcyle accident up in Red Hook, NY.  It was a sad day.  He was a good man and a hard worker and always cared about people.  Even though we were divorced he was such a great dad and a good friend.  He is missed in our family and I know that for others who knew him, he is also missed.  I knew Roy from the age of 17 through my adult life.  When he passed away a huge chapter in my life had ended.  I am so happy to have his son and when I look at Adam I see Roy.  Roy lives on in him and it is a blessing. 

If anybody reads this and wants to add their feelings and thoughts about Roy, I know that Adam would love to hear about them.

Andrea (Yessner) Rebackoff 

In Remembrance of Seymour Beck, Class of 1948 
Seymour Beck, 76, of Atlantic Beach and Swan Lake, NY passed away at home on August 10, 2006. Son of Adele and Samuel Beck, brother of Marvin, he was raised in Rockaway, educated at Far Rockaway High School and Hofstra University and served in the US Coast Guard. In 1956 he wed Millie Schusterman Beck, a teacher and fellow Rockawayite. He was the proud father of Steven, Brian and Evan, and grandfather of Jeremy, Spencer, Brooke and Daniel. His passions were his family, Real Estate business, health, nutrition and exercise, antiques; and Hofstra sports. A dear and devoted mate, he and his wife recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Sy will be sorely missed. 

Herb Kandel

In Remembrance of Stanley Doben, Class of 1956
While going through my FRHS year book (Dolphin) I came across Stanley's picture. It brought back fond memories of a good friend, who left this earth, family and friends way to soon. Stanley, you are very fondly remembered.

Bob Beloff, Class of 1956

In Remembrance of Diana Karr Schrager, Class of 1960
You are gone since 1987, but our friendship since we were 11 will live in my heart forever. You were my best friend then and will be for eternity. The friends you made and the hearts you touched was the center that kept everyone together.  I will love you always. 

Amy Moses Spielman, Class of 1959

In Remembrance of Stephen Wilsker, Class of 1963
I am sad to report the passing of my cousin, Steve (class of 63) on November 14, 2006, after a long illness. Steve is survived by his son David, his parents Thelma and Dr. Jerome (former Arverne dentist) as well as his brothers Ron (class of 68) and Stu (class of 71). He will be missed and fondly remembered by all who knew and loved him. 

Rest in peace, Steve...

Susan Wilsker Brownstein, Class of 1970

In Remembrance of Margaret "Peggy" Gordon Miers, Class of 1956
I first met Peggy when we were nine years old.  We met in Lawrence's Temple Israel where our parents had sent us to learn Hebrew and about our heritage.

My first impression of Peggy was her amazingly bright red hair.  We talked about how much we disliked "Sunday School."  I quit first, and she followed shortly afterwards.

Since we lived at opposite ends of Far Rockaway, we went to different elementary schools.  Peggy attended P.S. 39 and I went to P.S. 104.  When we were freshmen at FRHS I spotted her and asked if she remembered me. I was very surprised when she said "YES! I quit going to Sunday School right after you did!" 

She was brilliant! Peggy went on to set the academic bar very high for those to follow.  She was valedictorian at our 1956 graduation and our yearbook's "Senior Will" included the line, "To the Math Team we leave...The memories of Peggy Gordon's victories."

The last time I saw Peggy was at our 1955-1956 reunion held in Lawrence in 2005.  She had a wonderful time with her classmates from both P.S. 39 and FRHS.

Rest in peace, my friend.  I'll miss you.

Carol (Solomon) Marston, FRHS 1956

In Remembrance of Ellen (Brown) Freed, Class of 1971
My sister in law, Ellen Brown Freed, passed away over the 2006 Thanksgiving Day weekend. She leaves a large void in our family, the Jewish community of Toledo, Ohio where she and my brother resided, and everyone else that knew her. 

The word no was never in her vocabulary. She was always available to help others in the community.  She worked for many years at a local synagogue, baby-sat the neighbor's children at a moment's notice, yet still had time to meet the needs of her 3 children and husband, Marc (also 1971). We are still in shock and probably will never get over our loss. The wishes of donating her organs enabled 12 people to receive transplants, ranging from bone marrow to one of the largest hearts on the planet. Ellen, I miss you very much. 

Gordon Freed, Class of 1969

In Remembrance of Jeff Santlofer, Class of 1971
I have been passing through the site and noticed no one had written anything about Jeff, so I thought I would. He was one of the friendly people I got to know from the class of '71.  I remember playing touch football, often in the afternoons, down at one of the Wavecrest playgrounds, (19th St?) right off the boardwalk. Jeff was there some of the time amongst a rotating group of "Senior" players. He was a good person who has unfortunately passed on too early. My condolences to his family. 

Bruce Farbowitz, Class of 1971

In Remembrance of Rhonda Bergrin, Class of 1970
Rhonda and I were great friends.  I think of her often.  She was the best.

Paula Kantor Arnao, 1970

In Remembrance of Michael Saltser, Class of 1954
Michael was a true gentleman, scholar and athlete. He never faltered in any endeavor he engaged in. He left a mark of excellence and completion coupled with an unflinching spirit in all of his pursuits. Always thinking of others, he masked his superior talents with a subtle humor coupled with a dash of noblesse oblige. The courage and determination he showed during his illness was, like the man, extraordinary. 

Myron Domsky, Class of 1954

In Remembrance of Colleen Watson Webster, Class of 1956
I met Colleen in my junior year.  We became very close friends.  She was a warm and witty person and kept her spirits up despite some very grave family problems.  Because of these problems Colleen wasn't able to graduate with our class, but she was extremely bright and would have graduated with honors.

I will always have a special place in my heart for her.  We experienced a lot in the two years we were friends; some very good times and some very bad.  She had a LOT of courage.

Rest well, my friend.


Carol (Solomon) Marston, Class of 1956

In Remembrance of Renee D. Lang, Class of 1964
Renee Lang died at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC on November 1, 2006. She was 59 years old. She went to the hospital where she had her original heart surgeries when we were teens. The surgery was on Oct. 30th and she died 2 days later. She was a wonderful friend for the past 45 years. We met in JHS and have stayed friends all of the years since. She had one daughter, Sharon Kantor. Her closest NY friend was Karen Spector, who did not go to FRHS. She will be missed by a lot of people, especially me. 

Suzan Posner Weisser, Class of 1964

In Remembrance of Rhoda Edelman Gorman, Class of 1951
Rhoda was a lovely person, whose life was cut short on January 17, 2007 after a three year bout with Lou Gehrig's disease. She faced the inevitability of her decline with dignity and courage, always considering the feelings of her many loved ones and her numerous friends. Everyone who came in contact with Rhoda appreciated her honesty and directness, as well as her subtle sense of humor. She will be badly missed. 

Larry Kaplan, Class of 1951 

In Remembrance of Myron Domsky, Class of 1954
I was quite saddened to learn of Myron's passing.  Myron was "one-of-a kind".  He was a large person, and had to be in order that his heart could fit his body.  He always had a smile on his face, and was always ready with a "story" or a quip.  It seemed as if his task in life was to make everyone else feel good, and he could light up any room in which he was situated, without even "trying" to do so. He was, indeed, a unique individual.

Fred Sherman, Class of 1954

A good friend and counselor who, if he didn’t have the answer in the vast mental file cabinet of his incredible mind, would spend countless hours researching the solution to any question or problem – be it simple or complex. Nothing was too mundane or too difficult for Myron if the answer would make a friend’s day easier or happier.

My wife, Jane, and I will always remember and forever miss the volumes of emails (many with “smiley faces”) often sent and read in the early hours of the morning and the endless phone calls we shared. Relaxing conversations over Beefeater Gibsons will never be the same.

There must be some solace, however,  in knowing that Myron is together again with the love of his life, his Beautiful Barbara, relishing in the accomplishments of their sons, William (daughter-in-law Jolie) and Douglas, and the joy of their granddaughter, Brette.

Rest in Peace, Ol’ Buddy, we miss you already - 

Your friend, 
Allan Rosenberg

The untimely passing of a long time dear friend leaves a permanent scar in my heart. Through the years, Myron and I crossed paths and always managed to stay in touch. I spoke to him only two days before he passed on via the Instant Messenger. Ironic!!! May his memory be in our hearts forever. I will miss you Myron.

Your dear friend,

Phyllis (Hellman) Jacobs, Class of '55

Myron, you old S.O.B., it's been a year and we miss you terribly. The martini tonight was empty without your company. 

Rest Easy, Old Buddy. 


In Remembrance of Eli Hellman, Class of 1958
Eli passed away in 1980. 

In loving memory, 

Your sister, 
Phyllis (Hellman) Jacobs

In Remembrance of Stephen Michael Garnett, Class of 1961
My beloved brother, Stephen Garnett, passed away in 1991 from a brain tumor. He protected me and was my "big brother" when our mother died.  He had two beautiful daughters, and was an architect living in California.We cherish and miss him every day.

Beth Garnett Stites

In Remembrance of Randy L. Yessner, Class of 1969
My sister Randy Yessner passed away on Feb 2, 2007.  She was 56 years old and will be truly missed.  She was such a caring, kind and sensitive human being that would do anything for everybody she knew.  She was the soul and heart of our family and always kept all of her sisters and friends close to her heart.  We will miss her so much.  Just want all her old friends that she hadn't spoken to know of her passing.

Andrea (Yessner) Rebackoff

I am another sister of Randy Yessner. Losing Randy is like losing your best and dearest friend.  I truly miss talking to her everyday and sharing the ups and downs of our lives.  She had a huge heart of gold and was there for everybody, anytime and at any given moment.   She loved her friends and family more than life.  If only she had taken the time the past several years to nurture and take care of herself, maybe she would still be here with all of us now.  Randy, I love you and will miss you with all my heart.  Until we meet again!  Rest in peace. 

Your loving sister & confidante,


When I look at my Beatle pictures I will always think of you and me and George Harrison always saying may the best one win. And I will think of our bus ride to Shea Stadium. And you will be the first one to meet George Harrison. And I am going to miss you and thank you for being my friend at summmer school and then in high school. 

Linda Palin Rod

In Remembrance of Judy (Weinstein) Yaeger, Class of 1954
Judy passed away after a long illness.  She graduated P.S. 114 & P.S. 44.  Late in her career she became a lawyer.

Dean Georges

In Remembrance of PFC John P. McGonigal, Class of 1966

For the Fallen

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: 
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. 
At the going down of the sun and in the morning 
We will remember them. 

English Poet Poet Laurence Binyon

From your brother Tommy

In Remembrance of Lorraine "Lolly" Pulvers Commanday, Class of 1955
Lolly lost her battle with breast cancer on March 4, 2007 in a hospice facility in Charlottesville, VA after a long and valiant struggle of more than four years.   She is survived by her younger brother Martin.  Lolly was a Registered Nurse who later went on to become one of the most knowledgeable dealers of Mexican (Taxco) silver jewelry, specializing in late 19th and early 20th century pieces.  Her collection of this jewelry is noted in many books, and she also had one of the premier collections of Denmark's George Jensen silver jewelry.

Lolly's laugh was like no other. She was a very spiritual person  who was loved and admired by so many including the whole FRHS Class of 1955 where she was a shining star. The world is now missing a strong, cheerful optimist, loyal to her friends and family.

Her close friends Joan Robbins Waggener, Daryle Dranow, Beverly Wexler, Phoebe Dorin and first cousin Nina Gold Silverman, will miss her terribly.

In Remembrance of Beverly Friedman Schoenbrun, Class of 1955
So sweet, fun and loyal - a friend whom I shall miss forever.

Daryle Dranow Prager, Class of 1955

In Remembrance of Fred Mass, Class of 1956
Today I received an e-mail from my 1956 classmate, Arthur Cooper, telling me that my friend Fred Mass passed away March 21, 2007.

I'd known Fred since we were in kindergaten at P.S. 104.  He was tall even then, but by the 8th grade, he'd reached 6'6" and in our 8th grade graduation photo, he towered over all of us. 

Since I moved to Chicago the day we graduated FRHS, I did not see Fred again until our reunion, June 10, 2005 (shared with the class of 1955).  We had a great time talking about old friends, old places, and I got to meet his lovely wife Ann.  He showed me a photo of his son who looks just like Fred and is about as tall.

A year after the reunion Fred wrote that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer.  I am saddened knowing he's gone.  I'll miss his silly jokes in the mail and the fact that I could tell Fred anything, and he would not pass judgment and kept confidences to the end.

Fred, I hope you're at peace...I will miss you.

Carol (Solomon) Marston, FRHS Class of 1956

Hi Carol,

I was going to write and tell you about Fred Mass' death, when I checked the FRHS website, and saw you already knew.  I too was saddened by his passing.  I was notified by e-mails from his wife Annie, and his brother Herb.

We had been corresponding by e-mail, and I knew he was very ill.  Since I hadn't heard from him for a while, I had just sent him a "Thinking of You" card, which probably came after he had passed away.

It's interesting how our lives had been intertwined through the years.  I lived in the upstairs apt. at 1312 Eggert Pl. from 1941-1948.  Fred, Herb, & their parents were our downstairs neighbors.  I remember we all made a Victory garden in the backyard, & grew corn, romaine lettuce, carrots, green beans, radishes, & tomatoes.  Our dads were air-raid wardens together.  Fred used to bully and pick on me.  One day I got so mad I managed to get him down and banged his head on the ground.  He never teased me after that.

Although our mothers would occasionally see one another at Hadassah meetings, Fred, Herb and I lost touch after we all moved from Eggert Place.  I met Paul and we dated for 4 years at Albany State.  At Albany we became good friends with a close friend of Herb's future wife Phyllis.  Paul and I got married in 1957 and lived for a year in a furnished apartment in Long Beach.  In 1958 we moved to Rockland County, and later found out that Phyllis and Herb had moved into the Long Beach apartment.

After that, we again lost touch.  Then about 7 years ago, we all reconnected thanks to you, Skip and the FRHS website.  It was right before Fred and Annie moved from Rockland to Long Island, and Phyllis and Herb moved from Long Island to Florida.  We'd been in Rockland the whole time, but didn't know Fred and Annie also lived here.  We managed to go out to dinner with them before they moved back to Long Island.  Since then, we stayed in touch by e-mail.

Since our tastes in humor were very different, Fred would only send us hints, warnings, puzzles, and the unusual.  He had a knack for seeing beauty in the unusual, and we really enjoyed those attachments.  In fact, someone sent me a puzzle the other day, and my first thought was, "Fred would have enjoyed this one."  He was very special, and we will all miss him, but he will continue to live on in the memories of those of us who knew and loved him.  He suffered so much, and now he is at peace. 


Myrna Lande Lewis, FRHS Class of 1953

In Remembrance of Beth Yudell Fields, Class of 1955
Beth Yudell, class of 1955, passed away in August 1992.  In 1957 she married Kenny Fields, class of 1953.   Beth and Kenny moved to Southern California where she lived until her passing.  She was survived by 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Kenneth Fields

In Remembrance of Dolores Jackson, Class of 1957
DJ, as she was called, was a joy to be around.  I was in the class of 1956 and did not know her very well, but just enough to appreciate her smile, laugh and cheerleading abilities.  She'll be missed.

Carol (Solomon) Marston

I read about DJ.  I was with Omega Pi Lambda when she was our president.  I didn't graduate from FRHS; left in 1956 and went to school in California.  Other members of our sorority were Marcy Sorkin, Judy Soroka, Robin Rolnick, and Gail Shapiro, who was my big sister.  I have a lot of fond memories of those years.  Sorry that DJ has left us.  She has always had my deepest respect.

I also attended P.S. 39.  Mrs. French was my teacher.


Barbara Randal Clay

In Remembrance of Jesse Anthony, Class of 1974
Jesse was a friend of mine from elementary school through high school. He would always use my street as a short cut to his house and that's how we met, and eventually became good friends. 

Of course as the years went on and I moved away we lost touch, but fortunately, because of this website we were able to get back in touch with each other and have had some great conversations in the not so distant past. 

Unfortunately, he did not let on as to how sick he really was or I would have made it my business to visit him the last time I was up in NY. But he was a wonderful guy even till the end.

I will always love you Jesse...Go with God. 

Lois Mark Saiani, Class of 1973

I learned about the passing of Jesse Anthony by chance last night while browsing the Memorial page of this incredible website.  I am deeply heartbroken.  I've known Jesse since first grade at P.S. 197.  He was the hall monitor, on the AV team, a flag bearer, President of the GO I think, and well, he was just EVERYWHERE, and that was just in elementary school!  We became closer friends in JHS 180, and remained close throughout high school, only losing touch when Jesse went on to attend college. 

My most vivid memory of Jesse was watching him shoot hoops at the basketball court on 17th Street.  He was all of about 14 years old, already past 6 feet tall, and lean muscle from the tips of his toes to the top of his head, and everywhere in between.  Jesse's jumpshot was a thing of beauty to behold.  He seemed to rise up off the ground and into the air completely effortlessly, with his back arched and his shooting arm extended high above his head. Not even Micahel Jordan's best could come close to rivaling the image left so long ago on my 14-year old brain by the incredible athlete Jesse was.

I looked for Jesse for years after high school. Not too hard, but I did keep an eye on the NBA, certain I'd find him connected there somehow.  It wasn't until a little over five years ago, and because of this website, that Jesse and I were finally reunited and shared lunch together in the city.  It was then that I learned that I should have been watching for him at NBC, not the NBA, where he had risen to a prominent position in management.  We talked about our families, and swapped photos of our daughters. Needless to say, I never thought that would be the last time we'd see each other. 

Jesse had more potential than anyone else I've ever known.  He was a 100% class act and great friend who was happy to lend an ear and offer help.  I will miss him always, and look forward to the day when I'll get to see that unforgettable Jesse jumpshot again in a higher place.  My condolences to his friends and family.

Bari Randal, Class of 1974 

I stumbled onto this site looking for Jesse. We were good friends from Kindergarten through 8thgrade. On trips back home after I left for college, I would always run into him shooting hoops at 17th. We'd chat and exchange news.  I finally had high speed internet installed, started my search and ended up here, writing a memorial, instead of chatting.

Jesse was a great guy in many ways. He will be greatly missed. Condolences to his lovely family and those of you who were closer to him in recent years.

Jayne Port

In Remembrance of Richard Bender, Class of 1957
I met Richard at the FRHS Centennial in 1997.  Had he not told me he was a stroke victim, I'd never have known.  He was a delight to talk to; very upbeat and
I loved his e-mail address, since I'm an avid cat was named after his cat, Brenda!

I was so saddened when I read his obituary in THE WAVE.  I normally don't publish entire obits, but I'd like to post his:

Richard S. Bender, Teacher, Actor/Entertainer

Richard S. Bender of Long Beach, CA and formerly of Rockaway Beach, died in Bellflower, CA on April 6.  He was 67.

Bender was born in Brooklyn, but lived the first 25 years of his life in Rockaway Beach.  He was a teacher and an actor/entertainer with memberships in the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

Bender is survived by his sister-in-law, Maureen, nephews Martin, John and Joseph, and a niece, Kathy, all of New York.  He is also survived by many friends in Long Beach, CA.

Funeral arrangements were entrusted to McKenzie Mortuary in Long Beach, CA.  A Celebration of Life will take place in Long Beach, followed by the scattering of Bender's ashes.

Rest well, Richard...I'll miss your always cheerful e-mails.

Carol (Solomon) Marston, FRHS 1956

In Remembrance of Anne Herbst, Class of 1940
Anne Herbst was a Rockaway resident from 1927 to 1963. She was a working artist all her life and won awards for her painting, sculpture and fine-art furniture. 

She passed away Memorial Day, May 27, 2007. She is survived by her husband Fred, her sons Richard and Philip as well as grandchildren. 

To read more about Anne, please go here:

In Remembrance of Rosalind Yudlowitz, Class of 1963
I am sad to give you this news.  As of May 10, 2007, my sister and brother, Rosalind Yudlowitz, class of 1963 and Mark Yudlowitz, class of 1973. have passed on.  I will miss them dearly and forever in my heart.
Carol (Yudlowitz) Seigel

In Remembrance of Mark Yudlowitz, Class of 1973
Mark was on the football tem "FRHS Seahorses" as well as the baseball team.  He was coached by the famous Jack Kershman.  He attended Brooklyn College, and went on to be a radiology tech,  He is survived by his wife Maria and daughters, Sarah and Pamela.  He will be dearly missed and forever in our hearts.

Carol (Yudlowitz) Seigel

In Remembrance of Jeffrey Hoffman, Class of 1981
Jeff "Bubba" Hoffman was a great man.  Being a teammate of Jeff's on our wrestling team was an honor.  His recent passing saddens me.  I'll miss seeing Jeff in and around our neighboring communities and at Silverpoint Beach Club.  My 
heart goes out to his wife Randi and their two daughters.

Scott Young

In Remembrance of Sondra "Sandy" Chick, Class of 1958
You were a sweet, generous friend. 

