August 10, 2008

We are saddened to report the recent passing of Ronald I. Posner, Assistant Administrator (retired) of Far Rockaway High School.

Mr. Posner was assigned to Far Rockaway High in September of 1960 as a teacher of Social Studies.  During his tenure at the school, he served in a variety of positions -- including "Student Organization (GO) Advisor" and he retired in 1994 as Assistant Administrator.

Ron was a dedicated, able and qualified teacher and administrator.  During his 34 years at Far Rockaway High school, he made a favorable and lasting impression on students and colleagues.

The educational community has suffered a great loss with the passing of Ronald Posner.  He will truly be missed.

Mr. Posner is survived by his wife June (a former New York City teacher), two children, (Scott and Beth) his in-laws and three grandchildren.

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