An Aerial View of Arverne Houses &
Construction of Benjamin Cardozo JHS


The following text explains the photo above.

This photo is an aerial photo taken of a recently completed Arverne
Houses Project which still stands today between Beach Channel Drive
and Rockaway Boulevard.  It was part of an advertisement for a
construction project.

The photo was taken the early part of 1952.  The photographer is
facing due north -- west being on the left side of the image and east
on the right side.  Therefore, his back is to the ocean (south).

What makes this photograph so interesting is that it shows (on the
left -- or west side) the initial contruction stage of Junior High School
198 (Benjamin Cardozo Junior High School) which is located on Beach
56th Street and Beach Channel Drive.

The road at the top of the picture is Beach Channel Drive the way it
appeared in the early 1950s -- long before the "Rockaway Airport"
was closed down and those additional high-rise apartment houses were
erected on that valuable Bay side property.

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