Millie Tirado 

Remembering Sandy Chick

Our part of Rockaway, from Beach 116th Street to the Marine Parkway Bridge, was still partly untamed in the ‘50s.  Jamaica Bay was open, unbound by today’s protective wall. The bright red Texaco star on Beach Channel Drive marked the boundary of our still small community. Sandy’s dad owned the gas station, and there we two 14 year old giggling girls plotted my escape from Hebrew School for the day, so I could join her smoking cigarettes instead. Although I hated going to Hebrew School after class, I had never before defied my mom, and Sandy merrily coached me into what I would tell her. So we called her from Sandy’s Dad’s office and I fed her the lines Sandy gave me, totally thrilled. “It doesn’t sound like you, Ilsa. Someone is putting you up to this.” I crumbled, and was too ashamed to ask Sandy if we could still be friends even though I was a coward and went to Hebrew instead of hanging out to smoke by the bay. But it didn't happen. 

 Sandy was so pretty, so alive, so full of fun and defiance! I adored her, admired her, and was thrilled that at 17 she felt grown up enough to be engaged. She died shortly thereafter, if memory serves, near that marvelous Texaco station, long gone without a trace. So this is for you, Sandy Chick. You were really something. Rest in peace.

Ilsa Glazer

In Remembrance of Kathleen Perry, Class of 1974
I want to share a memory  It is with much love that I remember my sister-in-law and best friend, Kathleen, who passed away in 1988.  We were best friends since 1967.  She was the maid of honor at my wedding when I married her brother in 1975 and was there when both of my children were born. She was pretty and funny and smart and everyone who met her, loved her. It was my honor to have met her and to have been her best friend. There is a small tribute to her on my "myspace" page if anyone who knew her would care to read.

Kathy, we love you and you will always be in our hearts.  Rest in peace, baby girl, because you certainly deserve it.

Forever your friend and sister


In Remembrance of Larry Brotz, Class of 1964
My brother-in-law, Larry Brotz, passed away suddenly on April 15, 2007 in Boynton Beach, Florida. He will be greatly missed.

Lois Brackman Brotz, FRHS 1969

I was saddened to learn of Larry's passing. I have such fond memories of hanging out on the terrace at Wavecrest with Larry and playing football on the beach with him and the rest of our pals. I will miss him.

Hank M. Gold, FRHS 1965

In Remembrance of Dennis Spinelli, Class of 1964
Dennis died on Feb. 23, 2007 from colon cancer. We were best of friends from our earliest years till his death. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend his last week alive with him. It was heartbreaking to have him leave the way he did. He was a great guy who would give you whatever he could to help you out. He was a gentle and soft spoken man who would put others first. We had great times together growing up on the "block" with Tommy Caparelli, (who also passed away this year), and Larry Sarica, and Frank Haas. That was our core group. He is missed.

Bob Schulken, Class of 1964

In Remembrance of Phyllis Jacobson Mezansky, Class of 1952
My Mom was a wonderful person who got a long with everyone.  She still kept in touch with her friends from elementary through high school until the end. She wasn't computer literate so she kept in touch via snail mail or phone calls. She passed away June 15, 2007 (five years and 2 day's after my father) from renal kidney failure and problems from a lifetime of smoking.  To all her friends at FRHS, PS 114, etc. your friendship meant the world to her and she talked about you all often with a smile on her face. My sister and I thank you for your continued friendship and support during this painful time.

Lisa Jacobson

In Remembrance of Leslie Cohen, Class of 1973
Les, I hope you are listening and see how much you were truly loved and how much you will be missed. Your genuine, caring nature touched so many. Your influence on us during the most important times of our lives will never be forgotten. We will all miss you. You really knew how to celebrate life. Say hi to Thurman Munson and Billy Martin, Mickey Mantle and of course, the Babe himself.

Your sprit and soul will dance in our hearts forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  “Felipe Alou”

Robert Bram

My Dear Fellow Rockawanians,

And, especially, Dr. Robert "Litlle Rob" Goldman, Dr. Michael "Mike" Crohn, Robert H. "Bobby" Bram, Martin "Marty" Silverberg and Perris Calderone, who were the closest and best friends to Leslie "The Les" Cohen...

"The LES" was more than the average guy. He was a complex human that danced to the beat of a different drummer and a free spirit in free flight. 

“The Les” was always so happy and comfortable to attend the FRHS Class of 72 reunions and always appreciative of being invited. His best friends would be there and he wouldn’t miss out on an opportunity to hang out with and party with them along with the rest of us. I know a little how he must have felt about being among you, as I wasn’t a 72 grad either, but always feel comforted by being with our Rockaway friends because of our unique conditions of where we grew up…The Rockaway Peninsula, no better place to have grown up in our era.

We may not have gotten to know him well enough to understand his mindset and methods of survival, but when it comes to individualism, "The LES" had his own style and nobody could duplicate him. 

As the Yankees most outstanding fan, us Rockawanians, and all the millions of fans enjoyed his freedom of movement dancing in the stands at Yankee Stadium, and admittedly the first time I saw his performance on T.V., I cracked up. 

He brought a lot of joy and laughter during many episodes with his close buddies. He was a dear friend to those buddies and he was their older friend who was first to drive and so he drove them around when it was time to go out somewhere. He did it gladly too. Always spoke highly of his friends and wanted the best for them.

I must admit I only saw the cameras focus in on him a few times during the Yankee games I caught in passing as I started to watch less and less baseball after Thurman Munson died back around the 78/79/80 seasons and then the baseball strike turned me off and the clincher was the rapid rise in tickets for a game, and now I only watch the a few games of the playoffs and then the World Series; forgive me LES for I have fallen behind on knowing of your Yankee dancing career and don’t know if you have been dancing there lately.

But there were a quite number of nights I went to Sarge’s Deli on 3rd Ave. between 36th St and 37th St. in Manhattan at 1AM to 2AM, and there was "The LES" after a Yankee game with enough food on the table to feed several people, and he sit for a couple of hours working on some law suit insurance claims and bills, for the damaged health of his X wife or X girlfriend (not sure), he always invited me to eat with him, offer to pay for my meal, of course I sat down with him for awhile, but couldn't let him pay my way; However the celebrity of sorts that he was, attracted the Deli workers and theYankee fans that went through the Deli and he always received recognition. 

He attended just about every reunion I attended and I always took the time to catch up with him, dance a bit with him as seemed like he was open to all of us dancing with him even though he was a solo act, and I always had a laugh with him as we complimented each other on our dance steps, well of course his were way more than steps, they were moves that nobody will soon forget. I think even our friends didn't quite know how or what to do to dance with him, but he thoroughly enjoyed exhibiting his style of dance. 

He was a fun loving fellow and always would be there for his very close friends, “Little Rob”, Michael, Bobby, Marty and Perris and if I am missing someone, please forgive me, but they had there own groove going on and their immediate group will never quite be the same without "The LES", though they will be able to tell some wild and funny stories.

I only hope he did not suffer in his sudden downward spiral, and that if he was troubled at all, that he is at total peace on his new energetic plateau in our universe. 

I am putting out the energy that something must be tried to have the Yankees memorialize him, possibly a short video clip that could be put up on the jumbo screen and say a few special words about his dedication as a fan and his dancing entertainment seen by millions of fans of baseball, or a plaque, or a fund for under-privileged kids to attend games every summer in honor of the fun memories he provided the fans without an once of expectation of anything in return. 

Maybe David Letterman would have a short tribute on The Late Show with clips of his dancing and his appearance on Letterman's show. 

We do have the resources to make this happen in honor of our beloved "The LES", let's try to make something like this happen folks, put on your thinking caps and call your connections, as we will only be able to visualize his dancing at the future reunions, but his flair should not just fade away, as there are enough archives in the Yankee's possession, that they could put together a nice video of his best moves and title the short "The Les" Is More...and not to be forgotten !

Leslie Cohen has left the building… Holy Cow he's outta here.

A Rockaway Star in his own right. Farewell Leslie Cohen and dance lightly in the spiritual realm, as we'll always remember you "THE LES"...

Keep Dancing LES and keep the music playing, so we'll all know where to find you when we get there...

Fond memories…

Mitchell E. Levine

In honor of Leslie Cohen, our lifelong pal who just passed on this past Friday, one week after our high school reunion.  Les is the one in the lower right corner of the picture.  (Click for photo)

Leslie Cohen was a remarkable and unique person. We all knew him as THE LES and he was one of the few people i can say never said a bad word about anyone. He just followed his own unique path dancing his way across the east coast as the SCATMAN and even had a movie made about him by that name, as the most devout Yankee baseball fan.

He was the most dedicated yankee fan and renowned for lighting up the stands at games, he even appeared on David Letterman as a wild fan dancing on TV and he had the fastest takedown, where he would grab someone at the knees, known as the famous 'doing a Leslie' and  was the world record holder in long showers, and ability to take NOs from hundred of girls in a row at Community Gardens nightclub when we were kids, knowing he was one step closer to a YES.  I had the honor of being with les when he lost his virginity to an older woman (she was 21) when we were walking at Capri Beach Club in Atlantic Beach, and to our surpise she actually said hello back and he spent the next hour in a tiny cabana and came back with the biggest smile ever...and he bragged how he made her show him her 'bottle' of birth control pills, no doubt vitamins as I have never seen them in a bottle in 30 years of medical care..

How can we ever forget Les at the Castaways Hotel in Florida (which they closed down for 2 months for repairs after the Rockaway gang almost destroyed it -- we had eight guys in a room for two, and changed the hotel rules to never again "no one under 21 years of age allowed in," where he slept in the bathtub speaking in tongues all nite, his ability to play multiple acting parts simulatneously while wearing his famous 1/2 boots, his personal cures of acne, and of course his famous dive over the food counter and behind the milkshake machines at Hagers hamburger joint when the guys from Tenessee wanted to kill us all.

It is magical that he stayed alive and attended our 35th high school reunion, danced the nite away with his unique lower torso moves.

He hopefully is at peace with his dad Cohney, walking the dog around the block and putting on his Superman costume so he can take yet another dive off the balcony in his red cape. 

GO Les and you will be mssed greatly.   He was one of our closest friends who was always there for the 'guys' and Rockaway.

Robert M. Goldman MD, PhD, DO, FAASP

Dear Les, 

I just learned of your death and am shocked. In the 40-plus years since we first met at the PS 42 schoolyard, you've held a special place in my heart,as a true friend. I'm so sorry I've been remiss in keeping in touch, but we did pull over on the Belt Parkway to catch up years back. You were, by far, the best athlete in our hundreds of games of softball, football and handball, and you had the speed of a star. You were a shining star then, and that will never fade. Your dad embraced all of us Arverne kids by umpiring our softball games and driving us to Yankee Stadium. As we grew into teens, your escapades as a stud always made me laugh. I wished I had your chutzpah. Your spirit is soaring and in the hearts of those you have touched. I vow to think of you daily. It's much belated, but I want to tell you: "Les, I love ya and I'll miss ya."

Gary "Goog" Libow

In Remembrance of Jill Sachs, Class of 1972
I was going through this memorial page and realized that Jill was not mentioned.  She died many years ago and although I was not a close friend to her, I knew her for many years.  She always greeted me with a big smile and I still can see it now.

Marilyn Goodstein

In Remembrance of Larry Sarica, Class of 1964
Larry and I were married over 30 years ago.  He was one of the best people I ever knew.  He also had the greatest sense of humor.  His memories and stories of Far Rockaway were rich, funny and full of information. He was a wonderful husband and an even better father. He was loved by anyone who met him.  When he retired from the phone company in 1971 he took on carpentry projects that became his hobby.  He will be sorely missed by many. 

RIP, my love, 'til we meet again.

Arlene Sarica

Arlene, Lisa and Greg, our hearts go out to you as you mourn the loss of your husband and father.

Etched in my mind is the curly dark haired handsome boy singing acapella on the boardwalk - who could forget those Rockaway moments. Then to rediscover you as Gary's co-worker and years later on-line. Who'll send me all those great jokes now? Who will I send all my great jokes too? I'm gonna miss ya!


Toby and Gary 

In Remembrance of Allan Hinderstein, Class of 1956
For a tribute to Allan's life, please go here:

In Remembrance of Lewis H. Beers, Class of 1954
It is with deep sorrow that I share the news of Lewis (Lew) H. Beers'('54) passing. Lew made his way from a walk-up flat in Arverne, and after college, to the suburbs of New Jersey where he raised his family. Then, in time,  he started his "second life" with his "child bride", (as he liked to call Lisa), on Sutton Place, NY and eventually moved on to the golf clubs of Jupiter, FL with a few stops in between. How well he traveled that long road! Lew's business career spanned decades of achievment in the Insurance and Financial industry. He was "Uncle Lew" to my kids and the good natured long-lasting friendship he and Lisa shared with my wife (Jane) and me will be always remembered and cherished.

Rest in Peace, Old Pal.

Allan D. Rosenberg, '54

In Remembrance of Tami Jum, Class of 1979
This past weekend we had a great reunion for the classes of 1978/79 (77 & 80 too).  Everyone partied and had a great time seeing old friends.  I had only found out a couple of weeks before the reunion that Tami Jum (class of 1979) had passed away this year.

Tami had been very ill for many years and finally lost her battle with MS.  I talked to her once or twice a year up until the last couple of years when it became too difficult for me to deal with, knowing how ill she was. 

I have known Tami since kindergarten at PS 197 and had my first crush on her.  But then again, who did not have a crush on her at one point or another?

Even though I think often about the last phone conversations we had, and it breaks by heart to think about it, I will always remember her as the smiling "ball of fire" that she was!

Joel Itskowitz

Tami Jum passed away at the age of 46 after almost 19 years battling MS. Tami had an energy and zest for life from early on growing up on Davies Road all through her short life. She battled the disease courageously even though it took so much of life's pleasures and things we take for granted away from her. Through it all she kept her usual upbeat spirit and sense of humor. When we last met, only her mind was functioning and I recall she said to me "Can you believe this"? My answer was that I couldn't believe what had happened to such a wonderful person and now I can't believe that she is gone.  I will cherish all the great memories forever.

Maurice Amiel

It is with great remorse that I learned this week of the passing of Tami Jum. I had not known that she was ill. Since kindergarten at PS 197 Tami radiated charm, charisma and personality the way few could.  I lost touch with Tami after high school, then became reaquinted with her during the mid 80s when we both worked near each other on Long Island. We regularly went to the Met games together and enjoyed each others' friendship. I recall fondly how she would leave to go the bathroom only to return with trays of refreshments and souvenirs. 

Tami grew into a beautiful woman who was vibrant and full of life.  Tami was never without her beautiful smile.  She was a successful business woman and was extremely generous. I am truly sorry that I neglected to remiain in contact with her after I left New York. Tami's smile will always remain a vivid image etched in my mind.  My condolences to her family and friends.


Roy London

I am very sad to learn of the passing of Tami.  She was a wonderful person. I remember back in Far Rock after Mr. Colletto's class going to the beach and grabbing lunch together at Gino's. This is so sad. She was one of the most vibrant  people I have ever known. Tami, you will be missed. 

Al Rabin

I knew Tami well in high school and was never aware of her medical problems.  She always had a smile on her face and if you were feeling down, she was always there to make you laugh. MS is a terrible thing; a good friend of mine has it now.

I will always remember the fun times we had; they will live in my memory forever.  To her family, I'm very sorry for your loss, words cannot 
express the way you feel when you lose someone so young.

Rest in Peace, Tami.

Rocco Nasso

In Remembrance of Edward Kent, Class of 1979
Rest in Peace, old friend.


Roy London

I knew Eddie well, we used to hang out together quite a bit. I am deeply saddened by his passing. He was someone who was always there for you when you needed him. I'll remember him well.  Goodbye my friend.

Rest in Peace.

Rocco Nasso

In Remembrance of Julian Pike, Class of 1946
My dad passed away suddenly on Sept. 6, 2007. He was living in Savannah, GA at the time of his death, and is buried at the VA National Cemetery in Beaufort, SC.

He was/is a wonderful father, husband, grandfather and great-grandfather and we all miss him more than words can say.

He was very proud of his service in the Navy (part of the "Greatest Generation") and had very happy memories of Far Rockaway - as his children do from our years spent living there.

One of his joys was staying in touch with family and friends, no matter how scattered around the country/world we might be. Even if it was just sending jokes by e-mail, he always try to stay connected.

That connection can live on through the memories everyone who knew him has of him.  Thanks to all and each of you who touched his life in any way.

Karen L. Paxton (nee Pike)

In Remembrance of Ronny Kletter, Class of 1962
If you're lucky in life, you get to meet one person who seems bigger than life itself. A true giant.  A genuine visionary.  An eternal optimist. 

I'm extremely lucky.  Because I knew Ron Kletter for nearly 40 years.  He was my big sister's husband.  And more like an older brother to me than a brother-in-law.

Even in the midst of his terminal illness -- which, by the way, he fought with extraordinary courage -- his optimism and passion for life didn't wane.  He even went and bought a vineyard in Napa Valley!  So all Kletter family occasions are now celebrated with wine made from Kletter grapes.

One of the last things Ron said to me was this:  "Everything's going great.  I just wish I could figure out a way to keep myself alive."  He couldn't, of course.  But, now that I think about it, in a way he did. 

Roy Klein (Class of 1970)

In Remembrance of Anthony "Popsie" Winston, Class of 1979
"Popsie" one of the first friends I made in kindergarten in 1966 at PS 197Q-we remained friends through the end of high school and beyond.

Rest in Peace

Roy London

In Remembrance of John R. Murphy, Class of 1968
Left us too soon, but left us a lifetime of memories.  A better friend or brother would be hard to find.  "Jack" was a pure soul, fiercly independent, and lived life the way it should be and with no regrets.

Tom Murphy

In Remembrance of Freya Leberfeld, Class of 1958
I want to share a memory  Freya was my first girlfriend in public school.  We became good friends and then after losing touch reacquainted at our 25th reunion.  We danced, shared many memories.  I have a great deal of affection for her.  I was very saddened by her passing which was all too soon.  She was a sweet, kind woman.

Larry Moshan

In Remembrance of Mark Rosenthal, Class of 1959
Mark passed away after a long battle with leukemia. 

Carole Waxman Cohen, Class of 1959

In Remembrance of Dave Shnayer, Class of 1976
Dave lost his long battle with cancer on November 17, 2007.  Among his other achievements, Dave will be remembered as J.D. Howard on WALK FM  97.5, a Long Island, NY radio station, where he worked for more than 15 years.

He will truly be missed forever by his wife LuAnn, his son Josh, his long time friends since high school, Steve Goldstein & George Kaftan (also grads of '76), and everyone whose life he touched.

Liz Schwartz Pearsall, Class of 1976

In Remembrance of Beverly Posner, Class of 1956
Beverly loved Far Rockaway and the beach, A kind, loving woman who will always be missed.  Mom passed away August 2001. She leaves one son (me) and husband Hal. 

Michael Eisenstein

In Remembrance of Irwin "Willie" Willner, Class of 1957
He was my cousin/friend.  We grew up living across the street from each other in Laurelton.  What a wonderful sense of humor he had.  He will be in my heart forever.

Lenore (Willner) Greene '59

In Remembrance of Leslie Perlman, Class of 1968
Les lived in Westchester County. He owned a successful liquor store on Central Ave. in Westchester for many years. He is survived by his wife Yolanda, father Abby, brother Bobby, a step-son, a niece and nephew. He died from complications due to a respiratory infection.

In Remembrance of Elaine Wendroff, Class of 1945
In memory of my beautiful mother, who graduated FRHS at the ripe old age of 15!

Gale Litt

In Remembrance of Felice Linet Herbert, Class of 1975 
Felice was a deeply kind and compassionate friend, daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, niece and cousin. She had been a Pharmacy Tech devoted to her profession. Felice will be remembered by all who knew her as a supportive, non-judgmental, accepting human being.  She was in poor health too long and died too young but the love she had for others will last eternally.

Marina Zuchowski Callaghan

In Remembrance of Bruce Berlin, Class of 1958

Remembering Bruce Berlin, Co-editor of The Chat 

Walking along Rockaway’s surf in a light summer dress, Bruce sprang out of the ocean, all smiley, arms open, preparing for a hug … we hadn’t seen each other since June ’58, thirty years before. Happy to see him but not wanting to have a dress full of salt water and sand, I stepped back…and saw a flicker of disappointment and quick recovery. Typical Bruce.

We talked happily for a while and parted. I had every intention of talking about that incident when we would see each other at the reunion. This time my hug would be with a full heart – our clothes, if not our eyes, would be dry. I don't know when Bruce died, or the circumstances. This is a poor substitute for actually meeting him, but it will have to do. Bruce deserves to be honored.

Having decided we were of equal merit, Chat Adviser Earl Jagust established a precedent by naming us co-editors-in-chief. Each of us instantly suppressed our disappointment at not being THE one… and worked in harmony and with pleasure.  Bruce had all of the qualities I treasure:  a sweet, gentle nature, a great sense of humor, a cooperative spirit. That’s why we worked so well together. It helped that we were each going steady with other FRHSers, so we could enjoy each other’s company without that as an issue…

Ah, the Chat office was a world unto itself. Jagust was outrageously raucous, even more than he had been in journalism class. Since I was bored insensate by all my classes save that one, it was great being Co-editor because I could get passes to skip classes and retreat as often as I liked to the Chat office – my sanctuary from the tedium. Bruce and I did great work as editors, loving every aspect of our work – getting articles from the reporters,  cutting and pasting the layouts –  and laughing uproariously at They Who Told Jokes. Bruce’s were always happy funny, not funny peculiar, not funny cruel or squirmy. You could laugh unreservedly at Bruce’s life-affirming jokes.  Best of all, we got to smoke cigarettes – forbidden at home. [Remember when smoking tobacco was naughty?] Jagust gave me a nick-name that I thought disgusting, and Bruce never, ever used it. For him, I was “Ilthagee” when he waxed enthusiastic.  For that, and the experience of a good, kind man-child, he will ever remain a sweet light in my heart.

