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If you see someone's name or year missing in the photo's caption, please send an e-mail to me
with the photo number, placement of person missing, name and class. 
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#33 Don Jose of Far Rockaway (Reunion Mascot) created
by Linda Kahn Hoffman-1958
# 34 Don Jose of Far Rockaway (Reunion Mascot)
& Harvey Grossman

#35 Jane Diamond Haltzer-1956,
 Claudia Zody Ottino-1956,
Anthony Ottimo guest, Rima Smollen Fass-1956
#36 Fran Atlas Spinowitz-1959
Elsa (Elle) Kanley Schorr -1959

#37 Bernard Mark & Larry Mazur-1956
#38 David Lippner-1953, Camille Lippner

#39 Carl Sloane-1954, Jake Miller-1954
#40 David Schnitzer-1959, Jackie Wachter Schnitzer-1959,
Laura Rothman Savitz-1960

#41 Reunion ID Buttons
#42 More Reunion ID Buttons

#43 Stephanie Shapiro guest, Carol Fuchs guest,
Wally Fuchs 1955
#44 Fran Lavent 1953, unknown,
Aron Weiss 1952

#45 Norman Bank-1955,
Susan Kavesh Bank-1956
#46 Inger  Talman guest,
James Murray-1953

If you have taken your own and would like me to post them, please send them to me, Carol Marston,
at and please make sure they are captioned with names left to right and
"unknown" if you don't know the person.