It was a very bright sunny Monday morning, October 29th of 2007 - and this was to be our second excursion into Far Rockaway to take additional pictures and to stir up even more memories.

There is always so much to do and so much to see!  We actually did a bit of prior brainstorming - coming up with a plan as to where to start - and where to end this particular morning's journey.

It was decided that Central Avenue would be the starting point - but this time, we would concentrate mainly on Mott Avenue, then begin our exploration of Cornaga Avenue, spend some time documenting Beach Channel Drive, then drive over to see Far Rockaway High School and finish up with a brief visit to the hospital on Beach 19th Street.

It is impossible to include everything in these photo visits - and I personally want to apologize to those dozens of shop keepers and store owners whose businesses have been omitted from this essay, for they, also, make up so many of the fond memories of my own youth and they are just as responsible for my deep love and affection for this area as are the firms that are mentioned in these journals!

Even though I, myself, no longer live in Far Rockaway, I have a very special picture of the area which I have displayed in my home for over the past 40 years. It is a beautiful print that depicts Central Avenue and Mott, facing south. It has been identified as having been produced in the mid-1920s, but that is only an approximate date. It serves to constantly remind me of my own youth!


Central and Mott Avenues - Approximately 1925


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