Ilsa Glazer

In Remembrance of Michael Sobel, Class of 1958

Remembering Michael Sobel

We just left my beloved Brooklyn for the horrible apartment in the old house on Beach 134th Street when my parents met the Sobels from down-the-block and became friends.

Michael and I were seven, fat, and shy. In the trauma leaving our beautiful playroom, our darling Aunt TT, and our privacy – Myrna and Audrey Aarons went through the room I shared with my two sisters en route to their attic bedroom – I have no memory of playing with Michael, or even talking to him.

Into our early teens, the Sobels and Michael became a constant presence in the kitchen of the big old house our parents bought on the beach. Michael, grown tall and good looking, was still quiet, and I wondered if he felt he couldn’t compete with his older, outgoing brother Arthur. Ruth and Jack loved to eat my mother’s cooking and gossip, while we kids listened in silence. The adults loved and trusted each other. I think we kids were indifferent.

I was happy that Michael clearly grew out of his shyness, and had a pretty girlfriend, Fern Spier, from my sister Alyne’s class, FRHS’59. My mother was delighted: she approved of the girl’s parents. They were charitable, which was her sole criterion of moral rectitude. They married around the same time I did, at twenty. 

The gossip around the kitchen table began again. Michael had an intestinal disorder. Over the next couple of years, he underwent many operations. But there seemed to be no way to help him: he wasted away and died, just as I had two beautiful babies. My heart broke for his pretty wife, and for quiet Michael.

Ilsa Glazer

In Remembrance of Ira Pollack, Class of 1958

Remembering Ira Pollack

Sweet, sweet gentle Ira, as soon as the reunion work got started, I e mailed Judy to see if she had your e mail address. Of all the boys I wanted to see after fifty years, you were top of the list. We had such a lovely friendship as children. We had a close connection and an easy one. I loved your parents. My parents loved your parents. We liked to talk to each other in a happy, easy kind of way in the den while our parents sat around the kitchen table. Two shy peas in a pod. I grieve deeply at your suffering and will hug you in my heart until we meet again, as we promised each other in our Dolphins.

Ilsa Glazer

Ira Pollack was my first friend, from 1st grade at the Yeshiva of Flatbush, through FRHS and on through our years at Columbia College.  Ira started clarinet lessons in the 4th grade and soon after did I, especially after I saw his metal school instrument with all the multiple keys and pads.  Ira was very sweet and gentle and a great favorite of the girls. He was very popular and was an officer of our class. His older sister always had a kind and encouraging word for his friends. 

We stayed in touch regularly as he became a very successful optometrist in the Sacramento area. He passed very prematurely and is remembered fondly by all who came into contact with him.

Arthur Lebowitz

In Remembrance of Christine Neff Wolf, Class of 1980


Survived by 3 children: Lisa, Dawn and Kevin Wolf and 1 grandchild, Hailey Christine. She is also survived by her mom, Mary Neff.  Also, her sisters, Maureen, Kim, Jean, Mary, Clare,and one brother, Richard Neff

She was a person with a huge heart and everyone who knew her, loved her.

Jean (Neff) Borriello

I still miss your warm, beautiful smile. I don't think its going to ever get any easier. Keep a watch over your family and friends, until we meet
again. I love and miss you, little sister.


I went through high school with Chris's brother Richey.  He was a good friend and I was friends with the whole family. I even remember when Claire was born and how happy Chris and the whole family was. I found out this week from her sister Kim of this tragedy, to be taken so young.  Chris was always full of life. I used to work with her when I first moved to Florida; she even helped me get the job. 

I was shocked by the news and deeply saddened for her family.  She will be missed by everyone who knew her. To her family, my deepest regrets. I just wish I knew earlier so I could have been there.

Rocco Nasso, Class of 1979

In Remembrance of Jimmy Scaccia, Class of 1968
Jimmy passed Febuary 16, 2008 of a massive heart attack. Those of us, and there are many, are stunned by this loss. Jimmy's integrity, honesty and determination to suuceed made him a person to admire and look up to. He was committed to provide his children with more than he had growing up on 67th street. He truly accomplished that and he was a dear friend to me. I'll never ever forget the "summer of love" Jimmy and I experienced in Haight Ashbury in 1968. Honest guy, great football player, one of the special people from Rockaway.

Jimmy was the starting fulback on the FRHS '68 City Championship Football Team. He leaves three wonderful children, Tierza, Jami and Jesse. Like others from Far Rock...he died too soon and will be dearly missed.

David Abelson, Class of 1967

In Remembrance of Murray Kaplan, Class of 1960
My brother, Murray Kaplan, passed away April 17th, 2008.  He was a member of the class of 1960 and was a champion swimmer at FRHS and was the winner of the Stanley Rose Award.  His coach, Richie Sierer encouraged him to apply to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD from which he was graduated in 1964.

He served aboard the USS Severn and the USS Zellars and then in Vietnam as an advisor to the South Vietnamese Navy.  While in Nam he was awarded the Navy Marine Corps Medal and the Bronze Star.

Murray returned home in 1970 and resigned his commission as a Lieutenant.  After working briefly for the NY Telephone Company he was hired by Hewlett-Packard, initially selling cable test equipment and finally moving into the Human Resources division of the company.  Several years before his retirement in 2007 he worked in Human Resources with Agilent Technologies, an HP spin-off.

Murray and his wife of 30 years Ann Dallinga Kaplan had been living on the Outer Banks of NC for 10 years.  His passion was kayaking, cooking, music and travel.  In addition to his loving wife, he is survived by his daughter, Becky and her daughter Breanne Carawan, his sisters Myrna-Sue Shimberg (a former FRHS music teacher) and Ellie Diamond (FRHS ’67), his brothers-in-law Harvey Diamond, Tom and Howard Dallinga, his sisters-in-law Pat and Carol Dallinga, his mother-in-law Anna Dallinga, a nephew and nieces.

In loving memory, your sister,

Myrna-Sue (Kaplan) Shimberg

Murray Kaplan was an admired friend and classmate whose service to the nation is deeply appreciated.

Richard Sloane, FRHS Class of 1960

In Remembrance of David Brian Swedlow, Class of 1963
David Brian Swedlow, age 61, died Sunday May 4th, 2008 at the Cleveland Indians vs. Kansas City Royals baseball game. He was with some of his 
children and grandchildren and collapsed suddenly. He was my uncle and will be dearly missed by all of his relatives as well as all who knew him. He attended Lucretia Mott (P.S. 215) from 1953 to 1958 and Benjamin Cardozo Junior High (J.H. 180) in Far Rockaway from 1958 to 1960. He attended Far Rockaway High School from 1960 to 1963.

Scott Swedlow

David was my brilliant, loving, friend to all cousin.  I know he kept in touch with many of his wonderful friends from Far Rockaway High School and I know there will be many sad friends of his when they find out this devastating news. He leaves five beautiful children and four precious grandkids as well as hundreds of friends and relatives who will miss him forever and a day.

Cheryl Silk

In Remembrance of Charles S. Bloom, Class of 1950
My uncle, Charles S. Bloom, 77, a graduate of Far Rockaway High School, passed away on June 22, 2008 in Boca Raton, FL. He was born in Hartford, CT, and happily grew up in Far Rockaway. We often heard stories of a more idyllic time when he and his friends (Kenny, Carl, Ralph and others) spent carefree days at the Pix, Strand and other favorite locales in town.  He most definitely had 'sand in his shoes' and always loved the beach, in particular the summers he later spent with family and friends at SeaCliff in Atlantic Beach. The memories of those days, in the 60s and early 70s are among the most treasured.  Most recently he was looking forward to returning to NY and visitng his former Mott Avenue home but it was, sadly, not to be. 

Mr. Bloom leaves behind his devoted and much loved daughter, Melinda Bloom Leon and his adored grandchildren, Samantha and Jonathan Leon. He was predeceased by his beloved wife, Marcia Irwin Bloom, his parents Lena and Benjamin Bloom and his sister and brother-in-law, Ruth and Morty Friedman. My aunt and uncle would have celebrated their 50th anniversary on July 2. He will be loved and missed forever by his family and all who had the pleasure of knowing him. 

Submitted by Susan Friedman

In Remembrance of Martin Roth, Class of 1964
In June, 2008 my friend Martin Roth, FRHS class of 1964, died from a massive heart attack. He was 61 years old. 

Andrew Konikoff, Class of 1964

Our brother, Martin F. Roth, Ph.D., a Far Rockaway High School graduate from 1964, died of a sudden heart attack on June 9, 2008, which shocked us all.  Marty held a senior position as a Group Manager at the IRS, where he worked for many years, and won a number of awards for excellence, including the prestigious Albert Gallatin Award.  Marty was an Adjunct Professor in Business and Accounting at Touro College, Empire State College of SUNY and The College of New Rochelle.  He also contributed articles to academic/professional journals, and served as a volunteer lecturer on business ethics at the Henry George School of Social Science. 

Marty was a role model to his staff, and a mentor to a large number of students, and helped many establish their career paths.  Marty earned a B.S., Cum Laude in Accounting from New York University, an MBA in Finance from Columbia University, and a Ph.D. in Business Education from the City University of Los Angeles.  He was also a Certified Financial Planner.  Marty was a scholar in Jewish practices, was on the Executive Board of his local synagogue, and earned a certificate in Jewish studies from Yeshiva University.  Marty was very generous, always giving to charitable causes.  He was an extremely intelligent, caring person with a keen sense of humor, who loved to learn and teach. 

Our brother, Marty, will be in our hearts forever, and we will miss him always.

Sheila Roth and Irv Roth 

In Remembrance of Ethel "Ethey" Davis, Class of 1965 
Ethey lived in Belle Harbor growing up, moving later to NJ and finally to CA. She was my best friend all through HS and college. Many memories remain, but two stand out:

1. For her 16th birthday her (brave) parents took several of her closest friends upstate NY for the weekend. We scandalized the quiet hotel by sitting on the lawn til the wee hours, howling at the moon.

2. We went to Woodstock together, walking miles to the concert site. What can I say in 25 words about that experience? Afterwards we drove up through Vermont and Maine and NH, still immersed in that feeling of love and peace, and everyone we met seemed so kind...

I will miss her.

Susan J. Friedman

In Remembrance of Merrie Shaeffer, Class of 1965 
Merrie grew up in Bayswater, lived the rest of her life on Seagirt Blvd. Had a very infectious laugh. Could not park a car to save her life. 

Susan J. Friedman

In Remembrance of Ronald Lipshie, Class of 1950
My dad, Ronald Lipshie, died in June 2004.  He graduated from Far Rockaway H.S. in 1950 and was incredibly proud of his high school.


Jon Lipshie

In Remembrance of Luba (Rybb) LaJoie, Class of 1962
It's almost two years since you've been gone and I still want to pick up the phone and talk to you.  I speak to Ray from time to time, but it's just too hard.  I will miss you forever and love you for longer than that.


My beautiful mother, I can still feel your smiile. I miss you more than I ever could. You are always in my thoughts and heart. 


In Remembrance of Esther Bergstein, Class of 1969
I can't believe Esther is gone. I miss her. She was so sweet and we had such great memories all through the years, but especially how bad we were in Hebrew School!

Elaine Menashe

In Remembrance of Roger Rothenberg, Class of 1969
Roger was one of my first friends when we moved to Far Rockaway from our one year hiatus to Lindenwood via Rockaway Park (since '56). Roger was a wonderful individual. A sweet guy with a positive attitude. A smart guy in advanced classes. Always an encouraging word. I had heard of Roger's passing some time ago, but wasn't sure it was true.

The story I heard is that Roger was playing guitar in a band and he was posting flyers when he was struck by a car. I do not know Roger beyond high school, but wish we could sit down and pick a few tunes on the guitars.... "would you know my name..." he surely is in heaven...

Eddie Isaacs

In Remembrance of Jack Weinstein, Class of 1969
Around 1994 I was at a guitar show on Long Island. I hadn't seen Jack since High School, nor was I ever particularly friendly with him. But I knew he was in bands in high school. I recognized him after all those years; the same frizzy, blond hair. We spoke and exchanged phone numbers. He was a school psychologist. I was playing guitar at a restaurant near him in Bellmore and invited him to come down.

We lost touch and in 1997 I was transferred to a school in Brooklyn. I was working as an Education Evaluator, a member of a team that  evaluates special needs students.

When I arrived at the new school district, people were talking about the sudden passing of Jack Weinstein. I inquired, described him; yes, he was a school psychologist with the big white hairdo. I believe it was a sudden heart attack. He left behind a wife and young child.

Eddie Isaacs

In Remembrance of Fred Herbst, Class of 1937
Fred Herbst 1921 – 2008

On Monday, October 6, 2008, my father, Fred Herbst passed away. He followed my mother Anne who left us a year ago last May. Freddy’s family began its migration in 1914 when his parents moved from Europe to Akron, Ohio where Fred was born in 1921. They came to the Rockaways in the mid 1920s and settled in on Beach 60th street. He had twin younger brothers, one of whom died in 1949.

Fred attended PS 42, graduated from Far Rockaway HS in 1937 and went to Carnegie Tech to study engineering. He joined the Naval Reserve in 1940, went through the Civilian Pilot Training Program’s local chapter at Rockaway Airport. He was activated as an ensign in 1942. He married my mother, Anne, that same year and flew for the Navy until he was discharged in 1945 as a Lt Commander.

They settled in Rockaway that year then moved to Far Rockaway, eventually to Bayswater where the three children, myself, Philip and Andy grew up.

Fred and Anne left the Rockaways in 1958, spent a few years in Woodmere then moved to Florida. Anne passed away in 2007 and Fred the following year. They are survived by their sons, Richard and Philip and by his surviving younger brother, Dan Herbst who lives in Pompano. 

Richard Herbst
Lauderdale Lakes, FL

In Remembrance of Andrea Goldman (Thornton), Class of 1980
Andrea was a mother to Nicole, age 21, Tyler 17, and wife of Rob.  Her death was extremely sudden and she passed from a cerebral  hemorrhage. She was the kindest, warmest , most fun-loving person anyone could ever known and I was lucky enough (along with countless others) who spent 6th-12th grade with her.  She will be missed terribly.

Brenda Heller (King) 
Class of 1980

Our dear friend Andy has passed suddenly. She was the person that made everyone feel so special and happy. Kind to all. The lights of  her life were her beautiful princess Nicole and handsome prince Tyler. She put her all into her family and will be missed by everyone who was fortunate enough to have known her.  We miss you Andy!!!!!!!!!!!

Maddy Siroka (Cohen)

It is with great sadness that I write about Andrea Goldman's passing.  Andrea and I were very close during our teens and then lost touch after high school.  But then Andrea and I wound up living in the same community and would often see each other.  I will miss bumping into her and talking with her.  Her smile and glowing eyes will be what I remember most about Andrea.  My heart goes out to her children and husband Rob.

Scott Young

My dear friend Andie,

I will miss you more than you could ever know. Although we didn't speak much of late, I always considered you a close friend and will always keep you in my heart.  I wish you were still here so we could connect again. I can't believe that you are gone. You were always happy and energetic and kind and warm.  The group of us that remained friends since 7th grade are so devasted by your sudden death.  You will be with us always, 


Barbara Martino Reinken

In Remembrance of Stuart Perlmutter, Class of 1961
I happened across Stuart's name on the memorial page, and was very saddened of his passing. I often thought of Stu as a classmate and as a friend in the many years we knew each other. He will be missed. 
Rest In Peace, Stu.

Rick Gallaway

In Remembrance of Howard Swedlow, Class of 1956
Howard Jordan Swedlow, age 69, died Wednesday, November 5th, 2008 of a heart attack. He was my father and will be dearly missed by all of his relatives as well as all who knew him. He attended Far Rockaway High School from 1952 to 1956. He was survived by his wife, five children and eight grandchildren. 

Scott Swedlow

Howie ws my wonderful cousin.  He always made me laugh and look at life in a lighthearted way.  I will miss him very much.

Cheryl Silk

In Remembrance of Lon Sorkin, Class of 1956
My condolences to Marcy and Gail Sorkin.  Lon and I were bunkmates at Camp Brydon Lake in the late 40s and early 50s during the polio epidemic. Their parents had a butcher shop around the corner from where I lived in Arverne. Even though I knew many of the others on the memorial page, Lon hit me the most.  We were childhood friends.  I don't know whether we're in the youth of old age, or the old age of youth, but time marches on. 

Rest In Peace, Lon. 

Artie Schechter

In Remembrance of Barbara Wachter, Class of 1953
I knew Barbara and her twin sister Cynthia for many years. They were truly the sweetest and kindest friends. They both passed away very soon after each other. They had MS but handled this illness very well through all the years they had to cope with it.

Judith (Estelle Zambler) Just

In Remembrance of Harvey Raizer, Class of 1965
My fondest remembrances of Harvey were of his skewed sense of humor.  On many occasions, while working together in the dietary department of Peninsula General Hospital, Harvey would blurt out some ridiculous joke, causing me to drop a patient's food tray.  Then, as I'd begin to scrape the string bean casserole off the floor, he'd say some other funny thing as the dietician screamed at both of us for not working.  He was a good friend and his sense of humor will be treasured in the hearts of those who knew him.

Rick "Richie" Berger, Class of 1963

My memories of Harvey Raizer are too numerous to mention. Suffice it to say that my memories go back to 1969 when Harvey and I began teaching in P.S. 157 in Brooklyn, a place where we played "catch" between the ends of the corridor on the 4th floor while the students had their lunch period in the cafeteria, or when he sent a student to my room asking me if I could send a bucket of steam to his room, or when I sent a student to his room asking for change of a $5 bill and having it returned to me ripped into 4 pieces! Since then Harvey and I had been like brothers. His wonderful sense of humor always brought a smile to my face. He was always there for me, especially during the sad times in my life. I miss our weekly lunches at the local diner every week. I miss him very much. 

Les Groman

In Remembrance of Hannah Libsohn Prisand, Class of 1968
Hannah Libsohn Prisand, my amazing, funny and creative wife of 38 years passed away on October 30, 2008.  She led a life filled with sunny days at the beach and happy times with her friends and family. Our 33 year old daughter, Arin, founded The Hannah Banana Foundation, to give therapeutic and interactive gifts to chronically ill adults. 

Please visit to learn more about Hannah, the foundation's cause, and ways to get involved.

Gary Prisand

In Remembrance of Harold Alexander, Class of 1944
We were married over 58 years. Harold always talked about how much his years at FRHS and the lasting friendships he made meant to him.

Muriel Alexander

In Remembrance of Dr. Jerome Wilsker, Class of 1941
It is with profound sadness that I report of the passing of my Dad, Dr. Jerome "Jerry" Wilsker, on 1/18/09. He was a kind, caring, generous man, who was loved by his family, friends, and multiple generations of his patients.

Stuart Wilsker

In Remembrance of Lisa Lawrence Seidman, Class of 1963
My wife, Lisa Lawrence Seidman, of The Villages, FL, passed away December 23, 2008 after a long battle with breast cancer.  She is survived by husband Richie Seidman and two sons, Jonathon and David.  Lisa had both Bachelors and Masters Degrees as an Anthropology major from LIU, Certificate in Museum Studies from Hofstra University. 

She was the curator for The Lake Ronkonkoma Historical Society for many years.  It was just a part time job (3-4 hours per week) but she took great pleasure in redoing existing exhibits and creating new ones.

Richie Seidman

Lisa, Thank you for all the old shared memories and the new memories we made in the last few years. You are the dearest of friends - my "sister." I miss you so very much.

Jackie (Fass) Gross

In Remembrance of Eddie Rochelle, Class of 1956
Here is a link that says it all:

Linda Copen Rochelle

In Remembrance of Martha Weinstein Mark, Class of 1955
Taken from The Journal News, March 3rd, 2009 issue:

Martha (Weinstein) Mark, Class of 1955. Residence was Croton on Hudson, NY

Died Feb. 27th, 2009 at Northern Westchester Hospital, Mt. Kisco, NY  Husband Larry, 2 daughters Katherine Mark, and Elizabeth Meyerson.  Martha was voted "wittiest" of the class of 1955.

She will be missed

Joyce (Eisenberg) Douglas

In Remembrance of Michael DeFreitas, Class of 1986
A real friend to the end, Michael was a very handsome snazzy dresser. He was always either making me laugh or annoying me in all the classes we shared. We had French class together and I used to crack up at him speaking French because he would use his Spanish accent and it never sounded like French! :) Michael had the worst crush on me; he used to beg me to break up with my boyfriend and go out with him...but he never stopped being my best friend, who made me laugh, tried to help me with math (sorry, I was too dense), and was an all-around sweet guy. Sadly, cancer of the bones took him too soon at the age of 19. I know he'd still be my friend if he were around today. Hope to meet him up there so he can help me get around. I know he had a younger sister, I hope she and her family are all doing well, as I have had them in thoughts and prayers all these years later.

