Far Rockaway Business District, c. 1956-1970

Let's put the puzzle pieces together

Thanks to all of you who have sent me additions and/or corrections to what I remembered from almost 50 years ago.  If you can add more to this second diagram or correct it, send me a note and let me know which number you are referencing and what is the name of the store, plus what year. Just send me an e-mail to:
Obviously we have more shops than I allowed space for, hence all the red arrows. Whatever is in red is new since the first diagram.  Remember, people, I was NOT there after 1956, so I have to go by what you send me.

Keep sending more "stuff" in and eventually this diagram can be scaled down to fit all the extras.  Also, remember that some people have sent in what they remember in a certain spot but didn't send me the exact year, so if one's on top of another, that is the reason.  Please try to guesstimate the time frame.