1958 THROUGH 1968 ALUMNI - Page 1

Photos from Reunion February 16, 2013
& Brunch, February 17, 2013


Stonebridge Golf and Country Club in Boca Raton, FL

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 #1 Jake Miller, 1954
#2 Bernie Mark & Carol Marston, 1956

#3 Steve Weicholz, Steven Schwartz
#4 Carlene Lavner, Frank Andracchi, Steve Beck Heather Schein

#5 Standing: Sherry Fitelson, Janice Rothenberg,  Sitting:  Barbara Goldstein, Emilee Buntzis,
Irene Kreitzman

#6 Larry Lustig, Deborah Alliger, Eric Alliger,
Nadine Ptaschnik, Carole Barna

#7 Jill Hohauser, Sherry Fitelson
#8 Irene Kreitzman, Sherry Fitelson &
Marcia Schwimmer

#9 Steve Ackerman, Zena Weiss,
Lorna Brown, Arthur Chernov, Sue Sokolow,
Barry Sokolow
, Judy Lahn
#10 Sherry Charm,
Jill Hohauser

#11 Al Jennings, Anita Jennings
#12 Bob Beacher

#13 Emilee Buntzis,
Sherry Fitelson
#14 Jack Alter, Janice Rothenberg,
Mark Neugesser

#15 Standing: ?, Linda Burres, Mike Burres,
Seated: Judy Lahn, Foster Lahn, Alan Moore,
Rosalie Frank

#16  Lorna Brown, Arthur Chernov
#17 Paula Berliner, Carole Barna
#18 Sam Konell, Helene Savitt

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