Adrienne Rodriguez

In Remembrance of Rochelle Robinson, Class of 1953
Rochelle was a loving wife and mother of three, sister, sister-in-law and cousin of 1953 alum Marcia Robinson.  She is very much missed.

Marcia Robinson

In Remembrance of Robert Churchill, Class of 1981
He'll always be missed.

Robert Steiger

In Remembrance of Robert Brodey, Class of 1961
With great sadness I announce the death in March 2009 of my very close and old friend and our classmate, Robert Brodey. Bob died in California of colon cancer after a long period of illness.

Ralph Michael Stein

In Remembrance of Edith (Spierman) Gordon, Class of 1948
Michael and Edith were married 57 years.  Edith was lovable, commited and devoted to her family.  She and her sister Hazel were joined at the hip.  We will all miss her contagious laughter and wisdom.  Rest in peace dear Edith.  You are gone but will  never be forgotton. 

With love, 

Vivian Maskin

In Remembrance of Adrienne (Fremed) Brier, Class of 1951
Adrienne and I started dating during her freshman year at FRHS. We married June of 1953.  She was the best of the best right up to her death at age 66 on Sept 13, 1999.

Gilbert Brier

In Remembrance of Anita Gold Stein, Class of 1955
Anita has been a special friend for over 60 years despite the geographic distances. It is with sadness that I report her death.

Helen Sugarman Presberg

In Remembrance of Michael DeStafano, Class of 1971
Still miss ole Mike, with found memories of him playing goalie in our schoolyard pickup hockey games, sprawling to make the great save. He was small in stature but big at heart. He would make a point of going after the biggest player on the football field, and went flying at him for a key block.  He would love to laugh and joke, and had a really strong appreciation for friendship. He had a good soul. 

Richard Greenberg

In Remembrance of Carl Salland, Class of 1953
Carl Salland, 73, passed away Jan. 29, 2008, in a Virginia Beach hospital. Carl was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., and was the son of the late Thomas and Shirley Salland. Survivors include his wife, Connie H. Salland; two sons, Scott Salland of Hawaii and Steven.

In Remembrance of Robert Savino, Class of 1964
It is with sadness that I report that my dear life long friend Bobby Savino passed away during January of 2008. Bobby, or Beanie to his friends/his sister Barbara and I, became friends in 7th grade while attending Benjamin Cardoza Jr. High School, and so began years of adventures that in some cases bordered on illicit. Then again, what would childhood experiences be without such adventures. 

Bobby was generous of spirit and loved to make people laugh. He worked hard from an early age at John's Bargain Store and would often helpout his friends and family when they were in need.  Bobbie loved fishing and we built a row boat which immediately sank when we test piloted it in a sewage canal near Beach 9th Street.

My friend, Rest and Live in Peace.

Marc Briller

In Remembrance of John Skelly, Class of 1943
My brother, John Skelly, FRHS class of 1943, passed away in 2008.  He leaves his wife, Martha Jo, three children and three grandchildren.  John was living in Merced, CA and was retired from the Airforce.

Bill Skelly

In Remembrance of Eddie Hellenbrand & George Bell, Class of 1955
Two very dear friends of mine have passed from the 1955 class. George Bell and Eddie Hellenbrand.  Let their souls rest in peace.

Gerard (Jerry) Newman

In Remembrance of Daniel Scott Fuchs, Class of 1978
My sincere condolences go out to the family of Danny Fuchs. Rest in Peace. 

Arleen Kaplan Matier

In Remembrance of William "Billy" Boockvar, Class of 1960
Dr. William "Billy" Boockvar passed Sept 23, 2009 from leukemia.  He was an eye doctor in Hewlett.

Informatiaon from the family is forthcoming.

In Remembrance of Howard Lieberman, Class of 1956
FRHS 1956 alumnus Howard Lieberman passed away on September 25, 2009.

In Remembrance of Sheldon (Shelly) Goldstein, Class of 1963
Sheldon (Shelly) Goldstein, class of 1963, passed away on September 13, 2009 after a fierce fight with lung cancer.  He was loved by many.  He will be missed.

We attended Far Rockaway High School together where he taught me the value of making friends with the monitors in the attendance office.  We purchased sign language cards so that when they separated us in study hall (which was often) we were still able to communicate.  We would make faces at each other to see who would crack the other one up first…thereby getting that person into more trouble.  Ahhh…the fun years.  Cousin...I will miss you so much.  I love you.

Your cousin, 

Kyna Miller

In Remembrance of Francine Groman Freeman, Class of 1977
Francine Groman was one of the kindest people I knew. I am proud to say I knew her. So friendly and beautiful inside and outside. To her children, I hope you will meet people in your lives who can tell you more wonderful things about what a generous and sweet person she was. Good will come to you because your mom only wanted the best for you always and God knows that. She was unselfishly loyal to her children. If you don't know it yet, soon will you realize just how much she gave and did for you. Let NOBODY tell you anything but good about this darling and angelic person, Francine Groman. 

Arleen Kaplan Matier

My sister Fran passed away on October 22, 2009.  I could not have asked for a more loving, caring and considerate sister.  She was not only my sister, but my good friend.  We originally lived in Arverne and then moved to Beach 17th St.  There are so many good memories. Fran then moved to Atlantic Beach where she raised three beautiful children. 

Fran was an amazing person who was loved by all who knew her. Fran had the gift of gab and was exceptionally friendly with a beautiful smile. But that is only half her story.  She was a kind and generous person. There was never a time a friend could not confide in her.  She had the capacity to really listen to the problems and concerns of others and always showed compassion.  She would go out of her way to reach out to those in need. 

Her three children were so blessed to have Francine as their mother.  She spent her life loving and caring for her children, never putting herself before them. 

Fran will always be with me in my memories and in my heart.


Your Brother Ron

I only Knew Francine during her time at Buffalo State College.  She was one of the warmest, kindest no-nonsense people I ever knew.  She was loved by everyone who knew her and she had a unique gift for making people feel special.  Because of these skills, Fran was one of the people in charge of the concert committee. Hospitality was her forte and she was always the one who made the performing artists and everyone working on the show feel appreciated, welcome and comfortable.  Truly, the party didn't start until Francine arrived, and you never wanted it to end.

David S. Kapp

In Remembrance of Carole Waxman Cohen, Class of 1959
Carole Waxman Cohen, class of 1959, passed away October 27, 2009.  She had been ill for several years, but her illness, had worked diligently with Karen Klein Lutzker to make the 50th year reunion of their class wonderfully successful.  She was a kind, giving human being who was loved by all who knew her.

In Remembrance of Robert Hyman, Class of 1970
Sadly, Bob died last year leaving behind his wife, his 3 beautiful children, his parents, sister and many friends and family members who will love him forever.

Cindy McQuade

In Remembrance of Dorothy Barin Pinnola, Class of 1943
Dorothy passed away in 1996.

Richard Pinnola

In Remembrance of Suzan "Suz" Posner Weisser 
Suz was a member of the (now defunct) Rockaway Chat for many years.  When we first met she was living in Wisconsin.  She met Jerry Weisser online and he proposed to her right in our chat room.  She said "yes," they moved to Duluth, MN and they were very happily married. 

Suz passed away the second week of November.  She had the H1N1 virus, which developed into pneumonia.  She had a history of recurrent leukemia, so she wasn't in the best of, she had undergone bypass heart surgery several years ago.   I corresponded with her fairly often and she and Jerry were planning a cruise in late December, leaving from Florida, where they'd planned to visit several classmates.

We'll miss you, Suz.

Carol Marston

My sister, Suzan Posner Weisser, was a special person.  She loved the FRHS website and enjoyed reading and writing posts.  She was a rare individual who made friends easily and kept them dear to her heart.  She was a fabulous nurse who tended to her patients with extra care. She was a great sister who cared about my husband and me and showered us with special gifts that we treasure.  She was proud of her children and loved her grandchildren.  She loved the life she built with her husband, Jerry. 

Currently, I am suffering with her loss as it was sudden.  I lost my sister, my friend and my last Posner relative.

Robyn Posner Small, Class of 1968

This is Suzan's obituary from the DULUTH NEWS TRIBUNE:

Suzan Lee (Posner) Weisser, 63, passed on to be with her Lord, Friday, Nov. 13, surrounded by her family at Miller-Dwan Medical Center in Duluth, Minnesota. Mrs. Weisser was born June 18, 1946 in New York City, N.Y., the daughter of the late Harry and Dotty Posner.  Sue was a 1964 graduate of Far Rockaway High School, and graduated from Mt. Sinai School of Nursing in NYC, NY in 1967.  Sue went on to have a lengthy, fulfilling career as a registered nurse. Recently retired, Sue enjoyed traveling with her husband, Jerry, as well as spending time with her grandchildren. She also enjoyed collecting lighthouses as well as sewing, crafts, and homemaking. 

She is preceded in death by her parents.  Sue is survived by her husband, Jerome; sister, Robyn (Craig) Small of Manalapan, N.J.; son, David (Paula) Tracy of Eau Claire, Wis.; daughter, Rebekah Rud of Muldrow, Okla.; son, Scott Tracy of Superior, Wis.; five grandchildren: T.J., Hope, Adam, Lauren, and Sabine. 

CELEBRATION OF LIFE was held, donations preferred to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

In Remembrance of Laura (Weiss) Cohen, Class of 1968
Laura passed away on Nov 14, 2009.  She was my sister and my friend.  She will truly be missed.

Hillary (Weiss) Zeleznik

I miss Laura so much.  I need to call her and tell her so many things.  Just gone too soon.

"Friends are kisses blown to us by Angels."

Rest in peace, my dearest friend.

Toby (Indig) Kronick

In Remembrance of Robert J. "Bobby" Frankel, Class of 1959
I'm not an alumni of Far Rockaway, but have known Bobby for many years. He died last Monday (11/16/09) after a long battle with leukemia. He became a legend as a Hall of Fame Thoroughbred race horse trainer and is well- respected. Maybe some of you remember him. 

Judy Fehrlage

In Remembrance of Paul Rozansky, Class of 1950
Paul fought a courageous battle with cancer for over two years but lost out and passed away on July 16, 2009.  He had many fond memories of growing up in the Rockaways and attending FRHS. He will be greatly missed by family and friends.

Norman Zipkin, Class of 1951

In Remembrance of Roy William Brown, Class of 1966
I lost my husband of 33 years suddenly from a massive heart attack on Sept. 27, 2005. Roy is profoundly missed by myself and his two children. Roy never forgot his years at Far Rockaway HS. He and many of his high school friends went on to Brooklyn College. Words cannot express the loss our family has had to cope with. He was our hero, our best friend, and the love of our lives.

Rochelle Brown

In Remembrance of Lynn Streamer Sussman, Class of 1965
Haven't heard from Lynn for awhile. Guess we get busy with our own lives and sometimes lose contact. Today I called and wanted to let her know about the upcoming reunion. She was on the committee from a previous reunion and did a great job making centerpieces. I wanted her to come aboard on this one too. Her middle daughter returned my call and told me that Lynn passed away July 10, 2008. I was so shocked and taken aback. She was such a warm & giving person. She will be dearly missed. Our deepest sympathy to the family.

Sandy Resnitzky Helmsorig

In Remembrance of Martin Silverberg, Class of 1973
There is a page with photos and a tribute to Marty from Rob Goldman, '72.  Just
click this link:

Friends and loved ones,

Some of you have asked where you can make donations to. The information is as follows:

Broward Partnership for the Homeless
920 NW 7th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311


680 Ipswich Street
Boca Raton, FL 33487
Att:  Darlene Torres

I guess since my name is first on this list I should say something. First, I want to tell you, dear Perris, that the tribute you wrote was beautiful and Bob, yours was awesome and very touching as well.  What a loss for all of us, especially for his family and his "guys." It was so obvious how much you loved each other. I was not friends with Marty all these years although we knew each other. We reconnected back at the Florida reunion in 2000 and continued getting to know each other at the '03 reunion. It really wasn't until a couple of years ago that our friendship actually became a friendship. When we talked it was so easy because he was a person who had a heart of gold. I won't get into any particulars, but he showed that heart to me several times over these past years. 

His love for Tracy was right there for everyone to was so obvious how they loved and respected each other. I got to spend some time with him before we knew he was sick and that evening we got to talk and hang out a bit. I'm so glad I got that opportunity. When I found out he was sick I called and we spoke. I want all of you to know what he said to me. He told me how he was so touched by all the love his friends were pouring out to him. He couldn't believe that so many people cared about him. That is what we are to each other. We have a bond that is not easily broken. Let's do Marty justice and take a lesson from him. Let's remember to reach out and love each other. Let's help each other whenever we can as Marty has done for so many. Let's not take each other for granted, because nobody is promised tomorrow. Let's not let his life be in vain, but better, let's take lessons from a man who knew how to love his family and friends. And Perris, remember, as long as we still have each other it's not over. We will continue to put one foot in front of the other and keep walking...that's what he would have wanted. 

Rest in Peace my dear were very loved...and will always be remembered for the joy you brought into each of our lives. I will miss you...


Lois Mark Saiani, Class of 1973

I posted a tribute to our friend:

Perris Calderon

Elvis has left the building.


Marty of blessed memory - your love and caring for those lucky enough to have been touched by you will reverberate in the universe forever.  Your goodness and who you truly were and STILL ARE will be carried in our memories forever.  You will unquestionably live on through all of us who loved you and we all will be better for it even as we grieve our loss.

Marty of blessed memory - thank you for all you have given to me personally and thank you for the goodness you have contributed to the world.  Your family and friends will carry the torch forward and YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN.

I feel at such a loss...Robert (Goldman) texted me the sad news in the middle of the night so he wouldn't wake me up. but I needed to talk --when he called we talked and both spent moments in stunned silence. I am in Israel for the past month for my art and had gone just last week to pray for Marty's health and some miracle at the Wailing Wall/The Kotel in Jerusalem. Wth much sadness, five days later I went pray for Marty's eternal peace - and really, he received a miracle- his passing was quick and I hope, painless. I haven't stopped grieving for our loss. 

I take comfort in knowing Marty followed his heart and pursued his dreams - 'til the end.  He was so determined to be a bodybuilder - once he called me to talk about his concerns - he usually was upbeat when we talked... but he was worried that he had reached his pinnacle and that it would be all downhill from there... I argued with him that all life is a gift and we can't waste time searching for better and more - that he should choose what gave him happiness and go for it! And he talked about impersonating Elvis made him feel great - that he felt he was a bigger and better version of himself when he got up and performed. And I was happy when he did practice and plan to perform...and he did!  He felt great about it. And he was so happy his wife and kids made him feel good about following his dreams. He loved his family and they loved him.

I am grateful more than words can say that Robert (it's always Robert!) arranged the cruise and forced the guys time and time again in front of the camera so we have a view of a happy guy surrounded by people who loved him - because that will always be my memory of Marty - always was, and now, will always be. Thank you thank you, thank you, Robert, for helping Marty and his family in the last months - giving and being there - canceling your incredibly packed schedule for a MONTH and moving down to Florida to be there with him, for him. Thank you for doing that for him, and for all of us who loved Marty.

It's very difficult for me- I feel we said goodby to Leslie Cohen - it was a couple of years ago but time flies so much faster now - and just recently, some of us experienced another loss when Michael Crohn's wonderful younger brother Scott died suddenly.  There were hundreds of young people at the funeral and it struck me that there is some measure of comfort and strength in rituals and action so we can help to guarantee that the memory of someone we have lost is kept alive...
I regret I won't be able to come back in time from Israel to go to the funeral.

I purchased a tree here and feel honored to be able to plant it with my own two hands in Marty's memory.  Please join me in this ritual which I feel will help to keep his name alive…I will be paying for - and planting additional trees in Israel in his memory - if anyone is interested to join me, please send a check made out to Alli Berman, 15 Woodmere Blvd., Woodmere, NY 11598 and indicate it is for a memorial for Marty - it's $10 per tree - I'll be back in the next week and will take care of it then. I would like to plant as many trees as possible in his memory... a forest would be fitting!

My condolences to his mother, wife, siblings and children. If someone could forward this on to Tracey I would appreciate it - and put it on the Far Rock site too - I wont have definite computer access for two days and have to shut down now...

DO MORE IN LESS TIME is the motto I plan to live by for the rest of my days…hugs to you all.

Allí Berman, FRHS '72

P.S. I am starting a list of words to describe marty that begin with the letter "M" - one word is ideal, up to three max. Please cut and paste and pass this on if u have an "M" word to add to the list. This will be sent to Marty's family with the tree certificates - thanks.


1) magnificent!
2) multi-faceted
3) muscleman
4) mimic Elvis
5) ????????

So so sorry to hear this terrible heart goes out to his family and friends...please let me know if there is a charity Marty's family might want me to donate to in his memory.

Lori & David

Thank you for that, Robert.....what you guys all have is very special.  Marty will remain in all our hearts....he was a very special person. May you and his family get comfort from knowing how much he was loved.

Gail Schwarz Froster, 1973

It is with my deepest sorrow that I am letting everyone know that Marty Silverberg passed away yesterday while undergoing treatment for cancer. The details are still not clear as to the actual cause as he had just started this treatment which took place outside the U.S. 

Arrangements will be announced once his body is back in the states. I ask everyone to say some special prayers for Marty’s wife Tracey and their three beautiful children, Marty’s mother Dorothy, and Marty’s sisters Lisa and Abby. 

May God watch over then, and keep Marty in a very special place in Heaven.

My love to all my Rockaway friends.

Bobby Bram

Let's not say goodbye, but untill we all meet again. 
What can be said that already has not been said.
You are and always will be one of a kind. 
Knowing that you are watching over all of us gives us some comfort. 
My deepest condolences to your family and loved ones. 
You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.
God Bless.


Miki :o)

"Who Dat?"  Marty Silverberg, Dat Who!

As throngs of family and friends gather round the afternoon shiva buffet at the Silverbergs' beautiful Hollywood, Florida home on Superbowl Sunday, we celebrate the rich life and grieve the untimely loss of a most wonderfully divine human being.  The setting sun casts its warm, reflective rays over the expansive Intercoastal waterway, providing a calming blanket backdrop that comforts us during this most painful of times.

Truly a blessing to Marty and all who loved him are his resiliant, surviving family: beloved and adored wife, Tracey; three children -- Laura, Max and Sam -- all of whom are wise and strong beyond their youthful years; fit and feisty mother, Dorothy; and two beautiful and talented sisters, Lisa and Abby.

As one of the close-knit brotherhood Rockaway Guyz for 44 years, when I had first learned of Marty's illness in January, a numbness almost too surreal to understand enveloped me.  I felt cheated.  I had missed many of the major celebratory milestones in his life, and now it was as if I wanted to scramble to play catch-up.  As usual, L'il Rob (known in larger circles as Dr. Robert Goldman) came to the rescue and arranged our annual Guyz Cruise.  Mike was mourning the recent loss of his younger brother, Scott, and needed "cruise medicine, stat!"  A few days prior to the cruise, Holly and I flew down to Deerfield Beach from New York for a brief 3-day respite of our own, before joining at Marty's house with the other guyz on the eve of the cruise.  Along with Tracey and a little help from Holly, I prepared a sendoff dinner and dessert for a table of 12.

Marty was my roommate on this cruise, and we all knew he had a cold and was feeling weak.  But this time it was Marty's trip, first and foremost, and we promised no foreboding or coddling.  "Your job," Marty told me intently at dinner the night before we left, "is to make me laugh."  This was a "job" I'd gladly relish for the rest of my life...  Well, the guyz being the guyz, our customary childhood goofiness ensued and, sporting our matching orange Ed Hardy designer t-shirts from Rob, we watched the New Orleans Saints win the trip to the Superbowl.  (Incidentally, because of our love for Tracey, we ([ike Marty] all shared the fever and became instant Saints fans.  Her wonderful family name is Broussard -- how much more Cajun can you get than that?!!).  We shared precious time on this cruise, retold old childhood Rockaway stories, laughed, danced, dined, took lots of pictures, and bonded anew.

On our return, back at the house with Holly and the kids, we enjoyed Tracey's delicious roast turkey lunch and a surprise birthday cake for Perris ... and we said our goodbyes and planned to gather again to celebrate Marty & Tracey's upcoming 25th anniversary in September.

Once back in NYC, just 1-1/2 weeks after the cruise, Mike relayed the devastating news that tore my heart and drowned my soul.  I now had to prepare to meet my brother again, but not as I had planned or wished.  So, back to Florida we went -- and because of our great love for Marty, we arrived in droves.  And as if Tracey didn't already have enough to contend with, she graciously put Holly and me up for 2 nights (thanks, Max!).  Tracey's clan from New Orleans were especially warm and comforting during all the preparations.

The memorial/funeral service was standing room only.  Following words of comfort by the presiding rabbi, Lisa delivered a very profound and insightful eulogy of admiration, reminiscences and yearning.  Max eloquently recited Marty's favorite poem, revealing his dad's brave and inspired/inspiring spirit and legacy.  Finally, our row of The Rockaway Guyz, brothers for life and beyond -- holding hands throughout the service -- rose as one unit and made our way up to the podium.  Each one of us, beginning with Perris, mustered the strength to find words that could possibly come close to our heartfelt feelings for Marty and befit the true spirit that he inspired.  A set of music performed by a group of Marty's nieces and nephew elicited warm smiles.  Uncle Rob (he wears many hats!) established a $50K college scholarship fund for Max and Sam, and we all silently vowed to live more, love more, be more and do more for ourselves, our families and our community.  The service concluded with a resonating recording of Marty's impeccable Elvis.

Now back at the shiva buffet, we celebrate Marty.  We remember all the joys and giving soul of this man.  Superbowl fever abounds (Marty did plan this party, before all...) and the Saints come marching in ...ushered by Marty as grand marshall in his finest Elvis duds!  Victory chants of "Who Dat?" quickly change to thunderous swells of "Marty! ... Marty! ... Marty! ..." and shake the very earth to its core.  We know and feel his profound presence, his warmth and smile.   "See, I told you you'd watch the Superbowl at my house!"


A most beautiful song recorded by Lee Ann Womack comes to mind:

"I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens
Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance,
I hope you dance, I hope you dance...."

I know Marty is watching over us and we owe it to him to dance.  To my brother:  I'm dancing! -- with two left feet, I'm dancing!


Joseph (Joey) Schultz

In Remembrance of Ellen Rothman, Class of 1970
My sister Ellen passed away on September 11, 2003 from complications with Crohns disease. She is survived by her husband of 30 years, Stephen Niloff and her daughter Stacey, who was 17 at the time. Ellen did her best to remain as active as she could given what she was up against. She died way too soon and she is missed by all who knew her.

Paul Rothman

In Remembrance of Norman Forer, Class of 1943
Norman Forer, '43, Jewish Warrior for Social Justice, passed away shortly after 1:00 o'clock a.m. on February 12, 2010, nearly five years to the day after the passing of his wife of fifty years, Una Hehir Forer.  He died peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by his children.  A small graveside service will be conducted on Sunday, February 14, at 3:00 p.m. at B'Nai Israel Cemetary 10 miles east of Lawrence, Kansas, with Rabbi Scott White officiatig and with military honors provided by Jewish War Veterans, Mo/Kan Post 605.

The family intends to schedule a public memorial service in the comming months and would be pleased to receive cards, notes, photos, letters, etc., regarding Norm to be posted on a wall of remembrance.  Submissions should be sent to Norm's eldest son, Bob, who provided daily care during the last four years of Norms battle with vascular dementia and Alzheimers disease.

You can read the eulogy Bob wrote for his father here:

Click Bob Forer to send mail.

In Remembrance of David Cohen, Class of 1961
With great sadness and personal loss I report that my very close friend from our Class of 1961, David Cohen, died suddenly on 13 February 2010 at home in Cincinnati.  David combined a truly eclectic life of varied pursuits with a deep love of culture, exceeded only by his devotion to his wife, Rosemary, and his two daughters.

Ralph Stein

In Remembrance of Donald Pinkler, Class of 1952
My brother passed away October 14, 2009. He had just celebrated his 75th birthday in August. He died of ALL disease, which is short for Acute Lymphatic Leukemia, which took his life in about six weeks. 

He told me a few years ago that he had come across the Far Rockaway website and had signed on. He didn't give much of a background, as he was somewhat of a private person. There is much that I remember about Donald as a brother and about his life. I know that he is in a much better place now alongside his wife of 43 years, who died of lymphoma, two years prior. He was my older brother and he will be missed.

Alan Pinkler

In Remembrance of Clarese Daly (Hawthorne), Class of 1938
Clare Daly was a champion swimmer at Far Rockaway High School. As a member of a private swim club she won several National Titles. She was one of seven  children. (The sister of Joe, Polly, Helen, John, Bob, & George Daly.) After marrying, she and her husband moved to Catskill, NY where she lived in a rural home with a view of the Catskill Mountains for more than 60 years. She was a strong Christian.  She passed away gently at her home August 20, 2006 at the age of 85.

Survivors include four children, eight grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Louise Hawthorne-Foss

In Remembrance of Alan Goldman, Class of 1972
I would like to offer my sincere condolences to Alan Goldman's family.  I just read about his passing in The Wave and was heartbroken.

I have been close friends with Alan since Junior High School.  He was such a sweetheart with a big wonderful heart. He always remembered my birthday and holidays.  Even if I didn't speak to him for a year, he would call me up and leave a message that he loved me and wished me a happy birthday.  He attended my mom's funeral and my 50th birthday bash.  He put together my stereo equipment and would travel miles to do anything for a friend.

When I didn't hear from him on my birthday this past September I left messages for him and just thought he was busy. Not knowing his sister's number, I couldn't reach him. Now I know why. I hope he is at peace and he knows that I am thinking of hime and will miss him.

Janet Smith

Alan remained friends with my family through the years, always stopping in and celebrating life events, the Jewish holidays, etc. We miss him terribly. He was a wonderful friend and is greatly missed.

Madeleine (Feldman) Raphael


In Remembrance of Michael Kunkes, Class of 1972
I learned today that friend and classmate Mike Kunkes unexpectedly passed away March 3. Mike moved to California many years ago and loved his friends, his work as a writer, and playing guitar. Mike was an intelligent, upbeat, and sweet man. Rest in peace, my friend.

Gary Libow, Class of 1972

In Remembrance of Gail Rairden, Class of 1972
I was married to her late brother Neal (Cornelius) Rairden, class of 1970.He passed in 2006. Gail passed March 25,2010.

Karen Margolis

In Remembrance of Robert DeVivio, Class of 1963
Click HERE to go to the eulogy on Facebook.

Please send your personal memories of Robert to me at

In Remembrance of Mark Peppin, Class of 1974
I am sad to report the death of my brother, Mark Peppin. Mark was an artist, and was creative with a capital C. 

He used his talent for years in Visual Merchandising at stores such as Korvettes, Macy's and Bloomingdales, dressing mannequins, building displays, and creating signs. 

Growing up, Mark loved hanging out with friends, 17th Street, clubs, Jones Beach, the City.  He enjoyed the night life... often till dawn.  During those fun-loving, carefree days he became the character a few of us knew as Sallie. 

My brother helped me learn to drive, handed me down cars, and took me many places.  We went to concerts, clubs, and museums. 

We shared the loss of our Father and the difficulty of helping our Mother after her stroke.  He endured the responsibility of being there with her through difficult days and sleepless nights.

As Mark began to suffer from depression, he began to lose everything-- his car, his apartment, his job, his health.  It seemed he had lost all the joy in his life.

When Mark got very depressed he told me he would do anything to relieve his pain.  And he did, too much, too often.  I wanted to help but nothing I tried helped much, or for long.  This is my pain now, lessened only by the support of our family and friends, and the fact that his suffering is done. 

Sallie, my dear brother, I hope you have found peace. 

Terry Peppin

In Remembrance of Keith Rose, Class of 1970
Keith passed away on February 15th, 2010 as a result of complications of cancer. He will sorely be missed!

Andy & Sharon Kaufman

In Remembrance of Marsha Rosati, Class of 1975

Marsha and I were inseparable in high school.  She was a great friend and a gentle soul    and I will miss her deeply.  She leaves behind 3 children.

Olga Gracey

Marsha and I were best friends for years.  Although time separated us, she was always in my heart.  I was very saddened to learn that she passed away.  I will always have the great memories.  She is always in my thoughts.

Barbara Konecky Hladky

In Remembrance of June Freeman-Grotto, Class of 1967
Sorry I wasn't there for you, but love and miss you.  You died way too young.

Susan Frost

In Remembrance of Kenneth W. Metzing, Class of 1971
My brother, Kenny, who was loved by many in Far Rockaway passed away of liver cancer in Jupiter, FL on 04/02/2010. 

Thank You,
Gerard Metzing

In Remembrance of Beth Cohen Boyd, Class of 1977
Dear, dear Beth, 

You are now at peace with no pain. I know G-D will watch over your beautiful daughter Jillian and make sure she becomes the kind of woman you taught her to be.  In my heart you will remain. You kicked hard and gave your best shot.  You are now my "Angel Friend." 

Beth Cohen Boyd passed away on October 1, 2010.  She is from the Class of 1977.
Her date of birth is March 2, 1959. 

With love, 

Arleen Kaplan Matier

In Remembrance of Ron Resnick, Class of 1964

Click HERE to read the eulogy for Ron, written by his sister Linda.

Ronnie Resnick, class of 1964, passed away on October 1, 2010 in Nelson, New Zealand.

Diane Brodis

Here is a note from one of Ron's friends

Here are the details as I heard them:

Ron broke his leg when he went out to the mail box. They tried to set it under local anaesthetic, but that was not possible. They then had to give him a full one, which was hard on his system. 

I spoke to his friend who was the last person to talk to him, just before he went in to the operation, and he said that Ron was very aware that he might not come round after the op and talked about this.  He was right, everything started shutting down, so after the operation they put him into an induced coma and transferred him to Wellington, (NZ) but nothing could be done.

His good friends Rose and Andrew (both lovely people) went with him and were there with him, but he did not regain consciousness. They are both aware people, and so I am sure they would have talked to him and held him even while he was officially unconscious.

When I saw him last, which was about a week ago, he was on the sofa and twice said he wished that he could get hold of some morphine, as he was not looking forward at all to what he was expected to go through.  He had no illusions.

So the way it went is a lot kinder than what would have developed with the Polycythemia and the leukaemia on top of that. I think he is relieved right now.

He has opted for an environmental funeral, his body is cooled with dry ice and no mortician's chemicals. He will be buried the day after tomorrow, Wednesday, 3o'clock, at a woodland cemetery and I know it will be a big turn out. He has a big group of very loyal friends here.

We will have a wake for him in the evening at his place. There is so much food in his house, because in the last weeks and months so many people have brought their cooking round, we will have to try and finish it off.

We will celebrate his passion, his outspokenness, his cantankerousness, and generally will do our best to make him happy, just in case he's watching.

I will think of you when I'm there and say hello to him from you.

Please feel free to forward this to any of his friends and family.


In Remembrance of Geoff Kandall, Class of 1954
It is with great sadness that I report the death of my brother, Geoff, in Hamden, CT last Tuesday after a short illness. Many of you remember that Geoff graduated valedictorian from Far Rockaway HS in 1954 and summa cum laude from Princeton. He spent a lifetime teaching math throughout the northeast and had recently retired from his latest job. His obituary should appear in tomnorrow's (Monday) NY Times. 

I will also share with you some remarks that I made at his service:

"My memories go back a lifetime---stoop ball in Far Rockaway, basketball in our common bedroom,  sharing the back seat of our family Frazer on Mom's antique trips, visiting him at Princeton, Sunday brunches in Chinatown when we were both at school in Boston. But much of my memory through my early school years can be summed up in the phrase-"So you're Geoff's little brother." He set a high standard of academic and personal excellence, but NEVER ONCE did I ever feel that we were competitors. That was never part of his makeup and we took great pleasure in each other's successes.

We always stayed in touch, even after we moved to North Carolina 12 years ago. We always visited on our trips north and we spoke by phone at least every weekend. You might have heard, "I'm having trouble with the upper right hand corner of the crossword," or "I ran into X,Y or Z and I'm sending you an autograph for your collection"--- and always, ALWAYS --"How are the kids? What do you hear from the kids?"

Geoff had little time or tolerance for luxury or frills. In a quiet way he amassed a large number of friends, colleagues, and family contacts. He remembered every occasion, and every birthday or anniversary we were "treated" to his booming rendition of the appropriate song ---and boy, he had a terrible singing voice!

In our sadness I take solace in the fact that he exceeded the Biblical allotment of "three score and ten" with generally good health and a lifetime of achievement. His passing was marked by courage, dignity and ultimate peace. And so it goes...."

Now that I'm home, this is the first Sunday that we won't be talking and sharing the Times acrostic, which brings me great sadness.

Steve Kandall

In Remembrance of Karen (Simmons) Greco, Class of 1959

1941 – 2010

Karen passed away after a long bout with cancer.  She always was a fighter and she 
fought this horrid disease for over two years. Karen was married to Sonny Greco and had one son, Christopher, and four grandsons whom she adored. 

We were very close friends and although I moved all around the country, we remained friends. I’m going to miss her.

Estelle (Wiesner) Markow, Class of 1959

In Remembrance of Bobby Lipschutz, Class of 1968
Anyone who met Bobby felt the intensity of his energy and his joy in life.  Though he loved Brian Jones of the Stones, and often affected the dour, stylized seriousness of his hero, his smile lit up a room.  The only thing he loved more than driving the tractor on his parents' farm was music - making it, listening to it, selling it, distributing it.  He passed away quite suddenly on Monday, November 8, 2010, leaving two beautiful children. 

Too soon, my friend, too soon.

Robby Merkin

In Remembrance of Ann Herrmann, Class of 1961 
I was so sad to hear about Ann's passing from breast cancer.  I have wonderful memories from our time together in High School with Helga Schneider.

Roberta Kapp (Walkewicz)

In Remembrance of Ted Cavoores, Class of 1963
My husband, Ted Cavoores, died 10-27-10. We found out he had cancer in January of this year. I will miss him very much. He enjoyed being a part of the Far Rockaway alumni. Thank you. 

Peggy Cavoores 

In Remembrance of Alice (Kuch) Senecal, Class of 1957
Alice graduated from Cortland State Teachers College in 1961 and taught until retirement near Sayville, Long Island where she lived with her husband Larry and sons Jeff & Jason. Alice was an avid Yankee fan, enjoyed tennis before having to give it up after breast cancer in 1994 and enjoyed playing Scrabble. Moved with Larry to Delray Beach, Florida after retirement. Son, Jason, committed suicide at age 34 in 2004. Larry has Alzheimers and confined to a facility for many years. Alice developed bone cancer after Jason's death and passed away November 9, 2010.

Alice was a wonderful homemaker. She enjoyed baking, sewing, designing additions to their home in Sayville and working with the builder on their home in Delray Beach, Florida.

There are no grandchildren. Her son, Jeff, lives in Arizona with his wife.

Jacqueline (Kuch) Callan 

In Remembrance of Larry Aronson, Class of 1954
It is with profound sadness that I say my brother, Larry Aronson, passed away on  November 13, 2010.  He lived in Boyton Beach, Florida and loved to fish and talk about his sucessful plastic business, Lamar Plastics,

He was always so artistic and creative. His memory will be everlasting with all who knew him.

His loving sister, 

Barbara (Aronson) Curreri

In Remembrance of William "Bill" Victor, Class of 1938
I share with great sadness, the passing of my dad, William "Bill" Victor, this past March 2010 at the age of 89. My dad's memmories of growing up in the Rockaways, and fondness of the beach and surf, were stories he shared with me as a little boy all the way into adulthood.  He went on to become a successful dad, husband and physician.  My life is better because of him.

William R. Victor

In Remembrance of Jerry Schnitzer, Class of 1956
My brother Jerry Schnitzer passed away this past Sunday, Dec. 19 at his home in Wilton Manors, FL of a heart attack. 

David Schnitzer

In Remembrance of Richard Cohen, Class of 1965
I think of you often.   You were such a good friend and someone I really cared about when we were at college in Buffalo.  The last time I saw you we were at (an early) reunion and we were catching up and you were telling me about Woodstock.  Someone called me away and when I went back to find were gone.  Not long after that I heard about your accident.  I never got to tell you how wonderful I thought you were

Ellen Soloway-Fox

In Remembrance of Diane Sherman (Schawelson), Class of 1968
Dear friend...

I have known you since we were little girls playing with dolls pretending they were our future children.. Ice skating in the park behind our building when the water froze in the wading pool... watching horror pictures in your apt. and your dad scaring us!!... watching your mom cook for the holidays letting us lick the batter to the best passover pound cake I ever tasted...  eating nickel pickles and "Soupy Sales sandwiches (potato knish cut in half with deli mustard, sliced salami and sauerkraut  which I introduced to my son as a kid and we still eat them today!! ) from the deli your mom worked at.. so many more memories it would take a book to fill.  Then we graduated Far Rock High and went our own ways having families of our own.  I tried finding you for 15 years but always hit brick walls until I came across your very handsome son.  He filled me in on your life and my heart ached when I found out I was so close to finding you but alas, too late.  Rest in peace, my friend.  You will forever be remembered in my heart.

Love and peace always,

Hélène Philippson /aka Honey/aka Hic

In Remembrance of Marjorie Rosenblum (Freedman), Class of 1974
My sister Marjorie Freedman, nee Marjorie Rosenblum, graduated from Far Rockaway High School in 1974.  She was a quirky, unique and giving person with a great sense of humor, for those of you who may remember her. 

She became a social worker and worked for the V.A. for close to twenty years.  She left behind a loving husband and family almost three years ago when she was tragically killed, hit by a car as she was crossing Merrick Road in Rockville Centre.  We mourn her loss and miss her very much.  She was only fifty-two years old.  Life isn't the same without her.

Joan (Rosenblum) Harris

In Remembrance of Marvin Rosenstein (Rosten), Class of 1946
My uncle, Marvin Rosenstein (Rosten), passed away on February 12, 2011 in Lynbrook, NY.  He had lived in Oceanside, NY until recently and leaves behind a wife and four children, in addition to multiple grandchildren.

David Rose

In Remembrance of Florence Green Bergman, Class of 1940
Florence Bergman, 90, passed away February 21, 2011.  A New York native, she married Daniel L. Bergman in 1944 in Far Rockaway, New York. He was the love of her life for 64 years. Florence was an accomplished silver and goldsmith as well as homemaker, mother and part-time bookkeeper for her husband’s CPA firm in New York.  They retired to Palm Springs in the mid-1990s and became members of Temple Isaiah. 

She is survived by her only child, Edna A. Lapkin, her brother, Fred Green of North Carolina, granddaughter, Emily Lapkin Loveridge (Ryan) and great-granddaughter, Maris Eden Loveridge of Boston, Mass.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Daniel, son-in-law, Dr. Martin Lapkin and brother, Walter Green.

Services will be held Sunday, February 27th at 11 am, Forest Lawn Chapel, Cathedral City followed by Graveside Services, Desert Memorial Park. The family suggests in lieu of flowers donation to Temple Isaiah of Palm Springs.

Her parents ran a small market in Far Rockaway for over 40 years. 

In Remembrance of Daniel Bergman, Class of 1937
Sad to report the death of Daniel L. Bergman, a New York CPA and member of the FRHS Class of 1937.   He was married to Florence (Green) Bergman, Class of 1940, now deceased.  He is survived by daughter Edna A. Lapkin, granddaughter, Emily Lapkin Loveridge (Ryan) and great-granddaughter, Maris Eden Loveridge of Boston, Mass.

In Remembrance of Elinore Weisberger Schwartz, Class of 1946
Elinore Weisberger Schwartz, class of 1946 passed away at home on Dec. 24, 2010.  She is survived by her husband, Bernard Schwartz, 4 children and 10 grandchildren.

Lisa Schwartz Reik (daughter)

In Remembrance of Marvin Kornbluth, Class of 1936
Marvin Kornbluth passed away in 2003.  He is survived by his wife Frances and two children.  He was a member of the FRHS swim team.  During WWII, as a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, he saw duty during the Battle of the Bulge in the European Theater of Operations.

In Remembrance of Stanley Minker, Class of 1962
It is with sadness that I have to report that my friend Stanley Minker passed away.  I had not heard from him in a long time so I started to" look" for him.  He died from cancer of the esophagus in February, 2010.

Jeffrey Thaler

In Remembrance of Baruch Blumberg, Class of 1942
Baruch Blumberg, one of the three Far Rockaway High School graduates and Nobel Laureates, passed away on April 5, 2011.  He won the prize in 1976 for his discovery of the Hepatitis B Virus and its subsequent vaccine. 

Dr. Blumberg's photo can be seen here:

By clicking on his photo, you'll be taken to his full biography.

In Remembrance of Leonard Shalansky, Class of 1959

Leonard Shalansky, 69, of Warwick, RI, died Tuesday, April 12, 2011. He was the beloved husband of Ruby (Anstendig) Shalansky for 43 years. Born in New York City, he was the son of the late Hyman J. and Hilda (Bloom) Shalansky. Len studied illustration, fine art, and design at Cooper Union and Pratt Institute. A dedicated mentor at The San Miguel School, he enjoyed sharing his artistic gifts with critically ill children through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Len touched many lives with his warmth, humor and trademark cartoons. Along with his wife, he is survived by his sons, Steven Shalansky and his wife Emily of Providence and David Shalansky of Los Angeles, CA. He was the beloved grandfather of Julia and Mia Shalansky. His funeral service will be held Friday, April 15th at 12:30 PM at Temple Beth-El, 70 Orchard Avenue, Providence, with a burial in Sons of Israel and David Cemetery. 

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in his memory to Temple Beth-El, The San Miguel School of Providence, 525 Branch Avenue, Providence, RI 02904, or the Amyloid Treatment and Research Program, 72 East Concord Street, K503, Boston, MA 02118. Shiva will be held at his late residence Sunday 2-5 PM. Arrangements by Sugarman-Sinai Memorial Chapel.

In Remembrance of Leonard M. Ross, Class of 1956

June 8, 1938 - March 9, 2009

In Remembrance of Robert T. Hendrickson, Class of 1951 

Robert (Bob) Tierney Hendrickson, 77, passed away Thursday morning at Port Jefferson Medical Facility in Port Jefferson, NY after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease.  He was a Korean War veteran and resident of Peconic, NY, though he lived most of his days and raised a family in the Bayswater neighborhood of Queens, NY.  He graduated Cum Laude from Adelphi University on Long Island.

Bob is survived by his high school sweetheart and loving wife of 57 years, Marilyn Maggio; their five children: Robert Laurence, Brian Scott, Karen Alene, Lauren Starre, and Erik Tierney, as well as their spouses, Becky, Laura, Tony, Bob, and Sue; 12 grandchildren: Chris, Erin, Brian, Andy, Ross, Adam, Brianna, Kristin, Nicholas, Brandon, Maegan, and Matthew; three great-grandchildren: Christian, Ethan, and Gavin; and one brother, John.

Known for his kind soul and love of the outdoors, Bob was part of a dying breed, where lives are led and livings are earned by way of one’s own hand.  Success in his mind was achieved by actions and not monetary gains. 

As one of his editors once noted: “He is the rarest of all human animals: the self-employed writer.” Interestingly, he worked side by side with his wife authoring over 40 books and countless articles for major newspapers and magazines.  Every word was scribed in pencil on a yellow lined legal pad and then typed on paper by his wife, before being submitted for publishing. 

Perhaps best known for his Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins and series on American regionalisms, he also penned books on countless other topics -- from how chewing gum came to be, to why the civil war began.  His real passion, however, was writing short stories and poems, of which many have appeared in literary magazines around the globe; a full collection of which will be published by his family in remembrance of his literary life.

He was a man who valued honesty, and many enjoy recounting the story of how Bob once returned a $20 bill he found on the beach to a local police station.  He was an avid gardener who spent many a morning laboring over the soil. Few people enjoyed a vegetable straight from the vine as much as he did. He loved to swim even in the coldest weather, at times traversing blocks of ice to swim in the frigid waters during the winter. He even swam with the occasional stray whale in the Rockaway inlet. Bob was out jogging several miles a day long before the nation began its fitness revolution or the advent of jogging apparel. He was a true triathelete, who was proud to have run in the first New York City Marathon. 

Bob will be interred at 10:30 a.m. at Calverton National Cemetery on Long Island on Thursday, June 30, 2011.  For specific funeral details, please contact De Friest-Grattan Funeral Homes in Southold, NY.

In Remembrance of Wendy Martz, Class of 1963

Wendy was truly unique. Brilliant, funny, talkative, intellectual, enthusiastic, and...late, but no one minded too much, since she was always worth waiting for, and as soon as she smiled at you and started chattering about what held her up, you couldn't help smiling.  She lit up the room wherever she was. Now she really is "the late" Wendy Martz.  A great loss to the world.

Barbara Barna

GOLDHIRSH-Wendy Jo (Martz) entered into rest, January 24, in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. Beloved wife of Bernard A. Goldhirsh. Dear daughter of Lawrence and Rebecca Martz of Brooklyn; devoted mother of Elizabeth Goldhirsh and Benjamin Goldhirsh both of Manchester-bythe-Sea. Loving sister of Brian Martz of Long Beach, N.Y., and Peter Martz of NY. Services at Temple Ahavas Achim, 86 Middle Street, Gloucester, MA., Tuesday, January 26 at 2:00 P.M. Memorial Observance through Sunday evening at her late residence. In lieu of flowers, expressions of sympathy in her memory may be donated to the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center Fund, C/O Development Office, 100 Charles River Plaza

In Remembrance of 
Marcia (Singer) Wachspress and Morton Wachspress, Class of 1940
My parents, both devoted alumni of Far Rockaway High School, Class of 1940, passed away this year. Morton Wachspress, on January 27th, Marcia, on June 14th.  I'm so sorry I didn't know of this site when they were alive.

Ruth Wachspress

In Remembrance of Seth Feldman, Class of 1950
He was the sweetest guy.

Vivian Mintz Karow, Class of 1954

In Remembrance of Edward Hernly, Class of 1956
Our Uncle Eddie to us, was always known as "Uncle Tubby". He was larger than life, and quite the character! When we think of him, it brings a smile. He taught us to ski, he taught us how to operate a boat. He gave us our first jobs working at the boat yard. He taught us to laugh when he came to our barbecues and wanted rare meat (and ate it!). We hope that when you think of him, he too will bring a smile. 

Caron Jo and Leslie Martine, your nieces.

In Remembrance of Donald E. Hernly, Class of 1954
When my dad was ill, I came to the hospital every day. He used to ask me about the "door" and the "light". I would go to the door and say "no one is there" I would constantly turn the light on and off. Then one day it hit me; he was asking for permission to go to the door and into the light. I kissed him and told him he does not have to hang on and to go through the door, into the light.  When I left the hospital, I would never see him again.  I remember telling him "he would never be forgotten." In his final ending, he has brought so much comfort to those that hurt. I have told this story to many who have lost a loved one. There is God and a place that welcomes you when it is your time. Dad, you have taught me so much in life as well as death. 

P.S  I still tell the "Tonto Joke" and the "Want to hear a dirty joke? The boy fell into the mud." "Want to hear a clean one? He took a bath" to this day!! 

Love always, your first born daughter, 

Caron Jo

In Remembrance of Rich Pescatore, Class of 1962
Rich was not only my brother but a role model that I looked up to. His passing came way too soon (Dec. 1969). 

Never forget you, bro.

Joe Pescatore

In Remembrance of Howard Lampert, Class of 1962
Howard passed from cancer on January 3, 2011, leaving a wife and two children. I learned about this very recently by way of The Cooper Union alumni magazine.

The last time I saw Howard was several years ago at a Cooper event.

Joe Marasco

In Remembrance of Gary Katz, Class of 1966

My brother Gary passed away from lung cancer on May 23, 2003.  He lived in Roswell, GA.  Gary leaves his wife, Celeste (Spivak) Katz, (FRHS 1967) and two sons, both of whom are lawyers. 

Sharyn (Katz) Weinstein

In Remembrance of Howard "Butzie" Wilsker, Class of 1945

I am sad to announce that my beloved father, Howard "Butzie" Wilsker", class of 1945, passed away in Boynton Beach, Fla. on August 4, 2011 after a long illness. He grew up in Arverne and was the middle of three brothers. His older brother, Dr. Jerry (dentist) passed away 3 yrs. ago and his younger brother Paul survives. My dad enjoyed a wonderful 60-year marriage to my mother Marjorie ( nee Grant). He is survived by myself, my brother Michael (class of 1973) and his three cherished grandchildren, Ross Brownstein and Gabriella and Gavin Wilsker. My dad was a three-letter man at FRHS and a proud WWII Marine. He will greatly missed by all who knew him. RIP my dear daddy... 

Susan (Wilsker) Brownstein
Class of 1970

In Remembrance of Leland (Lee) H. Wolfe, Class of 1954

Lee passed away 11/20/2008 in Ukiah, CA. I knew Lee in high school, which is the last time I saw him.  If anyone knows about his life, please let me know.

Phil Wiesenfeld, Class of 1954

In Remembrance of Judy (Freid) Stearnes, Class of 1962

With a sad heart I have to ask you to add a best frriend's name to the 1962 Memorial Page. Her name is Judy (Freid) Stearnes. She passed away on September 20, 2011 after a long illness. She will be missed by all of us who loved her. Thank you so much.

Audrey Halperin Sicker, 1962

In Remembrance of David R. Intrabartolo Sr., Class of 1954

At FRHS, David Intrabartolo was nicknamed "Sonny."  Formerly from Rockaway Beach, NY, he was a star football player under Coach Jack Kerchman.  After high school he attended Villanova University and in 1996 was voted into the Villanova Hall of Fame for Football.  He was a proud veteran of the U. S. Army, enlisting after college.

David passed away on September 29, 2011 in Naples, FL and is survived by his wife Starr, two children, six grandchildren, and brother Joseph.

In Remembrance of Andy King, Class of 1974

A wonderful, sweet man; generous to a fault and a great friend.  He will be sorely missed.

Arlene Tellerman

I knew Andy quite well, we were good friends in high school and shared a lot of emails afterward (thanks to this website). He was a good man, not well understood, but solid and an excellent person, I will miss him. Any details about his passing?

Michael Stein

In Remembrance of Nan Hickie Cullen, Class of 1931

In memory of My Wonderful Mother, May She Rest in Peace....God knows she deserves it.

John Cullen

In Remembrance of Stanley Spiro, Class of 1958

Stanley Spiro passed away September 8, 2011 after battling esophageal cancer.

From the time we were co-directors on our FRHS senior show, 1957-8, and then, after a lengthy hiatus, reconnecting during the planning of our FRHS 50th reunion, we delighted in Stan's distinguished career and continued enthusiasm for his chosen work as well as the reunion itself. Even during this planning phase he was busy with and excited about a new international news show, "World Focus". 

In high school, it was clear then that Stan had strong leadership qualities and innovative ideas. A recipient of many Emmys, Stan held various positions in news production for over 25 years including coordinating producer, post-production supervisor and director. At ABC, many news shows including “20/20,” “Primetime Live” and “Good Morning America.” At PBS, he was the coordinating producer of “NOW” with Bill Moyers and director of the “Journal Editorial Report.” Stanley also associate directed eight Olympic broadcasts, and directed entertainment programs, game and daytime drama.

Arthur Lebowitz, '58

In Remembrance of Richard Rauchbach, Class of 1958
          Richard passed away October 20, 2011, in Studio City, CA.
I was saddened to hear that Richard Rauchbach had died and want to extend my condolences to his family.

Richie and I were friends for many years – at PS 39, we were in the same club, the “Eagles” – we played football together at FRHS and shared many happy and playful
times together.

He was a dear friend - we enjoyed each other and he will be missed.

 Gerry Avidon, FRHS ‘58

          Richie Rauchbach was one of our roommates in the second year at Columbia. I know he enjoyed internet shared humor and was
          successful in his chosen field of Computer

Consulting and personnel placement. My strongest memory is that even though he got a partial scholarship to Columbia for football, he refused to try out for the team and instead made it clear that he was there for the education he could get at Columbia.
         Arthur Lebowitz, '58

In Remembrance of Rodney (Harvey) Sheldon, Class of 1958

Harvey (Rodney) Sheldon, a screenwriter, producer and talent manager, died Oct. 19, 2011 at his lakefront cottage on Lake Hopatcong, NJ, after a five-year battle with neck and lung cancer. He was 70.

In Remembrance of Annette Gingold Marcus, Class of 1933

I wish to advise you that my mother, Annette Gingold, who graduated FRHS in 1933 passed in July 2011 at 94. She enjoyed the web site and vintage pictures and information about Far Rockaway. Many thanks from her family.

Allen Marcus

In Remembrance of Katherine Myers Pickering, Class of 1962

The best sister in the world, I miss you every day.  Katty died suddenly in 2004. She left behind all who loved her, friends, family, husband and almost all her children.  The one she joins is her deceased son, Christopher, already in Heaven.

Eileen Myers Schwan

In Remembrance of Allan Spatz, Class of 1958

Allan passed away in October, 2011 after a long battle with multiple myeloma.

Andy Lowell

In Remembrance of Iris Weinstein, Class of 1975

My best friend for 50 years...completely heartbroken.

Kim Ottolia

In Remembrance of Jimmy Sophos, Class of 1963

I just learned of Jimmy's passing about a year ago from Leukemia.  We grew up in Arverne together; a proud 1st generation Greek, a great handball player. A real self-made success; later in life he took care of his family.  I have great memories of fun times with Jimmy -- especially of his cruising to and through Madison in 1970 on his way to a new life in California; while leaving one very slow horse and a bunch of bookies and loan sharks looking for him in New York.

Joe Davis

In Remembrance of Seth Zimmerman, Class of  1972

We were brothers from separate families, virtually inseparable.  We had drifted apart the last couple of years, but that has no effect on the past. I really wish I could undo the drift, but c'est la vie. He was a very determined man, and a successful one, at that.  I am proud to have been his friend. Thanks for this forum, to allow me to reconnect with anyone who remembers.  I know it has been a while, but the hurt is still fresh.

Rest in peace, brother.

Lloyd B. Schwartz

In Remembrance of Mark M. Conn, Class of 1933
My father, Mark Conn, became Captain of the baseball and gymnastics team at FRHS.  He went on to CCNY graduating with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in health and physical education.  He became a boxer, winning the Golden Gloves (and Yale Rubin Trophy) in New York, England
and China. He then became a professional boxing referee for boxers such as Muhmmad Ali, Joe Louis, Ezzard Charles, etc.

Susan André Rice (Debbie Conn)
Class of 1973

In Remembrance of Lynne Britton, Class of 1968

I cannot think of anyone who knew me better.  Lynne and I met in Jr. H.S.  We shared a lifetime together, through thick and thin, good and bad...we knew all the players in each others lives.  If I ever needed anything Lynne knew someone who could help me or my family. I will miss you, Lynnie, forever.   

Rest in peace, my beloved friend.

Lynn Balen Gabel

In Remembrance of Lyla (Levy) Berkoff, Class of 1933

My mother, Lyla Levy, graduated FRHS in 1933 along with her brother Louis J. Levy even tho she was 3 yrs younger.  She was in an advanced class and was only 15 yrs when she graduated and went to work in NYC. She married my father Sol Berkoff in 1940 and returned to Far Rock in 1946 where they lived til 1954.  My brother and I were born in St. Joseph's Hospital and I even went to PS 39 in 1st grade. We all spent many summer days at my grandparents' bungalow on Beach 13th St.  My mother was heartbroken to learn of the closing of FRHS.

Diane Brodis

In Remembrance of Saundra Cohen, Class of 1973

Saundra Cohen, my dearest and most special friend since childhood passed away today February 12, 2012 from a brain tumor.  She will be missed by so many that loved her including her husband, children, and brother's family. She is always in my heart.  She
always loved to reminisce about our happy days in the sunshine at the beach in Rockaway.

Judi Chesler

In Remembrance of Isadore Roth, Class of 1973

Isadore was a wonderful brother and uncle.  He is greatly missed by all.

Leslie Roth

In Remembrance of John (Samuel) Rich, Class of 1943

Television director John Rich, who won an Emmy Award for the memorable "All in the Family" scene showing Sammy Davis Jr. planting a kiss on Archie Bunker, has died recently in Los Angeles at the age of 86. Rich also won an Emmy for "The Dick Van Dyke Show."

Courtesy "Rockaway Memories"

In Remembrance of Gilbert "Gib" Kirwin, Class of 1954

Gilbert B. "Gib" Kirwin, 74, died in San Francisco, CA on December 2, 2011. Raised in Belle Harbor Queens. Survivors include wife Joanne, daughter Rachel, brothers Stanley, Paul and their families. Our deepest condolences go out to Joanne and Rachel on their loss. Gib was a great husband, father, brother and uncle. He will be missed.

Paul and Barbara Kirwin & family

Gibby was a classmate from 7th grade through four years at FRHS. Last saw him at our 50th reunion. A real gentleman...lots of memories. My sympathies to his family.

Dean Georges
Rockaway Beach, NY

In Remembrance of Anna Lee Feldman, Class of 1968
 It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to tell you that one of my best friends at FRHS has passed away. She was not very good at keeping in touch over the years and was evasive regarding the details of her illness.

I am so very very sad.

Pax Tisdale (Carol Schliefer)

In Remembrance of  Elaine (Weisman) Lipton, Class of 1954

I met Elaine when we were both 8 years old, and knew her casually during our "growing up" years.  I knew her as a very sweet girl and so it was until my graduation from FRHS in June 1954 (she had graduated in February, but was still around the neighborhood - I in Belle Harbor and she in Neponsit).
There was no further contact until we met at a 40th reunion in New York in 1994.  At the time, my wife was still alive, and she was then living in NYC.  We exchanged pleasantries at the time, and that was it for then.  During the 40 years, I had noticed that she was living in the southern California area (as was I), but no contact was ever attempted.
I next saw her at out 50th reunion in NYC in 2004, about 7 months after my wife of 35 years had passed away.  We talked, briefly, and I learned that she was now living in Hollywood.  I got her phone number and told her that I would call when we returned home.  I did so, arranged a "date" and that started a 7+-year relationship that became a very close one.  During that time, we enjoyed each other's company and would often look at each other in amazement, never having dreamed so many years ago that such a situation could ever occur.  We got to know and enjoy each others families, especially during holidays and family events.   We attended theater regularly, in addition to gourmet dinners and the other activities that are generally associated with a married relationship.  We traveled extensively, with trips to Costa Rica, Spain, Ireland, Israel, Australia, Argentina and China and cruises to the eastern Mediterranean (Greece, Turkey, Croatia, etc.) and around the tip of South America.
When our relationship began, I learned that she had married at 19 and lived a peripatetic life, living at times in the NY area (Long Island), Cleveland and southern California,  her husband being associated with the "record" industry.  During that period, she raised 4 children (3 boys and a girl) but, unfortunately, her marriage ended in the late 70s.  She adored her children and her 7 grandchildren, as well as my 2.  She was forced to take her first "job", working for a department store, and eventually teamed with a friend to scout "locations" for the movie industry.  When that ended, she worked in various jobs, from law firm to property managing.  When I "reconnected" with her, she was working for the Wilshire Boulevard Temple, the largest synagogue in the Western US, having as her primary task the handling and organization of the High Holy Day Services.
Unfortunately, she started exhibiting signs of mental impairment about 2 years ago, and her job was downgraded to that of receptionist, which lasted until August 2011, at which time she "retired".  In February 2012, she was diagnosed with lung cancer, and the end came fairly quickly - she died on April 3, 2012.
I am grateful for the years that we enjoyed together - she was there for me at a very sad time of my life, and we brought joy and love to each other's lives during the 7 years during which we were together. 

Fred Sherman, Class of 1954

In Remembrance of  Catherine Strofield-Pryor, Class of 1968

Cathy Strofield lived on 68th Street in Arverne, NY when she attended FRHS.  She married Ken Pryor, moved to Wantagh, NY and had 2 great sons, Chris and Kenny Jr.  Cathy was a kind, sweet, hardworking and generous friend.  She was creative, fearless, and always willing to lend a hand to those in need. 

She fought a six-year long brave battle against lung cancer and defied the odds.  Cathy passed away peacefully in Spring Hill, FL on Dec. 12, 2011, surrounded by her loving family, which included her husband, her two sons, her mother, her sister, and sister-in-law. 

May God bless Cathy.  She is dearly missed by her family and friends.

With much love,

Patricia Ippolito-Mattone

In Remembrance of  Steven Patlin, Class of 1958

Steven Patlin, born November 3rd, 1940 passed away August 2nd, 2011. Beloved husband, father, grandfather and friend. In his early life, Steven worked in the garment industry. Later, he excelled in the housing industry, providing various products including log homes. He is survived by his wife of 44 years, Leslie Singer Patlin, who worked beside him in all things. Steve and Leslie enjoyed skiing, snowmobiling, motorcycling, sporting clays and traveling, and tried to play with the same energy they always put into their work.

He is also survived by his children, Adam, Marci, Scott and Nicole, and by his grandchildren Ben, Samantha, Brielle, Zakary, Gryphon and Eric. He is predeceased by his parents, Milton Patlin and Sylvia Rosenburg Patlin. Steven worked his whole life to care for his loved ones, and never turned away a friend in need.

In Remembrance of Craig Skalet, Class of 1970

Craig had been sick with diabetes for a long time and before that, he crushed his hip in his early teens playing football, had numerous surgeries and walked with a hunched over limp.

He never did computers but he graduated in 1970. Despite his medical problems he was a very positive person, very social and everyone loved him. He was a good friend and very dependable, he was always up for doing anything even if it was taking a drive to the Red Apple Rest for breakfast after a Saturday night of partying until we dropped, lol. We
camped numerous times around White Lake as teens and later on with our families.

He loved music and even played drums for awhile. He grew up in East New York and then Dayton. We lived in the same building in Dayton. Those were the best times of my life as  we had a big group and it was Craig that kept it together since he was a great people person.
He would call everyone and tell us to meet between the buildings or on the boardwalk. The group was so big at times we use to get chased by the Dayton security or the cops if we were on the boards. He was a great person but mischievous like me, so we
got along great, haha.

Mitch Fallik

In Remembrance of Alan Koch, Class of 1963

Alan Koch died on June 30, 2011 after a long battle with debilitating Parkinson's disease.  He is survived by his wife, Elyse, his two daughters, Vicki and Robyn, his son-in-law Dan and the two grandchildren whom he loved more than anything, Stephanie and Brandon.
Always the joker, we first met in 1955 and became best friends.  Aside from his great sense of humor, Alan was a phenomenal athlete, leading FRHS to the 1963 PSAL championship as the star pitcher. 

From ages 16-18 Alan, myself and our close buddies would play pool at Banner's on Central Avenue.  Alan was just as good at pool as he was baseball.  Shortly after "The Hustler" was filmed, Alan was called on to play the great Willie Mosconi in an exhibition at Banner's.  I was sitting a couple of feet away as my best friend pulled away 27 to minus 2, then 52 to minus two in the first to reach 125 game.  Alan never shot again as Mosconi ran the table over and over to reach 125.  My mouth is still agape.  I have told this story a hundred times over the years, never dreaming that he would not be with us. 

Although we only spoke once a year, as our birthdays were almost the same (May 7th for me and May 15th for him), I feel as if my youth died with him.

Barry Drucker

In Remembrance of Herbert Wiesner, Class of  1944

Dear Craig,

My heart is breaking. Herbie and I shared a life together since I was a little girl. He was the most caring and giving person I ever knew. Who else would take his little cousin everywhere he and his friends went, and never, to my knowledge, complained about dragging me around. He was a wonderful son, brother, dad, husband and cousin. I will miss him very much. Herbie was so very lucky to have you and Derrick taking care of his
needs. Will you be “my favorite sea lion” now? I love you and wish you peace and happiness.



In Remembrance of Lillian Kandel Zuckerman, Class of 1937

Lillian, affectionately called Libby, was a one of a kind. She could have competed in a Miss America pageant of the time and been a Mensa officer
also. Instead she went into the work world. She married, had three children and later became matriarch for the immediate and extended families. 
She was sharp and pragmatic to the end; was a two book a week reader on her Kindle and had a page on Facebook until she no longer wanted to
read the silliness posted there as her time could be better spent.

She was generous and charitable almost to a fault but always putting her family first. She never lost sight of her humble beginnings and was in
frequent contact with her lifelong Rockaway friends.

She was loved by many; her passing leaves a void in those whose lives she touched.

Her loving brother,

Herb Kandel

In Remembrance of Mona Reiss Crey, Class of 1955

My beautiful best friend Mona passed away Saturday, June 23rd, 2012. She was caring and loving and her tenderness touched all that really knew her. The fun and craziness we had together makes me not just smile but burst out with laughter, what fun, and closeness. She lived in California, and I live in Florida, so when when I saw her in recent years, showed her our camp pictures,and more we got hysterical. A bond is a bond....nothing changed. I miss knowing your not here with us, and know you are watching, smiling, and playing LOTS OF GOLF!!

Love you,

Carolee (Wittenberg) Cohen

In Remembrance of Larry Greenberg, Class of 1971

Larry passed away in May 2011.  He was a great and loyal friend of mine for 50 years; as well as a great friend to many others. He leaves behind 2 great kids whom he loved dearly.

Glenn Post

In Remembrance of Helene Glaubman Roberts, Class of 1947
Helene passed away in August 2010.  She lived in St. Petersburg, FL.

In Remembrance of Richard Levin, Class of 1963

Richard Levin, class of 1963, died as a result of an automobile accident on December 7, 2005. He had become a dentist, married Dena Gartenlaub, and together had four children.

Dena Gartenlaub

In Remembrance of Theresa Freel Arnao, Class of 1977

On June 26, 2012 I lost not only a family member but also a good friend.  I will miss her every day.  Theresa has two wonderful daughters, Jennifer and Janet, and two beautiful granddaughters, Olivia and Sophia witha grandson on the way  She will be in our thoughts always. 
She was taken way too soon...RIP my friend..xoxoxo

Paula Kantor Arnao

On  June   26  2012  Theresa  Freel  Arnao passed  away.  Theresa leaves  behind two daughters, Janet  and  Jennifner, two granddaughters,
and a grandson  on  the way. 

Theresa  will  be  greatly  are  forever  in  my  heart and mind.
Rest  in  Peace.



In Remembrance of Marcia Jacobs Forgosh, Class of 1948

Marcia  passed away about 3 years ago.  She was a friend of mine for over 65 years. She was extremely talented. Marcia was married to Hal abd they had two children. We miss her very much.   

Harriet Levey Parker

In Remembrance of Patricia "Patti"  Roberts, Class of 1967
I have just learned that Patti Roberts died in January 2011. She had a heart attack while snorkeling in Mexico. Patti lived in Oakland, CA.

This is a short excerpt from one of several obituaries I found onlline: "She was a prominent lawyer fighting for the civil rights of others. Ms. Roberts initially began her career working for a public organization representing prisoners in the Bay Area. But she found she was most interested in representing people...who were discriminated against in the workplace." Patti, openly lesbian, was a champion for the rights of LGBT individuals.

Patti was predeceased by her sister Wynne, also a FRHS alum.

I had not seen Patti in many years, but I have vivid memories of her as a talented student, and a warm and kind friend.

Susan Gottlieb Beckerman

In Remembrance of Barbara Friedman Rosen, Class of 1951

Bobbi (Friedman) Rosen was a class act.  She lived in my New Jersey town of New Milford and it was my pleasure to know her.  We both enjoyed the 100th anniversary reunion some years back.  Bobbi was one of a number of people from FRHS who lived in our town.  Her niece, Norma Weisbard, now a Floridian, was a friend from P.S. 42 and FRHS.  Bobbi will be missed.  She passed way too soon.

Bob Nesoff

In Remembrance of  Judith (Morse) Wortman, Class of 1955

I was notified this morning (09/06/12) via e mail of the passing of a very sweet lady and classmate, Judy Morse Wortman. Let her RIP.
Jerry Newman

In Remembrance of Alan Jackowitz, Class of 1958

UJA-Federation of New York mourns the passing of Alan Jackowitz. His exceptional philanthropic traditions live on through the generosity of his cherished family. We extend our condolences to Alan's wife, Susan; to their daughters, Linda (Jeffrey) Moslow and Joanne (Les) Dimenstein; to their other children; to their grandchildren; and to the entire family.

In Remembrance of Fredda L. Wiesenfeld Haas
Beloved wife of the late Francis Haas. Loving mother of Stephanie and Philip. Cherished grandmother of Eleanor. Devoted sister of Philip Wiesenfeld, Lester Wiesenfeld and the late Joel Wiesenfeld.

In Remembrance of Grace Wohlner Weinstein, Class of 1953

Among her many achievements, Ms. Weinstein was a most prolific and accomplished writer specializing in the field of financial management. She was the past president (1979-1981) of the American Society of Journalists and Authors. She is the sister of FRHS alum Ellis Wohlner, class of 1957.

In Remembrance of Warren Wiener, Class of 1955

Warren Wiener (1955) lived his entire life in the Rockaways. He was raised on 123rd Street and after he married, he moved to Far Rockaway, across from FRHS. He lived in the same apartment until his death. Warren loved the Rockaways and was active in community affairs. He never tired of discussing the changes in the Rockaways and the fate of FRHS.

Vicki Wiener Kahn, FRHS 1963


In Remembrance of Eleanor Kalisky Berkowitz, Class of 1959
I met Eleanor when I first entered the 6th grade at PS 106 Edgemere (beach block and most likely destroyed from Hurricane Sandy). We became close friends as she lived just off Beach Channel Drive by the trestle next to a gas station (I do not recall its name). Her Grandma used to invite the bus kids from Wave Crest Gradens over for lunch on many occasions.. Sometimes we brought our lunch, but her Grandma always offered us desert and a drink. Eleanor even drove my husband Aaron and me from the hospital  with our first born baby boy at the tender age of 19. Eleanor and I remained friends through the years attending each others weddings. I lost contact with her when she moved to Las Vegas years ago. I tried finding her for the class of 1959's 50th anniversary but to no avail! When I learned of her passing, it truly saddened me.

Karen Klein Lutzker, Class of 1959

In Remembrance of Suzanne Schnoll Friedlander, Class of 1959

I met Suzanne in the middle of the 6th grade when she first moved to Far Rockaway. She had a hard adjustment, but we made fast friends as we both lived in Wave Crest.  Our friendship waned when we went over to JHS 198 (Cardozo) as I made friends from other schools that entered the new Junior High. We stayed in touch on and off through the years but lost contact two years ago. When I learned of Suzanne's passing it was a shock.

Karen Klein Lutzker, Class of 1959

In Remembrance of Alan Evans, Class of 1940

My brother, Alan Evans, was in the Army Air Corps and was shot down during the Italian campaign on January 3, 1943. He is buried at the U.S. military cemetery in Italy.

Jacques Evans, Class of 1941

In Remembrance of Walter Wetzel, Class of 1962

Walter died in Viet Nam as a result of hostile fire. His name is listed on the Wall in Washington, DC.

Michael Sukman, Class of 1962

In Remembrance of Marc David Zeitlin, Class of 1971
It's with great sorrow that I announce the passing of my oldest friend Marc Zeitlin on 1-4-13 after battling cancer for the past several years. What I will remember most about him was his sense of humor and his love for his family.  I miss you brother..

Larry Zucker


In Remembrance of Arthur Jackson, Class of 1971

Rest in peace.  Arthur was always down to earth and great. The world has lost a caring man..

Bill Folber

Arthur recently graduated from Nyack College; Bible major, Christian counseling minor. Also studied Ancient Biblical languages Hebrew and Latin.

Quote from Arthur's Facebook page: "I can take a punch from any and all of them, but when they hurt the ones I love, I bleed also."

Frederick Irvin

I was so sad to hear of Arthur's passing. He was a terrific teammate and friend. .Our team's had great success on the field, and Arthur played a significant role in our success. More importantly, we were a close-knit group off the field, and I remember well Arthur's warmth and ability to make us laugh with his sense of humor. I regret losing touch with Arthur and most of my old teammates and friends.

I hope his family knows how much he was loved and respected. May he rest in peace.

Stuart Wilsker

In Remembrance of Edward Vlahov, Class of 1946

It is with incredible sadness that I report the passing of Ed Vlahov, a graduate of FRHS, class of 1946. Ed was such a true friend, guide and mentor to me. His love of life, and of writing and for his school and his hometown of Far Rockaway were such incredible qualities that I so much admired and sought to emulate. My wife Barbara and I are so grateful to have such wonderful memories from our visit with Ed and his beautiful wife Lois down in their lovely home and paradise in Ajijic, Mexico several years ago. We will miss him dearly.

Marty Nislick

In Remembrance of Edward Igoe, Class of 1965

A wonderful day has been spoiled by the news of the passing of a Rockaway friend I've known for 50 yrs. RIP Eddie Igoe. He was tough as nails with a soft heart.

Gordon Freed

In Remembrance of Robert Leinwohl, Class of 1962

Robert passed away March 5, 2012 after a very brave battle. He will be remembered as a wonderful husband to Jean and loving father to Jennifer, her husband and 3 terrific grandsons.

Karen Kuzniewski Schapiro

In Remembrance of Judith Zimbler, Class of 1970

I found out that Judith passed away and I just wanted to share the first thoughts that came to my mind.  This was one of the sweetest and nicest people I knew in HS.  I just read the greeting she left me in the Dolphin and it is fitting that she wished me best wishes for the years to come. I will remember her with a sweetness that was her and wish her a peaceful rest for eternity. 

Lori Friedman         

In Remembrance of Janet Furst Cohen, Class of 1970

The good die young, they say, and this is proof that is true.  Janet was brilliant and kind and a great person.  She allowed all people in and did not have a mean bone in her body. 

Although we were only school chums she has been a wonderful memory my entire life.  Rest in peace and know you had a positive effect on everyone who had the blessing to walk any part of the path of life with you.

Lori Friedman    

In Remembrance of Steven Tribus, Class of 1961 

We met in Kindergarten at P.S.114 in 1948.  You have been my friend and brother for 65 years.  I will miss you terribly.  A portion of my life is gone, since we shared all the good and tough times

Rest in Peace, my brother.

Joe Podair

In Remembrance of Harry Soletsky, Class of 1954

Harry Soletsky, M.D. passed away January 21, 2013.   He lived with his family in Brookfield,  CT and practiced cardiology unttil  about ten years ago when he retired due to illness.

Phil Wiesenfeld

In Remembrance of Neil Kaufman, Class of 1962

My brother, Neil Kaufman, FRHS class of 1962, passed away in March of 2013.  He was a retired Appeals Agent for the
IRS and lived in Tamarac, FL.

Karen (Kaufman) Polansky, '63

In Remembrance of Phyllis (Kasman) Klein Kramer, Class of 1955

My sister Phyllis passed away 11/1/11 of lung cancer in Surprise, Arizona. I was at her side. It was very quick..

Dale Kasman, 1961

In Remembrance of Joel Nadler, Class of 1954

Joel Nadler passed away Monday, April 29, 2013.  He had three children, loved life and lived it to the fullest.  We had been in touch for the past 15 years and he was a wonderful friend.   He loved people and he will be remembered and missed.  Rest in peace, my dear friend.

Vivian Mintz Karow, Class of 1954

In Remembrance of Joyce Bauer (aka Dr. Joyce Brothers), Class of 1944

One of the most well-known alums of FRHS, psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers, who blazed a trail decades ago in the emerging US television genre of advice programming, has died aged 85, her spokesman said. Brothers passed away in New Jersey, outside New York city, her longtime spokesman Sandy Brokaw said on Monday.

With a doctorate from Columbia University, Brothers became a popular presence on US airwaves who helped generations understand parenting and child psychology.

In Remembrance of Adele (Zambler) Gordon, Class of 1951 

My beloved sister Adele Zambler Gordon passed away on May 7th 2013. She fought for many years with leukemia and finally could no longer continue to do this. She was married to Sam Gordon and leaves two daughters, Dr. Barbara Gordon-Cohen and Sharon Gordon and five grandchildren. She was employed at the College of Osteopathic Medicine in Westbury, NY as an administrator for over 25 years and retired in 2009. She lived in Merrick, NY. 

Judith (Estelle Zambler) Just, Class of 1953

In Remembrance of Carolee (Wittenberg) Cohen, Class of 1956 

I first met Carolee in our freshman year at FRHS in section (homeroom).  I was amazed at her beautiful long curly hair and great personality.  She was a Laurelton commuter, and suddenly, she wasn't at FRHS anymore.  I didn't know why, and it took almost 54 years to find out where she'd gone.  Her family had moved to Florida, and I didn't hear her name mentioned until a few years ago when I saw her name on a 1956 Florida mini-reunion list.  I asked people who knew her and yes, this was THE Carolee I remembered.  We were put in touch with each other by Beverly (Kaufman) Marshall, another of our classmates, and became great friends.  When I admired a painting she'd done, she sent it to me!  Her art was museum quality and extremely unique.

Carolee passed away August 1, 2013 from peritoneal mesothelioma cancer.  During her final months she managed to go to Italy with her husband Michael for son Randy's wedding.  I will miss her.

Carol Marston


In Remembrance of Steven Sacks, Class of 1968

Steve was a very popular guy in Wavecrest back in the '60s. He was a very caring person, and even though he moved to LA 30 years ago, he still kept in contact with many of his Far Rockaway friends.

He always asked about the old neighborhood, and what it looked like. He hadn't been back east in many years. He attended the reunion we had in 1988, the last time I saw him. We talked often and I will miss him dearly. Love ya Sacks!

Ilene Raines Brown


I was so sad to hear of Steve's passing.  We had kept in touch a little bit on email and through Karen (Litt).  Steve was always, even as a kid, kind to people and I remember him for that.  We lived on the same terrace in Wave Crest.

I wish you peace and I hope you know that you will be remembered always and with affection.

Lori Friedman

Steve was the drummer for the first band I was in.   He was always smiling and his good spirits spread.  We lost touch for many years but reconnected in the late 90s, I believe.  Just before his passing he emailed me to talk, but I was in Brazil.  By the time I was back home he had passed.  I feel a great sense of loss at his passing and that I was unable to say goodbye to my good friend.

Joel Stern


In Remembrance of Sharon Shardin Dwyer, Class of 1963

Sharon and I were internet buddies; we never met in person.  However, when I began Rockaway Chat, which lasted for seven years, she was almost always there.  Sharon had a dry sense of humor and had the ability to crack me up totally.  She loved her husband, Tom, who was her soul mate.  When her beloved dogs passed away, I grieved with her.  She and Tom moved to the Poconos from Edison, NJ and she was happy in her new home, keeping busy with her crafts business.  I'm sad I never got the chance to visit her there.  She will be missed.

Carol Marston


In Remembrance of Helaine Clark, Class of 1958 

Helaine passed away last spring after suffering a stroke.  She was extremely involved in conservation and protection of our endangered environment.  She spent lots of her time lobbying for improvements in the Carmel Springs, CA area she loved.

Helaine worked very hard to create a tribute to her favorite FRHS teacher, Earl Jagust.  When it was finished and shown to Mr. Jagust, he was genuinely grateful and commended Helaine on her hard work.

I personally got to know Helaine in 2008 at the class of 1958's 50-year reunion in Fort Lee, NJ because the board of directors for the reunion brought me there from Arizona as a "thank you" for doing their reunion web page(s).   Helaine and I were invited to spend a couple of days after the reunion at the home of Judy Binder Faherty, organizer of the reunion.  It was a relaxing and enjoyable time for both me and Helaine.

I found out about her passing from her neighbor who was kind enough to notify her Facebook friends by messaging them.  I didn't get the message right away; in fact, I found it by digging through my message box.  Thank you, Arny, for notifying me!!

Carol Marston

In Remembrance of Jeff Cohen, Class of 1969

My name is Evan Cohen, class of 78. I am the brother of Cheryl Cohen class of 64 and Jeff Cohen class of 69. Sadly I have to pass along the news of my wonderful brother's passing. Jeff recently passed away totally suddenly and unexpectedly and he will be terribly missed by all. He leaves behind a loving wife, son and daughter. I miss him very much and just thought his friends might want to hear of his passing.

Dr. Evan Cohen 

In Remembrance of Barry Feldman, Class of 1954

Barry Feldman passed away Nov. 21, 2009 from a massive heart attack.

He played a round of golf, won $$$ from the three other guys. Got in his car, drove two miles home and died in his car in the driveway. Fast and little pain.  The car was still running but he was not.

In Remembrance of Scott Epstein, Class of 1967

Scott Epstein died in an automobile accident in East Rockaway on December 27.

The service wil be on Friday, January 3rd at 11:00 a.m. at Boulevard-Riverside-Hewlett Chapel, 1450 Broadway Hewlett, NY. Phone: 516-295-3100 

It's still hard to believe that Scott is gone. I remember him as "The Shadow" way back then. Then, years and years later found him on Facebook. Told him about my 60th birthday party being held in New York. He accepted my invitation. He and his lovely wife were there. All the years just melted away. He was now known as MACHO MAN: My Actions Can Help Others. That was Scott; always. Even 100 years ago in high school.

You are missed. You will always be missed. Your legacy will live on.


(Arnelle (Wetzler) Brown-Booker)

In Remembrance of  Irene Mullane Eberle, Class of 1957

(Please send tributes for Irene to

                                                                                    In Remembrance of David B. Safran, Class of 1974                                                                                                   

Our dear brother, David B. Safran, class of 1974, passed away on January 7, 2014 after a long illness. Always in our hearts.


Wendy E. Safran '72
Carol Safran '78

 In Remembrance of Robert Shogan, Class of 1947

My brother, Bob, class of 1947, passed away in November, 2013

Richard Shogan, Class of 1959


In Remembrance of Peggy (Meere) Mecca, Class of 1961

My good friend Peggy died of cancer on Oct 30,2011. She was always friendly to everyone. She hung out with our crowd at Candyland, just across from RCA Strand on Central Avenue. She attended St. Mary's Star of the Sea School. 

Jack Pickle

In Remembrance of Stacey Rose Morsellini, Class of 1975
My BFF passed away January 2, 2014.

Arleen Matier


In Remembrance of Paul Gornstein, Class of 1969

Paul was my best friend starting in sixth grade.  We went to PS 104 then JHS 180 and then FRHS . He was a very wonderful human being with a heart of gold!  Paul was just 62. He had learned a few years back that he had Alzeimers Disease.  Paul died after an infection went to his brain. By the ime his wife found him on the floor he was brain dead. He died in a hospice in Dallas, TX a few days later.  I played all sports with Paul from PAL baseball to football, basketball, etc. I went to his wedding. He was a gifted golfer who at one point in his life wanted to go pro!  He was a terrific athlete. Not bad for a Jewish boy from the Rockaways. I’ll miss him greatly. I loved him  He was a mensch in every way. RIP my friend!     


Mitch Fialkow, Class of 1969

In Remembrance of Beth (Goldsmith) Zinman, Class of 1962

Beth Goldsmith Zinman died on Friday, February 14, 2014 after a 13-year struggle with breast cancer. We had been married 47 years.  We met while growing up in Wave Crest. Although I went to Stuyvesant, most of my friends went to Far Rockaway. Beth loved Rockaway, especially the beach and the ocean. She had many fond memories of her time at the high school and especially of her dear friends. 

This is a link to Beth's obituary:

Richard Zinman

In Remembrance of Larry Frankel, Class of 1965

When I moved to Atlanta from Dallas in 1986 I reconnected with Larry and he and I went on a memorable trip to Brazil at the end of that year.

He was one of my groomsmen when I got married in 1990 and we stayed in touch and often met for a beer or two.

Larry died in 2013. He suffered from diabetes and was not the best of patients. Anyone who was friends with Larry knew he could be a hard case but they probably also knew he could be the best of friends.  He will be missed.

Ed Krakovsky


In Remembrance of Jack Cohen, Class of 1959
My brother Jack Cohen graduated FRHS in 1959. He was a teacher at FRHS for 20 years and coached various sports including football and wrestling. He leaves behind 3 children and 7 grandchildren. He was very active in their lives and they were his universe. He also leaves behind his wife Ellen and brothers Stewart and Alan, all FRHS alumni. He will be missed by many.

Alan Cohen, Class of 1970

In Remembrance of Gloria Schiesel, Class of 1954

I regret to inform you that Gloria Schiesel passed away on November 14, 2013. She had spent 9 weeks in rehab following a stroke on September 7, 2013.

I would appreciate it if you would notify the other members of her class.

Thank you.
Cindy Schiesel

In Remembrance of Jon Axelrod, Class of 1965
My father Jon Axelrod Elchanan ben Fega has passed away. He will be missed by all who loved him. The funeral will take place in Las Vegas, NV, time to be announced. I will be sitting Shiva (after the funeral) at my home in Kfar Tapuach - כפר תפוח in Israel. He asked that those who would like to do something in his memory, plant trees in Shomron which can be done via this page:

 with Jon Axelrod.

David Ha'Ivri

In Remembrance of  Arthur Weiss, Class of 1955

Arthur passed away in July of 2014.  He lived at the beach in Seaside, Oregon for the past 25 years.  Said he loved it because it reminded him of Rockaway.

Joyce Pedinoff Weiss Roberson

In Remembrance of Stephanie Lukton, Class of 1972

I grew up on the same street as Stephanie and her younger brother, David. I was a year younger than Stephanie, but we all hung around
together in the same group. I remember her as being very intelligent and always smiling. She definitely was an outdoors type of girl with a
beautiful, but serious personality. One winter my friend, Mark DeChagas and I, (Mark lived around the corner on the next street), decided
to hitch up to Oneonta, NY to visit Stephanie at her college. It was a long day and night to hitch to the border, but when we finally made
it, it was great to see her and she welcomed us with open arms and that special smile. She thought we were crazy, but we were there.

Stephanie, you will be missed by many! RIP

Mitch Fredricks

In Remembrance of Bruce Zimmerman, Class of 1976

Bruce and his family were dear family friends. May he and his family rest in peace.

Susan (Wilsker) Brownstein

Bruce passed suddenly in 2014.  Bruce was his mother's caregiver and loved being able to take care of her.  He was a kindhearted man, a
wonderful son, and a great friend.  He will always be sorely missed.

Liz Schwartz Pearsall

In Remembrance of Craig Bachrow, Class of 1970

Craig Scott Bachrow, born November 25th, 1952 in Rockaway Beach, NY, passed away on November 27th, 2014 after a long illness.  Craig was the second of five children born to Albert and Lynne (Beaupre) Bachrow.  Craig graduated from Far Rockaway High School in 1970.  Attended CUNY Baruch and Pace University, majoring in accounting and urban planning.  Worked for the City of New York for many years, Craig decided to change gears and work with his good friend, Mr. Murray, then Leon Locke, publisher of the Rockaway WAVE, a local newspaper.  Craig was the Associate Editor for 10 years before moving on to the Forum as its Editor.  Craig was a member of the Rockaway Chamber of Commerce (historian) as well as an advocate for the preservation of the Cornell Cemetery in Far Rockaway.  Well versed in local history, Craig authored a book that is held in reference at the Long Island section of the Queensborough Public Library. Craig went on to work for the New York Racing Association.  After living many years in Cedarhurst, Craig moved to Tampa, Florida.  Enjoying the game of baseball greatly, he tried to get to as many games as possible with this loving nephew, Scott. Craig is survived by his brothers Neil and Karl, his sister Fern (Moore) and sister Elisa (Hinken), nieces and a nephew, his Aunt Naomi Lewin, as well as many cousins, friends and former co-workers.  Services and burial to be held in Riverview, Florida. 

Elisa Bachrow Hinken

In Remembrance of Susan (Shapiro) Klein, Class of 1960
Susan was a special individual who I met at two weeks old...and we were friends util her recent passing.  Susan never forgot Far Rockaway, and she always followed all of her classmates and friends.

Roberta Sussman Mintz

In Remembrance of Milton Simon, Class of 1942

Father to Melanie Simon Wilner and Mark Simon.  Father-in-law to Joshua Wilner and Annette Simon.  Grandfather to Rebecca Wilner Grotemeyer, Cari Wilner and Joshua Simon. Milton suffered a massive stroke at his residence in San Diego, CA on January 11, 2015 and peacefully passed away just six days later.  Lived a beautiful life of 90 years. R.I.P.

Melanie Wilner

In Remembrance of  Robert A. Locke, Class of 1956
Bob and I were good friends for many years.  We were in the Scouts together and then both of us met up again at C.W. Post College where we became fraternity brothers.  He retired as a Lt. Commander in the Coast Guard.
I found out about his death accidentally.  We would frequently email each other, then I did not hear from him for quite some time.  His, I think, 74th birthday (he skipped a couple of grades) was last week and I sent him a Facebook greeting.  I heard back from his cousin that a couple of months ago he did not feel well, called 9111 for an ambulance and died at the hospital.
Bob was one of the kindest and most gentle human beings I have ever had the pleasure to know.  I don't remember him ever being angry or saying a harsh word to anyone.
Bob Nesoff,  Class of 1956

In Remembrance of Harris Friedman, Class of 1955
My father passed away February 13, 2004 of a massive heart attack. He loved talking about his high school days and ironically, the day before he passed, he was showing me his yearbook. The day he died, we found out that he had brought the yearbook to work with him to show his colleagues. He would have loved this website and would have thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing with other alumni. RIP Dad-

Kimberly Friedman

In Remembrance of Steve Schneider, Class of 1957

Steve was in Lu's class of 1957. She never knew him until the reunion in 2007. He took about half of the pix which you published for the 1957 reunion; I took the other half, compiled them, and sent them onto you. since then, he stayed in frequent e-mail touch with both of us and we felt like old friends.  I had sent an e-mail to his address asking if there was something wrong and that we were concerned.  I received an e-mail tonight from his daughter, Eileen, explaining that he had passed away in his sleep on April 21...that's all she said.

Marty Moskowitz

In Remembrance of Sanford (Sandy) Reisenbach, Class of 1950

Sandy was a mentor and a legend to many on both the right and the left coasts.

To us he was the beloved patriarch of our family and today, on his birthday, he is in our thoughts every minute. We will spend the rest of our lives celebrating him.

Gayle Reisenbach

(For a wonderful photo of Sandy, please go here:  

Sandy and I were friends for nearly 75 years, and our lives were interwoven since I moved to Far Rockaway from Edgemere in 1942.  Our shared memories were rich and deep, and Sandy never forgot where he came from. 

I loved Sandy like my brother and I miss him every day.

John Berkenfield

In Remembrance of Frank Burger, Class of 1958

Frank sat behind me in all my classes for 4 years. Although I could always count on him to tease me,  it was his way of showing friendship. He was an excellent swimmer and I cheered him on at some of our swim meets. I encouraged him to come to our 50th reunion, but he was unable to make it. After the reunion, we stayed in contact by email through this past January 2015, when he was going through many medical treatments. Rest in peace, old friend.  

Judy Binder Faherty

In Remembrance of Renee Lamkay, Class of 1956

Renee and I graduated from both P.S. 104 and Far Rockaway High School.  We were born on the same day, only hours apart, January 11, 1939.  I will miss sending her birthday cards which usually said, "How did we get to be this OLD?"  R.I.P, old friend.

Carol (Solomon) Marston

In Remembrance of Susan Lampel-Levey, Class of 1961

Susan Lampel-Levey and her husband, Dr. Stephen G. Levey lost their lives in a car accident in 1981, in Stamford, Conn.

Susan was an accomplished art historian and had recently secured a museum curator position. 

Stephen was a very bright, young psychiatrist and former Air Force captain.  They both loved to read and would travel throughout Europe every August, making their way to all the small out of the way places where they both took endless slides of all the art.

At the time of their passing Susan was survived by our older brother Roy and Stephen by his sister Roberta.  We later lost Roy (class of '65) in 1997, also to a motor vehicle accident.  Roy is survived by his son Adam and me, his younger brother. 

Susan and Stephen were buried together with their caskets touching. Their headstone reads:

"Forever in our hearts."

Neal Lampel, Class of 1973

In Remembrance of Carl S. Sloane, Class of 1954

Carl S. Sloane, The Ernest L. Arbuckle Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus, Harvard Business School, passed away on July 28, 2015 after a brief illness. He was the son of George and Dorothy Sloane, was born in Brooklyn, New York on February 9, 1937. He leaves his beloved wife of 56 years, Toby M. Sloane (ne Tattlebaum), his children Lisa, Amy, and Todd, and their spouses Robert, Nicolas, and Lili, his five cherished grandchildren Alexandra, Charles, Olivia, Sally, and Ian, and his brothers Richard and Stephen Sloane.

(To read more of this obituary, go here.)

In Remembrance of Ellen Wendy Scharer Hesterman, Class of 1956

My dear friend Ellen Scharer Hesterman passed away after a long battle with cancer.  Her niece was with her at the time of her passing and said it was very peaceful.

Ellen and I go back to sophomore year, Mrs. Klinger's Honors English class.  We didn't lived close to each other, as she lived in Belle Harbor, the western part of the Rockaway peninsula, and I lived in Bayswater, Far Rockaway.  It was a long ride on the Green Bus unless
one of our parents drove us, but we managed to see each other a lot.

I loved playing their piano, a lovely grand with beautiful tone.  Ellen's sister Rhoda used to ask me to play and I would, just for her.  I'd play stuff that was hard for me, but on that piano, even mistakes sounded good.  When I'd play the same thing at home, it never sounded the same. 

Ellen and her family moved to Phoenix in 1960 and I visited them shortly thereafter during a blustery Chicago snowstorm with temperatures way below 0º.  I stayed over the Thanksgiving holiday, went back to Chicago and on Christmas Day, went back to Phoenix, got an apartment and never left!

Although Ellen moved to California in the early 80s, we were still very close and I will miss her terribly.

Carol (Solomon) Marston

In Remembrance of Lawrence G. Soicher, Class of 1956

Fond memories of a dear friend.  You will be missed.

Myrna Aarons Lackey


Larry was a true friend, always there to help.  The word “NO” was not in his vocabulary.  We first met in the 5th grade at P.S. 114 in Belle Harbor and we went all the way through high school and college together.  The guys from Belle Harbor were a tight-knit group which still exists today, after 70 years.  Larry will surely be missed.

Marty Storch

For photos of Larry, please go here.


Larry passed away in October, 2015.  He had complications from Parkinson's Disease.


In Remembrance of Robert "Bobby" Beacher, Class of 1965

I just learned that Bobby Beacher was in a fatal car accident on August 21, 2015.  The association wishes to express our condolences to his
family.  Bobby was a lot of fun and used to visit the FRHS Tuesday night chats years ago.  His sense of humor was off the wall and he will be missed.

Carol Marston


I am so very sad all day today after learning of my good friend Bobby Beacher's passing. He will be greatly missed. He's touched so many lives. He was such a caring & sincere person. Our deepest condolences to Brenda & the entire Beacher Family. RIP Bobby.

Sandy Resnitzky Helmsorig


So very saddened to hear about Bobby's passing. Want to extend our deepest condolences to Brenda & the entire Beacher family. Bobby will certainly be missed. He was a very good friend. Sincere & caring individual. RIP Bobby.

Steve Genad

In Remembrance of Leonard Hecker, Class of 1956

Len passed away on Thursday, July 23, 2015 at the age of 77. He is survived by many who loved him including his wife Trudy, daughters Laura Schindelman (Simeon), Lisa Israel (Joel) and Jill Borgida (Jeffry), eight grand children; Derek and Jared Schindelman, Eric, Scott and Bruce Israel, Allison, Jason and Daniel Borgida, He is also survived by his sister Ronnie Rosen. Len was passionate about interior design. He owned his own business in Boston called Leonard B. Hecker Associates at the Boston Design Center. He was a friend to all, always there to lend a helping hand. After moving from Boston to Florida, Len enjoyed socializing with all of his friends,including dinners out, movie night, bowling and his weekly card game. He was his family's greatest cheerleader and he will be missed dearly, but never forgotten. A memorial service will be held on Wednesday, July 29th, 2:30 pm at Beth Israel Memorial Chapel, 11115 Jog Road, Boynton Beach FL. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in his memory to: The American Cancer Society or The Parkinson's Foundation.

In Remembrance of Loretta Anderson Goodman, Class of 1965

I just learned last night that Loretta Anderson Goodman died several years ago.

The last time I saw Loretta was at one of our reunions. She was so excited that her daughter was due any day. I didn't know if that was her
first grandchild, but she was sitting on pins & needles (that ole expression) as she was waiting for the phone call so she could go to the hospital. She did stay the entire night of the reunion so I imagined that her daughter wasn't ready for delivery on that day.

She was married for many years to George Goodman graduate of 1964.

Sandy Resnitzky Helmsorig

In Remembrance of Tedra Bleecker Feingold, Class of 1967

Tedra passed away in 2015.  She was 66 years old and left two sons and a daughter in-law. 3 granddaughters, and a husband Marty for over 46+ years,  She lived in Florida and lost her battle with lung cancer.

Sandy Resnitzky Helmsorig

In Remembrance of Florence Haas Block, Class of 1953

Florence Haas Rosner Block died 9/21/15 apparently from complications following surgery in Florida for pancreatic cancer.  Many of her
friends (some who attended P.S. 39 with her) have written to tell me they'll miss her very much.

In Remembrance of Priscilla (Schwartz) Cooperman

Priscilla was the wife of 1953 FRHS alum Howard "Jerry" Cooperman.

In Remembrance of Neil Papkin, Class of 1967

Neil passed away March 2015.

Hey Pap,

You are truly missed. We miss your late night jokes on Facebook. We are sure you are doing your shtick for all those Rockaway peeps who passed away too young also.  We love you, Pap.  Rest peacefully.

Your friends from the one and only ROCK !!

Helene Philippson McCarty

In Remembrance of Thelma Wilsker, Class of 1941

With sadness, I report the passing of my Mom, Thelma Wilsker, on 10/8/15. She lived a full and good life, and passed peacefully and with great dignity. All who knew her are sad at her loss, but blessed to have wonderful memories of a life well lived. 

Stuart Wilsker

In Remembrance of Susan Forenchak, Class of 1959

Wanted to let Sue's friends know she passed on November 4, 2015.  She is at peace and will be watching over her family and friends.

Patty Forenchak (Niece)

In Remembrance of Robert "Bob" Mednick, Class of 1960

My brother Bob has succumbed to cancer.  What a man he was.  I could never fully relate how he has been by my side over the years.   He helped me thru some truly difficult times. Rest in pain-free peace, my brother!

Stan Mednick

In Remembrance of  Stanley Rothschild, Class of 1959

There are no words to explain how I feel at the loss of my husband of 51 years and my best friend for 58. Stan fought a brave battle but passed away last night. He is finally at peace and I will miss him always.

Eileen Gabriel Rothschild

In Remembrance of Myra Wolk, Class of 1969

I am sorry to report that my sister Myra died on October 19th. She attended Far Rock, and also taught Biology there for many years. She created an award winning EMT program whose students won the state championship almost every year. She will be much missed.

 Lisa C. Wolk

In Remembrance of Robert Yevoli, Class of 1975

Robert passed away July 9, 2015. He was my brother; he fought long and hard to beat his illness. Hope there is a heaven and he is there watching over us. I miss and love you, Robert.

Rest In Peace.

Susan Yevoli Squitieri

\In Remembrance of Robert Gioria, Class of 1980

Robert is survived by his brothers Mitchell and Gary Sanders and dearest childhood friend, Dana Feinberg. Robert will be Remembered by most, for his incredible Sense of Humor, Kind Soul and the Life of Many a Party. He will be deeply missed by us all. As soon as I have details about the funeral I will post here.

In Remembrance of Marcy Rose Telles, Class of 1969

Marcy Rose Telles graduated Far Rockaway High School in 1969. From there she went to the Woodstock Folk Festival, then to Buff State, then to UB, then for five years to the Abode of the Message in upstate New York where she had her daughter Gabriel Grace, then to Marin County, California of all places where she died last November, November 19, 2015.

Wherever she went she found or founded communities, and found an outlet for her creative work. She often joined those two loves by writing anthems for the communities she found herself in.

She will be remembered out here the last Saturday in February, February 27 2:30 at the Glaser Center, 547 Mendocino Avenue in Santa Rosa, California.

Kim Allen

\In Remembrance of Benjamin Budick, Class of 1967

Hi, everyone.

My name is Gail. I'm Ben's wife. I'm writing this to tell you all that Ben died Friday afternoon.

I'm not big on sitting in front of a computer for hours, so I know all your stories and have seen your pictures from Ben calling me in to see things he wanted to show me. I will learn how to use this site somehow, but what I wanted to say is this was a wonderful tool for Ben to be in touch with the outside world and with people who shared his interests. And I loved the way it kept us up to date with peoples' news no matter where they are in the world.

I think you all knew he had spinal surgery, and so this site is a double blessing(?) as far as that goes.
He was the nicest person I ever knew, and the smartest, and I wish you had all gotten to meet him in person.

I hope I'm doing this right, I have a lot to attend to, but wanted to let you all understand why he hasn't been in touch the last few days.
I won't be on this as many hours as he was, but I hope you keep him included, because I will check in once in a while.

Thank you all for keeping him in touch with the outside world.

All my love.

In Remembrance of Dianne Goldfinger Jones, Class of 1945

Dianne Ruth (Goldfinger) Jones passed away on December 31, 2012 after a long illness. She was preceded in death by her beloved husband of 55 years, Linzey D. Jones Sr.

In Remembrance of Barbara Craft Dawo, Class of 1961

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this.  My mom, Barbara Craft Dawo, has passed away.  She was an amazing mother and mother-in-law.  She also was an amazing grandmother to her grandchildren.

It's so hard to say goodbye to a woman who gave me life and was my best friend.

God, give my brother and me the strength to make it through this hard time.

Mom, I will always remember the nights we went out to see all the groups sing.  Mom, you were the best.
Until we meet again, Mom

We love you.

Barbara Sundack

In Remembrance of Steve Wolfson, Class of 1949

Be advised Steve Wolfson, Class of 1949, passed away in April, 2015.

Daniel Wolfson (Steve’s brother)

In Remembrance of Warren Kramer, Class of 1962

On 3/23/2016 Warren Kramer passed away. We have lost one of kindest and funnest persons I have ever known. He was a credit to FRHS and Arverne and will missed by all who know him.

Mark Kassof


I am sad to report the passing of my friend and fellow alumnus from the FRHS Class of 1962, Warren Kramer. I got to know Warren when we worked together on the committee that organized our class's 50th reunion. Warren was for many years a teacher and administrator in the Nassau County school system. He had open heart surgery this past January and unfortunately spent the last months of his life in the ICU. I believe that a graveside service for Warren will take place on March 31st.

Marty Nislick

In Remembrance of Isabelle Mazzitelli, Class of 1968

It is with heartbreaking sadness that I let you all know that my beloved best friend Isabelle passed away on Saturday, March 26, 2016. She had been quite ill for a while and now, I hope, will rest in blissful peace. She had lived in England for many years and though we kept in touch and saw each other as often as we could, it was never enough. Isabelle leaves behind her two wonderful children and so many of us who have loved her, cherished her and now so sadly lost her. I know a new star looks down upon us from the sky radiating her loving spirit. You are so terribly and completely missed my dearest friend.

Ronnie (Cohen) Leander

In Remembrance of Sandra Waldman Ettus, Class of 1960

Ettus, Sandra Helene Waldman, passed away at the age of 72 in the morning hours of March 29, 2016, after a short bout with cancer. She is survived by her adoring husband and best friend of nearly 50 years, Frank, her children, Samantha and Tim, their spouses Mitch and Courtney, her grandchildren, Ella, Jesse, Ruby, Sabrina and Bowen, and her sisters, Linda and Rosalind. Though born in Georgia, Sandra moved to New York City as an infant, and the fearless spirit of her longtime hometown reflected her own. A pioneering entrepreneur, in 1976 Sandra and her husband co-founded the successful market research firm SE Surveys, Inc., at a time when few women ventured into such territory. A lover of travel, literature, sports, food and film, until nearly her final days Sandra maintained an energetic pace, pursuing her passion for culture by visiting lands far and close. She will be remembered by those who knew her well as a fiercely loyal advocate and an equally spirited adversary. In lieu of flowers, please support lung cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Checks can be made out to "MSK" and sent to: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Attn: Amy Lei, 633 3rd Avenue, 28th Floor, New York, NY 10017. Please indicate on the check that the gift is in memory of Sandra Ettus and is in support of lung cancer research.